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  1. hammer4reel

    NJ rut activity

    Got to check my cams today on three farms for first time since being away. Seems in the last five days I had hundreds of pics of bucks feeding with does. Thinking the majority of does in my spots have been bred. .
  2. hammer4reel

    Last Youth Day

    Very nice congrats
  3. hammer4reel

    Youth Day Buck Down

    Congrats on another great day of memories with your son
  4. hammer4reel

    beginning to hate hunting nj

    Yep , Annandale I know the person he told they had a coyote issue . She is a super nice person. No need to damage the guys stuff and her feel responsable . If he comes kn the farm again its defiant tresspass and he will be prosecuted at a higher level. .
  5. hammer4reel

    beginning to hate hunting nj

    I got a phone call from one of the farms i hunt . Neighbor had called to tell them they gave permission to a guy to coyote hunt their horse paddock , but was it ok for him to shoot into their field . Land owner asked me to check it out . Before going there i knew i was going to find he was deer hunting not Night coyote hunting as that doesnt stsrt till January. The guy has a blind in a paddock at the other end of the farm that no way can the deer die where he shoots it on his property . What i didnt expect to find was his blind was on our farm , Way off the horse farm . Corn pile on our property 60 yards from our barns. Took the blind down and set it against the fence he was climbing through to tresspass our farm. With a note tresspassing would not be tolerated , as well as called the farm he had entered from. Cant understand why guys think its alright to hunt anywhere they want
  6. hammer4reel

    Stranded In Jersey City

    Should have taken the train. At least would not have had to deal with the whole commute
  7. hammer4reel

    Cheap deer bait?

    Cob corn def lasts longer. but leaves an incredible mess that takes a long time to break down. I ended up bagging all the cobs as I didn’t want that kind of mess on the farm
  8. hammer4reel

    Best winter gear ??

    Must have got one that ran small. They will take it back. My xl has enough room under it for many layers their tall sizes also give a little more room also
  9. hammer4reel

    Best winter gear ??

    Check and make sure you actually got a large. I wear 2× in everything except cabelas stuff I only wear an XL. CABELAS clothes almost always run big
  10. hammer4reel

    Best winter gear ??

    Just buy 3X
  11. hammer4reel

    Best winter gear ??

    This is stand hunter extreme series
  12. hammer4reel

    Best winter gear ??

    That is the regular wooltimte . That is warm , but not as warm as the stand hunter version. Stand hunter is that clothing with additional thinsulate added to it. I believe you will only be able to get it in the bargain cave.
  13. hammer4reel

    Last Hurrah

    Def had a great time out here . Had good weather . Saw the buck I was chasing 4 times on a brand new farm. Got to see lots of great three year-olds that I would have shot in NJ or PA and been happy with . Set my standards high passing one buck that would been in the high 40's to have more time to hunt the other buck. No regrets , got some needed me time never thinking about work. Just hunted hard. Put my time in trying to make it happen . Saw lots of great sunrises and spectacular sunsets daily
  14. hammer4reel

    Last Hurrah

    Sunset Down to the wire. Just had two does come past. Got a half hour yet
  15. hammer4reel

    Best winter gear ??

    Try and get a set of Cabela’s stand hunter wooltimate they discontinued it when merged with bass pro. but Hamburg store has had a lot of it in their bargain cave. And its 50% off set bibs and parka would cost about 300. Normally sold for 300 each item if layered with one good thing underneath the normal wooltimate series is pretty good too