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    I went out yesterday with my son after school. We found three birds and I had Jr set up behind me about 80 yards. He worked the 2 hens into range pulling this boss gobbler in tow... Great hunt with my favorite hunting partner!!
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    My little guy is getting big. He’s holding his own fish now. He was nervous. As the pics will tell lol
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    Kill shelter rescue from Ohio: a 3-month old Australian Shepherd. His big sister, Great Pyrenees / Border Collie mix, was a kill shelter rescue in Kentucky when she was 5-months old. She's 2 2/12 now - 80 pounds.
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    Shot on public land working a rub line and making scrapes on October 25th. 22 in spread 12 pointer.
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    As soon as boys finished their homework we made the hour drive to hit the beach for a couple hours. Relatively quiet afternoon /evening. Only had one bite but we made it count. 35" bluefish. Took a bunker chunk. We bled it and iced it asap. My kids love bluefish surprisingly. I like blues but the 2lb variety. Haha.
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    My Buddy Eddie headed up today to help me get the electronics fished in this morning. Headed above the gap for the jets maiden voyage this afternoon. And to start the engine break in. Fished for shad for a little over an hour catching just a few in the murky water , With Tracey catching the first fish on the boat.., also had herring on the shad spoons today, pretty shocked to see them that far up river Tried for catfish for awhile, with no love, so made a long run upriver just to run the boat. Def glad I went with the wider bottom boat, its crazy stabile, and even with three people on the side it barely dips into the water.
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    Took my uncle as always for opening day. We limited out at 10:45 am. Took us a bib but got out before the mad house started . Was very crowded for a Friday but it is the holiday weekend. We caught 105 fluke with our 6 fish limit. No a bad start.
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    Caught this brook trout the other day in public water stream released
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    First Thanks to all those who have fought and given everything they had for our Country . Headed back out this morning to fish for shad with Tracey .. Was a pretty nice day with us landing 42 shad in a little over 4 hours. One had a big Lamprey on it . Saw a few other boats also doing really well , lots of shad still pushing in the river . Most fish caught on spoons, a few hit small darts. Fishing Altum 12DLC reels on 9' HMX light salmon rods made it easy to repeat the distance off the boat once we dialed them in. Def a great fight on the long light rods
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    Look what bailey found in my flower bed today.. she ran outside and went right to her... so much for scent free lol Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Managed to troll up 2 nice stripers w Tomski at helm,,,,,40lb range. Much better than work
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    A friend asked me to post his bird since he doesn't know how
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    Got a nice one this evening. 43 inches
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    For the Italian lovers like Jay, Mike, Louand who ever else
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    Found this little guy today while out scouting a new WMA I found. Love seeing them so close up. Hoping the coyotes don’t find him though. Such pretty animals we get to hunt. If you can get through the ticks and bugs, there’s nothing better than scouting spring woods.
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    When I got up it was drizzle and overcast so I headed to the stream. I had an amazing day just non stop action on trout of all sizes. And the first picture was my best of the day a real beauty. A great day to be on the stream.
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    had fun with friends and family clamming, 600 came home in a couple hours and at least that many were weeded out for size and returned to the water, cant wait for steamers
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    First one was a little small, but a cagey ' lil bugger. Flushed a hen and she didn't leave the area but instead, circled me while clucking loudly. Having seen this before I knew to watch me step....sure enough....right in front of me was a single poult. Didn't see any others . Two hours later I may have met his daddy.
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    in New Jersey of course
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    Today in New Jersey
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    Yep......Got into a little Bowfishin' this mornin'! This nice fatty will be takin' a ride in the 'ol Smoker! Smoked Carp Pot-Pie! It' s what's for supper!
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    Howdy NJW&W Gang - *Read all about it! I think you all will really enjoy this one. Get The Fisherman magazine this month(June edition) and check out page 28, my fly-fishing for Northern Pike in my `Yak Adventure; Click the Link below to learn a little more; http://adventureswithken.com/the-fisherman-magazine-publishes-ken-beams-pike-adventure/
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    I’m picking up my son and his friend from school. Trying to get his friend Stephen his first turkey. I’ll keep ya’ll posted. sweet success!! First timer and he just got his license this past fall!! 20# 11.5" beard and 1" spurs
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