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  1. Agree Hammer, great fish, terrible picture.
  2. It had my bucktail and poison tail still in its mouth!
  3. Spread jello powder around too. Bears will lick it up off anything you put it on.
  4. Donuts and cooking grease is good too. I'm pretty sure you don't have access to many beavers.
  5. Beaver attracts everything.
  6. Strong head, very durable. A little on the small side thus the reason for sometimes Scant blood trails. I think the carbon steel heads are easier to sharpen and hold an edge better. They will get the job done if you do yours.
  7. I talked to my brother who is a diver. He said he heard of a couple of divers getting killed by those jacks at the Jetty end. He said they're a real hazard underwater too.
  8. Zipper

    Advice needed

    Don't disturb the buck.
  9. Hey guys I know nothing about construction or engineering, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Thanks for the explanations of what might have caused this tragedy. Let's wish everyone injured a speedy recovery! Also if anyone is at fault through reckless behavior they are held accountable.
  10. Apparently he was fishing with his 2 sons. So sad. Those cement castings one the end are very hazardous. I had a friend who fished them in his younger days. I thought he was a little crazy.
  11. Way to follow up. Great effort!
  12. Just make sure your wife is away long enough, so as not to catch you using her pot, and making a big mess.
  13. Sad deal for sure. Seems like a fisherman succumbed from his injuries falling off of the Manasquan inlet Jetty. His fellow fishing buddies assisted in his recovery, injuring themselves also. Prayers for all involved. You never know! http://newjersey.news12.com/clip/14911091/police-chief-man-dies-after-falling-down-manasquan-inlet-rocks-while-fishing
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