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  1. I’m in Burlington county. I don’t have facebook
  2. Anyone have laying hens for sale? Looking for 6 or 7 hens. Would prefer 1 year old birds. Thanks!
  3. First off for any of the guys saying that there should be a total limit I’d love to see your data backing up your claim that some arbitrary limit would somehow increase or at least be beneficial in some manner to the population. At the very least show me the data that the current harvest is detrimental to the population. in my opinion the NJDFW has an OBLIGATION to two things. #1 is the more important of the two and that is to maintain a healthy population of game animals. The second is to provide as much opportunity in a safe and effective manner as possible to as many hunters as
  4. Where did you see this? I believe you just want to read through it
  5. You’re facts are just fear mongering. You must have private side conversations in order to actually understand the process.
  6. I also think I should say that I do not really have major issue with them rolling out these vaccines so fast. My grandparents (both in their 90s) just received their second shot and my parents who are in their 60s one of which has serious health problems due to smoking his whole life just got their first shots. I’m glad they made the decision to do it because I think the risk/benefit for them makes a lot of sense. Me on the other hand as a 29 year old in great shape that has no health conditions and no real risks and tested positive for anti bodies despite never having symptoms I am going to b
  7. Really what I should have said is the government should have done nothing more than give factual and unbiased information to the people it serves and then allow us to make the decision on how best to live our lives. That’s their job, nothing more.
  8. The correct way to do it would have been to just shelter all the at risk individuals. The elderly and sick and obese. Let the rest of us live our lives. We would have reached herd immunity and they could have worked on the vaccine for the proper amount of time just like the flu shot. If you think a liberal shit hole like NJ is ever going to give up the power they have asserted over us during this bull shit just because there is a semi effective vaccine then you’re a fool.
  9. Didn’t know turkey hunting with a rifle was an option. What caliber?
  10. Jode Hillman is Mullica hill makes great looking and sounding pot and box calls. I don’t think he is on here but you can find him on Facebook or Instagram and he also has a web site if you don’t use social media
  11. Their way of ensuring no strong willed student with strong convictions are able to infiltrate their liberal indoctrination camp and slow the brain washing of the other “students”
  12. So if I live alone do you think it’s acceptable to bring a loaded gun into the house since there is no chance of hitting your family?
  13. When sitting in your tree stand waiting for a deer do you keep a round chambered? If you do you’re really putting your life and others around you in jeopardy according to your logic. Just go ahead and chamber a round when a deer walks by. Only takes a second 🙄
  14. The officer shouldn’t have been unprofessional but you were also very clearly in the wrong.
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