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  1. Gobblengrunt

    Rt 23 Fatal Accident Due to OD

    So sad. Narcan should be replaced with water and let these scumbags just kill themselves. Bad guys always survive, wtf!
  2. Gobblengrunt

    Fox hunting

    I only hunt during daylight hours now and have called them in at anytime but mornings always seemed best for me or late evenings (last hour). I always do best on calm overcast days
  3. Gobblengrunt

    Fox hunting

    I call in fox almost everyday and it never really seemed to matter what sound you are using as long as the volume and setup is correct. With foxpro, im really fond of two calls, lightning jack and nutty nuthatch. Dont call too loud as it will scare them if completely unnatural. Switch sounds and volume periodically. Most fox come in fast and will be on top of you within 10 minutes or so. If you shoot one, keep the call going. I have shot doubles minutes after shooting one on many occasions.
  4. Gobblengrunt

    A lot of red heads on camera today after the rain.

    Are those ducks, lol!
  5. Gobblengrunt

    New one on me....Coyotes

    Ive seen coyotes in NJ for about 25-30 years. Now more than ever of course. I think it was just natural dispersal.
  6. Gobblengrunt

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    Tater, what an AWESOME mulie!!!!
  7. Gobblengrunt

    Anyone know where to buy aluminium arrows

    I have a dozen brand new 2018 easton legacy that i will never use. Pm me if interested
  8. Gobblengrunt

    Fletching and Cresting

    I’m just curious why you would want actual painted cresting? It adds weights to the back end of your arrow and you will ruin cresting if you want to re-fletch or repair a feather. I would recommend using onestringer arrow wraps. You can customize a wrap with any size or design you wish. There are a lot more benefits to using the correct wrap than actual painted cresting IMO. I have a dozen brand new 2018 Easton legacy shafts if you need also.
  9. Gobblengrunt

    2 dog morning

    I would go back and call the other in. It seems to be set up for an easy kill! My calls are charges and rifle is in the car, what time should I meet you there, lol!
  10. Gobblengrunt

    Anyone Bored Yet?

    When deer season ends, I get very serious into competitive archery (barebow recurve), I predator hunt almost every morning remaining of the special coyote season, start scouting for turkeys, and get ready to start surf fishing. I’m actually relieved and excited when deer season ends!
  11. Gobblengrunt

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    I’m always trying to challenge my hunt with a main goal of getting away from all human contact which is very hard in NJ. Most of my spots are “remote” in a NJ sense and contain small populations of deer but more older age class deer per square mile than just about anywhere I can find. Scouting is a much bigger part of my hunts than sitting in a treestand. That being said, I missed a nice 9pt with a friend of mine sitting with me early season. He never lets down that I missed! Two weeks later I killed my only buck of the year over a scrape line deep into public Jefferson woods. He was a 6 or 7 year old buck that I had a history of only with trail cam pics. I found and hunted some awesome NJ bucks the remainder of the season with never pulling my string back once more. I let some bucks go that I question why to this day. I guess I’m getting soft as I grow older. I do a lot more scouting and setting stands up for other people for bears or deer which is more enjoyable than me hunting alone. Their success is my success too! This is my only buck this year but a keeper! ... and a video of the one I missed 2E615977-0F34-4EEB-89B7-D60FA3C5D972.MOV
  12. Gobblengrunt

    Another day shed hunting

    Mark that spot down on a gps, looks very promising for next year
  13. Gobblengrunt

    Ar15 legal for coyote?

    With the special permit in the special season, you can use any centerfire rifle .25 cal and under with an 80gr maximum bullet weight (must be soft point) for daytime hunting. You can have mags that hold up to 10 rounds but cannot have more than 3 rounds total in gun while hunting
  14. Gobblengrunt

    Zone 3 Yote all done...

    Great job Charlie
  15. Gobblengrunt

    Valentine’s Day present

    This is the same bow hammer with eastern diamondback skins on it