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  1. 101.5 just reported the hunt is going to go on again this year due to increased bear encounters etc.
  2. Mallard1100

    Fireplace Insert advice...again....

    I know we had a pretty lengthy thread about this last year, but I am still struggling with this. I want to pull the trigger on a wood burning insert this year. It seems some of the local places that I would use have reviews all over the place about there customer service. It also seems that most only carry a certain product line and not as many options or styles to choose from? Also, I read somewhere about new fireplaces being tax exempt yet some shops are still charging customers tax? I still have to confirm that, but it was just something I read. I need some honest opinions or reviews of where you guys went for purchase/installation. Everything I'm reading on the net seems to be all over the place. Thanks gents.
  3. Mallard1100

    What Powerwasher Do You Recommend

    I spent the extra cash and went with the Dewalt a few years ago. Very Happy with it. I think the psi may be 3200 or 3600? At first I went with a cheaper model, but it Just didn't have the power I was expecting.
  4. Mallard1100

    looking to buy a good fillet knife

    Another cutco fan here. I have the adjustable blade filet knife. Great knife. Like my dexter as well.
  5. Mallard1100

    Show your boats.

    1974 Boston Whaler montauk 17.
  6. Mallard1100

    Grice special run 35 Whelen carbine

    Yes.... looks familiar.
  7. Mallard1100

    Base layer of clothes for hunting

    First lite merino. You will never look back
  8. Mallard1100

    One Fat Striper.....

    Caught on a swim bait. Released to spawn. I couldn't believe how fat this fish was.
  9. Mallard1100

    No one Fishing

    That was county line sport shop. That was a nice shop. Stopped every Saturday to get bait before hitting the musky or pequest.
  10. Mallard1100

    Columbia Lake dam Removal

    Awesome news!
  11. Mallard1100


    Stihl all the way. I have a MS290 farm boss. Make sure to run premium fuel with there oil/stabilizer mix. Starts every time.
  12. Mallard1100

    Saltwater Show

    I will probably head down with my pops on Sunday.
  13. That school is going to pay with their wallets for that one.
  14. Mallard1100

    Lockable Fishing Rod Rack for a Truck?

    Not sure how that would work. Why not get cross bars for the cab of the truck and mount there? That's the most common.