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  1. Roon

    Who's old enough...

    Before range finders and bait piles, we would build a stand from heavily used trail's and use one of these to know shot distance and mark trees. Like the old saying youth is wasted on the young lol
  2. Roon

    Who's old enough...

    To remember taking one of these in the woods when building a new wooden stand? Goodness I'm old lol
  3. Wood peckers, eating the borer, trees dead, very few green ash safe to hunt from or be around
  4. Fake news, bear was harvested somewhere bears actually live Congratulations to him amazing animal for sure
  5. Roon

    City People...

    219° is considered syrup, I go to 221° to thicken little more. 234° makes maple candy, as long as you stay at 219° and below 234° nothing but happy pancakes. I drink more and sleep less this time of year lol
  6. Roon

    City People...

    Banana for comparison. This was once 40 gallons of sapp, finished product 76 ounces. Lot of work but know where the sugar my family is eating comes from.
  7. Roon

    City People...

    That's raw sapp, end game we det 5 or 6 gallons a year finished. By the time we do Christmas gifts and my little one has waffles 6 days a week, just lite deer season I wait on spring getting here to refill the pantry.
  8. Roon

    City People...

    Yes wood, propane to finish up, tried Turkey frier but 300 gallons gets pricey
  9. Roon

    City People...

    Listen to Phil on when spring will be here. I go by the Maples, little slow right now but they are producing. Once they run say Hello to spring.
  10. I try to be out of the woods by mid November. This year started slow taking one with my little one 1st weekend. She had fun and wound up going with me every Friday for the next 8 weeks, we had fun and filled the freezer by November 2nd. So all in all good, fun productive year. That's not all the pictures but should be enough for Rusty lol
  11. Roon

    And this...

    Tells the whole story
  12. Roon

    Venison Chili

    REAL CHILLI DOESN'T HAVE BEANS! so it looks good
  13. Lo Main, always make too much but no one complains about left overs lol
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