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    Couple days ago I located a great scrape line along a ridge about a mile deep into some big Morris county woods. The scrapes had many big buck rubs around them also. Given the sign that was on this ridge, different size tracks in all scrapes, and the amount of feeding sign within the oaks, I knew not just a good buck was working this area but many deer. I picked a tree between two primary scrapes both about 30 yards on either side. A blown down tree forced deer past this tree making it a perfect funnel. I was so excited to hunt this stand because I knew it was going to produce. I’ve had pics of quite a few really nice bucks within a mile of this stand so I had an idea of what was in the area. The wind was perfect this morning so I decided to hunt it. I was settled in my climber at 545 am. As it was just getting light, I heard a lot of deer running, chasing, grunting well out in front of me. One buck had particularly deep loud grunts. About 7am, 2 spikes and a small 8pt walked past me clearly not wanting to mess with the other bucks chasing this one doe. I heard the deep grunter working the primary scrape then walking toward me. I passed a nice 8pt on my left wanting to see what the more dominant sounding buck was. This old 8pt followed the script perfectly walking past my stand at about 7 yards on my right. I’ve had numerous pics of him on cam all over this area for the last three years but have never actually laid eyes on him. I knew immediately he was the buck I wanted. I drew smooth and released an arrow. My shot slightly struck a twig upon release. By the reaction of the buck and sound of the arrow hitting this twig, I thought for sure I missed. I was so confused. The buck ran and stopped about 40 yards away just into some thick trees where I couldn’t see him. As everything settled down, I see this buck and his doe slowly working their way back to me. I watch the buck lie down looking like he was hurt. I was so confused because I was sure I missed. He gets up and walks away with the doe still looking hurt but still acting in love. I got out of my stand an hour later and went to retrieve my arrow to figure out what happened. My arrow was covered in good red blood! I walked over to where I last seen the buck and it was like a blood bath! Still unsure of exactly what happened, I went home and decided to come back in a few hours to look for this buck. I came back at 11am and followed an easy blood trail where he lay dead 75 yards away. I have pics and a history with this buck for the last 3 years. I know he is over 5 years old (I believe he is 7) making it a very special buck to take especially so deep into Jerseys “big” woods. Very memorable morning. Thanks for looking
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    got a late start for me. got to my stand 6:50 AM feeder goes off at 7::00am big doe comes in a little later very nervous. keeps looking back a good sign. this guy comes in on a string. took about 5 minutes to get the right angle seemed like 20 minutes. let the Rage fly. he went about 60 yards. if the does come to the feeders this time of year so will the bucks. thanks for reading & good luck to all. oh bye the way if the picture looks a little strange i have pair of prosthetics on. double arm amputee. hard drag out he had a big body.
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    Started a Mock scrape on Tuesday , found out after checking my cam Friday this guy had taken it over by Wednesday Night. And was hitting it pretty often the last few days. Since its almost a year since my Fathers passing decided to take his knife along for the hunt tonight. Had a lot of activity all night,passing a pretty good buck in hopes this one would come cruising. Came in the last half hour of daylight to 10 yards. Put a Freak Nasty though him and he made it about 45 yards crashing everything along the way.
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    Hunted last night in the wind and rain. Im sure it was a rookie move but I guess you could say I got lucky. Its no state land buck but not bad. 8 pt 22 inches inside spreadm
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    Just got to the hospital with my very pregnant wife! Looks like our second son will be here at some point tonight. One problem: I have venison loin thawed out at home that was going to be dinner tonight!! I’ll have to have someone cook it and deliver it to the hospital. Stats: born at 9:11 AM - 7lbs 8oz and 22” Long. Mom and baby are both happy, healthy and doing good.
