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  1. Golden tilefish and yellowtail snappers. I had a buddy that passed away and was a tilefish junkie. Had a constant supply. Loved it!
  2. Those bathing suit straps must be 200 lb braid to hold up them melons. Wow
  3. I remember reading that everyone was crying that his times were inflated because of the wind. I guess he had a different wind than the other runners on the track. Lol
  4. Hey GobbleNGrunt can u post a pic of your surf rig for sharks? Thanks
  5. 3.5 inch #1 buck will take care of that problem
  6. Another loud mouth lesbian that thinks that we should cater to her because she CHOOSES to be gay.
  7. Pelosi. AOC is such a dumbass that it’s only a matter of time before she self destructs
  8. Toyota made good on the frames and isn’t an issue anymore. Good luck w the new foreign motors
  9. Hmmm. U crush “foreign” trucks but u have Suzuki outboards??????
  10. The rice comments are hilarious. Bet u have a Samsung TV. Half your fishing gear and clothing is made overseas. Ur prob one of them guys that has to drink Budweiser because U are a real American
  11. Dodges are built like Tarzan and run like Jane. All marketing hype. Toyota’s hold there value. Plain simple
  12. On my second Tacoma as we speak. Can’t wait to buy my 3rd. Bought the full size Ram once. Total POS. Gave me problems from day one. As for the towing. I see a lot of guys in my development with full size trucks. Lift kits etc. To pull jet skis and bass boats. Hahahahha. Anyone that does some serious towing would buy a dual wheel anyway
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