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  1. You need to identify liberalism as a mental disorder.
  2. When the wife forgets what I look like. Seriously, when the freezer is full. This year I got 2 and my son 1. I may still go out but rarely shoot this late. I just enjoy the peace and quiet in the woods.
  3. Kype and Delvslhunter, I think all three of us live close to each other. I am looking out my back window at the Musky.
  4. We had an awesome time but I think Stevie Wonder could have shot better than me.
  5. Super generous, good luck with Tennessee. I am hoping to retire there as well.
  6. Welcome to the site. Fellow Hunter county resident here.
  7. Sharpdogs

    need prayers

    Prayers sent and positive thoughts.
  8. Jim Flynn has a couple on gunbroker.
  9. My son found a new shed the weekend before 6 day. That is early to be dropping them.
  10. He's hanging out with Momma and has claimed the couch.
  11. We believe he is half chocolate lab and half doberman or German shepherd. I told the wife/dictator that if he retrieves or flushes birds we are keeping him. I also threatened to hold off on sex if she doesn't let us keep him. She still hasn't stopped laughing.
  12. We are fostering this 4 month old pup named Phil. My son and I want to keep him but we live in a dictatorship and the dictator is saying fostering only, for now 😉
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