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  1. mazzgolf

    63 years ago..

    Striper fishing off Long Island. They still have stripers up there? This reminded me of...
  2. mazzgolf

    Newbie decoy spread question .

    I hate Canadians - they all talk funny.. always saying "aboot" and "eh?".
  3. mazzgolf

    Legal in nj?

    It wouldn't be entrapment, but it could be a defense if ignorance or mistake regarding the law was due to an "official interpretation of the public officer or body charged by law with responsibility for the . . . enforcement of the law defining the offense" and it was later found to be wrong: Here's the thing. And I preface this all by reminding everyone: We live in NJ - the state whose Superior Court has told us explicitly we own guns "at our peril" (their words, not mine). Suppose you go by what the NJSP says now -- that, according to them, their interpretation of the law is that it is a legal firearm. (BTW: just the fact that NJSP actually came out with a statement to declare the legality of this specific gun says to me already there is some question as to what it is. Has nothing to do with Nappen stirring the pot. The NJSP seems to think there is ambiguity enough that they released a statement to FFLs about it. I mean, you don't see them putting out statements saying a Remington 870 is legal. So there already seems to be a question about it - regardless of what Nappen has to say.) OK, so you go and buy one because the NJSP says its OK. Now, next month, or next year, or when we get another Democrat Governor "whats-his-name", suppose the Governor wants to build up his anti-gun bona-fides and says, "No, that should not be legal; the NJSP interpreted the statutes incorrectly, they need to follow my and my attorney general's instructions", and he instructs his equally-liberal attorney general to put out a statement and also directs the NJSP to retract and change their initial determination. He could even base this decision, at least in part, on Nappen's analysis of the laws (and don't believe what Nappen says "just because" - go read the actual statutes he points to, and see if what he says makes sense - for example, is that gun a "shotgun" according to NJ law? No, it isn't.) That initial NJSP statement is worthless if they come out with an addendum or a retraction or a change... Tell me you can't see this happen in NJ: "Due to further legal analysis of the laws of the State of New Jersey, the Governor and the NJSP has changed its interpretation of the laws in question and now believes this gun is illegal. Prior assessment of its legality were in error." Now what? You spent your money and own this gun that is now illegal, all because NJSP changed its mind on orders by the governor/attorney general, not through a change in the laws. You can't now say, "Well, 2 years ago, the NJSP told me it was legal." Maybe they told you that then, but now they are telling you it is illegal because they changed how they interpreted the statutes. This could easily happen. I mean, how many thousands of 15-round magazine owners are in this state that are now felons? Those mags were explicitly legal just a couple months ago! Now 15-round mag owners have to get rid of them. This gun isn't even explicitly mentioned in the laws - we're just going by what the NJSP interpreted the laws as. You don't think a Governor or politician won't look at this as "hey, I can make yet another gun illegal in NJ! Bonus!" Now you are screwed - you have a gun that you were told was legal, but now it is not, and it doesn't even require a change in the law. Just some anti-gun Governor who wants to flex his muscles and tells the state police and attorney general to interpret the law differently. I reiterate what New Jersey's own Superior Court has told us regarding gun ownership and the legal peril gun owners put upon themselves in this state: Yes, I'm a Debbie Downer and paranoid.
  4. mazzgolf

    GPS unit

    is that OnX map a subscription-based app? Like - you have to pay for it every year like a subscription? Or do you pay for it once and you are done, you have the app and it will always work?
  5. mazzgolf

    Legal in nj?

    This is very interesting. I read Nappen's website and at first I thought he was wrong. He says this is not a shotgun because it doesn't follow NJ's definition of a shotgun since "it is not shoulder fired. It is designed to be fired with two hands." I thought that doesn't seem right. But then I looked up the owner's manual of that Mossberg 590 shockwave - and he is right. Even Mossberg explicitly says it is not designed to be fired from the shoulder - it is designed to be fired from the waist. See the manual here - on page 22: "Never hold the firearm at eye level and attempt to sight down the barrel. To avoid possible injury, firmly grip the forearm with fingers inside the fabric strap and one hand on the Raptor Grip. Raptor Grip models are designed to be held at waist level when firing." I looked up NJ's definition and it really does say, "'Shotgun' means any firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder . . ." etc. etc. So at least the version of the 590 with that raptor grip, I think Nappen is right. This is not a shotgun, but then that means this could technically be considered illegal due to it being a "Destructive device". The one with the raptor grip is the one the OP is asking about, too, NOT the one with the actual pistol grip - I have no idea how changing the raptor grip out and replacing it with a true pistol grip changes things legally. But the NJSP statement only talks about the pistol grip versions - NOT these raptor grip ones... NJSP says, "these pistol grip only designed firearms are legal for sale in the State of New Jersey as a firearm." Being that we are in NJ, I certainly wouldn't want to be the first test case - I'd avoid buying one in this state. It is hard enough being a firearms owner in this state - I wouldn't want to own something like this and have to worry about some zealous police officer, prosecutor, and/or judge interpreting these laws in the way Nappen does.
  6. mazzgolf

