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  1. It's raining Taylor Ham.
  2. It's over me right now.
  3. I was going to say, right next to Zone 9.
  4. I just use my boot and then pee in the spot and it's free.
  5. This thread made me look deeper into my freezer and behold, I found some. It's tonight dinner. Thanks.
  6. There are dozens and dozens of turkeys.
  7. Good advice! We always double check and replace every two to three years especially on the Eastern Shore. The salt in the air is a real bitch down there.
  8. Yep. I just counted and it's an eight. My son sucks at math. I'm pretty sure that this is the big 6 point from last year that I had a perfect shot with my muzzleloader but, the buck was standing in the farmer's front yard. Would not of been good.
  9. I'm sure that you may way more trespassers and poachers than I do by far.
  10. Let them try. Zone 8 is pretty big.
  11. Being the nice father that I am, my 17 year old will try to shoot him with his compound. He's never shot an antlered buck with his bow. But, I'll put a time limit on him. LOL!
  12. Unfortunately on this farm, the farmer doesn't allow bear hunting.
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