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  1. Hunting is about anticipation. Everything else you can hunt has continually repeated anticipation. Kids deer hunting. Continually going out and not shooting makes them feel it's a waste of time. Small game ,waterfowl etc gets them wanting to get back out again. Deer hunting let them shoot all the does you need taken . .
  2. Purple paint law sucks . no differentiation between property owners or lines. will make trespassing even more . also anyone with a paint can can spray pieces not posted and act like they are their spots .. also need to paint at less distances than signage .
  3. Rewards from a great day !!!! some great meals there .
  4. Most guys shooting a 10 are doing so goose hunting . would probably find guys carrying BB to T shot for that .
  5. Worst pizza I ever had was at Pete and Elda’s . place has a great following for thin crust pizza . was like eating a pizza made on a Matzo cracker HORRIBLE. .
  6. Unless your looking for pellet density . just shoot a 12. with 2 shot your not shooting far distances anyhow shooting steel .
  7. La Gondola in Ramsey has incredible Gran Ma pizza . as well as a bunch of other great thin crust pies
  8. That’s what I thought also. not even close to how Gran Ma is put together
  9. The amount of near misses I see DAILY due to people on cell phones far out weighs what I see truckers doing . cell phones should turn off at 5 mph for all features except blue tooth phone use . people texting and answering emails are hurting a lot of people every day.
  10. Bump , going to put them on eBay if no interest here
  11. I think that’s because we’re old enough to know better . he has a big following of the 18/28 year olds . if all those kids get out and vote in large numbers who knows what direction we could go . but I think if they can polish the Bloomberg turd, the Democrats will once again push Bernie out
  12. Yep , and didn’t bait or use trail cameras either . not using tools that can really help success IMO is silly . we could all go back to riding horses to work too
  13. Just curious how many of the guys who won’t shop at Dicks use ATT as their phone provider . ATT is a huge contributor to PETA.
  14. Imo field pod is better because you can have him set and just lean into gun already in position
  15. 70 bucks is a good deal. Field pod is better for a kid because you be totally set up ready to go . works great for xbow also . the field chair is even better as the way it’s designed you can move from one window to another quickly . sometimes they actually put the chairs on sale at ridicules prices . field pod is best if using it in multiple spots .
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