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  1. Yup, really not interesting at all
  2. 104 teams in this week's tournament
  3. What team and where are they from ?
  4. Any NJ teams heading up there for the upcoming week and the Cooperstown Classic ? Tough competition up there. Last year a NJ team was in the Final Four out of 106 teams.
  5. Yes. I have two and both have the wear bars. When they wear out on one side you can turn them over and use the other side
  6. DJT loves it as well and promotes the hell out of it, as he should
  7. I have done it twice with no issues and no hassles. A scrap guy will come and get it but he/she will really take alot off the top for their time and tow. Your call
  8. Donate it and take the write off. They will come pick it up
  9. The NICS check is $15 to the dealer. The rest is the vig to the dealer for his services
  10. That is the problem in NJ. None of them should be voted for
  11. I would also swap out that 3 wheeler for a quad. Those things are death traps
  12. I had trouble reading this as I was thinking about what it sounds like when your wife is whipping you
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