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  1. Be careful in the northern zones

    I called quite a few cats in this winter predator hunting. Every cat I called in just “appeared” at close range. By far the sneakiest animals ive ever encountered.
  2. Gobbler Down!

    I’m not surprised!! Great job, congrats!!
  3. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    Would be funny to get a pic of a gobbler in range and Chris sleeping, wake up!!!
  4. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    You’ll have some boys there shortly I’m sure! Shoot straight!!!
  5. Turkeys on roost

    light clucks and tree yelps off the roost just to let them know your there. if u call too much or too aggresive, gobblers expect to see a hen on the ground to fly down to. feel the gobblers mood once they hit the ground. only time i get aggresive is if im challenging a hen or mimicking two hens challenging each other (two calls at once)
  6. Can't wait till Saturday morning

    knock one down Chris! have fun and be safe
  7. Who will be out there on the opener?

    ill bet you will be hunting alone monday! good luck to your son on saturday. i hope he knocks 'em down like he did last year
  8. Who will be out there on the opener?

    Taking Dad out opening morning. He could not hunt and walk the miles I usually do hunting years past because of a bad hip. He got a new hip and he’s ready to kill some longbeards. He’s excited!!
  9. Avian x turkey decoys

    Any offers? I rarely use decoys and would rather see them go to good use
  10. Good enough?

    I see a turkey dinner in your near future!
  11. 3D Leafy Camo

    I use leafy wear all season exclusively. I believe it really makes a difference up close the way it breaks up a human outline in a tree or on the ground.
  12. Just One Lure?

    keitech fat swing swim bait. This is all I use and I catch everything on them (different sizes and colors of course).
  13. There's a birthday boy amongst us

    Happy birthday Jay!!
  14. Rompola Buck

    NJ state record typical scores 189 and I remember it being aged at only 3 1/2 years old not reaching its true potential yet. I truly believe NJ has some great genetics if bucks were allowed to reach maturity. I know of bucks being harvested every year in the 150 plus range that are mostly 3 1/2 years old. I know a majority of my P&Y bucks were only 3 1/2 years old and some were only 2 1/2 years old! Btw, were those live pics of the Rompola buck verified? They look very convincing!
  15. Jack, I’ve never fished for shad but I would definitely give it a go (wouldn’t mind a few tips from you!) Contest sounds like fun and for a good cause. Keep this low profile because I believe any contest in NJ requires a license to be legal.