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  1. Gobblengrunt

    AccuTip ballistics - zero

    On all my guns, I never want a bullet impacting more than 1.5” high at any point. I base my zero from there. Usually ends up right at or about 100yard zero.
  2. Gobblengrunt

    Ozarks results

    I couldn’t imagine all those clubs driving every piece of land all day all week. In most places I hunt, public land is as private as any leased land around. I rarely ever see people hunting, parked, walking, etc.!
  3. Gobblengrunt

    Permit bow buck.

    Really nice buck! Good thinking starting over looking for new buck. By the looks of the ground, looked like a great shot! Where is the wagon wheel??
  4. Gobblengrunt

    small game/pheasant closed 12/12

    Opening day of “doe day”
  5. Gobblengrunt

    Say Cheese

    He looks defeated! Great pic
  6. Gobblengrunt

    need help identifying a Bear recurve bow

    Tradgang requires a paid fee to list something in thier classifieds. Quite a few bear collectors on the leatherwall though. Dont give it away, its a nice piece. I do a lot of buying/ selling traditional bows and things are just nit moving right now, be patient for your price!
  7. Gobblengrunt

    need help identifying a Bear recurve bow

    It’s a 1955 or 1956 bear kodiak (not the kodiak II). Only difference would be the 1955 has a decal bear logo where the 1956 has a silk screen logo. The kodiak II mentioned above had a compass in the grip (this bow does not). The bow looks to be in great shape for its age and will sell around $300 to the average collector.
  8. If they dont meet the 20% kill of tagged bears, hunt gets extended. Its that simple regardless of where you can and cannot hunt. There are still a lot of bears on huntable land!
  9. Looks like a great time...and successful!! I mainly hunt alone and really miss the tradition hunting with family and friends. keep up the good work for years to come!
  10. Gobblengrunt

    Pics of deer you passed this week

    I missed a real nice buck Thursday afternoon. Easy shot but I hit part of a sapling 5 feet in front of me I never seen in scope. I’ll count that as a pass, lol!
  11. Gobblengrunt

    208 Bears Taken this Year

    I wonder if they will extend the season this coming week?
  12. I shot this buck in 2016 shotgun season with the bow. I don’t know what caused his injury but I seen it slowly bleeding for over three days. I let my target buck go (standing right next to him when I shot) to put this one down. He seemed fine and was actually chasing does when I shot him but I didn’t want him to die a slow death of infection in winter.
  13. Gobblengrunt

    Spring Time Comparison Test

    I use a 300 gr Barnes expander bullet in my muzzleloader. I have experienced nothing but “drop in their tracks” performance with this all copper bullet (very similar to the ones shown). If these group as tight as the Accutips it will be a winner for sure. Yes, dead is dead, but when it comes to guns, I don’t want an animal taking a step! Jacketed lead slugs result in tracking deer many times even with perfect shots.
  14. Gobblengrunt

    Saskatchewan 2018

    Holy MASS!! Congrats, great buck!
  15. Gobblengrunt

    12/05/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    Congrats hunter24! I’m guessing your buck did not make that rub to his right, lol!