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  1. Nice job. Here's the one I made.
  2. They're doing such a great job fluke, I'm sure the government will fix striped bass fishing also. Bottom line is you gotta stop killing 40 lb females for a picture and internet glory.
  3. At first I thought this could be a full size Nj Pine deer. https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/11/asia/mouse-deer-vietnam-chevrotain-rediscovered-scn/index.html
  4. Shiite I thought someone named their target buck Admiral Yamamoto.
  5. We all know that you can't kill a real trophy without spending over a G note on a cross bow. Lol
  6. Traffic kills some I'm sure. Age is the most difficult part of the equation in most parts of Nj.
  7. A buddy of mine who is a retired navy chief is looking for a freezer for his garage. Hopefully someone has one they wish to part with at a reasonable price. He's a great guy always helping people out with handyman projects. He just replaced a storm door, cleaned out a dryer vent pipe, and snaked out a sewer line for an eighty something year old gentleman free of charge. I hope some well deserved good karma heads his way. Can pick up . Thanks for reading.
  8. Garden State Parkway over a 27 year career, with the SP.
  9. I have personally seen 2 deer crash into the passenger compartment and kill occupants. Just beware especially this time of year. This happened today in Maryland.
  10. Congratulations Johnny! Way to get it done on a big old stud!
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