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  1. Bucndoe

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Nothing, its called "Strength in Numbers"
  2. Bucndoe

    Worst thing Christe stuck us with?

    The big fella turned two double plays that night and caught everything hit at him. Not a bad night for a governor. Stepped right out of his vehicle with his glove tucked under his arm while wearing a suit for the media time before the game. Did all his media time while still in a suit and holding his glove in Skybox at Yankee Stadium that night before the game. It was neat to see and he is real easy to talk to
  3. Bucndoe

    Great Falls NJ

    That area is a shyzza hole. Paterson is NYC without the tall buildings
  4. Bucndoe

    Huge Bergen County Buck

    That is an old picture and not a Bergen County deer, you were duped
  5. Bucndoe

    Banning Bows and BB Guns WTF

    Any appeal of a Municipal Court ruling goes on to the Superior Court of the county the town is in
  6. Bucndoe

    Anyone own a brush cutter?

    I have a DR walk behind with a 14HP motor on it. Absolute beast and does its job as advertised
  7. Aggravating the Princess is the only thing that scares me. She does it from home and sometimes by text if Im in a stand
  8. Bucndoe

    phil is at it again

    At least Menendez fixed his teeth a few years in. Murphy needs to follow suit
  9. Bucndoe

    Camera Check On New Property

    That's the one. $ 6.99 for a 50 pound block. Just bought 4, great value
  10. Bucndoe

    Camera Check On New Property

    I think I see a Champions Choice block in those pictures
  11. Bucndoe

    Need Tires for my Ram

    Look into Hercules tires
  12. Bucndoe

    Headed to the Dark side! Maybe?

    2 shots in the front and back of both shoulders 6 weeks apart=8 shots. Not all at once
  13. Bucndoe

    Headed to the Dark side! Maybe?

    8 Cortisone shots in both shoulders two years ago forced me to buy a Xbox. The choice was buy one or don't hunt. This year the Mathews is coming back out as my pain is gone and I can lift my arms again without pain. The pain I had was miserable and I couldn't sleep for almost three months before the shots.
  14. Bucndoe

    Fs. Sig p250 9mm

    Drop the price to $200 then because you are screwing a NJ buyer with an additional transfer fee that isn't required by law until October 1. Unless it is an exempted transfer and an FFL wouldn't be required
  15. Bucndoe

    Target shooting laws?

    Safety first, then fire away