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  1. I think it means this ... but I'm not sure... I just wanted to draw something.
  2. That's not true. At least, that is not true of all public lands such as WMAs. What rules/laws are you referring to? See my previous post:
  3. The new digest is out - all dates are in there - page 51: https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/pdf/2020/dighnt44-63.pdf
  4. I only have experience with my Summit I bought about 5 years ago. The Summit is heavy and bulky to me - and sometimes loud if I don't get the straps just right (clanky when getting ready to attach to the tree, too). But the thing is super comfy! I don't use it enough to upgrade or buy something else, but I do keep meaning to look at the Lone wolf - everyone seems to rave about how light they are.
  5. That's xenophobic!!! Racist!! How dare they shut down their borders and not allow a specific nationality in their country!!
  6. Sold! To the man over in the corner with the tiny feet Nice meeting you! Stay warm!
  7. I'm waiting for the first wisenheimer to ask, "Where's a 'middle finger' reaction?"
  8. Read the new Digest, page 28. Here's the link they reference: https://www.nj.gov/agriculture/divisions/pi/prog/emeraldashborer.html
  9. I have done this many times (left a note in a ziplock bag), and NEVER had a bad encounter. I even ended up having one guy who called me back show me around and pointed out some additional spots to hunt. Right now, I have done the opposite. I put a note in a ziplock and attached it to my trail camera that is right now on a public WMA. I'm curious what happens - will I get a call back? Or will my camera go missing? We shall see
  10. Just went to the range to shoot some trap - shot a box and a half of trap loads, and even a couple 3" rounds that failed on me before... gun never skipped a beat. Not a single problem. Only happens to me when I'm not expecting it. I took a look at someone's Beretta A400 while there - obviously different gun, but close enough that I thought I should compare... its carrier did NOT behave like mine. It was not "sticky" and snapped back cleanly every time I pushed down on it. I think this is something I'm going to key on - it is possible there is some gunk in the trigger group where the carri
  11. Ah, right. Forgot about that one! yes, for groundhogs, but ONLY on private land, not public WMAs. Gotta luv Jersey laws.
  12. You know what I would do just to annoy them? Go hang your stand, do whatever. Leave. Go get the boy, and walk the woods. Point out your stand, show him what you did, etc. You are just "hiking" at that point.
  13. That is true for squirrels and rabbits. Not true if hunting predators during the special season with the predator permit, and not true for trappers dispatching. This is another example for why I mentioned the OP should read the digest - all kinds of things like this you need to be aware of.
  14. In the previous post, I was making general statements - read the digest to get details. For example, you can hunt squirrels with muzzleloaders - that requires a rifle permit, you can only do that in certain areas of the state at certain times of year, and the muzzleloader must be a certain caliber and no larger. That's an example why you should read the entire Digest
  15. Make sure you read the NJ Hunting Digest for all the rules and laws. It is illegal to hunt squirrels with a .22lr. You can hunt them with an airgun. You only need a hunting license to hunt small game in NJ.
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