    GPS unit

    I don't have a smart phone. So I use my Garmin eTrex 20 a lot. You can download all the zones and WMA borders onto it - I have that on my GPS so I can know if I'm inside the boundary of a WMA or deer zone or turkey zone. These maps are courtesy of @Cripple Shot (who, BTW, I haven't seen here in a while, hope he is OK) - see: https://sites.google.com/site/njhuntingmaps/home Garmin has a service you can buy (something like 35/year) - you can select and download as many satellite images as you can fit on your GPS with it. Even in NJ, having some kind of GPS (smart phone or a separate handheld like a Garmin) is useful. I use it during scouting (I'll put waypoints like "good spot to hunt here" or "turkey tracks found here" or whatever) and I'll save the track after I've walked trails so I can bring it up later to know where all the trails/fire breaks are. I use it when tracking deer (put waypoints for "blood found here" and have it store the track so you can see where the deer went/was going - I was amazed when I did this with last year's buck I tried to track (and needed a dog to finish), I looked at it when all was done to see the track this deer went, and it followed perfectly the edge of the marsh listed on the topo map. It was uncanny. Just something I thought was interesting I wouldn't have noticed without the GPS).
  7. mazzgolf

    Legal squirrel hunting?

    Careful though - hunting squirrels with a M/L is not legal state-wide. You can only do so in one of the "Squirrel Muzzleloading Rifle Season Zones" - see the map on page 56 of the digest, there is a north zone and a south zone.
  8. mazzgolf

    Gun safe info

    @Woodsman416 sweet safe! Love the graphics!
  9. mazzgolf

    Legal squirrel hunting?

    Unfortunately, no - and it is why I actually considered buying a PA license - just to go over there with a .22LR. I've never hunted squirrel with my .22LR but I would love to. You should really read the digest to familiarize yourself with all the rules and regs - sounds like you have questions about the NJ laws. As much as we pretend to know them all, don't trust everything we tell you Best if you are confident in your own knowledge of the laws and not go by faith that what you hear on the internets is always accurate. You don't want to be stuck talking to a CO as he is writing you a ticket: "But I was told it was legal by NJ W&W". Here's the digest as a PDF: https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/pdf/2018/dighnt18.pdf Page 26 and 27 should help answer your questions. One pertinent paragraph: "Rifles for small game hunting are allowed using limited types of .22 caliber rimfire ammo and are legal only for taking woodchuck (ammo restrictions, page 58), raccoon and opossum with hounds (.22 shorts only) plus coyote and fox (ammo restrictions, page 54)."
  10. mazzgolf

    Ar15 legal for coyote?

    I edited my original post to explain this - but I'll make a separate post here to avoid confusion. This is actually correct IF hunting under general small game laws. So, there is no AR-15 hunting (or any rifle hunting) of predators in November and December. Starting January, and if you have the special permit, yes, you can.
  11. mazzgolf

    Ar15 legal for coyote?

    Good point. I believe that's true for legally hunting any game with semi-auto rifles in NJ - can only have 3 in the mag, or 1 in the chamber and 2 in the mag.
  12. mazzgolf

    Ar15 legal for coyote?

    (Correction: This is correct only if hunting under general small game laws - but not if you have the special predator permit). YES! You can use the bad, mean-old AR-15 to hunt coyotes in NJ with the special predator season permit. Just don't tell the politicians, once they find out that Fish*Game allows this, I'm positive they'd create a law to prohibit it. But seriously, any rifle (semi-auto or bolt action - doesn't matter) with a caliber .25 or less is legal, so, yes, AR-15 is perfectly fine and legal - it *is* after all a good hunting rifle for predators. It's not a war machine like some anti-gun people like to portray it as. See the NJ hunting digest, page 54, the table for "coyote/fox" season: "Centerfire rifles: From .17 to maximum of .25 caliber with soft point or hollow point bullets and maximum of 80 grains" BIG CAVEAT! You can only hunt with rifles during daylight hours - you cannot use them at night. The special predator season permit does not allow for that. It's shotgun only at night - can't even use muzzy or bow. Again, see the table on page 54, it explains that, too.
  13. mazzgolf

    Squirell hunt protest

    The link in the OP is wrong - here it is: https://nypost.com/2019/02/16/new-jerseys-squirrel-hunting-event-marred-by-lack-of-squirrels/ And the article was right!! Where were the squirrels??!! I actually shot at one, I can't believe I somehow missed. Now I really wish I went - they had squirrel meat to try?? I would have liked to taste it and get the recipe. I also would have liked to see the skinning demo - I have a method I use now, but curious of how they demo'ed it. I'm trying to get some squirrel to try a new smoker recipe someone posted here recently. So far I only got one - had my chances at others, just not presenting me a clear shot in range. It really is true they are not active this time of year. If you don't bag one within the first half hour of early shooting time, your odds go way, way down to getting one at all. BTW: If you read that article, you can tell it all was clearly tongue-in-cheek and they didn't give the protesters any kind of serious attention.
  14. mazzgolf


    How is it possible the news media gives this any attention? 12 people? I could get 12 people to protest ANYTHING. Would they give me the same exposure on the news? Let's protest too much sugar in Dunkin' Donuts pastries!!! It's harmful to the children!!
  15. mazzgolf


    How many antis were over there? I wish I went just to witness the sideshow. But I assume there was only a handful of people protesting. I can't believe they would get more than they get for the bear protests (which was small itself).