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  1. I'll throw my 2 cents in, I have a newer 3.5 beretta that wouldn't shoot anything but #4 buck with any of the factory chokes. bought a trulock boar blaster and the results were great. at 50 yards had 15 out of 18 pellets in a 20" circle with Remington 3.5" 00. the Remington 3" was also good 12 of 15 in a 20" circle at 50. #4 winchester 3.5 was equally nasty over 40 of 54 pellets in the 20" circle. tried various other brands and sizes with decent results but the above mentioned were the best. gotta spend time and money at the range
  2. power tilt??? I think I see the button on the side
  3. I do alot of hunting in Z23, Wharton Forest Burlington and Atlantic county. I've noticed flags and ribbons scattered throughout the woods this and last year. Usually 2 ribbons in trees and a flag in between on the ground. They have a number written on them almost like a wetland flag or environmental soil boring. Sometimes there are also numbers written on surrounding trees in lumber crayon which I think are the tree diameters. I have found them near the roads and way back in swamps and ridges with no road access. Today I found 2 4x4 pieces of metal roofing laying on the ground surrounded by ri
  4. New member here! Been a lurker for many years. I am a south Jersey resident (unfortunately), but I own 115 acres in Noble county Ohio. Been hunting there for 10+ years and have been purchasing the non-resident license. After learning about the substantial fee increase for non residents in Ohio, I am trying for an alternative. Ohio law states "A nonresident landowner, and the spouse and children living with the landowner, may hunt on that property without a license, either-sex deer permit, antlerless deer permit, spring or fall turkey permit, Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp, or fur taker permit if
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