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  1. You still be wasting a PP on a handgun that you may or may not get ammo for , can always apply for another permit , Not everyone plaed to have enough ammo , i have enough to reload a bit over 8k in 9mm so i can go play.... some guys may only be sitting on a couple hundred rounds just saying its an option.
  2. Given how expensive ammo is , and a lot of us who shoot often don't want to waste ammo at this time another way to scratch that trigger finger is maybe a bb pistol these Glock ones look pretty nice , yes is not really the same but can give a a temporary fix LOL..https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=glock+bb+pistol&&view=detail&mid=9C31B8C3FF03649B2AAE9C31B8C3FF03649B2AAE&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dglock%2Bbb%2Bpistol%26FORM%3DHDRSC3
  3. To buy at pre election prices you can forget about that period. Everyone is bitchin what the prices are right now which most likely is going to be cheap compared to what there going to be. until gun owners has someone in the WH that they feel somewhat comfortable with the panic buying isn't going to stop anytime soon, and with how many million new gun owners its going to be tough for some time .Just my opinon.
  4. Im sure prices will be higher but better to buy now it may be even more pricer next week next month i do see prices comeing down anytime soon
  5. Just a reminder for those who may have forgot or don't know , Eagle arms is having a 650 table show in Morgantown pa this Fri, Sat and Sunday , Im sure prices will be like everywhere else but it for those whos having trouble finding ammo or reloading supply's it may be worth while to take a trip. John
  6. vdep217 given the times that's not to bad .
  7. A few years ago I cleaned my ML and used Bore butter i usally store it muzzle down but i had stored it barrel up what happened some of the stuff got into the nipple had a big 6 at 30 yrds and all i heard was the cap go off was able to snap 4 more caps in hope that it would clear but never did.
  8. Started out as a compressor with a seized motor , my buddy asked if i can turn it into a stove for the shop had everything i needed laying around . the side vent is a steel 22 target LOL 20201224_171229.mp4
  9. OH hell no need for the blue pills im Married LOL LOL
  11. FishNHard

    The big Hoax

    watch the dr and the plunger closely of the syringe..https://www.facebook.com/TheReal.TonyLamar/videos/10157583715196899
  12. I wanted to pick up some 3 1/2" buckshot called a couple places they said not going to find any this season. anyone else find any,
  13. Wanted to buy a few big game ladder stand but nothing in stock anywhere for the ones i want .
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