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  1. Mallard1100

    GPS unit

    Shows just like this. Very detailed sat imagery versus basic topo lines on a hand held.
  2. Mallard1100

    Converted My Trailer

    You would never take that fluke/crab slaying Whaler off it’s bed.
  3. Mallard1100

    GPS unit

    100 percent agree with this. although I still carry my handheld garmin, and compass as a backup they are all but obsolete with the current apps that are available. Most don’t realize that your smart phone is still a gps and will pickup satellite signals without “ cell service”. Most apps are way more accurate then hand helds these days. I use onX hunt. Basically what you are going to do in an area where you have no “ cell service” is download the map of the area you plan to hunt first . Now that sector is saved on the app within your phone. Now you can use your phone in what is called “ offline mode”, which is basically airplane mode with out cell service. At this time your phone is still gps enabled and will show your exact position on the already downloaded map on your phone. Very simple. I use it up in the Adirondacks exclusively now. Way easier then a hand held while showing more clear and consise satellite imagery of the terrain. In areas where there is cell service, it’s even easier because you will see updated sat imagery of your location and will not have to pre down load maps to use in areas without cell service in “ offline mode”. Aside, from battery life there really is no need to buy a couple hundred dollar handheld unit when better tech and sat acquisition exists in your smart phone. Just my 2...
  4. Mallard1100

    2019 final day

    Saw close to 30 deer but no shots. I was bouncing around a little checking out new property. They were hitting the fields pretty good. Couldn’t complain with a last day sit in some nice temps.
  5. Mallard1100

    2019 final day

    I’m out. Work killed me the last 3 months. Haven’t been out. Feels good. Last chance or else it will be a deerless season for me. Just joined a new club so I’m anxious to see what myself and pops may come across tonight.
  6. Mallard1100

    Wtb rh switchback or z7

    I'm selling my z7. 29 inch draw 60-70lb if interested.
  7. Mallard1100

    The Tax Cuts Were a Bust

    Yep, I got pounded. Wife and I make pretty good money and we now owe close to 3k. It really sucks. I never expect to even get a refund and would be happy just breaking even. I don’t blame the president and support him 100 percent. It’s not him, it’s this god forsaken state and the 12k I have to pay in property taxes. Oh well.... at least the illegals will have free college.....
  8. This state voted and elected him. Just like Obozo, now go find someone that actually voted for him and see what you come up with. No one will admit it.....
  9. Mallard1100

    Start Your Vehicles ASAP

    These are amazing. Have jumped cars that have sat dead for a long time that other jumpers would it work on. I use the HD version https://www.battsys.com/noco-gb40-boost-plus-1000a-ultrasafe-lithium-jump-starter?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-JXiBRCpARIsAGqF8wXZJf0uPQoawsG7RiRZvkRvHrn380iAMdZNvYw1PI8o56OhEcw5JiUaAoK8EALw_wcB
  10. Very nice!! I never heard of raven wear until a few years ago. Found a used set bibs, parka and boot blankets for sale. The jacket seems like just a medium weight fleece but with that Barrier sewn in between its unreal how warm it is. Really good stuff. Shame they went out of business I would have ordered some more stuff from them for sure. That vest looks sweet.
  11. Mallard1100

    Is Sen. Menendez in Puerto Rico?

    Trump Derangement Syndrom He has the sickness............
  12. Mallard1100

    merganser part deux

    Very simple recipe for merganser in the waterfowl community: 1. Put merganser breast in oven on 400. 2. Remove merganser and and place on cutting board. 3. Put ketchup on board. 4. Throw away merganser 5. Eat cutting board 6. Enjoy.
  13. Mallard1100

    Trump at 9 pm

    Where are the facts from these so called " land owners" that would have issues with the wall being built on their land/ranches along the border? Yet another "he broke his campaign promise" talking point from the left. Last time I checked I have not seen one single interview of a land owner on the border who was asked about this issue? Why do you think that Is? Because it doesn't fit the agenda and I'm sure 99 percent of them support the wall going through there land as most are over run with illegals leaving endless amounts of trash, and damage all along trespassing and conducting break ins on border properties. I'm also curious about seeing some facts that you have about Rush and Anne Coulter Directly influencing Trumps funding Decision?????????????
  14. Mallard1100

    Trump at 9 pm

    This is spot on and seems to have actually become the new talking point for the dems. I have heard that argument a dozen times already in the last few days. The fact that he's breaking his campaign promise by not making Mexico pay for the wall. Funny, all along he never said exactly how they were going to pay, but they will pay. :)
  15. Mallard1100

    Couple of ducks I shot this week

    Forget the 6’s. Your thinking is flawed and you will not kill any more birds. You should be shooting 2s or 3s now. 4s for close decoying birds and woodies.