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  1. I don't want to pile on but... I agree ... "Where can I send a donation to your fire hall?" would be the first question I asked when I got back down the second time A box of donuts would also accompany the check.
  2. Location, location, location. You can have all the calls, decoys, ammo you need - but if you don't have a place to hunt that has birds, its all for naught. Scout now and try to find water that holds birds. It's hard without a boat or a dog - if you have neither, you'll need to look for shallow waterholes that you can get to that holds birds. If you find a place to hunt birds, that's the hard part. You can learn everything else via YouTube
  3. mazzgolf

    Big Fat Bear

    I swear I don't know how you people live up there with those things (and if I may be politically incorrect, that thing is a PIG! Its stomach is almost dragging on the ground!)
  4. It's not a federal case or federal law. It's a compact each individual state decides if they want in or out of it. NJ only just recently entered into the Compact. That said, I see nothing wrong with a person losing their hunting rights nationwide if someone purposefully kills a deer out of season, out of normal hunting hours, only to cut its head off to keep the antlers and waste the meat. I think that it perfectly reasonable, notwithstanding anyone's equating this to more serious crimes like pedophilia or murder or whatever. Losing the right to hunt across all states for several years is perfectly reasonable for these violations. I, for one, am glad NJ is part of the Compact. Think of it in reverse. Suppose someone over in, say, Colorado poached a deer in the same manner as in this case - would you want that guy coming over here to hunt because he lost his right to hunt in his home state? I certainly do NOT want poachers in the woods with me here. If you openly thumb your nose and purposefully violate the hunting laws in your state, you 100% are capable and willing to violate the hunting laws in my state. Keep out and stay out!
  5. From the news article: Based on that, we already know what his maximum sentence will be. I'll assume its a first -offense. * Failure to register on date of harvest ($100 up to $500) * Taking deer during the closed season ($100 up to $500) * Failure to tag immediately upon harvest ($100 up to $500) * Wanton waste of deer (I can't find the penalty for violating this admin code - I'll assume its at least $100) * Failure to exhibit a valid hunting license upon request ($100 up to $300): So all total, it will be about a minimum of $500 and maximum of around $2,000 give or take. No jail time involved in any of these violations. There is a potential for loss of license (and if you lose your license in NJ, you lose it in pretty much all of the US due to the Wildlife Violator's Compact). I didn't see the provision that talks about loss of license - it could be that is only a "second time offense" penalty. So I can't say if a first-time offender will lose his license or not. So unless someone finds the penalty that states loss of license on first offense of these laws, its possible someone guilty of these charges can still keep his hunting license, but again, I do not know because I couldn't find it.
  6. Wonder if these outfitters knows about this: https://trophyoutfittersonline.com/view.php?id=361 http://www.alaskafishandhunt.com/kodiakinfo.php http://www.huntbpo.com/moose 2015 13.htm If I was these outfitters, I would remove any pictures and mention of this person, otherwise people might start questioning the ethics of the outfitter (rightly or wrongly). The problem now is - any outfitter proudly proclaiming this person as a successful client makes the outfitter immediately come under suspicion - "Is this a picture of a legally harvested animal? Did this guy ignore the rules with this outfitter just like he is accused to have done in his home state and, if so, was the outfitter aware?"
  7. What is that stuff? Never saw it. Is it like those flat little things that stick to your clothes like velcro?
  8. Wasn't there fees in the old site too? I remember having to pay a couple dollars extra when ordering online. I don't remember exact amounts - did they increase the fees?
  9. This reminds me of the discussion we had about the NJ statute saying the police chief has 30 days to issue your FID card or pistol purchase permit. Someone sued (probably because their chief was going over the 30 days) and the judge in that case ruled that ...weeeellllllll... the chief isn't REALLY beholden to that 30 day limit if he hasn't received the fingerprint/background check report. He has however many days he needs to get the report and make his determination because that was the intent of the legislature when they wrote the laws. Yes, the words in the law says the chief has 30 days to issue to FID/permit, but the legislature didn't REALLY mean it was a hard and fixed 30 day limit. My point is - most judges in this state (liberal democrats no doubt) are not strict constructionists and won't fixate on the letter of the law, words, commas, etc. They interpret what the legislature's intent was and make their rulings, at least partially, on that. I would bet money you try to take this kind of thing to court, and the judge will side with Fish&Wildlife because the intent of the law was to give the Council leeway in interpreting the game laws and regulating the hunting rules. I think you are pissing in the wind, in other words.
