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  1. Shooting a compound bow. Ideally would like to be shoot fixed broadheads in to really dial it in after field points. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  2. just moved here myself last april. but have yet to hunt in the area but check your pms in a few
  3. hey all, im getting the the itch to dust the bow off after a couple years. so im in the need of a good target for field tips and broad heads. i have about $150 in cabelas points to spend and would like to ideally get a 3D deer target but be willing to go the foam block route also or even make my own if anyone has suggestions on that. whats everyones recommendations?
  4. I believe he has corn planted this year. But it looks very similar for sure! Or I’m thinking of the one on heller hill and dry road
  5. I called the state police today. I just have to stop in and get the fingerprint real quick. And I am good to go.
  6. Yeah I would think I wouldn’t need the entire finger printing again. However they didn’t have me finger print the one finger on the back of the card. The trooper just dropped the card and papers through the window and said “your all set have a good one”. Wasn’t until I got home and started to swap the cards I noticed the finger print on the back on my old card and thought it was odd not to do the new one.
  7. That was what I was assuming. I will be calling them tomorrow.
  8. Hey all. Just got my updated address fid card and permits after almost 3 months from the state pd. Got home and realized that I wasn’t fingerprinted for the back of the new card as I was for my original one about 10 years ago. Just curious do they not fingerprint the card anymore? Or just with duplicates? I plan on either calling or stopping by just to make sure either way. Curious if anyone on here knew or recently updated their FID
  9. thanks! will do that from this point on. i assumed they were just coming in vs living within the garage but thought it was odd 2 in one week same area of garage.
  10. So I found a snake on a glue trap just now in my garage. There is a door that goes out back down a small 2 step staircase to the backyard. It was found on the glue trap to the right of the door inside. Found a similar one (not pictured) about same size all black/gray light underbelly earlier in the week to the left of the door. I think this one is northern ring neck. I don’t mind them but why are they in the garage? Is it possible it crawled in under the door or could they be in a wall somewhere near the back door. 2 in one week has my brain turning.
  11. As mentioned earlier I applied to update address and 2 permits late May. Last reference responded back mid June. I received a call that I need to stop by the state police drop off my $4 check about 2 weeks ago and something along the lines about sending it down or back from Trenton. That’s the last I heard and the check has yet to be cashed. Is what it is. Had an expensive truck repair so that dug into the firearm fund anyway lol.
  12. Welp. Exactly 12 hrs in the smoker to hit 204 degrees at 230 temp. It was an 8lb butt cut In half. Falls right apart and taste great. Can’t wait to make up a home made bbq and rub next weekend when I have the time. Thanks again all.
  13. Thanks all. Given I literally done have to time to properly prepare for this I just did a quick dry rub with everything I could find in the pantry lol. Will get up early tomorrow and get smoking. Once I get the hang of it this weekend I will get a nice rub from online and hit the food store to buy the proper ingredients.
  14. After many years of owning a smoker I am finally giving it a real go. I have an electric master built smoker. I bought an 8lb pork shoulder to do a test run this weekend for next weekends actual bbq. I found some recipes online but want to hear how some of you guys do it. Temps, time (7.5lbs), dry rub vs wet, marinade etc. I really only can devote the time on Sunday and waking up early is no problem! Thanks!
  15. Thank you! Will hopefully get it fixed and be the end of my steering issues.
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