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  1. CatchinDeers243

    Traditions black powder/ Mossberg 195/ starter pistol

    Starter pistol sold
  2. CatchinDeers243

    St.Croix Triumph Surf Rod f/s

    It was a pleasure meeting you today!
  3. CatchinDeers243

    Ruger 10-22 build advise needed

    So I recently was given a Ruger 10-22 barrel, magazine and stock and nothing else. I have an original one already that I love and just realized that I now have 2 children and if I collect what I need to complete this gun. I’d have 2 guns that are perfect to introduce my girls to the shooting sports.... I’m looking to go as basic as can be and was hoping someone with some experience could give me some guidance.... Thanks in advance guys!
  4. If anyone is interested I’m looking to find good homes for the following guns. My wife’s grandfather passed and I’m helping her grandmother get what she can for them. Message me if you want better pictures. Prices are negotiable. Traditions Kentucky Black powder rifle $200 Mossberg 195 bolt action 12 gauge. Gun is in excellent condition $125 (Note this is not a slug gun) HR model 970 starter pistol $25 Located in Bergen County
  5. CatchinDeers243


    Thanks guys
  6. CatchinDeers243


    I just found this site and it seems pretty cool. I do a little bit of it all flyfish, spinfish, bowhunt, gun hunt, and small game hunt. I have 2 little girls so my time has started to diminish but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The kids love to go fishing and they love when I bring home something when I hunt. They love venison and turkey chili. Can’t wait til they’re all enough to go anyhow that’s a little about myself.... can’t wait to meet some of you guys
  7. CatchinDeers243

    Fly Fishing Lessons

    Orvis makes great starter kits that come with everything and used to have a warranty too Clearwater I think was the brand. 9ft 5 weight is perfect all around setup. That’ll let you fish everything trout related dries nymphs and streamers and will have ability to bass fish as well
  8. CatchinDeers243

    Father/Daughter = Fishing Buds

    Great stuff!!!
  9. CatchinDeers243

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fireguy079

    Happy birthday
  10. CatchinDeers243

    Good Deal @ Riverdale BJ’s

    Very good to know
  11. CatchinDeers243

    Spinning Reel ?

    They’re what you pay for.... not going to be super smooth or durable but for something you only use here and there they get the job done. If it’s something you will spend a lot of time with can’t go wrong with shimano
  12. CatchinDeers243

    Fantasy Baseball Owners Needed - 2017 Season

    Please let me know for next year!
  13. CatchinDeers243

    St.Croix Triumph Surf Rod f/s

    PM sent