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  1. Great pic Nutley . Have you seen any Robins yet ?
  2. Yes, we use them all the time at work they work great .
  3. Will we have to stand 6 feet apart and wear mask ? Per Governor MURPHY
  4. People that live bear country know we are overrun with bears. hunters that hunt most of northern new jersey woods . know there way too many bears...
  5. I saw a couple of turkey's roosting in a tree the other day. They were scary thin , felt bad for them..
  6. I would appreciate it. i mainly hunted waywayanda state park and this pass season  hunted the wallkill wildlife refuge with no luck. i have hunted the watershed many years ago and it was  good. since they closed all the entrances to because of 911. its a lot of walking and the quads and dirt bikes are out of control there. any help would be great.....leo

  7. Could have been a lot worse. Glad she is ok .
  8. I like big racks and small bodies .... Are we talking about deer here.
  9. Well my friend , why don't you point me in the right direction some time ...
  10. The state should catch some and release them in zone 3 because we are out of deer.
  11. The car company's will take a big hit. Trying to sell those big SUV'S AND TRUCKS will be hard .
  12. That's good Karma right there. Good Job jack. Imagine being a deer and hunted and chased for 6 months. being hunted by yotes and getting hit by cars.. they have it tough!
  13. They say the threat to ticks in the wild is opossum. so swerve when your driving to miss them..
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