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    Good morning fellas, To much celebration last night to post so here it goes. I first saw this guy on a cam in August. From that point, I stayed out until bow started. Didn't see him at all during early bow. Took a nice 7 during permit bow. Started glassing this spot from a safe distance after I took the 7 point on average 5 nights a week. Had finally learned his pattern. One problem I encountered was no tree the right size to hang a stand. I have 2 permanent stands on this property,1 for bow and 1 for shotgun. After doing my homework I came up with a game plan. I had decided when the wind was right, S or SSW, I was going in on the ground. Well, went to the property late morning yesterday and sure enough, the wind was SSW. We all know, don't ever trust the meteorologists to call the wind direction. Went in and set up a natural ground blind on the trail this guy was walking. Brought the KI crossbow. Got in about 1400 hours and had deer starting to move by 1500 hours. Sure enough just before 1700 hours here he comes. He crossed in front of me at 20 yards. Had the KI up with safety off and I let one rip. BANG! Hit my mark and he kicked then took off running. I saw him go down within 60 yards. From a previous post regarding NAP spitfires....These are all I shoot out of the compound as well as the crossbow. The 100 grain put the smack down on him. Going out in the garage now to cape him and part him out. When I am done I will drop him off to Chris at World Class Taxidermy in Jackson. Will ask Chris to measure him when I drop it off. Not going to guess what he will score, but you guy's can. All I know is he is my best to date, heavy mass 10 point. No bait. Have a great season all!
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    After whiffing on a buck at 20 yards shotgun week I needed to see if I could still hit one...
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    As the title states. After years of hunting and passing on Doe's waiting for a buck to come out. It finally happened. A 5 maybe 6 point. I started learning and hunting on my own in 2012. The camara had deer coming in every night at last light. About 5 shootable bucks with the 3 on 1 side rule along with some nice Doe's. Last weekend I sat here and saw nothing in heavy winds. Everything lined up last night with light winds and it blowing in my favor. I got in around 1:45pm after a long walk because I wanted to get my truck way out of the picture and have no effect on deer movent. So I sat knowing nothing would happen until last light. At 4:00 p.m. I put my mask over my nose and the crossbow up to my face and crouched down into my shooting position and waited. It felt like I was waiting forever but finally I saw two deer coming straight at me to the bait pile. It was a big doe and a buck right behind it. Only two deer. I could see that it had antlers but I couldn't see exactly how big. However I did see that its body was way bigger than the doe and I knew this was going to be my opportunity for a buck. The doe right away gave me a broadside shot and the buck stood facing me with its head down into the corn. I was like oh my God it's getting dark and this buck is not going to give me a shot. So I was contemplating just taking the doe because I knew this was my last day to hunt this year and I wanted another deeer in the freezer. Then all sudden they heard something behind them and the buck turn sideways and I let the bolt fly. what I didn't know is was he was taking a step forward so I hit him a little bit back. It was a 25-yard shot and I had the crosshair just a little high right above his shoulder. I let it sit for about an hour and me and my two buddies went and found it and drug it out. I can't tell you how happy I am and excited. I felt like I had this buck curse on me for a long time. I would see deer sometimes 12 to 15 deer a sit and never see a buck. I have passed on so many doe's waiting for a buck. Now this deer is not going to break any records but for me it means the world. What a way to end the season. let me tell you to my wife has been giving me some shit and she wanted me to watch the eagles game with her friends at the bar yesterday. I'm glad I made the decision to hunt. Thank you for reading.
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    Zone 2. Finally caught up with this guy. He has been VERY visible yet very elusive at he same time. 45 yard shot hard quartering to with the muzzleloader. Crappy at night picture with a flashlight for light. He’s a 9 point. Never split into a ten.
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    While my son hunted this afternoon I checked a camera my buddy had put out awhile back . Had these 2 great pics on it .
