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  1. Zipper

    Taxidermy competition- the results are in!

  2. Zipper

    Nice day clammimg

    Steamed crabs are selling for 3 bucks apiece on LBI in supermarket.
  3. Zipper

    Got scoped today!

    Well, did you at least hit the bullseye?不不不 If it doesn't kill you it only makes you tougher !
  4. Zipper

    Happy Birthday 06roadking

    Enjoy your day Wayne!
  5. Zipper

    Duck Boat Tragedy - simply horrible

    Terrible tragedy. Seems preventable.
  6. Zipper

    Afternoon Fluke Trip

    If I see one I'll let you know. The amount of use, for all of my activities this boat has absorbed is almost unbelievable. From the clam beds to fishing 20 miles offshore and everywhere in between she has always over performed. I have trailered her to 6 different states, launched her from all sorts of ramps and beaches and she always got me home.
  7. Zipper

    Afternoon Fluke Trip

    Yep , it seems that the crabbing has finally hit its stride. It got off to a slow start.
  8. Zipper

    Afternoon Fluke Trip

    My Whaler is 41 years old and still getting the job done. We both have a few battle scars!
  9. Zipper

    Afternoon Fluke Trip

    I was able to get out for a couple hours with my friend and squad mate Bill K. We caught 9 fluke total with 3 keepers to 21 inches in under 2 hours. We decided to top that catch with a bushel of blue claws. Bill took a picture of a family of ospreys on the way out.
  10. Zipper

    NJWW Fluke Trip Questions

    What could possibly go wrong with this crew?不不不
  11. Zipper

    Jhbowhunter's 2017 nj buck

    Congratulations on the trophy, and beautiful mount.
  12. Zipper

    Southern Illinois WHITEtail.....

    Beautiful animal. Even if it was legal, I wouldn't shoot.
  13. Zipper

    Climber Recommendation

    I love my Summit Titan and Goliath. I would recommend getting these stand stabilizers to secure the seat section to the platform. Rock solid.
  14. Zipper

    Some Words for Thought

    The Russians don't have them unless the Chinese gave it to them. Apparently Lisa Page gave them up in the Congressional hearings. She ratted the FBI out.