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  1. I saw , but I just like the views of being on the water . def ready for spring to start . was really surprised when they said they had bass there as early as April . would have expected mid May into June to be their start . as everything they get pushes through here from both our fisheries
  2. look on the Delaware river shad assoc web page. everyone that has a q tip is making both spoons and darts now. Hardcore seems to make a decent product you can buy direct or on ebay
  3. I hunt both states as well as a few more in entirety. no need to bait bucks on their summer pattern, and by far the first week of our season here is the easiest to put a big buck on the ground. point I made was you said you get more for half the fee, its not . you want to compare all our season tags to just a basic license there, not apples to apples, as your comparing a 6 month hunting season here with liberal bag limits to a five week season there, . def no comparison in the actual amount of time you get to hunt here . And as I said that your not grasping IF you shoot a buck early in PA you lose all your time in the deer woods there for the rest of the season .
  4. I hunt the rut out of state not in NJ. I have shot my extended season buck well before the rut starts here year in year out. adding extra season tags we have here your not eligible to hunt there isn't an accurate comparison. that would be like me adding the price of gas to get to PA as a fair comparison of actual cost to hunt. .as I said , you can add every available tag Pa has to your license, you still only get 1 buck. for each additional fee here , you get the extra season as well as a tag to shoot another buck .
  5. Those are extra seasons with extra buck tags. you don't have to hunt those to compare to other states APPLES TO APPLES. you cant add any Buck tags in PA. 1 and done. Believe me I know the prices, I hunt three zones that touch here in NJ less than a mile between them. ansd buy all the tags for them But those are Optional seasons
  6. NJ 27.50 gun license 31.50 bow license 2 .00 bear tag 21 spring turkey 21 fall turkey 103 , can shoot 4 bucks, 2 turkeys a bear ,, and unlimited does. same seasons in Pa 101.90 hunting license 26.90 archery tag 36.90 bear tag 165.70 can shoot 1 buck , 2 turkeys, a bear and zero does. .while I agree our turkey tags are $ you get to shoot a tom every week if you buy additional permits. if you wanted another bird in Pa you have to buy the special tag before the season at 41 .70., with a spring limit of 2 all our extra seasons are just that extra. No sunday bowhunting in Pa,. shorter winter season . extra week of gun season in PA IF you don't harvest your buck in bow season. Then you are done for the remainder of all the seasons Here you get to shoot bucks in every season . while you may like hunting in Pa better, it IS NOT more for the same money, let alone half and as far as September and End of October being a bad time to shoot a buck , come on.
  7. Borrow a set of ladder sticks to get it down .
  8. Shoot a deer first week of bow season and all your math fails. You can buy an all around sportsman license here and hunt all those days even if your successful in a few of those seasons . I hunt pa as much as nj. For the fees there in reality you get a Lot less for each dollar spent . Your picking and choosing to make it appear cheaper . Real terms it's not even close.
  9. Funny part is I hate wearing glasses . But will use them to enhance my vision to catch more fish . As well as protect my eyes from flying hooks and lures . Getting hit by a lure can happen in an instant and change your daily life. .
  10. I'm a premium member . Maybe that's why we see the better adds
  11. Little early for thst to actually happen now. More than likely was just a giant body of fish too far up river . Quick moving tide that then doesn't leave enough of even in the available water . Few weeks away from any body of fish being there to lock them in .
  12. Costa produces frames in one of four countries (Japan, Taiwan, Mauritius, China), depending on who specializes in particular materials and construction. Pairs like Corbina and Blackfin are made in Taiwan because of their specialization in a rubber that grips to the face better when it's wet (see: sweat, oceans, rivers), whereas popular models like Zane, Fathom & Brine are made in Japan due to their specialization in high durability, lightweight & flexible threaded nylon that maintains shape even when under physical pressure.
  13. Lots of bunker dying in the rivers. Weird seeing this while water is still so cold
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