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  1. Yep and they are probably bought by lots of antis...
  2. Sure you "can" have the same SSID if you wanted to you could line a hundred routers all up next to eachother and name them all the same . Doesn't mean that you should do it and it wont have the potential for issues with your device's getting confused and constantly disconnect and reconnect. It's the same thing when people name their 2.4 and 5 g networks the same exact thing it just doesn't work well.
  3. Power line adapters work ok but they have to be on the same electrical panel to work and you still need another router at the other end. Extenders are pretty terrible mutliple ssids and they just make an already degraded slow speed go further. Mesh networks are definitely the way to go! Eero is the one I have the most experience with I've installed well over 100 and they work very well. The app is very user friendly. 10mbps is pretty low but for steaming music and general web browsing it is more than adequate. Not a fan of the Orbis posted above they dont work nearly as well as Eero does and they are drastically larger in size. You can wire two routers together with cat 5e between them and put the second one in bridge / AP mode allowing all do the actual routing to be done by the first router and not creating a double nat. However like the extender you will have multiple ssids. The only way to have a single ssid is a quality mesh network.
  4. Looks like another common goldfish to me . Someone probably dumbed a whole bunch in and they are easy pickings from above.
  5. There is actually some 8k content on YouTube already and there are 8k TV's but only a few and they are like 10,000 dollars. The largest issue will be wirelessly steaming it. 2.4 GHz networks can really only do about 86 mbps standing right next to the router and 5ghz can handle the speeds but doesn't travel nearly as far. The need for wireless mesh networks or hardwired lines to devices is going to be imperative for it to work. The cable lines running down most roads have plenty of space to do 10 gig download speeds and a gig upload as soon as the cable companys start ditching video service entirely or running it all as IPTV instead of traditional methods that are currently used.
  6. Once 8k becomes more prevelant that is where all the issues are going to come from it is going to use 80 to 100 Mbps for one stream
  7. 4k streaming approximately 25 Mbps per stream. 1080p approximately 15 Mbps per stream So yes you have plenty of bandwidth for multiple streams. Hardwired will always be better than wireless
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