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  1. How many miles on the truck?
  2. Lastnight I took my wife and kids out for dinner......Went to Segovia Steakhouse and Seafood in Little Ferry, this was our first time at this location. Last time I was at Segovia was over 25 years ago at their original location in Moonachie, they also have one in Carlstadt. My cousins go often and they goto the Little Ferry location more so then the others. We started off with: Fried Calamari, Polpo, Escargots We then shared Seafood Paella, and 32 oz. 40 day dry aged porterhouse If in the area I highly recommend going and having a great meal Sangria was excellent as well
  3. Contact BUCKMASTERS they sponsor those with disabilities , maybe they can lead you in the correct direction https://buckmasters.com/Resources/Disabled-Hunters For Information Contact: Larry F. Hart / Buckmasters American Deer Foundation National Director / BADF Director of Disabled Hunters Services / 3445 County Road 159 / Bangs, Texas 76823 / email: [email protected]
  4. BHC

    Decent Coyote

    He's on the prowl for dinner
  5. you will now have 4 new tires
  6. BHC

    Camera Has Been Quiet

    Yeah it's true I have nothing out, the snow is still too deep and too far of a walk.....so I'm hoping with the warmer temps and with rain in the forecast enough snow melts that by next week I can make it in to put out my minerals
  7. I'm was totally against them storming the building but this is funny cause it's Nancy's office https://www.nj.com/news/2021/02/nj-man-charged-in-capitol-riot-boasted-he-pissed-in-nancy-pelosis-office-feds-say.html
  8. Very few deer, in fact very few of anything in the last week......Snow is still to deep to get in....hopefully by next week I can, and get the mineral site started.....Got a few pictures of turkeys this morning, here is one picture
  9. she gets are smarts from my side of the family
  10. still just a little too deep in my area I hunt....maybe with the warmer temps and some rain on the way I can get in next week and start my mineral site
  11. Nope.....then I wouldn't have my kids.....
  12. when my father had owned the land the house: Roscoe, NY 400 acres 8 hunters ( all Goombahs from Lodi) 4 bedroom house we had no name of the club
  13. 6,549 Days = 17.9424 Years = 17 Years, 11 Months, 1 Week, 2 Days, 3 Hours, 53 Minutes and 19 Seconds better you then me
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