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    My 3 year old kept saying to me this morning “daddy I need to go fishing”. Decided to run over to a local spot that I knew he would be okay running around. Caught 2 for him in a half hour and then it was off to find “dinosaurs bones” lol.
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    Our daughter finally got to see her finished skull. She's happy.
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    I see guys sharing pics from some of their hunting trips. I figured I would share a few of mine Ive been fortunate to hunt big game in the US, Canada and Africa. Several years ago, my wife and I made the long journey to Africa. We flew into Johannesburg where we met our PH and tour guide from Motsomi Safaris. Africa was a target rich environment. We were there for 10 days. My wife was with me on every stalk. The hunting was done in about 7 days and we did some sightseeing for 3 days. All of my animals were taken with a .338 with a swift 250 gr A frame bullet.
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    This is my 2nd adventure to the NWT. I hunted MOOSE. This was one of the hardest hunts I ever did. Took 6 days on a 12 day hunt. Was supposed to hunt caribou after I killed moose but we where not seeing any and I only had 4 days to hunt and I didn’t want to risk the expense of the chopper flight. I plan to return one last time for my Mt Caribou.
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    Got out this morning for the PA opener and there was a lot of fisherman. I started covering ground hitting runs, riffles and pockets but not a bite. Then after an hour of that I decided to go try my luck in the big run with all the other fisherman. I noticed why they were all huddled at the end of the run and realized there was a golden there. No sooner did I spot the golden but looked up and saw a bald eagle fly over that was really cool. I fished for awhile basically putting everything in front of the golden but no take. And finally I got him to hit . It was a great morning only got one trout and only saw maybe a half dozen caught out of a mess of fisherman. it was slow for spin and fly guys. The golden is my biggest to date. I was really happy when I hooked into this fish I had no idea he was as big as he was until I saw him turn sideways and I was like holy crap!! After a long fight I finally had him in my hands and it made my day big time. And last night I said to buck 154 maybe I hope to get lucky and get a golden so when it happened it was really awesome. Cool!
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    Fished the Pohat stocking day today with my kid and had the pleasure of meeting Ryanm. Nice chitchating and hammered some fish. I got my six and my 5 year old said daddy I did not get any, well at that point I let the rains in her hands and she hooked, reeled and landed there fish on her own, two of which she had for dinner tonight. Ryanm it was a pleasure.
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    My son Ben and his finace' will be arriving home tomorrow afternoon. I have not seen him in 14 months and I've never met his fiance'. He's requested venison chili and venison jerky. So, I'll be making my chili tomorrow morning. Three of his Marine buddies will be arriving on Saturday for a few days. His birthday is also on Saturday. Should be a lot of fun.
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    Decided to get some flags for the barn to reflect the Colonial heritage of our area. What is now the center of our house was once a barn or other outbuilding of a 1700s era farm that once encompassed almost the entire valley. We fly the standard flag from a 25' flag pole in the yard, but I thought the barn would be a good place to display these:
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    The stage is set. Just raked a path leading to the blind to sneak in as quietly as possible on Saturday morning before sunrise with my son. Hope the gobblers make an appearance and are talking. Going to try and get some HD footage if anything comes in. Took a pic of the tons of chestnut husks under two trees where our blind is. Not one single nut can be found anywhere. Good luck to all the youth hunters going out..Remember to have fun
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    As some might remember 2016 I shot a nice state woods buck my son called G3PO because of star wars and his double G3. Well this season same spot there was a buck with double G2's so his name became DEJA2. so was blessed to take them 10 yards apart and exactly 1 yr & 2 days apart. So opted to mount both on same pedestal. Even though both had double points and little kicker the style of racks were different, this one had double brow and much lighter face. The one on the right is this year. Made the base out of old barn wood we found down on her abandoned family her down in West Virginia this summer. Coal mine took the lease back in the 80's. The made a road thru the property and that is how we were able to find the wood.
