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  1. Ok, man ….. lets vote that bum Sweeney out. Then, anti-everything Senator Loretta Weinberg moves up, and becomes the power broker in Trenton.
  2. You're right. But in NJ, unfortunately, we do need to separate 2A and hunting rights to some degree. That's why NJOA endorsed Sweeney (and took lots of heat for it). Sweeney kept saying it was the "Sandy Hook Families" that made him change gears and allow those anti bills back then. I don't know. I listened a bit to Gov Murphy speaking at that thing at Rutgers' Douglass College today. He said that increasing the fees for NJ FPID and Handgun Permits would "help solve the gun crime crisis in our state." Makes sense to me.
  3. Terrific News! Congrats! Best part of life! Take care of Momma during these coming months, as her body nourishes your new child.
  4. No, man …. no handguns. Starter's pistol. And, buy a half-decent one. Have fun training your pup!
  5. I've been thinking about this. Your friend "Sammy," right? "Brownstones?" I do remember you talking about you guys hunting together … what a good guy he was. I remember that a lot. Someone from NJH told me about meeting you guys..... Sal, maybe, he said both of you were good guys. Sammy had a long battle before he died right? Again, I'm very sorry. Some things in life really suck.
  6. I remember you speaking of him back them. i'm sorry, man.
  7. Great read! Congrats for a fun hunt ….
  8. That poor family. Evil in this world. (And, yes …. good man for stopping to offer help)
  9. Nice one, young man! Congrats, great job! Great photo! (Good job, Pop.)
  10. Happy Easter, everybody
  11. Ways back, you taught us that Trump is a honest man, a "straight-talker." And, you insult other people's intelligence? Happy Easter, Professor.
  12. Great job, young man! Congrats! Great job, Dad, too ….. and great photo
  13. I had a 2002 F250 with a 5.4 ….. blew out one plug and one warped exhaust manifold. Lots of body panels from LMC for all of my rusty trucks. lol I haven't heard of any corrosion problems with the new aluminum bodies. Hope not, I'm buying one this year. Anyway, good luck with your truck. Sharp looking.
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