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  1. Another mutant. I have caught a few like this.
  2. Fluke are supposed to be left handed flounder. Dark side , eyes on left side with jaw straight down. This one didn't get the memo.
  3. Zipper

    R.I.P. Nanny

    Sounds like a life well lived. A lot of love and and beautiful memories. Sorry for your loss, RIP Nanny.
  4. Best place to live if you stay in NJ. Fishing, crabbing, clamming, great deer hunting. As a long time resident of Ocean county, you never go boating on the weekends after July 4th until September. Unless you're on the water at 5am, and back home limited out at 9am, when the yahoos are waking up. The weekdays are the best time to enjoy the outdoors. I live where many people wait all year to come on vacation. Today however was too hot for me even down the shore!
  5. Good luck! The future is yours!
  6. I was gonna be honest and say Benita. She's an old girlfriend from High School.
  7. I was going fluke fishing tomorrow. Maybe I'll just stay home and clean my garage! Nah, you never know!
  8. 400 plus pound Halibut. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/07/angler-defies-odds-lands-truly-enormous-halibut/amp
  9. 1. Blowfish 2. Tautog 3. Sea Bass 4. Fluke 5. Mahi 6. Bluefin
  10. This scares everything away
  11. Available due to a recent divorce.
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