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  1. Your daughters “bloody hand(s)” pic should be on the cover of the F&G compendium, love it!!!
  2. Also, if you want an outstanding spot and stalk experience in some beautiful steep hilly country, i have some recommendations in California
  3. You have to be careful you are hunting wild pigs. Many dog hunts they release hogs prior to setting dogs loose. Florida outfitters will always be your best bang for your buck especially if flying. What kind of hunt are you looking for? Stalk, stand, dogs? I have a lot of recommendations on outfitters as ive shot a ton of pigs but they really vary in hunting techniques and experiences. What weapon are you using? Bow, rifle, knife? Looking for a trophy boar or eating size pigs? Some Florida outfitters have great hog/ gator specials now if interested in combo. Need more info
  4. I spoke with them also and talk about my coyote hunting all the time with them. I was told rifle hunting under the special permit was allowed. I hunt there almost everyday, no issues?!?! They have been very unorganized in the past. Who did you speak to?
  5. Relax, like I said it’s open for winter bow and special coyote season only after Dec 31
  6. I was out coyote hunting with dad this morning. Screwed up on a single big dog.
  7. It is open for winter bow and coyote season only after dec 1
  8. Check out midway usa. They have their clothing on sale now. Some of their most expensive clothing is half off!
  9. I got hit with the leather belt...a lot! also worked since i was 14. What a soft society we live in these days, sad. I made it!
  10. Ive used mine for everything. And yes, they are the fastest sled on the hill!
  11. Did you tell your taxidermist? What did he say?
  12. I see a lot of pheasant cacciatore in your future! Great shooting
  13. Im not saying its not an awesome buck and i do see the score sheet. What i am saying is that buck doesnt look close to having 37” of mass, etc. i would like to see it scored a second time officially, not on the back of a tailgate but antlers only marking all measurements with accurately with pencil. It just may be that deceiving!
  14. Mine has bigger mass measurements than the alabama buck (not talking about the illinois monster!). Just for reference the g2 on my buck are both over 12”and beams are 25”. That alabama deer is awesome just is very deceiving for a B&C
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