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  1. Im not far from Clinton , if you want help I’m sure we can get you going
  2. I have used sport wash for a long time . Seems to work
  3. Where in Hunterdon county ? It’s not hard to learn , hardest part is starting going up a hill . ‘once you get used to the shift timing and rpm you can easily shift even without pushing the clutch .Though until your really used to the car you won’t want to do that
  4. Murphy had Fish and Game remove bear hunting from this years current management plan .
  5. Here is a list of the top employers in Nj. currently the IBEW has over 25000 dues paying members in Nj. that actually puts us in the top 25 statewide . looking at this list I only see one company that’s buildings aren’t continually done union made https://www.zippia.com/advice/largest-companies-in-new-jersey/
  6. Buy a classic car with a manual trans . I will teach you how to drive it in Hunterdon county lol. ‘’here is a nice one https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1423190/1970-plymouth-barracuda-for-sale-in-cadillac-michigan-49601
  7. I don’t need to look for someone else to give me an answer . I have lived it . ‘there is not a large scale work place being built non union in this area . ‘the only place its been done was in Florida where union GC used a daily hiring board to accomplish buildings in the Orlando area . took them twice as long to build , so the client had less time in the buildings than when done st a high pace , 8 hour day as well as weekends off absolutely was union driven .it was pushed for a higher standard of living as well as a better family life .
  8. Did that in my 24 IDIOTIC.. would be fine IF you could get a reliable forcast . ‘but they are only correct about 3 days a year , especially with the crazy afternoon south winds . taking that on the side of a 24’ boat for 75-80 miles will have you deciding which to go to first . The chiro or the dentist . last year i cherry picked the best day to take Tracey offshore . was supposed to be under a foot N at 5, turned into 6 to 9 footers and fifty miles of fog when winds went ugly south at 25 plus .
  9. I said we build the places America WORKS. ‘the other 90% are those that work where we built , how is that so hard to understand ?. did your motorcycle just build the shed it’s going to be in ?
  10. I currently have ran well over 200 million dollars worth of electrical work . Can tell you without 1% of hesitation there is no way those jobs could have been done non union . Just because of the sheer volume of changing manpower loading on the jobs .’there is no way one contractor (union or non union) can continually get enough work to maintain carrying 200-300 guys . ‘the same manpower pool goes from contractor to contractor on a phone call to fill the jobs . Just isn’t possible for a non union contractor to hire 50 skilled guys in a day . the access to a constant pool of s
  11. Good luck with the new motors . looks like your transom allowed the trims to be mounted high on the water line . which is a good thing . keep those mounts very clean to avoid trim issues .
  12. I will be fishing it . ‘more than likely bouncing all over also . tracey is still out of commission , so will have my buddy Eddie along a few of the days . ALOT. Of river to decide on the right spot . seems on fire down south , but fish I have caught north have been some very nice roes . ‘all a crap shoot now
  13. Nice beat down . may end up running way south for the tourney a day or 2 . main body of fish may just be around Rgville by end of the week
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