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  1. Had venison stew for dinner and made a batch of chile. The plus of sitting home and free time .eating well
  2. Thats what i do my store close early to start cleaning .it mit not be great but they are trying to keep up on it . Most department are are hands off . I think there are more changes coming .
  3. Fyi all shoprite are being cleaned every night and at least at mine as of today all employees will have temperature checked on the way in .if you have temp over 100 sent home.
  4. I asked the same question .i would think if they started before 8 people would not be standing around together and some people would be home by 8
  5. Ok thanks i didn't even pick up a rule book
  6. Quick question not to high Jack your thread but iui s it still a 8 o clock start on opening day . I didn't buy my stamp yet but with the free time i mite thank
  7. They sucked the more people that left the less post no reason to go back . And to much for sale post.
  8. If the state would leave some cover and let us kill more predators we would see more
  9. What if i buy a gun and ammo where does that go.
  10. Took the easy way out got Chinese food tonight
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