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  1. Tarhunt

    Jersey Stud

    He needs to take lessons from Lou.
  2. I very rarely bait because, all of my properties except, for one are an hour drive from me. So, I put some bait out before the season to see what bucks are around but, that's about it.
  3. Had two bucks come in just before last shooting light. The does never came in. I will try again next weekend. Hopefully, I can be able to drive. Having my teenager drive my truck stresses me out big time.
  4. Pretty quiet so far. Yesterday, I didn't see a deer until 6:00pm or so.
  5. My son just dropped me off 15 mins ago at my ground blind. Will try again to shoot a doe. He's about 400 yards away from me in his blind. Hopefully, something will show up a little closer than yesterday.
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