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  1. Tarhunt

    Site Migration - BACK ONLINE!

    You can always tell her that you have laryngitis. That's what I tell my wife sometimes.
  2. Tarhunt

    So are we felons now?

    The State Police have all records of handgun purchases in NJ so, they can use that to check on people if need be. I hope that I'm wrong but, with this governor, who knows?
  3. Tarhunt

    So are we felons now?

    With this asshole governor, I would not rule it out.
  4. Tarhunt

    So are we felons now?

    I would not be surprised if the NJ State Police come knocking on our doors. According to a Breitbart News report, the NJ State Police has not ruled that out as enforcement.
  5. Tarhunt

    12/12 Check In

    Good luck!
  6. Tarhunt

    12/11/2018 Check In

    Remember, it didn't happen unless we see pictures.
  7. That's what I thought. I may have to sit at my own table.
  8. Todd said that he's providing me free wine.
  9. If I come, can I sit next to Live To Hunt and Lou?
  10. Tarhunt

    12/11/2018 Check In

    I swear that the big 6 would score somewhere in the high 120's to low 130's. Cool buck.
  11. Tarhunt

    12/11/2018 Check In

    I'm hoping for Saturday afternoon if it's not raining too hard. The farmer was working right behind his house and had the bucks walk within 30 feet of him. Figures! He was laughing because, he knew where I was and knew that I couldn't shoot.
  12. Tarhunt

    12/11/2018 Check In

    It turned out to be a total of four bucks and a bunch of does. The 2 big bucks were chasing the doe around the swimming pool and then they went to the upper part of the property.
  13. Tarhunt

    12/11/2018 Check In

    Just had 5 does from the same herd come out at 100 yards. Just waiting on the bucks. They may have a doe pinned down. They were both chasing her real hard.
  14. Tarhunt

    12/11/2018 Check In

    Decided not to hunt out of my ground blind and instead, hunt a patch of woods and pine trees in the middle of the property. As I was walking up the edge of a field, o spotted two big bucks chasing several does around. I got within 50 yards of the bucks because, they were being stupid but, my shot would of been directly at the farmer's house! Not kosher! So, I moved to where I think that they would come out into another field but, that's been 35 mins ago. I don't want to move to a better position because, I don't want to spook them off of the property. Never saw these bucks before. One is a giant 6 and the other is an 8 or a 9.