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  1. Zipper

    Fs mathews helim

    Message sent
  2. Zipper

    Fs mathews helim

  3. Zipper

    Thinking on going trad only

    Go for it! You can do it! Just got to get used to that long bow in your stands. Compounds are so much shorter and easier to maneuver in the stand or blind .
  4. Zipper

    Loc On Treestands For Sale

    A couple of Spirits and 4 Lems. Using Climbing Stands and Ladders this year. 35 bucks apiece. Toms River
  5. Zipper

    Old tree stands?

    Cut my teeth in an old Baker climber treestand. Had many adventures in that death defying rattle trap. Even killed a few deer out of it. Golden rule to using the Baker, Don t drop the wingnut!
  6. Thanks to all the volunteer instructors who selflessly give up their time. Congrats to all the new trappers.
  7. Zipper

    Backed out last night

    Congrats on the doe.
  8. He looks in great shape. He would get a pass from me.
  9. Zipper

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

    Congrats great job!
  10. Zipper

    Neighbor found dead

    At least the meat didn't go to waste.
  11. Zipper

    Neighbor found dead

    I hope you relieved him of his backstraps.........Roadkill everywhere sucks!
  12. Zipper

    Tough Luck for SC Hunters

    I guess no love for alligators,doves, pigs and yotes. I hope they extend the season so guys don't get shorted on deer hunting.
  13. Zipper

    Questions on Pig Roast .

    Agree with 57
  14. Zipper

    Staten Island Deer Problem

    Badabing! Funny hunny.
  15. Zipper

    Maine Moose...

    Congrats and good luck.