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  1. I had never been so sad in my life as when i put down my two chocolate labs, Sienna and Guinness so I know what you are going through. Dogs are truly mans best friend. So sorry for your loss
  2. IMG_5922.MOV My daughter has been shooting trap and skeet with me really taking a liking to it. She recently switched from righty to lefty and started to kill it! I promised her i would buy her a lefty 20 ga just for her. Well today we went shooting and she was hitting 85%+ of all claybirds with my belgium citori. This is my favorite shotgun i own but when Daddys little girl asked me if she could have this gun for her own I happily said OK. Enjoy your new gun Gianna! FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  3. I sight my muzzy in at 150 yards. I do know EXACTLY what my bullet does from 25-300 yards though. All my guns are sighted in at a distance where my bullet is never higher than 2.5” at any distance closer to aiming point. Nothing wrong with sighting in at 50 or 75 yards but you shouldnt be taking a shot farther than that unless you know what the gun does at further distances
  4. Bad luck who cares, that buck would be getting an arrow in him without question from me!!
  5. Most misfires using bh209 is caused by using the wrong nipple. Most muzzy companies have bh209 specific breech plugs. Bh209 is an awesome powder but needs proper ignition to set off reliably.
  6. Congrats on your success but you REALLY have to learn how to take better pics, lol!!
  7. What a great buck. Not just big but has awesome character! Mount really looks great
  8. The magnum primers can be used but shooting the gun will tell if accuracy is the same. Some accuracy experts claim the magnum primer actually moves the pellets and bullet out of its seat at initial contact deteriorating accuracy stemming from a hotter temp and increased pressure. I shoot 120gr of loose 777 powder pushing a 300gr barnes bullet using magnum primers. My gun actually “prefered” them having a true 300 yard muzzleloader (after LOTS of experimentation)
  9. I believe the myth of killing one brings bad luck only applies to true albinos (pink ears, eyes, nose). Ive killed a bunch of piebalds in my life and have never experienced bad luck in my hunting career, lol. I know of a herd in NJ where the deer are 100% white but are not albinos (they have black eyes and nose). Friends have killed some outstanding “white” bucks and no bad luck to follow!
  10. Looks like an AWESOME day!!!!
  11. 3 of my cameras are browning which ive had for over five years now. They all still work as new!
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