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  1. That's bad ass ! Look's like a tough animal .
  2. He probably heard your Key Chain..
  3. It sucks , but you will get through it. i went through it 20 yrs ago. after being married 17 yrs. i spent my weekends with the kids. during the week , i mountain biked and got into the best shape of my life. not lying drinking helped within moderation. also went to divorce and separated support groups which helped alot. don't isolate yourself . stay strong you will get through this . one day at a time ..
  4. Look's like a mountain lion to me ..
  5. Stuffed Cabbage and Raw Clams on the half shell . with a cold beer of course. also love them piss clams , dipped in butter..
  6. Great looking Pup, and the best of luck with him..
  7. I wish i had a solution . There are responsble pet owners that love their animals. than there is people who could give 2 shits about what happens to them.
  8. I worry about my son mountain biking . with idiots like this in woods.
  9. What part do you guy's not understand . Its not the cats fault some one dump him. put the blame on the POS that dumped them.. they are just trying to survive. i have a friend that has a big barn right off the road and people dump their house cats they no longer want ... That Sucks for the Cat !
  10. I remember melting lead and making sinkers as a kid. it was fun .
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