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  1. Venison Home Delivery

    That’s swiss venison. they use maggots to eat the holes. makes it REAL tender
  2. SLIM pickings

    Usually by now my PA spot is loaded with turkeys . hens have always nested between a creek bottom and a small pond. keeping gobblers here all spring. seems that spot is just way wetter than normal due to all the March snows. havent seen or heard a bird close in three weeks . guess I will be hoofing it this week to find something fro Tracey to hunt.
  3. Raynas youth hunt.

    Good luck
  4. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    Good luck
  5. Can you feel it

    Seemed like forever a month ago. sure hope time slows down a little now and the season doesn’t fly by as quickly good luck .
  6. Roosted at least 2 gobblers tonight

    Good luck . bag a biggun
  7. Can't wait till Saturday morning

    Good Luck to all you guys getting youths out there Saturday. Looking forward to the pics .
  8. I have had great luck with the Avian X decoys. Bowhunting for turkeys the jake and hen combo are tough to beat. Birds come in and beat the tar out of the jake giving great shot opportunity up close
  9. Where to shoot a turkey

    BY far the best turkey hunting archery practice game. will help you easily adjust in the field if you learn the spots to focus on http://www.bowsite.com/bowsite/features/articles/turkeyshoot/ .
  10. Tuna

    Canyon runner is best in business. jenny Lee is also a proven producer
  11. 2017 Fall bow buck is home

    Looks good.congrats
  12. NC gobblers were good to us

    Congrats Will. way to pass it on.
  13. Good enough?

    SMOKED turkey for sure
  14. Tuning

    Reach out to Booner and see if he is available. Once you learn how easy it is to do it yourself you will never need anyone to help you again. There is NO rocket science to tuning and setting up a bow. Doing it yourself builds giant confidence in your equipment. TONS of info on You Tube today that was once only " Secrets of the pro's "
  15. Just One Lure?

    #7 Black /silver Count down rapala