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  1. I was going to a suspension lift on one of my trucks but opted for the body lift instead. It was Ford
  2. Keep on going. Happens all the time
  3. The gift is nice but I like the saw better.
  4. My last post wasn't negative or arguing with anyone. Why was it removed ?
  5. Im in a stand in the Adirondacks for the bear opener. It was 31 degrees when I came in
  6. She gave it a good fight trying to Out-Trump Trump. It didn't work
  7. On your own property and the property of a business you own yes. Transport laws are in effect while taking it from one place to another. Keep in mind that although you have to maintain the sidewalk, you don't own that and that is a no no.
  8. I have more than 2 Summits alone. I ain't even going to mention I have a bunch of ladder stands permanently set out as well.
  9. I only use Summits and I have more than 2. Tell your wife she is lucky to have a guy that only has 2 stands
  10. Incorrect. Dispatching trapped animals is only with 22 SHORTS
  11. Geographically UnDesirable
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