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  1. Yup they need to go with online everything. I still don't understand why I can't print my license at home if I am already in the computer.
  2. Yes it was but trust me it brought people in but not more sales
  3. I know they used to get a dollar a deer payed at the end of the year and if I remember that was taxed by the state.so not worth it for most .
  4. I will be on state land so no bears for me until we get them back. Even then I will take when deer hunting
  5. Cool markings I think king or corn
  6. Mouse trap to the nose should stop that
  7. Put all in one place and drop the bomb. Like said before we need to change the laws to keep them out first .but when I heard this today I did get a good laugh.
  8. I fill the same way I walk out of my house and the neighbors are out there yell about something later there son and girlfriend are fighting. Can't let the dog out. I am looking for a house now .thinking of buying something with no neighbors even if I have to drive further to work
  9. This post went bad quickly sorry little m
  10. Great pic I was afraid to open at first
  11. Looks like a great day congrats
  12. Got one little one not worth pic .
  13. Yup but it's nice right now
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