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  1. I wonder if a deer can fit in the back seat?
  2. Looks like a Black Snake.
  3. My kids believe that "The Bank of Dad" has unlimited funds.
  4. It was shot near Lake George NY. Grossed 191 4/8's.
  5. Charlie Sahanas remounted the buck from New York and I picked it up today on Father's Day. He did an amazing job. Beautiful work as always. Thanks again Charlie!
  6. On the day that I got married, my wife only gave me a photocopy of my man card.
  7. I folded two loads of laundry and I'm on my way to pick up my deer head that was redone by Charlie S.
  8. I have to weed the flower beds and make dinner today while everyone watches me.
  9. It happens especially when you get older.
  10. I was a year out of college when he was born.
  11. Elizabeth Hurley is pretty hot as well.
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