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  1. Does anyone have information on whether there will be hunts in River Vale and/ or Saddle River this season? If so what does one need to do to participate? Thanks in advance
  2. Who said the good cops aren’t willing to step up? Im simply pointing out the risk involved and the complexity of it all. Each situation is different You guys are painting with a very broad brush without walking in their shoes You hear about one bad cop and they all get a black eye and they’re all seen as bad because people find it easy. This doesn’t apply to painters doctors or other professions. I just find this a being quick to blame which we see time and time again with the media. Just another cop bashing site
  3. Easier said than done.... you also have to rely on those same people to back you up. Each situation is different and could be Monday morning quarterbacked “I would have called my co-workers out on their BS” Do your co-workers carry guns and are they sometimes the only ones between you going home to your family or not? Easy to judge a profession when you’re not walking in their shoes
  4. $80 on the rings $30 on the stabilizer $40 on the magazines
  5. Several Scope mounts and rings. Tasco shotgun scope mount785 (10) 1inch weaver scope mounts (5sets) Leopold 1 inch scope rail and rings Maybe missing a screw here or there. Trying to sell as a lot Cleaning out our Great uncles scope drawer $100 or best offer located in Park Ridge can meet during the week in Montclair Area (2) Wilson Combat 1911 8 round 45 auto magazines $30 each $50 together Also have a Used Yellow 8 inch Bee Stinger Sport Hunter extreme hunting stabilizer. Went in the woods one time. No scratches or anything just looks slightly faded (which is the way it came when I purchased it) $40
  6. Legalizing weed is going to be a logistical nightmare for law enforcement. The bill is calling for expungements and then you have the Dwi aspect of enforcement. The work a cop has to put in to prove dwi with alcohol is a hurdle and to prove under the influence of drugs is even more of a burden. Legislation standards on this should come out before we let the public run wild. Field sobriety and easier enforcement techniques should be established prior to legalization. Marijuana enforcement also helps cops quite a bit establish probable cause leading to searches that reveal the drugs that really should scare you. My brother is a cop in Colorado and when weed became legal out there their homeless population skyrocketed and quality of life went way down. There are more weed distribution centers than there are fast food and coffee shops out there. I don’t know that that will happen here but I think there are a lot of steps that should happen before it is legalized and law enforcement should be consulted and more stringent and streamlined guidelines should be put in place before we have tons of people behind the wheel enjoying their legal bud.
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