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  1. Opening Day Tomorrow

    All day today I was on the fence on getting a permit for tomorrow and taking the dayoff from work, cause of the chance of rain on Saturday...Now they saying a better then 50% chance of rain, of course when I want them to be wrong they will be on point
  2. Opening Day Tomorrow

    Well we need to help pay for Jose and friends
  3. Opening Day Tomorrow

    Ummmm No, I actually hunt and harvest game !!!
  4. Opening Day Tomorrow

    same here
  5. Opening Day Tomorrow

    Good luck to everyone heading out.....GOBBLE GOBBLE
  6. Hope/Frelinghuysen Border

    Just for you Timmy Dbuck
  7. Wide 6ptr mount done

    Damn that is wide SOB, Congratulations on both great bucks
  8. Walpack area turkey hunters

    I recommend to all not hunt this zone/area for Turkey, bear or deer
  9. Mounted my new 6.5

    damn son that is a sweet set up.....enjoy !!!
  10. Hope/Frelinghuysen Border

    whats not cool? I had no idea who if anyone hunts this land, it's from a public road
  11. This is going to come down to lawyers from both sides preaching in court
  12. Hope/Frelinghuysen Border

    Sorry, I didn't see the NEON SIGN that reads "NO PICTURES ALLOWED" give me a break, the picture was taken from a public road.....
  13. Hope/Frelinghuysen Border

    didn't know you hunt there..... Running late? Not at all I was on my way to check my camera