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  1. The COs did not lure the poachers to the field. No one said hey there is a big buck come kill it. The poachers were out there on their own accord. They committed the crime because they wanted to not because the COs coerced them into it.
  2. Yeah... there isn't a difference other than the decoy is far more reliable in when it will be where and for how long making the job of the COs far more efficient. The COs in no way coerced the poachers to shoot, nor did they trick them into committing the crime. That, by the way, is what constitutes entrapment by police. If the COs went undercover and joined a hunt club then made the suggestion of doing something illegal, talked someone into it then went with them to ensure they commit the crime I would be right here with you saying entrapment is wrong and I do believe entrapment is wrong. Setting up a decoy and waiting for idiots to come take a shot is not even close to entrapment it is just efficient police work. Plus in this way no deer have to die at the hands of a poacher in order to make the bust
  3. So what's the difference between watching over live deer and watching over a decoy?
  4. So if the COs were watching a field full of deer all night and caught someone trying to kill one you'd be perfectly OK with it?
  5. Entrapment would be a CO being undercover and coaxing a hunter into doing something illegal then arresting/fining him. How else would the COs be able to watch a deer for extended periods of time? Real deer walk around and would run away if they saw the COs hiding in the woods. Nothing the COs did in any way shape or form constitutes entrapment
  6. Hopefully he registered his lawn mower too. Wouldn't want to get arrested for doing yard work
  7. I definitely agree with most of your observations but I think you have your cause and effect a little off target. Geese aren't evolving into grass eaters as much as the area around them is evolving into grass. 20 years ago the number of retention ponds and subsequent grassy areas around them were not nearly as prevelant as they are today. 20 years ago geese would roost on large lakes, reservoirs and rivers and fly to feed. Now they roost on retention ponds and walk to the nicely manicured buffets provided to them by us which coincidentally are almost entirely off limits to hunting. Also the number of migrant birds is down significantly from a decade ago. That's why, despite lower hunter numbers the season is being cut next year from 45 to 30 days and from a 3 bird limit down to 2 for the season that targets migrators. The only way we'll ever make a dent in the resident goose population is if golf courses and open them selves up to hunting and towns allow people to hunt retenting basins. Simply chasing the birds off does nothing but send them to the golf course down the road or the next neighborhood.
  8. https://www.nj.com/essex/2019/02/school-bus-driver-revived-with-narcan-after-crashing-in-newark-with-11-students-onboard.html If you hate heroine this will make your blood boil...
  9. Also in that pound of "meat" is likely fillers. Usually some sort of saline solution to give it good color and artificially add weight
  10. My coffee rub mixture is: 4 tbsp coffee 2 tbsp brown sugar 1 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp salt Mix it together and rub generously on steak after removing excess moisture with a paper towel. Grill to medium rare
  11. Not a bad way to end the season👍
  12. I think it's hilarious when old folks think they deserve respect just because they are old. Whatever happened to respect is earned, not given. Keep yours heads down out there boys, this old cook is out there somewhere blasting away
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