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  1. Buckeyes11

    Illinois bowhunt on private land

    I’ve hunted Ohio for a long time. Headed out again in early Nov. Contrary to popular belief deer in the midwest don’t commit suicide like everyone thinks. Still got to put in your time and hard work. And luck never hurts. tCCook offer is a good one and whoever takes advantage of it I wish them the best of luck!
  2. Them 2 bucks are definitely registered democrats!
  3. Buckeyes11

    Illinois bowhunt on private land

    Wow. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing. Some absolute studs
  4. Buckeyes11

    New Episodes of MeatEater on Netflix

    Meateater is the only “professional hunting” show I will watch. Hunting Public and DIY sportsman are real good on YouTube
  5. Buckeyes11

    Need another recommendation....Chairs

    I hunt out of blinds way more than a treestand. Best chair I found is the Double Bull chair. Very comfortable and it puts u at the right height to shoot
  6. Buckeyes11

    Nice VA Bow Buck

    Great deer prob closer to 150 though
  7. My brother sent me these pics right near the airport in Philly. Couple of big boys!
  8. Buckeyes11

    Best UFC Post Fight Interview

    His last fight. He told his girl to get that thing ready. He was coming home and going deep!
  9. Buckeyes11

    Golden Triangle Whitetails

    DIY hunts are the way to go. U can whenever or wherever u want. Harvest what makes u happy. Way better than using an outfitter in my opinion
  10. Buckeyes11

    Nice New Jersey 6 pointer

    Love them big 6’s. Great pic
  11. Buckeyes11

    2018 Fall Buck Down

    Very nice. Congrats
  12. Buckeyes11

    Buck Down

    Great buck!’
  13. Buckeyes11

    10-5, Z5 buck mission = Slammer down

    That is an incredible buck Jack. Shooter anywhere. Congrats!!
  14. Buckeyes11

    Friday 10/5 PM Check-in

    Just got situated at 3:30. Good luck to everyone out
  15. Buckeyes11

    Do You Believe Her ?

    I will never believe anything that comes out of a deranged liberals mouth