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  1. I've always thought pizza was like sex. When it's good, it's really good! When it's bad.... it's still pretty good!
  2. One more reason to be thankful I'm Irish!
  3. I have two full boxes of Hevi Metal. If you want to pick them up your welcome to. Just return the same at a later date.
  4. Feel free to call me sonny if you like but age has nothing to do with it. You start a thread extolling the virtues of Dicks on this site just to get a rise out of the members. You received the reaction you were looking for and so, you're the very definition of a troll. In fact here's the definition: "In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain." NOW...GET OFF MY LAWN!
  5. I'd say ithaca10 is more interested in fishing. Trolling being his specialty.
  6. Who ordered the "turd in the punchbowl"?
  7. I've owned many Chevys over the years but this is the only one I own now.
  8. I watched a good bit of it last night. It was great entertainment!
  9. That's why I bowhunt. Too many gadgets and gimmicks involved with shotgunning.
  10. Irene works out of her home studio. I'm not sure what she has available or what her order process is. I'll give her a call later and let you know.
  11. Joe, Irene and Reggie are great people. She does beautiful work. I have several pieces of her art work too. Several years ago Irene was inducted into the UBNJ hall of fame.
  12. Very nice rifle! It should serve you well up in the Northwoods.
  13. Silver Stag knives with scrimshaw etchings by Irene Bowers of Milford NJ.
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