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  1. Congrats!!!!!! You are going to need to tell us all about Limcroma and your hunts! I pushed my August hunt back another year because of all the rioting in Johannesburg around that time,and recovering from a broken arm wasn't helping my cause either. Hopefully third time is the charm and I get to go next year.
  2. Sadly won't happen but as they said imminent perril that sounds like a good way to describe what we will be in for few years from now with a hunt
  3. Thank God the bibs zip all the way down on The sides I leave them wide open walking in with just under Armour on under and I carry the jacket on my backpack
  4. Yeah the incinerator was wayy lighter I initially planned on getting the full incinerator set up but liked the fanatic fleece feel better
  5. For stand hunting especially bow hunting the Sitka fanatic jacket and. Bibs are absolutely awesome! The quality , warmth, fit, features are far above any of the competition. I did however get a hefty hefty discount on all my Sitka gear. Any adittional camo I get going forward will only be Sitka.
  6. I have given Tom alot of praise on here in the past but only because I didn't know any better. I will gladly drive past this place ever time and drive 3 times as far to get to hunderton deer butchers. The product you get back is a night and day difference. Just mad I used Tom exclusively for 4 or 5 years before switching. I still wish him the best of luck with his business and the new shop.
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