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  1. Had a GREAT time with 9YO Grandson Jake. Birds were gobbling on the way to the blind so I knew it would be good today. 1st light came and I started calling had this weary Tom come within a 70 yards but he would not commit and he turned and went back in the woods, he kept making noise while circling around us but would not come close then he left and went down the hill. He never stopped gobbling and came around behind us again, this went on for an hour then I decided to change tactics. I started making tom yelps and loud purrs, he came back around and watched at about 60 yards all fanned out.
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  2. 2021 Kodiak Alaska bear hunt finally happened. I had this trip planned for some time. I left April 18th and started hunting on the 21st. I saw approx 30 bears. On average 4 a day. One day I didn’t see any. The days are spent sitting on the beaches glassing for 12 hours no joke. Waiting for the right bear and right situation. I was blessed with absolutely great weather. On day 7 of a 12 day hunt I spotted a big bear with great fur on a deer carcass so we decided to head on into the jungle and put a stalk on. 2 hours later we ended up 70 yards from the bear and his deer carcass. We waited 4 hour
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  3. Story with pics to come later --- but got my first opening day A-week bird and it is a doozy!! Double Spurs!! Never saw or heard such a thing!!! What a morning!! Stay tuned... ---- UPDATE ---- OK... Here's the story!!! I'm gonna write a book here, so you can skip down if you just care about the pictures ... First, some background. Early last week we had invited a bunch of friends to visit at our house for a couple hours. Well, Friday afternoon we get the call -- "So-and-so has symptoms and is getting tested, but we think its COVID". I'm thinking, "Turkey season starts in
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  4. Was out hunting with my sister-in-law this morning. She’s been out turkey hunting the past three years a few times. But just never had a chance to shoot a turkey. So I told her I would take her out opening day with me to hunt. We set up in a ground blind at 5:30am. We had a nice Tom come to the field we were huntIng at 6:15am. Strutting and gobbling but wouldnt leave the logging road to come into the field. He eventually walked off. About an hour later we had another Tom come out to the field. He never gobbled until he got to the field. He came to 50 yards but cut into the woods and kept going
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  5. Headed out with Mike and Brandon to look for some stripers after work tonight . figured with forecasted hard west their would be bait along the beach NADA . so hit some lumps and they each got to fight a cow . Brandons fish was 39 # , Mike’s was 43. both swam for a few minutes for a nice healthy release . headed back in earlier than expected when winds went hard south stacking up the seas quick . comfortable ride home and cleaned up early . .
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  6. Took my first turkey and did it with my recurve!
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  7. HighEndHooker

    First fish!

    He’s seen his ole’ man put a few fish away, but this is the first one he reeled in all by himself. Couldn’t be more proud. I added a few to the stringer and he’ll have his first self caught meal tonight at 3 years old.
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  8. Wow! I can't believe how things are working out this season for me! First I get a great opening day gobbler, now this week I had several great days afield and also managed to get another nice gobbler down today on the last day of B-week! Earlier this week I spent a couple mornings at a new place that I scouted a few months ago. I saw a bunch of turkeys, but they were mostly hens (the exception was Heckle and Jekyll, the 2 small jakes who were so young they didn't seem to know how to strut or gobble!). It's fun watching the hens interact with each other, but after a while you just want to
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  9. What a morning They were gobbling soon after 1st light and a half hour later we had the 1st bird come in with 3 hens. I retrieved him and got set up again. Not even 10 minutes later I look to the left and another is coming down the field edge. He gets to 20 yards but turns before my friend could shoot. I let out a few yelps and he sounded off. 5 hens came into the dekes and he quickly followed. Bang and a double down. 10 and 11 inch beards.
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  10. Was a long winter . Let the fun begin. . Another month Tracey will be back where she belongs aside me there . been a long 11 weeks , but she finally is standing on 2 feet again . with help from her all terrain boot .
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  11. iluv2hunt

    Muzzleloader Tom down

    My day started off real slow and pretty remain that way. There was zero gobbling today. If it wasn’t for pictures from my cell camera all week long of turkeys in the field I hunt. I would have thought there was no turkeys in my area. Around 11 I did some calling. No response. I’m sitting texting a friend in New Hampshire about the lack of activity today. I look out the left side of the blind and I see a Tom strutting about 80 yards away. I decided I wasn’t going to do any calling. He broke strut and started heading for my decoys. I had my decoys at 15 yards so he need to cover some ground befo
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  12. Faster

    Tom down!

