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  1. I was just there 2 weeks ago. Plenty of free street parking up and down the bayside. There Is also another pier a few hundred yards south. Pretty sure all the people fishing that pier did not have a permit, nor did the anyone where I was crabbing. Lol
  2. What direction was he headed.... ?I’m creating a zipper log to somehow find these fluke spots.....
  3. You need to move out of Newark......
  4. I wanted to get into live lining bunker and maybe fishing some live peanuts for fluke if they are around so finally got around to installing a new 22 gallon kodiak tank on the Whaler. Custom fabricated a platform so it can easily be removed and remounted. New water proof switch and cleaned up the electrical with blue sea systems terminal blocks while wiring the transom mount pump. Hope it works! Lol. Same boat as Zipper the resident fluke slayer, now I just need to find out where he lives so I can follow him to the ramp.......
  5. What diawas are you running now? I just picked up a BG that I’m happy with. Very nice reel for the money.
  6. I have not been happy with my penn spinning reels as I f late. I have both of the latest model spin fishers and I just don’t care for the resistance they have to reel. Not sure if that makes sense but my diawas just seem much smoother and effortless when reeling. I do have 2 penn fathom 20 level winds thanks to hammers recommendation years ago that are awesome reels. I just haven’t been happy with their spinning reels as of late.
  7. I have bought both arrows and bolts from them. Top notch.
  8. The whaler strikes again!
  9. I agree with the above. I would attempt these steps before taking the carb apart. 1. Dump old fuel and buy fresh. Treated with a stabilizer. I prefer a combo of Yamaha ring free and Yamaha fuel stab/conditioner. 2 . Option 2, same type of treatment but with sea foam. 3. Spray mercury power tune or Yamaha carb cleaner into the carb and follow the directions on the can for carb cleaning. I personally would attempt this before a full carb disassembly and or throwing parts at it for no reason. Both which will cost you more money, time, and aggravation. Good luck and keep us posted.
  10. I used to carry a tube of water weld epoxy when I had my tin boat just in case.
  11. I’m heading down to Lavallette for the week. Can anyone recommend a boat rental place in the area? I may take my daughter out for a short crabbing trip.
  12. Mallard1100

    outboard issue

    I agree on the battery. also double check terminals/connections on battery for corrosion and proper connection. Make sure you are using a locking not on battery posts not a wing nut.
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