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  1. If your considering a long distance hike like that, I’d look for something with a good waist strap with padding. This will even the load and it allow hips to carry some weight, especially if you score and need to quarter up what you just shot . Don't forget Zip-Locks in various sizes, put that hole ham into a 2 Gallon Bag
  2. Just a tip for whatever pack you buy ... I use a cereal plastic storage container as a liner in my Cabelas Fieldline Pack . The little extra weight offers complete water proof and keeps the bag organized . . The bag has a rigid form now. I also lined the container with drawer liner tin absorb noise.
  3. Bleeders should be at the high point of the horizontal piping entering the convector . If you don’t see any they might be left out seen it before . Check the connector as well . What temp is boiler producing ??? Should be about 190 hope This helps.
  4. Nanuk

    No Words....

    Haven’t watched in years, long before this crap started have no use for people with a 6th grade education as role models . Couldn’t care less what they do but if you noticed it doesn’t receive the media attention as it did because less people care or less people ‘who do care’ aren’t watching . They are like children ... if you ignore them and do the the right thing they’ll go away. Stay strong and push the right buttons every November.
  5. Nanuk

    Brookville PA scumbags

    I couldn’t find it and didn’t try to hard to do so , I don’t need to watch it to make an assessment that these are not fellow hunters but future fugitives that need to be punished . No living creature deserves such cruelty. Revocation of licensees just just a start, they should be subjected to similar actions . If we as a society continue to water down holding individuals accountable all is lost. Makes no difference in any situation.
  6. Looks delicious, didn’t you say you needed someone to drag deer out
  7. Very Nice job , looks Awesome
  8. No Stuffing , I spatchcocked the bird to speed up cook time and it still took 6-7 hours. I also used an electric smoker and didnt need to baby sit the temp . Used internal temp probe
  9. I have one but haven’t user It yet. Is it set up for maximum weight ??? I haven’t been able to figure that out. Thanks
  10. Snow Camo come out terrific , is that a Clear wrap ??
  11. Congrats !!! Hard Earned but memories of a lifetime .
  12. Congrats , truly a giant and pops watching for sure 😉 . God Bless
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