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  1. I have one, new in the box. I live in Washington. No cost, just shoot me a message with your name and phone.
  2. I need to have the firing pin fixed on a Marlin lever action. It dents the primer but does not fire. I was thinking of driving to the Heritage Guild unless anyone has some other recommendations.
  3. A bad day hunting is better than a great day at work.
  4. 3 deer came in from behind. Lead doe started blowing. No clear shot hopefully they circle back.
  5. Out in zone 8, with my son. He's trying for his first archery harvest.
  6. In the ghost blind with my son. It's his first time out with a bow. Be safe and good luck.
  7. Every relationship has is compromises to keep the balance and everyone happy. Due the increases in food prices my wife is demanding my son and I take at least 4 deer this year. Is she controlling, heck yeah but in a good way.
  8. I had a flock fly over as was spraying my clothes for deer season. My son and I set up around six pm. The only thing we saw was a heron. We heard a few distant honks but saw nothing. We will go out again this weekend. I wish I brought a fishing pole because the fish in the river were active.
  9. I am hoping to get out this afternoon and this upcoming weekend. It has been pretty quiet in my spot.
  10. I was there too. My son won a new set of bow sights. The shoot was a blast. We will definitely be back.
  11. My son and I went today. We did half the North American course and the whole Africa course. It was a blast. Big thanks to those who organized this and put it together.
  12. Super generous and awesome offer.
  13. Non rifled barrel, try fosters rifled slugs.
  14. My son and I just registered. It should be fun and good practice for the upcoming season
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