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    Logan went out this morning and made a great shot on a south jersey gobbler. 4 different gobblers were in the area and this one couldn't resist his cane yelper. It was a great day!!! 22.10lbs 11.5 beard 7.25 beard 7/8" spurs
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    Slept in this morning due to the forecast. My son and I got in the ground blind at 9. Had a mature Tom come in about an hour later. Would never come closer then 38 yards. He stayed around for two hours strutting and gobbling whenever I would call. I assume he was afraid to commit due to the jake decoy I had set Up with the hens. Just when I thought it was over this big guy came in at 11:55. After a he beat up the jake decoy. My son shot him at 15 yards with his crossbow. He weighed 24lbs 10.25 inch beard and 1-5/8 inch spurs. A true limb hanger. Best part was I got it all on video.
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    2nd season trying for them. Last year was hen city. Between that and my work schedule just couldn't get it done. Fast forward to this season. This morning the ran was non existent at 525. That was nice. Unfortunately that didn't last long. Down pours all morning. Heard a few gobbles between 640 and 725 but nothing close. Headed back to truck to go to breakfast. Back in the blind by 1040. The skies dried. Birds woke up. Saw birds as we were driving in. Uugghh figures. 1130 we had a double gobble. Holy %€✓®. Lol. Bird came in. 30 yard shot. He fires. It appears he missed. Bird flinches. Bird runs 20 yards. Falls over. Lol. Dead bird. Lol. Never saw that happen before. 25lb 91/2 beard. Spurs 1 1/8. With his big brother.
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    Walleye opened back up in NY Saturday on the Delaware. I went for a long hike no hits at all in any of my honey holes and finally had one last spot to try before I called it a day. I fished the deep run for a half hour when I felt a big hit! And the next 10 to 15 minutes had me in a dog fight that was unreal. I new it was a big ass walleye but never saw the fish until he got close and I was like holy crap! When I landed him I went to lift him all weight and length I was excited. And as I lift him I see my 6 inch jerk bait nowhere he swallowed the entire thing and was bleeding bad .I cleaned him up for the picture. When I realized this fish was no way going to make it I decided to take him home and filleted him. So he will be tomorrows gourmet dinner they are amazing eating. But what an end to a dead day and what a beast of a fish!
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    Got my 2018 extended season buck back. Randy did another great job..
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    He came in at 7:15 a.m. this morning all by himself to my aggressive calling - in search of her. Took him at 30 yards.
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    So anyway, yesterday and today my goal was to get my buddy a turkey. Zero dark thirty we were set up and waiting patiently (well at least one of us was). The morning started out slow and everything I told my buddy would happen, didn't. We saw a few hens and had a short, long distance encounter with a nice tom, that was by no means willing to leave his three ladies. After a little walk and quick check out in one of the fields we saw all the birds Ubered their way to the far end of the neighboring field, and I mean faaaar end. We decided to move on to spot #2. Spot 2 we get set up around 0930. I call and call and call with no response of any sort. It was deader then dead to the point where talking went from whispering to laughing out loud. When not smoking and joking most of our conversation was one sided as every time I looked over my buddy was chin to chest with drool running down his turkey vest. For a split second I thought about packing it in and my buddy wasn't arguing the idea, but we stayed put. Time goes on and we're coming to the end of the line. Now pay attention cause this story may start to sound familiar. At 1140 I say to my buddy, "Come on let's sneak back and check the back field." His response, "Go ahead I'm gonna stay here and play with my calls, I'm tired." So off I go to the back of the woods towards the field listening to my buddy call which actually sounded pretty good the further I got. I glass the field and nothing. I walk to the corner of the woods and stand there for a minute and figure what the hell. I grab my slate and let out the loudest yelp I could. Low and behold I hear a distant gobble. I hit the call again and he responds again. Hot damn blood starts flowing! I text my buddy to tell him to get ready then I look over and it became obvious he heard the gobbles also cause I see him stumbling towards me, but he's to far to get all the way to me and the gobbles were getting closer so he hunkered down where he was about fifty yards from me. Me and the ol tom are hittin it off pretty good. I'd throw some lulls in there to get him searching. Now mind you, I was checking my watch cause time was a tickin and I thought for sure I was gonna have to walk away from this bird. The less I called the closer he gets and the closer he gets the less I called. WATCH CHECK! I toned it down to light purrs and a few clucks. WATCH CHECK! He's close, but I still don't see him. WATCH CHECK! Finally I see movement in the laurels. WATCH CHECK! He's in and out of strut heading right to me and into a clearing. I lay my call down, WATCH CHECK, and reach for my gun. WATCH CHECK! It's now or never. I