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  1. During firearms seasons I keep my ear muffs at the ready and put them on before I shoot. If a deer comes in to a spot that I don't have the chance to put them on first...i have the option to not put them on
  2. Another vote for Bark River knives. They have a Facebook group where they are sold both new and used as well as online retailers. Ive owned at least 5 different ones
  3. Up for sale is a Ravin R26 crossbow. Brand New- Unfired Includes all parts/ accessories just as the kit comes from the factory Box only opened for pictures Asking $1700 firm no tax, or shipping to worry about Located in Morris County
  4. Well after achieving a weight loss goal and getting a deal just over 50% off I got a Sitka Incinerator suit. It is still super tight on me but hopefully I'll fit into it by next season. It's my motivation! Anyone else have this or similar suit?
  5. Well after passing many spikes and forks all season long..I implemented the..if it's brown, its down policy yesterday because it will probably be my last time out for the season. Got a nice big body 4 PT so at least I'll have some meat. And man was it exciting 50y shot with the muzzle loader dropped right in his tracks!
  6. Welcome aboard!! Where are those elk pictures???
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