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  1. Buckeyes11

    Introducing myself (pics)

    Welcome to the site! Great pics. For being self taught u r off to an incredible start! Best of luck in school! Love the surf striper!
  2. Buckeyes11

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    KISS might be the worst band of all time. Their music is garbage. Bunch of grown men in makeup. No thanks
  3. Buckeyes11

    Bob & AJ's own not so little one gets a MEGA one!

    Congrats! How much that beast weigh?
  4. Buckeyes11

    When a lynching ain't

    Typical liberal behavior. He should be charged w a hate crime. Nothing will happen to him because he is black and also gay. He has more rights than all of us combined just for those reasons. The liberals will still make him out to be a victim
  5. Buckeyes11

    Any Hockey Fans out There?

    My daughter goes to Rowan. Awesome! Love when local teams represent nationally. Best of luck to your daughter and have a safe trip!
  6. Buckeyes11

    Race day Venison Nachos

    Not a fan of plate races. More of a road course fan
  7. Buckeyes11

    Anyone ever make their own sushi rolls?

    Damn 444. Serious skills
  8. Buckeyes11

    Anyone ever make their own sushi rolls?

    My wife makes it all the time. Spring rolls too. Good stuff!
  9. Buckeyes11

    Pelosi Is Losing It.......

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder
  10. Buckeyes11

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    It truly sucks that people have lost love ones to drugs. But it is a choice. Just like a cigarette or anything else. The drain on our healthcare system has to give. Ever take your kid to the ER in the middle of the night. It’s likea scene from the walking dead. Cops carry narcan to bring back people who overdose but they don’t carry an epipen to save someone from an allergic reaction
  11. Buckeyes11

    Got my Delaware mount back

    Congrats on a fine buck!
  12. Buckeyes11

    Sad Day in the Deer Woods

    Hey Buck 154. Any reason why there is no cushion on the lone wolf? Seen a lot of people without cushions on em. Is it more comfortable without it? Only bad thing imo about lone wolfs. The cushion sucks
  13. Buckeyes11

    Totally sick democrat!

    Fuck her and her anti American views
  14. Buckeyes11

    Turkey commercal on sportsman channel

    That’s awesome!
  15. Buckeyes11

    Another Brother Shot