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  1. Buckeyes11

    A great first deer

    Yearling? This is NJ not Iowa lol
  2. Buckeyes11

    Jhbowhunter's 2017 nj buck

    Did u get him scored? Very nice buck. Congrats
  3. It’s completely true. The keyboard police (Jack Harris) deleted my post because I said the minority’s rule the majority. Just stating facts
  4. I said that the minority rules the majority and they deleted it
  5. Be careful what u say about the liberals. The mods will delete ur post
  6. The pussification of America. The minority rules the majority.
  7. Buckeyes11

    The Palmanator 2018 Round 2.

    That’s gonna be a great feeling when you put your hands on em. Best of luck
  8. Buckeyes11

    Elk lottery in Pennsylvania...

    Yes he used a guide. I will ask him the name of the guide and his pic is on the site
  9. Buckeyes11

    Elk lottery in Pennsylvania...

    I’m in have 6 points. A guy at work drew a bull tag 3 years ago. Killed a huge 6x7 first hr of the hunt
  10. Buckeyes11

    The importance of age

    Ok Lunatic. But we DONT have a limit of one deer.
  11. Buckeyes11

    The importance of age

    Sept to Feb has nothing to do with it ? Ok
  12. Buckeyes11

    The importance of age

    I love all the “Let em grow” mentality by some people in NJ. I applaud people who try. But it’s never gonna happen. Bag limits are way too liberal and seasons too long
  13. Buckeyes11

    Phillie Phanatic!

    Don’t worry. Some dirtbag lawyer will convince her to file a lawsuit
  14. Buckeyes11


    Your right cedar def will last a long time. I’ve been making mine out of scraps from the builder in my development. He puts em aside for me. U won’t believe what they throw away
  15. Buckeyes11


    650 is steep. Can build that a lot cheaper