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  1. BHC

    Remembering A Old Friend

    Thanks dude....he wasn't a good hunter, nor a good shot, but he was reliable about going, and that SOB made me laugh so many times....!!!!!
  2. It's been 3.5 years since my good friend and hunting buddy passed away from cancer. He was the only one I allowed to hunt the 40 acres I have access to. While changing areas this morning after not really hearing anything near me, i went to the 40 acres where i did call in a very vocal hen. Best part was walking out I walked past the the tree he hunted from, I then noticed sticking out of the leaves was his safety harness, I placed it next to the tree, tapped the tree and told how much I miss him
  3. BHC

    Jake double

    Congrats to you both
  4. BHC

    Game over

    Way to go....congratulations
  5. Called in a hen, she came right in she was extremely vocal....surprised I didn't hear a bird gobble...she walked off looking for boyfriend
  6. Damn....sorry to hear
  7. BHC

    Good Luck !!!

    Hearing a few gobble from 6:10am till now, but extremely far
  8. BHC

    Good Luck !!!

    Good luck this morning on the elusive Thunder chickens.....I just settled in, damn bear knocked my blind down, but no damage
  9. BHC

    1st Timer

    I like INDIAN CREEK Turkey chokes, and with Hevishot 13 or Hevishot magum which I use in my 1187 SUPER MAGNUM I use the Hevishot choke, will be trying Carlson LONGBEARD XR choke and matching ammo at sometime
  10. Both parents voice's seemed to break, and the mother had glassy eyes
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