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  1. Wmas and boat launches will be next ... This clown is pushing people closer together not further apart! So angry about these new restrictions. I'm still working and drive around all day at work and I can tell you the first 2 weeks the roads were fairly empty but now they are almost as busy as they normally are people are not staying home and now the only places they can go are the few stores that are still open.... This will make things even worse now
  2. Damn that's messed up! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  3. You can call me a sucker bc I ordered an ozonics yesterday after reading a few similar articles about this. Plan on running it in my work van for a few hours at night then opening the doors to air it out again. Still going in and out of houses and Bringing way too many tools and other stuff in and out . Just one more step I can take to try not to bring it home to my family.
  4. Yeah got my letters from homeland today as well.
  5. I'm working And that won't change. I'm sure I will have the virus soon enough .. I get to go to all the sick ppls houses and people working from home to fix their internet and TV.
  6. Just wait until it starts spreading between Amazon fullfillment employees and think about all the orders they will fill and transfer it onto the items and how quickly it will spread. My prediction is One day delivery coronovirus will be coming soon enough. I'm in and out of peoples houses all day so there is no working from home for me,but my wife's a teacher and they are already planning on what to do when the schools are closed from it.
  7. Team 7 Buck 10+ 6 scoreable points , 1.5 tine, 5 tine, spread 10.5, picture 6 = 39 Confirmation number ed0589419c
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