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  1. My son got his first deer, a button buck. I will post pics and a story tomorrow. I am tired and he still has homework 🙁
  2. Skunked this morning. Lunch break and back out around 2:30.
  3. Leaving in a few. First time out this week and today is my son's first time out deer hunting. Hoping he gets a deer and i hope we can get to our spot. We have to wade across a river to get there.
  4. I am hoping for the same thing.
  5. I was out with my son this morning showing him where he would be hunting and we found this on the way back.
  6. What he said. I go to the Appalachian Bowman shoot and i would love to see more in this area.
  7. She is tougher than 10 of me.
  8. Moved my day off to later in the week. I am sure the rain will shift to that day.
  9. I will take it, if it is still available.
  10. I am super excited. My son just got his shotgun and muzzleloader license 2 weeks ago. He just turned 10 and this will be his first time out.
  11. I watched it over Thanksgiving. It was a big disappointment. 3.5 hours of my life wasted.
  12. My son enjoyed the lessons at the Heritage Guild.
  13. I have the Barnett recruit youth model and the cold steel cheap shot crossbow. Unfortunately my son struggles with both. You're welcome to stop by and try them.
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