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  1. Hellgrammites..... did really well on these as well when we ran out of live bait. Live hellgrammites will out fish any artificial on the Big D. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B076DB2CXZ?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  2. Action was hot and heavy but slowed as the tide dropped. Always a great time. Ran 14 topless traps with chicken and put the boys to work. We did well for a few hours of work.
  3. Love a good Manhattan!
  4. I don’t read it that way. You are still buying a tag for each separate permit season. It will not cover all 3 seasons together. So, $168 if you are going to hunt them all.
  5. I was in the gap hunter bob. Plenty of rafters later on into the morning but it wasn’t an issue.
  6. DF36EF13-62EF-456C-8A4C-EA3FA8096373.mov
  7. Not a bad day on the river. Live hellgramites were king as usual along with some imitations. Lost a very nice bass after a nice fight and some airborne action. Action wasn’t hot and heavy but felt good to be back out fishing the big D!
  8. Nice range and a good time time. We must have just missed each other. Thanks to the UBNJ!
  9. I am heading down in the area for work and I was thinking of bringing my bow to shoot and check it out. Does anyone shoot there? How is it? Thanks.
  10. Anyone local know how the conditions are looking? Heading to the gap Saturday to hit the swift water for smallies. I would assume it’s up some from this rain, but hopefully clears up the next few days
  11. It’s already lost... soon The coast of NJ will be like Japan and China. Totally fishless and overfished. Flounder, weakfish, whiting are gone. Fluke are on the brink, stripers and blues next. Reeling in a 3lb bluefish will sadly be a trophy in a couple years the way this state is going.....
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