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  1. Bucndoe

    Sig Sauer P250 Magazines

    Any law enforcement officers on here who are looking for magazines for P250 in .40/.357 Sig I know another officer who selling some. 13 rounders so LEO only. $25 each. Send me a PM and I will get you in contact with each other. Comments about the haves and have nots are not needed nor welcomed
  2. Bucndoe

    Legal in nj?

    Nappen ain't the one putting the bracelets on you. He is there after they go on you. If the NJSP Firearms Unit, who is guided by NJ AG and ATF is telling you something, and that the bracelets won't go on, that is the point where you listen. Every police department in the State takes the guidance and direction of the NJSP from their specialized units.
  3. Bucndoe

    Anyone Bored Yet?

    It's trapping season I don't sleep in until March 16th
  4. Bucndoe

    I Couldn't Resist

    Fox, yotes, and coons. I ain't picky
  5. Bucndoe

    Gun safe info

    Liberty and Cannon are very solid but can be costly. However quality pays, it doesn't cost. Dick's safes are garbage, however any safe is better than no safe
  6. Bucndoe

    Ar15 legal for coyote?

  7. Bucndoe

    Ar15 legal for coyote?

  8. Bucndoe

    Trapping Tip of The Day

    Floundering yes, phone safe, thank God it was dark and no one saw me. Luckily the bibs took most of the water. The last leg of walking wasn't easy carrying extra weight. Came home in my underwear
  9. I know some snow is coming and the season is winding down but it was too effin nice today so I couldn't resist putting out some more sets
  10. When checking sets near water, be sure the rock that you step on is solid and stable. Here ends the lesson
  11. Bucndoe

    Another day on the line

    This is my second year not setting for rats. I may throw a few out. The last time I did it was a nuisance job and got 72 rats out of the one place. I love catching them. I know they are there just got to get the BMI's in the water