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  1. BHC

    It's coming your way

    No electricity here at my house
  2. BHC

    It's coming your way

    I live in Lopatcong, at my cousin's wedding in Hackettstown, just a little rain
  3. Liberals the downfall of America
  4. Priceless....family is life
  5. Have you been looking .......AGAIN? 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
  6. BHC

    Old Bear

    Congratulations Ken !!!
  7. Lou you're correct on checking them....I checked over my climbers today
  8. Finally got him back !!! I'm happy with the outcome!! My good friend Frank does taxidermist work on the side, I wasn't in any rush and told him to take care of other customers. I shot this bear on the last day of segment A with my T/C TRIUMPH, using two pellets of Triple 7 Magnum, and a 250 grain Barens T-EZ, the shot was only 40 yards, the bear came in at first light from the direction I thought they wouldn't come from, he ran maybe 10 yards and was down for a nap!!! The week of Segment A was warm and humid, I only saw one bear on the 2nd day, it was about 250 lbs. but of course it winded me. Then Friday evening I was so damn frustrated I wasn't going, but my wife convinced me to go and I decided last minute to take the smokepole
  9. Nice buck!!!!...get a bear tag
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