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  1. You just gave me an idea for a honey bucket
  2. "But for the grace of God goes I". Fate has a very bizarre way of opening our eyes and minds. I hope you never get touched by any of it it any way. Personally, professionally, victimized, or by any other consequences. If you were, I'm very sorry for the pain you have endured.
  3. I always vote by mail. In November I'm in tree stand somewhere. And I ain't no liberal
  4. Mac. It's like buying a Honda engine. Costs more but very reliable
  5. Absolutely. If/when Murphy or the AG has the NJSP step in, you will definitely know
  6. If that was the case it would have been delivered by the NJSP. The Belmawr Station is right down the block from the gym.
  7. Moral of the story : Don't smoke pot naked while sitting in the groin of your also naked female staffer, while married and get caught doing it.
  8. Bucndoe


    They're off. Yeah Yeah
  9. Only if you move it FAR from where you found it, as in trying to relocate it.
  10. Good so you can't yell at me and say it's right in front of your face.
  11. Bucndoe

    Catch and Release

    Fun day at work today. Caught and released this fella. Gave the slip yesterday, not today.
  12. I have a hanging scale that I use to weigh critters during trapping season. I think I bought it at Tractor Supply. Never thought to hang a cobble colter on it. Maybe my next one I will
  13. If you winterized it your plugs may not be fully seated and/or connected
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