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  1. No e-bikes or mountain bikes allowed in the watershed. Walk in/ hiking only. You would never know this by the amount of atv riding, so annoying!
  2. Great job, beautiful mount. Is that the real velvet or other method?
  3. I have a camera i use to view all my photos. Afterwards, i format my cards on camera each and every time before reinserting in my trail cams. I have a ton of trail cams and different ones. Some cards/ trail cams will not work if switched from one cam to another without formatting.
  4. How does anything survive there? Thats a lot of predators!
  5. What exactly are you looking for in an outfitter? Whats your maximum drive?
  6. Good luck tomorrow, be safe. Want lots of pics please!
  7. Those bluegills are awesome! Nice fishing all around, great job!
  8. I think he is indicating that non-residents are drawn to the unlimited antlerless seasons. I have seen this first hand, particularly in black river WMA and at high point state park. I’ve seen a large number of PA residents drive the crap out of these public lands to shoot anything brown.
  9. I took a long time fishing buddy of mine to the shore for some big fish surf fishing. He has NEVER seen a fish caught off the surf, lol! His first fish was a beautiful huge butterfly ray. Afterwards, the night was nonstop action with some big toothy critters (pics not allowed, haha). The morning brought some roughtail stingrays into the area. I landed a large one but lost a 2 hour battle to A giant ray that was estimated at well over 200#! After endless runs, surface explosions, and drag screams i lost the battle to this monster to a snapped line. I was physically exhausted but what an experience. It was great to see a lifelong freshwater fisherman introduced into the world of saltwater. We seen endless dolphins, a school of brown sharks explode on a school of bunker just 10 yards off shore, ospreys diving for bunker, etc. Great day!
  10. When cars are loaded with 6-8 people a vehicle, it adds up!
  11. Gobblengrunt

    Cherry Ridge

    There are no screens for brass but plenty of space where you shouldnt be hit by anyones brass
  12. I’ll be there. Only 10 minutes from my house and is a great shoot, win win!
  13. If somebody outbids you on a property you had, i believe you have first right of refusal or can release the property for lease increase of 5% regardless of what a new bidder has bid. I have leased some great properties from them in years past. Hunting property leases especially in NJ is not for light wallets!
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