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  1. First week or two of August. If I don't have up from last year . If brand new you want the smell off before opener .
  2. We all knew this was coming . See how it goes in for next year. My question is who to vote for in fall . I don't trust any of them we need to get this a whole out. Let see if any of them come out and stand up for sportsmen.
  3. I have trained all my labs like I said before work on obedience lay a solid foundation. And have fun . Where are you located. When you work in the field on birds watch you dog it will tell you how it will work. . Every lab is different and will hunt different.
  4. I trained a few the most important thing is obedience most guys worry so much about hunting and don't do basic the dog doesn't listen at all. Build a good foundation and go from there . The more birds the better the dog will be in the end. Good luck .
  5. I saw a big one over 10 years ago by old k mart. They are all over black river . Need to start shooting on sites.
  6. Been getting calls for a few days. Let the games begin
  7. This went south quickly. If I put that out I would have every bear on my pile .
  8. Yup going to be every where this year
  9. Is bass pro any better was thinking about going the for a road trip pay or Connecticut
  10. First fight I watched In awhile hope McGregor gets his butt kicked
  11. I am waiting a few year pick up all the foreclosures for half the money from people buying house way more then they are worth .
  12. Saw them everywhere last night and early morning on way home from work
  13. I didn't see anything on website if north nj range are open was thinhing of hitting one up by dingman bridge can't think of name. want to take my son up to shot 22.
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