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  1. Panderus

    10/23 check in

    So this happend. This is the first buck I’ve ever shot and it took place on a wma. I am beyond thrilled.
  2. Panderus

    10/23 check in

    Been out here since 2. A truly glorious day. Currently surrounded by gray squirrels.
  3. Panderus

    DIY Prong horn hunt questions

    could you tell me anything more about the left over permits?
  4. Panderus

    DIY Prong horn hunt questions

    Nice! could you let me know which outfitter and what caliber you used ?
  5. Hi all, I've been looking into some hunts out west and settled on prong horn. I'm looking to plan this adventure for 2019. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience/advice. I would like to use a rifle since I am mostly a bow hunter here in the garden state, would not be opposed to pulling a doe tag first time around (Ive read these are super cheap in Wyoming), and I want this to be a primarily public land do it yourself hunt but might consider paying for private permissions if the situation dictates. Most of the reading I've done has been on hunting in the state of Wyoming. I would appreciate any and all advice! thanks !
  6. Panderus


    http://nj.gov/governor/contact/ I found some contact info for Mr. Murphy at this link. Are there any other people I should be contacting? I'm trying to step up my political participation.
  7. Panderus

    For Sale : Benelli Vinci 12ga-SOLD!

    great sucess
  8. I will! tomorrow i'll be chasing pheasants and catching thorns.
  9. Hello all, I'm a new hunter (3 years now). Bow and upland mostly. I hunt in zone 10 and 8. Any and all advice welcome.