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  2. Hopefull he hangs around, my little one is just starting to shoot her bow but needs another 1.5 years for her license, when she get it look out she's gonna be a killer lol Best of luck Joe looking forward to smiles holding horns
  3. We jammed 10lbs of crap into a 5lbs bucket. We normally do a ride every summer but last year because of political based BS and something else that could have killed me and rapped my daughter we opted out. We covered just over 800 miles in 2 days. Lol there's grown men that couldn't keep up with my 12 year old. Starting with Allegheny National Forest to see the Kinzua Viaduct an ABSOLUTELY amazing thing to see. From there we hit Penns Cave, because of time and approaching weather we only did the cave boat tour. From there on the way home we hit Pine Creek Gorge AKA, " PA Grand Canyon" then out there can't go home without eating at the Burning Barrel for some banging food and worth the stop if out that way.
  4. Not where they sell people corn gotta go to silos 1/2 mile west
  5. And fried everything is good
  6. Woolf farm Broadway$5
  7. Left at 0245 hours headed for Belmar with only one goal, catching a shark. Dumped boat in water and was going through inlet at 0530 With only 60 gallons of fuel was unsure how far I could go only hit wreaks 15 miles off shore, boat did good as did we, landing one bull and missing two. Way back in found a feeding frenzy on bunkers, stopped of course I left the cast net at home so we started snagging em. Ripped in just shy of 100 plus limit of blues, after live lining and chunk cutting. It would have be better on the way out but, it ended the day better than I could ever ask for. Take note of the hero shot arm stretch lol
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    Not many lives matter there and there is no brotherly love
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