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    Went out yesterday morning to stand in a hedgerow that gets some traffic by it around this time of the year. Getting hip surgery on Thursday so climbing into the stand was out of the question but, I cut a spot out that I can just shoot over. The deer seem to like laying along this hedge due, I believe, to the fact that the sun hits it early and there are some tall weeds to lay in and soak up the sun. When there is frost everywhere else this area must hold the heat cuz it’s rarely frosted over and some stuff stays green there when all around it is dead. Anyway, had a few does and a spike cruise on by but, even though this was going to be my last stand before I get cut, I was kinda holding out for something a little more. Already have my freezer filled so no pressure there. After a little wait, here comes this guy. I had a rag stuck in the field with some Black Widow Extreme Interest Deer lure on it. He walked over to check out the rag which I had positioned so he was right in my shooting window. Took the shot and the G5 Deadmeat broadhead did its job and he was down in 20 yards. My boys came out to help me drag being that they were both around which, just added pleasure to an already great day. So happy to be able to drop one more before my surgery. Gonna be laid up for a while so it gives me something to smile about while I’m bored to death laying around for a while. Decent 7 point. Wuda been an 8 but looks like he had a tough rut season
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    The big one I have been watching for 2 years now showed up with half a rack one day last week, and then no rack. So I was happy to see this guy walk out Saturday afternoon. I saw 6 different bucks all before shooting this one at 3:45. 2 were shed, one was a half rack. They are shedding early this year, be careful before you shoot. Nice to take one on the family farm, with my dad. Even his dog Libby got to "find" the deer. Bummed I shot the heart, we were looking forward to marinated heart on the grill. The family tradition is to hang the nuts on a tree. Hang them high, never let them touch the ground.
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    The Kid broke his whitetail jinx in IL a couple days before Thanksgiving and decided he'd like to have Jay mount him, so he brought him home on the plane for Christmas.
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    My magic bullets worked again for me last night. I had three bucks come up from the river behind me. The first buck had 4 points on the left and about 2 inches of his main beam left on the right. The second buck was an average sized 8, the third buck was bigger so I set my sights on him. I bowhunt most of the time but have been getting into muzzleloaders more and more. I really enjoy shooting them and grabbed my Omega going out yesterday instead of my bow. The shot was only 45 yards and the buck only ran 60 to 70 yards. I shot him in the left side right behind the leg. The bullet destroyed his heart (damn!) but didn't exit. I felt the bullet just under the skin on his right side. One slice of my knife and it fell out. I've been told that I shouldn't shoot these bullets because they don't expand but my findings are different. Although I still might not have enough experience to have an opinion on this, my gun DID fire when I pulled the trigger so there is that....
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    Got out in zone 10 tonight. Deer were real skiddish with the wind but it came together for us. But then the crappy part started. Just after I shot my doe the one neighbor on the other side of the swamp proceeded to shoot his pistol, shotgun and .22 for the next hour. The house it came from is a hunter. It was clear hunter harassment from another Hunter. There were still 12 different deer that we seen after I shot my doe but they would not come out of the other field because of all the shooting right behind me. So we got down with 30 minutes of shooting light left. And from OnX hunts I know the name of the owner of the house the shooting was coming from. But on a great note my little guy got to help me field dress a deer. But unfortunately I shot the heart in 2 with the muzzy, my oldest is upset by this. I did not ahoot the doe across my sons head. She was behind us and went down in the swamp. The neighbor let’s us recover out of his swamp. So I went down and pull her onto my friends property right away. Even with no heart she still ran 70-80 yards.
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    My wife and i were away for the week of Christmas in the Bahamas. Its a vacation but i still bring a rod with me to do a little fishing. My goal was to catch a Bonefish. The Bahamas have a good amount of bonefish but around Nassau is not the best. Plus the wind was blowing most of the time i was there. 2 days it was 25-35 mph but most of the other days was 10-20 mph. I was lucky enough to catch my first and only Bonefish. Few stuff i caught too. Barracuda, sting ray and some kind of bottom/rockfish.
