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  1. vdep217 I had bought a a few boxes of cjn bullets a while back haven't bought any recently I've been using mostly bayou coated bullets i checked Midway there already out of stock LOL
  2. A friend of mine gave me 400rds of 6.5x55 ammo 139 grain I don't have any rifles in this caliber and was wondering what a fair price on these would be.
  3. FishNHard


    Ive been out a few times in the bayville area got about 1/2 bushel both times in a few hours average size was 5 to 6 1/2 inches nothing huge first time lots of empty crabs but last week they have alot more meat , will only get better for the next few months .
  4. It acts the same only difference is it stick out just a hair bit more and is a little easier to release and is more smoother then the stock release the biggest difference is the trigger my stock one felt a little gritty and spongy this one has little creep and a crisp break, The next thing i want to add is a different barrel .
  5. Great little gun i added a +2 mag and trigger from hyve tech.
  6. If your looking for completely waterproof lifeproof flooring from HD if you go to floor and decor on rt 37 in toms river they have more styles in there brand but basically the same its vynal all the way thru no wood or cork center.
  7. great for crabbing and fishing the bays
  8. i just take some garden stakes and loosely zip tie them up , been doin this for years
  9. Does that charter have a web site ? or contact info
  10. Caught at the Manasquan reservoir , didnt keep released so maybe some else call get there first musky
  11. only took about 15yrs but got my first tiger musky
  12. the most maintenance free grass is zoysia grass it is not affected by any of the know funguses out there , does not need to be fertilized only watered the only draw back with it it is the first to brown out early fall and is the last to green up in the spring , when cut short it look like a golf course green
  13. keep crying and ill give you something to cry about
  14. Most dead spots folks see on there lawns they first think its not getting enough water round dead spots are usally dollar spot or red thread , this type of fungus only kills the blade of grass , it will come back the worst its pythium blight this kills the roots an will wipe out a lawn in a few days.
  15. Ive also seen people with decent lawns really make it look good for shorts period's of time with turf paint as well .
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