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  1. Yeah, I think I might do the same. But these things look so good and look like they would make such a good presentation when plated Bacon! Maybe wrap them in bacon. Everything works out when you wrap things in bacon, right?
  2. Do you guys cook it on the bone (just as it comes off the bird like in the video?) - or do you just take the breasts off the bone before cooking? I have two really nice breasts on the bone but no good recipes. People either have recipes for the boneless breasts or recipes with a whole pheasant (legs, wings, and entire breast, just field dressed with gizzards removed). I am wondering if I can just cook these using a full-breast recipe? I'm worried about drying it out by cooking it too long using a full-breast recipe.
  3. I just did that for the first time with 2 from this morning's hunt. It is easy as far as that goes - but of course, it isn't done yet and no one I've seen so far on the 'net explains how to clean it the rest of the way. Everyone shows how easy it is to pull the legs up and get the breast out - but the wings are still attached and it's a pain to figure out how to rip off the wings and not damage some of the breast meat at the connection point at the tip of the breast. Who has a video that explains that part?
  4. The reason why I personally wouldn't do it is because if you have slugs in your possession, you need a shotgun with sights (or conversely, is it to be interpreted "you can't have a gun without sights in your possession"). If you have two SGs with you, and one is smoothbore for buckshot (and has no sights) are you in violation? You have a SG with sights with you, but you also have one that does not. I dunno. As always, when in doubt, contact DFW and ask them directly. https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/contactform.htm I always get an answer within 24- 48 hours when I ask questions like this - best to ask up front rather than have the conversation out in the field when it might be too late.
  5. "Happy Birthday! I swear, honey.. I baked it myself."
  6. Incorrect I'm imagining the carnage that would ensue if they let the orange army out in the same woods as the dogs.
  7. I am going to keep looking at that LandTrust - looks like a great way for landowners/farmers to make a little cash while at the same time opening up some private property for some hunters to access. Doesn't look like they are gouging people - $50 for a goose hunt seems OK. I pay more to play a round of golf
  8. Some friends that I talk to that don't wear a harness are very blasé about it... they look at me funny when I ask if they are wearing a harness. "I've been hunting for XYZ years, never had a problem. Don't need one." That's the attitude of the guys that don't wear one. They have been hunting "forever" and think they know what they are doing and don't need one.
  9. I took the trapping course last year - and one thing stuck with me when they were talking about rules and regulations. I remember being told MAKE SURE you know and follow EVERY law and regulation to a "T". Check your traps every day ("I was sick" isn't an excuse), make sure you have your paperwork with you (license, etc), make sure your traps are legal, have identification attached, are correct size, use correct firearm/ammo when dispatching, etc., etc. Why? Because if you are found trapping "illegally" (even if its an honest mistake) you then open yourself up to "animal cruelty" charges. This is what the trapping ed instructor said.
  10. I'm going through past F&G Council minutes. Everyone should do this periodically - you can get some good info. https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/cnclminutes.htm Here's something that perked my ears from October's meeting - am I reading this right? There is talk about forcing us to go non-toxic for turkey hunting? You know, force us to buy those shells that are like double the price than the lead ammo we can use now? From the September minutes - they are talking about restricting waterfowl hunting at Tuckahoe WMA to Mon., Wed., Sat. only and have it "hunt by registration only" - in some cases, you have to go there 2-hours before shooting time and draw from the lottery... and cross-your-fingers you did not get up at 3am for no reason (at least, this is how I read it - you don't get drawn in the lottery, you are going home):
  11. I'll never forget this - the year on the video is wrong - it was summer of 2018:
  12. Yup - just read the hunting ordinances for Gloucester Township to see how far local munis go: https://sites.google.com/site/glotwpcode/TABLE-OF-CONTENTS/part-ii---regulatory-ordinances/chapter-60-hunting-and-firearms I challenge you to find anywhere within Gloucester Township that is NOT within 1,500 feet of a twp recreational building/field, or a school playground or a dwelling not on the property being hunted. They might as well just have said within 500 miles, same effect. Or better yet, just come out and say what they mean, "We don't want hunters here." That is how local munis can prohibit hunting in this state, at least gun hunting (but I'm sure they can do the same with bow).
  13. I had to look up "gumad" (and I'm Italian) Learn something new everyday. Not always something useful, but learning nonetheless.
  14. For some reason I thought that was the funniest part
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