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  1. I shoot two 777 pellets and run a brush down the barrel between shots.
  2. If a rope swinging in the breeze alarms deer you better start adding xanex to your bait pile!
  3. I pin my license on my pack.
  4. Woodsman416

    One Boot

    Musta been their 50% off sale!
  5. Team 3 Buck = 10 Points = 6 Picture = 6 Left = 5.5 Right = 5 Spread = 16 Total = 48.5 Confirmation # ED1705321C
  6. That's a great day in the woods! Congrats! May want to drop the first "s" out of handle now though.
  7. I put up a least a dozen stands on every piece I hunt. No one else hunts there...it's too crowded!
  8. Anything is possible but the other three feet were normal and he dressed out at 168 lbs.
  9. This deer had helluva limp. I thought his leg was broken at first but not the case.
  10. I inherited an L. C. Smith 12 guage. It's a field grade though. Mechanically it's fine but cosmetically it's seen better days. Cracked stock, tooling marks on the right barrel etc. According to the serial number it's from 1947.
  11. Ver sorry to hear this Phil.
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