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  1. So where are we supposed to get a mask? I might have an old Halloween costume I can wear.
  2. My neighbor gave a couple of old school bows. This is one of them. It's 45 pounds. I have not shot it yet. I also got an old fiberglass take down long bow made by ben pearson that is fun to shoot.
  3. Good bow and a good price.
  4. I am sorry for your loss.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the quick response.
  6. I live on the muskie and a neighbor just told me that they are not stocking the musconetcong river this year. Can anyone verify? Thanks.
  7. Epoch Times had an article stating that 21 million cell phone accounts in China were cancelled, suggesting a much higher mortality rate than we are being told.
  8. I am hearing this to. Some towns are suspending FID applications.
  9. Mandatory work for home for the next 2 weeks. Wife is home too. She filed a sexual harassment claim against me. I told her to take it up with HR. I am HR.
  10. I doubt it will be for every American. There will probably be a cap on how much you make to qualify.
  11. I am also at the point of enlarging my meager garden. I need to jump start my soil. Here's what I am doing. Keeping all eggshells, letting the dry out and then adding to the soil. All coffee grounds and tea bags will be added to the soil. I am also container gardening with feed bags and some garden bags I bought off Amazon. I am also hoping to find some rabbit poop for when plant the veggies.
  12. I believe dollar general is doing this for first hour as well.
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