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  1. I’ll also add ever since covid or just this sudden idea of people wanting to explore nature the parking lots fill quickly on weekends. Some are even closed by 10am.
  2. Depends how far downstream you go. I tube it during the summer ourselves. There’s a point where the current gets pretty strong near the old piers of a no longer existing bridge. I’ve seen a couple people almost drown swimming against it after jumping off the cliffs. If you go with someone you can leave a car at the welcome center on 80 and one at anyone of the various boat ramps up old mine road. But overall the current is very slow most of that part.
  3. I used to hunt a property that the raritan flowed through. And there was a dumpster in the woods there also. Amazing what water can do. I would be curious as to what my old property looked like this past storm
  4. i have never been however, there was a facebook video on his page that showed guys cutting deer while smoking ciggs. no thanks
  5. looking for a place to get arrows made in the blairstown area, thanks!
  6. I only walked it once with the gun so I have no info for you. But what about pigeon swamp behind the operating engineers training center on the turnpike
  7. Sorry no pics as I was pressed for time getting it served to guest. Seasoned in bourbon brown sugar rub, Started 930 wrapped at 150degrees and served by 430. Overall the taste was really good and well received by everyone. Had a nice smoke ring. I wasn’t totally pleased with the texture of the meat. It wasn’t tough by any means but more towards a London broil vs brisket I have had in the past. I think if it got the packer from what I read has more fat within the meat itself besides the fat cap I would have had better results. But for my first brisket I was pleased. Next one will be a big packer. Thanks everyone for the help and tips. I feel like smoking meat is like chasing a high, trying to perfect it each time.
  8. I will be attempting the smoke tomorrow (Sunday). Will post an update when it’s done. Thanks for all the tips
  9. thank you. i am planning to ideally have this done around 4-5pm sunday. looking forward to it.
  10. well that sucks, should have taken the time to stop by the butcher. it does say its a flat cut and when i googled in the store it said it was good for smoking?
  11. i will be smoking some brisket this weekend for the first time on a traeger. i was going to purchase a 12-15lb brisket from a butcher but being i was already at bjs i picked up 4 3.5lbs briskets. im curious as to how long they should take as they are not one solid piece of meat like most recipies show. iv been reading around 6 hours with these size cuts. i dont want them done way too early or too late. i am also interested in any tips or tricks you guys have to pull this off. thanks
  12. Several years ago. Piece of state land off route 202 had a huge pile of dead deer on it. This piece of property is along the river. We were talking to another hunter at the wawa and he claimed the state was dumping the dead ones there from blue tongue. Who knows if it was true, but it was a pretty good amount of deer
  13. I’ll give Delaware lake a shot thank you. From google maps it looks like you access it via a road/driveway of a house??
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