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  1. Thank God they happen to chose that trail that day , would hate to think the alternative out come.
  2. Nanuk

    Venison Chili and Corn Bread

    Nothing Special , 2 boxes of Jiffy , 2 eggs, 2/3 cup of milk and little sugar to taste or add 1/3 cup of honey , heat cast iron skillet on stove top and butter heavily. Take mixture and add to heated skillet, have oven preheated 405 and place in oven , watch until it comes away from the sides and add butter to top when it comes out.
  3. Made some Chili and cast iron Corn Bread for me and my boys up at Camp in NY . Set our stands and tended the fields then dug into a hearty meal , getting cold already was 41 this morning when we left .
  4. He’s a beaut .. lots of luck with him !!!
  5. Nanuk

    First blood....

    Congrats to both of you !!!👍
  6. Nanuk

    Winchester Commemorative.

    That’s a real beauty !!! GLWS wish I had the loot
  7. Nanuk

    09/20/18 PM Check-in ***BUCK DOWN PIX ADDED***

    Dammm .... Nice Buck 👍 !!! Congrats
  8. Nanuk

    Me-Too Movement

    Inspiration for twin beds !!
  9. Nanuk

    The Dukes of Hazard [ Politically Correct ]

    LMAO !!!!!! They were sooo ahead of the times
  10. I used both and being that the originals didn’t booger up the woods and are readily available I’ll stick with those.
  11. Nanuk

    Filled my tags

    Very Nice Congrats !!!
  12. Nanuk

    10 Pt down...

  13. Nanuk

    Surprising incident at Six Flags

    When you can’t police it any longer you legalize it ..... so what happens when they leave the park and get behind the wheel of a car ???? Is it still ok because a doctor prescribed it or are they criminals now ???? Unfortunately it’s not just NJ , it’s All all over . Kinda like picking your battles
  14. Nanuk

    Quick Fall season

    Congrats !!! I see your dialed in , not only on the Fluke either ....
  15. Nanuk

    9/14 - Check In

    Congrats !!! That didn’t take long Lol