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  1. No problem. Good luck. I bought my son a Diamond SB-1 this past spring as his first bow. He loves it and so do I. The bow shoots taks and it’s quiet and fast. Started off shooting at 40lbs and now he has it at 64lbs. He took a nice 6 for his first deer this fall and a week later took a doe. Great bow and great price.
  2. found it. Don’t know the person just caught my attention. I thought he had purchased for wife but it’s other way around.
  3. There was a post on FB last night a guy selling one brand new that he bought for his wife. Not used. I’ll try to find it for you. He was looking for best offer
  4. Out with my 14 yo. Zone 15. Bumped 3 on walk in around 12:30.
  5. Rjtfd

    need prayers

  6. Prayers for our service men and women.🙏 Trump doesn’t want war but he’s not going to make false threats like we’ve done in the past (do it again and I’m warning you! ) He’ll let them feel satisfied firing rockets but once there is a causality or any significant damage to our interest he’s going to respond and it’s not going to be pretty.
  7. Rjtfd

    Happy 2020 Everyone

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all!!
  8. Found a very similar thing last week on public also. Except it looked like it was there for a few months.
  9. Rjtfd

    No Gloves

    I misunderstood but still a great video. Great to see a father getting out with his kids and enjoying the time together. This is my first season that my son is able to hunt and we’ve put a lot of time out in the woods together. It’s enjoyable to be able to text each other while we are in stand and ask “if he seen any” or “one heading your direction”. I’ve been going through old photos of times hunting with my dad and it brings back great memories. This year I got to sit in a ground blind with my son and he was able to take a nice 6 pointer with the bow. I’m not sure who was more excited me or him? After he hit it he grabbed his phone to call grandpa to let him know “he got one”. Great times and making memories is what’s it’s all about.
  10. Rjtfd

    No Gloves

    Great video. That’s what it’s all about. Congrats on your daughters first deer!
  11. Rjtfd

    Furnace Help Needed

    Glad it worked out. When you get a chance get a CO detector in basement.
  12. Rjtfd

    Furnace Help Needed

    Still should see steam vs smoke . You have to make sure whatever knocked flapper off didn’t separate the flue pipe somewhere. The flapper that came off I assume was at unit or very close to it? For the wind to knock that off it would be pretty surprising.
  13. Rjtfd

    Furnace Help Needed

    Do you have CO detectors? Can you open door to furnace that covers burners? Take a look inside there when burners are running.
  14. Rjtfd

    Furnace Help Needed

    Yes turn it on and run it for little bit. If pipe is clear it will vent. Also you should just see steam condensate coming out not actual smoke. It’s gas fed so there shouldn’t be smoke.
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