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  1. Mixbaghunter

    Salmon Time

    I need to get up to there one year every year a say this is the year but something always comes up
  2. Mixbaghunter

    Kill it and grill it!!

  3. Mixbaghunter

    2018 trapper's ED in the books

    Skunk in a box trap always a good time
  4. Mixbaghunter

    Out in Zone 8

    Way to go
  5. Mixbaghunter

    Cam check

    Good luck
  6. Mixbaghunter

    No breaks

    Yup that's the one thing the non hunting people don't understand .when I say I don't see deer. They say they are every where. The old should have been here yesterday.
  7. Mixbaghunter

    DDD! (Dad's Doe Down!)

    Congrats to daf
  8. Mixbaghunter

    Afternoon check in 9/22

    Not out and it's killing me I no when I check camera they will all be there this is my long week at work. But the weather seems perfect Good luck
  9. Mixbaghunter

    2018 Elk and Mule Deer Wyoming

    Good luck
  10. Mixbaghunter

    Friday 9/21 Live Buck Hunt

    Good luck
  11. Mixbaghunter

    All done till permit

    Great buck congrats
  12. Mixbaghunter

    Do we have any lawsuits regarding the upcoming bear hunt?

    Thanks I will sit back and watch and let them do the heavy lifting. Where were they in November
  13. Mixbaghunter

    Do we have any lawsuits regarding the upcoming bear hunt?

    When I see some action then maybe I will open my wallet.
  14. Mixbaghunter

    09/20/18 PM Check-in ***BUCK DOWN PIX ADDED***

    Just checked my one spot no action at all no hunting for me till next weekend good luck