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  1. Yessss!!!! Congratulations man!! What a buck!
  2. Great buck and great character shown by you!
  3. That’s an awesome deer add in calling it in and a recurve and that’s plain sweet
  4. This year has been tough to get out hunting. We welcomed our 3rd child this year and we are over the moon. Having 3 kids under 5 years old it gets tough to get in the stand. I got out a few days in September this year on some public and played cat and mouse with a few nice mountain bucks but they got the best of me. I grew up hunting in NY and ran a bunch of cameras this year on a piece I’ve had permission to hunt since I was young. Anyhow after years of shooting young bucks I set a personal goal for myself to try and harvest the most mature deer I can find. I had a list of 3 bucks I would take but there was a heavy 7 point that really peaked my interest. He looked the most mature of the 3 and I really hoped to wrap my tag around him. Anyhow I got out last Tuesday and saw him about 150 yards out into an oak flat. As he worked away from me I tried grunting at him to no avail. I then went for broke and snort wheezed at him. He went nuts. He made several scrapes and rubs and came into less than 20 yards and made another scrape. At the time he was shielded by some limbs and just as he was about to step out another deer began blowing and all the deer in the area took off running. Mama bear and her three cubs decided to make their appearance at such an inopportune time. I went home dejected but my very supportive wife said to get back after it and I was in the stand Friday morning when he decided to chase a six point off a doe. Being excited I rushed my shot and hit him back but I gave him 6 hours and then tracked him to the property line. I then spent an hour knocking on the neighbors’ doors and eventually gained permission to where I needed to be. I ended up losing blood in an overgrown field and a sick feeling came over me. I then reached out to 2 different tracking dogs up there but ultimately they declined to come out due to the high wind and my location. As I was about to give up my good friend who I had asked to come help me track earlier in the day messaged me asking if I had found the deer. He had been stuck at work and was unable to come but wanted to know where I was at. I told him no deer and that I could not find a deer dog to help me. My buddy said stop feeling sorry for yourself and go find the deer! He said I’ve found deer for 20 something years just fine without a dog and I can do it again. (I have nothing against the dogs in case anyone says something) My buddy’s speech gave me the motivation I needed to keep pushing and a half hour later i hit pay dirt. I’m very thankful for the support of my friends and family. I hope everyone has a great season and I’d love to know how old you think the buck was. I’m guessing 3 1/2 but I’m going to send the jaw out for confirmation.
  5. I shoot Easton FMJs with the stock nock that comes with the arrow. I love the way they shoot but was contemplating switching to lighted nocks for next season. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated
  6. To clarify You can use the 3G service for the remainder of the year. You get a discount on a 4G camera upgrade and you get to keep the 3G camera to use as a regular trail camera
  7. How big do you think this state land bear is? He’s chewed on 2 of my cameras so far Wish I could do something about it
  8. Burris customer service is great. You break it they’ll repair it or replace it no question
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