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  1. Mixbaghunter

    Ugly buck Down

    You did him a favor the other deer probably made fun of him.lol congrats
  2. Mixbaghunter

    Any Updates On The Bear Hunt Lawsuit?

    O well there's always next year
  3. Mixbaghunter

    Last Youth Day

    It was a a heart shot but he said that not where he was aiming.but it all worked out . Was a good size doe
  4. Mixbaghunter

    Sorry for my dog

    He is still Young give him time keep working on obedience comes first then add ecollar it has to be done right . Good luck
  5. Mixbaghunter

    Last Youth Day

    Found her
  6. Mixbaghunter

    Last Youth Day

    Had two doe come in my son shot at one which would be his first hopping pic to follow
  7. Mixbaghunter

    Last Youth Day

    Me and my son are in the blind for his last Youth Day .had to cross the river witch is running fast not fun. Turkey have been hitting the bait that a first for this spot. Well keep you posted
  8. Mixbaghunter

    11/17 - Bills Quest for his Buck. Get her done Bill

    That sucks live and learn
  9. Mixbaghunter

    Youth Day Buck Down

    Great hunt
  10. Some shooting but all early and in the trees.
  11. Mixbaghunter

    Youth Day....game on in the am!

    Me and my son will be in zone 8fora afternoon hunt good luck to all
  12. Mixbaghunter

    Just put a deposit down on a dog

    The most important thing to do is have fun work on obedience first nothing worse then spend the day yelling at your dog. The bird will come with time
  13. Mixbaghunter

    11/17 - Bills Quest for his Buck. Get her done Bill

    Me and the dog went to black river saw one cockbird no shot. I can not believe all the deer stands all over the place
  14. Mixbaghunter

    NJ snarman

    Hi newt up here in hopatcong got about 6 plus ice mix .I am sure alot of frozen snares. Hope all are safe