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  1. Glad I asked that jet sled looks like a winner
  2. I was thinking of starting to use one , dragging deer at 51 sucks anymore was wondering who also uses one what kind you got and how has it been to use . John
  3. Biggest yellow was 12/1/2 not to shabby for the toms river
  4. Hit the whites and yellow pretty good Saturday evening
  5. whatever boat you go with if possible have a surveyor take a look at it.
  6. Mr gasket 12s micro pump and a moller clear site water fuel separator got them both of ebay . I ran it tru twice to make sure I got out all the water took less then 10 min to run 5 gallons.
  7. rgw I just ordered a small one to mount on the boat as well,
  8. So was a busy day went to pick up my boat had another VST pump take a shit for $579 , so not having to much faith in this motor I had a kicker motor bracket so I put that on and will use my 3.5 that I use on my little bas raider boat just in case , so the dealer says not using it a lot the ethanol is causing problems with the lift pump so I see on some forums guys are POLISHING there fuel before hand , so I figure why not give it a try so I buy the stuff and make my little polishing setup I figure ill go 1 step more and buy the 91 E FREE GAS guy gets it in sealed 55 gallon drums a motorcycle shop in Chatsworth so I figured let my try out my new system with the e free gas and got water in just 5 gallons , so im happy that the setup works but man I can only imagine if im getting water in sealed drums what's getting pumped out the ground at stations
  10. FishNHard

    Big Spider

    Aint nuttin a size 11 timberland boat cant handle LOL
  11. Right now ammo prices are pretty good so BUT IT CHEAP AND STACK IT DEEP.
  12. Thanks I am leaning towards the Yamaha more and more , the one thing I did like on my etec was the power trim and tilt have to see if the Yamaha 25 comes with the option.
  13. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=somebody+go+back+and+get+a+shitload+of+dimes&&view=detail&mid=73BED65144FCFC04C9EE73BED65144FCFC04C9EE&rvsmid=99CD0C7A5E879B70E99A99CD0C7A5E879B70E99A&FORM=VDQVAP
  14. South harbor marine in Waretown carry both Yamaha and Honda . just trying to get an idea of which way to go .
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