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  1. Anything but Suzuki. the other 3 are much more reliable .
  2. Shouldn’t be far . i would be in there tonight instead of dealing with a semi froze deer in the morning . and if snow starts early could be a PIA
  3. Must have been a tiny deer . not much meat there , needed a few more years
  4. And someday we all will be that same guy . you guys realize he is in his 70’s right ? many guys will be in the same boat climbing into even a ladder stand at that age . i remember my father who would sit all day on a 2x4 nailed across 2 limbs , the day it took all I had to get him back down from a ladder stand . life changes as we get older , and it sucks to be excluded because of age or physical shape . some one wanting to hunt local to their house I can understand his anger . .
  5. You mean you worked at a butcher shop , not that you were a butcher ? i remember vividly that hacked up deer you showed being cut up a few years ago
  6. Deer hunt in the morning and evening . squirrel hunt the rest of the day
  7. I ordered a bunch of the freak nastys yesterday . says will be here in 2 days according to tracking , so seems legit
  8. I had little difference on spots , but also came up 162
  9. My friends and I shot a lot of deer with the Toxics. they cause a lot of internal damage , but never left a decent blood trail . ironically they were the quickest bleed out here . so great on milk jugs, but not very good at putting blood on the ground in big game
  10. Stayed in left lane and bypassed the Tpike up to 80 . took 5 minutes longer than usual route up the Tpike. guys I work with tried and were stuck there for hours
  11. Nice shot , congrats , beautiful muzzy
  12. Stay awake and off your phone here and maybe you will see one , ‘good luck
  13. That’s awesome . congrats , not many can tell that story . cant wait to see the finished mount
  14. IMO if more of the guys shooting crossbows used them, their first call after a shot wouldn’t be to a dog handler. It would be to their buddy to help drag. as accurate a weapon a xbow is , too many try and stretch the game offhand and the deer ends up suffering for it. .they have the same set up attached to a blind chair. best tool ever for younger kids hunting to make quick clean harvests
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