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  1. Roon

    Would You Do It?

    Absolutely, at my age and loss of pride I'd attempt to knock the bottom of it out just to shoot a yearling lol And if I can hang a stand on her property and not have it stolen that's a bonus
  2. Small fires in the evening few pieces of wood to make half the night, it takes the chill out of the house is not bad to wake up to. Once it's lite she runs 24/7 till April. It took a while but I can choke down the stove to the point even if we get a warm day in spring my house will still only be at 74° Coal is nice because with more or less and ashes the stove could be 650° at the top surface or down 125°
  3. Congratulations. Some of the best moments there.
  4. Loss definitely sucks, make the best of it as you can, carry the memories and remember the high points. Congrats on the deer and good thoughts for you
  5. I have not had a furnace to heat my house in 20 plus years. We burn coal 100% to heat the house. My rule is house has to sustain 55° before the stove is lite. Trust me we all suffer because when up and going I keep the house at 76 to 78° Just joking 🤣 but get out a blanket"Nancy"🤣😘
  6. Pan-seared extremely hot in a cast iron skillet with bacon grease, all sides crispy brown black and set a side to rest. We serve our meat like Michelle Obama black on the outside and warm and pink in the middle 🤢 Only it tastes really good 🤣. Burnt up 3 hogs for Labor Day have 10 more in freezer, saving them to make sausage and have Groundhog on "Groundhog" day lol
  7. Nice job, I have 2.5 years before my trigger puller is ready lol Congrats
  8. Roon

    Good 1 Down...

    They still are banging and 6 more left in freezer. Little brother freaked cause we wiped out the entire family he feed all summer 🤣. I thanked him for fattening them and making them easier to shoot. Have enough to make some Italian sausage when time comes
  9. That's Jersey, well every where, have a friend that hunted Wisconsin years back. Camera cards taken or moved and stands just messed up. Nice to know it's all over that we are in this together 🤣
  10. Congratulations lots of work and lots of fun
  11. Phat foot or not still a nice deer Congrats
  12. Opening day arrived. Finished up last year's venison on Labor Day, thanks to Saturday. First meal served
  13. Because if you don't bring your wife you get to be away from her. Mine has grown to except hunting season because absence makes the heart grow fonder. So keep trying lol
  14. Congrats, very cool indeed
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