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  1. Hey Tom - you have wings! Fly already!

    Yup - I consult that NJ tax map constantly.... and is why I think those signs I saw are bogus. Not 100% sure... they could be legit, but I'm looking into it.
  2. Balls deep bow bird

    I'm still laughing at that tail Yeah, you need to mount the tail that way!
  3. Hey Tom - you have wings! Fly already!

    I can't set up over there. In fact, that was my original plan at first - in the very same spot I saw those Toms, I was planning on setting up. But when I scouted over the weekend, I realized how hard it was to cross to the other side (very deep mud on both banks - like in spots it is close to knee deep, the kind that sucks your boots off when you try to pick your foot up). I would consider putting up with that and going over anyway if it wasn't for the fact that I noticed the other side has some No Trespassing signs (which is another issue I'm dealing with - I think the signs are bogus, I'm trying to track that down now - but until then, I'll stay out). Anyway, there's some birds on the side I was on, so I'm hoping they cooperate tomorrow. Hope springs eternal!
  4. Went to a new place this year. Wasn't sure if the birds were here... well, didn't take long to figure out, YUP! Heard a group of 4 or 5 Toms gobbling less than 100yds away. Wasn't even 5:30am and the boys were loud. Across a wide creek I heard another small group of birds gobbling away, too. I gave just a few soft purrs and clucks. I never heard the birds come off roost and I never heard from that one group again - they must have went the other way. However, that group across the creek would still sound off every now and then. I let out a yelp, and they thundered over to me. Problem was, they were stuck over on the other side of the creek! It is too deep, wide, and muddy to have attempted to wade over myself. Besides, when I picked my head up to look over there, I saw three Toms on the top of the bank just looking my way! It's as if they wanted to come over, but couldn't - I guess they expected the hen to fly over. HEY TOMS! YOU HAVE WINGS! YOU CAN FLY YOU KNOW! So frustrating - looking at 3 nice Toms and no way for me to get to them and they refused to come over my way. Oh well. I left at about 9am. I'm hoping the original group goes back to the same roosting area, and I'm hoping that group across the creek decides to roost on over on my side tonight. I'll be back tomorrow.
  5. Balls deep bow bird

    I love the last picture with the fan! Looks like that bird has seen better days
  6. Nice day for little work on the farm

    The cows came over to say thank you... they have been breaking legs stepping in the holes that !@#$ 'hog has been digging!
  7. Be careful in the northern zones

    Ah HA! Maybe THAT'S what it was last year!!! Something almost like that happened to me - "ghost" came in stealth mode behind me but spooked before I ever saw it... still don't know what it was. Maybe a cat??!!??
  8. Can we get a bow season please!?

    If you start allowing hunting on Sundays, then when/where will all the soccer moms and dads who want to walk their dogs off-leash be able to go?!?!?
  9. Venison Home Delivery

    NO! Rudolph!!! Chopper got a little too close to Santa's sleigh?
  10. 2018 Bear Hunt Is A Go As Of Now !!!

    Yes. As I understand it though - didn't it go all the way up to the state Supreme Court? And they ruled to allow the hunt? If so, there is now precedence. So they would need to come up with some other reason for the lawsuit because its the same Comprehensive Bear Management Plan in effect so I'm not sure how they can argue against it a second time.
  11. 2018 Bear Hunt Is A Go As Of Now !!!

    I'll ask it again - I want to know by what authority the governor has to just say "stop the bear hunt". I mean, if he can do that, he can stop ANY hunt - he can stop predator hunting, he can stop small game, deer... anything. What is different about the bear season than any other season? No, I don't think the governor has this executive authority. He isn't a king, he's governor. Now, what I *CAN* see him doing is filing a lawsuit (or helping others do it) to stop it on some grounds such as "animal cruelty" or "the science doesn't support it" or some other excuse that we know is clearly bogus and made-up, but he would be hoping a liberal judge would put a stay on the hunt. But just on a whim send out an executive order saying, "Bear hunt is canceled" ?? I just don't see it. Not sure how that could be legal. And, again, if he *CAN* do that, be very, very afraid because then he could just do it for any other hunting season he wants ("Awww... the fox are so cute - predator season canceled!").
  12. Turkeys on roost

    BTW: that is an awesome picture - nice little game would be "how many turkeys can you find in the trees?" I (think) I see 15
  13. Turkeys on roost

