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  1. mike033089

    House well water maintenance

    would like to know this also
  2. mike033089

    woodstove flue/chimney question clean out

    took a masonry bit today and drilled a couple holes while spraying water on the bit mainly to cut down on dust but was worried about a hot bit touching the creosote within the pipe. took a chisel between the holes and made a hole just big enough to get a wet vac in after a few days of no burning. put a bag within the wet vac and started sucking. id estimate about 7 gallons of soot and creosote. i can sleep better at night now. thanks again for all the suggestions.
  3. mike033089

    woodstove flue/chimney question clean out

    Thank you
  4. mike033089

    woodstove flue/chimney question clean out

    That's a good idea also. Will have to look into how that could be done. Thank you
  5. mike033089

    woodstove flue/chimney question clean out

    thanks, im going to assume that it would take quite some time to reach roughly 15' however i agree better to not wait to long.
  6. mike033089

    woodstove flue/chimney question clean out

    yes, i pull the the stove pipe out of the wall when i brush the chimney. i plastic off the hole so dust doesnt come inside. so everything i sweep falls down to the bottom about 15' below where the stove pipe enters the chimney. but shouldnt i be removing what i sweep when it falls down? wont it eventually build up and be a couple feet deep? cant a ember possibly fall down into possible creosote that was swept? or am i just being paranoid lol
  7. mike033089

    woodstove flue/chimney question clean out

    thats what i was thinking, however just wasnt sure if i could compromise the flue doing that since it would almost be at the base.
  8. i have a question regarding my set up on my wood stove flue/chimney. ill try to explain this as best as possible. past year bought a 30 year old home with a wood stove, a first for me. my house is a ranch with a chimney running through the center of the home down to a full basement. i have 3 flues all clay lined. one is the oil heat, one is no longer used(looks like old wood burner in basement) and the middle one is what my wood stove uses. my wood stove is a free standing, through the wall (chimney) on the main floor with the metal pipe going through the brick into the clay flue. i cleaned the wood stove really well and the chimney. however the flue with the wood stove does not have a clean out in the basement. it has a door but when i open that it just has the solid clay pipe. now the old presumably wood burner flue when i open that clean out door it looks like the flue was broke open with maybe a hammer to access the deposits from a sweeping. so my question is how do i access the deposits from cleaning the chimney if the flue is sealed? do i need to bust a hole in the flue pipe and if so which is the best way to do so cleanly without damaging the flue possibly? the clean out door is probably about 15' below where the stove pipe enters the chimney flue. I'm handy and assuming this is something i can do. if not i know a mason i could trouble but i like to do things myself if i can. thank you
  9. mike033089

    need a tire shop near blairstown

    thank you all! seems like ill be traveling to oxford within the next couple weeks
  10. winter came quick and my ford f250 isnt doing too well plowing the driveway. didnt realize the tires were as bad as they were. looking for a tire place near blairstown that has decent prices. thank you
  11. mike033089

    owner and mods

    which app is that?
  12. mike033089

    Chickens chicks and heat

    thank you all for all the advice. been a few days now and chickens are doing well in the barn. i made 2 gravity fed pvc feeders to cap off at night to keep rodents out of the feed. the chickens arent using the ramp or the roosting area yet but they are only 7 weeks and still exploring. they all huddle in the corner at night. got the chicken water warmer on order for the horizontal spring loaded water nipples. put several snap traps in the rest of the barn and one of the rolling rod in the bucket mouse traps. with 3 days only caught 2 mice and both in the bucket trap. so far dont believe i have any previous rodent issues based on the amount of traps out. will be getting a barn cat or 2 in the spring. the whole stall is hardware clothed off and the floor of the barn is very compacted gravel and stone. with pine shaving, still checking for digging predators daily. a fox or coon could easily get under the two sliding doors into the main barn but the stall is well protected. hoping one of the snap traps with peanut butter draws a fox or coons attention and quickly discourages them from returning.
  13. mike033089

    The Walpack Inn-No longer hunter friendly

    Is this actually true? If so that is terrible and i no longer will be giving my business there.
  14. mike033089

    Delaware water gap hunting.

    Thanks for all the advice! Looking forward to hunting the big woods!
  15. mike033089

    Delaware water gap hunting.

    I grew up in fanwood. Married a girl from blairstown and moved here in April. Absolutely love it.