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  1. Bucndoe

    Best Highway tire for a Ford F-150

  2. Bucndoe

    Murphy Signs The New Gun Laws Today

    A secure brick and motar establishment is required. The ATF and NJSP go out in person to inspect. Attempting to get one to circumvent the FFL transfer requirement won't work unless you are actually going to engage in the business
  3. Bucndoe

    Boat registration

    Nope. "Compliance with the law" and "What is the law" are two different animals. Just as failing to comply by ignorance or by lack of knowledge is two different things.
  4. Bucndoe

    Boat registration

    Which is what I posted as "Correct" on the first page of thread. 3 pages of nonsense from those that "think they know " the law. What I posted was hands on experience, not a guess. If I don't know or ain't sure, I don't contribute to the dialogue.
  5. Bucndoe

    Spinning Reel ?

    This is the correct answer
  6. Bucndoe

    Ground Blind Repair

    Looks plugged to me
  7. Went out to Monksville to fish on my only day off this week and fried my impeller. Parts not coming until tomorrow so I went home to have some Silver Sodas and fix something else. My older blind got the snot beat out of it deer and turkey season so some repairs were in order. I'm a cheap deplorable so let me share some redneck technology about what I did. Stitched up a few holes with a craft needle and dental floss just like I sew my pelts. I then reinforced some weaker spots where water was coming in with black Flex Seal from the inside. It is now fully dark again now and should be as tight as a turtles ass which is watertight. Motor repair tomorrow night hopefully
  8. Bucndoe

    Boat registration

    Nope, a motor is a motor
  9. Bucndoe

    Boat registration

    That is what the New Jersey State Police Marine Unit does during the hull inspection. It is run for stolen. My info is 100 percent accurate from actual hands on experience
  10. Bucndoe

    Good Deal @ Riverdale BJ’s

    Gun safes are exempt from NJ sales tax. The law is the Secure Firearms Storage Act. Print out a copy and go get a refund
  11. Bucndoe

    Boat registration

    Without a bill of sale or no paperwork the boat needs to have a hull inspection by the NJSP. Take that paperwork from the NJSP and the boat can be titled and registered
  12. They have a .10% and a .13% solution. You use the 10% for the formula you posted above, correct ? The 10% costs a little more than the 13% which is confusing me a bit
  13. Bucndoe

    Boat registration

  14. Bucndoe

    Golfing weekend in north NJ

    You know what I mean. Big tracts of land off limits to wise use of outdoor resources