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  1. Down to the wire in Ohio. Last sit of trip. Just does and scrubs this morning
  2. Last day here in Ohio for me. Moved real good last night just nothing big
  3. Out in Richland County Ohio. A balmy 11 degrees w snow
  4. Snowing here in Ohio. Young ones are out cruising.
  5. Admit it. U got cut bow driving the piece with 1600 lbs of corn
  6. Killer instinct 365. Black Eagle Executioners with Spittfires. Killing machine but a pain in the ass to carry
  7. Out in Richland County Ohio. Nothing yet this afternoon
  8. Nice! Always enjoy ur posts. I posted a pic of my son w a rainbow trout and you were kind enough to send him a decal a few years ago! He always talks about it!
  9. That gentlemen looks damn good for 83! Congrats!!!!
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