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  1. Tarhunt

    Fantastic Pizza !!!!

    Any gluten free pizza?
  2. Tarhunt

    Dream gun

    I know. I just like to blame Murphy. It is fun to shoot.
  3. Tarhunt

    Dream gun

    My father had one before he passed away. My brother has it now. I wanted it but, since we have the dickhead for our governor, I had to give it to him along with some AR-15's and some other stuff.
  4. Was it the garbage posts?
  5. NJ is a nanny state.
  6. I may be out this afternoon.
  7. No. But, I should sit in the tractor. It's the only deer that I see.
  8. Thanks. I'll see if I can get some this weekend.
  9. It's the power hour! Time to shut down Angry Birds.
  10. I was wondering today if they still made chicken roll. I used to love to eat chicken roll. I got to find out.
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