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  1. Easy fix to match it if I’m reading this right. Buy some X flock grip. I just did 2 of my rods. All you need is a heat gun. Shrinks to fit. One was cork.
  2. Man, this really blew up. Lol. I get the arguments from both sides. The coordinates were not posted and maybe a screen shot was wrong in the eyes of some. My 2 cents on it, first, this is an NJ forum. Who here is trailering a boat up there to fish or going out with someone up there based off someone’s screen shot? Second, just because some well known captain fishes a spot doesn’t mean it’s his personal grounds. It’s no different then the permanent tree stand argument that’s been going on here since the beginning of time. Going out on a charter is not a phone dump and black bag event. If you are trying to learn it’s not all about bending the rod. You can learn many tricks, techniques, boat position, etc. from an experienced captain and obviously spots to fish as well. Unfortunately there is nothing they can do if you come back to those areas with your own rig. It’s the risk they take. I’m sure there were many secrets on our home waters here as well but with the technology and equipment we have now. That’s all out the window.
  3. Ooops can’t forget this gem… Obama’s war on police that he started that is still going strong to this day. For those that haven’t noticed.
  4. Liberals and the smart phone…..
  5. Came across some birds diving on bait this afternoon on Raritan bay and found the area absolutely covered with massive schools of blues. They were vicious. Absolute blast on the 9wt.
  6. Looks great!! Damn!
  7. Same for us. Wished we switched gears and went for bass as well. 3 shorts, 1 blue, dogfish, skate, and a sea robin. Lol. Not exactly the NJ slam I was looking for...... crap day to say the least. Water was off color and had a lot of trash in it.
  8. Correct. He helped me as well in the past but has since moved.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I’m going to pick some up and do the same. Tired of dealing with mine as well.
  10. Stayed inshore today to chase blues on the fly. Didn’t have the time to run out for bass. Found a few and plenty of fluke in the shallows as well.
  11. Just a heads up for those that launch there.
  12. Pequest still running high but fishable. Tons of fish still to be had but water visibly wasn’t the greatest. Bright color flys did the trick. Squirmy worm and egg patterns. Lots of fish taking drys as well. Finicky bite but we caught some fish. High water has them spread out nicely. All fish were thick, nice colors and a lot of spunk.
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