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  1. I can't find any information other than what they say: **up to** $250... I don't know what they consider a $250 gun would be, or what would bring in less? The website doesn't give any information other than that. Do airguns count? https://www.njoag.gov/gunbuyback/ I don't understand who these buy backs are targeting... surely they don't think criminals are turning in their guns do they? They aren't THAT stupid, are they? Can't be. Maybe they want grandma who still has her dead husbands guns laying around?
  2. Anyone have any old rusty firearms sitting in their (or grandma's) attic that they want to get rid of? Doesn't even have to be in working condition. I pay cash - $100!!!
  3. That is the scariest thing about this whole affair. What the governor did at first was deny bear hunting on state property, and he did this via governor "fiat". Executive order. Assembly and Senate had no say. One man shut down the entirety of state land for bear hunting. IIRC even the courts confirmed he did so legally. Now - ask yourself - if he can, by decree, say no BEAR hunting on public lands, then there is nothing stopping him from going further and saying "no DEER hunting on public lands" ... "no PREDATOR hunting on public lands" ... "no HUNTING AT ALL on public lands." Right? What is stopping him? Can you imagine if a left-of-Murphy ultra-liberal gets into office? Whose to say they won't do that? In the future, we might get such a rabid anti-hunter governor that they will say their anti-hunting agenda is worth the negative economic impact - and the assembly and senate can't do anything about it (unless they pass a law circumventing the executive order, but then the governor will just veto it). Can anyone deny this as a possibility in this state? Our assembly and senate did absolutely nothing about this current action of the governor (and many agreed with it) - I don't see them doing anything in the future to stop this kind of thing from happening. We need a hunting constitutional amendment in this state like other states have. Unfortunately, I believe it is too late for that to pass now, given the liberal makeup of the state voters.
  4. I try to stay out of these discussions but... this is still not much different than private sector. When I got hired (private sector), I was told "We will pay for most of your health care, but we do ask that you pay X dollars towards it." (X was not 0, but I was told X when I was hired). And every year since then - and when I say every year, I mean EVERY ... YEAR - we are asked to pay more. Now instead of paying X, I'm paying X+Y (with Y increasing every year). So essentially, a Y loss in pay. As John McClane would say, "Welcome to the party, pal!"
  5. Noooooo thank you... that would be way too close for comfort to me. I don't know how you people deal with that up there. But he did look harmless enough - didn't seem to give you a second thought... however (and who was it that said this on here?)... when you have a bear encounter, it's up to the bear (not you) whether you live or die
  6. I am taking the good with the bad and leaving the cat alone. We had mice in our attic a few years ago - what a pain that was hearing the pitter-patter above our heads while sleeping, and trying to setup and check traps up there every day. I ended up getting them all, but I'd rather a cat be outside "thinning the herd" before the mice get inside. The birds will have to fend for themselves.
  7. Problem with cats is exactly what you say - "they kill everything". Two years in a row I had a nest of baby birds just outside my window that got raided by the neighborhood cat and killed all the chicks. The one time I heard a big commotion outside my window... I opened the blinds and looked out and all I saw was this black cat with his head over the nest staring right at me, as if to say, "What are you looking at? You got a problem?" Another time I saw the cat disemboweling a baby rabbit in the middle of my backyard.
  8. Nice! I've seen all the YT videos of people making homemade versions of this. Cool that there's a version you can buy now - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08SL6KJ29 This thing is awesome:
  9. https://www.silive.com/news/2021/03/city-releases-new-data-on-controversial-staten-island-deer-vasectomy-program-is-it-working.html They paid 6.6 million just to reduce the number of deer by 498. That means they spent $13,200 per deer. Why SPEND money when you could MAKE it and have hunters PAY the city a permit fee? Guaranteed they could have reduced the number of deer by 500 in just ONE year (not the 3)... plus, hunters culling the deer will immediately help with car collisions, environment damage, and the spread of lyme disease (after all, a "fixed" deer can still spread ticks, still eat forest undergrowth, and still get hit by a car - a dead deer does not do any of those things!).
  10. Look at the top of the "Deer Hunting" forum - it's there - might need to be updated.
  11. There's a pinned thread somewhere "places to buy deer corn"
  12. I'll take a silver lining here - let them cancel the entire hunt this year and then let's see how many bears invade people's space up there. Last year a lot of bears were culled even only on private land so the numbers were still somewhat kept in check. This year - not a single bear will be culled - I can't wait to see the numbers and all the complaints coming. Just pray that nobody gets killed like that kid from Rutgers. This may be a chance for the science to play out - then we'll can say to all the so-called science lovers "Where was 'follow the science' this time???"
  13. I wouldn't even know who to write to in order to complain? Who deals with the fish-game council? And, would it be pissing in the wind anyway? I assume the DEP Commissioner will be fired if he goes against the governor and the governor will just put someone else in his place that won't approve anything.
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