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  1. Traditional 3 day 3-D shoot/camp

    We went today and had a blast. I am super proud of how well my son did. He hit the moose on second shot.
  2. Boycott Yeti

    Same here, I have their travel mug but $500 for a cooler. Maybe if I was moving organs for surgery.
  3. Try the Seresto dog collar. Depending on the dog's size they cost around $50 and last 8 months.
  4. Traditional 3 day 3-D shoot/camp

    I am very interested in going and I thing my 8 year old son would like to go as well. Anything I should bring besides our bows and traditional?
  5. I just found out today and figured I would share. I already started subscribing to some of favorite channels from Youtube. https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/
  6. Just One Lure?

    Definitely the small black and silver rapala.
  7. RIP R Lee Ermey

    That is terrible. My wife met him at Newark liberty airport two years ago. She said he was super nice to her and my son. We lost another great one.
  8. Cave Cricket eradication

    You could use sticky pads but airsoft guns are more fun.
  9. What are your goals for this coming deer season?

    I am hoping to get my son and wife out with me. Both have expressed a lot of interest. My son will be old enough to get his license in two years so I want to get him out as much as possible. I would like to harvest at least one with the recurve. I have tried unsuccessfully for the past two years.
  10. He’s got the look...

    He's probably upset because he is still living in his mommy's basement and she found his internet browsing history, then deleted all his favorites.
  11. Bears

    I startled one this morning. I couldn't see much since it was dark at 5:30am, but it sounded like it was trying to open the neighbors garbage can. Today is garbage day. It was a pucker moment. I am thinking of letting the wife walk the dog after I increase her life insurance policy. Seriously though, I may have to invest in some bear spray for these early morning walks. I am by Pt. Mountain.
  12. Close Call

    OMG! Glad you are ok. Go buy a lotto ticket.
  13. Pellet gun question

    The Benjamin Nitro is not a bad choice, just make sure whatever you get does not have any noise baffling system or sound suppressor. The springers are the cheapest but can be finicky. You need to first break in the rifle with at least 500 shots. Then buy a sample pack of pellets and see what your rifle likes best. Make sure you use an airgun scope on your springer rifle. I would go with a .22. I have taken squirrels with a body shot from a .22 pellet rifle. It is much harder to do that with a .177. PCP airguns is a better way to go but much more expensive. Hunting small game like squirrels with a springer air rifle can be fun. Shots have to be closer but it's fun challenge. I currently use a Stoeger X20 with an upgraded trigger. A lot of the springers have terrible triggers. You will all need to adapt to using the artillery hold for shooting spring rifles. Hope this helps.
  14. Move to PA with handguns?

    Just celebrate being out of NJ. All kidding aside, I have no idea. I am just jealous that you are leaving NJ.
  15. mounts complete: fox-waterfowl-pheasant

    That Canadian goose is awesome.