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  1. JerseyGSP is spot on. Exactly how it works there
  2. I know a lot of my buddies stopped using them because of subpar Blood trails
  3. What the hell are u doing standing in front of a loaded x bow. Especially after avoiding injury last week. Future Darwin Award Winner
  4. That’s good parenting right there!! Great job!
  5. Buckeyes11

    New Puppy

    Mini Daschund. From a breeder in Illinois
  6. No EAB for me. First week in October is when I start
  7. Buckeyes11

    New Puppy

    New member of the family coming on the 28th. Meet Jax
  8. Spitfires. Spitfires. Spitfires. Is there anything else?
  9. This guy is a disgrace. However. His business should be kept out of only to protect his employees that have nothing to do with it. If his business suffers innocent people will be the ones affected
  10. Go with a lone wolf and sticks. Easy to carry in and out. Expensive. But worth every penny
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