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  1. After picking up my Hornbeck canoe last October I still haven’t got a chance to get out fishing with it, only hunting. Very happy with it so far especially since I rigged up a custom fish finder / mount setup for it. I took my 4 year old daughter out on Aeroflex yesterday to cruise around a little. It’s only a one man but we squeezed in together and had a fun day. No fish but the weather was great and last chance before buck tooth shut the parks down. A few pics from tilcon as well ..
  2. Haha. Same at Keyport. All the old timers that want to talk your ear off when launching or coming in..... I call them ramp rats.
  3. You can film a comedy show during low tide in Keyport in the summer. The reality is the town should be ashamed for taking people’s money to launch, yet can’t bring themselves to dredge all the mud and silt out of there that causes such low water.
  4. Took my 4 year old daughter out today and we caught about 15 fish on a mix of bait and spinners. She had a blast reeling them all in in between getting muddy and throwing leaves in the water. Nice of the state to do this. Saw another father out with his sons having a blast. All fish gently released with forceps and catch and release rubber net to fight another day. IMG_0914.MOV
  5. Tell that to the bucket brigade when they are squeezing the life out of a trout that just rolled around in the leaves to save their hook and salmon egg. Lol In all seriousness I hope people practice safe handling but I imagine many will be keeping fish and not reading the regs.... Only one day left for the state to make the announcement if the 1st will be a go....
  6. Miss that place. Haven’t been in years. Myself and my pops would go there for burgers for lunch during small game season and go back and brush bust the fields in the flat brook. Good times....
  7. This doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Good ideas already mentioned in this thread should answer all of the potential issues. They can’t push it back because it will get to warm. Either announce the stockings but fishing can not commence until the next day instead of 5pm or don’t announce and put the same amount of fish in weekly on any given day. Something the state should have been doing with both trout and pheasant like other states do instead of the 5pm raping that goes on so everyone’s dicks can feel big after catching 30 mutant rainbows on spinners....... just my 2
  8. I agree with the above. Stick to an 8 or 9 foot. You will be limited with the 7.
  9. The whole toll thing is obviously a scam at this point but we should at least follow NY and go to 100 percent ezpass. It will ease up on the congestion a little that these tolls cause. It’s 2020... you live in NJ, NY, CT, etc. get a damn EZPASS already.....
  10. Check condition of rubber o ring or replace. Check the gas ports. It should cycle low brass no problem. That gun is the best ever made and a staple for all modern semi auto shotguns to this day.
  11. I totally agree. Totally lost interest after they stopped stocking brookies and browns. These mutant rainbows just aren’t the same. The variety and quality was nice at times never know what you would catch. It’s a real shame because it was a great program.
  12. We decided to try the famous Green River in the town of Dutch John, Utah this weekend and practice some “social distancing”. . Views were incredible. Fishing was tough as these fish can be real spooky and finicky at times. Enjoy the pics....
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