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    My daughter Gianna (my true fishing partner) wanted to head out tonight for some sharkin’. I took her to an area ive never fished before but looked real promising. I put the first bait in the water right past the sand bar. It soaked for about 5 minutes and the line starting screaming off the reel. She is an experienced fisherwoman and handles these big fish with class. After a very lengthy fight covering at least 150 yards of beach, we were able to land this beast and release her safely. So proud of her fish handling skills and patience it takes to fight a big fish like this. This sandtiger is her personal best and dont get much bigger. Thanks for looking
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    Sometimes life doesn’t work the way you hope it will. As much as I enjoy being in the woods, bowhunting, spending time in the far north, and nourishing my soul....I’m struggling to keep up with the basic things around the house, like yard work and general cleaning. Something needs to change. I’ve given it a lot of thought over the past months, and so sadly I’ve decided to put the following stuff up for sale. Take a look at the list and see if anything is of interest. I’d appreciate it if you’d avoid the lowball offers, as most of this stuff is in great or almost unused condition. Vacuum cleaner Push lawnmower....used once and put away. Broom and dust pan. (Will not separate.) Laundry basket Tide pods....never opened Selection of sponges and scrub brushes Half bottle of Windex Washer & Dryer: local pickup only, but will consider trades for Loggy Bayou or TSS Quadraflex stuff. Thank you. Saw this somewhere else and had to post a
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    I don't buy bait. I mainly use gulp and jigs I make but still like to have some fresh bait. I finally got out to get some. One drag and we got around 30-35 quarts of spearing and spots. I have alway got my own bait as my dad and grand father have. Grand father had a bait shop years ago and used to sell bait to all the bait shops around. So it is in my blood. The net I have my uncle made ove 40 years ago.
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    Since there will be no more shark pics (accidental catches of course), i wanted to share my daughters new trophy pose when shes reeling in a big fish. We have so much fun fishing and sharing pics was part of that fun but now know pics are limited. This is from our latest adventure
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    Watching them follow in your footsteps. Not many kids I know will get up at 3:30am to hit the beach for some surf fishing at daybreak. Reminds me when I was a kid cruising the beaches of seaside, seaside park and IBSP looking to get a tight line
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    Playing in the clover patch with addy and bailey. Some deer showed up so we gave them some room to feed comfortably. Addy was excited to see them. I pointed and said "deer" and she replied "deer"- was a proud moment for me My sister in law wove her a clover flower headpiece lol http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Told the Kid when she turned 10 I'll take her on a motorcycle trip. Wife little nervous but I held my end and she was a true co pilot. Went to Gettysburg, done many trips and this is now at the #1 spot. To say I'm proud of my Kid is an understatement. Did some dark humor pictures at Devils Den and stopped by Centralia on the way home. Bunch of pictures of the fun we had.
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    It's been a while since I fished offshore in NJ and had never caught a bigeye...until this past trip. Unfortunately, no bluefin. Several tiny yellofin released. 7 midsize yft & a bigeye retained....great seeing 2 guys catch their first tuna. Wish all trips were this good...bigeye are tough. Jenny lee sportfishing.
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    I assisted my client, Cole Baldino from Trout Unlimited and his two person summer staff and others on a scientific collection study of fish and macroinvertebrates in Lopatcong Creek ahead of a major restoration my firm will be doing on 1.5 miles of that creek as soon as we obtain all our permits and are out of any timing restrictions. For the macros, we just use a "D net" and kick up three samples per section of river to be studied. For the electro fishing, we placed nets at top and bottom of a 100 meter reach and then electro shock the fish in the same stretch - bottom to top - three times to capture hopefully all the fish and eels in that 100 meters.
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    You are out on a boat all day fishing and come home to find that your wife cut the grass.
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    One of my 10 y/o sons joined me last night for some surf sharking. The fishing has been on fire lately catching a nice variety of sandbar tigers, browns, duskys, and even a few blacktips! Well right at dark Anthony gets a good run off, grabs the rod and sets the hook. After a 75 yard run ripping his line out, he realized he had a good shark. A 25 minute battle ended with a 7.5’ 225# sandbar tiger. Its a lot of fish for a 75 lb kid!! Anthony took some pics as i was dehooking, reviving, and releasing. Too big of a shark to take pics of him and fish together in the water in the dark. Here is a pic of his fish. Really proud of him!
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    Friend took a picture of this brute this evening in Bergen County
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    Not only is he ok, but he is AWESOME! A couple of weeks ago we were talking and he asked if my son would be able to use a new hydraulic motorcycle lift for his newly built shop. I said absolutely and showed Jr a picture of it... he went nuts and was asking when is he coming over. Today we made plans to get together at my house in hopes of putting together a video/dvd of my daughter for her graduation party, which is next week. When I tell you this guy is AMAZING at what he does, it is an understatement! We had so much fun laughing that the time spent putting the movie together flew by. Jr was riding his bike in the back and T-Bone steaks were for dinner in between getting the pics and music to the dvd... Took only a few pics, but added the ones we took below. Who am I talking about?? Our very own W&W member Haskell Hunter (TIm)! Thanks Tim. Your time spent today for me and my family was truly appreciated! Jr is in his shop right now detailing the bike on the new lift as we speak! It is perfect!! I also cannot wait to play the video for my little girl. Looking forward to seeing you at my house for my W&W get together in Mid July. Oh yea, I am not letting my daughter see the video until her party next week. It is going to be tough, but I am going to hold my ground.... I will be the big baby crying in the hall watching it from her baby pics to her recent H.S. graduation pics!
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    I hung a flag on a telephone pole in front of my house. I wish I did it sooner because it looks so damn good!
