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  1. I would appreciate it. i mainly hunted waywayanda state park and this pass season  hunted the wallkill wildlife refuge with no luck. i have hunted the watershed many years ago and it was  good. since they closed all the entrances to because of 911. its a lot of walking and the quads and dirt bikes are out of control there. any help would be great.....leo

  2. I hunt zone 3 almost exclusively. I shoot some really nice animals every year. If you really ever need some direction, id help you out
  3. Plenty of deer in zone 3. You would never want pigs introduced anywhere. They cannot be controlled and cause more damage than you can imagine
  4. It was opening week of bow late nineties (forgot actual date). I hunted an amazing piece of indian property. Not tons of deer but there where some big bucks up there. Shot him in a funnel between two lakes dammed by beavers.
  5. Scored 158” gross 276# dressed
  6. In NJ, there are archery clubs that will host a 3D or indoor shoot EVERY weekend from now until the end of summer. These clubs are (indoor) wopena, waxobe, garden state archers (eckman range). For outdoor shoots, check out garden state archers, black knight bowbenders, farmers archery, lincoln park archers, and Obissquasoit Bowmen. I wanted to note that all shoots can be shot for fun even if they are a competitive shoot. They are for all levels of archery (pro to beginner, compound or trad and sometimes allow xbows) regardless of the venue. They are also tons of shoots at clubs outside of
  7. I know of one shot near brownsville last year. I know there are still some around but apparently the locals keep the population low and dont speak about them too much
  8. My biggest buck (276# dressed) and biggest doe (201# dressed) were both shot in the big woods of northern Wisconsin if that counts. Hunting big woods of maine is right up my alley though! I never hunted maine probably because i dont know anybody that wants to really hunt up there with me! Most everybody i know is all about bait piles and large deer populations!
  9. I shoot 3d and nfaa tournaments almost every weekend from next week to the end of summer. TAC shoot is a ton of fun. I shoot up to 100 yards everyday and really have done a lot of experimenting and fine tuning on all my equipment. For 3d and long range flight, ive always build arrows between 10-15% foc. For indoors or hunting, my arrows are usually 12-17% foc. Proper bareshaft tune is most essential. Bareshaft tune to 20 yards, then fine tune past that to 30 yards past. Form and shot execution is a huge part of long range tuning which in turn equates to better accuracy. There is usuall
  10. My first deer hunt with a gun I was handed a pride of Spain 10ga double barrel which probably weighs well over 10#, lol !! I’m looking for a youth 20 ga now for my kids also with an ambidextrous safety since my daughter shoots lefty and my boys shoot righty.
  11. Great mounts as always. I think that doe looks amazing, it look so real!
  12. Here is a shed i found on public land a few years ago. It scored 78”. With a matching side it would have been a legit B&C buck. For perspective, it has 27” beam and 13” G2.
  13. Predators especially like coyote and bears are more opportunistic killers than hunters. I see coyotes/ bears within a “killing distance” of deer all the time but neither pay much attention to each. Deer just keep their distance. Predators will always have some affect on fawn mortality and deer populations in general. I always believed that fawn mortality has most to do with nutrition and stress. I also think the increase in antlerless deer harvests and baiting has had a huge impact on our herd.
  14. Here in northern morris county/ passaic/ lower sussex county the deer population has always been low but healthy deer. When bear population was at its highest i was seeing very few fawns at all. The last year or two i seen a slight uptick in fawn survival but not much. I see about 3 bucks to every doe. The does i see will average one surviving fawn per 4-6 adult does. Ive been seeing a fee less coyotes around and hopefully by shooting a few each winter has been helping but im seeing a big increase in bobcats. Theyre everywhere now!
  15. 300 gr barnes expander/ 2100 fps these are not my pics but this is what ive seen on any animal ive shot when found bullet shot from 50-250 yards. Always been consistent penetration/ performance over all those velocities and range
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