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  1. Wipe the shaft with alcohol wipe than use gorilla glue or loctite gel. No need for any special glue. Been using it for years. Also little drop on front of vane to finish it off. I have always fletched my own arrows for consistency and also for colors I wanted.
  2. I use the hawks and they are very good. I like the double step but I carry in and out. This year I plan on leaving a stand or two up and just take the sticks. Lone wolfs are single step which I’m not crazy about.
  3. Cheyenne Outfitters in Bordentown speak to Vinny..
  4. Just picked up a new to me bow few weeks ago and been shooting. Liking it a lot. I’ll be dialed in by time season starts. Just getting use to it. Bowtech experience 65lbs.
  5. Very nice offer and thank you for your support.
  6. https://domo-online.com/
  7. Rjtfd

    Yamalube Ring Free

    Been using it for last 14 years and motors have always ran like a top. I also use statron in addition to ring free on occasion. Capt Bills in Point Pleasant seeks valvtec fuel which has additives in it so I stopped using the statron but always use ring free.
  8. Did you change your VST filter or just clean it? What about gasket on VST tank? When you did the filter in plastic cup was O ring in place? Could have a vacuum leak. What about primer bulb how is that? Once all filters are changed I would hook up a 5-10 gallon remote gas tank with fresh gas and see if any changes. Also low pressure fuel pumps could be another place to check.
  9. There is also a filter inside the clear plastic bowl mounted on motor and you should have a remote water separator filter 10 micron.
  10. Change the VST and also the F filter right before VST canister.
  11. What year and model motor? Is it 2 stroke or 4? Sounds like VST or low pressure fuel pump.
  12. Mind sharing your recipe? Looks awesome
  13. Wether on or off duty you are held accountable for your actions and yes can be fired or suspended. When you retire on regular service retirement I don’t believe they can touch your pension. If you retired with disability pay than they can and will investigate you as much as they want and more than likely they will find some wrong doing and you can loose your pension. I’ve seen it in my department anyway. I think there is more than what your friend is telling you for him to loose his regular pension. Wether true or not it’s not worth the fight.
  14. I seen a few videos of cops being hit. It’s unfortunate cause their leadership is not backing them. Mayor Debozo and Dictator Cuomo want investigations into the officers and the Commissioner is going along with it.
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