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  1. Congrats! Good luck later on today!
  2. I had read that it was a problem with some lots of Remington Accutips having the primers set too deep.
  3. I will only go in the woods when my hat is overhead and my boots are underfoot!
  4. I think he slapped his tail down on a sharp stick.
  5. Good luck John! I'm looking forward to following along!
  6. I have permission on and sometimes hunt the property that borders the park on the western side, between the park and Rt 31. My friend and I have seen and killed some great bucks up there over the last 30 years.
  7. Four of my employees are/were stuck in it. I started getting calls at 6:30 AM. They're just starting to trickle in now.
  8. The "9" could be inside spread if he mixed up the numbers. I'd say definitely a 10 point.
  9. Should be a great day to be in the woods. Good luck!
  10. No. But only because of the weather.
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