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  1. Buy a Honda and never look back. If they wanted to take over that market they could do it easily
  2. Bucndoe

    Chainsaw Help

    No, not yet for the crank seals. Intake boot was replaced. First cylinder and piston failed for an unknown reason. I'm leaning towards a lean batch of fuel. Second failed because of a piece of metal that scored the cylinder wall. Unknown how it got in there. Third was a used one off Ebay that already had some scoring inside the cylinder. Fourth was the one I put on today. If this one fails, I will have to try checking the crank seals
  3. Bucndoe

    Chainsaw Help

    UPDATE: just installed an aftermarket 46mm cylinder and piston and it seems to be ok for now. We shall see
  4. Read the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Illegal to possess
  5. As posted the town judge will not see the criminal court aspect of fish/ game code. The town makes no money & the judge won't see it through. Public lands are state problems private lands are private problems as per the local court. One Municipal Court ruling is only binding in that town. There most likely will/would be a different ruling in the next town over.
  6. Put it back where you found it. Only Native Americans can possess those
  7. CVS has their brand on sale from time to time and it is buy one get one free. That is when I load up on batteries for my trail cameras.
  8. Local police absolutely can enforce fish and wildlife laws in Title 23, just like CO's can enforce motor vehicle laws in Title 39. The violation is heard in the Court of the jurisdiction where it occurred
  9. Be careful when using Havahearts with coons. They will tear them up and get out. I know they serve a purpose for homeowner jobs but they aren't a heavy duty/heavy use trap. Give the coon some time in there and they will tear it up
  10. Coon or fox is my guess from limited intel provided
  11. Ass end on a larger deer. Fawns are veal
  12. They killed it. I know the property extremely well. It's 60 yards where I trapped the breeding pair running together
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