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  1. Thank you! Will hopefully get it fixed and be the end of my steering issues.
  2. Front brakes/calipers changed and the back ebrake was rusted and slightly engaging. Steering problem on getting stuck on some turns has still happened. Was under the truck last night and think I found the problem a front axle u joint. With my truck running and wheel straight I can reach and turn both I joints by hand. However with wheels turned either way the passenger side front u joint will not turn by hand while the drivers does. I tried on my buddies 250 and his turn both by hand regardless which direction the wheels are. I’m leaning towards that has to be affecting something with wheels turned.
  3. My start day was 5/29. Criminal check was completed within the week. Last reference replied back June 15th. Haven’t heard anything since then. I’m updating address and put in for 2 permits.
  4. i normally do them myself when i can but after the last time it was such a scary experience getting yanked across the road in town i pulled right into the shop vs making it home. im 99% sure they are the napa stuff on there now as of 2 weeks ago. and starting to seize already so its back at the shop as they will warranty their work and hopefully they have good news come tomorrow
  5. running into some issues with my F250 and the calipers seizing. seems to be a common problem from what ive searched but havnt come across any guaranteed fixes. my trucks a 2008 f250 fx4 with 107k miles on it. 3 set of calipers/pads/rotors up front in 3 years. recently as a week ago after the new set they locked up again and almost steered me off the road. anyone have this issue and finally solved it? thinking the next time im done with it and trading it in.
  6. Interested on everyone’s thoughts on what’s the “best” within not spending a ton solution for a gravel path. My driveway is paved a couple hundred feet. It ends about 50’ from my barn where I keep my firewood stacked under the overhang. I’m looking to extend the driveway just with some type of stone/gravel as when I back up throughout the winter I tend to put large Ruts in the lawn to load my truck with firewood if the ground isn’t frozen after a snow. Not looking to put a beating on the “extension of the driveway” so I don’t need the best option. Just something reasonable price wise. I heard reclaimed or recycled concrete? I plan on tamping it down with a machine so something that will pack well and harden up. Thanks!
  7. i had the same one in my garage the other night. so big i heard it crawling on the floor. curious as to what it is also.
  8. hi all, looking for an exterminator to help me prevent one or 2 bats from becoming a problem. in the year since we moved in we have a bat that we watch fly out nightly under the siding. well today i was in the attic and saw some droppings that were not there a few days ago and found the bat above sleeping where the hip rafters meet the ridge. cant see any other spots with droppings but we have a large attic so looking for someone to remove whats there and prevent new bats. so any recommendations for the blairstown area? thank you
  9. Throwing around the idea of doing a pig roast for my wife’s bday this summer. Looking for a company to come and set up and roast the pig and serve it. Any recommendations for the Blairstown area? Thank you!
  10. just built a 15x12 fenced in enclosure off our barn for my wifes 2 mini pigs. with a 4' fence and hardware cloth. i want to add electric fencing around the outside just incase a bear wants to explore. ive been googling and cant find any easy step by step videos just general installations. i have a couple questions. 1. what size of joules would be best for bears? 2. is more than one large grounding rod necessary? 3. to install multiple wires around the fence would i tie each individual wire back to the energizer or would i run one wire back and tie a wire between each wire at one point on the fence to energize each wire? 4. i have a gate in the middle of the fence to line up with the barn door. i was planning on burying the wire at the point, so again at this point in the fence would i do question number 3? sorry for the rough questions. thank you
  11. Do you happen to have anymore info? Thanks
  12. Thanks! My first one was a Honda rancher 400.i got from an old guy great condition. Did all I needed with hunting, having fun and even a plow for snow at my parents. Sold it when I moved to a condo with my girlfriend and lost our hunting property. Now married and have just under 7 acres and wish I held on to it! Thanks for all advice. Don’t need one ASAP just would make life easier hauling wood out to cut and yard work. Will take my time and look around online.
  13. throwing around the idea of purchasing an atv. thinking new as i dont really trust buying used from someone. my last one was used and ended up selling it a few years ago, now need one with our current home. i never bought one at a dealer so i am wondering if there is wiggle room with the price like car shopping or is it what the sticker says. thanks.
  14. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/farmers-trappers-say-limiting-animal-trapping-threatens-way-life-n974986
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