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  1. Black ducks and mallards will be about it. Coastal and south zone hold better variety and numbers.
  2. Spike came thou bout 20 min ago, skirted an edge about 50 yards and had his nose to the ground entire time
  3. Good luck. Got situated a little late once 28. Bumped one walking in. Planned on doing an all day sit but gonna give it til 11-12.
  4. Only had couple hours this AM, sat til about 8 in new spot with bunch of fresh scrapes and rubs. Saw real nice shooter in this area Sunday morning in passing. Only saw a couple deer this AM, pretty sure doe and a scrub. Gonna put in a couple long days there this weekend to see what comes about.
  5. 1) Venture away from Mo/Su CO and be prepared to travel if you want to be consistently shooting birds. 2) There are guides that are reputable that will give you a better hunt that doesn't consist of trash ducks. Some even willing to get you off your feet to be successful on your own. 3) Find spots. Find spots, you'll need less decoys. Without spots, you will need 100. 4) Learn to call and more importantly, when to and when not to. Sometimes they really need to hear it and you need to be aggressive, sometimes they don't wanna hear it and motion is the way to go. Learn to recognize the difference. 5) Be prepared to go home empty handed a lot initially but take it in stride. Log all your hunts, after a few years, you will put a puzzle together and start really figuring it out. 6) Be willing and able to piss away a lot of money if you want to do it right.
  6. Fortunately never experienced any serious falls. I always wear harness but I'm guilty of not attaching to tree until I get up into stand. Only had one scary instance coming down in climber, was about halfway down and platform slid down and caught, kind of left me dangling on top part of climber. Fortunately, way it caught, it bit so I was able to slowly put my weight on it and reach up and grab top and resume getting down. Took it a little more slow getting up and down after that.
  7. weird, was able to access my profile no problem in chrome as well....
  8. weird, workng just fine for me using internet explorer...just have to log into your profile
  9. Wind is little more swirly than I anticipated. Stinks. Bumped one walking in, got situated little late trying to find spot in dark. Had one blow. See what happens...
  10. I don't mean you specifically JH.. I'm just saying crap being posted around the interwebs on various sites and forums and social media... Intentionally being done to make sportsmen criminals, bringing up crap that Murphy is behind it. It is serious tin foil hat talk. people need to find better use of their time.
  11. I'm well aware there's a good chance it is not going to be a smooth transition from one platform to the other and it's all done. I'd be wiling to bet there will be growing pains. That's far from my point. My point is who cares if it is happening now, who really cares. It's two days in the middle of the week, it might affect 150-200 deer getting reported I bet. Guys are acting like it is ruining their whole entire season and it's frankly insane. The reaction and sensationalism over this transition is really ridiculous compared to the reality. As far as the ranges closed...Two options that are the reality; people complaining and moaning they can't use them, they're in need of upgrades...or people complaining and moaning they can't use them because they're getting the upgrades they need. Just happens to be a bad time, but then they'll be up to snuff for 5-10-20 years. People are becoming more and more narrow sighted and it boggles my mind. Everyone just walks around with tunnel vision. It's getting really old and its scary how it puts such a wedge between sportsmen.
  12. Guys everywhere acting like the sky is falling heaven forbid they have to call a regional office to report a deer for two days and can't make online purchases for two days....two stinkin days of 'inconvenience' to update an antiquated system and make things more convenient in the future to purchase licenses online, report harvest online, etc. SKy is falling over two days to better years ahead. Good grief. Looking at a lot of the posts here and other forums, social media, you'd think everyone was wearing a tin foil hat. People just constantly can't find any good in anything anymore and still find a way to complain about it or divert it to a completely unrelated thing to be up in arms about.
  13. Another vote for GMC Sierra. My 2011 is pushing 170K and knock on wood I've had no major repairs. Just normal maintenance, front and rear brakes, and a CV axle.
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