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  1. Can anyone ever recall a deer hunting season being cancelled? Me neither.
  2. Mazzgolf’s suggestion is a good place to start. It’s a slowly building program but the capacity is growing.
  3. I had this B&C unicorn under me other morning lol
  4. Had a 4 point chase doe to me. She stopped behind tree at 25 yards. Decided to do a 180 and take off. Buck decided to come to me and stood at 7 yards and munch some acorns before meandering off to go look for her..just needed her to take two more steps into shooting lane
  5. Saw couple sparring tonight at last night, then one bedded bout 65-70 yards away. Don’t think it was one I’m after but looked like something that may have got an arrow if presented…
  6. A good odor elimination spray will do you more good than that IMO. And hunting the wind. However, I’ll push it elevated vs in a blind. Blind always hunting wind and trying to stay scent free. Elevated, good spray should be more than adequate and scent should stay above em with a good breeze. Other night I had 4 deer all come down wind of me not a care in the world.
  7. Think I’m gonna squeak out this afternoon. Too hard not to when it’s actually feeling like fall…
  8. You have to used mix strategies in some places. I have some places I go a mile +. I have some places I KNOW I can confidently shoot a deer 150-250 yards from a parking area whereas others are going in further. But those places see varying degrees of pressure, but public nonetheless. Don't limit yourself to just WMA although. Do your due diligence seeking out other properties that are not WMA, lot of SP/SF, etc. et.c that you can get into others nooks that see less pressure. Trapolohic makes a good point to outsmart other hunters, or use their situations to your advantage. Some set way too far off sign and may only get night photos of deer. Go beyond their setups, get in deep an extra 6-700 yards and catch those deer in daylight.
  9. I climbed back up where I hunted last night. Went to knock first arrow, down to the ground it goes and activates the luminok. D’oh. Look over and out falls my phone of my chest pocket I forgot to zipper. Lol all I saw was a small spike anyway.
  10. Changed it up and took the climber in to an area. Had three small bucks come by at 60 yards around 5:30, then another one at about 25 or so maybe 20-30 minutes later. None were legal thou. Just felt nice to see some deer.
  11. Perhaps if you describe the area you’re hunting and your current situation we can offer more insight. Are you hunting a natural food source you found? Near a bedding area? Are you baiting a spot? On a travel corridor? Do you know? What made you select the exact spot you’re hunting?
  12. I slept in. Gonna sit over a scrape this evening.
  13. Water temp usually still too warm in Maurice this time of year and very low comparatively. With that being said I have caught trout in Union the following year of a spring stocking. So some make it.
  14. Not a cool 60 degrees. Boy is it humid…sweated getting to the blind.
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