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  1. Nice! I am hoping to get out today.
  2. I hunted a lot this season (don't tell my wife, she thinks I was at work) and I only saw three bucks while I was out. Zero shots on all of them. What made it worse was that very few were on my trail cam and I only found one rub. This was the worst year for buck activity. Plenty of does and the freezer is full, but now they decide to show up. This pick was taken on 2/10/19. At least next season is looking good.
  3. I want one for squirrel hunting.
  4. Don't forget the kills with the blowgun.
  5. Awesome, but today's nerf guns are pretty cool. They need to make nerf guns that look like the toy guns from the 50's. I am sure that they would be illegal in NJ.
  6. Rumor is that there will be a snow tax next. I am in trouble if they implement a methane gas tax.
  7. I think Hillary deserves another chance.
  8. Sharpdogs

    My Dog Passes On

    Sorry for your loss.
  9. She came with an extra eyeball.
  10. I wasn't going to go but I needed some treestand therapy after a crummy week. I went out around 6:40am with the shotgun. I made it out 5 yards and I bumped two does. A few minutes I was in the treestand hoping they would come back. I checked my phone at 7:15am and I cursed all the noise the squirrels were making. It was not squirrels but 8-10 deer making a B line for my stand. I picked a large doe 10 yards out and fired. She dropped in her tracks. Big thanks to member here who sold me the old school Remington 870 Wingmaster with the corn cob forend. It worked beautifully. One shot with buckshot and it was over. Freezer is now full and I will have some to give away.
  11. I have seen a ton of ducks, unfortunately it has been while I was deer hunting My two waterfowl spots have been yielding poor results mostly because the water has been too high and I cannot wade to the spot or if I shoot something it becomes difficult to retrieve due to the river moving so fast. I am going out again tomorrow but I believe the conditions of the river, due to all this rain, is going to make me turn around.
  12. As of now they are going to NB6624. Thanks.
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