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  1. Since they are the same company give them a call and ask them to honor Cabelas price. Worth a try?
  2. I ordered a set in September and received them within 4 days. Very happy with them. Check bass pro also.
  3. They are destructive to fruit trees and hardwoods.
  4. I use a muddy and like it. Only thing is I taped all the extra webbing that hangs all over once it’s adjusted to your size. It is very easy to put on and nothing hanging to get in the way or make any noise.
  5. Congratulations to both of you!!
  6. Thank you everyone. It was a memorable moment that we will remember forever. Hoping one day he can pass it on to his children.
  7. My 14 year old son took his first deer today. It was his third sit this year and had a great shot at a nice 6 point. We watched him from ground blind come in. He got to 20 yards and turned broadside. Told my son to wait for him to turn his head than draw back. Buck fever took over cause he couldn’t get the bow back. Whispered take a deep breathe don’t look at him at draw. Focus on a spot a squeeze like it’s a target. Made a great shot quartering away hit opposite shoulder and he dropped in his tracks. Glad I was able to be by his side to experience his first deer. Very proud dad! Shout out to my friend for making a promise last winter that he would set him up for a great hunt. Very grateful for the opportunity.
  8. Thats exactly what we did. We applied for multiple states hoping to get one. After that year I wound up just buying a landowner tag and hunted a 350000 acre ranch. We were in same camp as Jordan, Jay Gregory and Brenda Valentine from Cabela’s. It was a great trip. At the time they were filming Real tree outdoors.
  9. I drew a unit 9 elk tag in Arizona in 99. Same year I also drew unit 16 Gila in New Mexico. Outfitter couldn’t believe I drew both primo Elk units first time applying. He had called me and said he had good news and bad news. Told him to give me the good first so he said “you drew Unit 9” bad news you also drew unit 16 in New Mexico which opens week before Unit 9”. Said both are very very good units and for me to decide which one to go on. I was young and single at the time so asked to take me on both hunts back to back. Gila was very good and seen plenty of bulls over 350” but couldn’t close the deal with the bow. After a week we left for Arizona and hunted but the bulls weren’t really turned on yet and were very quiet. He wanted to take us back to Gila cause rut was in full swing. Decided to stick it out in AZ for remainder of week. No luck but seen some giants there. Great experience
  10. Yes I’m sure. He fishes with me all the time both inshore and offshore and when he isn’t there it’s just not the same anymore. So I’m sure it’s going to be the same with hunting. Looking forward to it.
  11. He told me after his second shot during the archery test his knees started shaking real bad cause he was very nervous. said "whats it going to be like if I see a buck?". LOL... He did well he put three of four shots in a pretty tight group. His first shot was just outside the ring.
  12. I remember taking it around the same time 77 or 78 and hunted many years with my dad also. Making memories is what it’s all about.
  13. My 14 year old took his hunter education for Firearms and Bowhunting this morning. Passed!! Looking forward to making memories and sharing stories with him...
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