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  1. Mine is solar powered and it goes off if a person or vehicle goes past it.
  2. I recently bought the Wuloo brand off Amazon for around $70. I am happy with it. It has a better range expected.
  3. He's open. Prices are still good but overall demand is driving the prices of all guns and ammo. Jim has always been good to deal with. I will continue support as long as I am stuck in NJ.
  4. Sharpdogs

    R.I.P. Elli

    Sorry for your loss.
  5. I believe they are only allowed to open at 25% capacity.
  6. I went on Saturday with the intention of spending my wife's stimulus money. There was little to nothing in the guns and ammo section. The restaurant was closed due to COVID and bargain cave was gone. I wound up grabbing some beef jerky and some waterfowl ammo. Disappointing but I still had a nice time taking the drive with my son.
  7. Awesome and well done.
  8. No picture, but probably a whitetail.
  9. Thanks for all the information. My son has been shooting a bow since he was four. He recently moved up to 35 lbs recurve and his compound is at 37 lbs. I bought him a youth crossbow but he said crossbows were for old men like me 😄. We will do the online test and wait to hear back from the state regarding the shooting part for archery.
  10. Does anyone have an idea when the hunter education tests will start up? My son got his bow up over 35 pounds and he wants take the archery test. I imagine with this "soft" re-opening it will be soon.
  11. I thought I saw on the Farmers facebook page that they were still having theirs on June 7th.
  12. My son just asked about this. I will give full draw a call. Looks fun.
  13. A couple of years ago I was shooting at Clinton. There was garbage everywhere. Every time I walked back from my target I picked up some garbage. Some douche bag says to me, "what are you the garbage man?!" I just shook my head. No good deed goes unpunished but you do them anyway.
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