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  1. Yup been raining hard in hopatcong to phone keeps going off a month of rain in one hour.lets hope it stops before September.
  2. I love leafy wear it was the first camo I used if I didn't sit in a blind a would definitely wear mine still
  3. Glad to hear thanks I am sure it's a uphill battle in this f up state
  4. Done and I love the wolfer nation learn alot about trapping from his video .
  5. This sucks but the right decision. Hope the state starts to do some forestry management to bring back population.
  6. Yup took down so I guess he gone they didn't email any thing. Sorry if I hear anything I will report
  7. Ok I found I gsp on craigslist the person sent me a picture looks like a beautiful dog only asking 150 fee for him . Less then a year old .utd on shots .let try to find him a good hunting home. Can find on north Jersey craigslist.
  8. Yup I thought the season opener was the 7 .but now I think I will try fall goose. The later start will give me time to try something different.
  9. I have to get change of address in mt olive. Has anyone use them before
  10. I all most didn't open it but cool mount
  11. Yup cute as hell man I just keep looking at my now 17 year old and think where did the time go
  12. Here is a scene shoot that shows the likes don't know how to move the link it self
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