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  1. Went out this morning to my spot in 8 to put up some blinds and do some scouting .in one spot that we put out a small mineral box last year was dug up .so even 6 months later they found it.
  2. Lol tru but i have one feeder that my friend fills at his place. And i bait the spot that i lnow i will be hunting . I look for sign of deer and use bait to stop for a shot. I will say the older stay away from feeder. And blind at my friend's house. Will be setting up different this year.
  3. I mit check hackettstown auction they sell corn there sometimes as well .i have no problem buy local if close or if i was buying in bulk. As far a the hunting comment i don't have the time . So i bait to get the deer in front of me . I am working on hunting more old school.
  4. I was trying to figure out why i would drive 28 miles when i could drive 2. But thats ok if i am out that why i mit stop to help local farmer
  5. Can you post or pm me address Washington not far from me buy local
  6. I know i saw it walmart in mt olive i 659 for 40 i think 50 is 7 something.
  7. Going to try to take older deer to but more meat in the freezer. And take off the first week in nov instead of 6 day . 6 day is no diffent then any other week now. I will take off first day and Saturday.
  8. I just dropped mine off after 4 year but i don't shoot a lot .but should have been done last year . I don't know if i have 250 shoots on it .
  9. Any one know if or when the party boats will be going out
  10. I love my ten point had to send it back for a recall had it back in a short time. I bought what i liked and the best i could afford.
  11. Sounds like a lab you need to stop him and give him one of the toy he should be chewing on. Good luck
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