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  1. Looking for a current model soft rifle case to order. Will carry my scoped slug shotgun as well as shotgun with smooth bore need min 48" length and able to fit scope. Looking for something higher end. Been doing some looking myself, but there seems to be alot of smaller brands I might not be aware of. Post up your favorites. Also I know someone is going to post the $12 Allen case from Dicks lol...looking for something higher end
  2. I recently learned that there is such a thing as high temp cheese that is good to use in sausage/ snack sticks. Anyone have a good place to buy in North Jersey area? Thanks
  3. I am new to saddle this year. Definitely get the Ropeman 1 for the Linemans Belt and Tether. On the Tether I use Ropeman 1 and a prusik knot at the same time just in case. Every tree could be different to being able to adjust tether is important. I am finding a platform as well as a ring of step to be most comfortable and makes it easy to get most any shot angle. Practice!!! I rushed in and missed an opportunity. Practice exactly how you want to set up in the tree and placement of everything...pack etc. and also you should have a few bow hooks around the tree as well just in
  4. What model AR? What kind of shooting are you going to be doing most?
  5. These pics are just as good as the buck down pics..awesome grilling!
  6. To myself haha Winchester SX4 Field, added a slug barrel and Trijicon scope. Came with a 26' smooth bore barrel so I can also use for turkey and small game also
  7. going over some peoples heads hahah
  8. Anyone in North Jersey want to sell me some Hornady 12g sst slugs at a decent price? Message me
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