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  1. Agreed . Had this one give me a quite a shock while flipping a row boat over a few years ago
  2. Depends on if you live in the mountains and can get a decent signal from the antenna. I live on the side of a mountain and to get new York stations with the antenna it has to go through the mountain and I was unable to get any ny stations at all . Pointing towards Philly the only major network I was able to pick up was fox other than that. All I got were pbs and church stations from hacketstown and Allentown. and that was with a 150 mile directional antenna with a motor to turn it. You will actually get a better picture using an antenna on an HD TV then you will if you have an HD cable box because there his no compression of the video feed. Putting your modem and router and Amazon device in the attic is a bad idea electronics do not last long in the heat of an attic during summer months
  3. go to www.suppose.tv you can select all the channels you can't live without and it will tell you ever option you have as far as cable and streaming services and the cost. As far as internet you don't need a super fast "speed". For steaming in 4k you need aprox 25mbps per stream, for 1080p you need aprox 15mbps per stream , for gaming you use less than 4mbps, browsing the Internet you use next to nothing. You will never use continuos upload bandwidth unless you have cameras you view remotely so upload speeds aren't really a concern. I have 60 Mbps service and have zero buffering while streaming multiple 1080p streams at the same time with constant upload usage from cameras Make sure you get the actual bill price after taxes and fees because the number they will give you will be far less without all the extras added on after the fact . Once your promo ends expect your bill to inevitably go up each and ever year after that. Get your own modem and router if you want to save the rental fees
  4. Plowing a steep driveway with an ATV sucks. I bought a sportsman 500 for that purpose and wind up using a snow blower or a shovel instead of the atv almost every time. Your not going to be able to plow going up the driveway. And if you have a decent amount of snow the only way to get enough pressure on the blade of the plow is to sit on the front of your ATV with your feet and bodyweight on the blade of the plow with your arms behind you on the throttle and brake lever. If you had a flat driveway than it would be great but they suck on steep driveways.
  5. I use this stuff and it works great
  6. Thanks for the input I have a a 7 ft medium heavy baitcaster with a silvermax spooled with 30lb and also a heavier musky set up with an abu ambassador c3 but I assumed that was on the heavy side for what we would be doing
  7. Need to pick up gulp and bucktails what weight bucktails / how many? and what type of gulp / colors to get.? .... I am a fluke newbie . Planning on using a 7 ft bass spinning rod with my shimmano stratic ci4 spooled with 10 lb braid I'm assuming that will be adequate.
  8. Storm was really bad in Lehigh valley crazy rain and some big hail
  9. Lol never had an issue at hacketstown, Clinton or phillipsburg walmarts but I feel like they are very use to printing licenses at all three of them. Dicks is a nightmare though
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