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  1. https://dailyvoice.com/new-jersey/northpassaic/police-fire/three-fall-through-ice-at-monksville-reservoir-one-reported-in-cardiac-arrest/782367/
  2. Hmmmm maybe get a food truck parked make some money
  3. I haven't shot my Sako .30-06, or my Remington 700 BDL SS .300 Win Mag in 17 years.....I will be come spring
  4. With the improvements I'm hearing rifle calibers like. 30-06, .300 Win Mag etc are now allowed to be used, true or not? I emailed Fish & Game waiting on their reply
  5. BHC

    Flu Shot Failure

    Really, 20/30 years it MAY cause health issues? Dude breathing in NJ air can and has caused health issues but do you go around wearing respirator? Little paranoid are we.....vaccines aren't 100% , but any % that gives you a chance is better then nothing.
  6. I made the mistake of putting a plastic bottle in the regular garbage, they refused to take it all.......😃😃😃😃😃
  7. BHC

    Staten Island Deer Found

  8. BHC

    Flu Shot Failure

    99.99% of all of you don't work in the field where you come into contact with the flu or other deadly diseases....every January myself and others I work with must get a TB test, when i got hired i had to get the series of hepatitis shots and it's still practice today. Most people think they had the flu cause they are weekend doctors, and i was one of them, until Christmas 2018 when i was so sick my wife took me to the ER and i was diagnosed with the flu, it was to late for any of the medications to subside the symptoms so I had to ride it out, I will never go thru that again or at least have a chance. I got the flu shot in mid October I never got sick from it, and I have been exposed to the flu this year and haven't gotten sick where as 7 people I work with who didn't get the shot actually contracted the flu. Vaccines of all kinds work, maybe not 100% but any percentage is better then none. I wished I had gotten the chickenpox vaccine, I was exposed to it 4 times as a child never got it, but at the age 41 I got it, I was in quarantine for 3 weeks in the hospital, came down with 85% kidney failure, it was bad. Summer of 2019 i got the measles vaccine, I had it as a baby like all of us but I wanted added protection. Damn people if you have health insurance vaccines are FREE, doctors office or pharmacy....
  9. Why didn't you look it over before leaving the store?
  10. BHC

    Flu Shot Failure

    I got the flu shot, the flu was going around at work, only a few still sick but they are getting better....I didn't catch it, but 7 officers I work with who refused the shot got sick....but then I have major OCD issues with washing my hands, using disinfectant products
  11. I have two known bedding areas one of which is so thick of briars not even worth going in, the area isn't as thick....I have yet in the 20 years of hunting this area find a single shed
  12. BHC

    Coyote Killed By Dad

  13. Clinton should be open by the end of this month
  14. BHC

    3 Million dollar Vette

    I love corvettes
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