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  1. So I was able to procure a new piece of property approximately 2 weeks ago. My buddy and I hung some cell cams and started to see this buck a few days after. He was strictly nocturnal and when he did show, he always had a doe. My 12 year old son named him "Peter Parker" and my good buddy called him "PP". So the quest began. Watched him show on and off usually every other day. This past week he started cracking last light in the afternoon, but still had a doe with him every time he showed. Yesterday he showed at 4:11 pm and was alone. I felt he was now killable. This morning I was in the tree by 540 am. First light I hear the unmistakable sound of a buck walking solo towards me. He got to 23 yards and I let the PSE eat! 70 yards later I recover my personal best whitetail after 40 years of hunting. Already can't wait for late season now!! Thanks for looking! Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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  2. I really have not had a shooter this year I was excited about. But when this guy showed up about a week ago it got me excited and made me want to challenge myself. I decided to try to take him with my Black Widow recurve. This was a solid buck and I was hoping to see him on my first sit for him since he has been nocturnal. Well the stars aligned for me as the buck showed up checking does just as light was fading. He presented me with a broadside shot at 12 steps in front of my blind. I shot and watched him take off. He ended up going about 90 yards. As I walked up on him I was super excited that I had placed a great shot on him and that he was such a great buck sporting a great rack and big body! To say I'm on cloud 9 is an understatement! Love bowhunting and taking him with my Black Widow recurve made it all the more sweeter! Good luck to all who are still at it👍🏹🇺🇲 SS!
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  3. Has been over 10 years since I've hunted out of state. So early this year a friend (BOWHIO) of JHbowhunter was looking for a couple guys for a one week sub-lease hunt. It was for some guys that would only shoot a mature buck 4.5 or older. Jack couldn't go so he ask me if I'd be interested. So I talked to to Steve (BOWHIO) and sounded good. I got another friend to go to. Got there on November 11 and hunted that afternoon. Few deer seen but nothing good. Next day I go back same tree and sit all day. Saw deer most of the day. 6-8 different bucks few 8pts but young 2.5. Next day same thing about but did see a 10pt probably 3.5 year old130" class. The following day back to that tree knowing a good buck could show as in seen good amount of does. Now a few days in I seam to be see most deer 120 yards up the mountain from me. So Steve told me there is a stand up that way. So I decided at 93 to get out and walk all the way around and climb into that stand. Now it's little after 10am. By 11 it's raining, 11:30 rain,sleet and snow. Noon time I texting the other guy's what's happening. Now I had 3 doe out 90 yards bedded .was thinking of getting out as the weather was crappy windy,snow,sleet and rain. So I decide to stick it out for the day. Well around 1:30pm I head grunt but was sure, then I hear a loud grunt and I see a small buck running a couple does. Weird as he shouldn't sound like that loud grunt. Few minutes I see this 10pt following a doe. Checks her and then moves down hill to go check another one. I was glassing him and wasn't sure at first. Finally he a doe brings him up hill towards me. Still glassing him at 40 yards. Finally decided I'd shoot him when he past at 30 yard and I stop him. Slight quartering towards me. He takes off on a hard run. I thought I saw him go down but wasn't sure. So i got down and look at the bolt.. had good blood right from where it went through. Steve came up to help. Last spot I saw him is where he went down about 125 yards. He is a solid 10pt 4.5-5.5 year old. Real good mass and good tine length. Was a great week with lots of laughs. Jack said Steve is a joker and was a good guy to hunt with, he was right.
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  4. I went out yesterday afternoon to my ground blind in Zone 8 to hunt with my muzzleloader but, mostly wanting to clear my head. It's been a rough few weeks since suddenly losing my mom to a massive stroke. I wasn't expecting to see much. But, in a three hour time period I saw 25 to 30 deer including 11 bucks. But, the one that I was looking for never showed. I decided to go back to the same spot this afternoon to see if he would show. It started out very slow with one doe close to my blind and then a four point showed up. At about 4:30pm seven does showed up in front of me and feed in the field until they eventually moved back into the woods. At 4:55pm, I was just getting ready to get my stuff packed up when I looked out and saw the buck that I was after. I reached over to grab my muzzleloader when the barrel hit the metal rod that supports the side of the blind. The buck looked at me for what seemed like an eternity. I waited until he turned his head and decided to shoot off hand instead of using my bi pod. I shot him at 100 yards and he ran 40 yards before collapsing in the field. He's my biggest muzzleloader buck to date.
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  5. nickyan04

