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  1. Woodsman416

    A Holiday PSA

    I think it should read "Keep cats out of your home if you have Easter lillies"!
  2. Nice offer! But why would someone jump out of a perfectly good airplane?
  3. I've been having a mid-life crisis since I was 16!
  4. The thing I don't understand is why? From the looks of it the deer must have stuck it's head through the fence, got stuck and thrashed around wildly until it bent the bars and worked it's shoulders through.By this time it would've been so exhausted that even though it could fit it's hips through the opening it couldn't lift itself up to do it. But why would it stick it's head through the fence in the first place?
  5. I found this deer yesterday stuck in the fence. The bars are only about 4 inches apart. She got through far enough to bend the bars, slid down and was caught by her hips. Strange and tough way to die!
  6. If Tyrion was half the man his .....oh wait......he IS half the man! Carry on.
  7. That right there is a GREAT American!
  8. Draw your bow when the deer are distracted by squealing school bus brakes or dogs barking.
  9. The blue line is "fentanyl exhibits". The red line is synthetic opioid overdose deaths. So the real number is 28,659.
  10. And if it was your daughter? Would your stance be the same?
  11. I hope they get some money from this and use it to buy some nice guns!
  12. Anyone who says to just let them die I'm guessing has never had a daughter or son, brother or sister, or some one close to them get messed up on this garbage. I've seen so many kids from good, loving , God fearing families wind up dead it's sinful.
  13. The way I read it, they're not suing for money. In their lawsuit, the teenagers are seeking: A statement from the district saying their constitutional rights were violated, for their permanent student records. A promise from the district not to discipline students for constitutionally protect speech outside of school. Revisions to school policies to reflect that promise.
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