  10. You can bait FOR DEER but if you are hunting other things like turkey or squirrel - NO BAIT. Baiting depends on what you are hunting. If BEAR, you can bait but need to be elevated if within 300' of it (or.. is it you can't be elevated? I always confuse that :-) Point is, baiting laws are different depending on what you are hunting. I know you said "bow" and that typically means deer, but I just wanted to clarify. I would say - first - before you get into asking all kinds of questions and getting information overload - read the hunting digest first. Read it cover to cover. Then go back and read it again. You will get ALOT of information just by doing that. Your questions about baiting are answered in there, for example. Here's the online digest: NJ DFW page with links: https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/dighnt.htm PDF: https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/pdf/2019/dighnt19.pdf Online version: http://www.eregulations.com/newjersey/hunting/
  11. I was not aware of this thread It is very interesting. I always thought "what would happen if I am fall turkey hunting and I happen to be 300' within a guy's deer stand and bait pile and I have no idea it is there?" I always assumed I would get fined even if I didn't know the bait was there. I assumed this is simply a strict liability law and that a person will get fined even if you don't have any knowledge of the bait being there and you had no intention of hunting over bait. Yes, that is a hard pill to swallow. I hear what you are saying, and sympathize with it because "there but for the grace of God go I" - it would not surprise me if in the past I have hunted within bait I did not know was there. So it seems to me part of your issue here is ultimately due to the concept of strict liability in our legal system - i.e. how can you be guilty of something you are unaware of doing (i.e. hunting within 300' of bait that you do not know is there)? Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess, depending on your point of view), strict liability laws are valid and found all throughout our legal system and there is nothing necessarily wrong or illegal about them. I read the Council's response to your petition - seems like a valid response. Here it is for people to read: https://www.nj.gov/dep/rules/petition/noa20190805a.pdf It seems the crux of your argument is that the Council does not have authority to amend/repeal/alter current hunting regs as specified in Title 23. But they claim they do and it seems their claim is valid: Seems to me the Council has the authority to add the rule "even if on the ground" to the rule about being within 300' of bait. Your argument that it can prescribe means but not restrictions is a weak one. Common sense would say that to prescribe the means of harvesting an animal would imply those prescriptions can say how you CANNOT harvest an animal, too (after all, the game code is providing the ground rules for hunting - this implies what you can and cannot do when hunting). I think that was a weak argument in your petition. Here's NJSA 13:1B-30 and NJSA 13:1B-32 - I read those and seems clear to me the council can do this (it just states what the Council repeated in their petition response - essentially they can "Prescribe the manner and the means of pursuing, taking, or killing any species or variety." and that "council is hereby authorized and empowered to determine under what circumstances, ... by what means ... game animals ... may be pursued, taken, killed."). In further defense of their position, their response talks about the research they did in coming up with this policy - pages 4 through 7 (such research is required as per 13:1B-30 and is why they talk about the research they did and how it lead to them coming up with the baiting rules). Actually, an interesting read as a side note. They explain how they came up with the season dates. Always wondered why they picked the weeks they do for spring turkey hunting:
  12. It's showing I have 6 turkey permits (pending harvest reports) valid in 2020... great! I don't have to buy any this coming spring (I'll assume they foo-bar'ed that - sounds like those were the permits I got this past spring).
  13. Where'd you get that badge? That's cool. They give them out at the weigh-in station?
  14. Follow a guy going out to hunt in north Jersey - the northern guys are constantly complaining about all the bears There are a couple guys you should reach out to here - check out the Photograph and Videography forum here: https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/forums/forum/53-photography-and-videography There's a couple members that are into photographing and take great shots. I'm sure if you PM them, they can give you pointers.
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