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    So this is my first public land deer. I was really up in the air about hunting in the rain but glad I did.Here’s the story i walk in and spot 3 does, just standing around, I bumped a small buck off my bait, in stand by 5pm. Not even fifteen minutes have a doe with two fawns come in. After 15 minutes another doe with one fawn join them, watch them for about an hour, they meander off all around me feeding on acorns, out of nowhere spot a young three point buck to my left, he won’t come in chances are he’s the one I spooked, check my phone 6:30pm is my magic time for my target buck. A few minutes go by and out of nowhere on my right here comes my target buck, a 4 pointer and spike, game on. They make their way to my bait, target first then the other two, runs the 4 off a little, and spike stands in edge of woods because when he tried to move target buck moved towards him aggressively. I have a tree between me and the target buck. What seems like forever finally have a chance take the shot hit a little low, no pass through. I’m thinking a heart shot, watch the deer get about 60 yards and lose sight. Get down from stand right away and start tracking, go through and find a quad road find my arrow laying there good blood, every so often I’d find blood but it was tough if there wasn’t trees above it, rain would wash away the blood. Well I continue following and get to a spot find a pie plate size of blood on the ground and can’t figure with the tall grass which way he went. I hear something it’s dark I’m using a flash light never saw what it was. Well after about 40 minutes fanning the area double backing and rechecking find some blood, and follow five feet there’s my deer. The noise I heard was him trying to get up maybe last kicks. in total probably tracked 300 yards and about two hours. Tough tracking in rainy conditions thought multiple times I lost the deer. The deer was shot liver/gut and no pass through. My buddy kept telling me over the phone keep at it. He showed up and helped me drag, not the biggest rack but my target buck. Body wise looks to be 3 years old. Big heavy deer. Was able to drop off at game butchers in Lebanon they had a walk in freezer late night drop off. Not the greatest pics but here.
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    307D0628-289C-412B-86AE-9D281CCC0C3D.MOV A444E3B2-74F3-4702-BD4D-C89CDE291BAA.mp4 920A681C-BB75-4F9A-AAE5-3ECCD3774CD7.MOV
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    Found him! Didn’t go 50 yards. Looks like it hit the back shoulder on the way out, that’s why the it didn’t go through.
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    My son Chris Jr. harvested his first buck with the compound bow yesterday in Zone 13. A real pretty 8 point in full velvet! He center punched him straight through both lungs @ 15 yards & watched him drop in sight! 9/8/18
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    Amazing week with my dad hunting for his 1st Elk. What a giant he was able to take at 608 yards. He scored 374 1/2". A dream Bull of a lifetime! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    After another round of back injections, Drs. orders, "Go home take it easy sit and relax." So I did.... in the woods!
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    Took my doe yesterday in a short hunt that lasted only 10 mins. Still it was great to be back out with the bow. After the shot the doe ran over 20 yarsd and I watch'ed her drop. I had to wait to go out to retrive for about 15 mins waiting for a couple bucks that were with her to walk off. When I went out and began to look for my arrow, which should be easy to see as it has a bright lumenok on it. Now I was shooting slightly uphill and I searched and I could not find my arrow. I looked up the hill and to my surprise, I see the lumenok lit up and arrow in a tree? I walked up the hill to it and ranged from where the arrow was stuck in the tree to my blind. It was 40 yards! So my arrow went through the doe and continued andother 35 into tree. I never this happen before yet it shows you the power of a bow. All around a great opening day even though it was short and sweet. Good luck to everyone this season and have lots of fun
