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  1. I will try Ramsey Outdoor. Do they have ammo in-stock 🤣
  2. Does anyone know of store that keeps a selection of waders in stock? I wanted to pick up a new pair for my son and I. I wasn't real happy with what I ordered online last time. I may just travel to Cabelas in Hamburg.
  3. I think I have a box if 28. I am up near Clinton. Shoot me a pm if you are interested.
  4. Hopefully the tide is turning. My local shop had a few riot shotguns in stock. They were almost as rare as AR's. Things can quickly get worse when the new administration pushes for more gun control which they have promised.
  5. I believe the poundage on one said #40. It feels like more. I have not strung the second one because I need finish sanding it. There are no stickers or stamps that I can see.
  6. I have two of those. One i picked up for $5 at a garage sale. I sanded it down and refinished it. The other one an old neighbor gave me. Poundage seems to be around 40. I need to refinish the one my neighbor gave me. Hand shock is harsh. I collect old bows. I love finding pieces of gear like these bows.
  7. Overall it was a great year. First bow season with my son. We saw a ton of deer in the first half but Zero in the second half. Lots of laughs and memories. I am real proud of my son getting his first archery harvest.
  8. I have plenty to do, cut firewood, shed hunting, trout fishing, turkey hunting, 3D archery, tubing down the river, the honey to do list that never ends.
  9. Unfortunately my wife, she won't divorce me. She hates seeing me happy. Seriously we have to wait 7 more years until my son finishes school. I do love where I love in NJ. It feels more like PA than NJ.
  10. Nort hunterdon County, too f#cking much! Plus my snow blower just broke
  11. I was out for the last two hours of daylight. Froze my butt off, listened to my son make fart jokes, saw no deer, had a great time.
  12. I used one on the opening week of archery. It was my son's first time out with a bow. We had 4 deer come in to about 7 yards of us. My son was shaking too much to get a shot off. We have since moved to a treestand but I am a believer in the ghost blind. I bought the backpack and it makes it easier to carry in out. It will be my go to turkey.
  13. That picture of your dog on the table reminded me of my dog. Sorry for your loss.
  14. I don't see an end any time soon. Demand keeps growing. People at work this week we talking about buying ammo. Two were current gun owners two were newbies. One was paying $2 per round for 9mm. I stopped in a local shop this morning. All they had was 12 and 20 gauge mostly waterfowl shells. They did have 10mm and two boxes of 40 caliber. I will stick with shooting my bow and air rifle for now. Last time I was at the range I burned through $300. Too bad I didn't win the mega million.
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