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  1. Capt Eric is a great guy! Enjoy fishing with him. Always puts you on the meat.
  2. Deep water . Shipping channels Sandy Hook and Raritan Bay. Big baits, whole squid, and bunker.
  3. Interested. I know a guy with a perfect boat to trailer up.
  4. What , no kayak? Lol Nice boat John, good luck with her!
  5. Check out the video. Best thing I saw all week! https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2019/05/16/gene-simmons-of-kiss-gives-emotional-tribute-to-america-during-pentagon-visit/
  6. Zipper

    Boat Launch Fail

    Thanks Luny, just fixed!
  7. Zipper

    Boat Launch Fail

    Don't be this guy! Put in park, set emergency brake, use chocks!
  8. As if crossbows don't get a bad enough rap. https://www.foxnews.com/world/germany-3-bodies-with-crossbow-bolts-found-in-hotel-room
  9. A major problem is a corrupt left wing media that protects the radical Dems and all their anti-American antics. They gaslight the American public by not reporting anything that hurts the Lefts cause. Look at the latest Colorado school shooting. Media dropped the story when they found the shooters to be transsexual Obama supporting leftists, who hate Trump.
  10. Zipper

    Isnt it may?

    After only 2 years in office President Trump defeated Global Warming! And the drought!
  11. Dedicated to our own Turtleman Nj219bands!
  12. Hopefully he's taking a stream bath in a giant soup pot. Delicious!
  13. Zipper


    The 3 foot sword and daggers used by the Hound and Greyjoy, were manufactured by the Rage Broadhead Company, therefore rendering them non-lethal.
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