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  1. Some great pics! Looks like u had a good year!
  2. nickmarch takes on large firms and wins! If the glove don’t fit u must acquit!
  3. Mazz just put the carcass out as bait and hunt over it opening day of turkey in a treestand and let us know how it goes
  4. Hey Rusty. Did u happen to weigh your buck? He’s a good one!
  5. Buckeyes11


    I have a small piebald buck and doe in one of my spots. They both have short stubby legs like your picture. Real cool looking
  6. If I was in the market for a muzzleloader I would def purchase this. Looks cool. A modern in-line is hardly a traditional weapon so I’m ok w it
  7. I thought the same thing. That deer isn’t even remotely close to 180
  8. Love eating smoked whiting! Looks good!
  9. Man up. Grab em and throw em in the bed. Lol. Jet sled and piece of plywood. Slides right in
  10. Wing supply has some ridiculous camo deals!
  11. Nice mature doe. I had the biggest doe I ever seen in NJ last night at 10 yds. Unfortunately she was in the middle of the bait with other deer and I had my pump gun w buckshot. Nothing I could do
  12. Buckeyes11

    Deer mange

    Good job putting it down. No blood trail on that one. Wow
  13. I don’t have the trigger tech on mine but thanks for the post. But I’ve shot my buddies with it and it is great. I will pass it along. Thanks! I still think mine on my KI365 is way better than most higher end xbows
  14. Killer instinct are great xbows for the price. My KI 365 has a great trigger
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