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  1. Dominant buck

    Backyard bucks

    I wish, homes sit on half acre lots, this is the only buffer they have to sneak around on till dark, then they come out and eat all our landscaping
  2. Dominant buck

    Backyard bucks

    2 local bucks hiding in my development in central nj. It's a small strip 50 yards in width, but goes couple hundred feet between 2 developments
  3. Dominant buck

    1/26 check in

    Hunted over 5 hounds, only got 1 rabbit, some easy misses, but had awesome runs
  4. Dominant buck

    Friday 1/25 check in

    Had the hound out for 5 hrs, 3 rabbits in the bag for tomorrow nights rabbit cacaturi.
  5. Dominant buck

    Roxy and Declan's first rabbit!!!

    Great day for all. Nice pictures
  6. Dominant buck

    Found Controller For GPS dog collar

    Very nice to you, I lost one couple of years ago, some time later a guy calla me says bought one on Craigslist and when changed battery he saw my name number on it and called me, told him I lost it, he gave it back to me and didn' want a dime for it. I did take care of him with beer and several gift cards
  7. Dominant buck

    Lets talk PU trucks - 1500 series, 6cyl, Ford vs Chevy vs Ram

    My. First Toyota 237,000 no issues 2nd Toyota 190,000 no issues My ford f250 4 door 4x4, started falling apart 60,000 miles, from ball joint, which where done again 120,000, rust wheel wells, 11 brake calbers, air conditioning, alterator, wheel bearings, window motor, wiper motor, speak plug blew out of engine head
  8. Dominant buck

    Cabinet guy wanted

    Cabinet guy needed
  9. Dominant buck

    Dishwasher relocation

    This is my plan to get a more experience guy then me to do job, called 3 different guys, no response yet
  10. Dominant buck

    Dishwasher relocation

    Good question, assuming i can put a trap in drainage pipe right below dishwasher location, run outlet hose to that pipe? I would love to have a more experience guy do it, that's why I made this post. I'm pretty handy but never dabbled in this. Are you you plumber? Pm me your info
  11. Dominant buck

    My version of seven fish

    Looks great. Stuffed my face also with the 7 fishes, well who am I kidding, we are up to the 12 fishes on the menu,lol
  12. Dominant buck

    Dishwasher relocation

    Small kitchen remodel. Moving dishwasher 5 ft away to island, full access to basement pipes, etc. Was looking for experienced guy to relocate pipe (shark bite?) I' in Monroe twp, Middlesex co, anyone interestd?
  13. Dominant buck

    Rabbit hunting dogs for sale

    If they are decent dogs then this is a deal of the century. I usually get $600 for my broke dogs! Can you pm me info Can you pm
  14. Dominant buck

    Need plumber

    How did you make out? I'm redoing kitchen looking to move dishasher to island 5 ft away. Any plumbers in Monroe area interested
  15. Dominant buck

    Traditions/superstitions that bring you luck.....

    I'm a pretty good healthy eater , but come buck week I go off the menu, seems like when I get a double prkrool egg,potato, chesse, I get a buck.