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  1. Sure most of the time things go right and a light arrow is going to go in the dirt 6 inches but it doesn't always go right. My arrow change was mostly down with Africa in mind. I'm not looking to spend a couple thousand dollars on a wounded animal that I can't find because I got poor penetration or made a bad shot And the shoulder stopped it. I've watched lots of videos of light arrows barley getting 10 Inches of penetration on alot of the game out there and falling out. As far as whitetails sure it's way overkill but it will do the job and peice of mind knowing it will break through any bon
  2. Great hike . One that I should really go do more often since I'm only 20 minutes away but something always seams to take precident. You need to go back on a A clear day summer day
  3. Best value for money is the tacatcam reveal.
  4. 125 grain annihilators . Still doing some research on some Single bevels. But all the really solid ones are 200 grains and with the arrow set up 125 is as high as I want to go up to
  5. That's the first thing I thought of too haha. I think it was the first cam spartan came out was also able to do the live on 3g and then they stopped putting that feature in subsequent cams they released
  6. Very cool and I do love my go cam but that's alot of coin. I'd rather buy 5 tacatcams at that rate.
  7. Nice after I had that bad arrow deflection on that doe earlier this year I said there was no way I was risking that happening in south africa this summer so I went real heavy. I had a 575 grain day six with 16 percent foc and I shot it at a cow femur a bunch of times ended up splitting the bone but it bent the insert eventually . Arrow was fine and the steel outsert was fine ! So I added their steel inserts instead of aluminum and it brought it up another 50 grains. Still shooting the source for now. ... Always be tinkering haha
  8. Still messing with the Hunter xt shafts to get to 625 And 20 percent? After some messing around I went with day six arrows and was able to hit 624 grains and 20 percent foc even with the really thick carbon walls of their arrows.
  9. They need to steal the double shot idea from excalibur with 2 bolts and 2 triggers. Then they need to take that range finding scope from the new ten point and Charge 8k then I'm in for 2 at least. But really that small ravin looks really weird but it would be pretty awesome to have something that small. I do like the ravins alot especially the cocking uncocking mechanisms.
  10. Great for hunting. And really any outdoor activity. Easily mark your tree stands or points of interest with gps pins that you can navigate back to. Can send gpx files to it to follow any course you build before hand. Navigate back to start so you won't get lost exploring a new area. Altimiter, barometer, compass built in. Links to garmin connect and garmin explore apps so you can view all your activities and your gps pins and tracks on a topo map. Price dropped to $180
  11. What paper? I had to watch it 3 times before I saw a bow
  12. Garmin Instinct Tactical edition GPS smart watch. Flat dark earth color asking $200 I paid 350 for it last year. This watch is awesome very lightweight and comfortable and the gps features work really well. Wife bought me a feniz 6 pro for Christmas so I dont need this one anymore. Any question feel free to ask. I live by the pequest hatchery.
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