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  1. It's somewhat ironic to me that there are those out there and getting pissed off arguing "all lives matter" misses the point of specifying "black lives matter", we should be recognizing just this one population....yet isn't "all lives matter" is a more inclusive term that suggests all lives matter EQUALLY regardless of race, color, etc? How is that not appropriate if that is the ultimate goal? (or is it not the goal....isn't that what all this protests are about? ) Those who tout all lives matter are somehow racist by utilizing a term that encompasses all people, not just one specific transect. This whole BLM movement to me is a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off....more maybe more appropriately, all indians and no chief, or is that now also a no-no? They're so quick to mobilize and organize in an instance of a police shooting, yet no where to be seen lobbying for legitimate change, or making the streets safer in their neighborhoods...they're good at getting t-shirts quickly made though...
  2. One thing is for sure, no matter how you cut it, you honestly can't gripe about the amount of public space available to hunt (WMA, state PF, federal, county, the list goes on). For the most densely populated state to have available access to a combined area roughly the size of Rhode Island within its boundaries, that is an impressive note. And as such, housing all the opportunity across it for hunters (and anglers) is no easy feat to manage. And the acreage keeps going in the right direction...
  3. Never bled any flounder...18 or greater, right in the cooler. All usually gets fried anyway.
  4. Looks like NB lol wow but can't say surprised. I've seen similar boats like that beached on southern end of Holgate and I'm just like how?
  5. If you want to argue the indoctrination point, and I see it a lot, I have a hard time validating it personally. Perhaps it was because of my values prior to college, being open-minded compared to others who were close-minded, tough to say to be honest. I went to an identified, bonafide "liberal arts" college. 08-12 so respectfully fairly recent. I can honestly say I never once felt "indoctrinated" there, maybe it was my core major (biology) and minors (sociology and chemistry). I hear this argument from many people and I never look back and think I felt politically pushed one way or another, taught one way or another without logical reason to analytically look at the situation. Ironically if anything, I take it a little more personally to be lumped into that transect. I have a good full-time job because of my education (went to college + grad school), plus a good side business. I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm quite certain it in fact did to a certain transect of the student body, or rather they already came in with that predisposition. I think quite a few for certain drank a certain toxic koolaid. No way did we all though. So extrapolated out, for many who are "indoctrinated", there are quite many who are not. To say there's some orchestrated plan to remove thinking from education, I strongly disagree, or at minimum can say it does not apply to everyone. Of course, outliers are but, well, deviants from the masses....College opened me up to be very analytical beyond my own capacity..beyond just work, but life in general. And again, perhaps I was already that type of person, it just wasn't really massaged out yet.. Just my personal perspective of being a part of what I guess is this "indoctrination" period....
  6. The rap songs about murder and guns and gangs aren't the issue, it's a fictitious cartoon Elmer Fudd that's been around since the 50s?.....seems legit. I am starting to feel dumb and dumber everyday by the crap people are calling attention to that somehow is so detrimental to life.
  7. Bought a boat last week that came with this motor. I have no use for it as I have a motor I put on the boat to better power it. Overall, it is in great shape, low hours, just a little sunkissed on the cowling from sitting in the sun. It was a little rough starting so I've worked on it this week, cleaned the carb squeaky clean, checked all the internal components for it, put fresh gas through it. Much better on that end. Starts up well. It has a couple wonky issues still needed to make it 110% tip top. It needs the idle adjusted and I noticed it appears the choke lever is reversed to the carb, which isn't a terrible issue, more of a freak nuisance... but it affects the low idle. They're probably easy fixes for somebody mechanically inclined, not sure how much it would cost to get worked on, can't imagine more than $100-200. Has a small 3-gallon tank that can go with it and all that jazz. I just don't really have the time or desire to do the work myself since I won't be using it. I'm offering it up for $800 OBO. Low end used prices are $1000-1200. Located in Salem Co. but can meet/deliver within reason. Private message me for photos, etc. Thanks
  8. There's that weird part where it mentions notized BOS and registration if its a state that doesn't title...that's where I got tripped up reading this initially, hence bringing it up here.
  9. Curious for some of you in the same boat....do you absolutely need a notarized BOS if you have all the titles/paperwork in your possession to do transfer of titles, etc? In process of potentially getting a boat through private sale but he has titles for boat and trailer.. can't get ahold of anyone at DMV obviously so some people in the same boat (no pun intended) are dealing with..
  10. I'll say this; this was one of the first years I didn't sawyers my clothing. It was a really laid back tick year to begin with I think. I hunted 17 days this turkey season. I think I maybe had a tick a week on me, if that. That was without spraying down or treating my clothes, which I think reinforces how crazy low the ticks were this year because comparatively this time last year in late March when I was in some areas scouting and it was a lot drier, more mild, I'd be covered head to toe...
