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  1. Woodsman416

    Lever Action

    Lever guns are a lot of fun to shoot! I don't have any Henrys but I do have two Marlins (JM). A guide gun in .45/70 and a .22 caliber 39A. Also have 1956 Savage 99 in .300 Savage.
  2. Woodsman416

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    It was a tough season for me. It seemed like I was constantly running behind and had too much on my plate all fall. Unfortunately my woods time suffered. I killed four does. One in fall bow, one in permit bow, one in muzzleloader and one in winter bow. The muzzy doe was the first deer that I killed with a gun that I built when I was 21 years old. I killed a buck in muzzleloader season as well .
  3. Woodsman416

    GPS unit

    I have a Garmin Montana 650T. I USE it in Montana and Alaska. I practice with it in NJ.
  4. Woodsman416

    15' Grumann Canoe

  5. Woodsman416

    Legal squirrel hunting?

  6. Woodsman416

    Gun safe info

    I bought mine from Cabelas bargain cave. It was right around $600. It had a couple of very minor scrathes on the left side that were easily repaired. They loaded in my truck and I had two friends come over and help me bring it inside.
  7. Woodsman416

    Still my fave workout - bar none

    Nice going Jack! I gotta post this again for Rusty and his metrosexual firewood. I think he missed it the first time.
  8. Woodsman416

    2/16 Final Sit

    Good luck Phil!
  9. Woodsman416

    Woodsman416 were are you?

    Frank, I apologize! I missed your PM. I just read it now. Don't worry about the box, I don't need one back. I'm just glad I was able to help you out. So, I guess the ice fishing is out of the question but I'd be more than happy to meet up sometime at RV or elsewhere for fishing of some sort. Thanks! And just so everyone knows, I'm much better looking than the guy in that picture!
  10. Woodsman416

    2019 final day

    Yesterday afternoon was my last sit. I had a young shed buck come by and I shot him!....with my camera. Also saw a about a half a dozen does out in another part of the field.
  11. Woodsman416


    "Hi guys I’m selling a Trijicon MRO with a midwest industries absolute co-witness quick detach mount. It’s basically brand new still, on rifle for a month and fired once. It also comes with a scope coat. 500$" From the original post.
  12. Woodsman416

    Last day hunt 2/16

    Good luck David!
  13. Woodsman416

    Missed this yesterday

    Happy Valentine's day!
  14. Woodsman416

    2-15-19 final sit

    I'm out in zone 11. Sitting the edge if a hay field. I'm not going to shoot a doe an doubt I'll see a decent buck still carrying but I have a couple of free hours so what the heck. Enjoy the weather!
  15. Woodsman416

    He did it!

    Caravans of thousands of people set to invade our country. They're not coming for opportunity or to assimilate, they're coming to TAKE from the hard working , tax paying AMERICANS! It that's not a national emergency, I don't know what is!