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  1. You better check because, my wife received one two weeks ago for Essex County and we live in Morris County. It turned out that it was federal court and you have to appear. The judge doesn't take any excuses. So, make sure that it's not federal court.
  2. Just got back home. The found several issues and will have to wait several weeks to get the biopsy results. I love the propofol. I can see why Michael Jackson was hooked on that stuff.
  3. Reminds me many years ago when I was at Corvettes at Carlise, a guy who was selling a barn find corvette was charging extra because, it had the original air still in the tires. The guy was serious. LOL!
  4. No solid food after 7:00pm tonight and no liquids 6 hours before my procedure. I'm scheduled for 11:30am.
  5. I had it done four years ago but, my doctor wants to do it again. He also wants to do a liver biopsy but, I'm trying to hold that off for now.
  6. Going in for an endoscopy tomorrow morning to find out why I've been having so many digestive problems. Been on a very expensive antibiotic for the last few weeks. It's helped but, still have issues. Can't eat anything before the exam and I'm already hungry. Sucks!
  7. Tarhunt

    Do I see growth?

    I get growth like that some mornings.
  8. What a waste of taxpayers money. $35 million. They should make the DNC pay it back!
  9. Nick bucks. Good luck this season.
  10. I used to fish there as a kid.
  11. My advice is always bring toilet paper.
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