    I got out this morning just before first light and walked to a spot that has always been a producer in the past. As I was getting near to where I was planning to start from, I began hearing a gobbler firing up on the roost. By the time I picked my setup, 2 others had joined in. They were all in different trees within about 150 yards of each other around a large over grown field. I decided to setup just inside the field edge at the bottom. I had a killer setup because there is only one small opening in the hedgerow where an old fence was, so I picked a tree to sit against looking right at that
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  13. Shug

    Took a respectable bird...

    Called this guy on state land yesterday...drew back when went behind a tree he walked right up to the jake decoy and stood behind a couple of weeds...I was stuck at full draw for what felt like 2 minutes but was probably 15 seconds.... then he stepped up on a mound of dirt to give the jake the stink eye.. 13 yard shot 45 yard recovery 21# 9” beard just over 1” Spurs
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  14. I'm not a great story teller and don't often write about my hunts, however, this one is worth telling. I'll try to keep it short and stick to the facts. *Update it's long... I'll set the mood with some details about yesterday evening. Checked our secret state land spot yesterday with my 2 year old daughter to make sure I could locate my exact spot in the dark. There were about 15 birds in the field that allowed us to walk past them in plain sight maybe 75 yards away. Pulling out I had to do a double take in the field across the street, which is private. I swear there were well over
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  15. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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  16. Fished through the down pours was great seeing much needed rain. Streams were brown and running high. I had a feeling i would get into a good one because these are among my favorite conditions. I decided to hit a creek very small normally but was high and clear. Started hooking up right away on browns from 10-12" so i started continuing upstream and they started getting a little bigger. But they were hitting good and then i got that slam head shake turn and burn and new i hooked into a good one. Was a great fight and made my day getting a good brown today. The smaller one in the pictures has b
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  17. Hunted the clear cut this morning. He came in at 7:30. Dead by 7:45. The blind almost flew away when he came in lol but didn't spook him. 16yds w/ the compound bow. 23.36 lbs 8.5" Beard 3/4" & 11/16" spurs.
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  18. JackStraw

    No youth hunters out?

    Little Eddie scored on a bird at 1115. Quite a show three of them put on. First bird.
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  19. Picked up my 2020 archery buck this afternoon. Very happy with how it came out. Gotta find a spot for it on the man cave wall now.
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  20. gobblergetter

    Windy day bird

    Regular strategies get blown away on a day like today. Daybreak was a bust with no gobbles to be heard. Dummy me chose to go on a ridge to get a vantage point..Duh... After a few tries in lower laying areas I spotted a lone gobbler as I approached an area I can hunt. He was walking the field edge and going towards the'back forty.' I drove around the backside and set up just inside the woods with a decoy in the field. Once he came into view I called and his neck shot out but I couldn't hear the gobble. Everytime I called, he answered but couldn't hear him. Once he saw the de
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  21. We had steady rain from the start and the first run we fished we caught three browns 14-18" in just a matter of maybe 15 minutes. From there we moved downstream and had hits but all misses. So we decided to go try another stream i know and we got there and the water was so low it was not fishable bummer. So we go to another spot down in a deep valley and we each caught a brown around 12 inches. So we said lets go try another spot where we have done good before and it was loaded with tourists we couldn't even park that annoyed us. So we both agree lets go back where we started and fish that sec
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  22. Rusty

