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  1. Yup! Bought myself a present last year on Black Friday sale Used a little vlc / ffmpeg magic to help edit the videos.
  2. Drat!! I still can't figure out how to lead birds! From this morning - if you watch closely, you can see the shot pattern -- missed both times out in front, second one was a little low, too. On the first shot, the crow helps his cause by applying the air brakes and performing the standard Matrix Maneuver:
  3. Won't find out until next week... IIRC they usually will post the numbers at the same time people can start buy their lottery awards. Figure by Monday (if not sooner) you can find out here: https://nj.aspirafocus.com/internetsales/Home/AvailablePermits The numbers will change based on how many people actually buy their lottery awards.
  4. found it: --- From: Division of Fish and Wildlife <[email protected]> Subject: Colliers Mills and Stafford Forge Range Reopenings Delayed Date: Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 8:41 AM Due to weather conditions and COVID-19, the Colliers Mills WMA rifle range and the Stafford Forge WMA muzzleloader and shotgun ranges will remain closed until March 29 for upgrading. The improvements include covered firing lines and improved parking areas. Archery ranges at both WMAs will remain open during construction. Firearm ranges at Clinton and Makepeace Lake WMAs
  5. Yeah, me, too. I can't find the email, but I seem to remember getting something about March now.
  6. I didn't even watch the video until just now. I thought the author, when speaking in the video, provided a sober and objective description of the situation. I thought the written article could have covered the hunting side of it better. What surprised me is that both interviewer and interviewee both say they live in NJ and BOTH said they had no idea we had a black bear population like we do!! Therein lies the problem - people that live in cities and suburbs have no clue what people are going through that live in the areas where the bear situation is a problem. They then hear all the anti-
  7. Why it was "Sports Illustrated" that published a story on this, I do not know.... but here you go: "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: A brutal, bloody hunt. A ghastly, devastating attack. And a state left divided on what to do about its 2,500 black bears, with whom New Jerseyans cross paths hundreds of times per year." https://www.si.com/more-sports/2021/02/23/new-jersey-black-bear-hunt-daily-cover
  8. I have a kit in the truck --- that's a story in itself. I never put a first aid kit in my truck. Was practicing with my bow on a public range once - for some reason I took my knife out to cut something (can't remember what) - knife slipped and dropped hardly a few inches but landed perfectly on edge right on my knuckle - bled like a stuck pig. Had to hurry up, run to the closest drug store (finger wrapped in a napkin that I DID have in my truck) and bought a first aid kit and patched up the finger. That kit still sits in my truck today Sometimes I have a few bandaids in my pack for small
  9. There's a blurb in the digest - but not "shoot on sight" - definitely they want you to report them: Page 26: But whoever did this, I'm thankful. I do NOT want any escaped hogs getting a foothold and going feral here. Nobody wants that.
  10. And where I found this one was in one of those zones. If this is one (and I have no reason to think it isn't) it's the first time I've ever seen one in here, alive or dead. And I'm in these zones a lot. This was a tiny one - I don't think it was 3 feet long.
  11. I didn't shoot it. But here you go - for those who wonder if we have them in this state (If this isn't a feral hog, then I can't explain why someone would kill their pig and dump it without taking the meat). Yes, I did report it when I found it - left a message on the phone number NJ DFW provides. In South Jersey, but don't ask me where - I plan on going back tonight and hunt the nearby area for yotes Besides, I have a feeling this was shot somewhere else and dumped in this location within the past 24 hours. I'm not even sure if it was shot; I didn't touch it, but if it wasn't shot in th
  12. Do NOT buy the Swann flood light cameras. A year or two ago, I bought one, put it outside my garage - and no matter how much I tuned the so-called "sensitivity" setting and adjusted the aim, it went off continuously. My neighbors across the street called me to complain about it - it kept going off all throughout the night and the light was very bright (I'll give them props for that - the light was bright). I would constantly get notifications on my phone when it tripped - I'd look at the video, and nothing. I went online and submitted a support ticket asking how I can fix it - to this day I ne
  13. Had to share, what with all this talk about jet sleds in the snow ... Me and the wife just spent the last couple days up in Lancaster (BTW: saw "Esther" at the Sight-and-Sound theatre - great show! Highly recommend it!). If you have ever driven up there thru Amish country, you'd know -- it's a bunch of huge fields and rolling hills. Add a few inches of snow on top and... well... you get the idea. On the way home, we passed by a large hill with a bunch of cars parked on the side of the road... we look down and we saw a bunch of people sledding. I told my wife, "You know, I have t
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