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  1. Roon

    The price you pay...

    When you have pets that might eat pets Had this sucker in pond for two years. There since he was about 1.5" long. Well either water got too hot for him or Blue who eats every day just got hungry. In the end I guess she won
  2. Can't call yourself a hillbilly till you've had a PORK ROLL egg and cheese and played on a rope swing
  3. Same thought, at my age, however my kids are young, I've inbedded my thoughts and values in them, I would give ANYTHING to see them achieve more than I. So enough money to set them for life then I'm gone I'm good. Only wish is to know they're set mentally and financially.
  4. Went right over my bedroom FAST you say sound of freedom? Talk to the guy flying where he wasn't "free" to fly this morning lol Washington 07882
  5. Roon

    10 year promise

    Told the Kid when she turned 10 I'll take her on a motorcycle trip. Wife little nervous but I held my end and she was a true co pilot. Went to Gettysburg, done many trips and this is now at the #1 spot. To say I'm proud of my Kid is an understatement. Did some dark humor pictures at Devils Den and stopped by Centralia on the way home. Bunch of pictures of the fun we had.
  6. Roon


    Use them to level off bottom during sugar season, nice to make as level as possibly when jamming a lot of Sapp in there, just leave them in there figure they will help hold and retain cold when fresh meat is going in during deer season.. As of now 36" is spoken for an 30" is being looked at tomorrow.
  7. Roon


    Warren County 07882
  8. Roon


    I have 2 working refrigerators. One is a 36" side by side with ice maker and water. Other is a 30" with ice maker. Both are Kenmore Both work and would make great deer fridges or a spare. New kitchen going in and would like to offer fridges to someone if needed before taking them to the dump. Take one or both either way both work and are FREE. Here's an example of my deer fridge.
  9. I love my dogs more than most people, so pictures are easy lol
  10. Roon

    One of two...

    Been heating with coal for 20 years now and making my jerky all winter like this also since the start. Right now surface of stove is around 250° Depending on stove temperature you can adjust with extra cooling racks or even a pot or pan to bring you further up. This batch was on for about 12 hours. Perfect every time and fool proof
  11. Roon

    One of two...

    Either I tired them out from our walk or they are guarding. Either way Jerky is cooking
  12. Sounds like something I'm gonna be trying. I do similar but in meat version. Hot Italian sausage and pepper jack cheese wrapped in back strap and beacon. I half cook the beacon so to reduce flare ups and cut down on cooking time
  13. This is my wifes ID picture when she calls, she is in phone as "my deer wife"
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