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  1. def like jigging them better than fishing bait. And seems most times jigs will catch bigger fish , unless your dunking bunker lol
  2. Nice day out after the rain early. But wow was the wind cranking in the afternoon. For youngsters check out the cush it rod slip on s. They work great
  3. Headed out on my buddy Mike's boat today, with Kyle and Bruce. Worked all over the bay looking for a bass bite. Had about a half dozen half hearted run offs. Figured when tide changed it would turn on . It did, but it was GATOR COUNTRY. Still fun on livies and chunks.
  4. That’s the states Musky brood stock lake . can def catch them there with decent consistency. .
  5. Nantucket shoals is an unreal fishery . lots of double digits caught there daily . and more 7/8 pounders than five pounders here . that being said , Don’t sell NJ short. there are plenty of 10# plus fish here to be caught . just takes a little extra boat work to make it happen. .
  6. Paradise trout hatchery in the poconos. started my nieces and nephews there . they loved it . once done a walk around the hatchery to see all different stages of fish growth , where they can feed fish pellets really peaks their interest . its a little $$$ because you pay by the pound about the same as you would do at a supermarket .
  7. Wouldn’t surprise me if they said it was tabled and then read it once the hunting community didn’t show up
  8. Man you need to stay off here when your drinking. just TOO much information we don't need
  9. you can fish that anywhere a big boat can go. and even some they cant. and the money saved on gas will be immense
  10. don't worry Jack, if the fluke wont eat them the rocks will
  11. maybe you just bought crappy ones, they come in all grades, all the way to glass. I have fished them in stuff its tough to keep a bucktail on the line all day without fail
  12. Not if you epoxy them on . They become part of the jig. Moving eyes act like a rattle also. .
  13. if your gluing eyes, you can can buy HUNDREDS of doll eyes in the craft stores CHEAP
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