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  1. Mixbaghunter

    Is my venison bad?

    You should be fine I would not make sausage I would make any thing that you are going to cook to high temp till well done .
  2. Mixbaghunter

    Wide jersey buck

    Great buck some day I hope to get something for you to work on
  3. Mixbaghunter

    Venison Taco Salad

    Looks great but I would loose the salad.
  4. Mixbaghunter

    Oldie but a goody

  5. Mixbaghunter

    What kind of snake?

    Cottage mouth or black water
  6. Mixbaghunter

    lazy summer days, hanging out by the deck

    If that came past my blind I would ether sh$t my self or drop dead.
  7. Mixbaghunter

    Crab cakes for tonight's dinner

    Looks great a lot of work to bet they tasted great
  8. Mixbaghunter

    Another good day on the kayak

    Nice day out on the water.
  9. Mixbaghunter

    Got my first WHITE MARLIN today

    Looked like some nice fishing. Plus some good table far.
  10. Mixbaghunter

    When to start baiting?

    Like other people have said start with mineral know then move to corn as it gets closer to the season . Maybe try a feeder so you don't have to go in to offend.
  11. Mixbaghunter

    Hunting with Little Ones - Help Needed

    Ground blind all the way that all I hunt out of .like other have said bring snacks drinks . good luck
  12. Mixbaghunter

    Trail pics of the piebald

    Cool little buck I would take him opening day I have no self control. Good luck
  13. Mixbaghunter

    First attempt at smoking ribs was a success! (PIX)

    I made some this weekend as well I did mine in the oven but turned out great. I sure your where better. ShopRite had a great deal on them last week.
  14. Mixbaghunter

    The Year of the Rabbit

    Yup the park that me and the dog walk has a bunch.
  15. Mixbaghunter

    Tickets Booked ............

    Good luck with the house hunting .