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  1. Its a long season, you’ll ll be out there again before you know it! Btw, you got some skills!!
  2. Its all about where you hit them, sharpness of blades, and confidence. Look like a solid head. Go knock some down Rusty!
  3. Out in zone 6 again, different spot. I know a real wide 8pt is bedded in some thick pines around the bend from me, hoping im in his path when he gets up
  4. Nice doe, congrats! The “small” hole looks big enough for good blood trail alone, the exit hole is devastating
  5. Whether hunting from a treestand or the ground, always aim for the exit
  6. What an awesome trip!! Congrats all around-good times, good fishing, great eats
  7. How big are the bucks on her property??
  8. Been sitting n zone 6 since 430am with the recurve. Im hoping to stick one of three nice bucks that have been feeding on this ridge.
  9. This buck showed up on a ridge early fall for a short period of time last year and I never seen him or had another pic the rest of 2019. He just showed up working an oak ridge the last three days this week so I may hunt him. Not the biggest rack but I think he is an old trophy regardless. Here are pics from 2019 and this year. How old do you guys think he is?
  10. Holy Moly!!! Congrats to the hunter
  11. Good luck Chris, I’ll be looking forward to the updates
  12. BIG congrats, really nice looking buck!!
  13. Lancaster archery, 3 rivers archery, midway usa. Eveything else I need ill buy from local businesses
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