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  1. I gave you the answer to your question and made a little joke. At least some guys got it. Are you still pissed that I was on your lawn?
  2. It's either a fibromatosis or from a reaction to his covid shot.
  3. Protect your kids. Protect yourself. Be smart. Don't be vindictive, angry or jealous. Most importantly, beware of women! If they're single, attractive and available at your age there's a very good reason for it!
  4. I drew zone 4 last year with 4. I'm starting fresh again this year.
  5. Most days I'd rather eat a really good burger over almost anything else.
  6. Double tilled my large garden section this morning> I transplanted about 100 plants from my greenhouse. Zucchini, butternut squash and spaghetti squash. It's starting to drizzle but I may still be able to get some tomatoes in the ground today.
  7. Sorry to spoil the fun. The picture was originally a game keeper in Africa running from the hippo. I think the more concerning question is why do you have a picture of this naked, fat guy on your computer to cut and paste into the scene?!!
  8. Great tip!. I have two freezers in my laundry room. One of them has an alarm but it's only a door open alarm not a temperature alarm.
  9. What part of Kodiak were you hunting? Munseys is on my list to consider for mountain goat. How was the terrain the goats were in? Good for bow hunting?
  10. Knowing I will be short on time in the garden this year, I staggered the seed starting in my greenhouse. I'll stagger putting everything in the ground too. Probably start this weekend and finish in about a month.
  11. Congrats Todd! Awesome experience! I was bluff charged by a sow brown bear in the Chugach last year. Pretty much stopped my heart for a second. I was so terrified that I'm going back next year!
  12. I heard the second shot can make you extremely hungry. Just in case, I have GrubHub bringing you over something to eat. Enjoy!
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