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  1. I shoot and compete with Santo. Hes an awesome guy and a great longbow shot!
  2. I work in union county. My town put a similar fence up near a train station to stop people from crossing the tracks a few years ago. The very next 24 hours after install, 7 or 8 deer got stuck on/in the fence and died from stress. Terrible way to die
  3. Im correcting myself and believe your grizzly is a 1953-1956 bear grizzly. The logo is the larger bear which was on thier bows from 1953-1957. The 1957 grizzly had a black/white tips and the last year the static tip was offered
  4. I believe your grizzly was made in 1951. It looks like it has an aluminum lamination which was only availible in 1951 when they discontinued it later that year due to breakage. The latest it was made was 1953 when the “small” bear logo was changed to a larger version.
  5. Copperheads have “hourglass” shaped markings. Very similar though
  6. I think sand bags are easier to adjust on the range and a more solid aiming foundation. In the woods, I use a primos shooting stick which is very easily and quickly adjustable.
  7. I hunt big woods of zone 6 and 7. Up here over the years, our turkey population has drastically declined due to cold wet springs (poults not surviving) and raccoon invasion of nests. What I have noticed is that with smaller populations, they tend to stay in flocks throughout the spring never really branching out and searching for hens. I always have birds to hunt but they are in smaller isolated ranges in the mountains. As the season progresses, I always will find a couple more gobblers to hunt as they will move to different parts of the mountain ranges only toward the end of the season. My “suburban” turkeys seem to never want to leave the comfort of the people that feed them year round.
  8. It seems regardless of when a buck drops his antlers, they all start growing at about the same time. Then ive seen bucks shed velet from early august to late September too. Testosterone levels determine when antlers drop. So the “growing season” seems fairly consistent
  9. The red/ white jointed is a river runt. The ones in the containers are flatfish. Are they all wooden? They are worth some money!
  10. Drugs are a choice, prescription or illegal. I have no tolerance for drug addicts. Ill get my “high” in the woods or on the water
  11. It will be nice to be able to hunt the PA opener and NJ early muzzy now. I’ll make a nice 4 day weekend out of it!
  12. Fences make great neighbors!!
  13. Pickerel are the only fish i will eat, lol!
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