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    Hope all is well.
  2. I used to go to Ray’s when I was younger and first started driving. That’s when it was on east side of 22. Went to sportsman center for many years only because of Vinny was probably best around bow tech. The jamboree at SC was very good and I always looked forward to it. Now I go to Cheyenne simply cause that’s where Vinny works and takes care of my bow needs. He’s always done right by me.
  3. Igniter more than likely and very easy and inexpensive to replace. Find your model number if you have a GPS supply near you they’ll have it.
  4. That’s an idea. I’ll give them a call to see what they have in stock. thanks
  5. Part of the issue is I can’t go in a store and let her look at different guns. So I’m going by what’s recommended for a women and home defense.
  6. Wife just got her permit now trying to find a gun. Stores don’t have many in stock to look or feel. I’m looking for S&W MP shield or MP 2.0 ez. Both look to be compact and good for home and small hands.
  7. NJ should do the same. Ridiculous the cost for all the different zones and different seasons. Fall archery, permit archery, winter bow, buck tag and the zones to hunt.
  8. He was a brute. I was with my son on the last day of our hunt and it was rain and snow. Figured we do spot and stalk and get to check some new stand locations for next season. We tip tied a total of 300 yards in over an hour only seen a few does. My son was loosing his patience and not be careful where he stepped when we got closer to area we knew some bucks frequented cause of cameras we had out. I turned to him to tell him “if you can’t be quiet we are wasting our time” he said “ we haven’t seen anything there’s nothing here”. I turned and 30 yards away this buck was looking right at us. Nev
  9. He wasn’t the biggest rack but I think may have been biggest body on cam. We had at least 10 different shooters on camera.
  10. Very nice buck bushden! We hunted a property last few years in Hancock. Really nice deer on the property. We only took 3 bucks in last four years but we only had place for the opening weekend. We were all pretty selective cause of what we had on cameras. It was more of a get together with long time friends for 40+ years and our kids. Unfortunately owner decided this year he wasn’t going to allow hunting anymore but we are still welcome to rent the home for the same weekend. He wants to keep the hinting part to himself going forward. So now we’ll be looking for a new lease.
  11. Good to hear. I’ve never been there before today. I had posted on here few months ago about gunsmith to repair a very old shotgun that was my dads and few guys here recommended them. Thanks
  12. I took a gun to Griffen and Howe today for repair and also to look to purchase handgun for my wife. No luck on handguns as they only had a few very expensive type and not for the wife. Not sure on the cost to repair my shotgun I’ll see when they call. I did get to stare at an over under shotgun that cost $235,000 though.
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