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  1. Zipper

    Big Illinois Buck Down

    Well done sir.
  2. Zipper

    Illinois shotgun opener

    Enjoy Tom! Perfect conditions.
  3. Zipper

    Best wind indicators?

    John they're great until you leave them in your pocket, then run them through the washing machine! Lmao
  4. Zipper

    A day I will never forget

    Congratulations, that's the essence of bowhunting!
  5. Zipper

    Best wind indicators?

    Sewing thread.
  6. Zipper

    Rookie Mistake

    Hunting without snacks is tantamount to treason.
  7. Zipper

    Blown Missouri hunt, self filmed

    Camera saves another deer! Great video! Keep pounding.
  8. I guess this guy should of bought Purina Dog food instead of Old Roy! Glad he's ok. Just a reminder hunting accidents can happen anytime. Use extreme caution around dogs and loaded guns. https://nypost.com/2018/10/31/hunter-shot-in-the-back-by-his-dog/
  9. Zipper

    Safety Harnesses?

    Been using my rock climbing belt for the past 4 years. Best switch ever. Be safe guys.
  10. Zipper

    Hunting on Halloween in these warm temps

    I take my couch to the stand,I like to hunt comfortably!
  11. Zipper

    Bad weather buck down

    Congratulations Tom, well earned!
  12. Zipper

    10/27 Check In - Dylan is Home!

    Congratulations and best wishes!
  13. Zipper

    Cellular trail cams

    Both Spartan and Covert. Both sound investments.