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  1. Roon

    How Much???

    No less than $25,000 I'm betting
  2. Roon

    Mom and pop...

    Hit 50 today, with me as a kid I'm sure they second guess every year lol. Taking them out on Pug Life tomorrow to hopefully bring home dinner.
  3. If only I could make him choke on his own teeth
  4. Jelly, hopefully tomorrow won't be to bad looks great congrats
  5. It's warm even for me, went with ground blind spot to take advantage of wearing shorts
  6. Roon

    Look What I Can Do

    Deer season widow lol mine already knows September till 2nd week of November she's on her own
  7. Roon

    Lunch With The Wife

    9 years and 351 days but who's counting. You earned it as will I It's around 20 years to make a million off retirement, keep it going
  8. Roon

    Lunch With The Wife

    F#$k you, retired and living the dream lol. JK, looks great, keep enjoying
  9. Not only do I go anywhere I can't drive I also manscape lol
  10. You won't see this covered by the mainstream media. I verified that it is an actual obituary and is factually acurate. https://obits.oregonlive.com/us/obituaries/oregon/name/jessica-wilson-obituary?pid=200278331&fbclid=IwAR26MAr-9yknnZNYcxiUFcp21IrKYNMZe9HnLZooUIrRRgUSa6Au58tC1mA
  11. Roon

    Wile E Coyote

    If they can eat my dogs kill em. Nice work
  12. He's ready for the ladies 🤣
  13. Just got my tree and found someone else already in it lol, 4 sits seeing zero deer fingers crossed things change this evening.
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