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  1. hammer4reel

    Covert Cell cams

    All cams sold pending funds. thanks
  2. hammer4reel

    TOG Lobster

    Well did you like it ??
  3. hammer4reel

    Covert Cell cams

    PMS answered. 1 sold PF .
  4. hammer4reel

    Covert Cell cams

    Att is provider . Not sure of the cost to run the newer cams . Att doesnt have good service where i wanted to use them , so going to buy verizon based cams
  5. hammer4reel

    Shooting smoke

    I think they are also adding to the price to support the warranties. Crossbows are not built to be constantly shot like a compound . I have a friend that was a tournament archer . Who cant shoot his compound anymore but loves to shoot. He has destroyed every brand of crossbow many times over . Most of them come apart after a few hundred shots . Crazy because you can shoot a compound hundreds of shots a day . Week after week without failure
  6. hammer4reel

    1/13/2019 Check In

    4 more does, didnt see a buck tonight
  7. hammer4reel

    Covert Cell cams

  8. hammer4reel

    2019 Lone Wolf's NEW Treestands and Accessories

    May seem that long but it's probably under 5 minutes. .
  9. hammer4reel

    1/13/2019 Check In

    11 more does. Glad they didn't stick around. Shouldn't be long till the bachelor group shows up.
  10. hammer4reel

    1/13/2019 Check In

    Hard to believe. Two nice nights on same weekend. 8 does so far tonight
  11. hammer4reel

    Shooting smoke

    KI has also come out with a narrow version. 14" uncocked 91/2" cocked that shoots 400 with a much nicer list price of 750. .
  12. hammer4reel

    Covert Cell cams

    Brand new still un opened ALL three for $600 Single $225 each. .
  13. hammer4reel

    Shooting smoke

    Ten Point is really getting close to the 500 FPS crossbow. def not cheap , but at 470 FPS they are 25% faster than the quickest compound out there. shooting a good weight hunting bolt they are shooting 450 FPS which is 50% faster than most compounds shooting a hunting weight arrow around 300 FPS Def game changer.. https://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/shop/nitro-xrt-crossbow-package/ .
  14. hammer4reel

    I got the Big A$$ Buck!!

    Congrats on a nice late season buck
  15. hammer4reel

    2019 Lone Wolf's NEW Treestands and Accessories

    you really only need to buy one good run and gun set up. and that stand and set of sticks def is nice and light. so your paying for the better materials they used, and all the extra creature comforts they put into the machining of the equipment. .