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  1. BHC

    Not 100%

    I'm reading on Facebook in various NJ HUNTING pages how many rebels are willing to hunt on state parks/forest regardless of New stupid rule Governor Dumbass placed...frustrated i know, but is it worth it? If one gets caught they will get fired or arrested end up in court with a large lawyer fee, lose the case pay the fine and lose hunting, and fishing rights for a few years in almost every state....but hey they are rebels
  2. BHC

    Round Up 365

    My neighbor behind me saw me this morning as I sat in my backyard for fresh air....He told me 2 weeks ago he used RoundUp Extended on 2 applications 4 days apart the only weeds that died was the weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk, other weeds are going strong,none died nor any seemed to look like they dieing seems they are growing strong as if they are enjoying the spray he gave them
  3. BHC

    Tested Today

    Very best Greek....I'm in my spare room, kids are using master bathroom, food left at the door.....
  4. Doctor's office called the lab didn't have enough to complete my test, so retested tomorrow morning
  5. BHC

    Round Up 365

    not sure of the brand I used last year it was far less cheaper then RoundUp but per the label it had the same crap as RoundUp......It took 3 applications ....few years ago I used RoundUp the next day crap was either dead or on the verge of
  6. https://www.cabelas.com/product/Primos-reg-Up-N-Down-Telescopic-Blind/1584200.uts?slotId=0
  7. BHC

    Round Up 365

    If I knew I would ordered it.....OK next year, I will forget the brand and I will ask you for it
  8. I can only speak for myself using this green light.....One time I was putting the band of my climber around the tree, I hear walking I look and at 15 yards it was a bear, he looked but didn't spook, another time I was sitting 40 yards from my bear bait I hear walking coming right to me I put the light on and there is a buck a 6 pt 10 yards away didn't spook....Numerous times in Illinois deer didn't spook....and countless times getting set up while in my stand deer, bear, coyotes walk by didn't spook....The green and red light just seems to not spook game
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