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  1. I started a class action lawsuit against Ford when the engine went bad after a few hundred miles. That was the last Ford that I owned.
  2. I just turned my AFM off last weekend.
  3. In two weeks, I'll be giving my sons about 15 of my guns.
  4. I put mine out two weeks before the opener.
  5. The over the counter stuff does work. Tracking powder works really well but, it's a restricted use only for professionals.
  6. If you don't want to use poison, I would purchase T-Rex snap traps and put them in tamper resistant boxes. Bait them with slim jim's or grain that you use to feed the chickens or pigs.
  7. Tarhunt

    A little humor..

    She plays Communist kickball.
  8. I have one on 17 North bound across from the Taco Bell.
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