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  1. Nanuk

    Short Hunt On A Cold Day

    Nice Job Ken 👍👍👍
  2. Nanuk

    Fox mount - behind the scenes

    Very Nice 👍
  3. Nanuk

    This is gonna be tricky

    Lots of work right there, awesome job 👍 could call you Betsy Ross now
  4. Nanuk

    Nephews first day out!! Success!!

    Congrats to our newest member !!!
  5. Nanuk

    My Dog Passes On

    Very sorry
  6. Nanuk

    Hunters Butcher Permanently Closed

    I’m no butcher by trade but have done a fair share of cutting, if I was closer to retirement I’d throw my service out there. If anyone is ever in predicament shoot me a PM .
  7. Very reasonable for a custom made item 👍👍👍 as I get older I’m finding myself getting colder quicker , I’d like to in off season replace dated clothing in an effort to enjoy my sits. I have Cabela MTO 50 from 18 years ago and have been buying Sitka pieces one at time. Incinerator bibs have been best investment so far. Thanks for Sharing
  8. Looks great , that was an awesome idea , if you don’t mind me asking what did that set you back ???
  9. Nanuk

    $15 Minimum Wage

    Giant Economic Slide Rule , Everyone is devalued until market correction .in essence they’ll pay for their own raise .
  10. Nanuk

    $15 Minimum Wage

    Trickle down economics, like VDep217 said , more automation less bodies and they’ll still raise the prices . $15 , $20 doesn’t matter , if people won’t help themselves you can’t force them , $3 Extra an hour makes no difference in a budget theses days , just more political fluff. And these jobs are just that , they’re not careers , it’s suppose to be an extra source or part time source of income not soul support but, with more and more illegals and immigrants in this country their only job opportunity may be these types of jobs and they’re trying to raise a family on it. To quote Hammer ; I have a a lot of what your talking about as well, all the programs just water down the work force .... no one wants to work or earn their money . I’m writing this as I sit at work and I’ve been here since 7:30am
  11. Nanuk

    Venison Sloppy Joe’s w/ Bacon

    Looks yummy !!! Especially the pickles lol
  12. Nanuk

    A Text That You Don't Want To See.

    Prayers Sent hope all turns out well
  13. Nanuk

    Great late 8.

    Very Nice 👍 Congrats
  14. Nanuk

    Please Read!

    Just another Sunday in my house, there’s the left utilizing the media again .... while we sit idly by tolerating total disrespect for our country and the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom . I know people will say it’s the very freedoms fought for that allows them to exercise their right to kneel but as a PAID employee it tells me that the Owners of these teams are a bunch of hypocrites and that they don’t respect our nation either. It’s them that allow it and us by watching that keep them employed. It really speaks volumes to other countries how divided we are and possibly weak and vulnerable . Imagine players of other countries not standing or saluting their country’s flag ... would be removed never to be seen again . Bunch of cry babies should be serving fries at some greasy spoon. Maroon 5 is a ‘has been ‘group from the 90’s that’s trying to make a name for themselves being they have nothing to loose. Just knowing that they’re the entertainment tells you not many want to be associated ... People really need to read “Rules for Radicals” all textbook tactics .
  15. Nanuk

    Mathews triax for sale

    For years the running joke in my house was everything cost $20 bucks lol ... she doesn’t even ask but it’s 25 years later too.