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  1. Glad your liking it man! don't aim for the same spot or youll be buying more arrows hahaha
  2. Hey Guys! I am looking to meet up with some forum members for waterfowl hunting. I dont really have any friends that hunt except for deer hunting. I have all my own equipment including a spare Ascend H12 kayak for someone to use. I already have a couple spots in mind but would like to meet up for some scouting of additional areas as well. I will be doing Early Goose which I have some pretty good spots for, and then as much of the duck seasons as I can. *I do not have a dog and you dont need a dog. I have 2- 12' Kayaks that are popular for duck hunting to help in retrieving birds (pictured below) If you live in North Jersey area and have your own equipment send me a pm! It would be nice to meet some more people from the forum and better odds of actually hitting a duck with more pellets in the air hahaha!
  4. Nice! I am getting alot of practice in with my saddle setup. I like to use wider trees to get the be benefit of hiding behind the tree. I am finding that screw in steps are working better and allow me better control of my movements. Put too much side pressure on the platform and it could kick out
  5. Looks Great!! Piebalds and Albinos are one of the absolute greatest trophies from the whitetail woods in my opinion.... Congrats!!
  6. Impressive really looks like it turned out perfect!
  7. Awesome!!! I've been up once so far this year. Always a great time there!
  8. yup the bark bite drill bit is the one i saw. out of stock online everywhere i looked. Guess the hand turning model would be best choice
  9. Thinking about using some Ameristep tree steps to get up to a hang on. I see that there used to be a drill bit attachment available cant seem to find one to purchase. any tips or reccomendations? look like a real pain to get 20-30 feet up by hand
  10. Yea man your gonna love it! I have been enjoying mine..i got the middle sized one
  11. Brand new in package. I have a bunch 3 pk 100gr broadheads with practice tip included $2o each located in Montville
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