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  1. Mallard1100

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Joes pizza. Union/Maplewood border
  2. Mallard1100


    Too much pressure. Find a new spot
  3. Mallard1100

    Damn EAB

    Same here opening day. Bad pic but he was pretty nice for my area. Naturally gave me the 18 yard broadside.
  4. Mallard1100

    What did you do before EAB?

    Something needs to change. It’s run it’s course.
  5. Mallard1100

    The Non-Pickup Truck

    I’m in the same boat as bowhunter444. I have a cap and bedslide for all my gear so I either use the hitch haul with jet sled or jet sled in back of truck. I like the hauler but it’s a bitch to have to keep messing with. Great for long out of state hunts where I’m loaded down with gear in the bed and a deer in top of that would be a mess.
  6. Mallard1100

    Live Opening Day PM Doe hunt

    First miss of the season. Lol. Misjudged yardage on a chip shot . Deer moving heavy
  7. Mallard1100

    Live Opening Day PM Doe hunt

    Nice 8 came by early! Never fails....... EAb Stikes again
  8. Mallard1100

    Live Opening Day PM Doe hunt

    I’m out with my pops. Zone 8. Feels great!
  9. What’s worse for Nike As well, and I haven’t seen any coverage of this yet is that the founder of Nike was a decorated Army Ranger from the 10th Mountain Division. Much like the founders of Dicks Sporting goods, must all be rolling in their graves right now if they knew what their companies would become.
  10. Mallard1100

    Cabela’s Wooltimate

    I have the filson wool bibs, pants and jacket. Expensive but will last a lifetime plus. I always wear a merino base layer. It’s also not as warm, at least to me as the wooltimate stuff because it has no liner. It’s pure wool, but it breathes exceptionally well. I learned from the Marine Corps to always dress light no matter the temps before humping with gear. You will be feeezing at the truck but will be nice and warm within minutes. I always pack In my heavy jacket and bibs and get dressed at my stand or ground location.
  11. Mallard1100

    Refit Complete now to the Range.

    That thing is heinous.
  12. Mallard1100

    Jon boat brand suggestions

    If I were to get one I would go Lund Alaskan all the way. 16 or 18
  13. Nothing crazy here. Adirondacks mid November and PA rifle the first week in the poconos 3D.
  14. Mallard1100

    Some New Revenue for NJ

    Are you seriously saying we have to pay more taxes to fix the already failing infrastructure in this state? You are part of the problem. We have paid enough to the point this states infrastructure and roads should be the best yet they are close to the worst? I wonder how that’s possible with all the existing and new taxes implemented every year?? Where does the toll money go?? How about the gas tax money? What projects or roads have been completed from these funds? Oh and they are already talking about increasing it again. It’s going to happen over and over again. You don’t see a mass exodus? People are leaving California in droves!
  15. Mallard1100

    A new LOW for Gov. Cuomo

    He will regret that statement for the rest of his life. It will haunt is career forever one way or another.