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  1. I hunt coyotes almost everyday of the special season. I have consistently killed most of my dogs in the morning to mid morning. I rarely kill or even call in a yote in the same place twice in a year. Your setup is more important than the sounds. I do however have preferred sounds and sequences that I use. I always believe that callers in the wrong setup have called in and educated dogs without them even knowing. I also killed most dogs at the 30-35 minute mark for whatever reason.
  2. So many are sick in this world. Too many lost their sense of reality.
  3. I shot my first jersey bear using a predator call. If bears are active, they will respond to a call. They usually approach cautiously and almost always downwind
  4. Great buck, awesome mass. True old warrior, congrats!
  5. Lots of fun hunting big woods. Big old mountain doe, great trophy! Awesome job Lou
  6. Seeing more and more in morris and passaic county. We have more predators in NJ than turkeys and deer!
  7. Great buck, congrats! Are you sure the one you killed is the one in the trail cam pic? Yours looks a little different and bigger!
  8. Im just home but the amount of deer activity today in the backyard is great. Ive seen deer on their9 feet all day!
  9. That’s the beginning traits of a serial killer, sick kids.
  10. Gobblengrunt

    Slug Gun

    I think it would matter how much you want to spend also. The Remington cantileaver barrels usually shoot excellent groups with most slugs for half the price of the 220. The 220 has a great reputation of a top tier slug gun. If money was not an issue, go with the dedicated 220 slug gun.
  11. Stayed in today, kids home for snow day. I did see a couple does, an 8pt and spike in the backyard an hour ago (they’re safe by me!)
  12. Great hunt and adventure! Big woods hunting is my favorite type of hunting. Something special about those big north woods
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