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  1. Woodbridge arms and archery, Dominick will not stare you wrong... although I believe he only carries pse, bowtech, prime and elite... if you want to show all different brands definitely go to Lancaster archery
  2. Thanks he's avoided me for 2 yrs now
  3. Seen and read alot of people complaining about the north region stocking as well as the short season, here's a chance too participate in the survey, make suggestions, and hopefully make a change. Wishful thinking I know but better than doing nothing about it.
  4. Still can't believe no one has jumped all over this, If i didn't have an Ohio lease or Kansas booked with Todd, I'd be all over this. Anyone who hunts out if state knows you will not find a better deal.
  5. Great offer... someone should jump on this quickly
  6. PM me I have a few guys I know of but they are out of state, but will drive to meet halfway
  7. I can tell you some of them have some type of engraving, higher qaulity wood, and inside the barrels the one I have is chrome... hope this helps
  8. Great pics.... looks like its going to be a great season
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