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  1. X stand tree stands, ultraview archery, latitude saddles
  2. With all the posts of awesome deer on the ground, many members have a lot to be thankful for. Its hard to keep up with all the congratulation posts there have been so many. Take a moment to reflect on how blessed we are to have been exposed to hunting and fishing and how lucky we all are to have that as a part of our lives. I am looking forward to late season bow hunting as well as the upcoming gun seasons, the best part of the year in my opinion. Happy Thanksgiving NJWW members!!
  3. Hahahah! I thought they were the stupidest thing when I first saw them. Now 8m thinking about getting rid of all my other stands.
  4. What make/ model saddle are you hunting from? I have a cruzr XC. I find it very comfortable, but I have never tried another model Anyone in North Jersey wanna trade saddles for a hunt? Message me.
  5. Congrats man!! What zone was he from?
  6. Not yet trying to get one with a bow the last 2 weeks. not going well for me lol
  7. Got one at decent price. Added a Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x40 and got 4 boxes of 3" Barnes Vor TX. All set! The stock is nice i shortened the length of pull and raised the comb for a good solid cheek weld
  8. For pre set spot for either climbers or hang ons, I like to have a lifeline. I also use my treestand wingman with lifelines as well. This looks nice for climbing a new tree that hasnt been set up yet
  9. Congrats!! Awesome pics to go along with it
  10. I'll do a cold water wash and air dry. There are instructions for a water repellant treatment that needs the dryer but I've never done it
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