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  1. hammer4reel

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    AS long as I see a way that im hitting 2 vitals I take the shot.
  2. hammer4reel

    Wood heat and this time of year

  3. hammer4reel

    Tom the butcher

    Ryan if you used him for 6 years and took 3 deer a year there, that says you were happy with 95% of the work Tom did for you. IMO a phone call should have been made to ask why this deer was done different than the norm. If he gave a crappy response I would understand your animosity . but seems you didn't even give him that chance. I am VERY picky about how my deer are cut, because I do most of my own. I have some specialty stuff done yearly at Toms. Every package I have ever received was super clean, and never did I have a foul package . I have kielbasa made there yearly for a polish couple that feels its the best they eat all year. Good thing is their are plenty of butchers in this area, but seems you have had issues with them all. whether it be the way stuff was cut, their hours etc. Hope you find one you like . .
  4. hammer4reel

    Tom the butcher

    I had boneless chops tonight Tom did last fall. Didn't have to touch a thing. season and grill, was awesome
  5. hammer4reel

    Vacuum Sealer Processing Question

    they are great. we got the vacmaster 215 ( same as 210 but with oil pump it has more power) bags are less than a nickle a piece, so we use it for everything
  6. hammer4reel

    Vacuum Sealer Processing Question

    We went to a chamber sealer for that reason . don't have to worry about the liquid at all. They also take out a lot more air that a normal sealer. Expensive to start , but the savings on the price of bags for the chamber sealer pays for it the first year
  7. hammer4reel

    Do we have any lawsuits regarding the upcoming bear hunt?

    you aren't the Navy Seals going after Bin Laden. want more support and to get more guys willing to get involved drop the cloak and dagger BS. Right now every anti bear hunter is trying to get others to believe their fight is right. While their information isn't correct its the only voice being heard by the people that haven't made a dicision on whether the hunt is necessary or not. Much of NJ doesn't have the bear problem that the people up north deal with daily, so they wont understand the reasoning without it being voiced correctly. I think you would find more of those whiny people are frustrated to not be able to stand behind a group to help with getting this corrected. Another avenue in who is being hurt by this EO is all those who will have to deal with the over flow of bears daily , the farmers with excessive crop damage etc. Their is a lot more involved than just the hunters perspective .
  8. hammer4reel

    Salmon Time

    I cant bucktail for them WTF . Im def game to go, have wanted to fish for both salmon and steel head up there . .
  9. hammer4reel

    Salmon Time

    whats the DSR for us non educated guys
  10. hammer4reel

    Bunch Bows for sale >>>>-------->>

  11. hammer4reel

    Thumb release

  12. hammer4reel

    Salmon Time

    VERY cool trip. One of these days I will get there
  13. hammer4reel

    Old tree stands?

    I even made a few of those wedge stands . Even made a few baker copies out of stainless steel angle, they were about 50 pounds when complete lol Had regular Bakers as well as the mighty mite , then TSS , then moved to Loc ons and screaming eagles. Used Anderson tree sling as well as Linemans belt for many years to move around quickly Still have an Aluminum TSS climber , as well as a Joint effort stand when TSS combined with Loc on to make a climbing version of the wind walker. Today that is still one of my favorite stands if using a climber . what a difference in 45 years LOL of hunting
  14. hammer4reel

    Diy Gc, my biggest project

    LOOKS really nice . IM sure the first time you sit in front of the fire will be as good as a 150 walking in . .
  15. hammer4reel

    Thumb release

    After all the years I have shot a thumb trigger the CORRECT way its a good chance I couldn't punch a thumb off LOL My releases are set so fast most guys cant even put a finger on them without them going off too soon. My squeeze is so dilibertly slow my finger actually turns white before the release goes off. On a slow walking deer where you want the shot to go off at a precise moment its way easier to do so with a trigger finger release