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  1. Just got back from black river no shooting on Dover Chester side .other side sound better .good luck to all out
  2. Ear bleed for ever looks bad but glad he ok
  3. Had 3 flush 2 kills one owl kill and one find that someone else kill. A good amount off people and shoots. Let's see what happens the rest of the years.
  4. Just pulled into black river dog knows it's play time going crazy report later .look like its going to be crowded
  5. Good luck all and remember no bird is worth a life be safe
  6. I ran the dog at black river last Sunday at first light found only 1 live bird in thick cover I didn't see it flew one other side on cover. Did see a few dead ones and lots of piles of feathers.
  7. Me too on stamp it all about the dog .I will be at black river try to stay away from crowds. Hoping this year is better .if not I will turn him in to a deer tracking dog to help others out
  8. Cool looks like a fun day
  9. Rabbits are famous for chewing wires. On the bright side you got a free dinner
  10. I didn't talk to him much but we past each other the dog ran after another dog I thought he would find him running with other dog then on my way out talk to his father and was still looking . I am betting he is running deer . Could be any where by now. He need to check all local shelters and GPS rescue. Hope he find him I will be hunt there sat will keep a eye out for him
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