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  1. CatchinDeers243

    How would you have handled this???

    Yeah I think locks are the way to go... I definitely want to keep the owners out of it. That’s a quick recipe for getting the boot. Thank you guys for responding. The audacity just baffled and pissed me off something awful. I needed to check with like minded people to make sure it was not me overreacting
  2. I have permission to hunt a property along with 1 other person. We do not talk but we know the other has permission to be there. That being said I went yesterday to check my cameras and found a SD card of a brand I do not own in one of my cameras. As I am walking out I see the other hunter who says that the card is his and he just wanted to see what was going on in the area. I was angry to say the least. The other hunter has the same right to be there as I do and I do not mind that, but we do not work together and he has never ran cameras. He felt he was entitled to pull my card take it home check the data and just replace it with his. I definitely used some expletives but I was baffled.... Who does that? Am I out of line? I told him if he wished to see what’s going on he should buy his own cameras. He’s welcome to hang them on the same trees I use for all I care, I just don’t want someone messing with my stuff. To top it all off as I walked away he wanted to know if I’ve seen anything..... I just shook my head
  3. CatchinDeers243

    Lighted Nock Bear Pic

  4. CatchinDeers243

    Old School Bear/Deer hunting

    Cool story! Love hearing stuff like this
  5. CatchinDeers243

    NY buck down 10/13

    Awesome story to go with it too!
  6. CatchinDeers243

    NY buck down 10/13

  7. CatchinDeers243

    BBD! 1PM Recurve!

    Congratulations!!! You need to print and frame those pictures!
  8. CatchinDeers243

    10/13/18 AM check in

    Good luck!!!
  9. CatchinDeers243

    8 yr old girl find pre Viking sword

    Very cool
  10. CatchinDeers243

    A pair of Woodys

    Nice work!!
  11. CatchinDeers243

    Opening day of waterfowl

  12. CatchinDeers243

    Coming Home

    Feel better!
  13. CatchinDeers243

    Bear size

    When I get home I’ll take some shots with deer using that area for scale Either way I’d be happy to take him with my bow
  14. CatchinDeers243

    Bear size

    Just pulled my camera card from NY and there’s nice bear hitting an apple tree where I have a stand. I’m curious how big you guys think he is or if it’s multiple bears. I know black bears are hard to judge. Thanks in advance!
  15. CatchinDeers243

    Water tender 9.4 row boat