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  1. Had anyone tried Lucky Buck heard missed reviews
  2. I for one would rather see them charge $80-$100 and stock bits to end of February mid March... less than two months of stocking is horrible... too many of us give dogs and love to run them... Chuckar is nice just as a change of pace but not if it will be the new norm... although I've heard rumors that they are thinking of mixing it up next year
  3. I've gone to Woodbridge Arms and Archery and couldn't say one because thing about him. Best that I've been to. I've been to targeteers, strictly archery, Simon peters, from my experience Dom at Woodbridge Arms best experience. Targeteers for same reasons noted above, seems like certain outside get treated differently in there guys they have there favorites. Simon Peter's wasn't happy with service. Strictly Archery not to bad a little slow, but far for me, and highly expensive but no complaints about the work they both very knowledgeable.
  4. Either of the two female the gentleman that wants one of the female doesn't care which of the two... those are the 2 females that can choose from...
  5. Thank you to all that commented... 1 female left...
  6. Thanks guys, oops just realized I left this little girl out of pics and sent a double of other female
  7. Sorry didn't realize I didn't put location and price... $1000 and location is branchburg and work in harrison although I am hunting south jersey or north jersey during weekends.
  8. Have a litter of German shorthair pups parents registered with nadkc and navdha. Great blood lines pups are registered with navdha... pups were born 11-07-2018... 2 females and 1 male left...This is a fantastic breeding that combines some of the Old Hege house blood lines Sir and Dam are exceptional hunting dogs. Puppies are expected to be loaded with natural ability and fantastic hunting abilities.This is a pair of dogs that have proven themselves at a very young age. Both dogs have prize 1 in navdha natural ability. In nadkc both sire and dam have prize 1 derby, prize 1 solms/AZP. They have great temperaments, easily trainable and very good around the house and kennel. They are very good in conformation. For more info please send me a PM will be glad to answer any questions as well as any pics.
  9. Out in zone 41 very few distant shots so far, except the one at about 6 10a.m. definitely before legal shooting hours, there's 3 of us hunting and no one has seen a thing... good luck all
  10. I'd wait till morning and track him then no need to go in dark incase you bump him and don't notice. Buy either way should be a dead deer
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