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  1. Looks great 🤔 I believe my first line of response was spay it lol Well done
  2. Not bad for a DP lol Hutch was built from shit I pulled from a kitchen I pulled, color sucks, I know but it was paid for by customer
  3. Roon

    Mother's Day Dinner

    We stayed home and did beacon wrapped loins with water chestnuts and beacon wrapped scallops. Best wishes to all
  4. That's our teachers have done for almost a year
  5. My end is the"Musky" Sad it is what it is but we no longer have a say. Every spot that we had as kids is now ruined they call it strong family ties but no it's screwing up everything whatever side you're on it doesn't matter
  6. Roon

    Too Close...

    That would be in "to the lake" Crazy how all the points cross Worth the watch, last episode makes you say HF lol
  7. Roon

    Ribs in a bag

    Looks good but🤔 sounds like a bachelors menu lol
  8. @deadoneshot2 I hope you never told anybody that you love you'll see them when they get there. Because with traveling they may never get there it is what it is
  9. Why does my name keep coming in lol, I truly send my condolences to anybody that has lost anybody from what has happened over the past year. That said I know far more personally friends and relatives that have died in car crashes and motorcycle accidents then from this virus. So why has the government not taken away our car keys? I am out of this I walked away yesterday
  10. Roon

    Too Close...

    I don't think it's a comedy but no means. It is serious, but it does hit hard on what or could be talking place. It's only 8 episodes worth the watch for a look at what might be?
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