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    Took my daughter out for youth week at my buddy's place in North Carolina. All I can say is, we seen more gobblers than I was expecting to see and the memories made were priceless. We arrived there last Thursday and went out for our first sit and that evening my daughter took an awesome gobbler who came into the decoys in full strut and put on a show. She wrecked him at 30 yards with her mossberg 20 guage with long beard XR #5's. I was beside myself as I watched her take her second gobbler ever and her first one out of state! After she filled her tag ,I went out on Saturday opening day and took a great gobbler at 3 yards! All I can say a 12 guage and long beard XR #5's are brutal at 3 yards! Now hoping the weather changes for us here in NJ and look forward to some more great turkey hunting here at home. Here is my daughter, my buddy and me with this 22 plus gobbler she took at 30 yards. Here is the gobbler I took at 3 yards! SS!
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    Just hit the Flatbrook for an hour just now. Not another person or car to be seen other than a few spots on the fly stretch. Was so peaceful I could care less if I caught a trout, and was perfect for my day off after getting things done earlier at home. Caught over a dozen trout, took 4 home. Was having fun experimenting with different combinations of bait and discovered that the copper head and mustard colored trout magnet is killer. When I set up the float so the trout magnet's tail was barely touching the bottom, a trout was on every cast. It did not matter if I jigged the bait or let it float naturally. Watching the float go under was like watching a bobber for sunnies when I was a kid. Pretty cool..At one point when the sun came out I saw at least 75-100 trout go nuts in and out of the hole. Water level is ideal in my opinion. The trout magnet used is attached below as well as one of the rainbows that appeared to be a cross between an brook trout and a rainbow.
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    Sorry girl, that's not the one we are looking for. Ok, I'll keep looking.
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    Took today and went and raked up some clams. And plus a friend and I split the cost of a 10 lb box of King Crab. Well since my wife eats no seafood at all I had to eat all MYSELF. It was tough but it was all for myself. All I did was steam it all. Ate with melted butter.
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    Just adopted my first dog today and her name Angel. 8 week old GSP and she is already loving birds (quail in her mouth). What a wonderful gift for the holidays.
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    And didn't stop all day. 5 man limit and probably 60 plus released. From 12 on was big roe's.
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    Caught on a swim bait. Released to spawn. I couldn't believe how fat this fish was.
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    My wife gave birth to our 3rd daughter today everyone is doing good.
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    My son Logan decided to give the traditional side of bow hunting a try. He picked up a Samick recurve with some carbon express heritage arrows. He chose a vista back quiver. I’ll keep you posted on his quest to kill his first spring gobbler with the recurve! Stay tuned!
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    My 16 year old starts his part time job after school today. He'll be working at a local auto repair shop 3 to 4 days a week. He's going to a tech school starting next year so, this will provide some good experience and he'll learn responsibility. He's already complaining how much money that's going to be taken out of his paycheck. LOL! I told him to get used to it.
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    Was glad to see the water level as nice as it was. Not too high or low, was just right at the Big Flatbrook this morning. Was not surprised to see a guy walk past and between 4-5 guys and start fishing with a spinner at 7:30. Apparently he thought the dozen or so guys standing in the water (not fishing) were taking a break?? Claimed he didn't know the time was 8:00, and we all told him that could have been a costly lesson if he was seen by a C/O. Caught lots of trout and released most. Ended up giving most of what we kept to a friend who was skunked today which he appreciated. My friend's daughter caught her first trout which she cannot wait to get mounted. It turned out to be a nice one and was one of the bigger ones taken from our stretch. Saw and met up with Jack and another friend who crushed them as well.
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    Down in Florida that is . Highs in the 70s-80s but windy. Took a week to go visit my Dad and Brother and nephew in St Augustine. Fished Sheepshead 3 days and once offshore for bottom fish. Wind was blowing most of the week and kept us to one trip out. Had a great time as always.
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    Are you looking at me? Well then I'm outa here.
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    Still the best way to go..... No?