raise up and he closes up with his neck stretched high looking right at me. BOOM! Down he goes. A few flops and it was over... so I thought. I checked my phone 1159! I couldn't believe it. At the same time I stand up and hear a flopping noise I can't explain and see another bird fly up and land in a tree in front of me. What the [email protected]#$. I look up and it's a peacock! What the [email protected]#$ again! I couldn't believe it. I stood there staring at it like what I was seeing wasn't really there, but it was. So I make my way over to the turkey and of course he starts his death flop and is heading for a four foot drop with a crick in the bottom. Gaining control with one hand wasn't working and I didn't feel like dealing with a wet bird. I toss my gun to the side and get both hands on him. He's still winning the battle to the crick. I'm getting winged in the face and spurs in the hands. Right on the edge of the ditch I just throw myself on him like a grenade. He finally succumbed to his injuries, but gave a good fight. Needless to say my buddy stood there laughing at me the whole time. After cheers, high fives and catching my breath, I realized I just killed my fifth double bearded bird. I won't lie I was a little disappointed my buddy didn't get this turkey, but even he said, "I shoulda took the walk with ya." Told ya you wouldn't believe it.....
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    My brother has too much time on his hands and likes to torture his chocolate lab. He calls it his pure bread retriever.
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    Details to follow, but nice bird on the ground, called off the roost. Troutandbucks is next Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got set up this morning early and had a bird sound off to our right . Then had some hens tree yelp to our left . Hens started cutting up a storm so I did the same . Ended up being more than one tom and they were going nuts . This guy came in on a string to the 2 hen decoys and my son took him at about 25 yards . 22.74 lbs , 10 inch beard and little better than 1" spurs . Nice to get it done before the wind really cranked up .
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    I “cheated” and set up a compound to make my birthday hunt today a little easier. I roosted a few birds last night so i knew an arrow would fly this morning. I had at least 3 gobblers within earshot roosted but not one gobbled this morning, very quiet. I knew i had a gobbler working a ridge above me with a hen so my tactics changed. I got this hen all crazy as we cut back and forth at each other about 7am. She comes in on my left walking past me cutting like crazy. I hear drumming on my right as this big gobbler silently came in full strut. As he stood behind a big oak i had a chance to pull the bow back. The compound made it nice to hold at full draw until he stepped out. When he did, i hammered him low in the base of the neck at about 25 yards. I was hoping to anchor him there but to my disbelief he starts to run out of sight. I heard the bird flapping and crashing down over the next hill about 150 yards away. When i got to look over the hill, i see a fox pacing back and forth which had clearly seen me but did not want to leave. I waked toward the fox which took every effort to chase away. I dismissed what i initially heard thinking this gobbler could not travel that far with the shot i laid on him. I figured i just walked past the dead bird closer to where i shot him. I did not find the bird initially. My search turned into 1.5 hours up, down, and around the mountain. I started to doubt my shot as i could not find my arrow, feathers, or blood. I played the shot over and over in my head and was sure i hammered this bird even though my search was coming up empty. After all that time, i went back to where i initially thought i heard the bird die. I was sure what i heard and needed to search there further. As i crested that hill again, i see the same fox. I watched him for a moment then realized he had found my bird and was eating him. I chased the fox away and found my bird in 2 parts. He took the head/ neck off and ran off with a chunk of meat including the beard! After all that, i got my birthday bird, the fox had a little breakfast, and this hunt ended after these crazy events. This bird ended up being 23# without the head and neck! 1 1/4 spur and the other was broken off. A true mountain warrior. The live pic is just before i shot him. Thanks for looking
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    Yesterday morning started with 6 of 10 shad hooked in two hours. Some over 4lbs slow overall. Went trout wishing on way home itching to fish the fastest water I could find. It was loaded with hungry trout. Must have landed well over 30 in 90 minutes. Nothing g over 12” though. Today started with 1 shad in 1 hour decided to go for trout again but this time I wanted to focus on a larger trout as I have yet To land anything over 15”. I fished a long deep pool. Got about a dozen at fast water at head of pool. Slowest deepest section was dead. Tail end was as ridiculous as I have ever seen. Hit every cast for about 90 minutes. All small fish again finally worked very last section of pool and whack- something bigger. Turned out to be the prettiest most colorful hook jawed trout I ever caught. Too perfect for a hatchery fish perhaps. Not my biggest but solid 19”. Solid fight on ultralight. Had river to myself. It was raining but trout didn’t care. I always get my best stream trout when it’s rising and stained.
