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  1. My brother's in Potter County hunting right now and all he's seeing is elk.
  2. We need a 3D pork roll target shoot.
  3. Tim has giving me some good advice. I value it very highly.
  4. We can go to Best Buy in Riverdale.
  5. Tarhunt

    Now that's a funny...

    And she is well groomed.
  6. Tarhunt

    Now that's a funny...

    That's just not right.
  7. How about Sunday? Saturday, I'm practicing shooting my gun in the shower so, that I can get a buck during the rain next week.
  8. I just paid my business card off. So, I'm ready.
  9. Tarhunt

    Now that's a funny...

    Must be a new liberal thing.
  10. Tarhunt

    Now that's a funny...

    I have a 20 year old daughter.
  11. Guns still work in the rain.
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