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  1. I didn't have MORE hair, just longer.
  2. My 1984 FLHTC Electra Glide Classic and my old cut.
  3. Woodsman416

    Spread The Word

    I'll keep you in mind. We have 7 locations with a total of 58 lifts. My old guy is no longer my First Choice if you get my meaning! Do you do the Rotary in ground cartridge lifts?
  4. Woodsman416

    What are these?

    Most hickory nuts, pignuts, kings, shagbarks, etc, that I've seen, mature or immature are round or pumpkin shaped. Of course, pecan ARE hickories.
  5. The original name for this broadhead was Sonoran. I still call it that because I hate Hank Parker.
  6. They haven't even seen the boat in person yet? SCAM!
  7. Who actually writes the bear hunting laws? What was the process for getting the current laws approved? The reason I ask is that I'm looking for a silver lining in Murphys' ban on state land bear hunting. If the reason for the ridiculous baiting and tree stand laws that we have in NJ is fear of over harvest, this would be a great opportunity to rewrite that part of it to keep the black bear harvest more in line with the management goals sans state land hunting. If we ever get state lands opened back up, we'd have a better chance of keeping laws and guidelines that are already on the books in place rather than changing them after the fact. Also, if the laws were changed I wouldn't have to explain them to bear hunters from other states and provinces and they'd stop laughing at me. Well...maybe they'd at least laugh less! What are your thoughts on this?
  8. Woodsman416

    Who's happy?

    Good luck with it! Hooyman are supposed to be good saws. I won a Black and Decker electric extended pole chainsaw in a drawing. Even with it being free I paid to much.
  9. 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. It was all pimped out with the latest technology. FM converter, 8 track under dash unit, cabinet speakers on the floor in the back. I could uncomfortably fit 12 or 13 people in it for a run down the shore too!
  10. You're a good Dad Joe!
  11. I flew over the flooded Mississippi River in 1993. Looking down, I could plainly see the river filled it's historic flood plain. Unfortunately, that flood plain was filled with towns, farms and subdivisions.
  12. I'm getting in line for a Staten Island deer permit. With all these nutless bucks running around they're going to have some crazy racks when they finally open it up!
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