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  1. Team 1 BowHunter96 9/23/14 Doe Confirmation #: 488328W Deer credit:10 Pic credit: 6 Total: 16
  2. I have all less than $100 wild game innovations cameras that I've been running for 5yrs with only one camera being an issue not reading sd cards. I have 15 or so cameras right now and can't say I have had all of the problems other people have had with these cameras. Knock on wood...With that being said within the next year I plan on switching to top of the line moultries just to change it up and see what i've been missing out on.
  3. I called a big bird into about 25 yds but he hung up right behind a tree and I guess being that he didn't see a hen he turned around. I'd say it was a successful hunt but didn't end with a kill. 2barrel's call had this bird fired up, I love it. Maybe next weekend in Pa I can get it done Sent from my iPhone
  4. Camped in Old Bridge Sunday night and yesterday morning woke up to gobbling. No one else knew what was happening and I just laughed it off smiling ear to ear. Glad I got a permit for this zone now as well as where I usually go.
  5. Well, my giveaway call came in the mail today and I must say I'm quite disappointed in Mike for making such a beautiful call. I really don't know if I could take this thing into the woods.... But anyway thanks a lot Mike and Matt for making it possible for me to have the honor of owning this wonderful sounding and amazing looking call. Mike I will be in touch for another one soon. Thanks alot Sent from my iPhone
  6. Smelt it as soon as I walked out the door this morning in milltown, middlesex county.. Didn't know anything about the fire until reading this, that's unreal that it spread that far Sent from my iPhone
  7. Format up top is a little messed up on my mac.
  8. I may have some, not sure if they are 20 or 16 footers, ill get back to you tomorrow.-Pat
  9. Matty thefirstndsecond Palawman30 Cousin Brown rossbowhunter NJBowman Gruntmaster Highguy Drop Tine Buckman37 NJFarmGirl Ms. Grit Splitlim Hetley75 Bowhunter444 Dubs Bear Bushden MarkMartinFan BowHunter96
  10. Overlooking the swamp today hunting this big guy with the bow.. Sent from my iPhone
  11. G5 heads are nice but judo heads do the job just as well and they are cheap enough to not care about if you miss and hit a rock or something ! Sent from my iPhone
  12. White or green for me :thumb_up: Sent from my iPhone
  13. I have a foxpro firestorm, great call and relatively beginner friendly. Has plenty of sound to it also. Hopefully post up a report later on tonight. Gonna head out around 3:30 to do some calling. Sent from my iPhone
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