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  1. I’ve been using it for quite sometime and have not noticed that issue.
  2. $400. I have the stock chokes, 3 extended Carlson chokes, fib optic sight, and a prof gunsmith installed pac decelarator recoil pad.
  3. Lots of old squaw but are setup was wrong at first light. Tons of bluebills around. Wish I was out there the last 2 days with this cold.
  4. I have a cz canvasback if interested. https://www.budsgunshop.com/mobile/product/12332/redirect
  5. I picked up a LEM jerky gun and am going to make some jerky out of ground. I have only done muscle meat before. Any recommendations for time and temp for making jerky out of ground? I’m using the large cabelas dehydrator. Thanks.
  6. I completely agree 100 percent. With that said, in close to 25 years of shooting at the Clinton range I have neverrrrrrrrr even saw a damn CO sitting in the parking lot!? You would think with its proximity to the office they would have a heavy presence there. I understand they have plenty of other places to patrol and respond to with limited man power, but if you want to make a statement and keep things in order then there needs to be some damn enforcement of the law and action against those who break it. It boggles my mind with its proximity to the office that enforcement is virtually non existent..... bullet point number 2 is the biggest problem. Zero enforcement...
  7. Hit the Long Island sound with a few work buddies on a semi guided hunt. We got some action but it was not hot and heavy. Great day out none the less and I did bag a nice drake goldeneye.
  8. Service is key. With that said you don’t see many Honda and Suzuki dealers around. Mercury and Yamaha are king for a reason. With that said,any motor will give you problems if not properly maintained. Those are the guys that tend to have the most problems but won’t admit it. Be meticulous about your outboard maintenance and you will be problem free.
  9. NJ should replace permit shotgun with a flintlock season. That would be fun.
  10. They are all under ground........ That's where all deer go this time of year and during the "October Lull".
  11. I have been using both, first the cutco and the titan. Really loved the versatility of the titan with the replaceable havalon blades. They are definitely my favorite for skinning etc. I purchased a cutco thanks to hammers recommendation years ago and now have 3. Lol. I really have yet to find a sharper blade. With that said, and since this has turned into a (My knife is better then yours thread haha)I always had a hankering for a handmade custom so I ordered this blade from Dan Denn Knives in the Adirondacks a few months ago.
  12. I agree 100 percent. Not to mention how many times I’ve stopped in these local shops (they are all but gone in the Union County area) ready to spend more money on the product and support them and they don’t even carry the basics. It’s criminal what some of these places will charge for ammo and they know damn well what they are doing. Online is the way to go now with the best prices and selection. Shop around for a free shipping deal and stock up all at once.
  13. This is a good thing. Now, as long as they enforce the actual law of having a fishing or hunting license in the group to use the range.
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