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  1. you won't make a dime..in fact you will loose money.....I would think you need insurance, learn basic first aid, and cpr, not sure if NJ like other states you need a guide license
  2. nice...hopefully coyotes don't get the little guy/girl
  3. I have the TACTACAM 4.0 with gun, bow, and crossbow mounts, I like it for what I need it for...I'm not going out buying a large , expensive camera
  4. I put out fresh minerals back on April 24th..pictures I got this morning shows a hole they dug
  5. Sorry to hear what you're going thru.....but both of you are being civil for your peace of mind and for the kids....most divorces are nightmares
  6. that model no, but I have two APIs older models from many years ago....heavy but solid stands
  7. BHC

    Elusive NJ Bobcat

    Been getting more on camera this year then ever before
  8. The SK model should be out later this summer, I believe it's the same as the Reveal X but the SK will have a built in solar panel and be around $200.....Just a heads up for you all
  9. just looked over today's pictures, he came this afternoon and then returned just after 3pm......seems he's getting comfortable
  10. from what I read, the officer was on his lunch break and went to the pharmacy for medication for sinus issues he has been dealing with, the nurse on hand told him she HATES COPS
  11. i know from time to time they remove some articles after a few hours
  12. yet another reason I can't stand these snowflakes
  13. yes make up can and will make anyone look better....
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