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  1. "This is a Classic CIA color revolution: Exact template the Rockefeller Rothschild’s private army of goons a.k.a CIA/ Mi6 / Mossad have carried out through out the world! 1) take over at least 50% of the country’s airwaves (CNN, MSNBC, FOX) , 2) provide covert assistance to CIA loyalists inside with governments a.k.a coup plotters (local police, democrat mayors, governors, military leaders etc). 3) Bombard public with negative propaganda for months. 4) As election approaches unleash riots and rebellion on the streets. The 3rd world dictator will attempt crowd control using military troops, teargas, curfews etc but the military, police on CIA payroll only pretend to comply. Instead they allow international media and CIA journalists to take pictures which is then published worldwide via Time, Newsweek, Economist magazines, crisp copies delivered to diplomats heads of state in every country week after week…Soon at the highest levels in every country the opinion is formed that such and such country is unstable, that dictator leader must go etc = another successful coup for the bankster families that run the CIA ! Typically the thrid world dictator will have the poor masses supporting him not the elite and once the coup is over the poors get crushed and there will be no press coverage. Trump is that third world leader and the poors who will get crushed are his MAGA base. Since the MAGA crowd has guns the only way to disable them is to politically balkanize MAGA states coupled with bankster created depression (cash scarcity) and genocide them one by one slowly via DNA based targeted COVID related vaccines and therapies delivered via national POST COVID Contact tracing tracking healthcare systems…" no link to quoted text provided at this time
  2. resurrected this old thread to post this link I meant to post here quite a while ago: https://boletes.wpamushroomclub.org/ It's "the bolete filter", a synoptic key for North American boletes
  3. I bought a bag of oat feed from the self serve red barn on rt 206 in springdale (near simon peter), did a germination test and discovered that the whole bag was viable seed. My food plot was tilled in mid to late summer and seeded prior to a rainy period. I don't think I paid more than 7 bucks for the whole bag. The deer would come running into that plot every evening in the fall, preferring the oat grass over all other types.
  4. Story here: https://www.lancasterfarming.com/news/main_edition/contested-code-could-put-busy-butcher-and-farms-out-of-work/article_bcefeb35-d2de-532a-bc50-cfef90a5e0cc.html Petition here: https://www.change.org/o/nellos_specialty_meats A few years back, Nello's was forced to separate their deer processing from processing of livestock. I had a deer processed at Nello's, They do a fantastic job. The meats they produce, for sale in their freezer at the facility, are the best. It is my understanding that Nello intends or had intended to build a separate facility for deer processing. Now this.
  5. "I finally watched the Plandemic video people keep sending me. Looks to me like a combination of ridiculous bullshit conspiracy nuttery mixed with some true stuff. Reminds me of the absurd idea that the FBI recently attempted a coup in the United States. Wait. Oh, fuck. — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) May 7, 2020" Here's the plandemic video, it is still available on bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/mIEwe3JdjJhb/
  6. A conspiracy theorist is someone who questions known liars. The Forbes article suggests we get our information from "The Atlantic"....
  7. They can't erase the video from bitchute. haha https://www.bitchute.com/video/mIEwe3JdjJhb/ hat tip goes to the burningplatform https://www.theburningplatform.com/2020/05/06/the-hidden-agenda-behind-the-scamdemic/
  8. Jimmy Nardello's. It is a sweet pepper, prolific, turning red early, great to eat fresh or cook with. "Dependable and delicious, these fire engine-red peppers were given to Seed Savers Exchange by Jimmy Nardello, whose mother brought the seeds to the United States when she emigrated with her husband, Guiseppe, from the Basilicata region of Italy in 1887. One of the best peppers for frying, with a mild, spicy flavor. Productive plants are loaded with glossy-red 10"-long peppers." https://www.seedsavers.org/jimmy-nardellos-pepper
  9. Here is some information about "Orac" the author of the article above denouncing Dr. Mikovits. From commenter "Terry" on the "respectfulinsolence" website: "One must note that you are obviously highly biased having worked in Big Pharma funded facilities for most of your medical career. Additionally, as noted in your Wikipedia bio, you are and have been an “outspoken skeptic, and a critic of alternative medicine and the anti-vaccination movement.” Basically, you are an anti-alternative medical professor who has devoted his career to carrying water for the pharmaceutical and modern medical complex which siphons off over $3 Trillion annually in the U.S. alone from the American public with pretty pathetic results when all is said and done. (A war on cancer that is still going with the primitive big three offerings – carcinogenic chemotherapy (so toxic a spill requires a hazmat suit to clean up), carcinogenic radiation therapy and the surgical removal of localized cancer (a symptom-based approach which often results in the spread because the cause has not been addressed, only the symptom). Additionally, your criticisms are simply repeats of the industry attacks on Dr. Mikovits after she refused to back off of her finding that the XMRV retrovirus was associated with ME/CFS more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome through pulverized mouse brains used to cultivate vaccines such as the mercury-preserved (thimerosal)polio vaccine where CFS first arose in the 1930’s at LA County General Hospital. Of course, the industry is going to drum up attacks on Dr. Mikovits when she brings up any potentially critical information about vaccines because they potentially threaten a cash cow that feeds them and indirectly yourself as well. After all, it took you a very short time to come out with an article attacking Dr. Mikovits, an expected response from someone who attacks any opinion, alternative, or information contrary to the approved medical/pharmaceutical complex approved narrative. People are seeing through the modern medical mirage in increasing numbers and obviously biased blogs like yours are helping to further that awareness. " and Dr. Mikovits book: https://ebooksbag.com/pdf-epub-plague-of-corruption-restoring-faith-in-the-promise-of-science-download/
  10. Her testimony is true. Yes, watch the video before they take it down.
  11. Our ruling class here in America would like all of us to be focused on China so that the focus is not on them. We need to keep an eye on their actions. The Chinese people are becoming more and more prosperous under their ruling class, while we are not. Our media is subject to centralized control just like China, just with a different control system. This is why all mainstream media is not to be trusted, including Fox News. It is our own extractive ruling class that is continually pushing to get our guns, send the jobs to China, and lock us further down with false narratives like 9/11 and covid19.
  12. mike033089, your chainsaw bar has information engraved on it for the chain pitch, gauge, and number of drive links. Type these numbers into ebay or amazon or look up the chain on baileysonline. My chainsaw chain, for example, is .325 pitch, .058 gauge, and 66 drive links. So if I were looking for more chain I would just type ".325 .058 66" into their search box or any search engine. I have ordered chainsaw stuff from "archerplus" on ebay and been satisfied with the quality and price. Right now I could buy my chain in a two-pack for $27.98 from archerplus with shipping included. This is for oregon full chisel chain.
  13. tick trawler

    Global Warming

    and how many pounds of particulates.... http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/massive-us-senate-document-on-national-and-global-weather-modification/
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