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  1. Well maybe not tonight but tomorrow morning I'm in a Super Cub flying into the Chugach and living out of an Arctic Oven for the next 10 days. Tonight I have this house in Wasilla all to my self.
  2. Some guys use it as a convenient excuse.
  3. Leupold BX4 Denali in 10x42. I've had them for a few years. They now call them HDs I think. I've tried and I can't tell the difference between Swaros and these.
  4. Buffalo Bore Ammo has an interesting take on this. https://www.buffalobore.com/index.php?l=product_list&c=179
  5. I don't know. They called me up and said all my vitals were great except the 200 was right on the line.
  6. I eat venison of some sort nearly every day. I went for my physical last week and my cholesterol level was 200. However, I've been eating 4 eggs every morning for breakfast for years so I've cut down on that now.
  7. At Springtown gun club in Pa. I've seen deer grazing on the rifle range while 4 or 5 guys shoot around them.
  8. I sure hope I don't run into anyone else. That might be a problem.
  9. I start bowhunting zone 13 on September 5th!
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