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  1. NY Opener is coming this Saturday Nov 16. Who's going ? I'm leaving tomorrow for an extended stay at the Stranglehold
  2. Only if y'all can hang a ring on it
  3. Does it come with a case by any chance ?
  4. I've stitched quite a few myself. I know exactly what you mean
  5. A bit off topic but any chance you have a Remington 742 in 30-06 or 308 you are selling ?
  6. Please don't waste a nice pelt
  7. Shooting hand/trigger finger is never heavily gloved. Most times never gloved at all. Waist worn muff with hands in it. Or, buy a crossbow
  8. This has been said so many times on here that now they do. If it's on public land and they want it, it's gone
  9. Leaving anything on Public Land is like leaving your car unlocked and then asking why it was burglarized
  10. I kinda figured they would do well. My son's friend is a first time deer hunter and he is going out for his first season. He will be out with us for his first NJ deer season and be a part of the Fellowship of the Hunt at Deer Camp. I'm going to be mounting and bore sighting his setup late today. I have used Accutips out of Mossbergs and Savages but not any 870's.
  11. Thank you. Someone was asking me but I have never shot them out of an 870
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