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  1. Looks like could hunt right from your bed . Some day i will have a place like that
  2. Anybody see a difference they are putting more bird there. I know i as lot of people where say it been ruff last few year. I been thing of hitting it with a buddy that lives close to it.
  3. Nice good to see there are a few left
  4. Mite be it was gone in short time
  5. One young bear was hit last night on 46 buddlake across from Adams restaurant
  6. Going to check out new spot in 5 for six day .
  7. Good luck all hit black river 2 flush 1 hit . Lots more shooting at other spot .
  8. Ran dog at black river put one burd up no shot
  9. Nice we pick up ine hen a piece it was slow .birds and not many guys. At black river
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all i will be going out for pheasant stay safe
  11. Good luck all next week will start baiting for 6 day
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