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    My grandfather's shot gun that he left to me but grandma held on to till recently.. jc Higgins Sears n roebuck semi auto 12 gauge 2n3quarter.. I know it's basically worthless but I will hold it dearly and take it out a few times per year as it's a chance to hunt with him in a way again
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    UPDATED THREAD W/PICS! When I found out that my son's Lacrosse game was cancelled I gathered up all the clothes and gear and we were ready to go right as soon as he got home from school. The strut zone is in front of our blind but we only had hens come in on the youth opener. I picked up a permit just in the event that we had a chance to get out together and tonight was the night! I set up Jr on the left with the 3 1/2" Ulti-Mag set up on the Field Pod and I was using the Remington semi auto with 3" loads so in the event we did get a shot together, he would not have the shell ejected into his face. We were settled in the blind and I did some very light calling. The rain was coming down hard, but we knew birds were close as they left the corral when they saw us. About 30 minutes later we had 1 hen pecking at 45 yards, then came into 20 yards. I swear I saw her pull up a worm and eat it, something I never had seen before. I looked at Christopher who was looking to my right out the window for more birds. We decided not to call anymore, as we had a live decoy right in front of us. She walked off and about 20 minutes later, 3 hens were in the woods about 55 yards away yelping. Before we knew it all three were pecking in the grass in front of us. As soon as we got settled into the blind we made a plan that I was going to let my son shoot if there was only 1 Tom or jake tonight. We discussed in the event that there was more than one gobbler, we would decide to shoot simultaneously, and I said to him 1, 2, "squeeze". As always, I look to my left and my son is resting his head on his right shoulder. The hens are yelping faintly at this point and I am just letting things play out not doing any calling. No sooner did I look up and nudge my son because I see in the open right window a gobbler with a paintbrush walking towards the hens. 4 toms were in front of us watching the hens. 2 were half strutting then relaxing as it was pouring still! All of the birds looked like drowned rats, but I told my son the bird on the left had a longer beard than the one to the right. When we had no birds behind the gobblers, I whispered, "ready?" He was on the gun waiting for me to count! I whispered 1, 2, BOOOOOOM!!!!! Both gobblers are down flopping like crazy. We are literally in the blind and my son says "Dad, look a fox is grabbing one!" My son gets out of the blind and as soon as the fox sees him he takes off. Unreal!! Talking to Gobblengrunt afterwards, that is what happened to one of his birds as a fox took the head off. This literally was one of the coolest times in the woods to double up on birds with my son. I hope not to forget this hunt for a long time! Checked them in at Hainesville General Store and stopped at Stokes Sport Shop to take a pic together as it was nearly impossible to take pics with the rain coming down so hard with the cells... I specifically attached my HD camera to my hat to get a video, but like Jack said it was a Holy SH&% there they are moment and FORGOT TO TURN IT ON!!! Attached some pics below. Going to process the birds right after this post.
