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  1. Deer are fine. Like Rusty said. It’s only been rough for a few weeks. Snow is gonna be gone this weekend. And they will bounce back. It’s NJ. Not the Antarctic
  2. Post office hasn’t been the same since Dejoy took over. He removed over a third of the sorting machines in the country at larger plants. Long delays unfortunately are happening. It’s happening to at Amazon. UPS. FED EX etc But no one cares about that. Only when it’s the post office. And them companies constantly dump their mail on USPS for delivery so they can “keep their numbers positive “
  3. Loved watching his videos. Him and Byron Fergunson w archery
  4. Gonna have some Hoegaarden beer during the Bruins game tonight
  5. I got some as an Xmas gift. Thought the same thing.
  6. Hittin the Tito’s tonight. Gettin up early to look for sheds. Than watching the Bruins at Lake Tahoe. Can’t wait
  7. Nice. No such thing as ice fishing here in south Jersey
  8. Man he’s a beast. That’s why score is irrelevant. That’s a great buck. Hope U get him!
  9. Not at all. The ticks r actually even ore insulated under all this snow. I spray my turkey gear up with permitherin and never have a problem
  10. Real cool. Need to step up your trough building skills lol
  11. I ate at his restaurant last Jan in Boston at the Bruins game. It was real good. Great atmosphere
  12. I would shoot that in a heartbeat. Don’t believe in superstitions. I have passed on a real nice piebald doe a few times though
  13. I hope u get ur money back and I don’t feel sorry for the outfitter one bit. He spent your deposit and your suppose to be ok with it because times are tough. Total bullshit. He knows you can’t do anything about it. I’m pretty sure Lunatics bills kept rolling in during this so tell me what’s the difference.
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