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  1. Very good point on the circle hook issue regarding snag and no drop etc. I never even thought of that. I would not want certain things like that restricted. My point overall was that we really need to do something to take action and correct what has been done. It’s really a shame because it is a great fishery up here. One that I enjoy the most and will do my part to preserve/protect it for the future.
  2. We are our own worst enemy once again. We have destroyed the fishery after taughting the rod and reel fisherman will never hurt this fishery. Well guess what, the same charters keeping 2/3 bass each Man up to 40lbs twice a day, day after day has taken its toll. Slot limit 1 fish 24-36, circle hook requirement.
  3. Thanks guys! 23345AAA-A300-4BF9-98ED-9EC043EA3715.MOV
  4. Thanks Thanks. Yes. Trolling lake clear wabblers up there is king. Usually troll a worm behind it but this year I wasn’t trolling minnows and small baby blue gills caught out of our pond with a minnow trap. The brookies were crushing the bluegills! It was unreal. I would have never thought. After trolling one for 5 minute they were already hammering it.
  5. I just got back from our annual spring trip to camp. The fishing was outstanding and I landed quite a few trophy brook trout. Certainly my best so far. We checked stands for the upcoming season, ate well and enjoyed good company. The black flies were herendous, but the suffering is all part of the experience. A few pics....
  6. We had no problem finding some good spots to tuck in out of the wind and work a good drift just no bite. Lol. Maybe the dropping tide didn’t help. Oh well that’s fishing! You had a nice day buck!
  7. Just got in from hitting the shrews and Navesink. Total bust. 3 guys fished. 3pm to 8. One missed fish on a bucktail.
  8. We are heading out as well in the afternoon. The Whaler is ready to go...
  9. Man, those look great! Love the white/pearl/flash skirts.
  10. I have always been partial to all gold spinners. Solid gold panther Martin.
  11. I have an optima in my boat. I highly recommend their trickle charger as well. Properly charging them and keeping them on a tender in the off season is important for their life span.
  12. Good ol county line sport shop. That was a great shop. We would stop there religiously every Saturday morning. Sad it went the way of the rest of them. I miss trout fishing, ever since they went to all rainbows it just turned me off for some reason. That along with the early striper bite......
  13. Excellent pieces of gear. I have the jacket and can’t say enough about it. Can’t imagine compared with the bibs. Hell of a deal too!
  14. Welcome. You have a great place to start. Sussex county is loaded with small ponds, lakes, creeks and rivers that all hold ducks. Endless options up there. Time to get some boots on the ground and start checking spots out and how to access them. Rule of thumb.... the harder it is to get to the better the hunting and the less hunters you will run in to. Hunt a spot that’s easy to get too and you will surely have company. Good luck.
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