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  1. I don't have an exact gun I'm looking for. I'm just looking at the different manufacturers to see what they have right now in bolt-actions. That's what started all this. I'm like, "Let me look at Browning and see what they have..." I kept looking and looking.. "oh, here's a nice one... nope, right-handed only... oh, here's a nice one... nope, right handed only.... rinse, repeat..." I'm just researching right now. I have no idea what I want - I just want to find out what's out there. Right now, I'm leaning towards Tikka T3x Lite. Browning is out - they only offer wood stocks in left-handed anything (their whopping 3 left-handed bolt-action models).
  2. If that's the reality then that probably will make me change my mind. There was a Tikka that I had my eye on but it didn't come in a 30-06 version (for left-handers) only 308 (the t3x superlite with fluted stainless steel barrel) - maybe I'll put that back on the list.
  3. That's why I'm still not quite 100% sure on my decision for 30-06... cost of 308 ammo might help tilt the scales in its favor. If I find that 308 is easier to find than 30-06 then I'll probably change my mind - but I'm thinking 30-06 is easier to find in days like these (am I wrong? )
  4. (watching this thread) I'm in the same boat - I am likely going with .30-06 though (but .308 is my close second choice). If you are right-handed, then the world is your oyster Plenty to choose from. In addition to what you already named, take a look at Tikka bolt-actions. I hear very good things about them. (FWIW: I have a .223 Savage 110 bolt action - it's nice, but I'm looking for something "nicer" )
  5. here's the form I use: https://www.njfishandwildlife.org/contactform.htm
  6. Yeah - check my earlier post on that - I did point out that I found two Tikka versions I'm looking at now: As for Weatherby, again - check the specs. Just the first page of the spec book - I count 54 versions of the Mark V - only 15 are left-handed. Some (Mark V Hunter , Vanguard Badlands, Deluxe, Weathermark, others) don't even come in any left-handed options -- in fact, now that I look, NONE of the versions/models of the Vanguard line come in left-handed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So yeah, they have them, but not with the same variety and selection. (oh, and - now that I'm looking --- Weatherby are WAY out of my price range anyway ) Ruger American is another one I couldn't find any information on lefty models. I don't think they have many either.
  7. Wow, I had no idea NY didn't have an orange requirement until this year (I don't hunt up there, but I assumed that is a given in any state!). For what its worth, its 250 inches or a hat - I looked it up and found it here: https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/8305.html#Fluorescent
  8. 35 years old LOL... I can say that whatever you buy today won't have the same quality and won't last you another 35 FWIW: I bought a Cabelas parka several years ago (the kind with the jacket-inside-a-coat thing where you can unzip the liner and use it as a lighter jacket) and it's still going strong. Cost me like $300 though.
  9. that ship has sailed. I don't think they will ever go back to raising anything but rainbows.... I guess it will happen when they can figure out how to keep that disease out of the hatchery, but no one knows how to effectively do it. So its gonna be rainbows only from here on out from what I heard.
  10. I've complained for awhile now that I can't find a good squirrel recipe. I've tried many - fried, pressure cooker, slow cooker, etc. I could never get it right - always came out like I was eating a pencil eraser. I've since relegated all the squirrel in my freezer to crab bait (which works very well, btw!). Recently, a friend of mine promised me the recipe he gave me would come out good. He wasn't sure exactly the recipe - it was his mother's recipe when he was a kid - but he gave me a spark to work with. So, not deterred, I tried it. I went out with my air rifle last week and took a single squirrel out of the woods with me. One squirrel would be enough as this was only going to be an experiment to see if the new recipe was as good as advertised. Surprised to say, it was good!! You can tweek it (change up the marinade, for example), but this came out tasting sweet and the meat was fall-off-the-bone tender (no chewy eraser texture!! ). You could even serve it with pasta. No pics - I didn't think it would come out good so I didn't bother === Squirrel in Spaghetti Sauce INGREDIENTS: -- Squirrel, quartered (the more squirrel you have, the more marinade you need to make) -- Brine: 4 parts water, 1 part salt, optionally add some pepper -- Marinade (you will probably have to double this if you have a good amount of squirrel you are cooking): * 1/2 cup soy sauce or teriyaki sauce * 1/2 cup white wine * 2 Tbsp olive oil * 1 Tbsp sugar * 1 Tbsp honey * 1 tsp pepper * Use water to fill up the container the rest of the way to ensure you cover all the meat -- Spaghetti Sauce (the Italian in me is embarrassed to say I used jarred sauce for this experiment, but homemade sauce is preferred) DIRECTIONS: 1. Brine squirrel in 4-to-1 water-to-salt solution for 4 hours 2. Marinate squirrel for 24 hours (I actually went over 24 hours in my experiment but I think 24 hours should be good enough) 3. Remove the squirrel from the marinade, then rinse off and pat dry. 4. Sear the squirrel in a very hot cast iron pan in butter. You aren’t cooking it; just sear it. 5. Put squirrel in spaghetti sauce and cook low and slow all day - 6 hours at least.
  11. Right - here's a prime example of what I'm talking about. Browning. Go to their Browning website for current models of bolt actions (X-Bolt and T-Bolt) - of all the rifles, count how many are available in left-handed: https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/rifles/x-bolt/current.html https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/rifles/t-bolt/current.html I count 33 models, of which only **3** are available left-handed. Wood stock only. No synthetic options. No stainless options. It's like it was an afterthought ... "oh, yeah, we should make a left-handed model, just to say we have one".
  12. I heard no shots from the river, and one shot that sounded like it came from the north impoundments.
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