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  1. My buddy hunts in Fairfield. He sees coyotes all the time! They are well established in that town
  2. Congrats to your daughter. Graduating with honors is a great achievement. And yes, it definitely goes by way too quick. Be proud Lou, you raised her right!
  3. Good luck with your new business
  4. Looks like a successful blind on many different levels!
  5. Here is one mishap that “almost” happened to me, lol !!
  6. I need an address(s) to send the 2 tail mount kits @Nomad and @bushden
  7. Years back i use to see them all the time in the hudson river. Huge fish jumping well into the air for reasons i do not know
  8. That’s crazy! I love fishing light tackle but bluefish on a ice fishing rod is insane!
  9. I took this pic coming home tonight out my car window
  10. Does not look like a yote kill. Many fawns die naturally and it looks to be a meal for some other type of animal or bird
  11. The tail/ picture frame I have above to be donated, I have TWO of them to give away however needed
  12. Looks like an awesome trip, great pics. Those are definitely “trophy” size brookies. I never knew they got they got that big in the wild, awesome!
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