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  1. Jk heating. Hardwick or blairstown.
  2. Did you have covid prior? A nurse I know said that a lot of the people who had symptoms after the first round where they work had covid prior.
  3. I don’t hunt it much so maybe this is dumb luck however, get in far as said. I believe Powerlines are almost a 3/8 a mile in from Dover Chester side. 2 years ago i think I hiked in to them on 6 day and just sat down along a hill. Popped 2 does. My brother in law went this year same area had 2 bucks cruise through no shot. I’m not saying that area is great but it’s deeper than most want to walk. There’s a walking path further in so keep that in mind as you set up and or shoot. Like mentioned there are lots of stands but that doesn’t mean you won’t see deer. I used to bird hunt it a lot and i
  4. I remember vague details. I want to say he uses it to hunt in Maryland or Delaware.
  5. There was a very cool post a while back on here of one someone made. If I recall it was a small landscape trailer all converted for living.
  6. Had a 4 pointer chasing several foes back and fourth in my pasture yesterday afternoon
  7. Curious to know this as well. Next year I will be raising several myself and I have turkeys coming across my property often. (I’m buried in the woods). I would also add you should raise some meat birds (Cornish cross) to eat along with your egg layers. They taste awesome and you’ll get a nice bird in 6-8 weeks! I keep my meaties separate from the layers though. If you have any leads on turkeys I’d be interested to know where. Tractor supply has them but it’s hit or miss. Most Hatcheries have a 10 minimum to ship.
  8. I can’t confirm this. However I’ve seen numerous post here about how you will get ticketed in Chester pulling off the road to hunt black river.
  9. I buy permethrin and dilute with water. Spray my foundation outside, windows, garage etc every couple months, I hardly have a spider inside. And I’m in the middle of the woods. I read about it online, it works amazing.
  10. I also tried emailing the NJDEP for better maps that show hunting areas then the maps on the state park websites. Multiple emails, no answer. The only response I did was something along the lines of “we can’t really help you with that. Try stopping by each park”. Who the hell has time to drive to several state parks.
  11. Thanks for all the responses. That’s where I have always generally aimed. Been a few years since I’ve been out with the bow. Will he getting out within the next week or soo. And was interested on everyone’s take on the issue.
  12. doing some reading and i see conflicting stories. when aiming from a tree stand about 15-20' up and a deer about 20 yards away where does everyone aim? some articles said a bit higher than normal (normal meaning from the ground) so you get the exit wound and both lungs, others said a bit lower than normal. so which one is it?
  13. thank you for all the feedback, im test driving a tacoma tomorrow. im not worried about the back seat size. its not my daily driver as my commute is 85 miles round trip, more for yard work, fishing and hunting. my kid is 1 so i dont think they will complain when a bit older. ive had fords mostly the past 13 years a F150 and a F250 crewcab, no big complaints but honestly nothing american seems to be able to last or hold value like the toyota. the new 10 speed trans are trash in ford and GM (they refuse to act on it), the american companies need to hit the average MPG requirements for thei
  14. Thank you! Most I would tow is a Jon boat. So maybe I just need to v4?
  15. Sold my super duty and looking to downsize and get a truck that I can use as needed and will last a long time as I use a car to commute. Came across the Tacoma’s. Thoughts on them? Are they still known to last forever and hold their value? I’m leaning towards them and avoiding American as the newer models with 10 speed trans have lots of class action lawsuits pending with no recalls or solutions in sight. Also if anyone is a Toyota salesmen in the Warren/Sussex county area let me know if I do decide to go that way. Or if anyone purchased a new one lately curious as to what I can end up
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