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  1. Has a really nice launch ramp . It's incredibly deep and the depths fluctuate rapidly. Lots of dead trees comming out of the water in various parts of the reservoir. As said above it gets incredibly windy. As soon as you round the point and get into the open water you will get pushed around pretty bad . Checking the weather before hand for the wind is usually not helpful as that place has it own rules when it comes to wind. Ive gotten soaked in the kayak before from waves crashing over the sides and I've gotten pushed around bad in my 16 ft deep v as well. Never fished it from the bank but the only real spot to do it is to the left of the boat ramp up to the first damn.
  2. Looks like a typical day at round valley! The wind was real bad by me as well.
  3. I was looking at your dog services awhile ago and you actually live less than 5 minutes away from me lol. Really don't think anyone wants to come to a gender reveal party though. The wife did say we could do it by shooting a balloon filled with pink or blue powder with my bow so that I would agree to this party.
  4. Having a bunch of family over tommorow so I took the day off work and spent it prepping meats amd tending to the smoker. Made ribs, pulled pork, rainbow trout, lake trout, and venison kielbasa 14 hours later and the pulled pork is finally done! Got a chance to start my outboards up and get the boat almost ready to hit the Delaware for the shad tournament. Now time to mentally prepare for the family drama that tomorrow will bring lol.
  5. Looks like a ribon snake but it's covered in alot of dirt could be a garter snake but probably a ribon
  6. I used my 11 ft Penn pravail with a Penn battle 2 spooled with braid and fluro leader . Throwing mostly 3 ounce lures but some bigger as well supper far into to the surf down in Cabo . Also have a 12 ft Penn pravail casting rod that I Chuck bait plus 8 ounces weight far into the surf as well.. both worked great in the surf down there .
  7. People definitely suck! I would look around the area I bet it was thrown not too far from there. Not the first time I have seen or heard of people taking the bottom sections of a ladder stand
  8. Use this Easton monopod stuck into one of the smaller grates in the stand . Makes a great rest while waiting for the deer to show up and while making the shot. I also use it as a hiking stick as well lots of adjustability with it
  9. Looks like they were probably paper shells if there was no plastic left WW should be Winchester Western
  10. Subject: ***IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE NJSP FIREARMS INVESTIGATION UNIT*** FFLs – Please be advised that the following decision has been made regarding the Mossberg Model 590 Shockwave, Black Aces Tactical DT and the Remington TAC-14. The New Jersey State Police Firearms Investigation Unit concurs with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) that these pistol grip only designed firearms are legal for sale in the State of New Jersey as a firearm. As such the firearm will be sold utilizing normal retail sale procedures required under Federal and State law. The required State paperwork will include the Certificate Of Eligibility and not a Permit To Purchase A Handgun & Form Of Register. Firearms with similar design and structure must fall within this definition of a firearm and must not have been manufactured as a “shotgun” (NJSA 2C:39-1n) or meet the Federal requirement of “any other weapon (AOW)” which measures less then 26 inches in overall length. The firearm must also comply with all BATF requirements. As a result of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas Nevada the NJSP Firearms Investigation Unit has been asked about the legality of the Bump Stock and Slide Fire Stock mechanisms. In 2011 the matter was reviewed by this unit and dealers were advised at that time that the devices in question were not to be offered for sale in the State of New Jersey. This stance has not changed and no NJ retail firearms dealer shall offer for sale either of these items or similar devices. Any questions may be directed to the NJSP Firearms Investigation Unit 609-882-2000 x2060 DSG. Brett Bloom.
  11. Doe fawns are able to breed once they hit a certain weight . Approximately 80 pounds for our area. Here's a link. https://www.qdma.com/doe-fawns-breed-good-sign/
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