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  1. I shoot the exact setup. Accuracy is unreal. Excellent results on game. No complaints on the areolites that’s for sure.
  2. It’s hard hunting but I have found many birds over the years busting brush without a dog. I did not that day. Just had the itch to get out for a walk with the browning.
  3. You are missing out smitty. After 10am on a stocking day these places are empty let alone on days they don’t stock. They are barely hunted. It’s a slam dunk for a hunter with a good dog. I don’t have a dog but I just hunted Clinton a few weeks ago. I was there by about 9:30/10. I did a 3 mile loop and did not cross paths with anyone.
  4. You also need to use a different breach plug for most. In addition, like mentioned above you have to use a mag primer. It’s all on their website. If you don’t follow the steps and use what is required you will have issues.
  5. Wow.... I have plenty but would shoot the muzzy before paying that. Although with the current ammo shortage I believe it. Supply and demand.
  6. Depends on the cover. Close quarters in a thicket type area buckshot would be optimal. Slugs obviously for anything else or distance.
  7. Petzl tactikka. Rechargeable. No need to burn through aaa’s anymore. Yeah
  8. I’m very surprised you had that experience. I’m fairly new to muzzle loading. I think I got into it maybe 7 or 8 years ago and after doing some research it seemed like black horn was a slam dunk especially when It came to cleaning. In that time I have had zero ignition issues or any issues (knock on wood) for that matter. At the the time it made getting started very easy. I simply use their powder tubes to measure and load. Maybe I just got lucky with my load combination. I bought the CVA MR when they first came out and ever since it has been one of if not my most accurate weapon that’s includ
  9. Use a a drill bit to scrape it out, soak it and pipe cleaner. Never had a problem.
  10. I’m back in my old standby spot. Great sunrise and morning so far. Moon was super bright so I’m hoping for mid day movement. Had a nice yote come by but couldn’t not get him to stop for the shot. Damn things are always in a fast trot. Good luck
  11. 3D report. 5 of us saw quite a few deer all day. Public land. One 6pt that both of my buddies missed on opposite sides of the hill. Lol. Otherwise, it was a good day with a lot of deer seen just nothing with horn. Not many guys out. Weather was all over the place. Back at it tomorrow.
  12. Had to get down in the climber and take an emergency dump. Decided to move while it was at it. I’ll hunt this flat off the hill until dark
  13. A few distance shots so far in 3D
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