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  1. Nice brows on that buck, good luck with him!
  2. I like the 4x2! I like unique antlers
  3. The season is almost here, woo hoo!!
  4. Any thoughts or experience with these nuts as bait would be appreciated. I have access to a large quantity of both (expired food grade) and was thinking of trying it out as something different (and hopefully great!) thanks
  5. I like that high and tight 8pt, good luck with them!
  6. I hunt public land almost exclusively. I always have 5-20 spots on the ready at all times. I will only hunt a spot where I know I have a great chance at killing a certain buck. If someone’s in my area for the day, pack it in and go to spot #2 if you feel the other hunter is ruining your chances. Stands can change from good to bad or vice versa in a heartbeat for many reasons (pressure, food, rut, time of year, etc.). Don’t be held down to one spot, be mobile and hunt smart, you’ll kill more deer. I run about 15+ cameras at all times to constantly scout throughout the season. It is very rare for me to hunt the same stand or area after I have killed a mature buck out of it, my spots change throughout the year and from year to year. Also, if your hunting the same stand all the time and the wind is not right to hunt that stand, are you hunting it anyway? Most hunters can be there own worst enemy with their stands. Other hunters, even close, may help you in the right situation. All of these deer that go nocturnal once the season starts are (IMO) caused by the hunter himself. Every buck is somewhere in the daytime. You may have to change your spots with his needs to kill him. Stay mobile, hunt smart!
  7. I would bet there was a significant difference in antler size grew til now. Post up some recent pics when u get them. Good luck with him, nice buck!
  8. Gobblengrunt

    Vegan Cold Cuts

    If I want a turkey sandwich, I’ll eat turkey! If I want vegetables, I’ll eat vegetables. Why would anybody want to substitute the REAL thing?
  9. Always awesome to see them pelicans dive from the air to feed! Great pics as always. And yes, North Carolina is a whole different world compared to this shithole called NJ
  10. These guys look like a bunch of assholes handling that fish. It doesnt even look like any type of good eating shark. I would bet they are just gaffing that thing to kill and showoff. That shark did good, lol!
  11. Ive shelled out thousands on recurves but a more expensive bow is NOT going to make you a better shot. Recurves are very personal and only you can tell us exactly what you are looking for. Pm me with what you are looking for in a recurve in i can fit you into most anything for under $300.
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