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  1. Sad to say , somebody will have to hurt by a bear. before anything gets done..
  2. Back in the day , cars were basic and easy to repair. Now a days they have computers, chips, sensors, etc. so the more they have , the more that could go wrong..
  3. I had a Mother beer and 3 cubs . Bluff charge me 2 yrs ago , while walking my dog. That was some scary shit ! This happen twice , and the second time i was tempted to call fish and game. The bear eventually left my neighborhood..
  4. Congrats to the young Lady..
  5. What's bad about the hot wheather is just can't have one Beer.
  6. My friends dog just passed 3 weeks ago. I loved that dog and miss her. They are truly Man's Best friend . Hopefully your dog goes peacefully in his sleep. My Condolences
  7. Best part Deer flies be gone . They bit the hell out of me this summer. one even bit me on my JOHNSON
  8. Cool Video, What's with the dog running in your spot ?
  9. Remember next time just jingle your keys..
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