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  1. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Legal in nj?

    Subject: ***IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE NJSP FIREARMS INVESTIGATION UNIT*** FFLs – Please be advised that the following decision has been made regarding the Mossberg Model 590 Shockwave, Black Aces Tactical DT and the Remington TAC-14. The New Jersey State Police Firearms Investigation Unit concurs with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) that these pistol grip only designed firearms are legal for sale in the State of New Jersey as a firearm. As such the firearm will be sold utilizing normal retail sale procedures required under Federal and State law. The required State paperwork will include the Certificate Of Eligibility and not a Permit To Purchase A Handgun & Form Of Register. Firearms with similar design and structure must fall within this definition of a firearm and must not have been manufactured as a “shotgun” (NJSA 2C:39-1n) or meet the Federal requirement of “any other weapon (AOW)” which measures less then 26 inches in overall length. The firearm must also comply with all BATF requirements. As a result of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas Nevada the NJSP Firearms Investigation Unit has been asked about the legality of the Bump Stock and Slide Fire Stock mechanisms. In 2011 the matter was reviewed by this unit and dealers were advised at that time that the devices in question were not to be offered for sale in the State of New Jersey. This stance has not changed and no NJ retail firearms dealer shall offer for sale either of these items or similar devices. Any questions may be directed to the NJSP Firearms Investigation Unit 609-882-2000 x2060 DSG. Brett Bloom.
  2. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Legal in nj?

    Yes it is legal in NJ
  3. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    So who is hunting the last day tomorrow?

    Doe fawns are able to breed once they hit a certain weight . Approximately 80 pounds for our area. Here's a link. https://www.qdma.com/doe-fawns-breed-good-sign/
  4. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Winter bow euro.

    Wife would kill me for the smell if I did it inside. I use the burner on the side of the grill to do euros. Nice buck congrats!
  5. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    How many ANTLERED > = 3" Bucks did you shoot this year?

    2 . Fall bow and permit bow
  6. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    who doesnt care about the super bowl

    Figured they would have as many of you guys in for overtime as possible. Lots of angry people when they can't watch the game. It will be perfect timing for a power supply to go bad and trip on and off every few seconds. Plus with everyone streaming now these big events definitely require more man power 1 crappy fitting knocking a full node of modems out and bye bye to the big game. At least it's warming up a bit though these temps have been brutal.
  7. Northjerseyoutdoorsman


    Hands down it's 1957buck !!
  8. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Bear Shits On Hunter

    Talk about having a shitty day
  9. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Great Decal

    I like it but they are just asking for someone to mess with their car. Pretty sad but this is the reality we live in.
  10. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Great American Outdoor Show - Harrisburg, PA

    I go every year and try to go Super Bowl Sunday when I can because it's half as crowded as any other day. Lots of good stuff to see. it's a great place to get your hands on almost every bow and gun manufacturers products and shoot a few bows If you feel like waiting in line for it.
  11. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Treebark Field Jacket for sale-**SOLD**

    I purchased from them a few weeks ago they had a great deal on all of the huk kryptek camo clothing.They are owned by the same company as tj max, home goods and Marshalls.
  12. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Hunting Shows You Hate

    Agreed she drives me nuts ever time she starts to talk! Put it on mute and the show might be pretty good lol
  13. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Hunting Shows You Hate

    Meateater is the only one I like to watch anymore.
  14. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Who’s going out tomorrow? Temp of 4 Degrees

    Not me... Usually go in for overtime Mondays too but no way do I feel like working outside in this weather either. Good luck
  15. Northjerseyoutdoorsman

    Occupied dwelling

    Ohh hell no....