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  1. Nice gun! Nice, soft loads to learn marksmanship. Great job, pop.
  2. I'm so very sorry to read this, especially today. I sincerely wish your family peace and happiness. Sales engineer with Caterpillar.
  3. Wow … nice one, Chris! Great job …. congrats! (same for you, pop. great photo, too)
  4. Really sorry, man. These times of life really suck.
  5. Florida, where most of the tracks are, banned greyhound racing after 2020. Things sure are changing. Anyway, seems to me that must be quite a ride for those little jockeys …. on top of an animal 10 times your weight, hanging on with a little, crappy nylon saddle, racing side-by-side at 40 mph.
  6. Similarly ….. You got to enjoy just watching the grass blow. (duck hunting)
  7. Every university has some of these big-mouthed, naïve little liberals, with their meaningless majors.
  8. I hunt public land in 4A, rural south-central PA. The area is good for spot-stalk deer hunting, but reasonable distances with a smaller caliber rifle. I see less deer there than I see here in NJ, but I still enjoy that kind of hunting and do pretty well. I bow hunt here at the Water Gap. Pheasant and rabbit populations have plummeted through these many years in my area, as the land has matured. Grouse populations there are down, too. Might be West Nile? The state closed the late grouse season. Still, I hunt all three species when I'm out there. Good luck.
  9. Nice one, young man! Congrats! (Good man, Pop. Great photos)
  10. One of the really bad days in life. Sorry, man.
  11. Looks great! Really like waterfowl mounts.
  12. lol. One of my sons went to school in Maine. Winter sure is deep, long, dark and cold.
  13. I never really thought about that. I have a little place in rural Huntingdon County Pennsylvania, and it's a very long cruise to a hospital. Actually, all medical care is pretty scarce. Very nice out there, though. Seems all three of my sons are making their way here in northwestern NJ, raising their families here. Looks like my wife and I will just try to survive here. Things could be worse. If I did split, no where real hot. I've been watching reruns of Swamp Loggers on TV this morning. They're in eastern NC. Just standing there doing nothing, their t-shirts are getting soaked with
  14. Ok, man ….. lets vote that bum Sweeney out. Then, anti-everything Senator Loretta Weinberg moves up, and becomes the power broker in Trenton.
  15. You're right. But in NJ, unfortunately, we do need to separate 2A and hunting rights to some degree. That's why NJOA endorsed Sweeney (and took lots of heat for it). Sweeney kept saying it was the "Sandy Hook Families" that made him change gears and allow those anti bills back then. I don't know. I listened a bit to Gov Murphy speaking at that thing at Rutgers' Douglass College today. He said that increasing the fees for NJ FPID and Handgun Permits would "help solve the gun crime crisis in our state." Makes sense to me.
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