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    I got back yesterday from a kayak fishing trip to Christmas Island, which is 1300 miles south of Hawaii. This is my second trip there and not sure if the hurricane that was in Hawaii while we were there caused the heavy winds we had the first few days....but it made jigging from the kayak almost impossible. We both had fish everyday, but not like I experienced the last time I was there. A boat would take us out and drop us off, while they went in search of tuna....which they found everyday. The last 2 days there, we came upon huge schools of busting tuna and birds.... The boat got us as close as they could and We got into the kayaks and headed for the most amazing site of tuna busting the surface that I have ever seen. I hooked up in about 5 minutes and for the next 40 minutes...I was pinned down without being able to make one crank of the reel. I turned the kayak sideways, so he was pulling the full weight of me and the kayak, while pulling me into a 3 foot chop against the wind. After I was able to start reeling it in....it was a slow but steady fight for another 30 minutes before getting it close enough to the boat for a clean gaff and a much needed few beers !.... The guide estimated the tuna at 80 pounds and our biggest of the trip. The next day, my friend Bill hooked up and landed one as well, after an almost 2 hour fight.....I also hooked up twice and was spooled on one reel and broke off on the second rod I had with me. Here are a bunch of pictures.......... Danny V
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    As read on my other post, https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/topic/24053-advice-on-how-to-hunt-him-wpic/?tab=comments#comment-300314 , I have a decent buck on camera I’ve been lookin at for the past two months. Went out to a different spot this am and was covered in deer well before shooting light. Since I was hunting the woods, I had to wait a while before it was light enough to verify they were in fact doe, and let an arrow fly. Hit its mark and had one on the board early. Fast forward to to this afternoon. Been tracking this guys patterns for a while and thought I had him figured out. WRONG. Anyway, watched a few smaller bucks and then watched a small 5pt grunt and chase after 3 does relentlessly. I wasn’t sure what time of the year it was, it was like it was the rut! Watched 2 small scrub bucks for about 30 min more and then this guy appeared out of thin air around 5:30. Took about 2omin to present me with a shot but let another fly and hit its mark. Didn’t weigh him yet, and definitely want to score him. What do you guys think he’ll score? I have a rough idea but want to see your guesses first.
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    My cousin lives up in north western Maine , and I came up here for my first black bear hunt ever . I got in early Thursday , and we got out right away . They've had some great bears on camera but last week it begin to change some . It didn't matter though, the first night we saw a good bear , I let him walk with higher hopes . Second night we saw another one but I still let him walk . Tonight we got in , it was the perfect evening being able to sit with my cousin and his son , since we had hung a second stand yesdterday . Two guns but I was main gun tonight . Within 25 minute we had the same bear we saw the first two nights , I could not line up a shot . Twice he gave me broadside shots both times his vitals were blocked by some brush . He once again walked out . 6:30 I hear what sounds like someone walking up the trail , when I get the hand gesture that there was a bear below me walking in on the trail . For 5 minutes he and I played a game . He would be broadside with a tree blocking vitals , then facing away , then broadside with a tree . Finally he was slowly making his way into my lane , for what seemed like eternity to wait for that last step . Finally he took it , and bang the .300 Winchester short mag barked . He flipped and ran straight down the mountain . He made it probably 15 yards under his own power and another 15 sliding face first into some brush. He barely had enough left for anything that resembled a death moan but he was expired within seconds . Both lungs and heart were taken out . We got him dressed out , and found a butcher who they've used in the past for deer, to process him . The bear population has exploded and they've been having issues with them on their property so it felt good to come up and hep them out . They put their own bear hunting on hold for me to come up , so I'm very blessed on this one . To have my cousin and his son there with me , made it a trip of a lifetime , a personal bucket list item , and a memory none of us will forget ! Full live weight was somewhere around 160 lbs , it was an adult male , the state takes a tooth sample by law so I should eventually find out age .
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    I little muggy and a little wet, but got it done and with only a few dead mosquitoes! Stay dry and good luck boys and girls.
