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  1. thank you, got a big wood shed as a spring project now . the 4'x9' barn overhang isnt going to cut it anymore lol.
  2. would cutting them into rounds and stacking on gravel in a pile be fine to let them sit some more be fine? some are ash trees im pretty sure.
  3. i have several trees down across my property now for about a year to 2 years now. how long do i have to get out there and cut them into rounds and then split before they start to rot laying on the ground? they all fell due to snow and wind as far as i know. im going to need a huge wood shed if i have to get them all out of the woods soon lol.
  4. Well an update: got home and decided since the smell stopped yesterday to light it again and see if the smell returns. Lite up no problem, got it running to 450 for about 20 mins, dampened about half way down and it’s been cruising at 400 degree stove pipe temp since. Virtually no smoke coming out of chimney during the start up and no smell. Same batch of kindling and logs. Still looking to get up on the roof in the next 2 weeks and just clean the chimney to be safe
  5. Yeah cement board has a very distinct smell. I’m not a fan of working with it
  6. Nothing different from the previous times. I’ll have to light another one later and see if the results are different. Thanks for all the advice
  7. I’ve had it much higher previously as it ran away from me a couple times and I believe the stove is about 20 years old. I have a gauge on the top for soapstone and that gauge and the one on the pipe we’re both at where they are normally. The smell started right after the kindling burned down and opened the door to throw some larger size logs on
  8. the smell has stopped. i do believe that most the kindling and the initial log or 2 was red oak, so perhaps that had something to do with it. regardless better safe than sorry ill give the stove a good cleaning soon and once the the snow melts get on the roof and clean the chimney just to be safe. thanks all.
  9. oak, it was here when we moved in 2 years ago and burned easily then. splinters apart into nice kindling. also some ash about 1.5 years old. but now thinking back i only cleaned the stove pipe and didnt scrap the inside of the stove down and it does have some black build up on the fire brick. not getting any smoke out of chimney now that its been going about 45 mins, just seeing heat waves. smell is still slightly in air outside. got the single wall stove pipe at about 400 degrees 18" up from the stove before it turns into the chimney.
  10. second year in our home with a wood stove. the stove is hearthstone and not a newer one. today i lighted it up for the first time in a week. it has a strange smell almost like a permanent marker but yet kinda sweet soot smell coming from it, but mostly outside. i cleaned the stove about a 1/8 cord ago and maybe have a whole 1/2 cord through the chimney so far this year. cleaned the chimney this fall. when i did clean the stove pipe i looked up with a mirror and didnt see any crazy build up. last years build up was extremely minimal. and the wood im burning is well seasoned. anyone ever experience this?
  11. i heard that they did some paving up there going towards walpack around that time. anyone know how to get a map showing what areas are open to hunt within the gap? im a very short ride away from there but cant find any info online. (sorry to hijack the thread a bit)
  12. I live just below the water gap in Blairstown. Woke up to a thick layer of ice on the truck. But driveway was just wet. Took the plow off and made it to Morristown in under an hour. Rained the whole way.
  13. oh yeah i know something isnt right. the stove isnt old either. previous owners didnt maintain much. the wood stove and chimney i clean myself however given what happened with the pellet stove i want a pro to look at it
  14. not to hijack thread but im interested as well but for working on pellet stoves in warren county. never had one, came with house we bought last year, 4th time using it smoke was pouring out a lot outside and started coming from the hopper of stove.
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