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  1. Koz-will do, but looks to be firm w/2 Brits.
  2. 19 rounds + 19 once fired brass
  3. Unopened Hornady 385 grn 50 cal (8) 350 grn 50 cal (18) 360 grn 54 cal 200+ RWS caps I have no need for them, so $10?
  4. Anyone shoot this? Got a box of stuff today with 22 rounds. $30 for the lot.
  5. I wore them about a dozen times. I think they’ll fit you better than they did me.
  6. Deal fell through. Available again.
  7. Unless these are special bullets that never miss, I’d say 24 cents a round qualifies as gouging. If they are indeed those special bullets, I might need a couple bricks.
  8. Maybe his car payment is due?
  9. So I lost a bunch of weight and these no longer fit. AGO XL jacket and matching bib (2XL). $30 for the set.
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