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  1. Here's what happens with your arrow when you hit the steel target.
  2. We were out in Lancaster on a mini vacation this weekend. As luck would have it Lancaster Archery was having their customer appreciation and steel shoot. We didn't win anything but we had a great time and the staff were awesome. You can see more on their Facebook page.
  3. If my property taxes hit 12K, I am putting the house up and leaving. We are already at 11K, so if Murphy gets re-elected it will be 6 months LOL.
  4. I just finished doing this. I shot and buried my skull around the end of October. I buried with everything in tact. I placed a bucket on the antlers and buried the skull in my garden up to the antlers. This week I dug it up. The was still a lot of fur and matter but it came off within seconds with the garden hose. I will be boiling it in peroxide this weekend as the final step. Here is a picture before I buried it and then after I hosed it off this week.
  5. OMP is gone. Price drop to $100 for DM.
  6. The dual shelf is throwing me for a loop. I am leaning towards a polar but it could be an old kodiak. I guess I just need to order a string and start shooting.
  7. I picked this up today. No medallion, dual shelf 60" 52#. I thought it was a Polar but I am not sure. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. I didn't even get to go out due to work. I will take my son tomorrow since he didn't get anything last Saturday.
  9. I think I just ordered it off of Amazon. As of lately I have used this place for all my strings https://www.60xcustomstrings.com/
  10. I need to clean out some stuff and make room for some new gear. First is a Damon Howarth $125, New string, 55 pounds Second OMP Explorer, 38 pounds, 6 arrows, mint condition, $100 Location is 07882, close to Hackettstown and Clinton
  11. We skipped today. We were on a hog hunt yesterday and we are beat. Hope somebody got some this morning.
  12. I ordered one too. Nomad should get some type of commission.
  13. We went on Saturday. Missed seeing the vendors but my son and I had a great time.
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