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  1. Sharpdogs

    Traditional bow online tournament idea

    What the heck I am in. I am out of practice but this will give me an excuse to practice. Don't you have a bigger target? Like one you can print on an 8x10 tarp.
  2. Sharpdogs

    22 magnum ammo

    PM sent. Interested in the Federal and Remington.
  3. Sharpdogs

    Reasonable garage door installer

    That's the guy I used.
  4. Sharpdogs

    Reasonable garage door installer

    I just used these guys a month ago. I am very happy with the quality and installation. I am in Hunterdon County. They are located in Glenn Gardner. https://www.hunterdonwarrendoorco.net/
  5. Paintball gun, rubber blunt tips on your arrow, pictures of your property tax bill. I had a fish and game officer recommend the paintball gun. She said your goal should be to make your yard and uncomfortable place for the bear. Shoot it with the paintball every time you see it in your yard. You could always jingle your keys.
  6. Sharpdogs

    Acorns hitting the ground

    It's raining acorns in my yard. It definitely seems early to me.
  7. Sharpdogs

    Feeder Recommendations

    I am not after a big buck. I am trying to help a friend get their first deer and I want to stack the cards in their favor. I was thinking of trying out the hanging Moultrie. I figured for $40 or so bucks, what do I have to lose. I just want to make sure it hold up for a few seasons.
  8. Sharpdogs

    Feeder Recommendations

    I am thinking of getting a feeder for this coming season. Any recommendations, hanging, tripod, what brands hold up best?
  9. Sharpdogs

    Martin Jaguar Recurve Bow $99

    Bow is no longer available.
  10. Sharpdogs

    Deer Corn 4-Sale

    This place is less than 10 miles from my house. Thank you for the heads up.
  11. Sharpdogs

    Youth Bow & Arrow

    My son is 8 and he has been shooting since he was 8. Most of it has been with traditional. I started him with a cheapy plastic bow from Walmart. For his 6th birthday I got him a nice kid's recurve at 18#. This is the bow he excelled with. I just moved him up to a 22# recurve and for the first time he is shooting with a glove, three fingers under. I recommend the rubber finger grooves that go own the bow string to start out. Make sure you use targets like balloons and cardboard boxes. My son was getting frustrated when his arrows were bouncing off my archery target. Start close and work your way backwards. They have to build their confidence and build upon their successes. I used to tape dollar bills on the target. Everyone he hit went towards buying a new video game. There were a lot of tears and struggles in the beginning, but now he loves it and we should as a family at least once a week, weather permitting. A few months ago he did his first 3D which he loved. Sorry for the rant, hope it helps.
  12. Sharpdogs

    Ruger 10-22 build advise needed

    I would get the automatice bolt release and the williams peep sight. The extended mag release should also help. Those three should cost you under $100 bucks and you should be good to get started. You can literally spend thousands on customizing a 10/22. Sign them up for an Appleseed course when they get a little older and you will have two more marksmen, I mean markswomen in the family.
  13. Sharpdogs

    NoKo DeNuke

    Most of the liberals are not pretty now. Could they get uglier?! In all seriousness this is incredible step forward for everyone.
  14. Sharpdogs

    Cool crossbow culture article

    Thanks for posting, good article.
  15. Sharpdogs

    Martin Jaguar Recurve Bow $99

    TTT, great bow for bowfishing.