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  1. mazzgolf

    Site Migration - BACK ONLINE!

    If you screw this up again....
  2. mazzgolf

    Madison is ready for the woods!

    Cutie! Goes fast, though! My oldest just came home from college for Christmas break last week!! WTH happened!? I was just changing her diapers yesterday... wasn't I??!!??
  3. mazzgolf

    Closing pheasant farm just sad.

    Program isn't ending. State is going to buy birds from private sources - they just aren't going to raise their own birds.: https://njfishandwildlife.com/rockport.htm#future "Recognizing the challenge ahead, the Fish and Game Council voted in February to expand the purchase of adult pheasants to satisfy 100% of the birds needed for the stocking program. While there are several procurement challenges associated with this approach, we expect to fully implement this plan in 2019. As a result, no pheasants will be reared at the Rockport Pheasant Farm in 2019, provided that we are successful in developing the necessary contracts with outside vendors to purchase these birds."
  4. mazzgolf

    AccuTip ballistics - zero

    Yeah, I noticed that, too. I'll be sticking with 2 3/4" - doesn't look like paying the extra cost for 3" gets you much. Here's the energy chart:
  5. mazzgolf

    So are we felons now?

    As long as its permanently pinned. If it's easily reversible, it is as if it's not pinned at all and still illegal.
  6. mazzgolf

    AccuTip ballistics - zero

    What is your slug-gun's zero when using AccuTips? I was using CopperSolids, but I'm out of those and I have a bunch of AccuTips so I'm going to use those next. I was zero'ed at 100. But I read online a lot of people recommend zero'ing at 50. I looked at the ballistics/path of the AccuTips (using Nikon's SpotOn website) and I like the 100 zero better. Not sure why people say to zero at 50. Zero at 100 means you are also zeroed at 25, which is nice since I'm just as likely to see a deer at 25 as I am at 100. And aiming dead-on with any deer between 10 and 110 yards means the shot won't be off by more than an inch (high or low). Looking at the slug path when zeroed at 50, I see there is only one dead-aim point at 50. The 1-inch spread is limited to only between about 10 yards and 90 yards (compared to 10-110 above) - the slug drops to 2 inches at 100, 3 inches at 110, 4 to 120 (slug hasn't dropped 2 inches yet at 120 when zeroed at 100). So for a slug gun zero'ed at 50, larger compensation has to be made when shooting out past 100+ yards compared to a zero-at-100, but there isn't much difference at close range between the two. So zero'ing at 100 seems to give an easier shot at longer ranges with no more or less difficulty at shorter ranges. Seems correct, yes??
  7. mazzgolf


    Sheesh - I've left mine in the woods!!! Climbed down the tree, put the climber on my back, walked a half mile back to the truck, and the whole way never missing my bow... only when I got back to the truck did I realize ---- oh crap!!!
  8. Yeah, got slightly off topic. But to pull it back in -- look at what is happening on these two specific pieces of property. 1) It is public land - township owned. 2) Township ordinance says it is illegal to hunt on any township owned property and you must be 1500 feet from buildings if hunting on private land 3) HOWEVER a very select few people have been given access to those 125 prime hunting acres of public township land explicitly by law - and they are exempted from the safety zone ordinance as well. The rest of us? Nope. Can't hunt that public property. That just doesn't seem right that a township prohibits hunting on their public land, only to somehow write into their laws that 125 acres of nice hunting property can be hunted by only a very select few.
  9. I forget where I read this... but... it makes you think Imagine an alien from another planet comes and visits Earth. The alien lands his saucer down in a park and, wanting to find out who the leader is of this planet, he looks around. The alien sees creatures on four legs walking in front of other creatures walking on two legs. He notices that the creatures with four legs take dumps where ever they want, and the creatures with two legs will always bend over, clean up/pick up the four-legged creatures' dumps, put it in bags, and carries it with them. Which creature does the alien think is in charge?
  10. Light lunch today I'm always looking for tasty but *easy* recipes - here's one that was not bad. I won't call it awesome, but it was good. Four venison chops dressed with mushrooms, horseradish and spicy mustard sauce. Not sure where I got the recipe. venison 4 Tbs butter 1 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced 2 Tbs prepared horseradish 1 Tbs spicy brown mustard 1 cup water 2 Tbs cornstarch DIRECTIONS: In a large cast iron skillet, melt 2 Tbs butter and sear venison for a couple minutes on each side. Then put it in oven to cook for another 10-15 minutes or until you like it. In a small saucepan, melt the remaining 2 Tbs butter over medium heat, add the mushrooms and saute until tender. Stir in the horseradish and mustard. Add the water and cornstarch. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Then reduce heat to low and simmer until thickened. Pour sauce over venison. (optionally serve with egg noodles). Makes a lot of sauce - more than what you see in the picture. You can use this sauce for chops, cutlets, or steaks if you'd like.
  11. mazzgolf

