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  1. Never a shot I'd personally take but to each their own. I don't want to risk having to track three miles..a mile..500 yards..heck a 100 yards. I want that deer to expire as quick as possible. Last thing I want to do after taking a poor shot is consume hours of the day tracking a deer, or take up someone else's time to do it.
  2. Haven’t hunted since Monday. Bait is long gone. Put out bunch for the week this morning. Several scrapes and rubs in vicinity of blind. Put camera on one. Got settled in about an hour ago. See how she shakes out tonight....
  3. Teal, woody, mallards, black ducks, wigeon, pintail yesterday for south zone opener. Good stomping.
  4. Everything I'm getting..literally everything is non-stop through the night. 9pm to 530am. Nada in day light. Very frustrating. Have 3 nice 9s, 2 of which I'd like to actually cross paths with... Combination of lull I think and a ton of acorns in my necks of the woods....
  5. Traded in new spot for reliable. Gonna try to get buddy in new spot tomorrow for his first deer hunt.
  6. Rain just starting here. Was 50/50 if I wanted to sit ended up doing so in new spot. At least I’ll be nice and dry in the blind...
  7. ONLy saw does tonight. Waiting on one of the 9s have on cam.
  8. Bummer. I think I’m bout to return one myself. I bought a non cell about 3 weeks ago, gets me baiting it, got some photos initially but now seems to be not working even after resetting it....barely used 10% battery 👎🏼
  9. I'd call to clarify. I know you can go to a less restrictive zone with a more liberal antlerless bag limit, but I'm not sure about the other way around. I believe it only is directed towards antlerless deer and not your buck since fall is state-wide. So you should* be ok to shoot it wherever, but I'd call CPO to get an answer.
  10. Always Rogers. Quick, cheap, and can’t beat free shipping.
  11. Kudos for introducing another hunter to the ranks
  12. Sitting out for a while. (maybe). Took another doe for freezer last night. Gonna let it simmer down here for a bit, or maybe go exploring by seat of my pants for a buck to chase. Good luck all.
  13. Checked cameras this am. Moved one. May move another later today down the road to do some work for me near a bedding area. May sit tonight.
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