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  1. Congrats! That size bear makes the best rugs.
  2. I agree 100% but the reality is that what we care passionately about, most people, court systems included, care very little if at all.
  3. I can't believe this is actually being argued!
  4. I've been in Hopatcong Municpal court. If they handle this anything like traffic cases the judge might as well be Monte Hall.
  5. You guys got some good ones and there's still another good one out there! Congrats!
  6. The only ones I consider tedious are the .45-70s. Seating to the same height to get the crimp right in the cannelure takes a lot of time. If I'm doing multiple cartridges I'll do those first.
  7. Apparently, those are the times the deer get up and walk off my property.
  8. Good looking buck ! Nice long, straight tines. Congrats!
  9. Not much going on yesterday afternoon. I decided to get caught up on some reloading. I loaded some .308 win, .30-06, .243win, 7.65x53, .338 win mag and .45-70. I still have to finish some .270 win, .204 ruger and .44 mag shells.
  10. Congrats Todd! Great bull on a great hunt! I'm guessing the guy in the Kuiu lost that matchup.
  11. Way to go Buckhound! Congrats!
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