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  1. All those details are here: https://www.gamecreek.com/
  2. I have the News forum on my ignore list - so I never see those posts show up unless I explicitly navigate to that forum. And I rarely do that, because all you people have potty mouths over in that one
  3. @nickmarch friendly reminder: you are hijacking a thread again. If you want to rail against the F&G Council and the laws/regulations, start a new thread. @Eyesofthewoods I just purchased my lotteries (BTW: took me 3 times - first two times I got error messages ). Here's how you can edit your lottery so you don't get awarded anything but weekend (period E) permits: First, log in and click "View Profile" which you see on the "Home" page: Then click "View My Lottery Applications": Then click the row that says "Single Hunt Draw Results" - look at the right side of each row of your selection - you will see a green "EDIT" button. Click that and you can change your selections. Hope that helps!
  4. @Eyesofthewoods page 11 of the 2019-20 NJ Hunting Digest (so if you can only hunt weekends, you will want to change both lottery selections for period E of whatever zones you picked):
  5. Will never happen here in NJ because revenue is one of the key reasons for the current system. Your proposal would drastically reduce the amount of money DFW takes in. The only way that would work is if they massively increased the price of a turkey permit (I would guess at least triple - so it would be $70 or $80 minimum; though, I actually I would be OK with that because I pay more than that for a typical spring turkey season). But then you get the safety reasons that @vdep217 mentions. What I predict will happen is at some point the periods/zones system remains intact but they will raise the prices. @Eyesofthewoods you can go into the system and change your selections. Your selections are not final (at least they weren't in the old system, I have to believe its the same with the new). The lottery isn't drawn yet - you can always change your selections before the drawing.
  6. Thanks to @Ryanm for giving me the idea - I made jerky in my smoker with what Brant and buffies I had left over (don't know why I never thought of it - I make goose jerky, but never thought of jerky with other waterfowl). It actually came out pretty tasty. I don't get any of that bad, fishy taste - the smoke really takes over and the marinade flavor came out tangy. I wonder if I can do the same thing with squirrel
  7. UPDATE: I wanted to give a mention for the latest experiment I just did. I have another batch of buffies AND Brant that I cooked up last night. Now, the difference with this new batch is I got these down the shore - coastal zone. So these were living and eating down there off the bay/ocean. The original batch from my OP - those buffies came off the Delaware River. And I will say - the river birds tasted good - the ocean/coastal birds were NOT NEARLY as good. I suspect the different diets of the birds down the ocean compared to river birds cause the meat to taste different. It's the only difference I can think of. So - take that into consideration if/when you think about making this recipe. Take note where the birds were harvested - you might need to give coastal birds a bit of extra attention to get them to taste good. Oh, and I didn't like the Brant.
  8. Mods - we can close this thread because... THE DEER HAS BEEN DISPOSED OF. NO questions please. I'll never tell. It sleeps with the fishes.
  9. FWIW: I had a dry gun (I cleaned it the day before I went out, and I didn't put any oil inside the receiver or on the bolt). I read about this FP-10 lubricant so I ordered some. Got it today. I hear very good things about FP-10's cold weather performance. We'll see how it goes.
  10. OK, here's another kinda funny story I have. This happened this past Monday morning during a goose hunt. Me and a friend of mine went to a farm field we have permission to hunt on. We get there at about 6:45am and it is cold, like 10 degrees cold. Ground is frozen. All we have are silhouettes - BUT! we were prepared! We got this homemade gadget that you press down with your boot and little holes get punched through the ground to put the deke stakes in. My friend was punching holes in the ground, and I was putting the dekes in the ground. We had 9 dozen silos. We get through about 2 dozen and my buddy goes.. "uh oh" - lifts up the gadget, one of the prongs is bent over, broken. Well, I guess 2 dozen silos will work .... maybe... OK, so we sit down and get ready for action even though most of our dekes are back in the truck. Not a cloud in the sky - blue bird day. We sit there for an hour and a half and don't even see a tweetie bird let alone any geese. Did I mention it was like 10 degrees out Well, all of a sudden we hear honks right behind us ... here comes the one and only flock we would see all morning! These things had trouble with the wind - they were getting blown all over. You could tell they wanted to come in, but couldn't. After about 5 minutes, they finally got oriented the way they wanted and started coming in wheels down. SHOOT! My buddy shoots - BANG! Goose down. I shoot - BANG! Goose down. My buddy shoots - BANG! Goose down. .....One more and we limit out!!! I shoot - click. My buddy shoots - click. I have a failure - I quickly move the bolt back to try to reload another... then.... .... click! WHAT THE???!?! That's when I hear my buddy go... "Oh, man! I only loaded 2 shells in my gun!" We then watched the rest of the one and only flock we saw fly away ... We packed up and went home. P.S. I think the cold affected my gun - I'll have to make sure I lube it up a little better when I know I'll be in really cold weather. As for my buddy - I'll forever be the one to remind him henceforth - "you did load your gun, right?"
  11. Yes it was bagged. I can't follow this thread anymore. BUT the whole "life and times of Mazz" comment someone said earlier reminded me I need to post something that happened to me while goose hunting on Monday... its pretty funny. But that will be another thread - this one has been hijacked in a way D.B Cooper couldn't have pulled off.
  12. And yet... my deer carcass is STILL sitting out at the curb....
  13. I sense a disturbance in the Force - oh, never mind, it's just Rusty after reading that sentence.
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