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  1. always love seeing these pictures
  2. BHC

    Hoboken Deer

    Eat a cannoli atCarlo's and watch deer run around http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2018/06/deer_spotted_running_down_hoboken_street.html
  3. BHC

    Best Highway tire for a Ford F-150

    I'm very happy and impressed by the General AT 2, great in the snow, off road, and not noisy on the highway
  4. BHC

    Nice One on Cam

    he's going to nice
  5. BHC

    Best Highway tire for a Ford F-150

    Sako76, I needed new tires for my truck....I don't tow, or haul anything. I was going to go with LTs but it was a waste of money and lower my gas mileage, I was looking at BFG KOs but they are expensive, I searched the internet for a similar tire, and found that the General AT2 was what fit my needs and my wallet. I spoke to and purchased 4 General AT2 from Woodsman416, he runs a tire shop in Flemington, 110% great price, and service by him and his crew......Contact him !!!
  6. BHC

    Camera Check This Morning !!!

    I think the hunt will go on.....Murphy has to much to deal with, bears aren't on the top of the list
  7. BHC


    wishing all the Dad's on here a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY........Enjoy !!!!!
  8. BHC

    Can’t open locked car

    I have two girls, my oldest is 15, my youngest will be 12 soon.....I swear that around 14 kids today become dumber and dumber until reality sets in around 21 or so
  9. BHC

    Can’t open locked car

    Place brick in your hand, and throw it at window Locksmith that deals with car remotes, give them make, model, year they should have the codes
  10. BHC

    Camera Check This Morning !!!

    Not something for me
  11. BHC

    Camera Check This Morning !!!

    well it might be known as "IT WAS MY DEER SPOT"
  12. BHC

    Happy Birthday LPJR

    Lou Happy Birthday you old bastard Sending over a White Dodge Ram that is lifted, make sure you see the driver
  13. I went up to add more corn, cause the damn bears and deer hitting it hard.......I got within 70 yards of the bait and I kicked off two bears, (see the last 2 pictures). I also have a new bear on camera a decent size with double ear tags. I didn't expect many pictures cause it was just Thursday I re-baited and switched out SD Cards, also some bear porn, and after the deed was done, the bear noticed the camera and realized they got caught