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  1. Hard to tell by just one pic but i would put him at at least 3.5. Short face, neck same size as body, big brisket.
  2. No muzzy or permit bow open in zone 3 today
  3. If you know where that deer was bedded I would bet both sheds are laying right there
  4. I hunted “doe” day when i first started hunting. It was an actual lottery and a hard tag to pull. Opening day of buck week and doe day were the two most important days of my life back then, lol
  5. I see small bears and deer eating together all the time. I guess deer have just grown tolerant of them seeing them daily. Cool pic sequence IMG_5090.MOV
  6. I will only shoot a buck if: 1) my target buck 2) bigger then target buck or meets “my” minimum score 3) it just feels right i never worry about someone shooting a deer I let go. I never look down on someone shooting a deer I let go or below “my” standards. I usually hunt deep woods in some pretty unforgiving terrain so it has to be the right deer for me to drag out. I always think to myself that if I shoot my hunt is over, am I ending all my preparation, scouting, and effort on this deer? I truly enjoy hunting as a whole where the kill is a very small part of my succes
  7. It seems every year there is a few that shed around this week. Most likely stemming from a hard rut, poor nutrition, and stress. Most bucks will hold antlers til at least January though.
  8. That was a great video in many ways. Thanks for sharing
  9. Seen 6 bucks and 2 does in afternoon. Dad passed on all of them. Awesome time hanging in a blind with him
  10. I always use my knight muzzy. 300 gr barnes expander with 120gr of loose 777 powder. Pick a spot, squeeze trigger and deer will be dead in its tracks 100% of the time!
  11. Got Dad in a stand at 130. At 135 had a small 6pt pass us. He wanted to shoot it, itchy trigger finger, lol. I convinced him to pass and enjoy some time in the woods!
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