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  1. Anyone that shoots buckshot should invest in an aftermarket choke. I have a patternmaster for my 870 3.5. Patterns are insane
  2. Go with a vortex or leupold. Both are high quality budget friendly scopes imo
  3. Too many factors. Some guys or girls just don’t have the time to hunt as much as they want. Youth sports are time consuming for parents. OT at work. Health issues etc. That’s why I don’t judge anyone and just enjoy the pics. So if your out Monday morning and a spiker comes by. Let it rip if it makes you happy and enjoy it. Best of luck to everyone and be safe.
  4. Sat just for the evening hunt. Nothing. Only heard 1 shot
  5. Just got settled for evening sit. Good luck to everyone out
  6. He looks all rutted out. Did U weigh him? That’s a hell of a buck Lunatic. Congrats!!!!! Have a nice stiff drink and enjoy it!
  7. Great deal. Def Wont last
  8. That is a great pic. Man I miss my GSP
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