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  1. tick trawler

    He did it!

    The Israel lobby has been controlling our foreign policy for decades ostensibly to protect itself, using our military to accomplish their goals under various false premises like "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq". These insane policies, based upon lies, half-truths, false information, fake news propaganda and well paid deceivers of all stripes, cooked up in part by the roundtable groups such as the council on foreign relations and the brookings institution, drained our country of blood and treasure, left thousands of our surviving troops maimed, suicidal, or otherwise mentally damaged, destroyed hundreds of thousands of foreigners along with their cities, contaminated areas with depleted uranium weapons and other toxic waste, destroyed desalinization plants that were the best in the world, seized the oil and opium poppy fields for unknown benefactors, as the dollar was propped up against other currencies by virtue of these hegemonic foreign policy actions, in the process leaving us with trillions in debt. These many decades of evil were accomplished in plain sight as we were told by fox news, cnn, msnbc, and others that the terrorists were in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afganistan only to find out later that ISIS, the mujahadeen, and al-qaida were different names for the same terrorist group, and that they over these same evil decades were controlled, directed, supplied, and trained by deep state elements from our country. Furthermore we were advised that we have terrorists in our own country therefore we will be giving up our Bill of Rights as we continue torture people in other countries using "approved methods". It's time for the United States of America to be defended and that in part requires a wall at our southern border. We know you had to build the wall, President Trump, to fulfill your campaign promise. We are grateful for your efforts to do so.
  2. tick trawler

    This country is really getting sad.

    He's the T-rex of political talk.
  3. tick trawler

    This country is really getting sad.

    The powers that be in the DNC have chosen Hillary Clinton as their candidate. https://www.infowars.com/watch-alex-jones-show/
  4. tick trawler


    CNN makes stuff up all the time. How could any story of theirs be considered factual? I don't think I will dig deeper into this story by reading the pakistani article about the hunt.
  5. tick trawler

    I wish he would run for president

    As some of you are probably aware, Michael Savage's very popular and successful radio show was eliminated in favor of Ben Shapiro. Michael Savage hates Ben Shapiro for many reasons primarily that Ben is a neoconservative, part of the controlled opposition to the democratic party. Jordan Peterson is another one that has sold out to the neoconservatives. Ben Shapiro is not a nationalist. He is a judas goat just as Glenn Beck was. He is a gatekeeper, an "approved conservative" sent to misdirect and mislead us.
  6. tick trawler

    Ocasio-Cortez Explains Our Broken System

    There is something familiar about the "green new deal". The ideas within it keep reappearing in different places from time to time. The trick is to try to see who or what is supporting the politicians pushing these ideas, as they are not strictly those of the politician. “Since the 1960s, the environmental left has had the same solutions regardless of the current environmental scare of the day,” Marc Morano, publisher of the Climate Depot website, a former Republican political aide, and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change said. “The solution is global governance, central planning, wealth redistribution, and loss of national sovereignty to international bodies. They started this in the late 1960s chiefly with overpopulation — the Paul Ehrlich [author of The Population Bomb] scare, resource scarcity, and other environmental concerns at the time, and always the same solution.” Global warming is merely the latest environmental scare with the same solution, Morano says. http://www.climatedepot.com/2019/02/07/green-raw-deal-global-warming-is-merely-the-latest-environmental-scare-with-the-same-solutions-of-wealth-redistribution-and-central-planning/
  7. tick trawler

    Speed mark your firewood 16"

    found it
  8. tick trawler

    Ok what is THIS on trailcam?

    I'm going with LARGE walrus.
  9. tick trawler


    The purpose of keeping the baby alive is to get consent and then sell it's body parts. There is lots of money to be made in the trade of baby body parts as sick as it is. Don't make me post the proof.
  10. tick trawler

    Almost cant even watch the news anymore

    Watch the news if you can stand it, but realize as some have said here that it is soviet style propaganda. The fact that the mainstream news constantly attacks Trump is solid proof that he is a force for good. Roger Stone, being their latest target, of course has done nothing wrong. He is in the way of the plan. Look closer but remember that what they have done to me they will do to you. https://youtu.be/3owk7vEEOvs
  11. https://babylonbee.com/news/demon-lord-clearly-visible-in-new-york-senate-chamber-applauding-legalization-of-abortion-until-moment-of-birth
  12. tick trawler

    Woodstove banging overnight

    When the ground freezes around a house you can get booming sounds like that. It was happening at my house this morning.
  13. tick trawler

    Congrats trump- the 1st female president!

    Democratic party operatives and apologists are attempting to replace Trump with a female president. Russiagate continues to be the pretense. For their plan to work both Trump and Pence must be sidelined not just Trump. If they are successful we will have Nancy Pelosi as president. She will appoint Hillary Clinton as vice president and then step back down to speaker again leaving Hillary Clinton as president. It is likely that President Trump is aware of this plan and is making light of it. https://www.brighteon.com/5991738541001
  14. tick trawler

    Beto O'Rourke

    Thank God for Ted Cruz in Texas and his opposition to the tech companies censorship of conservative voices. Thank God for his tireless efforts protecting and defending the second amendment as a Texas senator. His efforts protect all of our rights no matter where we reside.