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  1. Nmc posted last year's pic . That's wide Clyde that you missed last year . That's what I thought when saw other pics of him
  2. The arctic pro have been a pretty decent all around cold weather boot . i don’t like wearing heavy socks , my feet don’t sweat much then , and when I sat for long periods they stayed warm . the arctic ice I think might be too warm with a lot of walking . the arctic are a little heavier weight wise , but I don’t notice it
  3. Probably a few miles in last few days
  4. I wore them again this morning . Very light socks . Warm as toast . I wouldn't wear them above 45 . I think be too warm
  5. Sub zero in any of those boots isn't happening. Comfort level on the top side is more important. No way a boot you can wear to 70 degrees without sweating can be a cold weather boot. I bought a pair of the Kamick last year you said to try. No where near as warm as the arctic pro or arctic ice . And they have zero support. .
  6. Like I said . No way you could wear these Arctic Ice to 65 degrees . Your feet would melt. These show comfort range only to 30. After wearing them a few days I think it's pretty accurate. Those dryshod probably be a good all around season boot for warner temps
  7. I don't think they will be as warm . Their comfort zone pushes to 60 degrees on their one cold weather boot ,and 70 on another . Even wearing very light socks these boots would be too warm at 45 . They are actually a little too warm at 35 today . Def a cold weather boot , not an all around. Any warmer than 40 I will stay with woody max
  8. Started off the day yesterday in my normal boots . Feet were cold sitting at 16 degrees. Usually wear Arctic Pros when it's this cold. No one had them local. Saw they are making a new boot called Arctic Ice. Bought a pair . Wore them last night and so far this morning . Just light socks on and they are toasty warm... .
  9. Congrats on sharing a great hunt Tarhunt. Slow here this morning .small 8 a 6 and a few does early. Woods are too still for a nice crisp morning
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