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  1. BHC

    Anyone ever make their own sushi rolls?

    I don't like the seaweed wrap, I like soy wrap.....my favorite is spicy salmon or tuna
  2. BHC

    Anyone ever make their own sushi rolls?

    So you're saying you never ate p***y?
  3. BHC

    Woodsman416 were are you?

    he must be at work at this hour
  4. BHC

    New toy

  5. BHC

    He did it!

    great move by Trump
  6. BHC

    Amazon Cancels NYC Project Because Of Ultra-Liberals

    Now come to NJ, more jobs, local economy and small businesses will benefit
  7. Very similar rack to one of my NJ bucks
  8. Congratulations, looks great
  9. Illinois, but Kansas is on my list
  10. BHC

    The Tax Cuts Were a Bust

    your tax rate in 2017 was 28%, 2018 24%, so how are they taking out more?
  11. BHC

    The Tax Cuts Were a Bust

    under the tax plan your tax rate was lowered therefore less money taken from your paycheck, but you claim 2% more is taken out.....my take rate dropped by 1%, big deal !!! https://smartasset.com/taxes/trump-tax-brackets
  12. BHC

    The Tax Cuts Were a Bust

    well in most towns they have their own police dept., and in the case they don't it's covered by state police, either way we all paying, I pay for my own garbage pick up by a private firm.....Overall I assume you live in the woods if your town doesn't have all the services like many towns in NJ.....Are you saying NJ Property tax isn't really a issue?
  13. BHC

    2017 Permit Bow Mount is Done

    way to go, congrats !!