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  1. That in which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger , hope your future is bright . Always keep your lil girl first and you’ll never look back . God Bless and Good Luck
  2. Hi Lou , once you achieve the bark you disire I’d wrap , it’ll definitely keep it moist and will decrease cook time . I did a boneless shoulder yesterday and it took every bit of 12 hours without wrapping but I’m on an electric smoker. Brought it to an internal temp on 192 and it melted perfectly. I also spray with Apple Cider and Apple Juice to keep outside moist. I use Apple wood chunks.
  3. A little off topic but ..... that list will keep growing as we allowed most of the voting public to breed with hand outs and welfare .We have made like minded individuals a dinosaur. Law bidding , family oriented and outdoors enthusiasts are on the unpopular list haven’t you heard. As less people support our likes because how we are vilified in the media as “gun toting bible carrying Morons “ These are the same people who aren’t aware that there isn’t any ham in a hamburger but they’re voting against us . NRA life member 20+ years say what you want but at least they are on our side somewhat, can’t fight our local government , Hell why would you try , look who’s in office that bucktooth jackwagon and our fellow new jerseyites put him there all because of the media & a bridge . GW Is f’d everyday ..... mums the word . I wouldn’t waste my money on lawsuits here either, don’t like it Move this state is To far gone
  4. I have same issue , can’t find Ammo anywhere . Great round .. Good luck with the search
  5. Awesome career , certainly a full life
  6. Now that’s some ingenuity right there !!! Looks awesome
  7. Gonna check my schedule tomorrow and ask a couple guys if they’re interested, I’ll let you know just to confirm Misty Morn June 6 / Bay Fluking 7am -2pm approximatley $80 a man private charter
  8. Nanuk


    Glad you did , I’ve been back on the boat since that was 12 years ago , he’s come a long way .
  9. Sorry for your loss ... never easy I had an eight year young Weimarner that was stricken with HD, it was Father’s Day
  10. Nanuk


    Skipper is a great guy .... he had a rash of suck azz mates few years back thou. I went on an overnight tuna trip with him It Was a prirate ship, mates offered no assistance what so ever . Boat blew a hydraulic line that controlled windlas ... mates pulled 1000’ of an anchor line by hand , then we were underway boat had a steering issue Stop the boat only to find out same hydraulics was apart of the steering, poor design . Waited for Bogan with the Gambler threw Jeff some hydraulic fluid while mates repaired or capped ruptured line. Get going now boat has horrible vibration... we are still 80 miles offshore in Hudson Cayon . Mate jumps into the water and goes under the boat see pot rope tangled on the shaft , removes what he could and secured the rest . He had a diver on the dock when we returned 3 hours later then expected . Captain handled it all in stride & thank god for good weather. I guess it’s all in the adventure
  11. Nanuk


    NIce catch !! Looks like a light crowd
  12. Tuck no worries I don’t sweat the small stuff see the other post . If your interested pm me maybe we’ll hook up !!!
  13. I go to NC in late fall every year , killer bee went last year said he had a good time , if you want more info pm me .... 3 days is $1475 I think , 2 buck 2 does , clean accommodations and meals all included . Arrive and you won’t start your truck until it’s time to leave unless you go to town. Been going for 6 or 7 years now
  14. Lunny, any reputable outfits you’d suggest ??? I’ve been there 20 years ago with Fundy Outfitters , me and dad scored on average bears 200-250 had a great time but I believe Mac retired .... he’s probably in his 80s ..... Wow how time flys
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