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  1. Also mine has few different settings and a red light. The spot light setting using battery life but is very good for tracking blood.
  2. I just bought the 3 pack from Costco for $19. Very bright and suite my needs. Unless you want to spend a lot of money the cheap ones are pretty compatible. I bought my son a decent rechargeable one last season and it didn’t make it too far into this one. Not a fan of rechargeable cause they never die when your home. I’d rather carry extra batteries so when it dies while tracking I can just replace.
  3. Miss rabbit hunting. I had beagles when I was younger and would rabbit hunt all winter long. My favorite hunting.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all and your families. Stay safe Ralph
  5. Big mature mountain deer way harder to kill than a mature small plot deer. NJ has some very mature deer but for the most part they get that way from going where we can’t (backyards, safety zones, no hunting property). If you can cut them off or gain access to some of these pieces you’ll get your shot. Mountain deer unless they are in full rut mode they aren’t coming. One wrong noise or strange scent they’re no where to be seen. And yes even the blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while.
  6. Agree easy going up but pain coming down especially in the dark. Little trick I do I when I go up I bring aider up to first step before I pull out my boot. It hangs there and when I go down I just slip my boot in loop and unhook from step. Not sure if I’m explaining it clear.
  7. Here in unit unit 4o till Monday.
  8. Have same setup with the ropeman 1. Easiest way to climb.
  9. We go to the hotel inn for dinner Friday night and the rest of the time we cook at the house.
  10. We are right off of Sands Creek Road (Rt 67) exit 87. We lease a piece for the opening weekend.
  11. Leaving Friday heading up to Hancock till Monday. Father Son camp. Friends since elementary school and we have a great time.
  12. Have my lacrosse for over 20 years now and knock on wood they are great. I know the new ones are no where as good yet double in price for what I paid.
  13. Looking for .35 Remington ammo. Not .35 whelan thanks
  14. Congratulations. Nice deer
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