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  1. Yep...... I’ll keep saying it until the end.... “ all because he tweeted to much”. “ a true threat to our country”.........
  2. I’m building a wood shed next week. Lumber is out of control. $70 for a sheet of 3/4. And that’s Home Depot, the little guy will really pound you. These prices are staying too. Do you think suddenly a year from now it will be 50 percent off..... not a chance. There are consequences to how all of this was handled.
  3. I went out today with my dad and sailed with Joe Mustari of Maz man charters. We had great conditions. Excellent action on the fly as well as spinning gear. Highly recommend him. http://www.mazmancharters.com/#title
  4. “ A shot and a beer”......... says Murphy.......something is terribly wrong when this kind of marketing is used to become “ vaccinated”.
  5. Anyone else feel like the water has been very clean this year so far? Maybe lack of runoff? I could see down to the bottom yesterday in some deeper water. I even saw a nice bass cruise by right by the boat in shallow water. Felt like I was in an aquarium. lol. Hopefully it stays that way. Lots of life out there yesterday in the skinny water.
  6. My father and I came to the same conclusion. Except these fish would not take anything subsurface. They would stalk the top water even pencil poppers and give a very subtle strike or false attack. Awesome to watch the shark like attacks but they would short strike and be gone. Hoping within a week or so their aggression will rise.
  7. I was on the hunt for blues on the fly today. Found them in shallow calm water fishing a popper but they just would not commit which was strange. They would follow and track then take a short swipe and not hit it. I lost 2 and landed 1 but had endless follows and boils. Did manage a few stripers mixed in which was nice on a popper.
  8. I should be out this weekend chasing them with the fly. Hopefully we can find them.
  9. Very sad. He was healthy and full of life. Company isn’t going anywhere. They are running strong. I stopped in on my way up and they are cranking out boats like no other. Business is booming.
  10. 15-17 pounds bare boat. Can pick it up effortlessly with 2 fingers. Add some weight if you carry in the oars with shoulder yoke.
  11. I planned an ice out trip for native brookies this past weekend since 3 guys from my club were picking up there new Hornbeck pack canoes. Unfortunately the fishing sucked! We only caught 3 fish. So much for ice out being the best time to fish these ponds? I don know but I may have to go back to our usual May time frame when the water temps warm up. Aside from that we always have a great time whether we catch or kill something. We all hiked in to a remote pond on Monday with our hornbecks and had a blast but another fish less day. We had a shore lunch and hiked out by days end. I made venison s
  12. My Buddy’s father loved the roe as well. Aside from that it looks heinous....nice catch though! Haha
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