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  1. Nanuk

    Moving to MO - Advice?

    Good Luck !!! Don’t look back, it’s all part of the adventure ..... I’m jealous
  2. Nanuk

    Llewellin Setter Pups FS

    We are expecting a litter in a few weeks Mom is out of Marsal Setters and Dad is from Paint River . Both are registered with FDSB. Mom is mostly white and black with small chestnut accents , Dad is a Lemon Belton. If your interested in reserving a Pup Message Me .They’ll be ready to go late September .
  3. Nanuk

    Bottom fishing paradise

    Congrats !!! What an awesome trip , those are memories of a lifetime .
  4. Nanuk

    Hey read this and puke

    Easy to say but it will be divide and conquer!!!!
  5. Nanuk

    So, let's talk grills

    Natural Gas is piped directly from your home , if you do not have Natrual Gas in your home you’ve already narrowed your search. It eliminates tanks all together and you never run out , that’s the whole purpose .
  6. Nanuk

    So, let's talk grills

    I have a charcoal Weber and a Gas Weber Spirt 2 burner at my camp both are over 20 years old & work great .yes I’ve replaced some parts but can’t beat them , I have a 6 burner Summit at my house and it went for some burners last year, it’s 5 years old now but sees a lot of use . I had a Vermont Castings for 10 years before the Summit , was a great grill until the cast iron lid started to flake .
  7. Nanuk

    Gun Control! Archie Bunker!

    My Man Archie and his pearls of wisdom . That was 40 years ago and we are no safer today with all the laws put in place by our ignorant legislators.
  8. Stay in the Boogie Down , stay clear of Brooklyn !!! I’ve commuted to every Boro except Queens and now have a chance to be a Foremen and refused the position because of the commute. I’m in Jackson and I avg 1-1/2 to the south Bronx . It’s 78 miles but all hwy, been doing it 20 years and it’s Old Hat but can’t beat the money or benefits. Area offers some decent hunting and great fishing , I won’t be here when I retire but who will ??? Good Luck with your search
  9. Nanuk

    On the job!

    Gotta Lov the Biz !!! So when the bologna cutter cut the surface when did they realize the water wasn’t gonna stop ??? Always that element of surprise Lol 😂 Nice Pic
  10. Nanuk

    First tomato

    Yummmmm nothing better then Roasted Poor Mans Pig and fresh Mater Salad
  11. Nanuk


    I had the same reader and it didn’t work so good for me at least , both phones , iphone 6 , and was just a cluster , wouldn’t allow me to s joe and then would get half way thru , crash and reboot my phone . I had a stealth cam viewer that worked very well until it met its demise with my dogs ... check the reviews maybe I got a dud but we had 2 do the same thing on two different phones .
  12. Nanuk


    Your a Blessed Man !!! Very Nice 👍
  13. Nanuk

    Now I am ready for Easter

    Looks like Easter came early !!! Enjoy
  14. Nanuk

    Turtle - who has had it?

    I had it in soup , wasn’t bad but it was a little tough in spite of it being stew in the broth.
  15. Nanuk

    National puppy day!

    I’m late to the party ..... story of my life 9373D34F-B67E-4EF9-9B58-8C0F50342BE3.mov