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  1. so if i catch the clown that is syphoning gas from my truck I can't throw a lit candle at them...
  2. that's awesome lotta fun in the sun being an adult sucks sometimes...
  3. he is one of the few celeberities i have respect for...
  4. you must not be looking in the right place it's right after right to bear arms is limited to muskets single barrel shotguns and bows and before right to free speach as long as you don't offend snowflakes or disturb his/her safe space...
  5. too many skeletons on both sides of the isle so both sides are going to protect each other .. and those that don't have anything to hide are either socialist or called conspiracy theorists those that have the most to lose are sticking together calling trump a racist ,traitor ETC .. they truly believe if you blame others for what you did and repeat it enough people will believe it's true and many have bought it.. Trump is not perfect and probably wasn't the best choice but washington was like this long before he thought about running.. with all that against him i dont think Hillary or any of those that supported her will face justice ...
  6. The floor looks great what color / brand is it ? the extra cost to run wall to wall i think is worth it to get the clean look. I see some builders say they install over floating floors some say they build up under cabinets.i guess the big issue is the warranty that almost never gets used anyway.
  7. Has anyone tried building the floor up to height of what the floor would be so it’s easier to get the dishwasher in and out and keep cabinets the appropriate height? Tile would definitely make things easier no water worries and lay it before the cabinets go in...
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