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  1. Cub Cadet Snow Blower 325 obo SOLD

    Of course. Just picked up a used Honda HS55.
  2. 17 hmr

    Scratch that itch. Have the Savage w/bull barrel and wood stock. It eats ground hogs.
  3. Spring Cleaning #2

    Pompton Lakes off 287. Lemme call my PD again and see if there are Any updates.
  4. Spring Cleaning #2

    Location? Waiting for 2 permits (any day now......)
  5. Where do you buy your ammo online

    Check out wikiarms.com. They list per round costs. I always aim for whoever has free shipping. No sense buying rounds for a song, but paying a mint in shipping costs.
  6. Couple of guns 4 sale

    Norinco sold. Savage still available.
  7. Couple of guns 4 sale

    Norinco SPF
  8. Couple of guns 4 sale

    Savage Scout in 308 - $400 Norinco takedown (Browning clone) in 22LR - $200 Located Wayne/Pompton Lakes
  9. Looking for a small John boat

    Sent you a PM.
  10. Primos Trigger Sticks (2)

    Sending PM
  11. Looking for a freezer

    Guy in Andover (Craigslist) has a chest freezer for $100
  12. Stainless Steel table needed

    Check craigslist. Saw a 4 footer on Elizabeth for $80

    That's my favorite price for the slugs. I'm in Pompton Lakes. Meet somewhere (Stop n Shop?) tonight?
  14. WTB Marlin 336 in 35cal,

    It didn't like me. Then my buddy saw it and liked it more.
  15. WTB Marlin 336 in 35cal,

    Not on the Rug- no it was a Ruger #1 in 7mm. That particular relationship didn't last, though.