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  1. Wow - these drones are amazing today. I had no idea they had this tracking feature. Really cool. Now I'm really impressed :-) Great adventure video @lsv_palana (about that tracking mode on that drone - a guy demonstrates it here if anyone else is curious about it as I am -- it's really cool)
  2. You wanna bet why that is? I bet she's left-handed and the reel had the handle on the side for a right-hander and she didn't know you can reverse the handle (or, more charitable, perhaps it was a cheap reel that was not reversible and she wasn't comfortable using it the other way) I went on a charter one year when I was in Disney - guy handed me a rod and I immediately asked if I can switch the handle
  3. If I were to do that, it would be about more than just getting geese. That just looks like a really fun time. Well, ignoring the fact you have to risk traveling miles over water in a small inflatable raft with a single 9.9 and a couple cans of gas in the Russian cold (I liked the part where he pets the Suzuki motor.. "Well done... well done" -- as if he's saying, "Please don't die... please don't die" (but I don't really believe he was there on his own the whole time - otherwise, who is taking the video from up above as he's speeding through the water or disembarking on the bank. It's still a fun watch though).
  4. "I waited for these geese for ten days. Shoot for hour and a half" And THAT there is hunting That was a fun watch. And neat trick loading the extra shell in the receiver.
  5. "Please watch your local newspaper for details" -- What? No website? No email? BTW: I thought *I* was - but some of you people are OLD!
  6. *sloooowly* drove it to my mechanic's place last night... we'll see what he says today. Check engine light was on - so it should be quick for him to at least figure out what the codes are saying is wrong.
  7. I don't use any custom app... my Android phone just detects the USB card and I can open up the file explorer and look at them or copy them directly on my phone. This is the card reader I use: https://www.amazon.com/Asltoy-Adapter-Simultaneous-Function-Chromebook/dp/B07JR23F5J $5 - you plug the card in the slot, then plug the unit directly in to the phone and the phone automatically detects it. I then open up the "Files" app that came with the phone and browse.
  8. I disconnected the battery for a half hour and reconnected... that should hopefully take it off that limp mode for the 15 or 20 minutes it will take me to drive over to my mechanics place tonight (going tonight so I don't hold up any traffic if I get stuck going 5mph again :)). He told me I can bring it over for him just to look at tomorrow. I'll see what's wrong before deciding what to do.
  9. Get a load of this story. Took my one car to the mechanics - kid is going to college in a few weeks, so going to have mechanic do a safety check and change the oil. Me and wife drive up in separate cars -- she's in our Honda Civic - so she can drive me home after dropping the car off. We are driving home in the Civic - now, this is a 2001 (yes, 2001) Civic with about 180,000 miles on it. I tell her, "I can't believe this car still drives as nice as it does." And we talk about how we are keeping this car until it dies. A couple hours later, she has to take that Civic to the NJ inspection station since its due this month. She goes through inspection fine. Soon after (an hour?), she calls me up, "You need to come get me, the Civic just died." WHAT!? Something is wrong with the transmission - press the accelerator, and the engine revs but it can't get into gear. Turn the car off, let it sit for a minute, turn it back on, and it can get into drive, but it can't go fast. After a little while, gets out of gear and feels like its in neutral again. Shut down the car, rinse, repeat, until we manage to get the car home. A) What's the most likely problem? Computer? Or something with transmission? (belt??) B ) Is it a coincidence it happened soon after getting inspected?? I can't believe they could be so inept that they managed to screw up my transmission while getting inspected with what little they inspect now-a-days - I don't even think they do the tailpipe/emissions testing anymore (do they?) I'll probably just scrap this car - only worth 400 or so when its actually driveable - right now its probably totaled and I don't plan on putting more money in it. Just kills me how just this morning I was saying how good this car has been and that we're keeping it until it dies, and then a few hours later, *poof* it happens.
  10. Current course list: https://www.nj.wildlifelicense.com/ALS/course/course_report.php They will post more classes as the year goes along - that page says, "Please check back often as classes are added on a monthly basis." The NJ DFW website says they go into November: https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/hunted.htm
  11. I TOTALLY remember watching Ultraman!!! The blinking light on the chest! Why is it you don't remember just how extremely corny they were - I guess you see things differently when you weren't a teenager yet. So many shows we'd watch on Saturday mornings... OK, here's one - what's the one where it was a huge robot (like 10 stories tall) and the boy would call for it when he needed help? I think he'd hold up some remote control and press a button or something. I always get that and Ultraman confused. I can't remember the name of it, but I watched that all the time. This thread is totally diverging down a rabbit hole Anyone remember Marine Boy?? "It's Mar....eeeeeeeeeeen Boy... brave and true....." He had to chew special "oxygen gum" so he could breathe under water. They don't make 'em like they use to UPDATE-- Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot! That's it!! The boy would tell the robot to do things by talking into his wrist watch. Robot even had rockets shooting out of his fingers - how cool is that?? Man, I didn't realize how much influence the Japanese had on me during my youth
  12. I had to look it up (I know - not wildlife show...)... but I can distinctly remember watching this as a kid and hearing that opening theme... never forgot that music... can't think of a better word to describe the music other than "haunting"... I guess because when you heard it, you knew that what you were going to watch in the next hour wasn't going to be pleasant. I might want to binge watch this series again... It was really good. For those that remember... start at the 1m 50s mark .
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