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  1. I’ve got the rechargeable dehumidifiers and a Damprid bag in the safe. Took all my guns out of the socks, too after finding some surface rust where the bags weren’t loose.
  2. I bought a foodsaver and 2 packs of bags from BJ’s about 10 years ago and have no complaints. The bags are pricey, but you can reuse them.
  3. Ordered 1000 rounds of 22LR from Midsouth this week for $105 all in. Still too much but I’m down under 10k rounds….
  4. Looking for a 4x, 3/4” tube with clear glass, somewhere in the $30 range. Located in Pompton Lakes and a Cherry Ridge member.
  5. $52k?? Looks like a Tesla SUV I’d rather get a restored late 60’s Stang that kinda coin.
  6. My group Chartered the Fish Monger out of Pt. Pleasant this AM for some sea bassing. Left the dock @ 6:00. The 10 of us limited out on bass by 9:00. Spent the next 4 hours trying to limit out on ling. Great day w/ Capt. Jerry and Mate Sean. I caught the weirdest stuff today. Pulled up a wooden chunk of a wreck (put up a helluva fight, for a log) a 4’ conger and a 3’+ pout.
  7. A lifetime ago I worked for the Borough of Ringwood. A forced ‘resignation’ brought that particular employment to an inglorious end. First name goes back 3 generations. Ain’t broke, so didn’t fix it (ask my son).
  8. I skinned and buried mine in November. Hosed him down and soaked him in a bleach/water mixture.
  9. When they change colors, throw ‘em in the oven at 300 or microwave on defrost till they turn back. Same stuff they use in the plug in models.
  10. Ordered and on its way! Been procrastinating on doing this for way too long. Thanks for the nudge.
  11. CDNN has them 3 for $35 right now with $10 shipping.
  12. John- hope your daughter enjoys it. Great meeting you
  13. SPF. Thank you everyone for your interest.
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