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  1. I found mixing different brews can shut a site down quick . so I try to separate the mixes even if in the same area.
  2. Been using the spypoint micro since around December . they have worked flawlessly as long as batteries are above 45% . they are coming out with that camera solar powered , for under 200 bucks . expecting that with addition and not needing to monitor the batteries they will be even better .
  3. Actually more of my point enforced . you can trailer a 19’ v bottom just as easily as a skiff . many of us fished in a 19 ALL OVER the bay . running through stuff that would wreck you in a skiff .. if you launch from a port and find the fish aren’t there , and you drove 90 miles to get there . a v hull let’s you make moves to save the day . not wanting to run from Keyport to the river to crab . We would leave the highlands , make bait in Great Kills and come back to fish the Knoll. same thing , cheap on gas , a ttop to get out of the sun occasionally. as open boats are ovens in the salt .. lots of great built smaller boats now that run like boats a size or two bigger . . I know plenty of guys who bought skiffs because they were more affordable , they all sold them except the guys who live on Barneget . .
  4. Good luck with your choices . i bought the river boat I chose to do all the freshwater stuff you listed . wouldnt even consider using even in the bay . been out on too many days the weather turns totally different than Than the forecasts. . having one boat to somewhat do everything is like using a pair of channel locks instead of a set of wrenches . .
  5. Max , after fishing the areas he has been looking at for 38 years I think I have an understanding what works and what doesn’t not once did I say to slip the boat , but brought up that constant trailering is both expensive and a continuous PIA. I did it for years with boats from 14’ to 24’ , AND totally understand it’s good points as well as the bad . as far as limiting where your going to fish in the bay , that’s silly as you need to be able to fish what ever channel the fish are in .. skiffs are good in shallow bays the SUCK in deeper water bays such as the RB.. guys fishing smaller boats already need to pick their days .why limit those days even more ? fiberglass boats on a shallow river isn’t a perfect combination either ... trailering even my 32 is a piece of cake towing with the right vehicle , the PIA part is trailer parts breaking yearly that used to last 15 years . leaf springs etc are just junk now .
  6. Totally disagree ,. Wouldn’t be great in the Raritan bay , you get your ass kicked in those boats in a 2’ chop. ‘super wet ride in those conditions too . a saltwater boat should be fish able in most weather you can get from April to December or your not getting a lot if use out of it . Trailering every trip is expensive . a V bottom boat in that same length but heavier could double the allowable trips yearly . even a Mako 192 would allow much more comfortable fishing . I fished the sea boss 19’ just about everywhere I fish my Contender inshore .. IMO it’s the wrong boat for both types of fishing he wanted to do .
  7. Just need to give up the cigars and booze , can buy anything you want . carolina skiffs are def versatile . But also a fair weather boat . and in even 2 ‘ seas can get uncomfortable quick. might be better to keep your current shad boat and buy something that allows more weather windows to fish Oceanside or in the bay. lots of great buys on 20-24’ boats out there . Many guys buy and find they don’t use them . trailering a boat long ways can become a PIA REAL QUICK . They just don’t make good trailers anymore . Even the better aluminum ones need to get rebuilt every 2/3 years ... and the parts prices even doing them yourself is ridiculous.
  8. Di cal is the only one not as readily available . Many feed stores will order it in for you . a couple boxes of jello to your mix , will get the deer on it a little sooner . some guys like to use dry molasses as the attractant , but I have had spots they really didn’t like it .
  9. Rich gave me half a loin from the giant he caught . between , sea bass , fluke , blackfish , tuna , rockfish ,halibut ,trout and whiting have way too much fish on ice ..
  10. Couldn’t ask for a nicer night to be on the river . couldnt believe how many kayaks , canoes and paddle boards came past tonight. fishing flat out stunk . only had 2 shad in four hours of fishing . Still relaxing being out with Tracey just enjoying the view . .Boat ran great , time to chase some musky’s . .
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