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  1. 2018 Bear Hunt Is A Go As Of Now !!!

    I see him closing it after the first day then he can say he had the hunt.and state still get the permit money
  2. My Son Starts His Part Time Job Today

    Good for him
  3. Flatbrook just now

    I have some and never used them bought them for panfish. But will try them this year
  4. Zombie Raccoons Attack

    This is the start of it we will have the same problem. With less people trapping and with are new governor changing the rules it will not take long. Get your pet there shot
  5. Wild Quail !

    If I remember there is a high yearly mortality rate even in wild quail. Glad to see there working on this. But like said need better nesting cover and Predator control. Same with pheasant .I like to see them work on better cover and bring in birds from mid west.
  6. shoot it, or name it?

    Well boys I would shoot it . but it right on the wall

    Good looking dog hope you find the owner
  8. Snow

    Looks like rain wed and something for the opener Saturday.
  9. Fallow deer - wall pedestal

    Looks good I always wanted to shoot one that was all white.
  10. My Son Will Be Home Tomorrow!

    Sounds like a busy weekend but a good one . Thank your son for is service .
  11. Brain scan

    I just said yesterday is it September yet already getting the itch . Going to be a long summer
  12. Log Crossing Family Portrait

    Great pic
  13. Upland bird question

    Get another lab can't beat a lab can be use for anything. I am On my fourth so I maybe impartial.
  14. Who Still Shovels Their Snow By Hand?

    Still shovel my driveway and one other but going to look this year for a snowblower.
  15. Snow,Sleet and Rain has started

    Just shoveled about 4 in Hopatcong the road had about 2 on it. Waiting for the 9 to 13