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  1. Come on .....you all are hunters you know dam well its COVID !!!!!!! geezzz
  2. Not only that i know of 3 new hunters in there early 30's and 40's that I've talked to they said they never was really into hunting but when the covid crap first started and issues with not a bunch of stuff in the stores made then realize they wanted to learn how to hunt for food because they said Ya never know, So if there's those 3 guys how many more are learning to hunt that are now in the woods .
  3. for 223 I've use this as a guide
  4. I did an all day by myself , if you aint seeing deer its a tough sit for sure. charge you phone and download a good game to pass the time when action is slowwwwwww.LOL
  5. I've been using the $30 tasco from Walmart decent pics to and if it walks yes $30 IS $30 but sure beats leaving a few hundred dollar camera out there.
  6. BowhunterNJ gonna have to try that i always get a Bowe in the steps and right at the brace I always get the dam squeak ,
  7. I have 2 of them big game hunter 1.5 stands , I like them a lot very comfortable soon as they come back in stock i gonna order 2 more . The 1 thing i do with my ladder stand is use a nut and bolt instead of the pins i always get a loud squeak with the pins and have no more with the bolts.
  8. Better then lube bullets no lead fouling in the barrel
  9. Each time i got to the range i scrape up some old range lead a few lbs each time ill have a nice little bit to fall back on , ill save by factory ammo and just target practice with this stuff.
  10. I read a lot of good results with eastwoods ford blue so i started with that gonna try some colors by a company called powder by the pound.
  11. Started casting my own 9mm and now on to powder coating .
  12. to add don't go with 35 inch tires reson imho they are very heay tires and had a set on my 1997 Tacoma and yotas have small ball joints and cant really handle that weight was goin thru uppers like no tomorrow went to 31's and stopped the issue.
  13. Toytec lift kits . one one the best out there . and a set of 31.10.5 tires and you'll be set as for alignments I've had it done once and only redid it when i did tie rod ends other then that once should be good unless you do some serious 4 wheeling
  14. the Hornady L&L LEE turret press which i have are all decent presses but each will need a little tweaking check YouTube for reviews and tweak's for the press you wanna buy.
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