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  1. Absolutely, they put the camera on his property . trespassed to do so . they should also have to pay for cutting any vegetation on his property .
  2. Breads them from the inside , so sticks better for frying them
  3. hammer4reel


    You had a heart attack yesterday , and are on here today ? Hope all is better today , and you recover quick
  4. Theme never gets old. from turkeys I harvested , then cut and dyed the feathers .
  5. Lots of good choices here . But don't sell bear razorheads short . They have been killing game efficiently for over 65 years . They were and still are a great head
  6. For sure , golden tiles are like eating a fillet of scallops . IMO only fish better are the rockfish from Alaska . love those deep water fish
  7. May also try field points this year . all about placement they say .
  8. Looks good . while I love catching them , I like 95% of other fish way better . tilefish , trigger fish , sea bass , dolphin are my favorite table fare from NJ
  9. Most rubber nets are very shallow . lots of salt water fish will blow backwards right out of them . IMO you need extra bag depth to Keep the catch secure . coated nets dont allow hooks to penetrate and are a better option .
  10. Frabill trutrax with coated net has held up better than anything else for me . for big stripers look at the larger hoops
  11. Hit the shoulder or bone hard with that head , the front screw will stop everything in its tracks . while the theory behind a hybrid is good , most including the switchblade aren’t as nicely a balanced head . other hybrids with better balance designs are being made
  12. Curious why your hunting here and not your own piece of Heaven out there ?
  13. I’m awaiting pictures that were taken . will do a new thread on Thursday . a lot if the info will be on Jim Hutchinsons fisherman report this Thursday . due to the fact this is their living , waiting until the official release Thursday . .
  14. Can’t even see its collar lol
  15. Need white nocks , good for visibility . otherwise red or blue would look great
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