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  1. One of the three animals I never want to cross paths with, ever
  2. Does that involve cutting the original bolt ?
  3. That bill is from 2018 and is dead. It died in the Law and Public Safety Committe in March 2018
  4. Scan the internet. It may take some time but you will eventually find what you need
  5. Zero side effects and zinc ain't needed. Get the shot, don't get the shot. It's up to the individual
  6. It’s gone to it’s new home already
  7. Free float handguard, free to whoever wants it. Someone gave it to me but I have no use for it. Don't know what it was on or the value. If you need or want it send a PM. Located in Northern NJ.
  8. I guess you haven't heard Biden speak. "Come on man"
  9. Yes, they have a different level of access connected to the FARS system. They execute them and you get another email with with the executed permit information.
  10. It's been there since FID cards were issued under the old 2A laws. Your handgun permits are a Form of Register. It says it right on the permit
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