    Big buck down!

    after spending 50+ hours in the stand and passing on some really nice deer this week I was finally able to connect with one of my target bucks! This guy came in chasing a doe and stopped at 15 yards for a perfect broadside shot. Shout out to rusty for always having to put up with my deer hunting questions in class.
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  6. Fresh off my return from NY I got all the chores done and wife and kids were cooking for tomorrow so figured I’d get out to a local spot this afternoon to see if anything was moving… glad I did as this guy showed up with a smaller half racked buck and a few doe. Made a good shot he only went about 40 yards, lots of meat in the freezer!
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  7. I got the call from my 17 yr old son Chris Jr. around 10:30 this morning telling me that he shot a nice buck from the ground with his compound… He & a friend we’re stopping at one of our spots to grab the live cam and to take down a stand to move to another location. Prior to going in, the live cam showed another 8 pointer that had been there an hour earlier, so Junior grabbed his bow just in case. When he and his buddy reached our tree, they saw a buck in the distance that was more than 50 yards away and grunted at him. That was all it took and he closed the distance quickly heading right towards the boys on a string! The first reading on the range finder was 43 yards and closing… His buddy Stephen laid down and kept hitting him with range finder as he was on the way in, but he eventually broke the 20 yard barrier and turned left before my son stopped him with a “mmmmppp” It was a 17 yard shot from one knee and Chris Jr. double lunged him, he went 40 yds before hitting the Jersey dirt. They said the blood trail was unmistakable. What an exciting hunt for them to experience, my son shooting a buck from the ground is something he’ll never forget. They were so excited when they called, I don’t think they believed that it had actually just happened. The things this kid accomplishes are amazing, he just gets better and better every year! I’m super proud and happy for him! Before everyone asks, the broad head was a Mega Meat 🥩 by G5. WHAT A HOLE… November 7th, 2021 Zone 13 in Morris County
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  8. Thank you @deadonshot2for the help my best to date
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  9. Well here is the story, I never hunt weekends because there are just to many non hunters who think its OK to walk their dogs on someone elses property but after loosing a deer yesterday from a bad shot I was all bummed out and my son and grand son said come out and hunt with us today and it will bring your spirits up and take you mind off of yesterdays screw up so I went. Got there at 2 and was not seeing any deer just as I expected when across a large open field that I just recently cut a really wide 6 pointer decided he was going to check my mock scrape, he was not on it a second when I let the arrow fly and caught both lungs and the arrow lodged in shoulder. Deer went into the thickest part of the property but left a pretty good trail of blood, it took maybe 15 minutes to find him, sons phone was dead so I could not get him until he came out to let him and grandson know I got one. I brought him out to the field and waited for the kids who took care of the gutting and helped me put it in the truck, I SURE AM GLAD MY SON AND GRANDSON TALKED ME INTO GOING TONIGHT. I said a prayer of thanks to god for the great sons and grandsons he sent me and this pretty buck. I WILL START THE EURO MOUNT MONDAY The Euro mount was finished today!! Harvest confirmation # OD1786821C
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  10. First buck I seen all season in the woods! Been out about dozen times with my hectic schedule. Was really my last time out cause of my son and pa coming up. He came out with a doe at around 4:30pm rest is history. Didn’t go 40 yards! Not a monster but good size deer needed meat in the freezer! Good luck to all!
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  11. Dead eye

    PA buck down!!

