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  1. 🤫 shhh Stewart has some nice pheasant hunting as well and it’s a lot closer than people realize.
  2. I have one in 3006. that’s my going for a walk deer rifle. I had some ejection problems for a bit. Make sure to seat the shells all the way in. Other than that you’ll love it
  3. It certainly is a great rod and the Orvis guarantee is second to none. I have never had a problem with the company. In fact the last rod I sent back to them they were no longer making. They sent me back an upgraded rod (more expensive then the original rod) and the turn around was really quick.
  4. Selling my Helios2 9 foot 5 weight 4 piece mid flex fly rod. This is the ultimate dry fly rod. Feathery touch with the power to cast streamers or roll nymphs. Purchased for over $1000 for just the rod. Comes with the Orvis 25 year warranty. Unfortunately I do not have the rod case anymore but Orvis will still warranty I will also sell my Orvis Large Arbor Hydros 3 (gold finish) with an Orvis Weight forward 5 weight line. This was purchased for over $350 will sell for $200 You can take the whole setup for $750. Located in Bergen County Also work in Essex County
  5. Diamondback Casting FCR7H Stout 7 foot bait casting Muskie Rod. Caught tons of nice Jersey alligators on this rod. Unfortunately have not been able to get out for them in a few years and want to pass this on to someone who will use it. Purchased new for $200 but will sell for $100 Great casting Muskie rod unfortunately burnt out the reel but will include if you want it Located in Bergen county and work in Essex Only blemish on this rod is it’s missing the inner circle of the top guide Pictures of the rod and fish it’s caught
  6. I was on a hunt in Ohio and I was sitting on the leeward side just off the top of a hill and I rattled. It was about 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon and the sun was hitting me just right where you get the urge to nap which is why I rattled. It was PEAK PEAK rut and bucks were running does hard that week. So I knew I had to be ready but damn did that sun feel good. Anyways a small 8 came working his way towards me with a limp and I had made the decision that I was going to put him out of his misery if I got a clean shot but he hung up and went the opposite way. Well I zoned out after he walked out and I turned to my left hearing what I thought was a squirrel and here comes the buck of every hunters dreams. Mass, width, old white mature white face and the kicker was he had double drops. He’s coming on hard with his little rut March like he’s got somewhere to be. I hurry to get set and I range the opening he’s walking through and I got 33 yards. I miss twice with my release and finally hook the loop. Draw back settle in and watch in horror as the arrow skips off the top of the bruiser’s back. After it unfolded and I got myself together I ranged the spot again and I shaking so much I must’ve ranged past him. He had been at 26 yards. I still sit in bed some nights thinking about him. The outfitter said Nobody ever shot a deer like or even saw one. He said he ran trail cameras and asked the neighbors it was like he was a ghost And before you ask yes we searched for blood and the deer with just a few hairs and the arrow had nothing on it. Let my failure be a lesson to us all and spend significant time if you can ranging all the spots from your tree so that you are ready because your ghost buck could show up at any time
  7. I’ve had bears pick it up and carry them away
  8. Sent you a message about the bitzenburger. Very generous! 👍🏻👍🏻
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