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  1. Shoot one the rest will run off
  2. I never stop not till they put me in the ground. I deer hunt till the freezer is full.then i start coyote hunting . Bird hunt November and December.
  3. Thank for the information i have been paying attention fron the beginning.
  4. Good day to get work done around the house regroup for another day.
  5. Good luck sounds like it will be windy .my buddy was out this morning and said it was crazy .the wind and rain woke me up it was so bad.
  6. Was going to ask same questions. We tried at night but a lot of people are saying day time
  7. Nothing for me but had something run off at last light when i got up.
  8. Nice i neef to get out this year
  9. Lots of shots but nothing come by me yet.
  10. I am back out in the new spot from last week .already had a 4 man drive .drive the other part of the hill . Its a beautiful day to be out in the woods have a new hunter in as blind trying for his first so hopefully he can get one and i need one for the freezer.
  11. I am more concerned about full moon then warmer temps .but i hunt when i can
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