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  1. I'm gonna be making a few mods to my climber and posting about them. I have a very unique stand so I think that alot of people will be interested. Details when I get time to post about it...standby
  2. Seem to be out of stock in a lot of places. Only need 2 boxes. If you have any for sale message me. Thanks!
  3. Nice!! Don't climb any icey trees lol I have just learned this. Any self leveling feature on this stand?
  4. This is a very common topic I beleive..but I have never paid any attention to stand related threads because I have been using ladder stands only since I started hunting. Does anyone run into any problems with wet or ice/snow covered trees? I am concerned about this and also climbing in the dark which I have yet to do. Any tips/ tricks appreciated
  5. Brand new with tags Sitka Stratus Bibs size Mens XL $300 I'm in Montville
  6. Going out for an afternoon sit in a few...
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