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    Hello all My name is Anna from Monmouth county. I am a college freshman majoring in wildlife and conservation. I do pretty much anything and everything related to the outdoors. I am almost entirely self taught. Everything I do is on public land. My dad introduced me to fishing when I was young and I took it and ran with it. Fishing then turned into hunting which then turned into trapping. I am the only hunter and trapper in my family. I have been bow hunting for five years now. After turning 18 this year, I got my FID, purchased my first shotgun, and harvested my first deer with a firearm this year which I was very excited to finally do. Last year was my first year trapping and I was able to put up 50 or so coons which I thought was a great number for not having any trapping experience whatsoever prior. I am very lucky to have hunted and fished in several parts of the country already and am also very lucky to have supportive parents who let me do this type of thing (my mom and her boyfriend are both vegans... go figure). Here are some pics I hope you all enjoy:
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    So my wife surprised me with a cool gift today just because she saw it and thought I'd like it. Now I'm not usually into artwork, but I love this piece. To me its dual meaning. The hunter in me sees it and thinks "let em go let em grow", but it's also a cool life lesson of chasing your dreams and becoming who you want to be in life. Just wanted to share.
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    Finally got my first deer ever cleaned up and on the wall! At the time I was irritated with myself for shooting a button buck. I originally thought it was a doe until I walked up on it and noticed the buttons. Hard lesson learned but it has not happened again as I’ve gotten used to giving all antlerless deer a good hard look since that mistake. Anyway I kept the skull and just had it sitting around for years. Unfortunately one of the nasal bones got lost somewhere along the way. I guess I had a change of heart after looking at it the other day and realized that it doesn’t matter what the harvest was everyone’s first deer is special. So today I got it whitened up as best I could then stained and clear coated a plaque to put it on the wall. So here it is! Definitely overdue but I’m happy with how it turned out considering it wasn’t in the best of shape.
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    First of the year!!! Easy transition from huntin season to fishin season!!!
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    Finished this bear for a female client they wanted it to look like it was raiding a fishing spot
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    ...in Bigfoot country. Took a ride before dark just now to one of my favorite parts of the state to just go and clear my head.....Walpack... Got some pics of different spots including the old abandoned "Ghost Tree" farm as I called it when I was a kid because of the bone white trees, to the campground that is still going strong just past the Walpack Inn, to the white house, now dilapidated that we used to stop at and pick up night crawlers for fishing as kids on the way to Flatbrookville with my Dad, Uncle Mimi, Uncle Joe, and Uncle Gin.....It is the old white house just before the gun range on the right side of the road, where we used to get night crawlers in the small section to the right of the building... And there are always some cool old cars at the Old Layton Garage being restored on the way back like the one in the pic...
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    Hey y’all ..... On my way home from Alabama on the hog hunt I posted about a few weeks ago. It was an absolute blast and I totally want to do this again! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ok folks, it's not the biggest thing in the world bit it counts! My very first Permit! Lol.
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    They are getting smarter
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    My buddy is into wildlife photography and sends me his pictures. This picture on the Delaware from this past weekend is one of the nicest eagle pictures that I've seen.
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    We had another great day at game creek, today was my oldest daughter and myself. dogs did great and my aim was on target.
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    Sorry guys and gals. Kinda just jumped into some posting and didn't realize introductions were an option. Live in Warren County with my wife and kids. Work in Hunterdon County. Bow hunt and fish freshwater in both counties and enjoy an occasional trip to the salt every once in a while. Enjoy spending time with my kids and spending as much time outdoors as possible with my newest dog (Ridgeback who has a nose for sheds). Love reading the posts, bantering back and forth, agreeing and disagreeing, and sharing information. Goal for the Spring is to land my first Musky.
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    Finally with some nice weather today did first fishing of the season. Hit the Pine Barrens for some pickerel and managed to get a few. Hope to get into a regular pattern of fishing now.