    I dropped the Covid 19

    I was at the dentist last month and the hygienist took my blood pressure, it was not good. She told me to go see a doctor. I've never had blood pressure issues but this past year I've put on a bunch of weight, I've been eating crap, and I've been drinking like a fish. The blood pressure reading was enough of a kick in the pants to get me back on track. I put on the full Covid 19 this past year, I was 180 lb. pre-covid and I had gone up to 200 lb. Since last month I've dropped back down to the low 180s, went from 4 cups of coffee a day to 2, and went from too many drinks a day to
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  23. vdep217


    After a dismal day of 2 misses with the red dot grabbed tge trusty auto to my surprise only 2 far off gobbles. Regrouped went to another spot and had one locked up that wouldn't move after a half hour I hear somthing in front of me and out of the gander brush pops a red head. Boom and down he goes Big jake just under 5 inch beard half inch spurs at least the monkey is off my back
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  24. It was a perfect morning for a field edge turkey hunt with sunny skies and cool weather. I had non-stop action up to my shot opportunity. Best of luck to the rest of you this season.
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  25. NJ219bands

    They’re baaaaaack

    Made my first doubleheader fishing trip for this year today. Caught, tagged and released a 34” bluefish from a Central Jersey jetty this afternoon with a plain hook Ava A-17 then caught a yellow perch and warmouth in a Central Jersey Brook in the evening. Applied for my 53rd NJ Skillful Angler Recognition Award for the bluefish. It is illegal to release warmouth in NJ.
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  26. nmc02


    I fished the Raritan bay for stripers today for the first time in 3 years...lots of fish around. Live lining was great.
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  27. Hey everyone, been busy with different projects and some out of state turkey hunting. Had great success in MD taking 2 gobblers and even doubling up with my buddy on our second hunt. Got my butt kicked in Alabama but my daughter took a great gobbler so it was a great trip! As for my children's book, I hope you all pick one up as it has many messages for our children but most importantly is to never give up no matter what! It is titled Immigrant, American, Survivor. A little boy who grew up to be all three. I hope it inspires children you have or know and if you pick a copy up, thank you i
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    Big bird down

    Not mine, my friends. Sweet hooks
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  29. After 3 mornings, THey didnt go the other way this am. Been hearing a lot of birds close but it happened this am. Hen flew right over my head followed by this bird that landed 20 yds behind me by my dekes & started strutting. I was in a natural blind facing away from my dekes looking at the roost because i knew i could turn around without being seen if necessary. I set up this way because They hung up right where i was sitting 2 out of 3 days. Mature bird but not a boss. Beard about 7 or 8" & spurs probably 7/8". Didnt want to hunt tomorrow anyway. Need thesleep & heading t
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  30. Just finished this bear mount. Customer supplied the base he made himself out if a cedar tree he cut down in his yard. A little different pose.. I like it! Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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  31. LPJR

    Kansas box arrived today

    Christopher and I had a box of sheds with some new, older, and a few that he found (including the elk antler) when we were in Kansas shipped back home. It arrived today and it was pretty cool to add these to our collection. Not gonna lie. I was like a kid on Christmas morning.
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  32. LPJR

    Pond is running and stocked

    However with goldfish and comets, after a great blue heron stole all of my bigger Koi as well as my neighbors a couple of years ago in one visit... Late start, usually it's open by the trout opener, but got the pond going with the fish that stayed inside for the winter. Found 1 fish when draining and cleaning it out this week that survived when it was frozen solid this winter with no waterfall or moving water. Was shocked to say the least... My buddy @ASFTAXand I built it years ago when my kids were young and erosion had taken a toll on it over the years, especially recently.
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  33. Bones

    My 6 day buck

    Got him home a couple days ago. I think he came out great, it’s not his cape due to severe infection on his head but the taxidermist found one close enough, a little smaller but a nice coat on him.
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  34. Homemade call works. State land bird down
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  35. hammer4reel

