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  1. Costam07

    Buck Down-Recovery Continuing post from last night

    Congrats buddy... hunting should and needs to be fun and if that buck or any buck or doe makes you happy... shoot what makes you happy
  2. Congrats awesome... glad it's on out there... he in Ohio been slow smaller chasing and cruising... bigger deer disappeared... don't even got them on camera last few days... not sure if they are locked down
  3. Costam07

    11/07 Check In = BBD for Greybeard!

    Glad it's on back home... congrats all... here in Ohio show either just starting or lockdown alot of smaller bucks cruising and chasing.... no big boys night or day on camera or from stand
  4. Costam07

    Sweet November! 11/4 Check In

    Congrats lunatic
  5. Costam07

    Sweet November! 11/4 Check In

    Good luck with recovery
  6. Costam07

    Mature 8 pointer down

    Here's the one that disappeared...
  7. Costam07

    Mature 8 pointer down

    It's been a crazy season here in Nj for me. Had only 1 buck I was willing to shoot on this property all season and the buck disappeared on me will post a few pics in a minute... then got pictures of this guy on the 29th and decided to name a movie to try to harvest him. Yesterday it just all came together. Got to the stand around 3 pm immediately saw a spike cruising around 5 pm had 3 doe come in and this guy showed up... at first he made a scrape and then it was all out chasing the doe's... luckily for me he stopped at 5 yards basically under me and I decided to take the shot.. wasn't the most ideal shot because of him being under me but I was comfortable I could put it straight down his back into the boiler room which I did.. he went 18 yards and dropped... called poops and and a friend to have them come help with the drag (actually they dragged we have a rule of you harvest you don't drag) I'm usually the one dragging not this time ... best part about it is starting it with family and friends....now off to ohio tomorrow morning hopefully it should be on.... hopefully I can put dad on a nice one out there will he guys first... here's a few pics and thanks guys....
  8. Costam07

    Blown Missouri hunt, self filmed

    Great video... sucks but I'm sure still had an amazing time out there
  9. Costam07

    11/3 AM Check In

    Small buck bedded with a doe seems to be tending here... she's all alone with him right off 202
  10. Costam07

    Jersey Jays, here I come. Buck down

    By any chance was that in zone 12 next to the hunterdon county parks office by arboretum... could swear I had that buck on camera
  11. Costam07

    Jersey Jays, here I come. Buck down

    Congrats nice buck...
  12. Costam07

    Have You Ever Left Your Gear In The Woods?

    I don't do it in here but in Ohio I do it on a daily basis... amazing how in other states the are so few trespassers
  13. Costam07

    11/1 check in

    Spike all alone cruising for love