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    Was really bummed last week, as I shot a really good Buck and couldn't find it. Even got a tracking dog to no avail. I have to say I lost a little motivation to hunt for a while,,,,,a week lol. I actually don't think I will see another deer like him again. The sickness that this is,,,,I decided that I have to get back on stand. I have a nice 8 coming in and a new 9 that showed up in the last few days. I decided that if either show up,,,I'm shooting it. To date, I only shot 1 buck,,,,passing on several. To me, I'd rather shot a doe if the buck doesn't really get me all that excited. Before the comments,,,yes all deer get me excited when they come in,,,every time. It's just I don't feel like shooting a small buck is worth it to me; I'd rather shoot a doe. Either one of the two bucks mentioned above were not getting a pass tonight. I got on stand at 345 after work. At 5'oclock 2 does came in and I saw a buck trailing. It was the 9 and I WAS excited! He gave me a perfect broadside shot and I let the Reaper rip. He ran 10 yards and dropped behind a tree. The does ran off, looked back at him and snorted away. I have to say, I really earned this buck. I got permission on this piece this year,set it up, and kept it baited since the Summer. I'm going to keep practicing w the Mathews and hunt w that during the rut. I am one pretty happy Hunter right now
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    Friday stared off how all hunters dream cool crisp morning and deer on the move. As I arrived nice and early to my stand I bumped 2 deer in the dark and they didn’t know what I was and the wind was in my favor. The deer never really busted out they just moved On or so I thought. A few moments later I see a doe coming from my right in the dark as soon as I see her second deer is right behind her and It’s a small buck I can barely see him as he is just a spike. About 10 Minutes go by and I hear something coming towards me from up the hill I look intently as I see a deer stopping its way towards me but I could not make it out as it still covered by leaves on some of the trees in that area I see a large body and he is walking coming directly at me I can’t make out his rack but it’s definitely a buck. The buck just stomped around and went back the way he came. The buck then beds down and I see he’s a awesome 8pt. Then I hear a grunt and the 8pt stands and runs up the hill!! Not sure what has happened I see a deer moving around the same area as the buck was bedded I see a monster buck comes out of thin air ripping up trees and making scraps. The buck is a high 7pt and I had cam photos of him only 2 days ago. The buck walks down the hill about 70 yards from me feeding as he walking. I used my grunt tube and he stopped turned and walk towards me but still 70 yards away. The buck stopped and was about to go down the hill I grunted again the looked into my direction but didn’t move I used my last trick a snort wheeze!! That did it the turned and came right up the hill stopped at 40 yards no shot he moved to 35 yards stopped broadside and then he must have picked up my sent he looked around took on more step and let the arrow fly. Perfect shot double lung 34 yards he went 75 yards and dropped. This is my personal best buck and his body is huge!
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    As some of you know, I don't post on here much, mainly because.....well, life. lol Anyway, I wanted to share this buck and the hunt since I don't get out as much anymore and it was a great hunt. I have a little history with this buck. I acquired this particular property close to work 2 yrs ago. Last year I was out a total of three times with two nice encounters. One with a very nice buck (which was taken by another hunter) and one with the buck harvested last night. He was a little smaller last year and I decided to let him pass. Fast forward to this year, unlike last year, I decided to run a camera and see what was in the area. Within the first few days I had some very nice bucks on camera and one that was showing up during the day consistently. (This buck) Now, I am not one who in the past hunted a particular buck but this guy had me hooked. During September he was consistent between 5-7 pm almost everyday. Towards the beginning of October he started to disappear and I chalked it up to the October lull and the bucks scattering. He would show up at midnight, 12pm, 4pm and then disappear for a few days. There were some warm days the past few weeks and as predicted, deer movement was minimal. Last Friday I decided to go out, Cold front came through, wind was right and I was excited. I knew the deer would be on their feet. That night I did have an encounter with him with two smaller buck but he never presented a shot. Again fast forward to last night. Wind was very good for this spot, it was chilly and overcast and it was windy enough that my scent would carry well. I was in the tree by 3:45 and settled in. I was getting blown around like a rag doll for a bit with the gusts but was hopeful. Around 5:15 the first does showed up. A doe and 2 fawns and soon after another doe with a fawn. 3 minutes later a cow horned 3 point came in and pushed these does for almost 30 minutes. 3 more does joined the action and it looked like a 3 ring circus for a bit. Shortly after, they all filtered up the hill and away. Right around 6:05-6:10 three does come running in at a full sprint from right, they had to be chased by that big 3 point...…….1 minute later......the buck I was after. He came in loping about right on the does trail. Lip curling and all which was pretty crazy to me this early. He made a B-Line to te does at 15 yards and I let one fly. He piled up quickly and the work began. As I dressed him I noticed he had a small would on the lower neck. Looked like a puncture hole. Maybe from fighting? Maybe a bigger buck is around? We'll see when permit bow starts! Either way, super happy and glad I now have some meat in the freezer and a great story.
