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  1. New summary cards and seasons are not set yet . until they issue a current one the old dates apply . Sea bass and fluke are the 2 that get shifted around the most . so while it’s expected the dates will be similar , there is a good chance they change.
  2. If cooked as red meat instead of fowl , recipes come out great . smoked it comes out just like roast beef . makes great jerky , ground with a little beef suit added it actually makes great hamburgers and chili .
  3. Boat looks extremely well kept for being 11 years old . In that price range many guys are looking at boats also having an outboard .
  4. Your definetly looking to maximize your penetration on LARGER thicker game you will encounter in Africa Where is takes more to punch fully through the animal . ‘as I said WHITETAILS just don’t take that same degree to punch through .. ‘my comment about it not being needed was on whitetail
  5. IMO plan B Definetly is not for shooting through the scapula . As unless your very high in s stand it isn’t getting you into the vitals . my set up is more designed for the head hitting less vital areas and still getting maximum hemorrhage . shooting tight in the shoulder I don’t want vertical disadvantage . You will already have that just due to possible deer movement down , or yardage error . so IMO. Keeping vertical adjustment less allows you to keep the broadhead in the V. 99% of penetration problems with large heads is caused by untuned bows and arrow slap .
  6. Rusty you understand the vitals as well as changes needed from a ground blind , or from a treestand . As the height of that spot as well as the angle to intersect that can drastically change . many guys don’t . Stop teaching them an aiming point on the near side that constantly changes location due to the angle of the deers approach. ‘instead teach them to shoot to intersect that dot on the pass through of the arrow .. once guys understand the real layout of the vitals and learn to aim for an exit that intersects that spot , less thinking is actually involved
  7. 600 grain arrows to shoot whitetails . SMH it’s archery not lawn darts . ‘today’s bows at 60 pounds can push a three bladed 2” cut 6” into the dirt after passing through a deer . a big hint here , is preparing to hit hard bone in a whitetail for the most part those bones aren’t going to be in a vital area . instead of putting all the premise on that being plan B. make plan A easier to succeed with keeping the arrow within an inch or two of your aiming spot . breaking a deers leg , or crushing his shoulder blade above the lungs more than likely won’t create a
  8. I looked at quite a few places today out of interest . ‘most are actually pushing well over 70 grand here is the US
  9. I have a tornado in great shape , hardly used , make me an offer
  10. Hunts are approx 65-70 grand . can do many other hunts for that kind of money and make a ton more memories
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