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  1. Roon

    When you...

    He's under it if he could get his fat ass further he would lol I think he's going for a sausage lol
  2. Roon

    Venison Meatballs On Pizza

    Looks great 15% is too much liquid for me lol
  3. Just can't shake that bone chill.
  4. Roon

    Don't You Love It When..........

    In different terms, I rode my motorcycle to work this morning, 26° absolutely balls cold, love the looks and questions when I get there. You rode your motorcycle in today? My response is yes it's much easier than pushing it.
  5. Roon

    To drive, or not to drive

    If you sit all bow season correctly, your freezer should be filled, putting an end to drives and getting together with family and friends to enjoy what you worked for during bow season
  6. Roon

    To drive, or not to drive

    It's a dead horse that's been beat 100000000 times. I feel it's a primitive way to hunt, but we evolve. We are allegedly the "smartest" race on the planet yet we hold on to the past yelling "yo buck" like a bunch of a$$ hats cause its "tradition". Not my choice but unfortunately to each is own, I just chose to vacate the woods and most places once it starts.
  7. Roon

    Older deer?

    I had gray hair at 30 before I went bald, put me out to pasture or shoot me lol. Deers not old by no means. Back way to straight and no sagging gut. Just like us different genes makes the difference, I have friends that were going gray or bald in high school
  8. Roon

    They call it...

    And he's up. It's amazing a 12" tall dog can make a 30" table with ease
  9. Roon

    They call it...

    The defining moment. Everyone went for a good walk today, my male Basset passed out by stove when home with that perfect Grinch pose with one of their chew toys lol.
  10. Roon

    Venison Bourguignon

    That's what they call a cock tease, pic looks great waiting for outcome
  11. Roon

    Cold enough...

    I set meat aside from every deer just for this. Try to do most of it over winter while stove is heating house, being cheap or poor I get my jerky made for just about free. Kid tested and approved.
  12. Roon

    Cold enough...

    To pump up the heat on the coal stove, shes been running at surface temperature of 120° for past few weeks, few cold days in nights to come so bumped up the air intake and its jerky time.
  13. All depends what "you" need to feel worthy. I'm not much of a head stuffer, have 2. Mostly skulls for me, lot cheaper too lol. Anyways this little 3pt made the cut for the wall just for respect. He went about 3 weeks with someone's bolt in his shoulder before I could get on him. Mount what you feel deserves it, not that they all don't.
  14. Roon

    Recurve or compound tmrwo

    Taking both sounds like a ticket in this state. Gonna be windy tomorrow