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  1. I am selling this upper with various accessories. The upper is a palmetto state armory 16 inch melonite barrel, midlength gas system, with a strike industries muzzle break pinned on. Ignore the red dot and charging handle in the pictures I woln't be selling those. the gun has 2,500 rounds through it I took the carbine classes at gun for hire and built a second one based on my experiences. Nothing wrong with it i just want to make some room in the safe. I've listed the prices for the parts, you can have the lot for 425! located in union county. accessories include: inforce light- 60 hailey strategic thorntail mount for light 25 CMMG m16 bcg -80 magpul sights - 35 magpul pistol grip -5 magpul carbine stock - 15 strike industries s link grip 25 upper assembly 225 bundle 425
  2. Hi, figured those of you versed in the acquisition of fur might have some input. I’ve shot two foxes the past two seasons and i would really like to have a hat made from them. See attached picture for general style. Know anyone that does this sort of work ?
  3. Panderus

    Best STEAK?

    ever have skirt steak? I'm a huge fan. Here's a curve ball, cook a goose breast just like a steak and it comes out amazing.
  4. So this happend. This is the first buck I’ve ever shot and it took place on a wma. I am beyond thrilled.
  5. Been out here since 2. A truly glorious day. Currently surrounded by gray squirrels.
  6. could you tell me anything more about the left over permits?
  7. Nice! could you let me know which outfitter and what caliber you used ?
  8. Hi all, I've been looking into some hunts out west and settled on prong horn. I'm looking to plan this adventure for 2019. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience/advice. I would like to use a rifle since I am mostly a bow hunter here in the garden state, would not be opposed to pulling a doe tag first time around (Ive read these are super cheap in Wyoming), and I want this to be a primarily public land do it yourself hunt but might consider paying for private permissions if the situation dictates. Most of the reading I've done has been on hunting in the state of Wyoming. I would appreciate any and all advice! thanks !
  9. http://nj.gov/governor/contact/ I found some contact info for Mr. Murphy at this link. Are there any other people I should be contacting? I'm trying to step up my political participation.
  10. I will! tomorrow i'll be chasing pheasants and catching thorns.
  11. Hello all, I'm a new hunter (3 years now). Bow and upland mostly. I hunt in zone 10 and 8. Any and all advice welcome.
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