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  1. That will be great on a cold blustery day. Hunt in comfort!
  2. Great video. I thought u were In for a fight when his head perked up!
  3. Excellent work. Looks great.
  4. Good stuff. Men were def different back than. Worked hard and didn’t take no shit from anyone. All about the family too
  5. Pink Ron Z used to be my go to lure for bass
  6. Barstool posted it on Twitter. That liberal douchebag was throwing a spear with ear protection on. It was all because the park that douche hikes in wouldn’t give him a permit that day. So he saw that they approved archery so it was all an act.
  7. Blues are fun to catch. Especially in the surf
  8. Great bucks. That split G2 is a beauty!
  9. Eel is by the far the best imo
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