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  1. chenrossi

    South Zone Season 2

    Good day. 3 man limit of ducks plus 3 honks, last bird shot today was second banded teal of the season.
  2. chenrossi

    coastal Reports

    Another round of brant this am...fun decoying
  3. chenrossi

    coastal Reports

    Did well yesterday on the standards. Brant everywhere. Gonna whomp em again tomorrow.
  4. chenrossi

    Rage Mechanical Broadheads

    I shot a rage 2-blade for the first time a couple of weeks ago on a doe. I was pretty impressed.. she maybe ran 40 yards..dropped in sight. Opened her up pretty good, but I was surprised at how small the exit was.
  5. Good topic. I'll chime in. I cut my teeth waterfowl hunting. Been hunting since I was 10, 29 now. Started going long before I could even go with the gun just to watch. I'd just deer hunt one or two times a season during 6-day..maybe get a shotgun permit when I was younger. Wasn't really dad's thing, so naturally wasn't really mine growing up. Ducking though, there was always something to watch..notice..tinker with without having to sit absolutely still. Could talk and move around, didn't have to sit in silence. So it was more social in way. Not saying that isn't applicable to deer hunting, but it is different. Deer to me is much less social and more of a solo venture. I got more into as I got more independent and learned a lot on my own. But to that point, I had a lot of motivation just from the fact I waterfowl hunted so much. There is stuff out there that flat out says starting kids earlier (and having them go through hunter ed younger) will result in kids that become more frequent hunters. 3 out of 5 10 year-olds will go on to be a hunter past 16. A kid that goes through at 14..15, you're then talking a kid or two that age that'll stick with it. It's a big deal in the grand scheme of things in terms of hunter numbers. There's definitely merit in starting them young. More exposure is a big deal. It isn't about them harvesting something instantly. They need time afield to connect all of the dots, they shouldn't just land at harvest. I argue all the time guys that try to put their 10-12 year old on a slammer buck and I think it's incredibly counter-intuitive. I can appreciate the fact they are making it about their kid, but if it's some underlying vicarious thing, I'm not sure the intention is right and if it's truly about their kid. We should always be striving to grow as hunters; how does one grow and develop skills by doing that at a young age? You just made it a novelty at that point and lose them IMO. Start them young, make it truly about them. Just supervise, coach them to an extent, but let them make the calls independently. I think you have a better shot at them putting all the pieces together. They will learn from the wrong decisions and it will click when they make all the right ones and score their first harvest.
  6. chenrossi

    Coastal Opener

    It's for youth only just a heads up....
  7. chenrossi

    Let's See Your DIY Mounts

    Did this for the living room with turkey I harvested this past spring.
  8. chenrossi

    duck hunting is... hard

    Been a solid first few days so far...been improving every day since opener..no complaints
  9. chenrossi

    Who is going south zone opener?

    Headed out now
  10. chenrossi

    Opening day of waterfowl

    Took a youth in south zone. He shot his woodies and a bonus honk.
  11. chenrossi

    End on a good note

    Nice. It was definitely a good September. Went by way too fast.
  12. chenrossi

    Early goose

    Not much of a deer hunter. Haven't shot one in a few years. Waterfowl's my domain.
  13. chenrossi

    Early goose

    Ended the season this week. Stacked the geese like cordwood this season highlighted by a day of 20+ bands. Had a pizza party in the field to celebrate.
  14. chenrossi

    Early goose

    Been bananas the past couple days on honks. Been doing it phenomenally.
  15. chenrossi

    Early goose

    The thing I do that most others don't, is I don't brine birds. I think brining it sets you up to dry the bird out and making it more susceptible to cooking fast..which means the bird you think you were cooking medium ends up well done. And that's no good. I keep it pretty simple, but I never brine. I think it is a huge help IMO. My best recommendations to you would be (if you haven't had them of course): 1) Jalapeno poppers. Just can't go wrong with them. Great for football games..plus they're a good novelty to introduce people to wild game. 2) A bbq pulled pork mccormick's packet in the crockpot on low..add sweet baby rays hickory and brown sugar when the goose in tender and pulls apart with two forks..easy lunch sandwiches... 3) Marinate in soy sauce and blackened cajun bbq...cook to medium, then char both sides to give it a nice crust.