  11. Why I have made it a point to get outside nearly every day during this stuff.
  12. Well, it was a strange season..I think that goes without saying. However, it was a personal best of mine which I'd probably attribute to having some flexibility in my work schedule leading up to it given the COVID pandemic. I was able to fill six of my nine tags and gave a couple other toms buzz cuts that lived to walk the woods another day (d'oh!). On top of that, I was able to help several people get birds of their own too, which was fulfilling in of itself. Figured I'd share what was my favorite bird this season (not that they weren't all unique and enjoyable in there own ways). I had wanted to get outside my comfort zones this season and expand into a couple adjacent zones..change things up and give myself a couple new challenges. So, after taking a bird mid-morning Monday of B week at a private piece, I zipped down to where I planned on spending the remainder of my week in another new zone on state woods I'd never set foot. Things were looking promising, I hiked several miles and found a couple fairly reliable looking roost trees along a ridge, plenty of other turkey sign where they'd been dusting, strutting, and the like. Tuesday morning comes and admittedly I rolled in a little later than I anticipated. In doing so, I heard a gobbler on the limb walking to my intended destination so I weaseled my way down a trail to perhaps see what would come of him first. Unfortunately a 4-wheeler came through right past me and the bird went quiet. I got up and made my way to where I planned on situating myself. When I got to within the last 150 yards or so, two toms beyond it started sounding off non-stop another 100-150 yards beyond that. I made quick work to get myself situation along a cut I assessed the day before that seemed like their only way 'out' of this oak flat bordered with a tight hedgerow surrounding it. And phew, I could tell they were boogeying to my calling. As quick as it happened though, I could tell they had moved kind of back off my shoulder and were going away out another exit I didn't consider. Plan B, make a wide U and get out in front of them, get resituated and try again..before they do. Well, my impatience got the best of me and we ended up crossing paths at 40-45 yards, so naturally they did a 180 and that put a quick end to that. Frustrated, I decided to do some more recon lightly calling along the way to no avail once noon came around. Fast forward to Friday after a couple of quiet days with little action to speak of, I didn't hold out much hope and by then had already accepted I'd be having a second helping of tag soup. I'd even considered hunting a couple other state pieces instead feeling like the clock was ticking. I stuck to my plan though and went back here one more time. I only heard two way off distant gobblers at light, in either direction every bit of 5-600 yards away, one of which was in the direction of the two I'd had a close call with Tuesday. I decided to see if I could put something together on the first bird back behind me instead. That wasn't to happen, I could still hear the other bird every so often so I made another move, sat for a while, and then decided to make one more decisive move around 7:15. I went deeper into this cedar/hardwood plot, got situated, and started lightly calling. Immediately, hens responded so this was encouraging. No sooner, they emerged about 70 yards away but filtered out to my non-shooting side (figures). Eventually the tom makes an appearance right in front of me full strut at about 50. The hens inspected the area but then meandered their way back the way they came not seeing the hen they'd heard. I decided here to get aggressive to get their attention again. The hens did a 180 and came right back, this time 15-20 yards front and center with the tom in tow once more. They started to lie around, hop up on tree limbs, got pretty comfy overall. Was really neat getting to see some of this behavior. The tom however, wouldn't do what his hens did and still stayed back. Several times he gave me mediocre-poor at best opportunities but they weren't those I was willing to take; had to remind myself more than a few times to just sit tight and wait it out. I was convinced at some point these hens would either walk past me and he'd follow giving me a nice chip shot, or he'd just close the distance to put on a closer show. Finally, the hens had enough once more and started to go back the way they came. I had a small window the tom would have to go through in doing so and while not ideal, it was going to be the best opportunity I'd have at him and the first I felt most comfortable doing. I let him clear a tree, stopped him with the mouth call, and sent a load of TSS his way. He dropped out of a sight behind a fallen tree and when I stood up he was down for the count. I was packing out for the 1 1/4 mile walk back to the truck around 8:30. I was super pumped to seal the deal here mostly because of finding 'new, reinvigorated' success, in a beautiful area I'd never set foot in before and having it all play out favorably. It was a great end to the week. He ended up around 19.5 pounds, a nice 11" beard, and spurs that were 1 3-8". He is a great example of what our public hunting lands have to offer and what opportunities lie there in my opinion.
  13. chenrossi

    Bohemian Waxwing

    Definitely 110% Cedar Waxwing. On the incredibly rare occassion a Bohemian ends up in the NE, it is subject to careful scrutiny and it would occur in winter months.
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