    I'll never forget the time - my second season hunting turkey - I had a gobbler sounding off every time I would call. He was on the ground, I was in a blind. I would call and call and call. He would gobble and gobble and gobble. This bird ended up completely walking around my location 360 degrees - he literally circled me. He never got within range or he stayed hidden behind trees - never gave me a shot. This bird taunted me for at least an hour if not more. I could not believe this bird was not coming in to see what was calling to him. He's in front of me, I call, he gobble. He circles around to my left. I call, he gobbles. He's behind me... he's to my right. Call... gobble... Walked a complete circle around me..... and then went away. It was then I realized it really is true that Toms really do expect the hens to come to them and that calling too much can hurt you. I bet had I just called once or twice and shut up after that, eventually the curiosity of that Tom would have been too much and he would have walked right to me looking for the hen that went quiet. I know this doesn't answer the question "how much to call when they are on the roost" but I bet its the same theory. If they continually hear a hen, but never SEE a hen, they are going to think something's not right and they are going to keep their distance and expect the hen to show herself first.
  14. Antique Piano f/s

    How many ants are needed to fill an apartment? Tenants Why don't anteaters get sick? Because they are full of antibodies What did the ant call his 100-year-old piano that he couldn't even give away? Antique I've got a million of them (well, the Internet does, I don't).
  15. successful scouting

    To the newbies that were asking where the birds are or how to find them... I got home from a successful public land scouting trip this evening and it wasn't that hard. This is what I did: (1.) Last night I did some pre-scouting by simply looking at the DFW WMA public land maps for the area I wanted to scout, and (using Google Maps) I picked 6 specific places to drive to. All this took me about 2 or 3 hours. BTW: Google Maps is a GREAT tool to not just scout using the overhead images but also to help plan the drive to each location as efficiently as possible - just put all the positions on the map and let Google tell you the quickest route. I then (2.) went out this evening after work and drove around for 2 hours to those 6 places (most of them I parked the truck and got out to walk around a few minutes - others I just parked and looked around). All total, took me about 5 hours of work. End result, I found 1 new really good spot, 2 potentially good spots along with 1 potentially good duck spot, 1 potentially good goose spot, and only 1 dud that was a total turn-off (even though I saw the fattest rabbit I ever saw in the woods there). Here's a couple stories ... There was one spot I got out of the truck and I only walked about 200 yards when I looked up at a field in front of me and across the field on the other side I saw a big ol' Tom in full strut showing off to two hens. Those hens immediately saw me and went running for the hills with the Tom just sitting there going, "Hey? Where you going ladies? Don't you want some of this???" Anyway, the point is - I still can't get over how good their eyesight is. They were on the edge of a field, I was on the other side still just inside the woodline about to walk out onto the field 150 yards away, and they picked me out and took off immediately. I then drove a few miles away to another spot, and just past the public land parking area (I passed it by mistake) there is a private-land field with what had to be 30 or 40 birds, a nice size flock of what I thought were all geese. I forgot my binos, so I couldn't see good. As I turned around to go back, I saw a white truck pull over and stop. Passenger had binos and I see them looking at the birds. I pull up next to them and say, "I think they are all geese". Driver turns to me and says with a smile, "not all of them!" This was just a quarter mile past the public land area. So that place looks potentially good, too. Finally, I need to vent. I got to my final stop, get out and start walking down the dirt path (kicking up the biggest, fattest rabbit I ever saw in the woods - I thought it was a large cat at first!). I'm in the middle of the woods on this path when I see this huge dog come running right at me - no owner in sight, no leash, and I don't even see a collar on the dog. I pick up a big stick and yell at the dog who, if he stood on his hind legs, was probably as big as me... he pulls up when I yell at him but he still paces around and keep moving toward me. Honestly, I couldn't tell if the dog was playing and wanted me to play with him, or if he wanted to bite my head off. But no owner, no leash, and no collar in sight that I could see, so I'm not sure what the deal is with this dog. Anyway, I yell at the dog a second time and THEN I hear the owner calling out to his dog. Dog of course doesn't go to him, he's still playing with/wanting to kill me. Owner ends up grabbing the dog and walks away. No "I'm sorry", no nothing - just grabs the dog and walks him the other way. If you can't control your huge dog on public land, put a leash on it!! So that was a total putt-off for this place - looked nice, but it's small, looks like kids are here often based on the dirt bike obstacle course with ramps built to jump over 2-foot deep pits, and people walking their huge dogs off-leash. No thanks. I'll go somewhere else, even if they do grow mutant bunnies there.