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  1. I have a "Lifetime" Basketball Hoop that my daughter finally agreed to let go - she bought it with birthday money probably a decade ago, but now that she's in college, she doesn't really use it anymore and I'm sick of it in my driveway For years I've been telling her, "We should sell it, and I'll give you whatever money we sell it for." She finally agreed. (It's like pulling teeth getting my girls to depart with all their toys from when they were kids.) Anyway, looking to sell this for $50. It is pick-up only in Gloucester Township, Camden County (08081). Needs a new net, and the straps on the foam padding on the pole broke so the foam padding isn't on the pole, as you can see in the picture. Be forewarned, the base is filled with sand (I can't remember the count of all the bags of sand I put in this thing) but this thing is heavy. But because of that, it also survived countless wind storms without getting blown over and is in pretty good shape. When you put this thing where you want it, it will stay there and not tip over - no need for loose bags of concrete on top. But because it's heavy, you'll need help to put it on and off the truck. If need be, I could always try to empty the base of most of the sand to lighten it up, but of course that will mean you'll need to do something (like replace the sand when you get it to where you are going, or put loose bags of concrete mix or sand on it) to keep it from tipping over in heavy winds.
  2. That's no ordinary rabbit! That was the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on! That rabbit had a vicious streak a mile wide! It was a killer!
  3. But that's what they do in cartoons. You mean that isn't real?
  4. Are we in such liberal la-la land anymore that the police actually have to defend this by saying "in order to protect himself" he had to shoot a probable rabid coyote? WTH is wrong with everybody?? How about, "The officer shot the coyote due to the probability it was rabid and was attacking pets and humans". Would anyone really have a problem with that??? Back in the day, I don't ever recall any announcement that "Atticus, in deathly fear of his life, fired a single shot"
  5. One thing to note when you ask for cash and the guy says "No problem! I'll bring cash". Expect the guy to come with cash - just not the full amount you agreed upon. "Oh, but this is all I have. I was hoping it would be good enough" or "Oh, I thought we agreed to this much. Would you take if for that?" Been there, done that.
  6. This is one thread where I could do without the pictures.
  7. Worse thing for me was I caught a pickerel with a jerk bait that had treble hooks --- he shook his head and one of the hooks embedded in a fleshy part of my finger. I had to push it through the rest of the way and cut the barb off so I could push it back out. Continued fishing though!! Funny thing is, later (can't remember if it was a few weeks later or the following season) - on the same lake, in the same boat, fishing with the same buddy, he had the same thing happened to him To this day I'm still nervous taking hooks out of a fish's mouth - waiting for the shake to jam the hook in my hand.
  8. And put the 24/7 DEP hotline in your phone, too - that's an important one to have: 877 927 6337 (877-WARN DEP)
  9. "Uhhh.... a little help here?" Friend of mine sent these - found this little guy in his backyard needing a little help. Mama came out and ran away with him when he got freed.
  10. The only time I've gotta COs numbers is when I've called DFW for some reason or another (I have trespasser issues, or I want to report posted signs that I think are illegal, that kind of thing) and the CO has called me back. Usually they just tell me to call them if I need help - I just save the caller ID info. They don't publish the numbers that I know of. But you could always call your local DFW office and ask if you could have the cell number of a local CO in case you need it - not sure if they give it out like that, but you could ask.
  11. Read this NJ Statute 23:7-1. It's still the current law - that hasn't changed. For hunting, fishing, trapping, you can legally be on land not posted (I'm ignoring things like fenced properties, agricultural farmland, etc. - those things are prohibited elsewhere in the statutes). For wooded acreage - 23:7-1 says if it isn't posted, hunting and fishing and trapping is legal unless and until you are told by the landowner you cannot be there (either verbally or by posted signage). BTW: I confirmed all of this with a DFW CO (Officer Toppin I believe is who I talked to) when I had trespasser problems a few years ago on private property. He confirmed what I am saying is true.
  12. As I understand the trespass law as it is now, it actually was enacted a long time ago and was worded to be FAVORABLE to outdoorsmen. Back in the day when there was wide swaths of open land, this law granted hunters, fishermen, trappers, etc. the right to go anywhere that wasn't explicitly posted (as it does today). It opened up huge amounts of land for people to access that otherwise would not have been accessible. I once read about the history of laws like this (NJ's law isn't unique).. I forget where I read it though.
  13. Have a CO's cell phone number programmed in your phone ahead of time. If anyone tells you to get off state property because they claim it is their private property, tell them, "Hang on a minute, let me call a NJ conservation officer and ask him to come over - he'll set one of us straight". You might even give a CO a heads up about the problem and that you might need to call them.
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