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  1. ^^ Def gonna check it out. Thanks for the info
  2. 5 in the first part. Second part is scheduled to be released in Dec from what I read
  3. FYI new season of Meateater is on Netflix today. One of the best hunting shows on tv in my opinion
  4. Best of luck to you too. Have a safe season.
  5. Same guys that bitch about baiting are the same guys who shoot top of the line bows and crossbows and say they are keeping it real. Pretty soon the deer drive threads will start. Just hunt and have fun. Who cares what someone else does.
  6. Way to go! What a hunt! Be safe getting that bruiser out and safe trip home!!
  7. I live in Woolwich Twp in Gloucester County. Kill at least 1 or 2 a day on my front porch. Where I work in Phila is infested. They r everywhere
  8. Had mine 11 years. Not a drop of rust. Ur “big boy trucks” don’t last long enough to rust.
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