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    Fun hunt this morning, lots of gobbling and turkey talk. Only a jake but at 73 years old he doesnt care what he shoots! I was laughing as this jake was followed by another jake and a big tom. I knew whichever bird stepped into range first was getting it, lol! This jake hit the “strike zone” and down he went. Happy birthday Dad!
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    Usually I cut the front with a big walk behind mower and my son cuts the back with the ride on tractor when I am at work. I am meticulous and particular when it comes to the mowing "lines" and he did the front today with the tractor. He did a great job, was safe, and cut some good straight lines... He is using his head also. (Lol) All winter he had his YZ125 apart downstairs detailing it and working on it, and it was just picked up at Motorcycle Madness today after being gone over and prepared for the season. He cannot wait to ride on the track in the yard as well as the real one at Englishtown and I told him I will work with him and try to get him down there this summer when I am able to, as long as he able to pitch in until I can use the walk behind mower again.... He is a good kid and really helps out when asked.....(probably mostly to get out of doing homework) He is going to the Monster Energy sponsored Supercross event at Met Life stadium with a friend, his dad and my wife who is taking my place on Saturday...I told him to take plenty of pics as we got him pit passes which he is looking forward to seeing the pros one on one.... Tonight's update: After being gone for the past 2 hours during the "adoption process", my oldest daughter, middle daughter and wife just came back with a brand new puppy my oldest adopted! How could I say no after she asked me over 2 weeks ago?? She is a 10 week old Border Collie/Lab mix that she adopted/rescued from O.S.C.A.R. Animal Rescue agency tonight. They brought our dog Max with them and the two were great together! As soon as the puppy came home she immediately went for one of the chew antlers on the floor! Smiles all around tonight. I am glad that the two dogs get along and this will be a whole new experience for the kids...Attached pics below. https://www.supercrosslive.com/ http://www.oscaranimalrescue.org/
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    Took my uncle out today for a beginning of season test run. Well it ran fine and we put a few sea bass in the cooler. We kept 8 over 13" and released a few keepers. Didnt kill them but was still good to finally get out. Im not set up for wreck anchoring so we were just drifting mostly. It got a little snotty out there so we went in cause I don't want to beat up my 76 year old uncle to bad. I got one small tog too. This was only the 3rd time using the boat. Picked it up this past fall. It's a 1999 MayCraft 18' CC Was also nice to see a couple fluke hitting in the ocean even with the water being 53-55 degrees. One week to fluke season
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    We stopped at our local convenience store, she played a $30 scratch off and won $5000. She is always winning something....
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    Heck of a morning. Had 2 hot birds, but they made me do 3 different setups before they would commit. Took me longer then usual this year but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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    21.2 lbs. Zone 1
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    Didnt waste any time punching the tag this year
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    Like I posted yesterday, it was truly an incredible experience to double up on 2 mature gobblers with my son. To capture what happened next on trail camera is a bit surreal.........The shots were at 3:49 and both birds were down with feet up and doing the flop in the first pic. At 3:51, a fox comes running from the woods into the field and starts to grab the gobbler that was down on the left and is seen dragging it away by it's head in the last pic.... UNTIL.................. My son runs out of the blind to scare off the fox and It took off with lightning speed, letting go of the bird..... Pretty cool sequence captured on the Moultrie! The link to the hunt thread is attached below the pics......
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    I went out this morning along with my good friend Chino again to one of his spots, but this time we took both of our sons out with us. I called this beautiful swinger to within 26 yards before his son Angel closed escrow on the first Eastern Gobbler of his hunting career! The best part is that he was sporting a blondish/tan beard. I’ve never seen one like it in my 34 years of hunting. A really special bird and a special moment for the father and son! I’m glad me and my own son Chris Jr. were there to experience it with them. 23 lbs, 9 inch beard & 1 inch spurs! Enjoy the photographs. hendryhill
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    I had to put my little girl down several months ago and it killed me. She was the true meaning of mans best friend and she left a giant hole in my heart. I swore I would never get another dog again. Well, I guess I lied, with a little nudging from my wife. I bring a turkey to the taxidermist and come home with a dog... explain that one!
