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  1. Passed up 2 legal bucks. Can’t believe the lack of shooting with doe being open. Only 1 shot heard so far.
  2. Out in Pa. windy as hell and cold. No shots heard yet.
  3. Cool looking camp! There is no better place. Good luck tomorrow.
  4. Awesome hunt guys. Great pics and reports.
  5. Bump for those on the deer stand that will be bitching about the lack of fluke next spring. Get involved….
  6. Awesome job! Now get back on the bass!
  7. I have but not so much lately. I rotate between my 7600 pumps, 45/70, and tikka. Depends on my plans and what I bring up with me.
  8. Awesome trip! Congratulations, and what better way then with the lever gun and irons! Were you guys hunting out of a spike camp? How was the deer activity with the warmer temps for you guys?
  9. That has always been my thought process as well yet most of the club still goes up to early I believe. I want to start going up a week or 2 later. Weather is key up there above all else and timing it right is the problem. I may shoot up for a late season hunt for a few days if we get some white stuff.
  10. Did you head up yet? How was your trip?
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