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  1. A sit on top type kayak is what you want , a lightweight carbon paddle check craigslist and find a deal since your just getting into it no need to spend full price if it turns out its not for you . wilderness system's tarpon is a great kayak Native kayak , most of them are good kayaks , if you can find a used on with a rudder even more better , and if you find it is for you save for a hobbie. John
  2. I just heard trump refused to shake her hand is that true
  3. The Honda25 still uses 3 carb set up they don't have efi in the 25 size
  4. Right now my etec is 575cc motor the merc is 526 and the Yamaha is 432 I not sure but that does seem like a pretty big differance
  5. If you look at this video the Yamaha looks pretty tiny for a 25 Thttps://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=yamahaf25&&view=detail&mid=FC9255C70A8E2A9FA9B8FC9255C70A8E2A9FA9B8&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dyamahaf25%26FORM%3DHDRSC3
  6. I have a Yamaha dealer and a merc dealer maybe a mile from my house the 1 dealer I called sells both Honda and Yamaha and told me Not to go Honda , not sure why maybe because they still use carbs and not EFI the merc dealer had 1 on the floor and looked pretty nice no Yamaha dealer had 1 in stock to look at but looking online most of the Yamaha videos that motor looks pretty tiny, , all seem to have the same 5 yr warranty the merc was a bit more in price .
  7. Looking to buy a new 25hp tiller to replace my POS etec Out of Honda Yamaha Suzuki and Mercury what one do you see the least issues with and or which to totally avoid . Thanks John
  8. Well My stop smoking story I quit 27yrs ago I was a little over 3 packs a day, when I first started a pack of Marlboro was 35 cents , I enjoyed smoking calmed then nerves and stress , as the years went on it got to the point from a dead sleep id be standing in my room pouring sweet gasping for breath, IT WAS EITHER THE SMOKES GOTTA GO OR I DO , for me it was a little bit easier because those nights would scare the shit outa me , not going to say it was easy , the 3 tough things to get over was the first smoke in the morning before my feet got outa bead , while out having a few beers and the hardest for my was the after dinner smoke , I cut way down for a bit and I can remember to my last day I just bought a carton and was driving down rt 18 I looked over and said if I open that ill never be able to quit , rolled down the window and chucked the carton out , Skip the money part of what you'd be saving that don't mean shit , do it for yourself and be healthy , the crazy thing is years later sometimes id be going out and be like weres my smokes and id was like WTF I haven't smoked in years, It reminded me of my uncle who had lost his leg and would scream my foot itches like hell phantom itch he called it Best of luck for all you guys thinking of quitting , it'll be tough but worth it in the end. John
  9. how the hell you attempt to measure that rack,lol
  10. shooter in tuckerton has a bunch in stock the black synthetic they have in 12 with 28 inch barrel camo max5 12ga in 26 inch barrel $599 black $699 camo
  11. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone uses rechargeable AA battery's for there trail cam looking to get away from always buying alkaline , I so what brand you use and what kind of life your getting from them . Thanks John
  12. splitrock is that 42inch or 54
  13. AT 24 bucks I don't CARE if kim Jung himself made them LOL
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