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    Went up to Maine Wed-Sun to do some snowmobiling. Our cabin is just south of Rangeley Lake in Western Maine. The trails and riding was as good as it gets! Locals said it’s the most snow they have had on the ground in over 30 years. It was tough to tell how deep but it looked like 3ft+ roadside and 5ft+ in the mountains. Looking west at Sunday River and Mt Washington Sunset at Rangeley Lake from the Hungry Trout View from Colonel Hohlman Mt Moose Shed found on property over the summer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice otter trapped in New Jersey
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    Went out for a great 5 hour solo rabbit hunt with my hound, she did great ,some great long runs on the buck rabbit. Ended the day with 3.
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    After years of saying I’m gona shed hunt but not making time I finally got out for an hour and a half walk this morning. I was fortunate enough to have some beginners luck and found a matching set on the powerline edge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    West Texas Aoudad
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    I caught this "Monster" back in January. He broke the scale and was too big to skin up on my skinning table so I had to skin him on the floor. Interesting story here though. You know the old saying "It ain't over till its over"? Well I had four beaver set in this one location in addition to two #220's set for otter. There was no action for four days. The weatherman had predicted 1 1/2" to 2" of rain that night on top of already high water and saturated ground. So I decided to pull the sets because they would have been "Blown-Out" and not functioning for several days. The first set was a BMI #300"Beaver Buster" which is an 8" x 10" bodygrip. A very powerful trap! That one was right off the road. It was a classic "Text Book Set". A perfect sized channel running under a old fallen tree in a small stream just below an active beaver dam. It was empty when I walked past it. Whenever I am pulling or even checking traps within the same area, I always start with the furthest and work my way back to the truck. I do not want to carry anything anymore than I have to. Anyway, I pulled all of the other traps which were all empty. As I got back to the BMI #300 under the large fallen tree, it was gone! Oh my God! Someone had just stolen it while I was back in there pulling the other traps, I thought to myself! Anything is possible right off the road! But then I noticed the extension cable was still fence stapled to the log and was stretched out under the log. This was a decent sized log. After pulling and fighting with the cable, this Hawg came out! He was caught while I was back in there! Had I pulled or even sprung that trap on the way in, I would not have made such a memorable catch!
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    Got access to a new spot. I walked the perimeter today.....pretty excited
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    Finished up a few mallards, a bufflehead, and a pheasant. Gotta love drake waterfowl. They are beautiful animals. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    So with today's disappointing lunch and it being Lent, I wanted seafood over linguine....calamari, scungilli, and polpo.....my wife is one amazing cook, we & the kids included absolutely enjoyed this meal !!!
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    I set this bait pile about two weeks ago. Now it is just right. Got these two on the way to it. A male/female pair running together about 20 yards apart. Perfect necklaces.
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    Back on campus after spring break and already starting to go stir crazy. Took the 30 min drive to the closest piece of state land and went for a walk. No sheds today but came across an almost completely intact buck skeleton. Third from last ribs being broken suggests a liver shot that was never recovered. Props to you north jersey guys that are productive in this terrain. It kicked my butt today for sure lol. I’m used to flat ground and ag fields but I did enjoy the change of scenery.
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    Set a goal to find at least 10 sheds this year. And I finally got number 10 today. I know there’s guys who would laugh at 10 sheds in a season, but I’m ecstatic with hitting my goal. Looking for number 11 as soon as I get a chance lol.
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    Sorry we missed it, we took the trek up to Pulaski yesterday. Sounds like y’all had a blast and I hope we make the next get together! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Was able to purchase a sweet looking twin to my Dale Dye recurve. This one hasnt seen the woods since Dale made it for a Professional Bow Hunters Society auction back in 2002. Previous owner kept it flawless. Pictures don't do all the Pierce points justice on this Medicine Points bow. It will definitely get to eat this fall.
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    Took a walk with my son today on one of our farms and he kicked my ass . Him -3 Me - 1 . Always great to spend time with him but I say he cheated . Nothing big but did find a matched set . Still have snow so will definitely get back in there soon .
