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  1. Youth day 2018

    Congrats to Thunder and Logan. Awesome Tom!
  2. Who will be out there on the opener?

    I will def be out Monday! Can’t wait. Zone 20
  3. Turkeys on roost

    Overcalling can end a hunt before it starts. I give a few soft yelps If he’s real fired up. No reason to keep calling. Curiosity will get the best of him
  4. Longest shot on turkey ?

    I wanna hear em hammering as close as possible. I prefer chip shots. 25 and under
  5. TURKEY CALLS What you using/ What works 🦃

    Thanks Thunder. Sent him an email
  6. TURKEY CALLS What you using/ What works 🦃

    I mainly use my cherry slate and box made by 2 Barrel (Mike Koble) and a glass Pecker Wrecker. When I have a hung up Tom I switch to a Hunter Specialties gobbler shaker. Im in the market for a custom push pin call if anyone has any suggestions
  7. What would be your DREAM bowhunt

    Definetly be a Merriams turkey hunt!
  8. Turkey Time

    870 Super mag 3.5 Federal Flight Control #6 and my Killer Instinct XBow tipped with Spitfires
  9. Kayak for sale.

  10. Kayak for sale.

  11. Kayak for sale.

  12. Kayak for sale.

    12.6 Sun dolphin kayak for sale $200. Located in Swedesboro Gloucester County. Text to (856)896-9119
  13. what irks you?

    Real simple for me. DEMOCRATS irk me
  14. Deerage.com results back

    Them bucks are beyond impressive. Great deer anywhere!
  15. Weather

    U guys are weird. I hate cats but I love.....