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  1. BHC

    The Long Walk In

    I have a much longer walk in, I could walk in from the landowner's driveway but I would then walk right thru a known bedding area. My walk is mostly up hill
  2. BHC

    The Long Walk In

    My legs
  3. Many I know have the same thoughts
  4. BHC

    Cam check August 18 2018

    Same with me.....during the summer until late October I don't see true mature bucks, but once the end of October , start of November I will see mature bucks, problem is they are out of bow range
  5. BHC

    Cam check August 18 2018

    getting cut off sucks, but being it's public land nothing can be done
  6. I'm sure the digest is printed a is waiting to be sent out to license agents
  7. I believe we will have hunt....its getting real close, but then a liberal like Murphy can't be trusted...
  8. BHC

    Showdown buck mad at cat taking his cookies

    Is that Todd's kitty?
  9. BHC

    Just For Live to Hunt

    Todd I saw this and thought of you !!!!
  10. I agree, that's a good bear
  11. I can't say I'm super excited for this coming bear season, maybe because I have gotten a few over the years, or maybe will be once I get trail camera pictures over my bait once I have it out.....Not looking forward to dragging in bait, it's such a long, uphill drag.....but if I score it's worth it !!!
  12. BHC

    Cam pics

    nice bucks
  13. Carbon Express Maxima Hunters
  14. BHC

    Bait free bow bucks- let's see them!

    I don't know what make/.model form it is.....Jim Kelly did that mount
  15. BHC

    My New Work Truck