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  1. Congrats on another nice buck. but whats with tickling his ears ???
  2. Russ, its better as are a few others taken, but that fish deserved the time to take a great pic. that fish is equal to a 200" buck
  3. Most times old eyes not focusing on both is because we start needing reading glasses. The verifier corrects that. Not sure will help you if it's the target that's nlurry
  4. Need to go to larger pins , not smaller . 10/1000 are tiny . what really helps aging eyes is a verifier from specialty archery . lets you see the pins crystal clear again. just need to buy the correct power to not blur the target out . .
  5. Agree 100% but those same guys come on here and tell others that their stuff is done correctly .’passing bad information further .’ a guy who can’t shoot a measly 40 yards shouldn’t be telling anyone how to CORRECTLY set up their bow. .
  6. Nice . Rest of week looks to be a blow out . good they got out yesterday
  7. Awesome fish , shame most of the pics taken of it were crappy. its a once in ten lifetimes fish. .
  8. Not true.’ I have shown more than a few guys that thought there set ups were perfect . Had them adjust their rests to tune their broad heads better. they cut their 40 yard groups in half. broadheads will exaggerate any small deviation . shooting a stiffer arrow than needed can make that adjustment less, but it’s stll just a band aid on a not completed tune. every little step you can do to make the nock follow the broadhead exactly will enhance penetration also..
  9. That's a total crock . Bows set 100 percent to shoot field points have a FOC based on over all length. Broadheads being longer change those dynamics. And change the spine of the arrow . A super tuned bow will shoot a broadheads of the same weight slightly towards 11 o clock due to that spine change . Guys who tune their bows to make FP and broadheads to the same point actually are in between tune of what's perfect for either . Good shooters can show you the difference when a bow is super tuned to shoot one or the other . .
  10. IM pretty sure the VPA is a poured head not a machined head. AS they were the orig makers for Red Feather. original heads I believe were machined and then used for molds . Used to be good articals written bout their process on the old Broadhead site
  11. I def want to try it . Just so many other things going on now. Im sure it would be a blast. Time for blackfish in a t shirt now. looks like fluke will be done for good this week with the forcast
  12. They are a well made head. Muzzy came out with a new head that is simaler to the montec too that look really sweet called the muzzy 1
  13. did you adjust the length of it ?? I have the same stock on my 370 and like it . I set it different when I wear heavier clothes and it keeps its fit nicely. if they had the 9.5 with the Trigger tech trigger installed it would be even better.
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