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  1. Join the NJ State Federation of Sportsmens Clubs and the insurance is taken care of.
  2. Is this the first time P&Y is setting up a booth in Harrisburg?
  3. It's a great thing to choose a career of service. I don't care who his relatives are. Congratulations Sam and thank you!
  4. Absolutely fantastic! Couldn't have a better ending!
  5. I'll go out as long as the season is open. A couple of years ago I killed an 8 point buck on February 17th.
  6. Very cool! The rack almost looks like a mulie with good eyeguards. Special buck in many ways!
  7. It makes sense to close one. The two stores are only eight miles away from each other
  8. I just got up in my stand on property I hunt in zone 11. The wind isn't bad. Blows in gusts. Good to cover movement. We'll see what happens.
  9. I walked out to the garden today and was surprised to find broccoli and parsley still growing!
  10. nickmarch, I think you're right. I think you should hunt with that gun, let F&G know and dare them to do something about it! That'll shut up all the naysayers. Please report back on here afterwards....if you still have internet access.
  11. Very nice! One good tern deserves another!
  12. Woodsman416

    Real ID

    Afortunadamente, no necesito uno!
  13. No, except with a muzzleloading shotgun.
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