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  1. Rjtfd

    Brookville PA scumbags

    Does anyone remember the two fisherman that dragged a shark behind boat? They were charged and got 10 days in jail plus 250 hours community service and fines. Hopefully these two get something similar although they are minors. Unfortunately kids don’t use their heads and I’m sure they’ll learn a valuable lesson. This will follow them for a very long time. I believe your a product of your environment and the apple usually doesn’t fall very far from the tree. This is just more ammo for the PETA people to use against us.
  2. Was out this morning until 12. One small buck that got the pass. Other than that a few squirrels. Beautiful morning though.
  3. I’m in the boat. I did have a nice buck that I passed on cause it was a private piece that I know has some really good ones. That same day I had a good one that I drew back on but he wouldn’t give me a shot. Also had a real good one on public piece that wouldn’t turn broadside. I’ve passed on a few smaller ones. Hunted at least 18 different times so I’m happy with that. Biggest accomplishment was being in a blind and watching my son take his first deer (6 pointer) so I feel my season was a success.
  4. Yes going up Friday morning to Hancock NY. good luck
  5. Hancock for me. Leaving Friday early.
  6. Congrats! I had the opportunity to be in blind with my son this fall for his first. Great memories for both of us. Congrats again
  7. Welcome to the site!!
  8. Any chance you can share your recipe for ground meat? Last batch I made it was way to wet for the jerky gun. Thanks
  9. Since they are the same company give them a call and ask them to honor Cabelas price. Worth a try?
  10. I ordered a set in September and received them within 4 days. Very happy with them. Check bass pro also.
  11. They are destructive to fruit trees and hardwoods.
  12. I use a muddy and like it. Only thing is I taped all the extra webbing that hangs all over once it’s adjusted to your size. It is very easy to put on and nothing hanging to get in the way or make any noise.
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