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  1. Someone on here was selling a bunch of boxes of the Winchester 3.5" buckshot loads... not sure if he sold it already, but it was only a couple weeks ago. This (ok, maybe more than a couple weeks ago ):
  2. Have you tried it? Have you hung (no cheating!) from your harness for more than a few seconds? The initial fall is the first thing you have to worry about, yes. The hanging there for however long is the second thing you need to worry about. If your hunting harness works for you for both, stay with it. But at least know yourself how your own harness performs for both. Just found this video if interested. This guy actually has almost the same HSS harness I used to use before I switched. Frankly, though, his "fall" scenario isn't the one I'm worried about. Falling out of a stand that is stil
  3. There are a bunch of threads on here regarding using climbing harnesses. Don't want to hijack the thread to just repeat what was said (there are some long and good threads on here). In short, climbing harnesses by design do not give you the trauma that hunting harnesses do (just think about it - think about the climbers that spend hours in those things climbing up cliffs). You can hang a long time with a climbing harness without the trauma. I use the same rope strap/prussik/caribiner that you normally see used by hunters (I have the HSS rope strap) - I connect a rabbit runner from th
  4. This is exactly why I switched to a climbing harness and got away from those hunting harnesses that connect to your upper back/neck. I actually tested hanging from my old hunting harness (one of those expensive HSS ones) and I literally couldn't last a few MINUTES (let alone a half hour) - the pain in the groin got unbearable. I immediately switched to a climbing harness. This is why I like to tell people when threads like this come up - don't just check your stands and lifelines - check your harness, too!!! Make sure you know how it will feel when you are hanging - get an idea for how lo
  5. DOH! I never even thought of that!!! That's a VERY good question!!!
  6. I don't know what's worse - hearing about the bears you Northerners complain about, or this -- alligator stealing downed ducks. https://www.fox5ny.com/news/13-foot-massive-alligator-snatches-duck-from-hunters-in-central-florida
  7. Yup - once the merger was finalized, they followed the policies of BassPro and stopped shipping all ammo (even shotgun shells) to NJ. I've said it before, the merger with BassPro is destroying what Cabelas used to be.
  8. Page 30 of the Digest says it all. Permit muzzy is independent and separate from both 6-day and Permit Shotgun Season - limit for permit muzzy is unaffected by what you do during 6-day. Also, the chart on page 34, in the right-most "Notes" comment also makes this clear. Page 30 ==== Page 34 ====
  9. See... now if that happened to me, I would have posted a book with the full story here. You can't hit-n-run us with that single sentence and leave us hanging - we need to hear the whole story
  10. Yeah, that hunter agreement card in the digest is a nice template to use. Just to be clear, you are not REQUIRED to have written permission unless you are under certain conditions (I believe written permission is required if hunting within a safety zone, for example). Verbal permission is fine if the land owner is fine with that - but I usually like to get it written down if I can. And if a land owner wants it written down, you need to do that. It is nice to have it written down. But, really, if you are in the middle of 65 acres of private land, no one is going to ask you for it. But
  11. I did. I saw nothing in there that would make this illegal. Here's what it says from the PDF published on the NJSP website and the other NSJP web page on it: I just don't see it in there. This is just talking about selling/transferring in the state of NJ. This can't possibly have jurisdiction outside of NJ unless there is some kind of reciprocity going on that I do not know about where the PA / DE and NJ state governments promise to uphold each others' purchasing laws when residents of those states cross the border (but I doubt NJ would agree to that since PA and DE gun laws are much m
  12. I like this post. Your son probably won't really understand what you just saved him from until he himself has to actually trail a wounded deer for hours, sleep on it overnight, and possibly lose it to coyotes OR the deer not dying at all, OR! he does find it only to then have to drag it the hundreds of yards it was able to run. I had a deer this past week inside of 20 yards. Facing me, then quartering to. All I kept thinking about was my first deer that I shot in the neck because I made a bad quartering-to shot -- I had to get a dog to track it over 400 yards before I could find it (
  13. But is it illegal possession? Consider: 1) I do not have an FID, but I am a NJ resident. 2) I drive over to PA or DE - out of NJ jurisdiction and away from any NJ purchase laws for muzzy and airguns. 3) I *legally* purchase a muzzy and/or airgun in PA or DE. At this point in time I am currently the legal owner of said gun(s) ... [since, at the time of purchase, NJ statute 2C:39, et. al. is irrelevant as I purchased out of state, and PA and DE (as well as the feds) have very lenient categorizations of muzzys and airguns (aka not firearms)] Now: 4) To transport them
  14. I'm all excited to go to the range yesterday to make sure my slug gun is still zero'ed in. Got my AccuTips and 870+slug barrel all ready to go. 50 yard shot dead on. Not satisfied, I move over to the 100 yard range to take a couple shots. I look through the scope - damn, my eyes are getting worse as I get older. With my glasses, can't get a clear enough focus through the scope. Take my glasses off, I can get a better focus, but I have to move my head closer to the scope. "Hmmm...", I say to myself, "my face is really close to the scope now. Bahh.. what could go wrong?" Yeah, that hap
  15. What law(s) would I be violating if: 1) I am a NJ resident 2) I do NOT have an FID 3) I buy a muzzy (or airgun) in PA or DE ??
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