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    I'm posting this for Craig the fishguy a member here who shot a huge 9 in zone 8. A big thank you to Ms. Grit from him for loaning him a sled to get it out.
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    I have had this buck on my cameras the last three hunting seasons. He made two daylight appearances this past week. The first one was on wednesday as he chased does around my stand. The closest he got was 68 yards. No chance for a shot. He chased does out of the top of the field and never came back. I decided to take a climber and climb a tree in the top of the field where I would possibly have a shot if he did the same thing again. The second appearance was last night and I was able to capatilize on one of his few mistakes. He ran about 120 yards and dropped. He weighed 172 lbs, 17.5 inside spread, typical 10 pt. This buck was very smart when it came to my cameras. I only have about 10 pictures of him over three years but I have seen him 6 different times from the stand. Below was a picture of him from Wednesday.
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    My son and I sat together this afternoon, he was the shooter and I was there because today is his day to watch me. Right from the get-go we had a small buck putting on a show making rubs and scrapes 30 yards in front of our blind. While he was busy doing his thing a big cow of a doe came in and The Beard put a good shot on her. She piled up 30 yards away. While we were giving her a couple of minutes to make sure she was dead another buck came running in to check her out. He stood there staring at her until we got out of the blind. It was still early, so after tagging the doe and checking her in online we hopped back in the blind. A bear had trashed our blind last week and ripped out the window on my side. 5 minutes after getting back in the blind I looked to my right through the ripped open window and saw a doe coming up out of the swamp below us. Right on her tail was a nice 8 pointer. The doe ended up walking right up to our blind on my side where the window was ripped out. I'm sitting there trying not to blink with this doe staring at me from just a few feet away. Finally the doe continued walking and passed 5 yards in front of the blind. The buck was a bit further uphill as he passed in front of us. He offered a broadside shot at 12 yards. At the shot he crashed 40 yards back down the hill and piled up.
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    I went out Sunday afternoon to a spot that is full of does with the hope of seeing some good action. I had a couple bucks I wanted to harvest but they have been MIA. So I decided to sit this spot and even though it has many does the buck activity was low to none. But of course any place with this many ladies has to attract a good buck sooner or later. Well yesterday was it, as I had over 16 does come and go, it was not till about 5:40pm when a group of nine does all picked up thier heads looking in the same direction. As I looked that way, I could see a real big body coming and after putting my binos on the body I see a solid 8 points on this mature buck. So, if he gave me the chance I was going to take him. Of course he comes in and it is like a bomb goes off as he chases the does around like crazy. I was hoping he would come back within range, which after chasing and grunting his head off he does. Comes into 20 yards and turns broadside and I let a Taliban arrow fly and double lung him. Buck runs off and crashes and I am one happy bowhunter. Great hunt, great buck who put on a great show. The buck was about 190 pounds on the hoof and was in full rut with the smell of musk we all love so muchBest of luck to all those still out there
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    Got lucky a week ago, not able to get out much with the Taxidermy business, living proof that even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes...176lb dressed
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    Got out this afternoon and the buck I wanted cooperated.. somewhat. Got him . Irish spring worked like a charm Here's a quick video of when he stepped out of the thicket . He was guarding his doe. She was alone coming in very slow. She looked back and I knew something was following her. Out stepped the buck and I knew I was shooting... right after I take a quick video... [/url] He took 20 mins to come in and turn broadside. Then he decided to run the doe and she took off the bait and I got worried it was now or never.. He was close.. maybe 15 yards .. Body was partially blocked but the top of his ribs were open so I went for it. Dropped in his tracks. Clipped the spine. Not what i wanted, but could have been worse..I'll take it! Exciting hunt. I had him open broadside at 29 yards and said why shoot there? Hes coming to the bait. Well after he left my 30yd opening he stood being branches at 20- 25 yards taking 1 step every 2 mins. I kept thinking I hope I made the right decision waiting for a closer shot. I got lucky so I'm not so sure I did lol. Good memories to last a lifetime! Sucks to tag out before novemeber but heck this is my 2nd best buck.. I had to let one fly. Glad i took the compound tonight. My recurve would have not been optimal for this shot window. