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  1. i really like that mount. i always like something different placing you" in the hunt" awesome job Jay
  2. same broadhead. marketing hype. shoot it with confidence
  3. Nice buck chasing a doe already in union county. She is definitely coming into heat. He has been chasing her through live fire at firearms qualification! IMG_3396.MOV
  4. Hole in the pic is the exit. Perfect shot (no bone) at about only 20 yards through both lungs and heart. He only ran about 50 yards before piling up. Blood trail was insane. These are trail pics and how i found him. pse expedite 27” 72# 380gr arrow @ 313 fps / slick trick magnum
  5. I don’t personally use it but i have friends that do and swear by it. Its not fool proof but ive seen first hand this year in bear season where certain bears should have picked him off but didnt. Ozonics definitely played a role in success. Fooling a bears nose was impressive to me. Me, i just play the wind.
  6. I have used bear track outfitters in Wyoming as well as family members multiple times. Top notch outfit. Mule deer will average in the 160’s but bucks above 180 are there as my father shot one! There is a waiting list to hunt there. Highly recommended by me!
  7. Excellent job, congrats. Bow, xbow, muzzy?
  8. That is an awesome buck no matter where taken!
  9. Congrats, real solid bear. Awesome blaze too
  10. Great job on the kill, backing out when unsure of the shot, and recovery!
  11. If the bears are on acorns, hunt the acorns. If they are bedded deep in swamps, try a predator call. My tactics change as needed. When things are happening, i will make them happen!
  12. Awesome job with the Krajcsovics' family on their bear hunts.

    Congrats to you as well.

    They just had me up hunting for the first time since 2012.

    Dennis, RJ and Christina were the one who were running a disabled hunt for folks like myself. 

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