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  1. Hi guys, if interested pm me your number, I will text pictures. Husky tile wet saw, used for 1 job, paid $110, Robyi miter saw MTD snowblower 12 yrs old, needs a pull cord, but electric start works. 4ft bull float , 3 6ft handles 2 Jackson wheel barrows Make offer for package. Also might be selling 1999 23 hydra sort WA boat. With trailer,and equipment. Just tossing that idea also to family Location Monroe central nj
  2. Yep I was one of them, eventhough I voted for him, I wouldn't put it past him, but stand corrected. Carry on Mr President
  3. Best gift my wife got me. Set temp,time, put in some meat, wood chips, slow and low, then eat. It is idiot proof, well almost lol
  4. I love rabbit cacatori, Italian bread, red wine. I had rabbit with mushrooms sauce portaguess style, it was to die for. Tried making it myself but can't duplicate the same taste it had at the restaurant
  5. All my dogs where trash free or I made them trash free. You hit the nail on the head with the word patience and trust the dog is running a rabbit. The the hound opens up on a rabbit and starts running it good that' when you stop and look to setup position for a good shot, the rabbit almost always comes back , I had 1 rabbit cross 2 cut corn fields and like clockwork came back to where he was jumped at. I was waiting and watching the show unavail right before my eyes. This time of year the male or buck rabbits will run far and not hole up to soon. Go find some cut fields with hedgerows or over grown power lines to run, sit back and enjoy. If you need any tips on trash proofing the dogs pm me
  6. you running beagles, what bloodline 

  7. Went out for a great 5 hour solo rabbit hunt with my hound, she did great ,some great long runs on the buck rabbit. Ended the day with 3.
  8. I wish, homes sit on half acre lots, this is the only buffer they have to sneak around on till dark, then they come out and eat all our landscaping
  9. 2 local bucks hiding in my development in central nj. It's a small strip 50 yards in width, but goes couple hundred feet between 2 developments
  10. Hunted over 5 hounds, only got 1 rabbit, some easy misses, but had awesome runs
  11. Had the hound out for 5 hrs, 3 rabbits in the bag for tomorrow nights rabbit cacaturi.
  12. Very nice to you, I lost one couple of years ago, some time later a guy calla me says bought one on Craigslist and when changed battery he saw my name number on it and called me, told him I lost it, he gave it back to me and didn' want a dime for it. I did take care of him with beer and several gift cards
  13. My. First Toyota 237,000 no issues 2nd Toyota 190,000 no issues My ford f250 4 door 4x4, started falling apart 60,000 miles, from ball joint, which where done again 120,000, rust wheel wells, 11 brake calbers, air conditioning, alterator, wheel bearings, window motor, wiper motor, speak plug blew out of engine head
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