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    Welp.....after he slept in last week (while on spring break) and I went to our spot and killed a nice longbeard that I patterned for him.....he learned that there is no such thing as sleep during spring gobbler season! So we did a "before school" hunt in an area I had been seeing some birds. Got in there early and had a hen pitch down on our laps, then he heard 1 gobble......then we both heard another gobble out in front of us.....and just as Declan took his support hand off his gun to rest a bit, this bird appeared to our right.....he slowly grabbed the gun with his support hand again, and the bird picked us out, ......he calmly pushed off the safety and dropped him with the BIG 3 1/2 INCH SHELL as the jake was puttin and walking off! Super proud of him and his under pressure coolness! He was so excited for his 2nd bird in 3 seasons! Must be doing something right when your boy chooses to use the green dot scope instead of the red dot because, as he said, "the red dot would have blended in with the caruncula on his neck"! Quality father-son time at the crack of dawn in the spring turkey woods....it doesn't get much better than that!!
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    Day one Bi State shad tourney . Tracey is currently leading the woman’s division . And 6th overall. see if we can get something even nicer tomorrow.
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    We had a gobbler on the way that she could just see but I could not then suddenly it vanishes in a blur and screaming. Second time we've heard a coyote grab a turkey. Then a blast about 100 yrds away to my side - probably the guy we saw walk in with us from the parking lot. So we thought that was it but this guy showed up at my spot to my left and we succeeded in turning him her way. When he got even with me I stopped calling while the wife continued her calls. I think that made him think the hens were leaving. We had no decoys out to see. She got it done with the 20 ga too! Been a few yrs so it was her turn.
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    Hit this small one at 10:45.....15 lbs.
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    It's been 3.5 years since my good friend and hunting buddy passed away from cancer. He was the only one I allowed to hunt the 40 acres I have access to. While changing areas this morning after not really hearing anything near me, i went to the 40 acres where i did call in a very vocal hen. Best part was walking out I walked past the the tree he hunted from, I then noticed sticking out of the leaves was his safety harness, I placed it next to the tree, tapped the tree and told how much I miss him
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    Flew down came straight at the decoys. 22 pounds 9 inch beard. Z14
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    My son and I took 2 long beards this morning on 2 different farms a couple hours apart . Was a great day where everything worked out . Of course his was bigger but that's all good with me . Mine was 19lbs , 10" beard and 1" hooks . My sons was 21.80 lbs , 9" beard and 1 1/8 hooks . Just an awesome day .
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    My buddy and I had a short but very exciting morning. We doubled up. They aren’t the biggest birds but this was my first. I wanted to take a tom first but we couldn’t pass up a chance to double. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Caught this monster at a honey hole on a gold pm.
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    Man the birds were vocal this morning. I spent all morning arguing with hens and losing toms to the ladies. Had some toms close at 9am and they sounded like they wanted to commit, but never did. My fault on that one my decoy location choice wasn't up to par and I know they couldn't see them due to the high grass. Eventually I lost them also to the real deal. At 10am I did what I tell people never to do... leave birds to find birds. Moved to a new location set up and called. Heard a faint gobble in the distance. This happened a few more times than things went silent except for the wind which picked up. Well 1145 rolls around and as I always do I decided to walk to the back of the property and check the neighboring field. Almost to the edge of the woods I hear a gobble. Hmmm.... cool! I throw up the bino's and see a jake. I stood there and start calling. One, two, three different gobbles.... Hmmmm... good! Now I can see three turkeys, but can't tell what they are, and they're b-lining right to me. Within minutes they're within 30-40 yards and I'm just waiting for them to come outta the field and into the woods. Still standing there I shoulder my gun and get caught and one of them start clucking.... [email protected]#. I give a quick loud yelp with the mouth call and they gobble and step into the woods where I can now start to see them. First birds the jake, second, at thirty some yards and strutting, is a long beard and the third, at like 25 yards, is another long beard... Oooooh decisions decisions. I did the quickest assessment I could to find the bigger of the two, raise my muzzle and immediately the gig was up. The farthest bird breaks his strut and sticks his head up...... BOOM! Down he goes at 1151am. The closer bird spun his wheels so hard and fast he almost dug himself into a hole. Every time I hunt this spot I take the last fifteen minutes to check the field and this time it paid off. Even if they stayed on track and I stayed calling at my set-up, I would've ran out of time. That's why I'd rather be lucky than good.
