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  1. Gobblengrunt

    Tiniest buck ever

    With all that feed he should fatten up in no time!
  2. Gobblengrunt

    Where did it go?

    Last year I found a camera on one of my private properties post season and became enraged at the thought that a trespasser was hunting my property. Short while later I realized it was one of my cameras I completely forgot I set there!
  3. Gobblengrunt

    Cool Trail Cam Pic

    Peek a boo!
  4. Gobblengrunt

    Same buck?

    Almost impossible to say with no distinguishable features. I always try to start comparing any white markings or ears (splits, colors, etc.) when I’m trying to check on past deer. Velvet buck looks young so I would say they are different deer
  5. Gobblengrunt

    Thousand Islands Fishing

    All those fish are nice but the smallies are FAT!!! Looks like a great time with family
  6. Gobblengrunt

    Traditional bow online tournament idea

    I’m in
  7. Gobblengrunt

    Bunch of gobblers

    Great work Jay. That first pic could easily pass as live birds!!
  8. Gobblengrunt

    Any one going to big foot Saturday

    I go every year. Great shoot, great competition, and good people. I shoot the traditional 3D and the “last man standing” on Sunday. This will be my last shoot before IBO traditional world championships the week after.
  9. Gobblengrunt

    Looking for Affordable Moose Hunt Recommendations

    Get on cancellation lists with some reputable hunting consultants. I moose hunted Alberta and Newfoundland. I hunted Alberta for under $5000 all inclusive including flight on a cancellation hunt. It was self guided but you need a guide in that province which only meant I was staying with a registered guide at camp.
  10. Gobblengrunt

    Happy Birthday LPJR

    Happy birthday Lou!
  11. Gobblengrunt

    Have you thanked a trapper lately ?

    Kill that sum bitch!
  12. Gobblengrunt

    My grandson's first pickerel !!

    Great pic! Love the shark vest!
  13. Gobblengrunt

    Favorite place to relax?

    Surf fishing. There’s something about the salt in the air and the sounds of waves fishing with no one around is SO relaxing!
  14. Gobblengrunt


    I’ve killed almost every rut buck I’ve shot between 10am and 1pm. If I had to pick a segment of the day to hunt it would definitely be midday. I have always felt that mature bucks are running does in the dark all night and will rest for a short time early morning, then start searching again mid morning. All day sits in the rut are definitely worth it. Every buck will get up at some point midday and take a walk and I like to be there when he does!
  15. Gobblengrunt

    Betty and Nicks

    It’s still running, I check theirs and grumpys everyday.