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  1. chenrossi

    good folding hunting knife?

    Kershaw Lonerock. I've had it several years now. Maybe sharpened it 3-4X.
  2. I'm headed to WV next week for a conference but should hopefully have some downtime to wet a line in the evenings. I'll be the Shepherdstown area I believe. Anyone have any advice or what's around? Seems like it's mostly a smallie area.... Thanks!
  3. chenrossi

    Under armor hunting clothes

    I have a pair of x-storm pants I bought about 5 years ago that I love. A pair of thermals and those, I'm good all season; my legs never get cold. And they're not super baggy which is a nice perk.
  4. chenrossi

    Best Turkey Hunting states??

    State population doesn't have much relevance here...Paid license holders and users of those public areas are what are relevant. When you look at the number of paid license holders between the two states (175K in Nebraska, 75K in NJ), Nebraska whomps us. No secret about that. Our state turkey population is equivalent to their spring harvest (roughly speaking). Their harvest success rate is incredibly high compared to here in NJ (in some years >65%, ours is maybe in the mid-20s). No secret there either. But NJ has more public land opened to hunt (over 750K acres now as I recall, that's not even counting township, municipality, etc land) and Nebraska doesn't even top 700K. The bottom line is NJ has more land comparably that is open to hunting and that's a fact. It certainly doesn't seem like it as we are one of the most densely populated states, I get that...but perception is not always reality. Heck everyone loves Iowa for big deer. They have less public land in Iowa (IOWA, less public land for hunting than NJ) to hunt than here in NJ. And three times as many hunters! Wanna go hunt their 400K acres with 200K more of your closest buddies?
  5. chenrossi

    Best Turkey Hunting states??

    I was just out in Nebraska for a conference last week. Guy I got talking to there said turkeys are about a guarantee and multiple species there depending on where you go. I think he mentioned you get 3 for spring and 2 for fall, but you can buy unlimited others. He said the kicker is the lack of public access. Like 3% of land is Nebraska is public. Here is NJ, public land is upwards of 18-20%. Do we have near the population, probably not, but like others have said, I do think we have some of the best opportunity for turkeys on the east coast. Best advice I can give you is to not be discouraged over one (or a couple) futile efforts. Took me nearly ten years to harvest a gobbler in NJ and it will forever be one of the most rewarding hunts I've experienced.
  6. chenrossi

    5 dz goose decoys - $200

    3 dozen left up for grabs. $120
  7. chenrossi

    5 dz goose decoys - $200

    Have 5dz dive bomb industries silhouettes for sale that I bought last season. Killed a bunch of honks over them. Need gone asap unfortunately. Great condition sitting in a tote waiting for Sept season. Located in winslow twp area. Can meet within reason. $200. PM me if interested.
  8. chenrossi

    trout stamp sales 1991-2017

    There's a difference in what constitutes one individual license holder that causes the difference in data between the division site and if you look at data reported by the FWS. It's for federal funding purposes as far as I recall. Each state has to report total licenses, permits, stamps, etc related to fishing (and hunting) but that may equate to a number of anglers that does not necessarily reflect how many individual anglers there were due to one individual buying multiple things, replacement licenses, etc. All the 2-day, 7-day, nonresident, resident; they all come into play for funding purposes. What I can tell you, is that when you do look at the numbers, there are a couple of things going on. There is no doubt declines in both hunting and fishing in New Jersey, but also nationwide. There is no other state out there not having funding issues, issues with folks lapsing out or aging out of these sports. Those that are hunting, angling, etc are actually spending more money on licenses, permits, stamps, etc. What does that mean? Less people are footing more of the bill. We (I say we as in current hunters and anglers) really do need to step up and create new, lifelong hunters and anglers to alleviate these strains on 1) ourselves and 2) the agencies. Guys going out of state to hunt or fish because they aren't happy with how things are here are only doing what could be done in their own state a disservice by not supporting their own agency. There are some really good articles out there detailing this as it has becoming a more alarming issue. One that sticks out, is if the 10 million hunters out there each created a new hunter, we would be on our way to resolving this epidemic in a little over a year. (a YEAR).
  9. chenrossi

