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  1. Mallard1100

    real time results

    This state just loves the punishment from these dems. It’s like they can’t get enough of it. Once again this crooked slime ball gets elected. Unreal.......hung jury after a federal criminal trial ....no problem NJ voters say....
  2. Mallard1100

    real time results

    Fox has them at a dead heat.....?
  3. Mallard1100

    Get out and vote today

    Just got back. Lot was still packed as of 7:30. Looked like a heavy turn out. Not sure why they are not open until 9 like New York?
  4. Mallard1100

    Need Some Advice

  5. Mallard1100

    Halloween check-in

    Zone 8 sit this morning was a bust. What seemed like perfect conditions ended up being a bust. Insane amount of sign. It’s like the deer up and left the zone. Lol
  6. Mallard1100

    Halloween check-in

    I’m. Out in zone 8 with pops. Nice morning. Temps are cool. Slow year for us. Hope someone scores
  7. Mallard1100


    That sounds heinous.
  8. Mallard1100

    PENN Customer Service

    http://www.pennfishing.com/PENN-customer-care.html follow the link. Fill out the repair form and send it in. It’s that easy
  9. Mallard1100

    PENN Customer Service

    I have already been a big PENN fan for many years. As recommend by hammer I purchased 2 penn fathom levelwinds for stripers about a year and a half ago. Last week managed to break the levelwind system and worm gear. I sent the reel back on Monday and was prepared to pay a rebuild or repair fee. I thought the reel would be gone half the season as well. To my surprise the reel was fedex’d at at my door Friday morning of that same week good as new repaired free of charge! Unreal turn around time. I was already a big fan but a customer for life now.
  10. Not sure if this has been posted. Mallard and goose limits reduced its looking like. http://www.ducks.org/hunting/atlantic-flyway-mallard-canada-goose-limits-approved-for-20192020
  11. Mallard1100

    I sure as heck missed this

    Just had this installed last month. Started burning last week. Could not be happier. I load it up wake up in the morning and the house is still toasty with the blower going. Fireplace x large flush insert.
  12. Mallard1100

    10/26 Check In

    I’m in. Zone 8.
  13. Mallard1100

    Bob Menendez is in trouble

    Get everyone you know and rally around Hugin! This is our chance to bounce this crook.
  14. Mallard1100

    10/24 who's out and what's happening?

    Windy zone 8. Deer on the feed in fields coming in
  15. Mallard1100

    17' xpress jet boat for sale. 1996. 40hp and troller

    I like this..... a little bidding war.