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  1. Great Day for Hunting . Enjoy the peace and serenity of the woods..
  2. There would have to be the World Record Buck on her property ..
  3. Tuna fishing looks awesome ! i have a too try it one these days ...
  4. He is a trophy . 5 to 6 or older
  5. They grow so fast. time well spent making memories.
  6. Great buck ! the bases on that thing are size of beer can's.
  7. Thats weird , i didn't think squirrels could swim . the road kill issue is that they scrounging around for food for winter.
  8. Great ! now you don't have to feed the family ground hog anymore. ..
  9. I hate the cold ! bring back the heat , humidity, and bugs ..
  10. I prefer to eat tag soup every year its keeps my weight down.
  11. Cool Pics , looks like the cubs are playing .
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