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  1. Ringwoodfrank


    I’ll take em.
  2. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, NJ is violating both your 1st and 2nd amendment rights under the pretext of a ‘pandemic’. Denying the right of citizens to peaceably assemble. Which amendment is next?
  3. Hank Johnson-The gentleman from Georgia who tried to convince the armed forces not to have too many people on Guam, because it might sink.
  4. Looks like any pistol permits that were in the pipeline will be stuck in no man’s land forever. Rats. Was looking forward to a new B-Day present.
  5. Not fake news, just early. NICS suspended at 9 PM.
  6. Just got a text from my LGS. NICS shut down in NJ until further notice. Wonderful.
  7. Was sitting in a staff meeting Monday morning and the Health Officer for my town (and 8 others) just sat shaking his head to all the hysterics re: face masks (don’t wear one unless you’re sick, in which case you should be home anyway), bottled water (the tap will still work and all public water systems are chlorinated) and toilet paper (it’s a respiratory illness, not gastric-intestinal). He went on the explain that There are 4 strains of Coronavirus in the US already, this one is just from China. Of the 29 deaths so far, 20 were in a single nursing home in Washington State. Just be smart and hygienic.
  8. ‘Free chainsaw’ = ‘Too much exercise to start’😉
  9. I’ll take them. PM on it’s way
  10. Aye-aye Captain. Sailing along with you. So far everything has been in shotgun range, does included.
  11. Sweet. Is that the Canadian Centennial? Have the same gun.
  12. Push button take down (Mk 4) or the gymnastics version (Mk 3)?
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