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com Edit- it's not the buck from the trail cam pics.. I thought it was but I just checked and not.. Must be his twin
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    Got a little wet getting into the stand this morning well before daybreak. Action started as soon as it was light enough to see....a spike comes through grunting and raking trees like he owned the place! Until Momma showed up and pushed his ass out. Had about 10-12 deer milling around before leaving two bedded by my set up. At about 7:40 I could hear grunting. Got the binos up to see this guy coming over the stonewall border of my farm. He was grunting with every step he took until about 35 yards broadside when I put a Rage in his cage. He ran about 70 yards and piled up. A decent 3.5 year old for NW Jersey. Decent mass, wide, but short tines. Thanks for looking!
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    With the crazy wind tonight I hunted an elevated blind that we normally leave for the kids or crappy weather. First deer in is this dwarf spike that I saw last year when he was a BB. He should be taken out but it was early and next in is a bunch of turkeys and some does . Well the boss hen had a major attitude and was puffing up with a full fan and running off the deer . I was like WTF . Took a short video on my phone I will try and post up . Magic hour comes and look up and see a good deer coming . He was putting on a nice show making scrapes and then I lost him . 10 minutes later he pops out again heading my way . Gets to 35 yards quartered away and make a good hit with my new Tenpoint Stealth and Rage Hypo and saw him go down within 40 yards . Was a very entertaining night .
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    My father (Paul M. Fibraio) is 74. He started hunting as teenager. Stopped for many years. Got me into hunting as a teenager, but stopped again after I went away to college. Once back from college with a fiancé, marriage, house, baby & new job hunting for a while wasn’t a possibility for me sadly. About 15 years ago I got the itch to get back into it and we did. Over this time my father has become a Doe killing machine. He has had ZERO luck though with bucks. While hunting they are out of bow range during bow season and never in shooting range during gun season or just never seen by him while hunting. Well the last few years it has been a running joke between family and friends that Pop is doomed to not hold horns. We would put him in stands we are getting buck on camera and nothing would show. The last few season I did everything I could to make it happen to no avail. This year in a property we have in Zone 12 we had a stand that had 3 nice bucks showing up like clockwork on camera every day. So opening weekend of Bow I got Pop in the stand. At last light a big boy came in. My father took the shot, clipped a branch and it deflected the bolt then hit the buck. We found blood, tracked it for hours that night. Then hours the next day, even talked to a dog tracker and we figured collectively it wasn’t a lethal shot. The next week a friend of mine Eric (IthicaDS3 here in NJWW) went out to the same property with my dad. In a selfless act my dad told Eric to take that stand and he went to a pop up we have on the property. Eric had a big deer step out at the same stand my father was at the week before, he took a shot and gave it a hair cut. Pop only saw 2 deer and had no shots that sit. Last weekend we get back out to that property. I didn’t want to hunt it 3 weekend in a row but the camera pics and the right winds had me push it a bit. I wanted my dad to get back in that stand. Again he said nope, I had my shot, you take it it’s your turn I will take the other stand. So I get him up in his stand and went to the stand he was in 2 weeks prior and Eric was in the week before. At 6:24pm I get a text from him, “I shot a buck”. I was stunned we were getting zero bucks on camera on that side of the property and it was nothing but does on camera. I told him sit tight I will get to you after legal shooting time. Longest 40-50 min of my life lol. I saw 1 deer but nothing came in shooting distance. So I get down and I get to