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  1. I worked in the the "Big Apple " for 5 years. I hated every minute of it. Definitely not for me.
  2. Spicy mustard or Tabasco sauce, or both!
  3. As a fiber optic tech with big V, it was a very busy 2020 year
  4. That's a great way to end the night
  5. I busted my ass last year at work. Many 7 day work weeks. 16 hour days to help provide for a family of 5, college bills etc, just made a little to much to qualify. It is what it is. I'm grateful that I can work , I'm also happy for those who got the stimulus package.. any little bit helps especially in this state of NJ
  6. If you buy new, alot of the American trucks come with decent warranty. When I bought my wife's Tahoe I opted for the extended bumper warranty, it was well worth it. But for me, I'm a tundra guy. Both trucks I've had never once let me down, and almost never in the shop ,
  7. Well said. I had them all, I came back to the tundra. I have no problem Towing my 23 ft boat. This gas isn't the greatest, and I wish a little more room inside, but for reliability day in day out you can't beat them ,IMO
  8. The best trucks I ever had. Not the best on gas, but most likely 200,000 miles out of them without any issues
  9. Yep that's a classic dish
  10. I'm freaking craving these now. I'll propose a idea, you guys make them , ill swing by and taste them, then let you know who makes them the best,
  11. Nothing beats the heart pounding of a covery getting kicked up. Belive it or not there is still a very small covey still in sayreville!! I've been kicking them up for over 20 years in the same spot while running the hounds. Brings back some great memories as a kid
  12. Ty. All get same sun. Backwash goes 6 ft away to the right of them to the corner and low spot of property. No fertilizer as of yet. The balls aren't completely buried, should I build up with topsoil or mulch? Fertilizer?
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