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  1. Pandan room is one of our favorites always have a great meal there!
  2. I was able to get a good one from TS in blairstown but that was right after Halloween. But the ones in Washington and in Nazareth I have been able to push my finger into them and the color is still way too light I won't buy them when they are like that. The blairstown one lasted the same way they use to and the deer loved it. I wish I had bought more than one but I was still very skeptical it was the first one I had actually purchased since the issue started. They sent me coupons and I let them expire and eventually threw them out bc you could tell in the store they were going to fall apart.
  3. My favorite combo that I have switched to is 90 percent venison . 10 percent bacon all personal preference though.
  4. I have one on I use on a hang on stand. It is great ! This particular stand is on the side of a mountain. Over 30 ft off the ground and the major trail is on the opposite side of the tree so you are shooting behind at deer that are pretty much eye level because of the steep hill. You can get away with zero movement in this situation and it's very awkward shooting but the tree is in a perfect spot for predominant wind. The tree pod makes it very easy to make the shots that were awkward without it. I love it. Plus the crossbow was always in the shooting position and ready to go.
  5. Great buck congrats and good luck in your search for the other side!
  6. Damn that's a great deal mad I missed it!
  7. Nice one rusty congrats!
  8. Doesn't help you much now but It worked for me yesterday morning . Good luck
  9. Hahahahah I guess we will be matching.... My wife gave me this tonight to wear tomorrow
  10. I think kb is probably right I looked at my r15 even though you said it's alittle different and clicked the string onto it and could definitely see it being an issue if some dirt or build up got in there to not allow the arms to drop down
  11. Read this thread and try the part at the bottom https://www.crossbownation.com/community/threads/can%E2%80%99t-get-trigger-latch-on-string.101318/
  12. Grinding with the harbor freight one is fine for me. I ground 40 pounds straight through with no issue ground up some pork mixed it in then put it all through again and it did the job. However I made 25 pounds of hot sticks through the sausage stuffer attachment and I will never do that again. It took forever and you had to push down on it so hard to fill the casings. But for 50 bucks it does a great job
  13. Have the same one. Works great been using it for many years now.
  14. Just an FYI on Sitka gear. If you are a public service employee or immediate family member of one. You need to look into Leoadventures.com. 25 dollar a year membership and you get a large discount on Sitka and a bunch of other outdoor brands !
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