    Got up here 11/1 about 9 am. Bradford county 3c. Hit the woods a little later then I would have liked but got settled in by 3:30. Went up a ridge until I found some sign. Set up on top with a north west wind hoping for bucks skirting what I believe to be doe bedding in the area. About 5:20 I hear something behind me about 70 yards and catch a tine through the brush. Could tell it was a shooter and got ready. Threw a soft grunt out and after a few minutes he moved a little closer,I spun around to other side of tree and got ready. He was still hung up at 50 yds threw another grunt and he closed the gap to 35 I was up hill from him and threw a mouth bleat and stopped him. Let the arrow fly and heard the pop. Was videotaping with my phone and a muddy stabilizer mount. Lumenock didn’t go off but shot felt true. Waited an hour and found my arrow which had some sign of gut on it,walked about 50 yds and found good blood but decided to back out until morning. Shot was good but slightly quartered away. Found him this morning,solid 8 pt with a broken tine. Great mountain buck,couldn’t be happier!! Now my dad is up next,hope to double up this year.
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  12. birdshotnj

    Buck down!

    I decided to hit the woods this afternoon for a last minute hunt. Conditions were perfect, but the woods were dead as they've been all season so far. Around 330 I see the body of this buck at about 70 yards, but I started to think my eyes were playing tricks on me because it wasn't moving. After a few minutes, he takes a step forward (his head was behind a big tree) and I see the rack. Finally, he steps into my shooting lane slightly quartering to, and I let the spitfire do its thing and watch it drill him right in the sweet spot. He mule kicks and runs back in the direction he came from. He kept running and I just kept thinking "ok, go down". He stops at about 80 yards, lays down, pops back up and takes a few jumps forward and out of sight. I could tell he was hurt bad, but now I was second guessing myself. I decide to back out, replaying everything in my head. After 2 hours I decide to go take a look, and judge my next plan of action from there. The blood trail was intense. The bad news was that it was endless. I get to where I last saw him, and the blood trail abruptly stopped. I'm now 80 yards from where I shot him. So I take a few steps in each direction to try to pick up more blood, not wanting to bump him, but thinking to myself how the F could he have bled this much and not be dead. I find nothing. I go back to the last blood again and decided to go another 20 yards in the most likely direction. Shine the light up ahead and 30 yards ahead of me I see the white of his ass. Big bodied 8 point with some great mass! After a rough drag out, I gut him and to my surprise, I hit both lungs. I'm shocked at how far he went considering how much he bled, but most of all the fact that he went the last 50 yards without a drop of blood. Tough animals to say the least, and I'm beyond thrilled at how fast my season turned around. Pics aren't great, as I was hunting alone.
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  13. hvnj

    Big buck zone 2

    I got what I think is my best buck so far. I passed on this guy last year when he was a nice tall 8. Watches him all winter until he shed in February. I was thrilled to see him on my camera this Oct. Yesterday at 3:30 he showed up trailing a doe. After bedding down in some brush 30 yds away he finally got up to chase another doe that came in. Thirty minutes later he gave me a shot at 15 yards. He dropped 30 yards away.
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  14. Been two years since ive taken a stickbow in the woods due to a shoulder injury but im back shooting them confidence. This morning brought me to a a small saddle that has been showing a few does making an everyday appearance in some deep hardwoods. At first light, two does walked up the hill with extreme caution. I had a feeling they were just scared of bucks harassing them. Sure enough, within a half hour i had three small bucks chasing these does and fighting at times. They all created a ton of commotion. Through all this i hear the heavy footsteps of a buck coming down another mountain attracted to all this activity. I seen a big bodied mature deer with long beams heading my way with authority. I immediately decided that if a shot is presented, my longbow was going to sing! A short while later, this buck was standing at 10 yards staring down a 6pt approaching. I picked a spot, drew, and shot watching my arrow hit its mark pin wheeling the heart on the exit. I seen blood immediately spraying upon the shot knowing that he wasnt going far. After a 100yard blood trail that a blind man could follow lay this old warrior. Not a big buck but rather an old buck with a huge body that obviously liked to fight everything in this area. After countless deer ive shot with recurves over the years, this is my first deer with a longbow. After 40 years of hunting, another “first” for me. Happy day for me! Thanks for looking
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  15. After 3 years of not getting anything upstate I finally got it done
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  16. Mikedxt

