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  1. Congrats on the opportunity, I’m in same boat with kids and leave in 2023 . If you really have no plans, stay till you really can’t take it . Balls in your court, I’ve always said once your there on your terms the game changes and u can leave anytime . Take the loot and wait a bit .. For me I factor in a 900 a month commute bill that equates to 1700 in income per month thrown away. I will leave as soon as I can . Good Luck , it’s win win for ya
  2. I agree, city is a ghost town but I’m loving the commute time post COVID. I work in the PJs so threats and crime are second nature I haven’t seen any increase in crime. if I could never go back after 26 years of GW bridge and turnpike travel I’m would . God willing 2 more years and I’m tossing the EZ Pass off the bridge on my final trip . I see the the rats nest for what it is and could tell a whole lot of stories. I’m cultured in far better ways , to each their own .
  3. i use them for cooking everything, pizza , cornbread , brownies , steaks. , roasted chicken , breakfast potatoes list goes on . I season with organic Flax seed oil .or Crisbees stick found on amazon . Another way to season is cook a pound of fatty bacon on medium heat this will start the process of opening the metal’s pores to season/seal. Thanks
  4. Sorry for your loss, sounds like she lived life on her terms with no regrets God Bless
  5. I’ve done the bag trick and like already said they usually break open do to harsh ride . U may want to look at used gym plates ... mount them to the side with threaded rod so the weight is a lower center and once mounted they’re impervious to weather and vibration. Good Luck
  6. Just left my comment, Thank You
  7. The real downfall was the internet, the information available to everyone about issues that do not concern nor impact them. A few weeks ago i posted a Neflix Documentary about a Cult that established itself in Oregon and then over thru the town by the very same tactics used today , they tried to poison the town to suppress the voter turn out, then the imported all the homeless and offered them free beer and a place to stay in order for them to vote out the sitting government, this all happened in 1981 thru 1985. Is anyone familiar with this story .Probably not to many, as we had no Social Med
  8. When we lost religion we lost our way... Start packing boys, i believe you only need a 150 people to incorporate as a town or city !!! We use to say Crazy Times but i now say Crazy World because these times i don't believe will pass and this has become the new normal and acceptable.
  9. Prayers Sent, there's no right words or right time but remember the good times and he'll live forever in your heart. As time passes may it bring your family peace.
  10. 100 % Correct, You MUST BE A RESIDENT of New Hampshire for reciprocity, just took this from Pennsylvania's website https://www.attorneygeneral.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Reciprocity-Summary.pdf Where Pennsylvania grants reciprocity to another state’s concealed carry licenses (whether through written reciprocity agreement or mutual statutory reciprocity) only individuals who are both residents of the state and 21 years of age or older may carry a concealed firearm in Pennsylvania. Also, the reciprocity status in Pennsylvania may be different for different types of concealed carry
  11. Sooo, Single Answer " All Lawful Purposes" not "All Lawful Purpose and Personal Protection " ?? Thank You
  12. I took same route, I've had my Utah for 5 years but never pursued NH until now Thank You
  13. Hey guys , does anyone have experience in filling out the paperwork for a Non Resident New Hampshire CCW permit ?? There's a question "For what reason(s) do you make application to carry a pistol in New Hampshire? " , what would be the appropriate answer ?? Thanks for the Help
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