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  1. Gobblengrunt

    What do you consider to be a big buck?

    In NJ, 120” and above become a consideration to shoot. A mature deer 4+ years old particularly if i have a history with him becomes a shooter in my book regardless of rack size. I always have quite a few cameras out and feel i have a pretty decent grasp on resident deer in all my spots, given that info i will hunt the biggest buck in each woods. Then there is also the the fact that if a buck gets my heart pumping, its in trouble! My biggest deer(s) usually have not been my most memorable hunts. Big racks are awesome though!!
  2. Gobblengrunt

    Poacher Caught !!!

    Does anybody know the poachers name?
  3. Gobblengrunt

    Coming down to the wire

    Sounds like hes just enjoying himself in the woods. The experience is more important than the kill. You know if he does end up killing a buck bigger than "your" target buck you intended for him, he will never let you live it down, lol! Good luck to your father. Enjoy the time with him
  4. Gobblengrunt

    Updated Bear Totals - 139

    And terrible bear hunting weather with tons of acorns on the ground. Odds were definitely against bear hunters
  5. Gobblengrunt

    BBD! 1PM Recurve!

    Awesome job Jay, the pics are great! Congrats
  6. Gobblengrunt

    Not a lot of bear posts

    I had 4 particular baits all miles apart from each other that had between 4-10 different bears each. I’ve seen more bear this year than last. All my spots went just about dead about a week ago. I hunt were there is very little if any pressure that I know of. I think the huge amount of recent natural foods (mostly acorns) and this ridiculous hot and humid weather contributed to there disappearance. Plus, a lot of guys (and gals) I hunt with are holding out for particular bears. Many have passed on opportunities. If the season was held two weeks ago, I believe the harvest numbers would have tripled. Let’s hope the cooler weather tomorrow and Saturday gets a few more moving. Bear numbers are definitely down some but a lot more kills are needed to get this population to where it should be.
  7. Gobblengrunt

    Bear hunt loonies protesting

    Isn’t that basically the definition of insanity
  8. Gobblengrunt

    Bear hunt loonies protesting

    How does he keep his job? If I was arrested once, I would most likely be fired and/ or put my pension in jeapordy. He should be made an example of but our justice system has turned into a joke
  9. Gobblengrunt

    Bear Opener

    Thousands of public accessed acres to bear hunt on in northern NJ
  10. Gobblengrunt

    Bears are moving

    Surplus of natural food, they will be back
  11. Gobblengrunt

    10/08 Check In

    Im out today for a buck or bear. Only my second time out this year and feels good to be sitting in the woods again (but its HOT)!
  12. Gobblengrunt

    Saw something cool today!!!!

    I havent seen box turtles in a long time. Ive seen a bunch recently out if the blue. I seen a pair yesterday but i think they just finished!
  13. Gobblengrunt

    10-5, Z5 buck mission = Slammer down

    Awesome buck Jack, congrats on a job well done!! Im sure your father put a good word in for you to the man upstairs to nudge that buck in the right direction!
  14. Gobblengrunt

    Buck Down

    Great buck regardless of what weapon you used. Love the dark rack! For some reason, when youre a trad hunter, you feel almost guilty taking a compound or xboe out for the day. Just enjoy the hunt and your kill, great job!!