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  1. Nice offer. My wife grew up in Lebanon and she still has family there.
  2. Tarhunt


    Do I have to share a sleeping bag with Jack Harris?
  3. The only thing that I get on time are my bills.
  4. Can I bring a lawn chair and just sit there and watch Rusty and his son split wood all day?
  5. We used to use an air rifle to shoot them off of the house.
  6. I've seen eagles chase ducks down in Virginia.
  7. The only hockey game that I ever saw.
  8. My line of work requires a first aid kit in my truck. There's also first aid kits on our atv's.
  9. We'll have to have a NJW&Water pot party when it becomes legal.
  10. Doesn't beer, tequila and wine come from plants?
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