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  1. You should hunt with me, im a bear magnet, lol! They always seem to seek me out. Btw, Thats a great pic
  2. What a coincidence, a doe dropped a fawn in my backyard this morning. Almost stepped on it on my shooting range. When would these fawns have been bred? Seems somewhat early
  3. People don’t loose animals because of broadheads. They loose animals due to poor placement or improper setup. I understand the superstition, I’m the same way!
  4. I got divorced 5 years ago following 14 years of marriage. My ex put me through hell trying to suck any amount of money possible. She was downright evil! My whole life revolves around my kids. I hold it together for them. Im in the woods everyday either hunting, fishing, or shooting. I absolutely need that to clear my mind on a daily basis. Im civil with my ex now but will never trust her. After 5 years im just starting to feel like myself again. It takes time. Keep yourself constructively busy.
  5. Amazing bucks! All B&C, yes? These bucks die of natural causes or was there some issue down there?
  6. Here are some babies that were successful with their breakfast (mom was anyway). Cute when theyre little but they are killing machines! I tried to hand catch one but that didnt work so well, lol IMG_5451.MOV IMG_5438.MOV
  7. Great job John! I was going down this morning to fight some blues. I’ve had people get angry at me for letting everything I catch go. Some people (especially in saltwater) feel they have to keep everything caught.
  8. That tom has huge spurs!
  9. For a chance to hunt a mature buck with the gun, id always opt for late season. Bad weather over the right food plot equals success!
  10. Had a nice longbeard with 3 hens 20 yards in front of me for over a 1/2 hr. No chance to pull bow back so i sat and watched quietly. Birds just left. I may go after them again at 11 or so. Lead hen was very jealous and vocal. Gobbler never made a peep. Came in following hens silent
  11. Very cool and unique! I shot a double spur tom years ago. A rare kill indeed, congrats
  12. Congrats on an awesome morning. Great pics!
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