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  1. Do you happen to have anymore info? Thanks
  2. Thanks! My first one was a Honda rancher 400.i got from an old guy great condition. Did all I needed with hunting, having fun and even a plow for snow at my parents. Sold it when I moved to a condo with my girlfriend and lost our hunting property. Now married and have just under 7 acres and wish I held on to it! Thanks for all advice. Don’t need one ASAP just would make life easier hauling wood out to cut and yard work. Will take my time and look around online.
  3. throwing around the idea of purchasing an atv. thinking new as i dont really trust buying used from someone. my last one was used and ended up selling it a few years ago, now need one with our current home. i never bought one at a dealer so i am wondering if there is wiggle room with the price like car shopping or is it what the sticker says. thanks.
  4. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/farmers-trappers-say-limiting-animal-trapping-threatens-way-life-n974986
  5. Thanks all. I was trying to start out with 5 or 6 just to see how it goes as most places have a minimum of 25 or insane shipping cost. Tractor supply has 10 as a min. Plan on keeping them in a guinea hen coop as I just got rid of the guinea hens but don’t want to over crowd it. Processing wise I plan to watch some YouTube and maybe pick up a book and give it a whirl. I don’t plan on ever doing more than 10 at a time so no need for expensive pluckers etc.
  6. verizon. but i have the prepaid monthly plan. best thing a coworker turned me on to. most stores the employees play dumb about it but a manager has always set it up for me when needed. you dont have a contract so buying a phone is full price however my bill went from 110 a month to 8 GB plus 7GB free a month with roll over unlimited text and more minutes that i need. the way it was explained to me was verizon rents out towers to other companies (ie: cricket, etc) so the prepaid accounts use those towers. he did show me a map of nj where coverage isnt good (middle of south jersey) years ago. i live in blairstown and have no issues. even fishing on the main canadian border i have service while others dont.
  7. i have the blink system (given to me as an xmas gift) i love them. fool proof to set up and easy to use.
  8. curious if anyone buys their broilers local to the blairstown area vs having them shipped. looking to do some meat birds come the spring time. already have egg layers, any tips? thank you
  9. Quick question. What type of grease are you guys using for the receiver brackets where the plow horns slide into and where do you apply the grease? Brackets or on the plow horns? Thank you
  10. hens are currently spoken for. however if anyone does want them post here and if this falls through i will reach out to you. thanks
  11. we have 3 guinea hens that i would like to give away for free. i believe that 1 if not 2 are females. we had 5 but over the months 2 disappeared. they free roam our property and the surrounding areas but i can close them in the coop once they return for some feed, then you would just have to transfer them into a box or tub. its not as hard as it sounds but can be entertaining to watch. they usually sleep elsewhere (up in the trees) and survived the crazy temps just fine. they eat tons of bugs including ticks. going to be honest and the reason i want them gone is their sound annoys me. i have included a pic of the coop i built a few months ago for them. its well built and heavy, all 2x4s with 4x4 PT legs, roofing and 1/2" T1-11, and all 1/4 hardware cloth. inside of coop is seamless flooring for easy clean out. door in front and back. willing to sell the coop for $400 along with birds if necessary. located in blairstown
  12. I used A-1 tire in Oxford yesterday as they came highly recommended from majority on this site who responded to my post. The guy searched for tires he felt were good quality to save me some money as my truck sits most the week and I use a commuter car so no need to put over 1k of tires on it as it’s not my daily. I was in and out in under 1/2 hr.
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