    Youth day success

    Buck down! Pics to come.
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  17. My 10 YO grandson Jake finally took his first buck today a nice 6 Pointer. He and his dad had to sit in the truck to wait for the wind to die down and once it did he was in the stand no more than 15 minutes when this guy came by. Now we have to get his twin brother Colton on one. God sent this one to us on a wild windy day it was meant to be. VIVAT JESUS !! Here are a few picks, before harvest, day of harvest and completed Euro mount 3 days after harvest.
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  18. tankgijohn72

    Indiana Deer

    Went back home for my 27th opening day in a row of Indiana firearm season. Was somewhat of an odd season. In 5 sits I saw 0 does in areas where i typically see a lot of them. Saw 3 smaller bucks and the one i shot. Was zipping up my coat getting ready to climb in the stand for an afternoon hunt and i saw movement in a very thick area. He was milling around about 60 yds from me. I got a rest on a tree and when he was in an opening squeezed off a 270 round. He went down in about 50 yards.
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  19. mmfan36

    Finally nice buck

    Biggest buck to date, got in blind 430.he came out of thin air just as a doe came in front of me.heart shot didn't go 40.backed truck right up to it. super stoked
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  20. Nanuk

    Still Kicking at 78

    For those that know me , my dads had his ups and downs with back surgery but now with age against him it’s just tough get him out there. I set him up in a ground blind I’ve been baiting specifically for him. He was able to close the deal and he said he’s believes this is it …. It crushed me but hopefully he’ll keep on chugging as long as I keep on pushing lol
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  21. roy381

    Got my target Buck

    I have been watching this guy for the last 3yrs. I always called him crazy rack. Had him in front of me but always past because he was on the smaller size. And I had some nice bucks on camera. But he grew this year more than I would have thought. On top of that he was the biggest buck on cam all season. I seen him chasing a doe last week from across the field. They were heading my way. But the wind was wrong and she picked up on me and turned the other way with him in tow. So on Saturday I went back out for an evening hunt. It was the same usual does in the field. And as usual like clockwork the turkeys made there way into the field. Something made them take off and roost in the trees earlier than normal. They were making a ton of noise. I was watching all this going on and there he was off to my right. He was really skittish and with all the commotion. He didn't move in what felt like an eternity. He wouldn't give me a broadside shot. Then he started to turn. I thought he was going to turn right back were he came from. So I had to take a sharp quartering shot. This was my first shot at a deer with my new Tenpoint viper. And it didn't let me down! So my rut hunt is over and I'll be back out next week for land owner doe. Thanks for listening an good luck to everyone during the rut and the rest of the season!
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  22. DeanNJ

    9 Point Down

    He Came in at First light This morning, He was Moving Fast, Ranged a Tree near where I thought he was going to pass by, Grunted and Stopped Him at 40 Yards in a Shooting lane Between some Bryers and Branches, Wasn’t too confident about the Shot because it happened so fast, But Turns out I doubled Lunged Him and He didn’t go more then 40 Yards, Swamp Buck! Always checking out the Forum, Figured this was a good opportunity to Join, First big buck
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  23. Nadornati

