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  1. I always had luck in the marsh most times. But retrieval can be a adventure with all the water.
  2. God hates me. How’s opening day on my wife’s birthday.
  3. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-europe-53735718
  4. Could be from the sun or a fungus they can get. If it’s the sun try to water before the sun is completely up. Or try to water after the sun goes down. But I could be wrong though, I’m a novice at it.
  5. Do you think Antifa is behind a lot of this. IMG_3684.MP4
  6. Jim, Most police cars have a sliding window to prevent spitting. The older cars had a cage now most of them have sliding window.
  7. I’m for term limits also. They’re some good ones in there. But after thirty years you become out of touch normal people.
  8. Woodsman is correct who the hell is the person video taping it. There has to be a lot more to this case.
  9. I think Zimmerman justified it by saying Trevon was on top of him banging his head into the ground. So he pulled his gun from his waste band at that time. I’m not sure if that’s right just off my head.
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