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  1. Friend of mine out in allumuchy, drivers just walked past him about 30 mins ago, said was atleast 12 on his side
  2. Not me my father actually hunts it, I will ask him later
  3. Zone 41, 32 degrees and light snow... Good luck ladies and gents...
  4. Out in zone 41, bumped a nice buck walking in, 3 shots heard very slow morning
  5. Sorry sir thanks that actually something I have never noticed never actually looked because I don't pheasant hunt during the shotgun or muzzy season... good info to know though
  6. Just because 6 day is open pheasant does not close you can still hunt birds, so it makes no sense for the state to stock on a Thursday instead of the Saturday and I believe it's the 1st time they do so
  7. U should try calling the state seems like a typo
  8. That doesn't seem right because there's no deer season open on the 7th... 6 day starts on the 9th
  9. Slow in zone 12 rain is starting to slow down hopefully changing to snow sooner than later
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