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  1. Sweet. Is that the Canadian Centennial? Have the same gun.
  2. Push button take down (Mk 4) or the gymnastics version (Mk 3)?
  3. What generation is the 22/45?
  4. I’ll take the 32” waist please. Keep the pants.
  5. Brings me back to playing ‘war’ in the woods with old pump BB guns back in the 70’s. This thing definitely woulda hurt though!
  6. Picked up a new Beeman combo today at Davis Sport Shop in Sloatsburg. Spent about 90 minutes killing a tin can in the back yard, with a big stupid smile! Chipmunks beware.
  7. Don’t know where your located, but Action Shooter in Haledon has one right now on GBroker.
  8. Free for whoever wants them. Live rounds, with clips in original packaging.
  9. Thank Heavens. With various uninstalled pieces of a new bathroom scattered about the house, a new toy might have ended in a new pine box for me.
  10. Thanks again RJ. I’ll let you know next time i’m Heading up to Cherry Ridge.
  11. Damn, forgot to include my Henry octagonal barrel to the fun list.
  12. I bought that 7mm from you. We didn’t get along, so it went to a friend who collects them. Shoulda bought the 35 from you to add to my pair As for fun, Browning Buckmark .22 pistol, Winchester 190 and Ruger Ar556 are all worth the price of admission.
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