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  1. Took the day off try again tomorrow
  2. I have 3 or 4 all night long went through 40lb block in 2 days.time for some dps
  3. Been out since 1 in the blind nothing yet and only think on camera was 355 pic of coon at night and squirrels in day light
  4. Ok quick question i got to my blind 355 picture on camera most where coons eating the block i put out Tuesday it gone today .no deer picture. Do you think they are keeping deer from coming in .i was hoping they would move to day time
  5. Sorry for the loss of your mentor But he was smiling down on you last night
  6. Nice buck alot of nice deer out there
  7. Nice i have friends heading heading to Maine at the end of the montg
  8. Took today off to relax i need to reset. I may go for a walk and find a new way in to one of my spots to shorten walk good luck
  9. Nothing but a f ing bear at last light made for a fun walk out
  10. Nothing yet in 8 but at least it cool out
  11. In my blind got here later then i wanted to forgot my milk crate at home went back had a deer yesterday at 130 so i mit have bumped it today. But it early so we will see
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