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  1. I do alot of trap shooting and I'm looking to branch out from just deer hunting and would really like to try pheasant hunting. Is there anyone willing to let me tag along with them on a hunt? I live by the pequest hatchery but would certainly travel to meet up with an experienced bird Hunter. All these pictures and stories being posted look you guys are having a blast out in the fields this year. Be happy to reciprocate in some way whether it be lunch , some venison, or take you out on RV to troll up some Lakers and bows in the spring or summer.
  2. Pre set Hang on stands. I have a strap pre set around the base of the stand that I clip onto once I reach that point. Most falls happen when climbing in and out of the stand so I attach prior to making the last 2 steps up and onto the stand. Sure being connected from the ground up would be safer but I climb ladders at work every day and tie In when I get to the top of them. Only time I'm ever secured from the moment I leave the ground at work is when I'm in my bucket. Mobile stick and hang on set up. I throw my teather around the tree while standing on the last step before climbing into stand and then readjust it once in Don't use ladder stands but if I did I would put a tether on once seated. I rarely use a climber but when I do I usually add a tether about half way up the tree then keep sliding it up as I go and take it back off when I get fairly close to the ground
  3. Ravin r15 , spynal tap bolts, with swat xmag broadheads bolts fly great with this set up and the massive cut that these broadheads make do a great job of slowing that bolt down after it exits. I Shot 4 deer with this set up this year. I watched 1 crash in 25 yards , 1 within 15, and another within 10. The last was qurtering away hit the elbow joint of opposite leg. And blew it to absolute pieces but it stopped it . Deer made it 50 yards.
  4. It's 9 am and now I want dinner! Looks good
  5. Awsome congrats! Hope I'm still at it at that age !
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