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  1. For you kids who don't recognize the phrase.
  2. Neat striper pic I would like to share. I didn't catch them.
  3. Good thing you hunt in broad daylight. Be Careful until you understand how it works
  4. Nj Chickens RIVER RD * JACKSON, NJ * 08527 * 609-575-6363 WE HAVE SOME AMAZING NEWS! We are moving our business to Millstone in 2021 While it's only 8 miles down the road, our new farm will allow our horses to have more room to graze, we will be able to have more of our laying chicken flocks on display, and we will have so much more to offer YOU! Our new home is called Red Valley Ranch. We are situated across from the beautiful new Millstone Park on Red Valley Rd. Our exact move date is not set yet, but as soon as we know we will post it! Until then, we will conti
  5. News flash anyone who is married is not happy. As said by King Leonidas many years ago. " The gods work in mysterious ways, they make the girls so beautiful, then turn them into wives." Hang in, focus on your kids, someone better is around the corner.
  6. Switched to s salt system years ago. Best move ever. Do yourself a favor, get rid of that chlorine system.
  7. Height 510, weight same. Oh disregard, I thought you were asking me.
  8. You don't lose points in Iowa,until you use them.
  9. Bluefish, mackerel, carp:-) Lmao The key is fresh!!!!! Blackfish, sea bass, fluke, blowfish, is hard to beat.
  10. Ralph and Ed knew how to take care of Feral cats.
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