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  1. 24 pages of this topic. Wow. My 2 cents. Some people will always favor their party ,weather its all democrats or all Republicans, one news station is so right, the other is so left. Its like a religion, everyone thinks their religion is the right one and the other religion is the wrong one. There has to be a happy medium somewhere. Not all parties have great ideas , not all parties have bad ideas, bipartisan is a good thing? Facts: the cop killed a handcuffed man by kneeling on neck. He committed a crime and deserved to be arrested. Law and order is essential for a cou
  2. Love bluefish and striped bass for hard hitting action. Fluke/seabass for the table. Hopefully going on a tuna trip this year, its on my bucket list.
  3. Its very taste. The hard part is trying to filet the SOB's, or maybe its just me
  4. Definitely justified!! Thank God it was video taped.
  5. Wasn't blood already spilled? And before I get slammed, I come from a family that has several LEO who I have the utmost respect for
  6. My buddy John had a great day also, must be the name,lol. I stayed in the raritan bay, tried for striper, blues, fluke, nothing! The fog was extremely heavy until 1pm. And ofcourse there is always the one jerk off going full throttle across the bay with very limited visibility. Unbelievable Here is a picture as the fog is lifting away, 20 minutes earlier you couldn't see the other boat, but hear them talking. Yikes
  7. For me its the ole rem 760/7600 carbine in 30 06. It suits me and my style of hunting. Weather its still hunting, tracking, usally in tight cedar swaps or a dark hemlock ridge, the gun just suits me.
  8. Beautiful tribute, I'm thankful for all that made the ultimate sacrifice, also humbled as a human,
  9. The song by Billy Ray cyrus, "All gave some, some gave all" always hits home.
  10. Nice job, classic stone patio
  11. My 1st Toyota 237,000 miles, other then brakes,oil changes, it was NEVER in the shop.
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