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  1. Those sheep are some impressive animals. Seen some when I was out west and have had an infatuation with them ever since. What a rush it must be to level with those things on their own turf. That has to be the ultimate hunting experience
  2. I know it scored well but… that’s one ugly deer.
  3. Not a terrible ride for me but not sure I’ll have time coming up to make the trip. If some one else wants it they can have it
  4. I’ll take it if you’re not too far from me
  5. That’s some very interesting information. Thanks rusty
  6. I believe chenrossi was referring to NJ prices but yes the federal stamp also increased after too long a period as well. And that also needs to be increased again
  7. Undoubtedly. I’d be curious to know how many guys strictly hunt the regular goose season for waterfowl.
  8. At a $5 increase they’ll be lucky to even maintain the programs they had going. That’s why I think they should increase it even more than $10. They just completed a massive renovation of tuckahoe wildlife management area which very directly benefits duck and goose hunters. I’d love to see them do the same thing at manahawkin and Stanford forge. They should be doing a better job than they are but they don’t have the staffing to do it. You’re not going to see a change in a year. Just not the way it works
  9. The regular Canada goose season is a very small portion of the overall offering of what is covered by the waterfowl stamp
  10. Like I’ve said in a previous post the NJDFW is far from perfect and I don’t agree with everything they do but I think they do better than most government agencies and are headed in a good direction. They are still adding land to the WMA portfolio and are even doing some improvements on some of them
  11. Tone deafness? I understand where you are coming from in some regards but that’s not the way I, or a lot of people I know, see it. We’ve been asking the state for changes in the way properties are managed and we’ve been asking for better enforcement of the laws for years. We all knew the programs were under funded and waterfowl programs are very low priority due to the amount of revenue they generate. Personally I’d love to see the price of the stamp by $25. So long as the money went directly to improving and expanding habitat for migratory waterfowl. This isn’t just another tax that’s going to benefit some government handout program or to pay some beaurocrats salary. This directly benefits us as hunters.
  12. Pretty much. Now to be fair you also have a $25 federal stamp and a $2 HIP but that’s $37 for an entire season. Not a big investment
  13. Guess I’m going to have the unpopular opinion. It’s about dang time! $10 for a whole season of waterfowl hunting is nothing. Most guys are spending more than $10 each and every time they go out on fuel, food, and shells. And that’s on each one of those items. Yes the goose limit this year sucks but you still have September and 5 bird in February. Plus snows and ducks. We need better habitat management and more land to hunt on. The only way the state can do that is with more money. Now don’t get me wrong the state isn’t perfect and there is ways that I’d like to see them spend the money differently but overall I think they are headed in the right direction. I think we need to keep things in perspective and remember that even with this price increase all of the necessary licenses to hunt waterfowl in this state from sept 1 till April is less than a case of shells or a tank of gas
  14. They can’t risk their people coming here and seeing that we are opened up and we aren’t all dying in droves
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