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    Huge things learned today. First, nmc02 and Rusty are literally lumberjacks in disguise- no joke. I am still planning a Man Stuff Day at my place in mid May with a combination bow shoot and cook out, but nmc02 and Rusty helped me get a head start on cutting up several large trees that came down during the last storm. These two are the real deal when it comes to tree work and were a tremendous help especially with tips and pointers with regard to cutting them up. Also learned that my Craftsman chain saw is a toy and is comparable to a kid's Fisher Price saw that makes lots of noise only. The next investment I think I am going to make is in a Stihl commercial grade saw. True beast mode machines and Nick and Rusty cut through 4-5 logs before I cut through 1. Definitely more juice, power, and balls then what I have been using... Next, we used two Truper 6 lb splitting mauls, one a fiberglass handle and one with a wood handle. Apparently the wood handle maul is Rusty's whore that everyone has had there hands on...The wooden handle definitely has much less vibration than the fiberglass one and is smoother overall. This is why everyone including Jack likes her! At one point, Rusty said "you can keep her, she gets around too much and I am really getting tired of her." I declined politely and said that I would not feel right if she did not go home with him, lmao! "Afterwards" we had some Raging B&%$# Ipa's which hit the spot! Rusty was having too much fun and would only stop cutting when the Stihl ran out of gas. Big thanks to these guys today.. Still have lots of cleanup and splitting now to do but I will chip away at it now and get it done. We have at least 4 trees picked out for the Man Stuff Day being planned in May and will post the day in a few weeks.
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    Well Xmas came early this year. Found out today that I drew a coveted New Mexico unit 16a Archery only tag 9/15-9/24.
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    Fallow deer walk pedestal waiting for pickup. These animals are gorgeous.
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    Took a ride up to Fair Haven, N.Y., on Lake Ontario and set my camper up, on my property. Still quite a bit of snow around in places up there. Was up to try some spin casting for Browns. Hit some of the river mouths, wading and casting spoons and stick baits. The water is still ice cold, so I think I was a little early for the Browns. Looked like the steelhead action was going on though, with a lot of cars parked at Maxwell Creek. Had no action until I got to the Oswego River. Caught a bunch of smaller Browns casting a Rapala Countdown Minnow. Kept these two for dinner tomorrow night. Was hoping for some bigger Browns, but they are probably a week or two away, after the water warms a little, and the bait fish move in. I got checked by the game warden who measured my fish and took my D.L. and fishing license back to his truck to run a "check". Luckily I came back "clean", I guess. Nice guy, all business. Had a great two days and looking forward to going back in a week or so.
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    338 Total users on NJW&W in the last 24 hours. Great job all and is a testament that the site continues to grow each and every day. Well done Matt!
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    I was always a compound shooter with new bow every year or two, Leagues, competitions and just plain love shooting bows for hours every day. Then i had major surgery that screwed my shoulder up 5 years ago. A few months after my surgery all the guys at work chipped in and gave me a card with money (i was speechless) in it to go buy a crossbow so i could still get into the woods and hunt again. They knew bow hunting was a major part of my life and what i love to do. So after that i went and bought a Parker Tornado F4 and still shooting to this day. Love that it gave me the chance to get back out in the woods but it has taken a few years to not feel embarrassed to say i shoot one even though it is a legal weapon to hunt with. It was always a thing like a compound bow is to a Traditional shooter! Times and technology are changing and have to move with them. It is a deadly weapon to hunt with but it still a arrow and broad head and kills by hemorrhage. They shoot very well but i still can not shoot a animal far with it. Most of my shots have been under 20 yards with it and none over 30. That's the bow hunter in me. We owe it to the game for the quickest and humane way. I have taken Whitetail,Bear and Turkey with the crossbow.
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    I custom designed the gate myself. I found a company in Texas online to do the fabrication. I set the steel columns to hold the gate in concrete and had a friend weld the hinges in place. I needed my tractor to lift the 850 lb gate into place
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    Just a little more on my Caribou Hunt, They are not the smartest beasts,probably because most of them have never seen a Human,but it is a fantastic Bow Hunt. They would migrate by in groups of 2 - 12 with the Bulls in the back every 1/2 hour or so.As I said before, because of weight restrictions we ate Canadian army food and bread.(the BEST bread that I have ever tasted). We shot flu-flu's at a bird they call a Fool's Hen,they are small like a Quail and stupid but very tasty.After the first Caribou kill we ate backstraps.Caribou meat is deep red and fantastic! We stayed on an island in a double wall tent with a floor and a woodstove.The water came from the Lake.We had a screen house to hang the Quarters in which was visited a few times by Black Bear at night.The camp manager had a Beautiful German Shepard named Hidi that kept us safe and was a trailing Dog if needed.I had a lower bunk bed and she woke me up every morning with a big wet kiss. I wish EVERY Bowhunter could experience a Caribou Hunt!
