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  1. Just gave away my daughter's Barbi jeep for FREE....it needed a battery
  2. Great mounts, good luck in the move
  3. My Guido days, and the guidetts
  4. Same one that screwed up the Rifle Camp Park hunt
  5. Spoke with Remington's Ammunition Dept. about 10 minutes ago, they informed me that on June 20th they will be shipping out to stores the Remington Premier Expander 20ga 3" sabot slugs (PRX20M)....last known shipment was in January ....just giving those that want these slugs the info
  6. Money is the reason for not shutting down hunting as whole. Bear hunt canceled on state owned lands shows the liberal voters he did as much as he can, he has zero control on city, county and federal lands
  7. Nothing, it will NOT be overturned
  8. Fish and game presents facts, game council votes it in, but if the law is change it must he voted by NJ LEGISLATORS
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