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  1. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the Homeijer family. I had the privilege to serve with them, and you couldn't ask for better people. Lucas gave his life preparing for a life of service to protect the citizens of Nj. We share their grief and are heartbroken at this tragic loss. God Bless and keep all members of our NJWW family safe through the hunting season and throughout the year. https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2020/12/02/lucas-homeijer-new-jersey-state-police-recruit-dies-lost-consciousness-in-training/
  2. Rue"s books were my deer bible when I was just starting out . Highly recommended his books and articles for the foundation of your whitetail knowledge.
  3. Always snap a couple caps, and observe the force of pressure coming through the barrel. I always bust a couple leaves on the ground before loading.
  4. Beautiful buck. Thanks for sharing.
  5. He said it was caught in cold water.
  6. Have a TC in Toms River you can use if needed.
  7. He's making a stand for his mother in law.
  8. Yep, exactly what I do.
  9. My buddy has the 5 foot Pit Boss pellet smoker. We did a pork roast. Split chicken and turkey. And a deer ham for Thanksgiving. It's an awesome set up. Love the pellet grills and smokers.
  10. Put up a pop up blind tomorrow. You will be glad you did.
  11. Outstanding work Vito! Toms River guys rock.
  12. Zipper


    Wow. Hopefully that never happens again.
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