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    Most are made from recused pallet wood or Sassafras Tv/Fireplace wall Fireplace resurface and barn wood mantel End Table End Table Couch- Aunt in-law did the cushions End Table Coffee Table Pint glass stand
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    ICE showed up in lambertville, arrested a bunch of illegals and finger printed a bunch to get them in the system, ICE coming to a town near you
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    Just finished up a few mounts. . This fox was the one I showed a few weeks ago that was blown apart from the shot damage.. came out good. Then we have a banded mallard and a double banded goose along with some other fowl and a pheasant.
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    Hiya NJW&W Guy & Gals~ Hope you all are doin` well. Was out & about in the `Yaks last Sunday havin` a little fun up on Lake Hopatcong. Thought you might enjoy reading this fun little Adventure - **Click this link to read all about it.
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    2/25/2018 I moved my mineral site up by my "community scrape" for the first time ever. My usual spot behind the house was way too dug out and became a mosquito breeding pool. This is actually a great natural intersection on edge of food and bedding, it's much better. It's been just over a month -not as much action right on the minerals as I had hoped for, but they are hitting it at least once a day. Cool to see the snowstorms, the coons, cats, foxes, and the decent size Bear as well. Good pics I think, I put them all in proper sequence so you can see the change in conditions - enjoy! (dammit just realized forgot to adjust the clock for DLS - oh well, next time) Gonna meet Stan from A&W today and get some Mineral Magnet "in bulk"... Lucky Buck is great attractant but more I research it's still too high in salt content, I still want to promote health and growth a little more.
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    When I came home from work tonight my son told me he found a dead head today when he was riding his dirt bike. It is a clean 6 that we saw during the rut a couple of times. Buck would have been a good one next year if it made it, shame.....
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    Had a brain scan.....Dr feels the issue is a little early....
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    I hold more pride in the hunt, rather than what I kill, or what I kill it with. I still get as close to deer as I did with the compound before being comfortable to take a shot. Actually, I get closer to deer now because I'm no longer 25' up. The crossbow has opened up many more options for hunting from natural ground blinds. I was also having issues with my eyesight the last few years shooting the compound. Pins were just a blur. The scope really helped clear that up. IMG_8513ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_8135ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_7867ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_3297c by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_3230ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_2899ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_0624ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_0826ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_7993ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_2455 by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_1944c by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_1909c by shot4u2c, on Flickr IMG_8548ca by shot4u2c, on Flickr
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    Here is the footage of the NC longbeard I took along with my buddy's. We doubled up and I had the tactacam running. You see the bird I shoot but I rack another one in the chamber so footage is tough there but then the second gobbler comes back, which was a bad idea for him SS!
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    A friend of mine and I decided to do a little Kayak fishing after work today. We caught pickeral and crappie. No size on the crappie but a couple pickeral were nice. Fat and full of eggs this time of year.
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    I had the pleasure of my out of state family coming to NJ for bear hunting in the early season. We had such a great time hunting together, hanging out, and just spending time together. We took 2 deer and 1 bear during those 6 days, we let a 2 deer and 2 other bears walk. If Murphy cancels the bear hunt it will be a major disappointment. All my family talks is about the hope of the opportunity to come bear hunting in NJ this upcoming season
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    There is snow in the forecast for tonight but my back yard is full of signs of the encroaching Spring. Tree Swallows showed up today. Another wave of Red-throated Loons stopped by to feed on the way to the northern Canada breeding grounds. American Robin is pounding the ground again and as always the very first migrant of the season, the Osprey if fishing the lake again. We are almost there, I can't wait for the song bird migration.
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    Back home after a week in Georgia. The turkey gods smiled on me, I was limited out on my first day there (all longbeards). Killed my first ever multiple-bearded birds, a 2-bearded bird and a 4-bearded bird. My buddy got a longbeard. We also killed 2 hogs each. Fun times, and a great warmup to the local spring turkey season.
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