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  1. Yes I’m sure. He fishes with me all the time both inshore and offshore and when he isn’t there it’s just not the same anymore. So I’m sure it’s going to be the same with hunting. Looking forward to it.
  2. He told me after his second shot during the archery test his knees started shaking real bad cause he was very nervous. said "whats it going to be like if I see a buck?". LOL... He did well he put three of four shots in a pretty tight group. His first shot was just outside the ring.
  3. I remember taking it around the same time 77 or 78 and hunted many years with my dad also. Making memories is what it’s all about.
  4. My 14 year old took his hunter education for Firearms and Bowhunting this morning. Passed!! Looking forward to making memories and sharing stories with him...
  5. This is 100% true statement. This has nothing at all to do with rich or poor it’s all about the end goal to eliminate hunting and the one of the reasons to own guns.
  6. I was just at Char on Friday in Red bank. I’m not sure if it’s same owner but it was also very good
  7. It’s pathetic what the liberal Democrats are trying just to add votes. Trump so far looks like the favorite in 2020 but we are going to need every vote and can’t be complacent. Hillary thought she was a lock and gave up where she thought she wouldn’t need. This isn’t about us right now it’s about the future of America . Pass it in and get out and vote!!!
  8. Rjtfd

    2 shed day

    And another one for him today.
  9. Rjtfd

    2 shed day

    My 14 year old had been on a mission looking for sheds this year. His find from yesterday one was from last year the other was fresh.
  10. That’s what leaves me to believe most of the time it’s another hunter close by or someone who doesn’t want you near their area. Guys feel they somehow have the rights to an area cause they have a stand there.
  11. I agree that a lot of stands I see are right off the beaten path and not the best spots to be. But I’ve gotten in deep and found spots that I want to put a stand cause of the deer sign as well as travel area to and from bedding area. I look around and sure enough there is a stand. I walk a little further away and another stand not 50 yards from previous. When I see 5 or 6 all within 100 yards in every direction it leads me to believe someone just hanging them and claiming rights to an area? Now I have no problem moving on but when you don’t see anyone in any of them on the few times I’ve walked around it kind of gets frustrating and it’s public and no one has sole rights to areas in a WMA. Next years approach I may just set up and leave my number on stand so maybe whoever is in area we can work together and let each other know if we plan on being in stand?
  12. I’ve seen stands left there and I try to move on. I mostly hunt during week and rarely see anyone. What gets me are the guys who leave their stands up and than get pissed if you are anywhere in the area. It’s public land and first come first serve. I carry a climber and go to my normal spots if someone is close by when I walk in I go to plan b. I hope others would do the same but not always the case. I just started walking some park property and there has to be stands 50 yards apart wherever I found good sign. I ran into one guy on his way out and he said he hardly ever sees anyone in any of the stands. He hunts park quite a bit.
  13. “You want the truth you can’t handle the truth”
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