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  2. Now a big doe with 2 fawns
  3. Doe and fawn feeding on acorns
  4. Cams overnight showed small bucks sparring, does walking around with fawns, cams since sunrise showing does with fawns only
  5. I said it when they hired him he will do one thing to the Giants, that is send them backwards and that person the GM Gettleman.....He's old and the game passed him up there was a reason the Panthers fired him, they should of hired Luis Riddick as GM......I have no problem with Judge and Staff, they coaching the product Gettleman put on the field, if by the end of his contract things don't change then YES fire Judge
  6. I totally 110% agree they suck, more entertaining watching the leaves fall off the tree
  7. For a reliable affordable camera, Tactacam Reveal X
  8. My insurance allows three shots per year, it helped but wasn't a solution
  9. enjoy Nick with back/neck issues few years ago I couldn't draw my bow or if I could I struggled big time.....seeing a chiropractor for the last few months I'm feeling better but not near 100%, but decided to draw my bow back, I still struggled with pain.....no way I could hunt ethically with it
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