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  1. Someone wrote 25 on longbow. So it may be 25. There is some writing on the recurve but it doesn't say the poundage or length.
  2. I can send more pictures of the bows if needed.
  3. I have a Sears Recurve for $55 and a no name plastic longbow 25 lbs. For free. I am guessing the weight is 40-45 pounds on the recurve but there is no markings saying so. It is in very good shape but needs a string. Located in Washington, NJ 07882. As always please have both bows checked before shooting.
  4. Sharpdogs

    Rambo: Last Blood

    He uses a walker with a M-60 mounted to it. He never misses or runs out of ammo. Sorry for the spoiler alert.
  5. Sharpdogs

    Rambo: Last Blood

    I will see it. My son and I watched 1-4 last month.
  6. Better than a rage, just kidding. Awesome find.
  7. Jeesh, good thing i sighted in my slug gun 2 weeks ago. Do they not know that hunting season is coming up? Thank you for the information.
  8. Probably my parker ambusher crossbow with schwackers and my ben Pearson longbow with DRT broadheads. I did pick up a cold steel cheapshot crossbow and this thing is fun to shoot. I am tempted to take it out as well.
  9. I got mine at hackettstown for the past few years.
  10. Sharpdogs

    Free to youth

    RGW, there is no rush on my end. September 21-22nd works for me. Thanks again.
  11. Sharpdogs

    Free to youth

    If they are still available, i will take them. I am in the Washington (Warren county) area.
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