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    I never hunted so few days. My little run-in with cancer did play a role... lol (my latest PSA did come back as a virtual zero, so, all is well.) I never do hunt the summer season, unless you count elk, and with surgery on Oct 5, my fall season was basically non-existence. But I did manage to get out against Drs orders 33 days later and arrow a 10 pointer with my original bow I bought 50 years ago. Definitely a highpoint of my hunting career. Did some freezer-filling with the MZ. And then a week in Florida in late January where I didn't see a legal buck but the weather was phenomenal! All things considered I had one of the best seasons of my life
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    Maybe they know what you did to the goat.
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    CPAC 2019 do I really need to say more. MAGA TRUMP 2020.
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    Checked out a 200 acre piece the township owns close to my house. Found an old growth cedar swamp that had some big trees. Also found a few homeless tents that I gave a wide berth to. Found all the sheds along the outside of the cedar swamp. Found where someone cable locked a couple shovels to a tree a long time ago as the handles were rotten through. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Sorry to hear that. I usually wake up to a little more.
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    With striped bass season right around the corner, I figured now would be a good time to start a topic talking about these trophies we target. Starting around April 15 as a rule of thumb, the striped bass move into the Raritan Bay and the local rivers to beging their spawn / migration. At this time of year, the water is cold so they are generally a bit more sluggish. Due to this, bait fishing is more common. Anchoring up on the flats on an outgoing tide and soaking clams or blood worms. We like to find some marks on our sonar and anchor on them. Then start a chum slick. Using a slider sinker rig with about 36 inches of fluorocarbon leader (30 or 40lb) to a 7/0 circle hook. Cast out and let it sit in the rod holder. Once the water warms up a bit towards the end of April, we start to troll. Starting out with stretch plugs to match the herring. We will also troll Mojo rigs as well. Once the bunker come in, we generally use only Mojos. For trolling, we use 50lb braided power pro to a 15ft fluorocarbon 50lb leader to a snap swivel. During May, along with trolling, we live-line bunker as well as chunk them. Once these fish push out of the bay and into the ocean late May early June, we really focus on live lining bunker and trolling bunker spoons on wire line. During this time the fish tend to be very aggressive and we also like to throw top water plugs for these big fish. These fish can be very frustrating but also very rewarding. On any day, these fish can decide to eat one thing and not the other. Be ready for everything and most importantly, dont be afraid to change your technique. You cannot go out there saying today I will only liveline or Visa versa. Many days you will have to change it up to get these fish to bite. Good luck all for the 2019 season, be safe, and tight lines!
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    Just wanted to share some pics rossy048 and i accumulated this season. It was another great year with rossy048 doing the dirty work. Grand total was well over 30.
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    Came about 6 inches away from running this one over with the four wheeler. We have some history with this buck so I was over the moon excited to find his shed. He had one additional tine coming out to the side that broke off during the season. Can’t wait to see what he turns into next year. 01AE38A0-4C98-4253-A1AA-F0C4B704CE92.MOV
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    While fishing for spawning Pike I caught this nice Largemouth Bass, she measured 22 1/2 inches and weighed just over 6 pounds .
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    The law that prevents it is in the New Jersey criminal code Mark 10:25 which states "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a honest man to bring a legally purchased handgun into new Jersey from another state."
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    This is how I get ready for fishing season - and make reparations for the past deer season that ran way too long. Took Holly to broadway show yesterday for her birthday - “The Band’s Visit”, then excellent dinner at Taboon - simply the best Mediterranean restaurant ever. It is now our new favorite restaurant - on edge of Times Square. Stayed in The CitizenM Hotel - highly recommend this place it was like 160 a night. Got good deal on Expedia. Today getting in touch with my feminine side - completed her birthday weekend with the Singapore Orchid show at NY Botanical Gardens before heading home to do something manly like split wood.
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    Friend and i walk over 7 miles. We found 3 sheds. 2 fresh and one last years. I pasted the 2 bucks this past bow season.
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