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  1. Be safe. I ran around Today and found 2 of my blinds had been blown out of the ground by the wind. Despite being staked down
  2. Excellent story and buck Congratulations
  3. Yeah not looking to take advantage of the situation just recoup what I spent and send them into the woods where they belong
  4. Looks like a firework with a trail up to the explosion at the top
  5. Lol my mother in law hits me with the “did you catch any deers?” Every time I get back. Irritates the 💩 outta me that’s why I made this username to dull the irritation lol Hunting is so much more than the harvest. Bring a kid into the sport and watch them learn that. That’s the ultimate prize
  6. Would also trade toward lone wolf or comparable climbing sticks
  7. 19 Remington 3 inch 20 gauge accu-tips 3 4/5 boxes Bought for $22 plus tax per box (see pic) Asking $90 Located in Park Ridge, NJ Can meet during the week In Montclair, NJ Would normally keep but bow hunting this 6 day and know they’re hard to come by right now (hopefully not in the future)
  8. CatchinDeers243


    More pricks then a PETA meeting
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