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  1. You're absolutely correct, Ken. Veteran muskie & pike fisherman use steel or very heavy flouro leaders. I use a steel bite tippet when flyfishing for those toothy critters. And I've caught some nice bass using those type of leaders. Bloody hands & setting the hook on lines that were already bitten thru gets a person educated fast.
  2. Rush Ave is right in town. I have walked my dog there. Did they think no one would see them? As far as I'm concerned, they can't come up with enough charges against these guys.
  3. Bumper crop of acorns => bumper crop of mice => bumper crop of ticks.
  4. I've called a couple of jakes in that had bright red heads. Since they were very small, I assumed they were the young of the year. Even though they gave me all the time in the world to shoot, they received a pass. It is turkey hunting, not turkey shooting. Take your time and get a real trophy.
  5. Russian paratrooper flow in from Cuba . . . W O L V E R I N E S !
  6. njyelper


    Keep the pedal to the metal, young fella !
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    So glad to hear that, Stevo. Battle on !
  8. njyelper

    My Last Day

    Keep on keeping on !
  9. Here's hoping for the best and a full, speedy recovery.
  10. What kind of grip is that in the picture? Looks like a "modified Magnum Harry"! LOL
  11. njyelper

    Update on Cancer

    Stay strong Stevo & keep up the good fight.
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