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  1. Love them. Have a ton growing this year in my yard. Going to have to go check them again as of. Few days ago nothing was ready yet.
  2. Raising the hp rating there would not be a good option. The lake would get over run and turn Into lake hopatcong. That being said I have been out many times when it has gotten really bad out there while im as far from the ramp as possible. Getting back with the 9.9 does take forever but it's possible. If it gets bad enough just wait it out on the shore. I have been tempted to drop down the 75 HP to get out of a storm before when my 9.9 was acting up but luckily got it running again before I was pushed ashore all the way back by the campsites.
  3. They planned on releasing it on OJs birthday, people got mad about it so they claimed it was coincidental And pushed it back 4 days
  4. That lake is absolutely loaded with bass if you can rent a. Boat fish any rocky point 25 ft deep that time of year and you will kill it. Use live crayfish hooked through the tail if you fish bait or try a ned rig if you use artificial. If my Africa hunt falls through due to covid which it probably will I think I'm going to head up there I love that place.
  5. To all the garndening experts out there What are these bugs and should I be concerned about getting them off my plants? These are all over my eggplant and on a few pepper plants as well.
  6. Nothing like you guys but here's some of mine
  7. I know your always told not to do it but I have to double bag it for the raven or it goes right through it
  8. And I have definitely killed deer over it while they were taking a drink !
  9. Nice! Looks alot better than my blue walmart kiddie pool that I buried . But it gets the job done and has lasted for 4 years now. My observation in my very limited scope has been if you only have the water out they will definitely use it but you can't pattern them to it. You could have deer there multiple times a day or a few days between there visits. Everything will use it. Bear , foxes, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, coyotes ... Everything only once the first year did I have to bring more water to it to fill it up other than that it refills itself. Now if you put out bait as well corn or food block. The deer will definitely hit the water and the food so if you run dry in bait they will still be happy they got some water and keep coming back.
  10. Upgraded form the spypoint micro to the sparatn ghost cam. It is a much better camera . Well worth the extra initial Investment and. Only 8 bucks a month instead of 15 for the spypoint.
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