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  1. Awesome. We’ll do anything for our kids. I know I do.
  2. Joe always works hard to get you on the fish. Not afraid to help a guy out when your out there either.
  3. It hasn’t happened today but yesterday that ad bar was right in middle of screen so the only way to read a post was to scroll up or down past it. The ad bar on the bottom has always been there so easy to ignore but right in middle it was in the way.
  4. My apologies for posting in wrong forum. Wasn’t sure where to post it. I’ll screen shot what keeps popping up and reply to this post. Will this be moved to Q&A? Not sure how to move it going forward. thanks Ralph
  5. So I’m still having the issue with having to scroll through every reply on a post but now I’m also seeing a pop up banner right in middle of page? I can x it out but as soon as I move to another post it’s there again. Whatever the last update was it really screwed this site up. Anyone else have the same issue or have a fix to this? 😡😡
  6. Rjtfd


    Spent last weekend in Maryland near annopolis. I have to say that had to be the worst I’ve seen yet. Plenty of volume most doing 75-80 and we were getting past like we were parked. Idiots swerving in and out of lanes easily doing 90-100+. I’m not joking when I tell you pretty heavy volume. Not a cop to be seen.
  7. They have to crank it themselves from what I remember when I took my son. That was 3 years ago.
  8. Not 100% true. Depends on who you go to and for what you go for. Had an accident in 2002 playing ball. Shattered my entire cheek bone and orbital socket. Needed 6 hour surgery to repair and prosthetic orbital floor. Had mild headaches for 3 years daily after that took Advil almost daily. My wife happened to be going to a chiropractor for her back and mentioned my accident and headaches. He said have him come in. I was always under same impression. I did go he told me no promises but possibly cause the impact I took my neck was messed up causing headaches? He had told me sometimes it’s a little out of alignment causing pressure on a nerve and that’s what was causing my headache. If it comes back just go in for a treatment or 2. I went for maybe 10 visits and haven’t had that headache in at least 10 years now. I’m not one to complain about pain or one who takes any types of med unless I have to.
  9. Marlin 336C in .35 rem. Haven’t used it in a while. Hard to find ammo for it now.
  10. Such a shame. What a loss to society, who’s gonna split the next atom now without him?
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