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  1. Yep. Especially in September. Days we'll shoot 3..5-10..20+ bands in a day.
  2. Salem boat exchange..greenhorn outdoors...belleplain gun supply..sportsman outpost..bucktail outfitters..
  3. Don't have my first license but still have my original hunter ed course certificate. Got mine in November of 2000 and started hunting right after. This fall marks my 20th year. Looking forward to the next 20.
  4. Harvest 4 deer because 3 doesn't get me through til the next season.
  5. Antis would twist this to show how compassionate the bear is saving the deer from drowning.
  6. Seems like a case of somebody who got hit for hunting turkeys over bait one too many times and is crying wolf about it..... Baiting law with turkeys is pretty easy. Don't be within 300' of it period. Public or private, cover your own ass and do your due diligence to not get caught in a bad spot. The end. Only guys out there getting ripped for turkey hunting over bait are the ones purposefully doing it and getting caught.
  7. Look at estimated harvest summary that goes back to the 70s and 80s...30..40..50K grouse harvested..past 10 years...maybe a few hundred.
  8. bI love the assumptions in this post with literally no sources other than he said she said......that's how we all band together....
  9. Ironic if he wants to argue the betsy ross flag as being some symbol of racism, when the original 13 were the ones to actually want to outlaw slavery...….. the things we cherry pick to remember...
  10. PR money is put into the federal wildlife restoration account and those taxes are appropriated to each state based on the number of license holders, the size of the state, and some other odds and ends thrown into a formula. Some states receive more, some states receive less, and then there are minimal states, which means that states receive a minimum amount of funding. NJ is a minimal state meaning it doesn't fit crtieria based on license holders, area, etc. to be apportioned more than the minimal. So we receive the minimal amount of DJ and PR dollars annually. This is why it's important collectively hunters and anglers nationwide purchase stuff. Hunter ed loosely speaking is funded through PR money, hence why it is free in all states. PR money helps support many wildlife-related programs, maintenance of the ranges, and helps support many wildlife-related grant funded activities in states where states use hunter/angler money as match to be awarded grant money. Frankly most states wouldn't have near the programs they have without PR money and HA money available as match to receive PR money. That's the in a nutshell version.
  11. Sad to see indeed. Lived in AR a few years, about a mile as crow flies from the Arkansas River at one point... lot of places I hiked, hunted, fished, all photos I see are just tree tops.
  12. This has been in the works over the past couple years; it's not really that new. The feds having been working with states to actually omit a lot of their regulations where there are basically duplicates within many states, in attempt to make things less cumbersome for hunters and anglers. I think last year they opened up like a quarter million acres of new access too and already had that public comment period. I think 3 of our 5 refuges were included in on that.
  13. Learning for all? I'm very well versed in the laws, thanks. And.....that law is related to actions during legal. hunting. hours. Getting situated prior to legal. hunting. hours. is not at all the same as stalking during legal. hunting. hours. Seriously dude, just think and say it out loud and put some logical reason behind it. Think about why the law is worded the way it is. Do you think it is to be so purposefully subjective and vague for hunters? Or have you even considered the possibility is it to the help CO's identify violations that more solidly convictable with evidence a violation has occurred or not? Do you honestly, truly believe a CO is going to come running through the woods yelling stalking at you for being too close to a bird on the roost prior to legal shooting time? Do you honestly think that case would hold up in front of a judge if he said well I saw him sitting too close to the base of a tree, he moved to get closer to it prior to legal shooting time, and a turkey ended up being 20 yards away. With 0 evidence of him legally doing anything that would constitute stalking or any other hunting violation as it relates to legal hunting hours (didn't load his gun prior, didn't go sneak up on this turkey after shooting light, didn't shoot the turkey before shooting light)? There's nothing subjective about it, you have had 0 evidence other than your perceived idea of evidence in the way the OP phrased his original post about harvesting a bird. All you have done is cherry picked words and definitions that you jumped on and ran with that maimed this guy. Words only go so far, actions speak louder.... Now I'm done. This has gotten really painful trying to reasonable and logical.
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