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  1. No rain or snow for next week so, I would predict more hunters out.
  2. Some butchers are not taking anymore deer this week in order to prepare themselves for next week.
  3. What about a heated tent?
  4. If there's gluten free food then, I'm in.
  5. I know. My knee was hurting just looking at him.
  6. Blackhorn 209 requires a magnum primer.
  7. Woke up this morning with a terrible migraine and decided to skip hunting this morning and possibly, not going at all. At lunch time, I decided to go. I got to my ground blind at 2:09pm only to see that the nearby creek had flooded. My blind had about 5 inches of mud in it. After about 20 mins of cleaning it out, I looked out and saw four does standing at 40 yards away. I waited to see if any bucks were coming out but, nothing. At 3:45pm a nice buck stepped out at 200 yards and was slowly working his way towards me. I glassed him and saw that he was an eight. I let him get to 75 yards away and
  8. I have been out since 2:00pm. My ground blind got flooded by a nearby stream so, the inside is very muddy. I did have 4 does and a fox at 40 yards away but, I'm holding out for a buck. I may change my mind towards dark.
  9. I always hunt the opener at my friend's farm in Tewksbury. I very rarely shoot a buck on Monday but, it's fun hanging out and cooking lunch and sharing laughs.
  10. I'll be out this afternoon in Zone 8.
  11. Where's the photos? Been waiting a long time now.
  12. I'll be out Monday afternoon as long as the rain isn't too heavy. The 9 point that I've been after is still around.
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