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    And I didnt even kill one. I roosted a bird last night, he was non stop gobbling last night. Called up a real good friend who I wanted to get this bird. He led only gotten a Jake so this would.be his first long beard. Got in well before light and as the sky starting getting light he sounded off non stop. Worked em for alittle bit and he ending up coming in behind us and hung back there strutting gobbling spittin you name it he did it. Finally after a bit of soft calling I was able to pull em around front. And watch it all go down over his shoulder wish I could a got it on video it was a perfect hunt.
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    I was on Rt.519 heading south, I was just a few miles south of Hope when in the distance I see a SUV off to the side of the road, and a dead turkey...The driver hit, I pulled over to make sure the driver and passenger where OK. I told the driver you look familiar....He replied back with "You must of saw my wife and I on TV and in the newspapers, I'm Phil Vetrano, and this is my wife Catherine, our daughter is Karina Vetrano she was murdered she was the jogger".......Very nice and humble parents....All I could say was that I was so sorry, and God Bless them and their family, may Karina rest in peace.....He shook my hand, thanked for the kind words and for stopping, the mother gave me a hug and wished me a Happy Easter as I said the same to them both
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    Been chasing a gobbler all week that gobbles good on the limb but clams up when he hits the ground, so I suspected he was with hens. His tracks in the mud are huge. I Figuared he was an old timer. Last night he gobbled good on the roost and was in a different area of the property so I suspected he was lonely. Wrong. This morning I had hens all around me at daybreak and 100 yards between me and him. I let the hens pitch out first then called them back... It worked....and guess who stopped by to join the party. ?
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    Great morning in the NJ Turkey woods. Birds were Gobbling on the roost like crazy. I was lucky enough to call this nice Tom in. 20.2lbs 8”Beard and 3/4” Spurs. My first ever NJ Turkey. Taken on State land. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My foolproof lynch box 101 has broke a few times since I bought it in 1984, mostly from sitting or leaning on it while working birds. But last year it split pretty good and I lost a piece of lid near the pivot point, fearing it had called its last gobbler to the gun,I showed it to Jersey jay and he suggested useing epoxy to fill the void and pivot hole completely and then redrill the hole. Which we did. Welp....today worked a pair of long beards with a mouth call but they hung up at about 100 yards, broke out the slate and they budged a little, finally hit the trusty ol lynch box and they came right in. The ol girl is still talking sexy.
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    Been a busy past few days. Had the boy out for a 10-12 pm hunt for a bird I heard earlier, to no avail. He saw a snake cross the trail and climb a tree! We also found male n female box turtles....shuda put them together n made a love connection. Lol Then we hit the river for some rainbows n the lake for some crappies in the pondhopper! I followed up w that gobbler cuz the boy wanted to sleep in.....he needs to learn there's no sleep during turkey season!!
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    Got into the woods this morning at 6 AM. I heard a gobble over the ridge. I snuck over the ridge and down into the valley within a couple hundred yards. I only called twice. It took about a half hour for this guy to come in. He was the lead bird and was followed by 5 jakes and a couple of hens. The sun was shining through a couple of the jakes tails fans. It was a great morning. I was happy to get this bird on public land. He weighed in at 19 lbs. with a 9.5 inch beard. Unfortunately, my son had a tough day on youth day Saturday morning. We both got soaked and never heard or saw any birds despite them gobbling the day before. I wish he could have taken this bird instead of me but he had school today. Congratulations to all that got birds today.
