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  1. Crabs will eat good! If they get out of the mud soon.
  2. Love this guy. Gotta use humor and satire to fight the leftist mob! https://www.cnsnews.com/blog/michael-morris/mark-levin-we-need-spread-crap-all-over-country
  3. Best time to go out. Less competition in the woods. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Zipper

    Illinois Sheds

    Few nice up and comers! Always Sucks when you find a dead head!
  5. He was probably catching his bass off Montauk, so he lied to you anyway!
  6. Does Yoko Ono know you stole John Lennon's glasses?
  7. Or non Italians! Lol. I love garlic too! You can never have too much.
  8. Glare off the water and bright sunshine can cause eye damage. I'm thinking of getting a new pair of sunglasses to protect my peepers. What do you guys recommend?
  9. This was always one of my favorites.
  10. Speedy recovery buddy. Any color, as long as it's white.
  11. Who takes it? Probably the guys on this site who melt it down to make their own Bucktails!
  12. We're all scrap guys on this site! Just some of us are lower down on the scrap pile than others! Best advice above , curb it some enterprising person will remove it.
  13. I read today that some chuckle head got busted in a bass tournament by cutting off fins on a bass to meet a slot fish weigh in rule. I found this article about guys catching fish beforehand and keeping them in sunken 55 gallon drums, only to retrieve fish for weigh in! Has anyone here witnessed such unsportsmanlike and potentially criminal behavior during a tournament or pool contest? https://www.wired2fish.com/tournament-fishing/video-fishing-tournament-cheaters-stopped/
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