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  1. Not me personally, well before my time. But I found an old compendium (late 50s, early 60s) that was stuck in a book my grandfather gave me. I think it said brant were closed, canvasback were closed, redhead were closed. Could only shoot 2 snow geese. But the real kicker I never knew existed which I thought was pretty neat was the fact we had 'party permits' for deer. Never knew it til I read it.
  2. I smoke a lot of my snows
  3. Just an idea that was generated from the above mentioned groups in the last council meeting. Will take a lot more to see it come to fruition. Personally wish it would because of what Bonefreak said. 50% area of state and %50 paid license holders account for how federal monies are allocated. We are a minimum state like so many others on east coast. Shouldn't be that way. Salt and FW users contribute towards excise taxes, but only FW contribute towards H&A funds. NJ is one of top 5 saltwater destinations in country. That's a fact and our registry speaks to that. There are hundreds of thousands of people who register in NJ annually. People don't understand the implications it could have that could benefit sportsfishermen and women in terms of biologists, management, research etc.. Sadly they just see it as another way for state to make $. All the while they spend an easy $2-300+ to fill their boats and don't bat an eye. But heaven forbid another license. Just my two cents.
  4. Never said anything was outright wrong with trophy hunting (other than it being a tarnished colloquial IMO). My point is that what was clearly the sole motivation here, was antlers and we don't need to feed antis more unnecessary crap that is completely preventable. Absolutely nothing more. Nothing about appreciating the animal, respect for the animal, nothing that about a memory of pursuing that animal. That is non-existent. All those things cumulatively make up a 'trophy'. The skin, claws, antlers, beard, what have you are just tangible mementos about that specific hunt. No person in their reasonable mind would disrespect an animal like that if they were a true, ethical hunter pursuing their idea of a trophy animal or not. Nothing whatsoever in that video sheds a positive light on hunters or that this guy was some passionate deer hunter. That's why I'm frustrated as a hunter and I'm not even a big deer hunter by any means. I shoot a few does for meat but that's about it. Frankly it's peaceful, I enjoy it, and no one is going to come running, pushing property lines, ganging up, trespassing over a doe on your property! Lol There's a good quote that sums this up. "The value of a trophy is computed directly in terms of personal investment in its acquisition." Given his actions, in my mind, there was VERY little personal investment put forth in pursuing this animal, thus very little value in it considering he had no problem cutting it up into 20 pieces because if he couldn't have it, no one could. This deer meant nothing to him IMO. We wouldn't be having this conversation and this story wouldn't be spreading all over the place if he had been reasonable and done things differently.
  5. Just more ammo for antis seeing 'hunters' act this way over a set of antlers. If this doesn't scream trophy hunting and unappreciation for an animal's life to antis, I don't know what would.. Sad. Some guys have no idea the consequences of their actions can have for hunting here...
  6. ^ Agreed. I see no bad reason with them going on and discussing a reality that occurs any state. There are hunters, there are poachers. Nothing wrong with going on radio, shaming the bad apples, and holding them accountable for breaking the laws we abide by. Ironically I think in many instances there are sportsmen that are quick to defend these poachers by crying entrapment or some crap. They can be equally as bad. No one gets caught doing something for the first time, right?
  7. Goose season is already more or less the length of deer season. Can shoot them in September, November through January, and into February in the two winter zones. The Resident limits are much more liberal compared to the AP and NAP geese which are our true migrants.
  8. I know a guy too. I love September geese.
  9. You are wasting your time 9.5 times out of 10 if you are not exactly where they were the night before and have the right conditions in your favor to make them wanna decoy. They're by far my favorite game to hunt. Just can't beat hundreds and thousands of birds fooled, feet down at 10 yards.
  10. I had a bachelor group run out in front of my truck yesterday early morning, 2 scrubs and a spike all still holding.
  11. I rarely hit mine. Mine is in for good as I lost the key lol. But I'm glad it is always there, especially for strangers. You hit it, you're too close to my truck.
  12. That surplus if you read the annual reports is there because of Christie's salary freeze. FW anticipated at some point when a new contract was settled, which it was in 2018, fw employees were going to be given retroactive salary monies. It wasn't that they were just sitting on a pile of money trying to figure out what to do with it...
  13. One ever. Was young, think still when I had a youth license..maybe 14-15? Farmer didn't want anything but does taken. Thought it was a yearling doe. He wasn't too thrilled when I told him lol. Honest mistake, just inexperience and excitement because it was first deer I'd shot completely on my own. I tell you what, it was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me deer hunting and just as a hunter in general. I'll never shoot one again and haven't since.
  14. I've fallen asleep many a times in a deer stand...many of times in a layout blind...periods of boredom occur just the same. Lol I go out for ducks ten times, see one or two..go deer hunting ten times, see one or two..what's the difference? (Not that any of this stuff actually happens minus falling asleep occasionally) Doesn't matter what the game is, a target rich environment on the first few goes just inflates expectations. Inflating anticipation leads to a bigger let down when things don't pan out too IMO. Expectations need to be realistic. Sometimes barrel is gonna be hot, sometimes you are gonna wish you slept in. And That. Is. OKAY. There's very little weening and stepping stones in those rising to the hunting ranks anymore. It's go through hunter ed, get little Jimmy to see 50 deer every time out or kill the biggest deer as quick as possible or he won't have fun. It's just a vicarious sort of projection IMO. There's no difference in the satisfaction little Jimmy will get from harvesting a tree rat or a deer; he will be equally excited if you, the parent/guardian/mentor actually reinforce it correctly for them to appreciate the moment. He doesn't know any better. All going through his ten year old head is he shot something. We are scared of the very things that we are trying to impress and we are our own worst enemy sometimes. I'll get off my soap box now and quit this tangent.
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