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  1. Camping

    Camped up there for first time the fall before last. Late Oct/early Nov. Great scenery.
  2. Camping

    Usually tent camp somewhere one or two weekends a year...Usually once in the spring and once in the fall. Never the same place twice.
  3. Quote Or Saying You Live By

    Don't get mad, don't get even, get one step ahead.
  4. There is also another bill hunters and anglers need pushed through Congress, that could lead states to receiving an additional dollars. HR-4647.
  5. just a heads up if anyone is interested. Have about 60 folks or so signed up as of now..... http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/news/2018/turkseminarsouth18.htm
  6. SPRING PROJECT (what’s yours)

    Moving in a couple weeks, ha....
  7. Thank you Fish & Game

    Agreed. Shot some clays there back in January, did an awesome job. I was really impressed. But it's only a matter of time before the guy shooting a .270 on the hood of the truck and flinging nunchucks around is out there.....
  8. Thank you Fish & Game

    That's what happens when it rains and snows
  9. Goose decoys

    Have a power hunter that needs a little TLC but still gets the job done if interested.
  10. Companies boycotting the NRA

    80 some-odd victims in shooting-related incidences in Chicago since this school shooting.........crickets on the tele
  11. I'm fortunate with my lady. She supports what I do hunting and is mostly okay with how frequently I do it (I think), but she understands it's my time to myself and filling the freezer with game is important to me. She loves eating it all; duck, goose, deer, everything and she loves cooking it (damn good at it too). She probably couldn't ever kill a deer, but I introduced her to shooting a little bit last year, she tagged with me on a couple goose hunts too...Got her to get her apprentice license this past season, I think she is hooked now. She's really into the full circle, knowing where her meat came from deal.
  12. GoPro Goose Hunting Video

    I bought some dive bombs this season too, loved them. Killed a bunch of birds over them.
  13. Time for Snow Geese

    I love them and my farmers hate them. Win win....bigly.
  14. Youth days are over

    Kudos for creating a couple lifelong hunters. Have made many great memories with my dad as well. It's funny when you're 10..12..15, a lot of the "preaching" doesn't seem to make sense...especially when I think about how much I've learned since being able to hunt on my own. But I always find my way back to so many of those fundamentals that he drilled into my head, you learn to appreciate it through those memories.