    11/3 buck down

    8 point down mid- morning, zone 50. They are chasing hard. Temperatures are perfect, and they are moving. 35 yard shot, he went about 80. first day of my rutcation!
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  24. My best friend has been hunting this deer hard since early season and dropped the hammer yesterday evening. He found him 90 yards from where he shot him this morning. Perfect 10. He's over the moon. Couldn't be happier and prouder. The trail cam photo is one taken about 10 seconds before he let the arrow fly. Hunts private land in Sparta, Zone 2.
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  25. Son Dave has been trying to take this deer for the last 4 years and never a shot, tonight when he had Jake out the deer came in a gave him a quartering shot that sent him 60 yards then to the ground. Pictures don't do the size of this deer justice, he is on the down size of his rack and I would estimate him more than 6 1/2 yo - 7 1/2yo, teeth were ground down a lot. This guy has been living between houses and there were several guys after him but I do think an Angel led him right to Jake tonight. He is a happy boy as is his dad and grand pop.
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  26. My father got his buck tonight After going out only a few times! had this guy come right in just before dark only went 50 yards. called me out to come help find him and drag him out with me and my son we got it done and off to the butcher. Great memories and times to keep it going in the family!
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  27. Saturday 11/13.. Didn't see anything all morning then 8:55 I spotted the flicker of an antler 80yds out. Got the binos out and decided it would be a shooter. I grunted at it a few times but he didn't pay any attention. Hit the doe can next, nothing. He started to walk away and I hit the grunt call as loud as I could. He stopped but didn't really pay much attention. He walked off out of site. So I decided to get my rattle bag out and hit that a few times. I put it down and a couple minutes later he was coming and coming fast. I pulled back and grunted with my mouth and drilled him at 15yds. NJ Public land, not bait. Had my boy "help" me get it out of the woods. I usually complain about people not putting the tongue in for pictures. Mad that I forgot to do it.
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  28. vdep217

    Wrong buck down

    Let him walk 3 time between yesterday n today. He came in at 345 and I watched him leave n walk into the development. At 415 ish I hear a buck grunting behind me in the swamp. I thought it was the other 8 I have on cam Skirting me about 70 yrds I have 2 lanes I can shoot when he hit it I squeezed off. Never occurred to me it would be the one I just let walk.. bitter sweet but I'm happy. It is my best gun deer to date.
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  29. My wife and I Won again on pick 4, we both play separately my badge #, we each Won over $3000
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  30. Lucky and blessed are the two words to describe my 2021 illinois deer season. There wasn’t exactly a frenzy of big rut crazed bucks chasing all around me or the parade of immature bucks I’ve come to experience in mid November in illinois, in fact it was one of the slower seasons I ever remembered. There were a few great days when “it was on” and I was lucky enough to capitalize on that but many days of wondering “wheres the rut this year?” Why no chasing? What’s with the bucks feeding along side of does without any interest in them? warm weather, windy days, then perfect deer hunting weather yet very few deer seen on seemingly perfect days. Very strange year. I had a neighbor not see a single deer in three days and friends scattered throughout Pike , Brown and Hancock county struggling to see a piece of fur. This usually never happens here. The 1st buck I killed was a 150” 9 pt I shot him on the 3rd day of my hunt after passing him up two days in a row and filming him instead. I knew immediately when I let him pass both times that he was a stud and he was one of the bigger bucks I ever let walk. The way I like to do it out here is not unique… I run 30 plus trail cameras, go through the cards, pick the one or two Id like to kill then get after them based upon the trail cam intel. I don’t shoot anything until I go through the cards but it takes a lot of time to get through them all. Sometimes that can be 60,000 or more pictures…literally 60k pics. No exaggeration. I like to know the inventory of bucks so I don’t make a mistake and shoot the wrong deer. Well after three days I finally got through all the cards and reviewed the footage again and again of the big 9pt I filmed and all my hunting buddies texting me the same message “ Your F ing crazy that’s a huge buck SHOOT IT “LoL. I already knew he was big but now It was clear from the trail cam pics that he was definitely the 2nd biggest buck on the farm and I wanted to kill him. Heck I wanted to kill him the first time I layed eyes on him I just didn’t know what else may have been here. Maybe there was a 200” deer on the farm and I go and kill the first 150”. Well anyway there wasn’t a 200” Nov 5th I was hunting dead center of the big 9’s core area. The trail cam pics don’t lie! he passed this stand multiple times a day. I had 6 or 7 does come through and he was five minutes behind them. It was a 15 yd chip shot I couldn’t believe I didn’t have my bow with me. I have a blown shoulder so now I mostly take the crossbow…he went 40 yds after the shot. Beautiful buck , kinda hard to believe I passed him up. Fast forward…. The weather got real warm after I shot the first buck and deer activity completely shut down , I was SO happy I had a good buck down and the pressure was off but I stuck with it anyways hunting pretty hard. I can’t say I hunted real hard cause I took a few mornings off to get some chores done, it was Perfect timing for chores and to get the corn harvested without interfering too much with my deer hunting. Two days later chores were done and I was anxious to get back in a tree. There’ was still the #1 buck to pursue but I had no pics of him on my farm since Halloween. The day after the corn was cut the weather was turning cold again and I was back in the kill stand for an afternoon hunt. That stand is the only spot on the farm I ever got any daylight pics of the #1 buck so that’s where I had to be. Now it’s a Half hour before dark “There He Is” Other end of the cut corn field 170 yds away feeding. I can’t believe he’s still alive I thought for sure after he disappeared the outfitter next door killed him or worse yet wounded him like they’ve done so many other times in the past. Now It’s getting to dark to see and the hunts over but that’s ok he’s still alive! But not for long. Next morning obviously I’m back in that same stand waiting for first light. 7:30am There he is again 150 yards away feeding 5 feet away from my Red Neck Tower Blind that I am not in. Ugggh I ain’t standing for that! I hit the grunt and here he comes right across the cut corn right to me. I range a spot out at 45yds and Thank God I had the cross bow today instead of the compound. I was very proficient out to 60yds with the bow up until just two years ago but unfortunately those days are over for now. Back to the hunt, I had a steady rest on the rail of the ladder stand I squeezed off the shot and he piles up less than 50 yards later and just like that my Illinois deer season was over. 168.5” buck. YES!!!!! Blessed again! Humbled again! It’s truly Unbelievable! I had my thankful words of praise to the man upstairs for giving me all that he has and for keeping me alive through a very challenging health crisis and for gracing me with another incredible year in his great outdoors. Enjoy the pics and videos. 51611082-22B1-4EB0-9EE9-10B61493DA36.MOV 5E1AA880-7F17-49A1-8930-828849569611.MOV
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  31. LPJR

