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  1. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Bad luck with new bow sights this year

    Good luck with the sight I. have a black gold ascent verdict slider with 3 set pins I use for hunting and the ability to use the slider for further distances when target shooting.
  2. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    BBD! 1PM Recurve!

    Nice job. Now all you have to do is figure out who will do the mount for you
  3. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Hunter Education Field Test?

    Keith was a very nice guy and does look just like Jase robertson
  4. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    10/7/18 check in and live reports

    Out in 5 swirling wind ...so far had 4 does skirt around me then 2 spikes within range then another 2 fawns and doe showed up and we're chased away bY a raccoon
  5. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Crossbow bolt recommendations

    No I keep all my shots under 80 yard's... JK I keep them under 30 ...
  6. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Crossbow bolt recommendations

    Recently ordered a dozen spynal tapps from Jerry and they shoot great at 100 yards and everything in between
  7. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Boys Double Down On Bucks

    Nice deer congrats to both of them!!
  8. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Ship to Shore...

    Have to agree I butcher multiple a year and that grinder has been excellent for me as well.
  9. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Smoked Venison Jerky

    I smoke mine amd hang it from the racks with a paperclip that I partialy unfold. Give you a hook at the top and a hook through the meat. It has worked well for me
  10. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Climbing harness question??

    The straps in the back provide no strength support most are just elastic and just make it easy to get in and out of and make the leg straps that actully support you from slipping further down your legs in the back
  11. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    New Hunting License Protocol from the DF&W

    This makes no sense if you have your cid you should be good to go ...
  12. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    09/08 Opening day check in!

    Agree with Jay.... I'm hungry. Raining pretty bad here . My rain gear deosnt help much when it's hanging under the umbrella on the deck. Got in the woods by 5:15 only to hear the famous snort and run when I was 40 ft from my stand
  13. Northjerseyoutdoorsman


    3 with xbow only ever used one and 3 with the compound used 2 on one occasion after a clean miss
  14. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Pse fang crossbow package for sale

    Bump. Will sell separately 220 for just the crossbow with the upgraded scope
  15. Northjerseyoutdoorsman


    My favorite shot is also quartering away the deer is relaxed and looking away from you and you don't have to worry about hitting the scapula. Doesn't get much better than that in my opinion