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  1. Ty for posting. That was article I was talking about. Very cool read
  2. I love post like this, pretty cool
  3. I recall a article years ago about Worthington State park ( parts of Delaware water gap) . It was named after Mr. Worthington, some tycoon millionaire back in the day, he own ALOT of that property in the northwest corner of our state and was a big deer hunter for him and his business partners, clients etc. He imported deer from Michigan, west Virginia and let them lose on his property, maybe this is why there are some big boys running around up there? I personally took a big 6pt , dressed out 170 lbs up high in the gap. There is a guy on this site or the other nj hunter site that ha
  4. Nice meeting you to Tony. Thank you for a great deal
  5. Nice hunt, and thats a great recipe, from pheasant to rabbit. Enjoy the feast
  6. Comments like this is why I kept doing this for 30 years!! I'm 52yrs old been hunting since 10yrs old. Had to juggle work, family, deer hunting, raising beagles throughout the years. Family and work came first, I had to put deer hunting on the back burner while focusing on the hounds, but still managed to get 1 or 2 nice bucks throughout the years, lol. Once my last hound goes ill focus 100% on deer
  7. Its all about the angle of the photo
  8. I have to say , I've been with the hounds for almost 30 yrs , some great memories, I had some great hounds. This is the last go around with the hounds sad to say.
  9. Ty for recipe. My favorite is rabbit cacciatori. Bottle of red wine. Good to go
  10. Finally got out with the hound. She ran great as usual. Got 3 for the pot.
  11. I hope you find him. I like the ball busting on "slim" Best way to spook him is to put a treadmill in the area, he'll get wind of it a take off
  12. IllIllPm sent I'll be there Sunday after work to buy them
  13. Dominant buck


    Poor hound. What is amazing is that the fishers n main food supply is the porcupine. How the hell do they go about eating one of those SOB
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