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  1. Mixbaghunter

    Is Sen. Menendez in Puerto Rico?

    Let the ahole stay down there
  2. Mixbaghunter

    1/13/2019 Check In

    Nothing hear but tree rats
  3. Mixbaghunter

    1/13/2019 Check In

    Out in 8 very quit .all the bait is gone from yesterday. And ran into a young man trapping glad to see someone out with the low prices.
  4. Mixbaghunter

    1/13/2019 Check In

    Heading out to 8 for a afternoon sit. Trying for one more deer for the freezer.
  5. Mixbaghunter

    1/12/19 AM Check In

    My buddy got his first this morning in one of my blinds a doe but he doesn't care
  6. Mixbaghunter

    McDonalds And Racoons?

    You are what you eat
  7. Mixbaghunter

    How much venison

    Me and my 2 boy will eat 4 deer a year some made jerky and sausage. I could probably eat more .
  8. Mixbaghunter

    what does everyone do for reading trail cam cards?

    I have a few card reader and use my phone or plug read into a old xbox on my TV when I get home
  9. Mixbaghunter

    First day out with the bow

    Good start she will have a lot of fun
  10. Mixbaghunter

    Christmas trees as cover?

    I was thinking about the fake ones they would last longer as long as you take them out at the end of the year
  11. What's wrong with upland field maybe we can bring back small game hunting .not just deer hunting.
  12. Mixbaghunter

    1/5 check in

    Kids sports for me today living though you guys today
  13. Mixbaghunter

    Weapon choice for the late season?

    It depends on what spot I go to and the day of the week sundays are bow day if I go to zone8 I will most likely take the gun but then I will see a buck and be pissed at my self for not having the x box .
  14. Mixbaghunter

    Chasing holdover longtails PART 2

  15. Mixbaghunter

    Lets talk PU trucks - 1500 series, 6cyl, Ford vs Chevy vs Ram

    I own a 18 dodge ram with the 6 I like it better than the 8 not as torque off the line.plus better gas mileage.