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  1. Deer don't like wrinkles in the hunter's clothes.
  2. Team 3 and Individual Buck 10 Picture 6 Total Points 8 Right Tine 8 Left Tine 8 Inside Width 16 Total 56 Points
  3. I went out yesterday afternoon to my ground blind in Zone 8 to hunt with my muzzleloader but, mostly wanting to clear my head. It's been a rough few weeks since suddenly losing my mom to a massive stroke. I wasn't expecting to see much. But, in a three hour time period I saw 25 to 30 deer including 11 bucks. But, the one that I was looking for never showed. I decided to go back to the same spot this afternoon to see if he would show. It started out very slow with one doe close to my blind and then a four point showed up. At about 4:30pm seven does showed up in front of me and feed in the field until they eventually moved back into the woods. At 4:55pm, I was just getting ready to get my stuff packed up when I looked out and saw the buck that I was after. I reached over to grab my muzzleloader when the barrel hit the metal rod that supports the side of the blind. The buck looked at me for what seemed like an eternity. I waited until he turned his head and decided to shoot off hand instead of using my bi pod. I shot him at 100 yards and he ran 40 yards before collapsing in the field. He's my biggest muzzleloader buck to date.
  4. I saw 11 yesterday in a 3 hour sit. Holding out for a nice 8.
  5. I'm in. Light rain and snow. At least the wind is down from yesterday.
  6. I'll be out this afternoon after work.
  7. Saw 25-30 deer, 11 were bucks but, not the one I was looking for. All between 2:00pm and 5:00pm. I'll be out tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Saw 25-30 deer including 11 bucks but, not the one that I was after. I'll be out tomorrow afternoon.
  9. I'll be out today around 2:00-2:30pm in Zone 8.
  10. Thanks! If I end up getting him, he would be my biggest muzzleloader buck to date.
  11. I'm hoping this guy steps out in front of me tomorrow afternoon. Good luck to all who go out and please be safe.
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