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    I think we need to start some sort of season for them . Lots of pics and mama has some mouths to feed . Very cool animals
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    Adelynn will be 4 months old on opening day.. I figured its time to show her the ropes.. Scouted today.. Found buck rubs, acorns, and tracks. I also showed her how to bait like a champ. We checked my treestand and 2 trailcams. Just went through over 25k photos from 1 week on 2 cams. There are deer on the bait all day and all night long its ridiculous. I think I need to shoot some does. Same few bucks every week.. nothing new in weeks. None of the bucks are giants , which excites me, because if these are the only ones I have as options I will stick to using the recurve Also, a fox that enjoys feeding on record rack blocks with the deer. Overall - day was successful. Addy took in alot of good information and showed plenty of interest. I cant wait for her to be old enough to aim and squeeze a trigger.. I see a preserve hunt in pur near future lol. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Worse part is she beat me twice. Saturday and Sunday. Saturday Tracey and I started fluking in nj waters. Told her we were probably going to fish ny waters and we couldn't keep anything under 19". Well that stop she had a 21" and a 24" in the box. While I was throwing a bunch between 18/19 back . Ny was a bust just lots of small fish so we headed back to where we started and Tracey filled her limit . I caught a bunch of fish but every one was short. So Saturday ended with Tracey catching a limit and me taking the skunk. Sunday had us fishing local in super sticky stuff looking for a big fish . I boxed a 4 and a 6 on first few drifts . But after that we had drop and reel shorts for the next two hours . With ten minutes left till heading to the dock Tracey rod doubled over and I saw the shake of a good fish. She almost thought she was snagged but saw she was gaining line and knew she had a good one gliding to the boat. She looked as I stood there with the net and said " This is serious business " A minute later I slid the net under her new PB fluke at just under 9# .
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    Figured I share, could not have been more perfect. It's almost like he knew his pic was being taken.
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    Could be a mistake that becomes fatal letting junior know he’s around. We were wondering whose fat ass was leaving such deep footprints
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    Took my uncle out on my little 16 footer again today and got in to a variety. We caught fluke, Bonita, Albacore, mahi mahi, Chub mackerel, sea robins, blue fish, dog fish and a cow noae ray Also we saw porpoise and a few big humpback whales feeding on bunker. Water was clean and full of like today and we never went past 2-3 miles off the beach.
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    The new TRIAX ain’t a virgin any longer.
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    Picks from pot hopping today Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
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    Caught some fluke today, so here's what I did with them.. I made a française style. Pretty simple. Make a seasoned flour, with onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, paprika. Put in a bag and shake to combine. Dip fish in flour mixture FIRST, then into an egg wash. Not the egg first, but the flour first. Fry in olive oil and butter, about 3 min per side. Save 1 tablespoon of flour for the sauce..When fish is done, put in a warm oven, about 200 degrees, just to keep warm, not to cook. In same pan you cooked fish in, dump out oil. Add 5-6 tablespoons butter, 1/4 cup white wine, 1/4 cup lemon juice, a few tablespoons of water. Wisk in the tablespoon of flour. Let this come to a boil for only about 30 seconds, then lower the heat. Continue to wisk the sauce. If too thick, add a little water. If too thin, add a little some flour, and wisk. Pour sauce on top of fish, dust with fresh chopped parsley, pair it with your favorite sides, and enjoy. I did mine with sautéed asparagus and brown teriyaki rice.
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    Ten yd shot, bled good from impact to where she droped. Only made it 60 yds.
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    So what's your thoughts on rage broadheads
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    I have been after this guy now since I first got pics of him in 2014. He always disappears the first couple weeks of the season. He is not a high scoring buck and never was but is on top of the hit list. I am guessing him to be a minimum of 7.5 but very possible to be 8.5. First pic is him in 2014. He maxed out last year and is on the way down this year so I hope the deer gods smile on me and I can get him on the ground this season.
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    Well days over congrats to all. Now off to it. Morning sit was a bust between warm then wind and rain caught a chill i couldn't shake. Went home and waited for afternoon sit. Forecast showed rain but kid still wants to go. We got in tree at 4:15. At 5:08 we had 3 does at 8 yards and got winded no alarms just knew something was wrong and they backed out. Talked her into sitting a bit more, 6:00 we had a 6pt feed about 60yrds out. Of course kid had to pee, well she got it done out of the ladder stand lol. Deer kept heading in and we were gearing to get a picture of her with him in the back ground. Out of corner of our eyes she says daddy doe, now plans change, and were watching where she's going. Pushing 6:40 and shes making her way behind us. I tell the kid get ready and let one fly at 29yrds. Kid says is she ok and we hear her crash in the creek i say yup shes perfect. We pack up get down and go and look, found her down stream, left kid on river bank to get pack and bow next all i hear is blood curdling screams, now I'm running through prickers to get to her, only to find she stood on an underground yellow jacket nest. Kids a trooper pick was taken after being stung 12 times and even hung out to drop guts before going home. And believe or not honestly did shoot a dry mature doe.
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