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  1. I didn't even know that we earned badges so initially I agreed with the OP when he said this stuff is not important. Then I looked at my profile and realized I have 10! badges and it became a little more important. Which led me to look at my reputation points and post count. I realized I have a rep to post ratio of 1.89:1. Checking other, more frequent, posters I don't see anyone even close to that ratio. Now that I consider myself "THE MOST POPULAR" NJWW member it's just about the most important thing in the world!
  2. I used to walk in my horse barn and sometimes see a rat go scurrying into a hole. I'd only see them for a second as I walked in. I set some traps and caught a few but I'd still see their diggings and catch sight of one every once in a while. One day, the horses were out in the field and I was working in one of the stalls. I looked over the lower stall door and I see three or four rats digging around in the shavings. I was moving around in the stall and they didn't run. I figured that they thought I was a horse in the stall. I went in the garage and got a 22, went back into the stall, waited 10 minutes and shot a half dozen of them. Problem solved.
  3. The redheaded witch of the west wing is comin' for you!
  4. I'm in a pretty good position to grab a discounted cancellation hunt if something I'm interested pops up.
  5. Marlin model 60 .22lr 18 shot tubular magazine.
  6. A few years ago when I was getting my hybrid/ev certification the US power grid, on average, could support 75 electric vehicles per 1000 households. I don't know if those numbers still hold up but I haven't seen any great improvements around here. HV batteries do fail and while it hasn't been a huge problem yet and the cost to replace/rebuild batteries has come down substantially, the possibility of having to do that repair can greatly effect the residual value of hybrid/electric cars.
  7. Pandering to the fringe. Turning illegal aliens into undocumented workers. Come to think of it, what if we all became undocumented hunters this season. How do you think that would fly in this sanctuary state?
  8. Great song.....That is, if your into feminist anthems that vilify white men as chronic, drunken abusers of women and children. Catchy tune though.
  9. I never had any trouble until I clicked on that picture Hammer posted!
  10. Still getting this every once in a while.
  11. It's so hot I'd let Bill Cosby buy me a drink!
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