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  1. That’s an awesome buck!!
  2. 100 percent agree with that. Didn’t want to get into it, but I could only imagine what it would be like if we cut the buck limit and add APR’S. My only experience in PA is public land in the poconos and it’s working. Keeps getting better and better...
  3. Or is this state producing some real nice bucks this year? I’m not sure what it is but it seems like some real nice deer have been taken this year so far? It could just be me but based on the posts I have been seeing since September, it’s been a pretty good year so far and it’s just getting started.
  4. Awesome buck man. Congrats!
  5. Thanks guys. I really wanted to get a weight but the butcher was beyond busy. Said they will weigh it, but not that optimistic. He was heavy, so we shall see.
  6. Unreal day in the woods. I was fortunate enough to take both my biggest body and rack buck to date this morning, and with the compound no less. The stars aligned when this bruiser came my way. I was hunting a mountain top when I spotted him seeking along a power line over 100 yards away. Gave him a few grunts and I thought all was lost. Shortly after I lost sight of him he reappeared coming directly at me! He passed my stand at 35 yards, I let him cross to my right and he wrapped around to my rear giving me the 15 yard chip shot. There is nothing on earth like bow hunting. What made the day even better was that I got to share it with my dad who was hunting below and helped with the recovery and the drag. It’s all because of him that I have this love for the outdoors. With the kickers on his bases he’s a 10. Here’s a few pics. Thanks
  7. Cup of joe by the fire now. Getting ready to hit zone 8 with my pops. Good luck guys.
  8. There are quite a few but one that really comes to mind is OnX hunt. Especially with the membership. The sat technology blows sway hand held gps units. Being able to to pre download maps then utilize them in no cell service areas is incredible when hunting up in Adirondacks etc. I can pull up sat imagery and my location is always spot on even in inclement weather.
  9. I bailed. I was hoping something would move in the crappy weather. Too damn warm though. Oh well, gave it a try.
  10. I’m out in zone 10. Warm with light rain. Just got in. Took the day off to take the kid out later so might as well get out even though the conditions suck. Maybe something will move.....
  11. Nice. Any pics? What area of the adks do you hunt? Our camp is in long lake.
  12. Same by us Mike. Very little buck sign but that’s always the case up there this early. Everything is later up there as you know. I get antsy so it’s good to get up for the opener and poke around. Club has shot some big deer opening weekend years ago but nothing lately. Good luck the rest of the season. Going back up in a few weeks?
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