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  1. Someone needs to explain to me why a slab of concrete on the edge of a lake needs to be off limits because secretaries in DFW offices are furloughed?? In all the times I've launched at Union, or Rainbow or wherever, I've NEVER seen a single DFW employee present. What does the furlough have anything to do with being able to launch on a body of public water???? Makes NO sense whatsoever.
  2. I took the plunge - just signed up for the Lifetime Membership. At least now I won't have to worry about remembering to sign up every year
  3. You can apply for a social security number while your ears are still wet after getting birthed from your mother We applied for my kids' SSN while they were still in the hospital when they were born. They got their cards a few weeks later.
  4. So... think about this. NJ DFW employees are getting furloughed this month. Who then exactly is going to enforce these closures? If I go to Union boat ramp and launch a boat... who exactly is going to tell me I can't if they all are sitting home?
  5. Thanks for all the tips. After seeing what people do here, plus some Internet research, I made my first homemade batch of hot Italian sausage tonight and it was awesome! Sorry - no pictures. But it did come out good Sausage was the one thing I was going to miss by not taking my deer harvests to a butcher - but now that I know how to make it, I'm happy butchering my own deer now! Here's what I made: === INGREDIENTS: 1 pounds of roughly ground venison 1 pounds of ground pork (not too lean, you need the fat for moisture) 2 tsp dried parsley 2 tsp Italian seasoning (oregano, basil, rosemary, etc. - just add to taste) 1 1/2 tsp black pepper 1/2 tsp fennel seed (whole or crushed) 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp red pepper flakes (adjust to taste - I used 1/2 tsp and it was mild-to-hot) 2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp dry minced onion DIRECTIONS: 1. Combine spices. The recipe above produces a total of 11.5 tsp of spice - you can add 1/2 tsp more of whatever spice you want to get an even 12 tsp (which is 4 Tbsp which is "the rule of thumb" amount for 2 pounds of meat - of course, adjust to your own tastes). 2. For every 2 Tbsp of spices, add 1 oz of cold water (no more than 4oz per 5 lbs. of meat) 3. Combine venison and pork (in a 1-to-1 ratio, but you could do 2-1 venison-to-pork or whatever you like - just remember the rule of thumb is 2 Tbsp spice for each 1 pound of total meat). 4. Mix spices into ground meat. You can run it through a grinder, a mixer, or just hand-mix. A good idea is to cook a very small paddy now to see if you got the flavor the way you like. After you taste, you can add more spices if you think you want more. Optionally you can now stuff into casings. I just cooked it as-is without casings.
  6. He's going to need a CID anyway. Go online and sign up for one. I don't think you need to buy anything - but if you do, you can but a $10 fishing license (but I really don't think you need to - I think just sign up on the license website gets you a CID assigned).
  7. I have an Beretta A300 Outlander (magnum semi-auto - it is chambered up to 3" shells) and it eats anything I give it (except when it is super cold out - like in the teens Fahrenheit -- I have had a couple failure to ejects in cold weather like that). But in normal weather, I never had a problem with light target loads up through BB waterfowl loads and everything in between. My dad has a Beretta A400 ... super-magnum (chambered up to 3.5"). He bought it brand new about a year ago. I still don't think that thing can go through a box of target loads without jamming up. Even put through a couple boxes of 3.5" turkey loads to help break it in. I suspect if he shot high brass pheasant loads, it would be fine. But for sure, light loads are still a problem. I don't know if he needs to break it in even more. So - keep that in mind. If you buy a 3.5" gun, you may have a problem with lighter loads (at minimum you need to take care to shoot lots of heavy loads through it to break it in). In my opinion (and this is just for me), I wouldn't buy a 3.5" gun for pheasant or waterfowling because (1) like I just said, you might have an issue with lighter loads (and I like shooting target loads for practice before I go out hunting) and (2) 3.5" shells get EXPENSIVE when you start thinking about shooting a box or two during each pheasant or duck hunt you go out on, so even if I had a 3.5" chambered gun, I wouldn't be shooting 3.5" shells anyway because I'm cheap :-) [I only shoot 3.5" shells during turkey season out of my super-mag 870.. one shot, one kill, done for the day ]
  8. Here we see the house of cards the anti-gun, liberal politicians have built. For the past several decades, they have been trying to disarm the populace with their anti-gun crusade: "Why do you need a gun? Just call the police!". And now they are saying, "We don't want the police to exist. We want to defund the police." (To many of these liberals, "defund" means literally "disband"). All the while they are blissfully ignorant of (or refuse to acknowledge publicly) this massive conflict within their own ideology ("You don't need guns because we have the police to protect us; but we don't want the police to exist because they don't protect us.") Of course we all know what would happen if they get their way and prohibit gun ownership while at the same time eliminating the police. As for the OP, I can tell you when I got my FID about 20 years ago, it took me about 7 months to get it (and that was not during a time like this when there is a run on background checks and a built-in excuse of the corona lockdown - I would not be surprised if you don't see an FID until next year).
  9. If it wasn't required by the gun clubs around here, I probably would pass. I do plan on living longer than 15 years (God willing! ). And I agree - I'm always amazed at the amount of money they spend trying to solicit more donations from members - I often wonder if they pay more in printings and postage when sending me solicitations than what my annual dues are
  10. The NRA currently has a membership drive going on right now - they lowered the lifetime membership from $1,500 to less than half that ($600). Thoughts? $1,500 is exorbitant and something I would never do. But $600 - I'm thinking about writing that check. Both my previous and current gun club each required NRA membership to be a member of the club (I suspect that is how most gun clubs are). I plan to always have a gun club membership for the rest of my life, so that means I'm going to probably need to re-up with the NRA every year. NRA yearly memberships just went up, too. $600 is 15 years worth of the yearly rates (assuming they don't raise their membership rates again).
  11. OK, what's the deal with those blow fish people are catching here in NJ? Aren't those the super-poisonous fish you hear about in Japan? Or is that a different fish?
  12. Where do those out-of-staters typically go for those unlimited does? I haven't seen that down where I am (I still count the new ridiculous 9-deer limit as unlimited). Is that happening more up in the northern zones? [hmmm... now that I'm looking at the map, I didn't realize it until just now but !wow! almost the entire state north of Trenton is unlimited antlerless from mid-September to mid-Februrary! ]
  13. I'm curious what the lines are going to look like at the DMVs next Tuesday. I don't know if I want to get there an hour early before they open or if I should just wait a week. But I'm not even sure waiting a week is going to help. There's at least 2 months of backlog with people just waiting to get in for new plates, or titles, or whatever. I might just go Tuesday before the word gets out that the DMVs are finally open.
  14. You might not realize it yet, but you actually did "Daddy - I want to go out on my boat"... "OOO KKKKKaaayy"
  15. It's July 4 weekend... I'd say screw it. I highly doubt any police officer will be writing tickets for things not being registered properly with the DMV being closed for months now. Just have with you the sales paperwork - if you get stopped, just tell them you'd love to get it registered IF THE DMV WOULD JUST OPEN UP!
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