    NJFG Hard at work

    All it takes is a phone call .. Good work by those involved . As anglers take advantage of the ongoing striped bass run, New Jersey’s Conservation Police Officers have been busy enforcing the size and creel limits for this popular game fish. Calls to the 877-WARN-DEP line concerning violations have directed the officers’ attention to individuals whose illegal activities did not go unnoticed by law-abiding sportsmen and women. The officers have also been checking in on past trouble spots. Between April 8 and April 11, Conservation Police Officer Robert Driscoll and Li
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  36. Today was just one of them mornings. Had multiple birds hammering non stop. This one entered the field and went nuts when he saw the jake decoy.
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  37. Roon

    Dog Paw Table...

    Wife draged me into her arts and crafts side hustle. She did a few things for our local groomer in town. Giving her a plug Melissa dose a great job and really enjoys what she does and owns Fur the love of dogs. She mentioned to my wife she wanted a small cafe table in her waiting area but it doesn't exist. My wife says my husband can make it lol. Little more work than I expected but she loves it. I tried talking her into a dog bone shape with a paw carved in but she was hell bent on the paw, just more work didn't want stupid looking with just a square apron so everyt
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  38. Somehow I drew a very coveted Elk tag. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  39. It was a great day! Another pic of my walleye and brown. I wear a size 16 boot for reference.
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  40. Looks like maybe 60lb must be a young one!
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  41. Last September I was hunting in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska. While sitting and glassing for hours I often found myself studying the spruce trees. For some reason I found them fascinating. They were loaded with cones so I packed some in an empty ziploc bag along with some stamens. I thought it would be pretty cool to grow some Alaskan spruce at home in NJ. The bag sat on my workbench all winter and when I started my seeds in my greenhouse this year I also planted some spruce seeds. I got home from work today and the first of my spruce seeds had sprouted. Hopefully I'll get enough to plant a
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  42. Lunatic

    Rope Burn

    Ease up, you may go blind
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  43. Lunatic

    New home for my bike

    I was thinking about this project for a while. The bike takes 1/2 of my shed so it’s hard to store anything else in it. I needed a new shed just for the bike. I started solo on Saturday the 10th and finished solo yesterday. I just need to paint it. The shed includes nice, big loft for additional storage
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  44. I have a farm in Md about 2.75 hrs from my house. I wanted to put something up to spend time during season. I bought a 10x12 shed. Insulated it. Added a small solar system and a generator hook up for my honda. No water. Camping toilet. Mr. Buddy for heat. Microwave, coffee maker, and vacuum need the genny. Everything else runs on solar
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  45. Bottom Valley Gobbler! My son is on the board.... 🦃
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  46. Rusty

    Nice Looking Buck

    This buck was running around one of our spots this past season. He didn't mind posing for the camera but he was a no-show whenever I had someone in a stand.
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  47. Merkel

    Successful NC Turkey Hunt

    Some of you may recall that I asked for recommendations on an out of state Turkey hunt. I got some great ideas but ultimately decided to take Smitty’s advice on Lily Pond in NC. Happy to share that I successfully connected on (2) 3-year old Toms over 2 days. Here’s the summary: Day 1: we heard gobbling at sunrise. Around 8 am a couple of Toms walked into the opposite end of the field from woods about 400 yards away. My guide called but the Toms had no interest. Left around 11 am and hit a different farm after lunch. Saw an uninterested Tom in the far distance. Called it a day a
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  48. Lphunsjr

    Ready to Splash

    Fresh new Suzuki 140 Four strokes,,,,,waxed up and ready to Splash. Excited for bloody decks
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  49. A nice walleye! Was cool catching him in a trout stream. I didn't catch any trout today missed 4 or 5 so he made up for that.
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  50. Got out with my buddy Glenn to rake up some dinner the other day. Did really good for catching the change of tides. Enjoyed chowder, and streamers.
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