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  1. Some of my NJW&W friends were asking about it, so I'll post here. She had the operation today - we just got home and she is resting right now. A little groggy from the anesthesia and some discomfort but overall she's OK. I was not allowed in the building (corona precautions), so I literally had to drop her off at the curb this morning, and then went back and picked her up at the same curb this evening. So she had to go through it all by herself, but she handled it like a trooper. Doctor said he was very happy with the results. Only had to take out two lymph nodes (which I think is a good thing). We'll know the test results from those lymph nodes by the time she has her follow up appointment. Other tests show she is not "triple-negative" which I've learned is a good thing. She was told she will need radiation but NOT chemo, just some "hormone therapy" for the next several years. That's all I know; I plan on asking a lot of questions about what all this means at the follow up visit next week. I think, all things considered (it IS cancer, after all), it seems to be one of the best prognoses we could have wished for. Thanks for the prayers! (Now maybe I can allow myself to look forward to some turkey hunting in a couple weeks!)
  2. $20 x N tags... I am in over $100 in tags. And I bet some others have spent more. I have some private land to hunt thank goodness... but I have some really good WMA and state forest spots I planned on hunting.
  3. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/04/nj-orders-all-state-and-county-parks-closed-indefinitely-to-fight-coronavirus-outbreak.html I'm going turkey hunting when the season starts up - he can go blow. He will close the WMAs soon - I'm surprised he didn't with this announcement.
  4. Just got this email from : Division of Parks and Forestry <[email protected]> State Parks and Forests CLOSED Governor Murphy announced that effective at 8pm on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, all state parks and forests will be closed until further notice. This full closure includes all park lots, grounds, facilities, trails, playgrounds. HIKING PROHIBITED All park gates and entrances are CLOSED. Trail use is PROHIBITED. Save yourself the trip and STAY HOME to help limit the spread of COVID-19. AREAS PATROLLED New Jersey State Park Police will patrol park areas to ensure the public is following the Governor’s directives to stay home to help limit the spread of COVID-19.
  5. See there? That's like where I want to go just once in my life. Somewhere like that. Where is that? (sorry - didn't mean to hijack, but had to ask)
  6. Darn, over an hour away. Too far for me. Though you are near my alma mater (Rutgers-New Brunwick) - so, hello
  7. Location? And willing to discuss selling just the brant separately?
  8. I do a lot of freshwater fishing in the summer - mainly targeting LMB and pickerel. I never bought a trout stamp before and never targeted trout. But I'm thinking of trying it after the 11th on some stocked lakes; not sure if I'll find time. For sure, I'm not looking to add more stuff to my fishing/hunting gear collection - I am curious though if what I have would work. What kind of gear would work to target trout, considering the only rods/lures I have are for bass/pickerel/perch? All my rods are spinning rods, mainly 6' and 7'. All spooled with around 10# line or higher, mono and braid (I think I have some 6# and 8# line around here somewhere). I have one small spinning rod with a small reel (rod is 4.5') that is spooled with I think 6# or 8# braid. Lures are mainly spinners (some with large single hook, some with small trebles), jerk baits, lipless cranks, poppers, chatter, buzz. My single hooks (for senkos) are too large for trout - these are like 1/0 and thereabouts. I do have some small grubs and little artificials like that. I have some smaller single hooks I use to catch small pan fish and perch.
  9. That thing must have had huge eyes. I'm thinking Powerpuff Girl... it fits perfectly
  10. Fred has a stone-aged sense of humor. BTW: I will admit I had both my laptop and cell phone logged into the website at 9:55am on Monday (cell phone was just as a plan-B backup, in case the computer or network went down - but I was prepared nonetheless!).
  11. That is pure speculation, rumor, and innuendo! Besides, I heard that policy will only be in effect for the southern zones, particularly 15 and 21.
  12. I think @BHC is posting that link to give anyone who has plans for an out-of-state hunting trip to look up the state they are going to and see if it affects them. I appreciate NJ DFW for posting that FAQ that says clearly that NJ turkey season is not being canceled. Cleared up confusion and doubt, in my mind at least. Now I hope I can actually find time to get out and hunt at the end of the month.
  13. https://nj.aspirafocus.com/internetsales/Home/AvailablePermits Plenty left up north - lots sold out down south.
  14. This past Monday, DFW just collected around $200,000 in turkey permit sales (weekly quota is almost 5,500 permits across all 18 zones - figure they sold twice that number across all zones/weeks just as a guesstimate - that's over $200k) Unless they don't need the money and plan on giving all of that back (or risk a riot among turkey hunters by not refunding their money), I'm betting turkey season will continue as planned. Besides, just like deer hunting, for the most part, turkey hunting is a solo or at most 2-person affair, in the middle of the woods - a very good socially distant activity to promote.
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