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  1. Opening Day Tomorrow

    I've taken many birds that have come in silent. They only talk when they feel like it no matter how good someone may think they are at calling
  2. Boycott Yeti

    Gun owners and the NRA boycotted the Harrisburg show a few years ago and shut it down. If done correctly, yes it works
  3. Youth day 2018

    There we go
  4. Can we get a bow season please!?

    Buy a NY tag. You get the whole month of May including Sundays and two spring tags
  5. Any Tags Filled Yet ?

    Any ya'll kids drop a bird yet ? Softball game in a while kept us out of the woods today. Maybe a day of hooky is in order for Monday
  6. Raven Wear of Canada - Looking to Buy

    Ravenwear bought her camo fabric from Day One
  7. Set scope back to zero

    Bushnell Banner Boresighter Kit
  8. Set scope back to zero

    I bought a bore sighter years ago and never looked back. Most of the time I'm done in 3-5 shots. The mirror trick is redneck technology at its best.
  9. Who will be out there on the opener?

    I will be sitting on the same flat where quite a few birds took their last strut
  10. Camo cooler/trunk organizer for sale. Brand new never used $15. Located in Northern NJ. Send PM if interested.
  11. Spare tire off of a travel trailer. I have two so I don't need this one. $25 located in Northern NJ. Send a PM if interested.
  12. Just One Lure?

    CP Swing is the original. The Swiss Swing is a garbage knock off. It's like replacing Cheese Its with Cheese Nips or Toastie O's instead of CheeriO's. Just ain't the same as the original
  13. Missing- $100 bill

    I found it, but then my wife took it
  14. Just One Lure?

    CP Swing