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  1. Nice I have been loving my Pit Boss smoker!!
  2. Ok guys some random things about my 1st batch.. Regular cheese worked out perfectly! I followed a YouTube video. I only made some minor changes. My Venison was already ground up. And I did 180 degrees for 5.5 hours. Also I mixed by hand didn't have the meat mixer machine. My finished product was not as pretty as there's. Some fat settled on the ends and random spots inside the sausage. Also most of my casings shriveled up upon entering the ice bath. Another deviation from the recipe above was that I used fresh Jalepeno. I did not measure th
  3. Well this is the first time I am trying to make it. I made regular and cheddar jalepeno. I didn't use high temp cheese for a few reasons...so fingers crossed it turns out alright. The after photo tomorrow morning
  4. ive got 2 boxes of what is listed above. nothing other than than
  5. I want to trade a 500 round box of brand new Remington Thunderbolt .22lr for (6) six- boxes 12 Gauge or 20 gauge target rounds I am in Montville
  6. Up for sale is a Kel Tec KSG shotgun. It is in LIKE NEW condition with 25 target shells shot through it. -Tan color -Pump action -14 +1 capacity (NJ LEGAL- must flip a switch to load from the 2nd 7 round magazine tube) -Comes with original box/ paperwork etc from the factory $1000 Buyer pays transfer fee at FFL of their choice Located in Montville
  7. I had the p229 legion you won't be disappointed!
  8. Well that's upsetting...i got alot of gear for this year's goose season...ugh
  9. Gotcha! Ok more capacity. I am looking foward to smoking my own snack sticks and summer sausage this fall/ winter guess I'll make smaller batches
  10. I just got a pit boss from Lowe's. Why wood someone pick this style above over the "grill" type configuration? I'm new at this thanks
  11. Thanks! I sent him a message if its available I would take it but am also looking for a small minimal type rack
  12. Just looking for something cheap to hold a few guns. I'm in Montville. Message me if you have any kind of stand or rack. Thanks!
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