    small game/pheasant closed 12/12

    There was no stocking of birds last week or this week - picks up again starting Saturday.
  12. mazzgolf

    small game/pheasant closed 12/12

    I looked at my Google calendar (where I put all the seasons dates in)... looks like the start of permit shotgun season starts tomorrow in many regulation sets - I bet they want to give the permit shotgun guys a chance in the woods without having pheasant hunters kicking up all the deer.
  13. mazzgolf

    Cutting off head/antlers question

    I dropped off my deer at Hartman's last week - in the cooling trailer, about half the bucks had their antler's cut off. I don't think it's a problem.
  14. Here’s what I find frustrating with our local governments. A friend lives very close to the spots I’m going to point out - it’s in Cherry Hill. He tells me he sees deer all the time. He is afraid to hit a deer just driving in his own development. Everyone’s landscaping has been getting ruined. Deer are everywhere. I looked it up on the NJ Tax map (that's the pic below) - I see two great pieces of huntable property here. Parcel 526.01/1 is a square lot of 84 acres and parcel 437.05/99 is a narrow but long 41 acres with a creek running through the length of it. 125 acres total. Both properties are township-owned. Springdale Farms is next door. Nirvana for deer; no wonder they are here. Just to be sure it would be legal to hunt these two pieces, I looked up the Cherry Hill township ordinances. I should have known - absolutely no hunting within Cherry Hill township unless it is on private land. Also, no firearms within 1,500 feet of buildings/playgrounds. Well, good luck finding that in Cherry Hill. So essentially, it's bow-only on private-only land. OK, fair enough. No hunting for me there. But here’s the part that I felt sick about. Apparently, Springdale Farms has a depredation permit - so they can kill however many deer they want on their property. Again, fair enough. But the worst part is that, not only can they kill on their own property, Cherry Hill ordinances give the owners of Springdale Farms (and ONLY them as part of their depredation permit) permission to kill however many deer they want on those two public, township-owned properties! (again, 125 acres of public property that no one else is allowed to hunt). Cherry Hill also frees up Springdale Farms from having to abide by the 1,500' foot rule here - they can gun hunt using the normal 450' rule. So here is 125 acres of public property that I know people (me!) would love to hunt, and harvest deer from (and eat the meat; not waste it), but it is illegal to do so. Yet a farmer (and only the farmer) can go on this public property and kill what deer they want and waste them (as far as I know, the state “owns” any deer killed as part of the depredation permit - you aren’t even allowed to keep the meat) while not even having to adhere to Cherry Hill's own safety zone restrictions. Does this sound right to you? Totally frustrating to me. I know the deer wreck havoc on farms, but I would be willing to help out Springdale Farms (and their neighbors) with their deer problem by harvesting deer from these public properties (and eating the meat, not wasting it) -- but it is illegal for me to do so. Here’s the ordinances. You tell me if I'm reading this correctly or not. Notice 5-6.1(b) actually calls out the block/lots for those two public parcels I show above: http://clerkshq.com/default.ashx?clientsite=cherryhill-nj
  15. I can attest to the fact that Delaney is a hunting *machine*