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  1. Thanks Rusty! Already posted this but just to kick it off. Here they are again. FREE.....
  2. I was hoping the mods can make it a permanent thread on the top of the classifieds forum if it’s possible? I think that would be best otherwise the thread could be hard to find if these isn’t any fresh activity.
  3. I have seen some other forums that have “ pay it forward threads” and I think it could be a good idea here if the mods were interested in it. It can be made a permanent sticky on top of the classifieds forum. I think it would be a good way to pay it forward to the next guy and a good way to get rid of limited use/unused gear etc. Items can be posted that are free. If you take something from the thread you have to provide something as well. Example: “ I will take the free hunting pants and pay it forward with a 3 pack of broad heads”. This way it doesn’t get abused by guys just
  4. The Adirondacks would be prime but the trout ponds can be tough fishing from shore without a pack canoe or float tube. I would try to focus on areas where you know there are warm water species like bass, perch, pike, pickerel etc. These fish are much easier to catch from the shore and can be caught basically all year long. Once the water starts to warm up the back country trout scene up in the Adirondacks is done for the most part. Keep to simple. Get a pack rod in the 6’6 to 7 foot range. Light to medium action so you can cover it all. Small box with a few spinners, spoons, rapalas, small spi
  5. Went out ice fishing last weekend with dad and best friend for the first time in close to 2o years. Quickly learned that my hand auger was not going to cut it. Lol. I got the itch again and am starting to rebuild me kit. Ordered a new rod and auger Thai week and got back out tonight. I also refitted a Garmin striker I use for my canoe. Totally forgot it was the ice package. That was fun watching the fish come to the lure. Managed 6 nice crappie a bunch of perch and few jumbo bluegill. Just enough for a nice fish taco meal. I’m hooked again! Not sure how much time we have left but I will have t
  6. Thanks for the offer. I have plenty of gear. Pay it forward to the next guy. I’m sure someone on here is just starting out.
  7. Cabelas dry plus pullover with scent lock. Size XL. Zipper broken on the front. Pocket zippers are corroded but could probably be unfrozen with some vinegar. Aside from that it’s in great condition. FREE for pickup only in New Providence.
  8. Long Lake, NY. Bear Creek Rod and Gun club. https://bearcreekrg.tripod.com 2k acres with ponds and 2 cabins via generator and gas power. Club started back in the 50s and the legacy members that took over the lease have been there since 1985. Heaven on earth.
  9. Many things to blame but mostly the pussification of men. Deer camp!? That’s a few days......maybe a week! I can’t get guys I work with to get away from their wives to fish for a few hours! Invite after invite turned down. Very few can dedicate themselves to anything these days unless it revolves around a screen and the house.
  10. Sad times indeed. Nothing beats a good shop. Buying crap online Whether it be jigs, lures, flies etc just does not compare to seeing it firsthand and really getting a feel for what you need. I have and do purchase it all online as all my local shops do not exist anymore. Never get the right stuff. I’ve purchased many but there is no substitute for buying a rod a rod or reel in person. No different then a gun to me... it has to have the right “feel”. The days of going to Rays and walking the aisles are sorely missed. Driving down 22 with my dad felt like it took 2 hours but was only 20 mins. F
  11. Last year was a blast. I got out with my daughter on quite a few trips and she had a blast. It still baffles me that the state has been stocking the way they do. Letting guys rape the bridges at 5pm and god forbid the guy that works all week can come out on a Sunday and catch some fish. I know it’s been like that forever but enough is enough. Stock the same amount of fish and don’t announce the days. Only the week of. If the state would do that and go back to stocking browns and brookies again it would be A+ in my opinion.
  12. Nice offer. I’m in Union county not far off 22. May take you up on that one day. You have a tree business?
  13. I agree with you on the announcement portion. I wish the state would do away with it for both trout and pheasant. With that said, the winter stocking is not solely for trout opportunities through the ice.
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