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  1. I loved 8 hour night shifts. When we went to 12's I hated the whole schedule. Promotions put me on 10's which I still hated. Now I am a new member of the "First of the Month Club"
  2. NASCAR never kneeled for the flag
  3. That is the comparison between the Giants first half and the second half
  4. No more channel changing. Giants suck, NASCAR the rest of the afternoon
  5. Cortisone shots are your friends sometimes. A couple of years ago after having my knee done again, the tendinitis hit me hard. I had 4 shots in both shoulders before NY gun season and then 4 more before NJ gun season. I knocked the shyzza out of my body through sports and woke up every day in pain. Now I wake up feeling the same but didn't play a game the night before. At the end of my career I got hurt getting into and out of an effin car
  6. A friend of mine has one of these at his place in the Adirondacks. Works really well
  7. It is not just my phone, it is every one that is on the property. iPhone, Samsung, Verizon devices. They all worked very well, now nothing except in certain spots. I spoke with a resident from the area and they are having similar reception issues that weren’t there before.
  8. I had perfect service everywhere before the new phone. I believe there is also a new tower in that area. I have been to ther camps with both phones and boosters in those camps. They seem to work but are a good distance from here which is why I'm asking for input from around here
  9. If that works for you. It won't for me. Different strokes for Different folks
  10. I'm looking into getting a cell phone booster for my hunting property where service has gone to shyzza. I had great service, then got a new phone and now it is terrible. I'm looking at the Solid RF or Amazboost for 5,000 square foot area. Any input and experience with them is what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance.
  11. Put it back in and let it rip, it happens
  12. I'm dropping it off now to 230jhp, sorry
  13. I think 30/30 ammo is easier to come by currently
  14. Going to the scrap yard this week. Can't believe I can't give it away yet. API Predator climbing stand for sale. All aluminum. Shows normal wear. Located in Northern NJ, send PM if interested. I need it gone
  15. Awesome. Love it when those things are brought back to life
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