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  1. My question also. Kinda like leaving the store and not counting your change first
  2. I used to have the one on the right. I loved it. Shot a couple of nice deer with it too. Love the retro stuff
  3. In know there is a big collectors market for turkey calls. I have a lot of calls, but I ain't no collector. My first turkey call was a crappy plastic glass/slate call that I bought from Dr. O at the Rockland show years ago for $5 bucks. Shot my first bird with it on my first day out and have taken plenty of birds with it since. Still have that thing. Good luck with the sale
  4. A PPK is only a Bond PPK if it is in 380 and made in Germany. To the OP, I would look at the Sig 365 for her
  5. I believe I offered to come get it but you had no freezer
  6. Yes, but don't step on the Federal Land with a bow on Sunday. That's a no no
  7. I have caught plenty with mangy tails that I cut off. They still sell at auction. Here is a couple. I don't waste anything Finished product
  8. I like the Cabelas card. There is a lot of stuff in the Bass Pro/Cabelas line up to use the points on. My last purchase with the points was an ATV plow and mount. Plus free shipping and no complaining from the Princess about spending money
  9. Please don't waste the resource of a good pelt. Freeze it and then give it to a trapper
  10. When it's colder in March it ain't a problem. When it warms if it ain't treated bugs WILL get to and destroy it
  11. It will rot and bugs will get to it. The Borax will take care of those issues
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