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  1. Thank you all for the insight. I will bring my 12 gauge to back him up.
  2. I am thinking of booking a guided Sea Duck Hunt for my son as an early Christmas present. I have never been sea duck hunting and all of my waterfowl experience has been on a river. My son is eleven and the one guide I spoke with said there would be plenty action and shooting for my son. Do you have any recommendations on ammo, gear, tips, etc.? We will probably both be using 20 gauges. Thanks in advance.
  3. Leaving soon with my son for the United Bow Hunters of NJ youth hunt.
  4. We tried a new spot that is state land that we access through a friend's property. Zero deer but a ton of turkey. Definitely our new turkey spot. We came back to the car and the friend's who gave us access left a $25 bass pro gift card as a belated birthday present. My son was happy so it was a good day.
  5. Out in zone 8, we just saw two turkeys. First time my son has seen them in the wild.
  6. All of the reasons listed above have made for a perfect storm. I was in cabelas last June and there was even a shortage of BB guns. I guess now is a good time to be a bow hunter.
  7. Coveralls are spoken for pending pick up.
  8. I bought this from a fellow member about 2 months ago and my son already grew out of them. They are in great shape. Free to any youth hunter. I am in 07882 zip code.
  9. I will be out with my son. Unfortunately someone trashed the blind I set up for him. I was able to salvage it. We practiced shooting his shotgun last week and the spot that we will be at had a couple of rubs and scrapes. Good luck to everyone going out.
  10. From what I am hearing, yes.
  11. My son will be there. He is looking forward to it.
  12. Heading out this afternoon if I finish the never ending honey to do list.
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