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  1. Samples could be taken at one of the bridges at the intersection of Rt. 519 and Shotwell Rd. and Fredon Greendell Rd., or upstream off of Fredon-Greendell Rd. at the old mill pond. Upstream from that, private property may limit sample taking. There is probably a half mile of stream between the Rt 519 crossing and the source of the alleged effluent. The upper portion of the stream after the treatment plant flows through a swamp. During drier periods, all of the stream goes down a hole in the ground just after it crosses Rt. 519. Hence the name Dead End Creek. "Bear Brook" is now just a residential area with a wedding place as a business.
  2. - raw sewage sludge releases allegedly occur in the middle of the night or during flooding events or both - releases allegedly discharge from a pipe directly into dead-end creek, a tributary of Bear Brook... a Category 1 trout stream? and tributary of the Pequest River - releases allegedly from pipe less than 100 yards downstream from the green building that houses the sewage package plant - Fredon Township town government allegedly complicit in and covering for the releases in order to save on costs - foul odor of raw sewage can allegedly be smelled in the stream as it travels all the way down to the intersection of Rt. 519 and Shotwell Rd. - I am not making the call until I can gather enough evidence, which may be never because it is a gated community and the releases allegedly are in the middle of the night on random days
  3. The homosexual agenda is part of a larger diversity agenda, as you all are well aware. When the time comes for important decisions to be made to protect our AngloZionist coastal ruling elites and their wealth, the diversity card is pulled to install puppets into positions of power in government. When the card is pulled to install their own children into positions of power, as we are seeing now with our new DEP Commissioner and Attorney General, you know that there are important decisions to be made to protect the ruling families. Nice flag. They probably decided not to join the rest of the genetically modified idiots and inject themselves with spike proteins.
  4. a few people that make America great: 1) people rejecting in droves the experimental genetic modification shots 2) immigrant people that continue to get along well with the existing American population 3) people that design, fix, create, build and grow useful and beautiful things. 4) people that operate internet media that allows for truth at any cost (almost no media, maybe this place if you can believe it) 5) people that recognize that we are getting ripped off both in money and health by the corporate multinationals, insurance companies and banks and find ways around this 6) people that don't go along with the mask wearing 7) people who can fix their own cars and trucks, driving them forever not caring how they look 8) people who can pass the torch without lighting the bag of crap and burning the place to the ground beforehand 9) people who care for their own family as a top priority 10) people able to recognize, acknowledge and correct their own personal faults
  5. Fred Reed has a few words for you. Stay away from crowds. https://www.unz.com/author/fred-reed/
  6. This thread has some good pictures of mature persimmon trees, so I thought I would add some summer pictures of persimmon leaves, flowers, and fruitlets. The first picture is a good example of persimmon leaves and flowers. This tree is a claypool A118 otherwise known as elmo. The second picture is of a mature Prok persimmon in late stages of flowering, with some fruitlets. In the third picture is one of my persimmon grafts that survived. It was the middle of June before the buds burst letting me know the graft was alive. All sprouts below the graft union need to be periodically removed or else the scion will not take.
  7. Here are two pictures of my mature Illinois Everbearing Mulberry tree, and one picture of my successful graft of it onto seedling mulberry.
  8. An AMS retriever reel has been on my bowfishing bow since 1995. It's probably the only reel worth mounting.
  9. They silence us by drowning out dissenting voices with obscene quantities our own money they stole under false pretense to pay for radio, TV, newsprint propaganda, internet disinformation and control over government, all to try to keep us from opening up the can of worms. And what a can of worms it is. https://www.unz.com/ishamir/the-can-of-worms/
  10. Looks good. Your trees are well protected from animals and weed competition.
  11. Very sad and didn't need to happen. These problems with the not-vax are not uncommon. Read this if you are still considering the not-vaccine: https://cuttingthroughthefogcom.files.wordpress.com/2021/05/evidence-of-injury-mwm-1.pdf
  12. https://www.unz.com/announcement/breaking-the-silence-on-the-origins-of-covid-19/ https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/virologists-claim-fingerprints-manipulation-prove-covid-19-man-made-no-credible-natural It is now obvious that covid-19 was developed in a bioweapons laboratory and released to intentionally harm people. The question becomes who did it? The answer is that it may or may not be China. When we ask ourselves who stands to gain from the the release of covid-19, the answer always points back to our not-American rulers and the corporations they own.
  13. The alpine slide was my favorite. It required a bit of calculation and restraint to prevent an accident. The concrete runways didn't have high enough berms and were often taken at high speed leading to injuries caused by a combination of stupidity, speed, jagged rocks, steep hills, and outcroppings of large rocks. I eventually tried the very high water slide. I didn't like it. The go-carts were fun but the lines to get in were always long.
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