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  1. BothBarrels

    lacey school and the NRA

    Seems the school district is implying that no punishment was actually handed-out? NJ.Com Nevertheless .... is everyone a member of ANJRPC?
  2. BothBarrels

    Ordering ammo online?

    Each online retailer has different policies. Some just want the FPID for handgun loads, but others want it for everything.
  3. BothBarrels


    Don't do it, man.
  4. BothBarrels

    Proud dad right now, a new cop last night

    Wishing your son a great career! Good job, mom and dad. I have a son that graduated from Morris County Police Academy last month. (After 4 years of working in the IT field, he had enough of that)
  5. BothBarrels

    Another Good Day With A Bonus

    Great job, guys!
  6. BothBarrels


    Big fun!
  7. BothBarrels


    The state tax deduction wasn't actually eliminated. That $10,000 cap pertains to the total of property taxes and state tax.
  8. BothBarrels

    A Few Pa Birds

    Just got back from my yearly hunt with a college buddy and a couple friends in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania. Three days of shooting birds along the river, and cooking up bacon and beans and coffee on the fire. Beverages and bs'ing with old buddies. It never gets old. Everybody getting ready for Santa?
  9. BothBarrels

    1 shot multi species triple pic

    Great job!
  10. BothBarrels

    Snowy 3 Point Buck

    Hell no regrets! Congrats! Great hunting!
  11. BothBarrels

    The Birds are Flyin'

    Big fun! Congrats!
  12. BothBarrels

    Muzzleloader Barks In the Snow

    Wow....bigdaddy! Congrats!
  13. BothBarrels

    Pheasant hunting in snow 12/16

    Great time to be out there!
  14. BothBarrels

    High School Wrestling Season Is Here.

    Good luck to your boy! Just as long as kids keep healthily active at things.... it's cool.