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  1. Ringwoodfrank

    Range finders for sale

    I’ll take the rangefinder. Sending PM
  2. Ringwoodfrank

    Summit stand and safety vest

    I’ll take it (if not already spoken for). I can pick up Saturday.
  3. Ringwoodfrank

    Gun Cabinet for sale

    SPF to Rayorsa.
  4. Ringwoodfrank

    Gun Cabinet for sale

    21” wife, 19” deep, 55” high. Holds 12 comfortable, 18 with some imagination. 2 locks, 1 key. $50 in Pompton Lakes
  5. Ringwoodfrank

    Good Deal @ Riverdale BJ’s

    There were pretty substantial bolts included, so you can bolt the safe to the floor. Hell, if the average thief can get this thing out of my house, he deserves it. I gave the dolly back to my friend, so this will stay with the house.
  6. Ringwoodfrank

    Good Deal @ Riverdale BJ’s

    As much fun as it would be to fill up another 40 safe, I’m Definitely NOT moving another one.
  7. Ringwoodfrank

    Good Deal @ Riverdale BJ’s

    Yep, my mistake. There was no sales tax. $499
  8. Ringwoodfrank

    Good Deal @ Riverdale BJ’s

    That’s it, in black.
  9. Ringwoodfrank

    Good Deal @ Riverdale BJ’s

    Stack On
  10. For the Northern NJ crowd, picked up a Stack On 40 gun safe for $499+tax today. Was the same price as the 24 gun model. There are 2 left
  11. Ringwoodfrank

    Cub Cadet Snow Blower 325 obo SOLD

    Of course. Just picked up a used Honda HS55.
  12. Ringwoodfrank

    17 hmr

    Scratch that itch. Have the Savage w/bull barrel and wood stock. It eats ground hogs.
  13. Ringwoodfrank

    Spring Cleaning #2

    Pompton Lakes off 287. Lemme call my PD again and see if there are Any updates.
  14. Ringwoodfrank

    Spring Cleaning #2

    Location? Waiting for 2 permits (any day now......)
  15. Ringwoodfrank

    Where do you buy your ammo online

    Check out wikiarms.com. They list per round costs. I always aim for whoever has free shipping. No sense buying rounds for a song, but paying a mint in shipping costs.