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  1. BHC


    Numbers off the top of my head....NO!!! but the number if deer roaming the traditional areas are way low....there is no need to have unlimited harvest of anterlesss deer for 6 months, its not hunting, its killing...the goal has been met
  2. BHC


    The objective of reducing the herd has been met years ago...the herd in traditional deer country is way down, the herd is growing fast in the suburbs where hunting isn't allowed or is very limited
  3. Congratulations to you all
  4. Take advantage of the rifled barrel and get one with the cantilever and put a scope on it
  5. BHC


    No reason for these long seasons with unlimited antlerless harvest allowed these days
  6. BHC

    12/9/18 check-in

    Congratulations Blend
  7. BHC

    Great Six-Day Season

  8. BHC

    My best 8pt buck from 12/5/18

  9. BHC

    Happy Birthday Tarhunt!

    Happy birthday
  10. BHC

    It Snowed Last Night

    110 % funny yet sadly true
  11. BHC

    Deer week

    Way to go
  12. About 8 years ago muzzleloader season my good friend Sammy takes a shot at a deer, I hear the shot and I look in that direction I see three deer take off they all look healthy and I told him that on the cell phone so we assumed he missed. Maybe 10 minutes go by I hear walking and see a deer ever so slowly walking towards me, he's 80 yards away but coming towards me. I noticed he's hurt, he walks within 10 yards and I shot him in the neck, he drops....I noticed he was shot in the bridge of nose and round bounce off his skull cracking it...it was a spike, if he wasn't injured he would of gotten a free pass from me
  13. BHC

    6 Day AAR