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  1. Buckeyes11

    2013 Elite Hunter 30/70 $200

    Pm sent
  2. These 200 yd slug groups are right up there with 75 yd buckshot patterns lol
  3. Buckeyes11

    Dilemma need help!!

    Get both. I was fortunate that my buddy had a pair of incredible beagles. Nothing better than hearing em! His dogs never set foot in his house though. He swore it makes em lazy. And I can’t argue with the results. Best of luck!
  4. Buckeyes11

    Muzzle Loader Buck Down

    Great buck. That Hawken is badass
  5. Buckeyes11

    Issue with crossbow pattern

    I’ve never seen a small hole w Spittfires
  6. Buckeyes11

    Go figure! buck permit

    I haven’t purchased my muzzy license yet. Still have my buck tag from permit bow. If I fill that. Than I will get my muzzy tag. Refuse to give NJ anymore money for licenses than I have to
  7. Buckeyes11

    Issue with crossbow pattern

    Use Spittfires on your Xbow. Zero issues and great blood trails
  8. Buckeyes11

    Good Guy Alert – BoneCollector85

    Class move BoneCollector85. Sorry for your loss.
  9. Buckeyes11

    2017 Youth crossbow Hunt VIDEO

    Awesome video. Congrats to both of u.
  10. Buckeyes11

    Best STEAK?

    Ribeye or filet. Rare. Not a fan of venison steaks at all
  11. Buckeyes11

    The License Plate Lies.........nice buck pic!

    Congrats on a great buck!
  12. Buckeyes11

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    Wow. What a buck. Congrats
  13. Hunter115522. First of all thank you for service. If you think officers don’t hunt and patrol land down here in my area. Your in denial.
  14. I live in Gloucester County. Which is southern NJ for you Northern boys. Every piece of township or municipal land down here is hunted and patrolled by cops. Ask anyone in zone 27 29 or 35
  15. Don’t worry all the local LEO’s are hunting it. Guaranteed