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  1. im not sure if its because i have ordered from them in the past but every tuesday i get an email saying 10% off entire order today online. i know several others who get the same email weekly.
  2. good to know, someone mentioned rust issues to me about them. but its like anything else when you google. you get both sides of an opinion.
  3. if i made a topic and i no longer wish to have it up how do i go about deleting it? thank you
  4. in the market for a new used truck, and i am looking at everything. my previous 2 have been fords 150 and now a 250. but after 3k in the last 6 weeks on my 08 250 im done with it. so i have been looking for another truck. nothing fancy as i have a long commute and would only use it maybe 2 days a week to drive ( to keep it running well) and on weekends for fishing, hunting and side work. so ive been looking for newer, low mile striped down regular cab trucks. i have found a couple titans and was just curious as to how they are. everyone i know has rams, fords and gmcs. thanks
  5. I had one about 2” thick 6’ tall. I cut it below the soil level dumped concentrated weed killer on the cut part and covered in dirt 2 years ago. Never came back.
  6. been busy since we moved in but the wife and i really want to get the garden going next season. our plan down the road is pretty much a small scale functioning "homestead", garden, meat and even honeybees. so i am willing to take all the advice i can get to get us started on the right path to a successful garden. i would like to grow lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, string beans, zucchini, etc. my setup (size isnt an issue) will start smaller for the first year and i will expand it as i get the hang of it. i am looking to do raised beds on the ground as we are pretty rocky soil up here. (water gap area) i was going to frame boxes out of 2x12's and fill them with dirt, and be fenced in to prevent the deer from snacking. i have access to roughly a 300 gallon plastic tote on pallets that has a valve and was going to use that as a rain barrel sitting higher than the garden to use as water vs the hose. my main questions i have are 1. is a 2x12 deep enough for raised beds and what type of dirt should i get delivered to fill the raised beds with and when if i plan on actually growing things next spring 2. we have chickens (egg laying and meat birds) so i have access to lots of poop, along with grass clippings, how should i incorporate that into our garden (i heard you cant just dump fresh poop into gardens??). 3. what should my raised bed set up be like as in do i need to add the weed preventer paper down? 4. what are some simple first time garden veggies to plant that are easy to maintain and get the green thumb going? 5. do i buy pre grown plants or do i start from seeds, and if from seeds anyone have any recommendations to a system to start growing them indoors? 6. lastly when should i plant certain veggies and how to maintain them (i hear cucumbers need something to climb on). my plan is to get the beds framed thus fall so i am ready for the spring any other tips or suggestions would be appreciated! thank you
  7. Thank you for all the tips! I have a lot to go with this lawn but this year I finally got the one sections going great. Currently I need to plant grass for areas around a patio we just had work done on. I planted an area where a swing set was a month ago with good results. This is our 3rd year at this house and it’s been a work in progress with the lawn. I’m surrounded by woods so I’m always fighting the weeds coming out of there. (Ugh stilt grass) I have a tow behind thatcher and did that this spring. Plan on doing it again In the fall to get the dead weeds up that I’ve been testing with the scotts program. And seed the entire lawn 15k sq feet. (Hopefully get a week of steady rain come fall) That’s the tough part with the watering it’s a lot of lawn to do. But I’m getting there section by section lol. Thanks again
  8. So I have to get some grass going on several different areas. First area I used Scott’s seed and the results seemed good. It’s expensive but worked. Curious as to what brand of seed guys use, especially if your a landscaper. Ideally I want good growth, and something that doesn’t need tons of water. (Big yard and well water) so a pain to drag a hose around. Thanks.
  9. like mentioned before you will want to seal the walls prior to spackling. the spackle will "reactiviate" the wall paper adhesive that was left behind. plus the sealer will help with any areas that the paper ripped the sheetrock down past the paper to the brown of the board. our painters use GARDZ by Zinnser to seal the walls. it does have a smell and its runny like water so it can make a mess if you try to just roll it on like regular paint without being careful. then we skim coat over it 3 times, then the painter comes back and paints, basically you want to put the spackle on and scrap it all off so it just fills the voids. ideally using a sanding attachment on a wetvac to cut down on the dust from spackle. thats the tough part about some spackle jobs, the coming and going or the waiting around for it to dry even if you use the "mix your own" fast drying powder. still lots of down time depending on how beat up the walls are. ive been able to get the walls ready for paint in a day if lucky and using fans but most times its a couple visits. and pricing those jobs can go either way with a homeowner once your past the tape coat. you come back for the second and third coat and your there less each time after taping and they have that look like im getting charged for an hour visit each time and it cost what!?!? at times you spend more time cleaning your tools vs hitting the tape joints lol
  10. nice coop design! best advice i can give is if possible go with the deep litter method and you will hardly have to clean it out. also under the roost if possible build a platform or a board of some sort to catch all the crap that they let loose at night. that way you can just scrap it right off into a bucket. makes it super easy to clean
  11. my brother in laws newly renovated house does this. the one in the kitchen goes off when your boiling water on the stove or open the oven. then the rest of the house follows suit.
  12. they are open. i have to give them a call, i know they have rules with the deer (headless,skinless, not frozen) if that applies to livestock also im already 95% done at that point with the meatbirds.
  13. any livestock processors local to warren/sussex county (blairstown). i usually process my own meatbirds but looking into my time vs paying a place to do them. however i cant locate any via google. thanks
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