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  1. Sat until 10 didn’t see anything other than one on way in in the dark. Leaving in few hours to go offshore tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have better luck! 🤣🤣
  2. Good luck today. Out also for the morning . EHD sucks but I know they’re not all dead.
  3. I’m in process of returning it. Gonna try the tactacam and see if maybe it’s better. I looked at pics on computer from card and they weren’t much better. Thanks
  4. Small 4 snuck in dead down wind 10 yards. He knew something wasn’t right when he hit my scent.
  5. Out in 15. Fingers crossed.
  6. EHD in deer is a disease. EHD in humans is Extremely Heavy Drinking
  7. Stop at the sternum if you plan on getting it mounted. You will have to reach up in there after you cut through diaphragm and get as high as you can cut windpipe and pull everything out. If your arrow doesn’t pass through or broke off inside don’t go sticking hands anywhere you can’t see. Go slow take your time.
  8. Congrats on an awesome deer!
  9. Yes it will still send pics to card. It may send pics to app periodically as signal comes and goes but it may not be as consistent as if you had full strength. Either way camera will still take pics.
  10. Sorry for your loss. Don’t be hard on yourself accidents happen.
  11. From what I’ve read they say no.
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