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  1. Dominant buck

    Baby Inbound! **Madison Rose has arrived!!

    Congrats to mom and dad to be. Hold wife's hand, give her the support that she needs,
  2. Dominant buck

    Great Deal On The Savage 220

    That's a great deal. Top it off with a good 3x9
  3. Dominant buck

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    Great grouping
  4. Dominant buck

    Saskatchewan 2018

    Nice , congratulations andy
  5. Dominant buck

    A couple of bucks from today

    Nice pic guys, congrats
  6. Dominant buck

    12/04/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    Stayed local today (monroe) they came by early, but light enough to get head count, 20 doe, very very nice 8 pt, just couldn't get a clean shot, hopefully tomorrow I see him again
  7. Dominant buck

    Saskatchewan Bound!

    Well, how did u make out
  8. Dominant buck

    12/03/18 6-day Firearm Opener Check In !!!

    Hunted the Delaware water gap, usually go to stokes , figured I mix it up a bit. I saw 8 doe, 2 bears and not 1 other hunter. It was a comfortable all day sit. Around 43 degrees up on the mountain
  9. Dominant buck

    Zone 4 old mine road

    Real nice mountain buck
  10. Dominant buck

    H&R slug gun

    I'm sure I can tweek it a little better, get maybe a 3x9 scope, currently it's a 2x7. But like I said before, I'll take groups like those 3 all day long. I appreciate all the feedback. Wishing all a safe , successful buck week, make some great memories.
  11. Dominant buck

    H&R slug gun

    Prone for a steady rest, while sighting in,you knucklehead. While hunting I'm in trees stand with rail, or ground blind. But if the deer allows me to get to prone position I'll do it, lol
  12. Dominant buck

    H&R slug gun

    1st shot (clean barrel) little high, other I'll take all day long, no fancy gun rest, just good Ole fashion prone position
  13. Dominant buck

    All day sit

    I always plan for all day sit, high up on ridge, stokes or gap. Oxbow mike, did you ever hunt oxbow. Lodge maine in the 2002 2006 time frameow
  14. Dominant buck

    H&R slug gun

    Took the old girl out for some shooting, 125 yrds, Hornaday,
  15. Dominant buck

    19 point pine deer

    I think it's been drinking some of the runoff from Fort dix restriction areas?