    34 years later....

    We ride again. Today was a special hunt for the 3 of us. Several friends joined as well but our buddy Mike (on the far right) is fighting one of the toughest battles he has ever faced-even in all his years on the job. The 1st pic we took when we were 17 and in High School. We were joking and laughing how we hunted that day without a dog, in the pouring rain. Limited out beating the brush- on all hens. Not a cockbird to be found.... Lots of laughs and great times watching good dogs work this morning at Flatbrook. The morning wasn't about birds however. It was sharing good times with good people who will be friends for life. I had 3 framed 8x10's made last night and gave them this morning to Mike and Billy. Mine was hung in my den.... If anyone can beat this you can buddy! NEVER QUIT. Keep moving FORWARD.
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  32. Monmouth county public land...
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  33. Saw this deer early in the year then moved my set up to get deeper into his home. It paid off tonight....w/ 3 min of shooting time left he finally gave me a shot. He just has really neat character almost like a 3rd beam. Good body size on him also....im 6'2" 210, I usually make deer look small... Pics do not do this deer any justice . Fun chess match with this one.
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  34. Filled my permit tag last night with a nice wide 8 point. He was all over the property the 24 hours prior on my my cell cams. Decided to hunt over a mock scrape that’s been on fire this year and ended up rattling and grunting him in to 35 yards.
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  35. So I am not sure this is a buck I was after or new buck in this spot. Well I heard something to my right but did not see anything. When I turned back to left I thought I saw movement and was trying to identify what I saw. Well I ignored sound to my right as figured it was a squirrel. Then I hear distinct steps of an approaching deer. This time I turn my head and bam this buck is 15 yards out. So trying to control my breathing as there are only 2 trees between us. He catches me at 8yds letting air out and looks right at me. Crap. Of course he stopped behimd tree petfectly so only head/neck are exposed. He got nervous and bpunced 35 yds away. Luckily he walked another 5 yds and gave me a shot. I squeezed the trigger on crossbow and heard a good sound. I watched disappear into some thing brush and it appeared he went down. Well waited a few moments before climbing down. I could not gind my bolt no blood, no hair, no deer. Crap. I started checking trees for my bolt but not to be found. I am on phone with Vito (vdep) and he says go take another look. I am trampling through thick brush and coming up empty. So I decide to head back to truck. All my usual help was not around. So made decision to deal with something at work which had me in this morning instead of day off as planned. So as I was lining up a few people to search this morning, Vito calls me. He said he and his friend are going to go look about 830pm. I was 40 minutes into my hour ride home at that point. So at 915 the phone rings and it is Vito. Found the deer. So the bolt center punched the heart and deer was only 60 yards from my stand. But they also did not find a single drop of blood or my bolt. Great big thanks to Vito and his friend for taking time to hit the woods to find another hunters deer. At least I didnt make you cross a creek Vito. Lol. Thanks again to Vito and BJ. Some great people on this site and this is proof of a couple good guys. Hopefully Vito can add the pic of buck. The pic he sent me is too big when I try to load it onto site. Pic added, thanks @vdep217!
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  36. bucky

