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  1. What a nice buck, big congrats!! Im glad he’s enjoying that widow
  2. Definitely at least one more year to see what he can be. If theres not much different growth by next year, take him out!
  3. Big salmon, congrats to the fisherman. What a great looking fish!
  4. It’s amazing to think that we have deer in NJ like that when they get the age on them, we have some good genetics. They’re are quite a few 160-180” bucks killed every year in NJ (areas off limits to the general public, lol). I’ve hunted all over the USA for white tails and Kansas is by far my favorite place, a special state for sure. Unfortunately, many places in Kansas is not what it used to be due to the almighty dollar (increased tags)
  5. Seeing lots of younger bucks getting the itch. Found over a hundred scrapes this week but all from young bucks which almost all mean nothing right now. I have over 30 cameras out over thousands of acres and seeing the above consistent but NO mature bucks looking yet. Mature bucks seem to be focusing on acorns now but it won’t be long before they start searching.
  6. Great job Jay! Great pic with the family!
  7. Awesome fish! I never caught these but heard they are an absolute blast to catch
  8. Nice buck, congrats! Been many times when I “forced” myself to get out of bed to hunt and ended with success, have to be in it to win it!
  9. Great round but what exactly are you looking for? Ballistics, bullet selection, etc.?
  10. Had 15+ deer in backyard just now including 4 small bucks. All bucks were harassing the does and sparring. These young bucks dont even know why yet, lol!
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