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  1. What breed dog? I have several beagle trainers
  2. Yo bud, that's a great day!! PM me the GPS coordinates, lol
  3. Are you mechanic looking for work? Location?
  4. I think my water pump 09 tundra is starting to leak. Any you mechanics online to give what I should to expect to pay to have it replaced?? Ty in advance
  5. Steven's 20 gauge single shot, I think my dad bought it from sears, it was my present for my 11th birthday along with 1 box of 6 shot, was told make the ammo last all season! ( dad worked 2 jobs, school teacher, then security guard on weekends while mom stayed home with us 5 kids, so money was tight). I learned how to make the 1st shot count and still do today.
  6. Some good answers. I agree with most. I'll add my 2 cents, there is little to no bipartisan with our government. One party can't be always 100% while the other party is 100% wrong. We as a country should be allowed to say that this is great/bad idea regardless who the party is? Support both parties if it's a great plan and shoot down a bad plan , again regardless who the party is who presented it. It's too much us vs them. Again just my 2 cents.
  7. What size /year seapro. I'll be making a purchase within the next couple of years before I retire. Will be looking for 23- 26 ft center console.
  8. Like others said add some cooked white rice . But the question is why diarrhea? Ive been with the hounds 30 years, usally either worms or a virus does this. Is dog updated on shots? You can give the 9 way vaccine shot your self , cost $11.00 at tractor supply. I would go to vet if it goes on more than a week
  9. These portable units have the water evaporate through the vent hose that connects to window. There is a valve that you can hook up a water drip hose to. But I've never had to do that. Google or YouTube portable AC drain setup
  10. Nice shed/shop. If you looking for ac unit I have one, pm me if interested
  11. Selling portable AC unit. 6 years old, works perfect. Idylis model 416709. I paid $300 for it, looking to get $100. Located in Monroe twp, Middlesex co
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