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  1. So now that they will sing "the black national anthem" before every game this year. How many knees will we see taking for that?
  2. Roon

    Taylor Ham Ice Cream

    Fake, Taylor Ham does not exist. So there can be no ice cream. Make some PORK ROLL and I'll give it a go
  3. There is one nationality of people the caused the closure of Penwell Mills rope swing, only one
  4. I mean come on. Everyone deserves a fare shake. This guy is 31 years old and ONLY arrested some 100 times. Yup not the right phrase but "some" lives matter
  5. We have to give up Columbus Day we're trading one black thing for another, first day of black bear season archery for black rights either way I'm off LOL
  6. Absolutely insane. The world is going down the shitter, and the ride sucks.
  7. Had almost as much fun as laugh's from watching people get hurt
  8. other than some rock burn front-leg wasn't bad he stood up and walked off on his own with Mom. Ready to become dinner in 3 years lol PS. I did put some Neosporin on the wounds it'll probably get licked off before anything will happen but fail safe
  9. She was bummed, one day this summer she'll have them lol. I just have to go committed
  10. Had this little guy stuck in fence row behind house yelping Every time I went back I jump the doe and he go quiet. After the second time had some errands to run came home a few hours later and he was still carrying on walked back and jumped the doe, stood quietly for a little bit and he started making noise. found out where we was stuck in a rock hole in the old rock wall. Pulled him out and got him back down in the riverbed mom just picked him up and walked off with him. Funny but in two or three years he might be dinner LOL
  11. Everyone has to eat. We, most of us as people try to do our try our best not to drag out the end as nature doesn't always accomplish
  12. Nothing like daddy's daughter. When young lol. Just hoping it never changes
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