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  1. Use to hunt these as a kid at night, then bring to my buddies grandparents, they would fry up some frog legs. Taste like chicken. Man, do I miss those times
  2. One of my daughters friends just had a bash, 25-30 kids at the house, and the parents where home!!!!! My daughter couldn't believe that #1 they had a party #2 parents of the other kids where dropping them off! WTF!!
  3. Love tractor supply. Get anything from dog food to work boots. Best thing I try not to do is talk Politics and Religion! As the ole saying goes they think only their views (be it Republican, Democratic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim etc)are the only right one.
  4. A couple of drinks in her she is whatever you want to be.lol
  5. I thought you where talking about one of my old girlfriends
  6. Very similar. Wife, 3 daughters from 19 16 11. They hate using the bathroom at one private launch site. I might look into browns at morgan.
  7. Me and wife and 3 daughters are like a pit crew at nascar. We in ,tied off 5 - 7 minutes.
  8. Trust me I hate the ramp thing. From guys taking 20 min to launch, some jackass tied off at ramp then decided to start filet his fish while we are 5 boats deep trying to come in. And the god dam jet skis, they all suck
  9. Where you slip at? I still trailer because I only use boat maybe 5 times a year, it's a 23 hydrasport, wish I could slip it, but cant reason to myself pay all that for 5 times, but wish I could. Going out sat or Sunday from keyport
  10. Always enjoy seeing your pictures. Keep them coming
  11. Same here , especially in parking lots of stores
  12. What year seapro? They always made a great fishing boat! My opinion a 23 ft cc is a perfect fishing machine for bay and out to 15miles ,give or take the day. I have 23 wa older boat, but next one will be 23ft
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