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  1. A great way to understand the body and vitals is to check out full body mount forms from a taxidermy supply catalog. While hunting, I pay particular attention to the legs and the different types of feathers on the wing and their position to determine where the vitals are. DO NOT shoot for the center of the bird or “black” or it will result in a lost bird everytime!
  2. This is where I would be shooting these birds for a high percentage shot. The original point of aims are all kill shots but basically into the base of the neck. You would have a better an easier aim point if you just shot the bird in the bare head or neck. The vitals are small no matter how you look at it so sometimes a head shot is easiest for a solid aim point. More times than not the head is still and turkeys do not react to the sound of a bow like a deer does.
  3. I do not like the three “broadside” locations. They seem to be slightly forward and low for my taste. Most guys will end up gravitating toward the breast if aiming here and will result in a lost bird. I definitely always aim a little further back and higher. A perfect body shot will ruin NO breast meat. I like to hit them right in the wing butt (or slightly higher or back) on a broadside bird. I big mechanical and NO pass through will anchor them all the time. Even perfect shots can result in difficult recoveries when a pass through occurs.
  4. everybody is always blaming coyotes and fox but i think the hawks and owls do more damage to those birds. house cats have documented of killing enormous amounts of birds. raccoons and skunks dont give eggs a chance if there were any. we have more predators than prey everywhere these days.
  5. Great job, beautiful bird! I have to kill an oceaola to complete my grand slam. No traveling for me this year so i stick with easterns for now. Love those dark wings!
  6. i treat everybody as if they have the virus and also protect and do my part to protect all around me thinking i may be a carrier without knowing it. it not hard to do your part and get through this. but yes, many people are selfish and stupid. if only viruses can be selective, lol!
  7. I have 1 yr and 9 mths left. You better bet i will be out at 25, im done with this job! Of course i will have to keep working afterwards but just not in law enforcement. The public takes a toll on us!!
  8. Gobblengrunt

    Now what???

    Ive been hiking, scouting, fishing, shooting all my bows, then i go to work.
  9. Gobblengrunt

    Now what???

    Dont tell Rusty to split more wood, with all the extra time, sparta mountain will look like this in a week!
  10. Great job! I do think this quarantine is making families become closer (if done right)
  11. Great mount, one of my favorite animals. Ive tried 5 different hunts attempting to kill one with the recurve with no success! Congrats on a great ram
  12. Its such an awesome pic it almost looks fake! Please post more pics to keep our heads clear!
  13. If you just want a solid type color, its easier and cheaper to take the bow down yourself, strip it correctly, and paint yourself (spray paint or airbrush). Ive done this on a few metal recurves and the finish came out awesome. If done correctly and with correct primer, paint, temp, etc. the finish will be extremely durable also. Most companies doing a full dip or hydro on a bow costs around $175-$225
  14. Great work! The perfect social distancing activity
  15. Get back to talking about hunting and fishing! Let’s clear our minds and talk about what we love to do so much in the outdoors.
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