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  1. congrats , nice buck
  2. Saturday is the first day of permit bow season . ‘Friday he still has a chance at using his fall bow tag . morning hunt still on the 9th . hunt tomorrow
  3. great pics , great buck and great shot . CONGRATS
  4. Had a hot doe laying by a scrape last night for 45 minutes , his twin came in and pushed her off . of course 100 yards into the chase his gran daddy came to take over . few more minutes it could have been a different game
  5. Looks like a great honey hole. Congrats nice buck
  6. Happens occasionally. ‘ Usually get them later the same day . seems to happen if you get a big block of pictures during a time period
  7. hammer4reel


    Even been tough on pumpkins.
  8. Thinking he will break 150 by an inch or two .
  9. congrats, lots of great character in that rack . awesome memories for all .
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