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  1. Me 2. My Dad's gun he gave me. He killed his best buck with it.
  2. He kills everything he's after. Fish, deer and fowl beware!
  3. Great job John! Way to get it done.
  4. Rest easy. Thank you for your sacrifice for our freedoms.
  5. Sewer trout, and bluefish are great smoked.
  6. Zipper


    BigFoot them like I do. I got a Ribbs rake. Listen to the previous posts.
  7. Quit Spot burning!🤣🤣🤣
  8. Zipper


    Prayers for all involved.
  9. My first of 2020, a short too Johnny! Great to see you and your uncles out for opening day. All kidding aside, those two are examples on how to continue to enjoy the outdoors as we all get older. My hat is off to them, and you for taking them! I hope that someone will take me when I'm unable to run my own boat. Have a safe and successful year!
  10. Hit the Brine with my brother Todd and buddy Bob this morning. The incoming tide was good to us with mostly shorts banging our baits.Wound up with 4 keepers. Many throw backs in the mix to keep it interesting. Water temps still 55 degrees, a little cold. With all the bullshit going on it was great to get out. Fish were spread out with signs of life everywhere we tried on structure. Overheard 2 guys on the water having the most enlightening conversation. The gentleman on the right was extolling the benefits of fishing with shad strips. The other fishing expert was giving tips on the finer points of catching fluke on ultralight tackle. I wish I could have heard the entire seminar. They both looked very familiar. Can anyone identify them?
  11. Same in Toms River. Wind was switching like crazy.
  12. Hey Modern Man, was that you getting rescued the other day by the State Police at Sandy Hook?
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