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  1. I run ALOT of cams, and do what you posted. Hunt a particular deer and only when its PERFECT to do so. Those bucks are hanging on my wall. Not blown out of the area because I decided to shoot a smaller deer. BUT I don't sit at home on those other days I try and hunt as many days a season as I can. Scout new areas, hunt does with the recurve etc. a hunt doesn't have to be just about the horns every sit, but you will find the more particular you get, and still spend time in the woods you LEARN twice as much having patience, and seeing whats really going on out there. Running cams in the right spots ( pinch points , wide visibility spots etc lets you scan whats there more. many times the best bucks are way in the back ground of those pics. if you shoot a smaller buck, you may lose an opportunity to hunt a much smarter animal that's there. Rather eat a tag looking for something better, than find out I had a bruiser around I didn't even get to try and hunt. .
  2. very tough to look ahead during tough times. But time does heal if you let it. in a few years your going to look back and know it was ok to feel the pain, and better yet that where you are that it was for the best. good luck in your new life. and enjoy it for what it is. Life is too short to waste. .
  3. Which boat ? There's only a few from the dozens that are there more than just a few times
  4. yes, that's the area I fish the most. The pic I posted was taken off that ramp
  5. Alaskan Rockfish. Its like eating a fillet of scallops. Closely behind that is Golden tile fish which is very similar in taste , just a little softer fleshed.. .
  6. That's the one I have 1870FCC
  7. Says the guy with the biggest bait pile in zone 10
  8. Only reason browns are on that list is FG claims people can’t tell them apart from Duskys. zillions of brown sharks on bunker schools all summer 15 fathoms line.
  9. I like the crestliners. I have the 1870 with a 115/80. Great stable ride
  10. Think it's all relative to where your catching them and what kind of tackle . Catch a tuna on heavy trolling gear or chunking the rod kicks your ass . Same fish on a jigging rod isn't half the fight. Catch a king in the river they whoop ya . Same fish caught in big water not impressed. Striper in open ocean is just one hard run .Same fish in heavy current fights as good as anything .. Fresh water bulldog that's way underrated is big carp. . I personally like All the differ ent fish . On the right tackle they are all fun
  11. nice, but watch some of the videos of the deep drop guys in florida. they are catching them to just under 800#
  12. I have caught lots of 100 plus tuna and halibut, they were pretty equal,'its all relative. fought some of those big halibut from top to bottom 3 times using the exact same tackle I used jigging big bluefins Big amberjacks would pull a tuna of the same size backwards. would love to try the deep drop swords in Florida, they have to be insane strong as some of those big swords take hours to land. If tog grew to a hundred pounds, they would never be landed
  13. For fishing halibut to 250 foot the Penn fathom 25 Narrow is great choice. For fishing deeper they are all using the fathom 45 Narrow. Saw more of those reels on all the charter boats there. they work flawlessly. on a heavy weight jigging rod your not holding a lot of weight and they hold up to constant abuse .
  14. Yes . Probably the only fish I like better than golden Tile fish. They are like eating a fillet of scallops
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