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  1. buckhound

    Young Kid Ignored SAD

    i think anything like that needs to be investigated further atleast push the kid to see if he is just telling a story to go with his playing..
  2. buckhound

    The shirts mojo comes through again...

    thats awesome congrats...
  3. buckhound

    Taylor Pork Roll

    in a womens mind is a man ever right??
  4. buckhound

    Taylor Pork Roll

    now if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to here it does it make a noise.
  5. buckhound

    Taylor Pork Roll

    here in the southern most part of the state its pork roll..
  6. buckhound

    Rusty inspired straps

    looks good
  7. buckhound

    Public School Consolidation!!!!!

    be carful what you wish for the grass isnt necesarily greener on the other side..
  8. that is a sad situation i live not far from that place and people are crabbing every day its not far off the delaware bay few hunred yards depending on where you are crabbing..i dont doubt the meds could have contributed i had meds weaken my muscles to the point i couldnt walk...
  9. buckhound

    No Veggies Today

    you made me hungry so i just put a rack of baby backs on and grilling some corn ...
  10. buckhound

    No Veggies Today

    looks good
  11. buckhound

    Guess The NFL Eagles got The Message

    i just had a debate with my father inlaw over the nfl flag /anthem kneeling because he feels that its not our business and if owners let it we need to mind our business I myself never served but i was taught to respect flag. he doesnt understand that it has nothing to do with the president its respect of the nation and all those who served and and most importantly those who died serving so we can have our opinions there is a time and a place for all that....
  12. buckhound

    A new LOW for Gov. Cuomo

    I dont think it will hurt him much people like us are never going to vote democrat and the other side will never vote republican and i dont think the independents will effect it much as they have taken a side already. i think the biggest threat are the illegals and dead peopl voting. i know some are going to say thats not true but time will tell .....
  13. buckhound

    Guess this location?

    I remember as a kid playing on it back then the water line up to it and they used a board to walk on to it.....
  14. buckhound

    Guess The NFL Eagles got The Message

    the problem with all the so called news networks cnn ,fox ,abc etc... is people listen and take what they say as all fact and honestly if a news show does say something it should be A FACT and as stated before the opinion shows are just that opinion or something that has been obtained through a source not yet confirmed .I take very little from any of them fox included as fact until i do my own search anyone with a little sense can look on the web and come to his / her own conclusion start reading news from other countries read some comments from around the world you may be surprised of the information you find...