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  1. Bucndoe

    AccuTip ballistics - zero

    Have your gun sighted a tad high at 50 and you are fine
  2. Bucndoe


    How do you know it wasn't a Ford with a faulty tailgate lock that opened and it fell out after being properly secured ? You don't, because you don't know the details or facts. You just Kavanaughed this person
  3. This thread has become New Jersey Hunter all over again
  4. I think your cousin may want to punch you in the face
  5. Bucndoe


    Huge assumption there, with zero details
  6. Bucndoe

    Skinning knife?

    A dull knife causes more issues
  7. Bucndoe

    Skinning knife?

    I have gutted and skinned using a razor blade from a sheetrock knife when I couldn't find my knife. The people of long ago used sharp rocks. If it's sharp it will work
  8. Bucndoe

    question about Millville WMA range

    An M1 Carbine is a specifically mentioned banned assault weapon in NJ. You can't use or possess one in NJ
  9. Bucndoe

    Live from NC 12-7-18

    Which outfitters are you hunting with down there ?
  10. Excellent post and information
  11. Bucndoe

    slug gun success! first deer with a shotgun!

    Nice buck. Kinda funny how filling a tag makes one forget about the days when the Huning Gods are angry at you. Congrats.
  12. Bucndoe

    6 Day Tag Filled

    Small buck, big memories. A great day in the woods
  13. Bucndoe

    Deer chops

    I've done few that way myself. It's a nice touch with the different cut
  14. Camping in Stokes for the week. Had to drive home yesterday afternoon to get my son as we are down a car this week. He has to work Friday so we had today and tomorrow together. Got into camp at about 830 last night. Watched a movie and talked late into the night. Slept in with an afternoon hunt planned. Got in the woods at about 2, and put my climber in a tree next to his ladder stand because that was plan. He shot a 5 pointer at 4. Thank you Lord for the gifts of the outdoors that you have provided and thank you for a chance at making lasting memories. Baked ziti by the fire.