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  1. Roon

    As of tomorrow...

    You have to wear a mask. Just a public announcement lol
  2. Roon

    Is Easter a Fairytale?

    A whole bunch of good lines in this song
  3. All the spots are marked, you have to pay for parking so make sure when you park you cover all the time needed 20 some years ago they banged you $50 for over parking fee. Over night trips go by distance so if question by ranger and you give them drop in and pull out location that don't equal an overnight trip you will be ticketed. You stay at each spot only one night and go on your way. All spots are nice plenty of room and safe. Just know your distance when we were younger did it just about every other weekend, always did short trips and when questioned always gave far enough apart not to get ticketed. Nice guys or not they like giving tickets. Dot all your "I"s and cross all your"t"s and you will be fine.
  4. Roon

    Easter Cards???

    With no "Bunnies" to be found and everyone stuck at home what is everyone doing with their little ones for the 2020 Easter pics. Here's what a few drinks and boredom got us here. Stay safe all and Happy Easter
  5. Can't beat the back rest
  6. Place was retarded stupid this past Saturday, knew it was gonna happen
  7. Roon

    Covid or not...

    Homemade job straight up hillbilly but gets job done in kids and adults in pool for close to half the year. I burn wood and recycled motor oil
  8. Roon

    Covid or not...

    Have to disagree, once up and running and chemicals in check pretty much runs itself, other than dropping the robot in once a week
  9. Roon


    Lol covid cover off lol. Get a move on it buddy
  10. Roon


    This is the stove, I have been using them for past 20 years, can't even make up something bad to say about them https://hitzer.com/our-products/stoves-furnaces/model-50-93 Carl's pool and spa in Sciota Pennsylvania is a good dealer of them
  11. Roon

    Covid or not...

    Still cold just redid pool heater will be 90° by next week lol
  12. Roon

    Covid or not...

    Anytime I get pool pictures before there is leafs is good for us. Social distance and stay safe
  13. Roon


    It's official, stove is cleaned and out till November
  14. I'm stuck at home with an immune comprised wife I get it, dislike or not people, die and are born every day when are we going to build a bridge?
  15. Roon

    Two Wheel Weekend

    Other than having to always see my wife, I'm really liking this social distancing thing. Saturday took the Kid to Sandy Hook which was ABSOLUTELY packed then rode shore line down to Point Pleasant, it was great doing 40mph with no problems or people in the way. Other than The Hook everywhere else was a ghost town. Covered 250 miles with my best passenger. Today me and the little one hit all my old hunts as a kid well the ones that are still there. Great weekend and be safe all
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