him, help him get down and we go to the bolt and there isn’t much blood on it. He was instantly bummed out. He showed me which way the deer went and I start looking for blood. Blood found!! Then more. Then I didn’t even need a flashlight and we were on the trail or should I say river. We tracked the deer about 60-80 yards and there in the brush he was piled up and he was a big! As I approached I saw what buck it was it was. It was a buck we called dimples for the one small tine on the right side. He is/was the biggest bodied deer we have on the property. I pulled the buck out of the brush for him and as the deer rolled over there at the top of his back was a wound that was healing. This is the same deer my dad shot 2 weeks prior! I couldn’t believe it as we had no pics of him in this area of the property. We even have pics of him last year, but after the velvet came off he disappeared. Later after looking at cam pics we realized it was also the deer Eric shot at and gave a hair cut. He is an 8 pointer, 5x3 and was a thick bodied deer with a big old neck. It took my dad 74 years to finally hold horns, but oh was it worth it. The story and being there to experience it with him is one I will never forget and tell for ages to come. My Dad, Eric and I all have a story and relationship with this deer for different reasons and in different ways and it was just an amazing event and start to another great season hunting with family and friends. Congrats Pop on a great story and for putting a great shot on a really nice buck. Can’t wait to see the great job Jersey Jay does with your very first buck!!!
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    I love hunting halloween, tonight was perfect........ Ive been seeing some good bucks around and putting in my time on stand, tonight it paid off...from the very start of the sit i saw bucks chasing does, very excited and trying to get one of them to break off was a thrill, did some bleats and grunts got this guy to come take a look. 35 yards through the vitals put him down...
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    Got on stand earlier tonight with my little guy, not so little anymore at 14...He was the shooter and I was really hoping for something to happen. Not 5 minutes after getting settled, I look up and see a deer. Not any deer, but the buck that I have been after the last 2 years....He was cruising with his nose to the ground parallel to us at 54 yards, and never even slowed when I grunted. The buck was out of sight literally as quickly as he appeared. I had the shakes....For one simple reason. I was so excited that my son was on stand with me and may possibly get a shot at my shooter which was in the same woods we were in tonight. After he left, we discussed so many different options as to what we could have done differently. Other than the buck turning and coming in for a shot, there is not one thing I would have changed. We never saw another deer the remainder of the sit...Best one of the season for me regardless. To have had this opportunity together is what it is all about in my eyes.
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    My dad went out this afternoon solo with his recurve to try and get some live practice with it.. 3 small bucks came in- 2 left. He shot this buck and the other 2 were confused by the whole situation. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    I cleaned the skull of the buck our son shot Monday.
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    My son invited me up for my annual birthday hunt. He showed me 3 different bucks I could shoot on camera and today was the day. At 4pm a huge doe came in and this buck was chasing hard. 5 minutes later, a big bodied buck walks in and all I noticed was his big body size.i drilled him and he didn't go 40 yards. Only 6 points, but a quality hunt on a beautiful afternoon
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    A friend sent these to me recently. Never zoomed in on them until he told me to check them out close. His buddy is in Africa and is having an awesome time. The arrow on the way is to the left of the Warthog in the 1st pic...
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    My boys had enough with sitting still waiting for deer. Haha. Patience has worn thin. Grabbed the shotgun's and orange and off we went. My boys soon realized difference between a neighborhood squirrel versus a "wild" squirrel. We had action the entire time but getting inside 30-35 yards and finding them among the trees/leaves wasn't easy. Older son scored first and 10 minutes later my little guy got his. He was pumped to say the least. His leg started shaking. Said welcome to the world of adrenaline. Lol.
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