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  1. My pleasure Walt. Glad it’s going to a good home.
  2. Not selling any ammo, still have one to feed. It’s like hens teeth lately.
  3. I’d take the .38 heads, 357 brass, 40 heads and brass, the blue dot and 3031. PM inbound.
  4. Relief drains probably got overwhelmed. Too much hydrostatic pressure blew out the bottom.
  5. Shot in the dark here. Anyone have a set they can part with?
  6. Those of us above a certain age remember our parents complaining about the ‘Made in Japan’ stickers on products. Kinda miss those days now. We still make things, just not as much and it’s more expensive. Bought a Made in USA stainless steel frying pan for Christmas. Paid almost double what the Chinese version in Home Goods cost. Went to buy a new belt sander a few weeks ago. Couldn’t find one not made in China, so the old steel beast has to make it a few more years.
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