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    LMAO, for someone who had no problem with the Dems going on a witch hunt for two years spending more than 25 million in the process. You know have an issue with getting to the bottom of the largest political coup that ever transpired in US politics? Are you just frustrated that all of the BS you have spewed over the last two years will be proven false and those that said there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION were right and you were wrong! I am sure your response will be long winded but that’s the typical deflection we are all used to. Funny how you haven’t mentioned now that the report is out that the Dems switching of the goal posts to yet another direction PROVES it is just their undeniable lack of ability to accept the 2016 loss. Seems you share that issue with them LOL
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    I bought this .22 off my brother today for my sons. Guns only got about 100 rounds through it. He Mentioned selling it so I figured it would be a nice gun for my sons once they are old enough to shoot. It’s a Savage BRJ .22 LR.
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    Did a little wader fishing for bluefish yesterday and today. Wasn't great but got a few both says. Friday I they were all big 10-15 lbs and today first couple were 2 lbers but the last couple were 8-10 lbs. I was able to catch some on top water yesterday but non today. Most others were on a green tail Kastmaster.
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    Perfect weather, track is a little muddy from the rain last night. Drying up nicely now. Some before, during, and after pics.
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    Tried out a new spot that I quick scouted two Sundays ago. Nothing to speak of and didn't expect much, but a beautiful piece of woods for sure until I managed to get myself surrounded by swamp. Saw a cool frog while traversing the swamps of South Jersey. Moved to spot two where the other day while ground hog huntin me and the wife saw a nice tom with a hen. I was pretty sure I knew this bird even though he didn't have his limp this year. Last year he was very noticeable as he limped around like a peg legged pirate, hence the name club foot. Me and the wife chased him around last season, but never sealed the deal. There isn't many turkeys in this area, but I had a feeling it was him. Not in the mood to write a novel, so long story short it was him....
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    Fished a tournament on Lake Lillinonah in CT today and land my first smally over 5lbs.. weight 5.08. No it was not a bed fish either hahaha (before someone said it was) got her dragging a swimbait along the bottom in 27' of water...things are finally starting to heat up, I did see a few beds already but no fish on them. Water temp was at 58. Can't wait for candlewood in the next few weeks. big bags being pulled out of there too.
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    Went with a buddy this morning.. his second year my 5th.. said if we can pull a double we would.. worked an unknown gobble for a bit but a hen took him.. got up to move at 9 got a very faint gobble in the thick scrub oaks.. waited and 10 minutes seen red heads bobbing and that all she wrote.. great day in woods before I go to cabo.. will be chasing a long beard for c and d solo. His bird 17 mine 16.. I shot low n took the beard off mine.. dopy move on my part but his had a 6 inch beard
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    Yesterday, in preparation of placing my new (all steel) deer feeder on higher ground a few yards away from my existing one, I wheel barrowed-in fill dirt and transplanted some switch grass. It appears all my work efforts were approved later that day and into this morning.
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    After a 3 yr dry spell I finally connected this morning. Last couple years I’ve focused more on getting buddies birds. This year I didn’t have much time for scouting, but I gotta was in the woods for work 2 weeks ago and found some tracks. Figure I’d start there and make it a scouting/hunting trip. Glad I did. Found some tracks that looked like they were from after the rain in the moonlight, in a sand pit not too far from a swamp and set up there. Around 0540 heard a gobble a couple hundred yards away, to my hard left. Decided to quickly move and let things settle. I started with a few light clucks. Got a response immediately but still far off. I waited 20 mins and did another set of calls very light and nothing. A few minutes later a couple of geese flew over and I heard multiple gobbles but sounded like they were a lot farther away this time. Decided I wasn’t moving til at least 0900. I buried head my head in my phone looking to see if anyone killed anything yet. Heard a real half assed gobble, looked up and he was 45 yds away, making a b-line for my decoy. Caught me completely off guard. Had to wait for him to go behind a small pine tree, to raise the gun. He came out strutting. Went to gobble facing me and took the shot. Stoned him only kicked once when I went to pick him up. As as I was picking him up heard 3 birds gobble and sounded like they were coming to me. So I got out as quick as possible. Figured I’ll save them for my nephew when he gets back from Fl. He missed youth day, he was pissed because his mom wouldn’t let him stay home to hunt.
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