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    These pics came rolling into my phone while I was at work and I almost sh*t my pants
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    Waiting in my blind this PM for some birds to give me a look and these evil looking, but cool creatures showed up. I used to feed them from my blind but that was some 4 years ago. They still remember because they were looking for food few minutes after I got in. Also a juvenile Green Heron showed up.
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    SEEMS like a lifetime since boat was where it belongs. .
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    Ran out solo 40 miles from manasquan. Had a fun day with the Bluefin. Kept this fat one ...53" 90 lbs. Had a hard time finding the under fish. Everyone one was about this size. Oh yeah ,Lillian was covered with life.
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    Well, pellet grill and smoker my electric smoker took a shit do it was time to get some thing new. Last week there was a thread on this type of smokers and after reading a bit, checking it out at the store I got it home today. Not cooking today just heating it up to get rid of any type of smell a new grill may have. It is well made I hope it worked as advertised. There maybe a pork shoulder in it tomorrow:-)
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    I bought a pair of blinds form Ringtail, BTW very cool young lady, so it was time to clear some lanes, add some sticks and set up the new blind - that happened Friday. I grabbed a cup if coffee this morning and walked down to the lake to see what happens. This was my first customer, the Green Heron. He was little nervous, one eye always on me, but I managed a couple of clicks.
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    A guy I teach with shot this buck. I was bored today so I painted it outside his classroom. I might have accidentally added a few inches. Trykonkid might recognize the buck.
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    3 of these are for site members. Come and get 'em http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Took my taxidermist forever Shot him the last day of the season (march 2018) My mounts wait in line just like all of yours and often get skipped over if I'm falling behind which happened in this case. But I'm all caught up so I figured I'd treat myself and work on my yote http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Took my son out for last 2 hours of light in Lake George. He out fished me 6–1 and I couldn’t be happier. All fish caught on neg rig TRD worms. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I took my son on a fishing trip in Duck Key Florida last weekend at my friends place and we fished the Atlantic side. I was the designated first mate and he fought and caught all the fish.
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    My son has been bugging me to go LMB fishing after hours and my wife chimed in "Go make a memory". Waited until parking lot cleared of last cars and off we went (incognito of course!!!) First hour was a bunch of cookie cutters and then BAM. Top water frogs and they were getting smacked. Memory created and I won't hesitate when he asks again to go fishing after dark!!!
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    I believe it's called the sun
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    Think I found my new #1 for this year. Last seasons hit lister has yet to show his face this summer.
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    Heres a nice central Jersey p&y
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    Black cod. Will post more once I get better service
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    My baby Adelyn turned 4 today
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    My oldest is taking her safety course on July 27th. So today we did some nice range time in the backyard. I did have to pick up a hand crank so she can cock the crossbow herself. But she is deadly. And she also is slow in her approach with the focus on safety. I am very proud of her.
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    Fished upstate NY near my cabin this past weekend. Been wanting a Kayak for a while, so I bought one on my way up. It's just a cheap 10 foot Lifetime Teton Angler, but I'm definitely hooked on kayaking. Me and my buddy killed the smallmouth 3 days in a row. They hit cleo's, spinners, and rubber worms. Caught well over 60 smallies in 3 days. All fish went back, except the 1 that inhaled my cleo and didn't make it. He was delicious. Here's some pics, including the one we cooked up
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    On a toasted Portuguese roll with provolone. I haven't had one in months. This is one my favorite meals from chopped venison
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    Had a couple new bucks just showed up. Still no shooter yet but still great seeing bucks grow.
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    Gotta love the transformation! From fun sport to fine tablefare. Fresh fluke is hard to beat.
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    We went light today. Clams, Oysters and shrimp in white wine garlic sauce.Cooke on the grill
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    Pork shoulder just went in the smoker Dinner at 4pm
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    Spent the day off shore.. was pretty slow, had a few blue fish and did manage one 43inch tuna. Lots of dolphins and whales the ocean was flat as glass all the way to the chicken canyon very rare its thus flat all day
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    Really nice Jersey buck all done and ready for pickup. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Was looking though some edits I did a few years ago and came across this bobcat video from a few of the cats I encountered that year. Thought you might enjoy .
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    Hey fellas, long time troller, first time poster. I’m a first time gundog owner, *former* deer hunter. Millie is a draht from Vom Altmoor’s V4 litter. She’s just over a year old and a hunting machine. I’m looking forward to sharing our upland escapades with you. I know pics are king and here are a couple of my pup..
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    Now keep it clean you mofo’s, us southern boys know it’s a great game to play while having a couple cool ones at picnics while you Taylor hammers think of your favorite neighbor when you hear the word. Made new boards for 4th of July picnic
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    Fried Blowfish Tenders Breaded With Crushed Chickie and Petes Crab Fry Potato Chips, (served with a Buffalo Wing sauce) Delicious King Fish Fillets Sautéed in Butter and Lemon, Crisp Seasoned Fries.
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    After seeing and hearing all of the smoker/cooking threads, I had time and fired up the new smoker today. Rubbed a pork shoulder with Jake's Grilling Pork Rub (actually has coffee in the ingredients as it is an "old fashioned coffee rub" according to the label), and rubbed the chicken with Tony Chachere's original Creole Seasoning. First off, the SMELL IS INCREDIBLE! I want it done NOW, but I need to have patience for this....This is why I probably have never used one before today.... I am going to make mistakes, but today is the trial run. Matt needs to add a virtual reality smelling feature to the site, as the combination of the hickory chips and dry rub is to die for....Pics below of the process. Now all I have to do is WAIT. UGH! Thank goodness my wife bought me the electric smoker to lessen this time! Looney and others have posted some great tips for this process. Keep them coming if y'all would, please!
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    For some reason when I ask my older friend to take a pic of a fish I just caught he hears.. "Ok I can take another pic of my fingers with you and a fish in the background."
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