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  1. This was the third time in the last 2 weeks . He was storming up the beach and I said to mike guess he us not going to mug us today . then he turned and came directly to us like on cue . . bridling around someone’s boat isn’t safe for either .…. .
  2. Headed out with Mike and Brandon to do some black fishing. even with the hard NW winds I was sure we would have nicer seas inshore . weird wind on the outgoing tide , even with stiff winds we were swaying on anchor . Bite never got what I would call good but was steady enough to have a fun mornings catching a bunch of decent sized blackfish and a trigger fish . best fish was probably around 7 pounds , didn’t get a picture as we were watching the mad gaffer try and anchor yards away from us again … once again with a whole ocean that had three boats on it this idiot spent an hour and three tries to get his boat anchored near the piece we were on .. While we continued to catch fish with his boat bridled across my anchor line they were fishless and pulled away . only an idiot continually tries to set up on a piece where another boat has had the life built up and us catching . guess that’s where the MAD part comes from .
  3. It’s been many years since a Democrat won re-election here in NJ . while many think Murphy is a shoe in , there were governors way better in his party that didn’t get re-elected. ‘Hopefully Jack has more of a chance than the poles are showing . .
  4. Been seeing mature bucks chasing for the last 10 days in both PA and NJ . first few yearling does are running for their lives
  5. It’s has nothing to do with being old . it’s lack of conditioning on your part . only times the muscles get used to shoot a bow are actually shooting a bow or swimming . pretty much everything else we do doesn’t work those muscles . Shoot a few times over the next week and work those muscles and it will be easy again . .
  6. Hit one of the streams , says they stocked 990 trout there . had 417 of them . so not sure they all got put in
  7. Bucks have been chasing the young does that are already coming into their first heat for almost 10 days . been watching them cruise non stop already both here and PA . betting rainy weather moving to cooler temps this weekend will be very good
  8. If you were spending more time in the woods you would know there is quite a bit of chasing going on right now already . deer are visibly eating on the oak flats all day . there is no lack of movement . colder weather will be here by the weekend . Prime time has already started . another week and many bucks will leave their home core areas , possibly moving a few miles away from them to start breeding .…
  9. I was a tree climber . hunted out of a saddle using a set of spikes for years Imo , there are too many times the deer come into a location where you can’t set up to shoot . a platform or a ring of steps will allow more range of motion but a light stand allows much easier shooting with a bow . if shooting a crossbow or a gun it has more merit . .
  10. Invisible fence is a great tool . dogs like to chase , so boundary trained dogs can and will go outside that training . very few dogs will go past the invisible fence . (Even at a low setting ) it’s not cheap. Running the wire around a big piece of property but it lasts many years .
  11. Great picture . would be extra cool if he was strutting
  12. The shell that didn’t fire will never be dimpled as much as the shells that did fire because it had no blow back from discharging the shell . when a shell discharges its push back creates more flattening of the primer cup ... .
  13. I’m sure there will be people selling . but with boat prices almost doubling it will be tougher to find a good deal as easy as in the past . even small boats that are 30 years old are selling for more than they costed brand new . long waits for new stuff will keep prices ridiculously inflated
  14. I think boats will be available . But don’t think you will see depreciation for another 5 years . boat builds for many brands are already 2 years out . .
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