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  1. I'll tell you what, give me one a those, a treethrasher and a deer view mirror and there's no way any of you guys are beating me in this years buck contest!
  2. I just got the rug back from the bear I killed in New Brunswick last year. I never realized it last year before I sent the hide out but he had a lot of gray hair mixed in. The hair and the worn out teeth have me wondering how old he is. I might send a tooth out and find out.
  3. Nice bear Joe! The mount looks great!
  4. I just spent some time getting all my deer hunting stuff ready to go!
  5. Your trans is shot. It has nothing to do with inspection. With 180K on it, scrap it.
  6. Woodsman416

    The Last Pint

    Nice trip! I still have a lot of relatives in Longford. to Jack's question: The Quiet Man. Good flick!
  7. With the current system some guys can't handle a simple inside spread measurement within 3 inches.
  8. Woodsman416

    Vegan Cold Cuts

    I don't believe in vegetarians. I don't believe they exist. I believe there are people who choose not to eat meat. That decision may last a long time, perhaps their entire life. But if it comes right down to starvation, people will give that idea up real quick. There's a reason there are no vegetarian soup kitchens or vegan homeless shelters. Veganism is a convenience of modern society.
  9. Woodsman416

    Vegan Cold Cuts

    I saw that too. I think Burger King has officially jumped the shark!
  10. Nice! I did the same thing today but through my home office window with a point and shoot Nikon. I was trying to get a hummingbird but he was too quick. Settled for this moth.
  11. Yeah, it's spreading. I got one too.
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