    Until next year

    Sunday I decided to go out for my last bow hunt of the season with the rut winding down . I found a good tree where everything intersected and hung my stand, it was slow only seeing 5 does and a six pointer. So I decided to try some blind grunts because I could see a good distance in couple of directions, 25 minutes before dark I called my last sequence and put the tube away for another year. At that point I start to pack things up when I see a large body 300 yards away making a beeline for my tree with daylight fading. He must of pinpointed my grunts earlier waited until last light to investigate, he stops at the base of my tree presenting no shot, picks my scent up, looks up at me and bolts 25 yards away, stops again, turns broad side for a last look and that's all he wrote, piling up 40 yards away. He needed another year but it was time to put some meat in the freezer Sorry for the dark pics but I just bought a new phone and could not figure out flash or flashlight so the rest of the pics came out black as last light faded quickly
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  37. Today Theo recovered our 50th deer of the season. This deer was shot yesterday morning with a slight quartering away. The deer was hit with a rage 2 blade and had about 7 inches of penetration. The deer was tracked with good blood and jumped by the hunter and his buddies. They backed out and came back and searched this morning but due to the heavy rain they couldn’t find any additional sign. I started Theo at the hit and all the good blood was gone from the rain. The hunters didn’t physically mark the line till last blood, but had it on a phone. Theo took the line and tracked it fairly easily to last blood. Last blood was in a floodplain between multiple branches of small creeks. There were willows and briars along with large clumps of dead weeds and vines. Here’s where things got a little rough. Due to all the additional searching the track went from a track to Theo searching every deer run and creek crossing to the left of the last blood. When he was satisfied the deer didn’t go that way he circled himself around back to last blood and then began to pick the right side apart. He was searching very slow and methodical. I got hung up in a bunch of briars and vines and I lost the lead. By the time I got free and around the brush, Theo was gone. I panicked a bit and started to recall him. I saw him on the other side of a creek drainage heading through low green grass about 50 yds away. He finally heard me and headed back. By the time I got across the creek he was there. He was giving me that look that says come on. I said ‘’get back on the line and find the blood “and he took off right back to where he came from and in another 50 yds. I could see the deer laying in the distance. That deer looks like it was hit with an ax. The hunter said there was a lot of blood on the track yesterday. When the deer was gutted the on side lung had some slight discoloration and what was possibly a tiny cut. That’s all I could see. I measured the actual track off the GPS the deer took and subtracted all Theo’s searching from the hit site to the recovery and that deer traveled 850 yds. These bucks are incredibly tough this time of year and this one was a perfect example of that. I don’t know if I’ll ever have another dog quite like him but he is the real deal. Congratulations to the hunter on a great deer.
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  38. JHbowhunter

