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  1. Woodsman416

    Wtb fred bear razorheads

    I have a friend that has hundreds of them. Many NIB. He's a crazy Bear Archery collector. I don't think he'd part with any but i will ask. He let me borrow Fred Bears' ivory polar bear bolo tie once though so anything is possible.
  2. Woodsman416

    What's Your Muzzleloader Set Up For This Year?

    IF I buy a permit, I'll be shooting a CVA .45 percussion Kentucky rifle kit gun I made when I was 19. Shooting 70 gr of FFFG with a .445 round ball.
  3. Woodsman416

    Appalachian Trail - Tree stand safety

    I speak jive. I think he's mad at the girl clearing trails.
  4. Woodsman416

    mouse in my house

    Mice run along edges.
  5. Woodsman416

    10/14 AM Check In

    Nice big doe!
  6. Woodsman416

    10/14 AM Check In

    Good blood!
  7. Woodsman416

    10/14 AM Check In

    This is definitely what you want to see!
  8. Woodsman416

    10/14 AM Check In

    Happy birthday Electric! I'm pretty sure I saw where it went down. I just walked back to the house to dump my gear and get a cup of coffee. I'm going back out now to track.
  9. Woodsman416

    10/14 AM Check In

    Just shot a nice doe.
  10. Woodsman416


    Me too! By a spike no less. He came in down wind. I guess he didn't read the playbook.
  11. Woodsman416

    Dog or coyote?

    That's a crossbreed alright but coyote or wolf a'int part of the equation!
  12. Woodsman416

    A pair of Woodys

    WTG! Definitely a beautiful bird!
  13. Woodsman416

    Anyone else get 10 feet of rain last night?

    And mushrooms.
  14. Woodsman416

    8 yr old girl find pre Viking sword

    Very cool find! Ragnarok is coming!
  15. Woodsman416

    Updated Bear Totals - 139

    Best of luck to everyone out there today!