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  1. I'll be checking my cameras this Saturday.
  2. Do they make them for mopeds?
  3. Just heard that he's shutting down non-essential construction by 8:00pm Friday and all essential stores, employees must wear face masks.
  4. Tarhunt

    Round Up 365

    The label is a federal law and you must apply it according to it.
  5. Thanks Rusty! That always makes me laugh.
  6. Rusty, you need to post the rage kill zone again so, everyone knows. Thanks.
  7. Tarhunt

    Covid or not...

    I wished that I had a pool.
  8. I was actually stuck in traffic for a little bit today on Route 4. The first time in a month.
  9. I had this ahole from PA today doing 50 mph in the third lane on Route 78 East this morning. I thought about running him into the guardrail with my truck but, I was in a hurry to get to work. He was lucky.
  10. I may have to buy the moped that my mother told me not to get.
  11. Tarhunt

    On a brighter note

    Yep. Rusty uses leaves from a Sycamore tree.
  12. Tarhunt

    bug ID needed

    Yes. Ash Borer. You can spray the firewood with an insecticide and use the wood later this year.
  13. Butterfly Bushes! Deer do not touch them at all and you'll get hundreds of butterflies and honeybees on them.
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