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  1. hammer4reel

    Be American Buy American

    I have always tried to buy American when ever I can. Keep the money here . But IMO the Big three sold out to the foreign market over 30 years ago. Isuzu was making the small Chevy's Mitsubishi was making the small Chryslers Mazda was making the small Fords. They cut their own neck by sourcing out the market share . The majority of the money made by WORKERS isn't in assembling the vehicle isn't in its assembly its in making all the parts that make it up. MANY more jobs making all those parts . The next biggest market is in all our electronics, sadly not much is made or even assembled here. .
  2. hammer4reel

    good folding hunting knife?

    havalon is just a razor blade. and has the strength of a French fry. If you cut up through the ribs on a mature animal you have just as much chance of the blade breaking and cutting you. IMO they have a purpose, and rugged cutting isn't one of them.
  3. hammer4reel

    good folding hunting knife?

    Chris reeves knife makes a havalon feel like a butter knife. But they are big $$$$.
  4. hammer4reel

    good folding hunting knife?

    Buck 110 have been around for ever. Solid knife. I love my work sharp for 90% of my knives but im not happy with it on the 110 It's actually the only knife I won't use the work sharp on. If would go to a sheath knife. The cutco with the double d edge is the last knife you will need. I have one that had gutted over hundred deer before I sent it back you be sharpened. I keep it in my pack
  5. hammer4reel

    What reminds YOU?

    I have a lot of them all also, I still shoot bear heads as well as zwickeys out of my trad set ups. They are 2 heads that have held their place in time. .
  6. hammer4reel


    Blinds def allow you to move around and relax a little more while on stand. And I def enjoy hunting from them . But I also find I start browsing on my phone and doing things I used to hunt to get away from . When I start feeling im doing more watching than hunting. I just jump back in a treestand. Blind is also a great spot to start new hunters out. .
  7. hammer4reel

    What reminds YOU?

    This year is the 70th year of zwickey broadheads. IMO Rage won't see that kind of success
  8. hammer4reel

    What reminds YOU?

    Wasn’t a lot of heads back then . was Bear heads, zwickey, Pearson, hilbre, bodkin. first replaceable heads came out in 71 (wasp) but really didn’t see many till around till savora, and satellite came on the scene. seems to be a zillion new heads come out every year. yet 90% of those original heads still get used by many guys today. i actually still have dozens of them all except for the bodkin
  9. hammer4reel

    What reminds YOU?

    First broadhead I hunted with 1974 When I look at them it seems like yesterday. .
  10. hammer4reel

    Nice One on Cam

    looks like a great start on him,
  11. hammer4reel

    Monster Smallies!

    Nice Job Tim. My buddy from Ohio told me the walleye fishing in Erie is the best its ever been. They have been catching 150-200 walleye a day up to 30".
  12. hammer4reel

    Dodge dependability

    Who said I took the picture while I was driving ? Thats why they put a passenger seat in the truck
  13. hammer4reel

    Dodge dependability

    It's a 1500 with 5.7 hemi. Truck drives just about as good as the day I bought it. If I jump on it . Would slap you back in the seat. I have another 1500 Bighorn with 60K on it . Both trucks drive better than most cars do. As another guy posted . Truest tracking vehicle I have run . Just put the fifth set of tires on this week . Never have rotated or rebalanced tire ever. 75/80K on each set . .truck just started showing signs of rust over the rear wheel wells. As most brands do at the 10 year mark
  14. hammer4reel

    Dodge dependability

    I still have 700K on the million mile warranty . lots of time left
  15. hammer4reel

    Dodge dependability

    Turned 300K on my Dodge Ram this morning. By far the most reliable truck I have owned.