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    Out in the blind just spending some time with my hunting partner(my son) his phone buzzes and he say “ Dad i got to take this call”. Totally out of the ordinary for my son to do so, i am thinking “she must be pretty hot” LOL After a couple of uhuh’s he says thank you and hangs up. He turns to tell me he has been accepted to the University of New Haven and his GPA has given him a 13k scholarship. After some high fives and strong hugs we relax and start to focus on hunting again. After getting home and informing mom, he takes off to inform his friends and while me and the wife are talking it hits me. I have just lost my hunting/fishing partner for the next 4 years. WOW things just got real, so glad i took him on a week long steelhead trip this past November. Kinda weird being proud and sad at the same time but life changes in the blink of an eye. Will miss having him beside me in the blind for deer and waterfowl, beside me working the dog fof pheasant and getting that text in stand from him saying “just shot one”. But i guess as fast as life go 4 years will go by quick. Time to start putting aside cash for a special trip for he and I upon his graduation. Will be talking to LTH about that. For you guys who have just had babies and those who just got their kids into hunting/fishing... enjoy every minute... time flys Sent via carrier pigeon
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    Shot by a 16 year old in Zone 6. Near Hopatcong. 20 plus points.
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    I realized today that I put out a camera back in September and forgot to check it. After searching for it, I checked it and the batteries were dead. But, this buck was on it. Had I known, I would of changed my hunting schedule to hunt him. One of the biggest NJ bucks that I've seen.
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    I sort of hesitate to write this because I figure there's going to be a few that'll get all bent over it, but after thinking about it, I don't care... So I went out this afternoonand sat in the ground blind that I had set up for my daughter; was settled in by 2:15pm. I sat for awhile and saw absolutely zip. At approximately 4pm a single deer is walking in range. I could tell that something seemed off. A quick look through the binos was all I needed to tell me what I suspected; it was a shed buck. I wasn't sure if I should take the shot because normally I pass on them. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to shoot. As some may know, I haven't hunted anywhere as much as I usually do; this is due to personal reasons. And by the best I can tell, I think I'm only going out 1-2 more times and then my season's done. In any case, he came in to about 18yds feeding. I waited for a bit because he kept giving me head on or quartering shots. He finally turned to where he was just about broadside, I placed the crosshairs of my Tenpoint Titan Xtreme in the boiler room and let it loose. He ran about 30yds, slowed up, took a few more steps and tipped over. Here he is. David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
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    woke up early and decided to do a quick morning hunt before breakfast. This guy came by first light. Seems to be a problem with the harvest reporting system - won't take my entry. Will keep at it. Merry Christmas!
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    So we took advantage of the apprentice hunting lic and now the wife is hooked. Been goose hunting with some success so I thought I would show her why we have a beagle. She got her first rabbit today. Did it with a gun I had since I was 10.
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    Just wanna says thanks to @JerseyJaysTaxidermy For helping me get an awesome gift for my wife from his buddy came out perfect. I gave it to her last week and she loved it I couldn’t wait! Also have the deer at jersey jays for a shoulder mount
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    Normally I don't post photos of my kids on the web, but I was just too proud not to: I slipped it under the tree "A Christmas Story" style without even mom knowing. She has been chomping at the bit to start with it but with the weather its been tough. The shortest draw setting is still a little too long so she'll grow into it and get a lot of use out of it. 20190106_142638.mp4
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    Walmart has the double ladder stands on sale, so I picked up 2. Got over to the zone 12 spot to get it set up for the kids and I. Had my dad out with us to help get it up. January 12th I will be out with Violet and January 19th with Lily. At least 2 more muzzleloader hunts. Still some big bucks on the mountain. Shoot for bone.
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    Went out this morning with my son and he shot two Hooded Merganzers and I ended up shooting a goose. We missed a bunch of ducks and geese but, we had alot of laughs. I even shot a limb off of a pine tree when a couple of flocks of geese flew over. My son busted my chops over that one. I love my son's outfit. LOL!
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    Baked shrimp scampi and a shrimp scampi sauce and pasta , scallops wrapped in bacon , broiled scallops, baked monk fish ,fried monk fish , deviled clams, deep fried crab cakes baked ziti and twice bake potatoes ...
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