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  1. Sorry to hear your going through this. My parents got divorced when I was 21. It was a long time coming and I was devastated when they told me and my brother. There were years of bitterness and resentment on everyone’s part. 32 years later it was the best thing for all of us. You have your children, your health, your job and friends. As difficult as it may be right now you’ll look back and say thank God it happened when it did. Things always work out just have to be patient and not dwell on the negatives. The weather is getting very nice to get out of the house do things with your children,
  2. Good luck. I used USO when I went. Had a very good hunt but wasn’t successful. Wasn’t so easy with the bow. Back when I went bows weren’t like today so I wasn’t comfortable shooting past 30 yards. Came close many times but couldn’t close the deal.
  3. Ok I’m reading it and E week is all Saturday's so he can hunt entire season as a youth in the zone we purchased. I’m assuming Sundays are not allowed even on private land correct? Thanks
  4. We wanted to cut through strip of woods to get to edge cause we heard them gobbling in that vicinity. As I got close to edge I spotted them and we dropped down not knowing there was a cam in their direction. Sure enough they were working their way into this patch of woods and shot was directly in line with cam that now he happened to see.
  5. Awesome. Looking forward to getting back out hopefully Saturday. Couldn’t go this past Saturday cause if HS baseball so we convinced mom that his first class (virtual) wouldn’t be a big deal to miss. If he had shot that bird I would’ve had him home by 8:15. Left as soon as that one putted and scurried away.
  6. Had my son out this morning before school. Gobblers going real good until half hour after fly down. Made a move got them going again had two Jake’s come in. Had two other gobblers further away so we moved closer to them after the Jake’s moved off. Wound up walking almost to them and setup. Real good bird 25 yards son had bead on his head but directly behind him was owners trailcam. No shot and by time he cleared he seen one of us I guess and putted and scurried off. What’s the chances him or the other two will be back to hunt Saturday ? He still is youth so he can hunt any week until it en
  7. Probably trying to get the decoys to walk to his side? Bet he had no clue they were decoys. 🤣🤣
  8. Same for mine had HS school game. First time we had permission on private with plenty of turkey sign and had to miss it. Oh well. Hopefully I can get him there one morning this week or next Saturday
  9. Congrats...I drew the same unit many years ago. Awesome unit
  10. 1st rod I ever lost was a gloomis bucara with shimano 400 Calcutta baitcaster. Both brand new never fished. Went flicking near Verrazano and friend asked if he could try my setup. Sure go ahead I wax using my other setup first. Made a drift had few bites wanted to do drift again. Stopped lines in. “Where’s the rod?” Gone! He left sinker over side and of course it bounced over when we moved. 2nd rod was st croix with Calcutta 251 flucking near islands by myself. Catching and having fun. Making small drifts. Spun boat around to stay on a spot and rod went over. Slow motion watched it float o
  11. Welcome to the group
  12. We unfortunately will always get the blame.
  13. I’m pretty much in same boat. I agree with David why leave a job to go and have to get another job that pays nowhere near what your getting now. At least not with the benefits and contributions your getting. I am planing on going end of year for same reason of not wanting to deal with a lot of the bull and nonsense that’s been going on and only getting worse with the progressive mentality. But what my pension and deferred comp earns in interest alone is probably more than I could make getting another job without the headaches. Never looked to retire and get another job for the income only want
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