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  1. Its just a family of bears playing dude. Relax
  2. He hunts with the Butt Hurts Buck Club. from what i understand ..lol sorry smoking gun , i couldn't help myself..
  3. You can't hunt on the trail , but you can use it to access state or federal land that allows hunting ..
  4. Sorry for me hunting in the true sense of the word is not hunting a on a golf course or behind houses. the deer are semi tame and this not fair chase. Baiting and having camera's out is cheating . Hunting old school is the only way i go . I may not kill big bucks , but i don't have too . that's just me and i am a happy camper..
  5. I thought you would be hanging socks balls off your christmas tree.
  6. I would only use a call or rattling to bring a buck into range for a shot..
  7. The best part for me , is the after dinner Cocktail...
  8. The crap now a days that is made in CHINA . looks nice , but does not last .
  9. Any hunter's yelling YO BUCK ?
  10. Did you guy's hunt state land and did you see any other hunters ?
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