    Turkey Fan Mount I did

    I boraxed it pretty heavily and cut away as much meat as I could without damaging any of the connective tissue, I let it sit for a week and did a couple things to expedite the process but it’s probably best to do 2-4 weeks. No, beard and some primaries are in a jar on a shelf with other stuff. Not worried about bugs from what I did, I’m rventually going to hot glue some feathers to cover where I applied borax. But I kept it away from any possibility of flies laying eggs or anything in the meat.
  10. chenrossi

    Turkey Fan Mount I did

    Did this with my bird from opening Saturday of season for the living room wall. Very happy with the result. Thought I'd share the mostly finished product.
  11. chenrossi


    Do you realize if we (not just NJ, any state really...nationwide issue, not just an NJ one) actually HAD more hunters and anglers participating consistently and supporting their respective commissions, agencies, etc. via purchasing licenses, this wouldn't be a conversation. There wouldn't need to be fees for this, high fees for these permits for that, etc with the price tags we don't agree with affixed to them. Think of it this way; would you rather have 1000 hunters footing $100 each, or 10,000 hunters footing $10 each. We can cry and bemoan all we want and throw partial blame elsewhere, but we as hunters are failing overall at recruiting more individuals into the sport to help foot the bill. So naturally, those of us who participate are going to suffer at our own hand to some degree. As we (NJ) loses hunters, we (NJ) loses additional funding we would normally get with more participants. All states are facing these issues, not just NJ. This adage about money and it being so expensive to hunt here and how everything is a money grab is getting so friggin old.
  12. I haven't turkey hunted in almost ten years (2009 was the last time to be exact). Prior to that, I'd had a couple close calls, misses, etc as a youth and in my older teens doing it on my own. I ended up giving it up for some time, partly out of frustration, partly for moving around to different states for work and school. The ironic part in it is that when I was a youth and wanted to try it, it got my dad and grandfather interested in it and they have both killed birds over the past several years. I was still shut out. Last year, I made moves to get back into turkey hunting and drew both A and B week permits for my zone. Right before the season however, I ended up starting a new job so turkey hunting was off the table. Fast forward to this season, drew two E week permits for my zones. Haven't had as much time to scout as I'd like so I made moves to scout a bunch Friday morning and ended up keying up on one bird but overall, not much to be very confident about. I wind up stopping in to see a guy whose property I hunt and he gives me a lead on some turkeys on the property. Says to go give it a try. So here we go yesterday morning. I get up about 3:15am, end up there about 4:30am, still with fairly low expectations. Was going to just be happy if I got to hear and see some birds. I didn't have anything concrete, just winded up there on a whim. Figure I'll give it a couple hours then go poke into a couple other spots. I make my way to the wood line I plan on hunting. Nearly situated, a couple whippoorwills sound off in the distance and a gobbler does in response about 200 yards away. Okay sweet, there's at least one in here. I decide to make my way about 50 yards back further into the woods. With the fog being so dense, I couldn't see very far so I decided to try and use it to my advantage and sink another 50 yards deeper into the woods where the property transitions from cedars to hardwoods along a firebreak. Here I can see maybe 75 yards at best, due to the fog. A few hens start going and now there are several gobblers firing off. I cut off the hens a couple times and then I go silent. About 10-15 minutes later out of the fog, here comes the parade. A couple hens, at least 3 gobblers about 60 yards away. I give a couple soft yelps as they zig and zag strutting. They split some brush directly in front of me, 2 of the 3 cut to my left at about 35 yards and 1 is coming right down the firebreak right out in front of me. I know when he pokes out he's going to be right in my shooting lane. He does it at 15 yards, I give him a look over to make sure it's not a jake and that he has a good beard. I wait for him to turn so I don't ruin his fan and then let him have it. Dropped him right where he stood at 6:40am. Ended up being 20 pounds on the nose, sported a 9" bird, and had 7/8" spurs. Nice two year old bird. Was probably one of the coolest moments I've experienced in almost 20 years of hunting..watching these birds appear out of the fog and come right in on a string. I ended up just sitting there for several minutes with him, looking him over..reflecting on the hunt..how relieved I was to finally seal the deal on one..just eating some time since I knew the check station didn't open for another hour. Hopefully I can have some of the same fortune in the next couple weeks and punch my other E week permit. Thanks to all for reading and best of luck the remainder of the season.
  13. chenrossi


    Camped up there for first time the fall before last. Late Oct/early Nov. Great scenery.
  14. chenrossi


    Usually tent camp somewhere one or two weekends a year...Usually once in the spring and once in the fall. Never the same place twice.