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  1. $30 per box, I have 10 boxes of 3" for sale...any suckers?
  2. You paid $29 per box? You got ripped off
  3. Doe with two fawns just walked by
  4. Two button bucks with a 4 pointer walked under me, they just walked off
  5. I'm out, and yes its WARM....
  6. BHC

    My muzzy buck

    thanks for sharing.....congrats
  7. I can tell you that the area I hunt, comparing this years zero mast crop vs last year's massive mast crop I have seen a reduction in deer seen, less rubs/scrapes a little less chasing .....
  8. friend of mine hunts zone 3, this year his hunting has been limited....9 hunts, and he saw one small buck
  9. I have 40 acres in a neighboring zone, prior to the 2001 season I would see alot of deer, and took my share of does, but since then to present day I took just one. That's my choice, you do what is best for you, the land, and herd. Zone 3 doesn't have many deer but big mountain bucks are present, one hot doe all it takes and he could be yours
  10. Damn Lucy, that is a really nice buck....congratulations
  11. Went out to get a coffee, it was cloudy but no wind...just now heard the wind outside my kitchen
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