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  1. I love my dogs more than most people, so pictures are easy lol
  2. Roon

    One of two...

    Been heating with coal for 20 years now and making my jerky all winter like this also since the start. Right now surface of stove is around 250° Depending on stove temperature you can adjust with extra cooling racks or even a pot or pan to bring you further up. This batch was on for about 12 hours. Perfect every time and fool proof
  3. Roon

    One of two...

    Either I tired them out from our walk or they are guarding. Either way Jerky is cooking
  4. Sounds like something I'm gonna be trying. I do similar but in meat version. Hot Italian sausage and pepper jack cheese wrapped in back strap and beacon. I half cook the beacon so to reduce flare ups and cut down on cooking time
  5. This is my wifes ID picture when she calls, she is in phone as "my deer wife"
  6. You can get anything you want except for Alice
  7. Roon


    Done, done and done. More food and drink than needed but all close family with great food makes even better day. Hopefully all was as nice as mine. LTH this is one worth trying.
  8. Hey I never questioned your cat lol
  9. We'd all be going to jail for looking at a stuffed and tied up young boy lol. Happy Thanksgiving all.
  10. Made the wall of respect. Been a while but took him at end of season, started showing up beginning of October took few weeks but got on him happily. Think he was a victim of a car hit, in addition to leg he had 3 broken ribs also. Not much to him, but he makes a killer meatloaf.
  11. All the deer I shoot for family and friends go to Tom. They all are very pleased with no complaints.
  12. Steaks and roasts are CLEAN, chop I double grind every thing, so don't go nuts pulling all silver skin from that. Burgers also have some shredded cheese for flavor and binder
  13. Yeah he did, I have a big 7pt who I believed to be biggest deer in area, he walked by me last night now a 6pt and a banged up left eye, either he wondered, someone bigger came through or one of the little guys got lucky.
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