    Tuesday Muzzy

    Will start another post. What mass. Big 11. Held out all season him or bust.
    35 points
  39. Well I made my usual trip up to the Adirondacks in 5H. It was a smaller group with a shorter stay but on the second day I was able to connect with my first black bear. Came off the mountain I was sitting at the base of. A 60 yard shot out of my Winchester 1894 in 30-30, and I had my first black bear. Wasn’t huge. At 6 miles from the truck, and almost 2 miles from camp, it was an easy decision to cape, quarter and debone in the woods. I’d estimate the bear in the 150-180 lbs range dressed.
    35 points
  40. Hunter115522

    Buck Down

    Got out today for an afternoon sit with a friend, and my dad. This buck came in at about 3pm sniffing around. I was torn if I wanted to shoot him or not, but after a shitty season so far, seeing way less deer, and not much time to hunt, I decided I'd take him. He gave me a 25 yard quartering away shoot, and I took it. He ran about 30 yards, and bed down. About 20 min later, he got up and slowly walked away. I gave it another hour, and started tracking. Found him dead only about 20 yards later. Arrow exited out of the bottom of his neck. Definitely the smallest buck I've shoot in a few years, but it was still a great hunt with a good friend, and my dad. Now it's doe patrol to stock up on meat for the year.
    34 points
  41. 32 years ago my wife's grandfather hand carved this duck and not knowing it was a pintail, painted it grey and white. To be honest, I never even noticed it till my in-laws were moving and asked if I wanted it. I was blown away by the gesture knowing where it came from. I commissioned an artist to paint it the true colors. We will honor her grandfather, the beautiful species, and the spirit of duck hunting for generations to come.
    34 points
  42. Been waiting forever it feels like. Tomorrow when my son gets home from school at 2:00 we are rolling out. Kansas here we come. He is 10 and it’s his first big hunting/road trip. Driving all night and we will be in the stand Saturday afternoon. Got 7 full days to get it done. Gonna be hard to sleep tonight. Update: Was driving in to the one property we hunt with my dad and son to move a stand. Coming down through the field and look over to see a nice buck standing on the field edge 200 yds away. Had my dad park in the middle of the field with a big cedar tree between us and the deer. Grabbed my bow and hopped out and sprinted over to behind the tree. Was able to use some scrub brush and a depression in the field to slither in to 40 yds. Got on my knees and got myself to together and peeked up and he was still standing there broadside! Drew back and settled and sent one. Unfortunately he turned right when I shot and I hit him in the ham. Saw blood spraying as he ran into the woods and was hopeful. Got the femoral and an easy 70 yd blood trail later we found him! Not the caliber buck I would usually shoot here but I don’t mind burning the tag when my dad and son get to watch me put on a successful stalk from the truck. Really cool day. Still trying to get my son one, lots of close calls just waiting for the right shot. He missed a 5 pt this morning but we still have a day and a half and there’s deer everywhere here.
    33 points
  43. BIG PAT

    Big Pa buck

    My buddy Jim killed a good one this morning in Pa
    32 points
  44. Roon

    Season is Done...

    For us. Great day out, between my back and cold weather "Pug Life" will be going to sleep next weekend. Would have had a boat limit today but, handing the rod off to Bugs we lost 2 keepers, end game is smiles and regardless of 3 fish in cooler or one she was happy, which in turn makes pop and pop pop happy. Dogs never left cuddy today and Bugs them passed out altogether for the ride in.
    30 points
  45. Biggest body so far for me. Very exciting hunt. Came in to the little green doe bleat box and some grunt calls. Didn’t go far. Never seen him before but must have been the son from the antlers I found a year ago. thanks for looking
    30 points
  46. Gobblengrunt

    11/2 Check In

    Nothing great but a good mature buck with my stickbow. Couldnt pass up a 10 yard shot on an old warrior
    30 points
  47. OK, so not New Jersey, but my dad just sent me this pic. His dachshund made another recovery back home in Sweden.
    29 points
  48. surfnhorns

    NY 8 P0int

    NY Cross Bow Buck I Harvested Monday Evening. Lots of Meat on this one!!!
    28 points
  49. andytro17


    Awesome amount of rut activity today. Below is the main frame 8pt with a sticker I took and a video of him chasing moments before the kill. IMG_0263.MP4
    28 points
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