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  1. Nanuk

    Stranded In Jersey City

    Blind sided everyone , worked late but heard all the nightmares and stood in the boogie down Bronx. Took me 2 hours to get to my shop that’s only a mile and half from where I was working . Be safe today roads are still glassy
  2. Nanuk

    First Blood: Update - BBD

    Congrats !!! Well worth the drag lol
  3. Nanuk

    A day I will never forget

    That’s a Great Day for Sure !!!! Had that very same day some 30 years ago , I’ll never forget it
  4. Nanuk

    Venison Bourguignon

    Looks delicious 😋 Nice Job
  5. Nanuk

    13 Dead Bar In California

    Off topic but why are these people even in office ..... they’re so old most didn’t have TV’s in their houses growing up !!!! They have no graspe on today’s technological world or the loop holes in the laws they pass.. Gun control laws reworded several ways to make it appear like they care and are doing something only to be re-elected , they never mention punishing the real criminals with stricter laws or death penalty that’s enforced !!! Criminals love unarmed subjects ....
  6. Nanuk

    13 Dead Bar In California

    When I left it was 11 wounded and shooter dead , didn’t know if he was shot by LEO or self inflicted. Was said to be middle eastern ????
  7. So sad to see that the general public in this state is either Ignorant , Uniformed or Just Doesn’t Care . Wish I could leave sooner 😔 with the dream team below it’s gonna be a rough ride and we are sure to loose a lot .... money & rights
  8. Nanuk

    Leftover Venison Sausage (2 Kinds) Soup 🍲

    Looks delicious, a play on Italian Wedding Soup
  9. Nanuk

    3 bows on order.....

    Early planning by dad for Christmas, Smart Man
  10. Nanuk

    Sweet November...In Kansas! **Update**

    Congrats !!!!
  11. Nanuk

    Ohio Monster Harvested

    Awesome animal preserve or not , that aside am I only only one that notice how impeccably clean the garage is where the photo was taken Lol
  12. Nanuk

    3 Out Of 4 Fixable

    For this very reason .... VOTE VOTE VOTE
  13. Nanuk

    Get out and vote today

    Was on the fence with the Mayor election in our town , just couldn’t do it , like Swede said they all get their start in local elections .... No Bueno
  14. Nanuk

    Get out and vote today

    GET OUT AND VOTE !!!!!! I was second in line this Am before Work and parking lot was full before I left ..... No Excuses poles open 6 Am - 8 Pm Send all the free loaders packing .
  15. Nanuk

    Sweet November...In Kansas! **Update**

    Great Pics !!! Good Luck 🍀