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  1. The nice 8 point that I was after last season made it through. Have photos of some smaller bucks as well. I was surprised that all of my cameras were still working since January. One of the sd cards was on lock so, it did not store any photos.
  2. No. Not yet. Waiting on my mom to make the decision about selling it. There's already three people waiting to purchase it.
  3. Going down to my mom's place to check my trail cameras. I have not been down there since early January. Hopefully, I'll have some photos to post.
  4. I don't deal with wildlife except for deer. You should be able to Google somebody down there.
  5. One of my parent's labs ate a ball of string and I remember, my mom pulling it out of his ass the next day.
  6. But, I was supposed to be the next moderator.
  7. Tarhunt

    Camera Check

    The buck that I call Elliot from the movie Open Season made it through. He's going to be real freaky again . And, there's a wide buck that maybe the wide 8 that I passed up last season.
  8. Tarhunt

    Taylor Ham Ice Cream

    Ice cream gives me brain freeze and diarrhea. I can't imagine what Taylor Ham ice cream would do to my body.
  9. You guys would miss me.
  10. Beautiful gun. Good luck with the sale.
  11. I have three of them and they are still going after two years.
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