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  1. Bucndoe

    Dog or coyote?

    It's a frickin dog
  2. Bucndoe

    Leaky Bathroom Faucet

    Home Depot Glacier Bay. It was the cold water valve.
  3. Bucndoe

    Leaky Bathroom Faucet

    Tried the pipe tape already. Leaning towards your valve suggestion
  4. Bucndoe

    Leaky Bathroom Faucet

    Bathroom faucet has an annoying drip. Changed the aerator and washer twice. Tightened it tight and still dripping. Amazing how effin annoying a $4 part can be. Any ideas ?
  5. Bucndoe

    What is it about for you?

    One will never be closer to God than to watch the sun come up and the woods come alive. I hunt to relax and it is always better when my kids are with me "Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better". Albert Einstein
  6. Bucndoe

    Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh

    The Demonrats are coming unhinged
  7. Bucndoe

    If Hunting Tomorrow......

    I kinda figured. Goosfraba, gooosfraaabaaa
  8. Bucndoe

    Scrape Found !!

    Me too. Never ending supply after a few Silver Sodas
  9. Bucndoe

    If Hunting Tomorrow......

    Only for those that planned on hunting on State Land. That to me, is a Constitutional Crisis
  10. Bucndoe

    FID through State Police questions

    And how would you know that or is that just an assumption ?
  11. Bucndoe

    FID through State Police questions

    The process is changing due to a study performed by the Attorney General's Office and a Directive that was issued in 2016. It has a soft date for rollout around November 1st. See my prior posts about this subject
  12. Bucndoe

    Attaching hardware cloth to flat metal

    They absolutely do chew through it
  13. Bucndoe

    For all you Rage fans!!!

    Everything I have ever hit with one has been through my freezer, kitchen, stomach, and then out with the rest of the used groceries
  14. Bucndoe

    where do you trappers buy your .22 short ammo?

    A .22 air gun double lung dispatch on a fox or coyote is very effective. I don't care about the brand, I only care that it goes off when the trigger is pulled.
  15. Bucndoe

    FID through State Police questions

    You have to file with the station in which where you live. The process is changing with a soft date of November 1. Everything will be able to be submitted online, for a fee of course.