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  1. buckhound

    FYI moon phase study.

    i agree i have always seen less deer during full moon from the same tree that had plentyt of deer moving a few days before , when i was in my teens and twentys i spent many a night spoting deer and during A full moon deer did not use fields as much as dark nights especially mature bucks.the results may show movement but does it show if the routes changed ? or if they are moving at diferent times than normal ? They may move but maybe in thickets if that is the case would that not be an effect of the moon? very interesting
  2. They have a name for it Trump Derangement Syndrome it is real and they may be able to help you.. https://headlinehealth.com/psychiatrists-getting-rich-off-trump-derangment-syndrome/ https://dailycaller.com/2018/07/29/trump-derangement-syndrome-therapy/ Therapists around Washington, D.C., are noticing a sharp increase in patients describing symptoms of what has been called Trump Derangement Syndrome. “There is a fear of the world ending,” said DC Counseling and Psychotherapy Center founder, Elisabeth LaMotte, referring to some of President Donald Trump’s decisions. “It’s very disorienting and constantly unsettling.” LaMotte described an uptick in her patients describing what the right refers to as Trump Derangement Syndrome, CBC reported Saturday. “Is he gonna blow us all up?” one of her patients asked. Urban Dictionary defines Trump Derangement Syndrome as “a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason.” Clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning calls it “Trump Anxiety Disorder” because “symptoms were specific to the election of Trump and the resultant unpredictable sociopolitical climate.” Trump himself tweeted about the disorder July 18, saying those on the left “would rather go to war” with Russia than see a peace talk. LaMotte added that she’s treated some Trump supporters as well, mostly because friends and families have alienated them for publicly supporting the president. Washington therapist Steven Stosny recounted treating a member of the Trump administration and the toll it took on his family-life. (RELATED: RAND PAUL: ‘TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME’ HAS INFILTRATED THE SENATE) “His daughter was starting to hate him,” Stosny said. “It was very hard on his spouse, too. The wife couldn’t take it anymore. It’s tough when one spouse is at war with the children.” While Stosny’s patient left the administration, the couple divorced.
  3. they must be california deer
  4. buckhound

    Stormy pays big time!

    I think Avenatti still needs to get his fair share then justice will be served. after listening to Avenatti it seems like this may have been more his idea than hers.....thats JMO
  5. buckhound

    How can this be? OUTRAGE

    thats where i see the problem we have a lot of liberal judges.. one of the liberal women were crying that paying his legal fees is a slap in the face..
  6. buckhound

    How can this be? OUTRAGE

    no matter what happens this whole thing is politically motivated so the demorats and avenatti will use this for what ever political gains they can get from it..
  7. buckhound

    How can this be? OUTRAGE

    can't say i am surprised her scumbag lawyer is going to appeal of course if it goes to SCOTUS Kavanaugh will bebrought up.. he defamed her but she broke the contract originally makes sense ... after the video about the stormy case another video showed a white women questioned A black coming in the building when she opened she opened the door to take dog out if had the FOB to enter she was fired for racism i had to find the story on fox maybe it's me but i don't think she did any thing wrong why is it we are suppose to listen to women when they say they are assaulted with no evidence but someone asks ligitimate questions and she is labeled racist... https://www.foxnews.com/us/white-st-louis-woman-who-blocked-black-neighbor-from-entering-apartment-building-is-fired White St. Louis woman who blocked black neighbor from entering apartment building is fired
  8. buckhound

    Prayers needed

    prayers sent chef ......
  9. buckhound

    Another snake with an attitude lol

    Next time he will stay off my walkway
  10. buckhound

    Another snake with an attitude lol

    Guess he didn't appreciate me stepping on him
  11. buckhound

    NY buck down 10/13

    nice buck congrats
  12. buckhound

    Getting old ain’t for sissy’s

    that sucks hope it's nothing serious been down that road one swing of a hammer and a tear in both rotator and labrum ,a good time was not had by me. do yourself a favor and go to the doctor...
  13. buckhound

    BBD! 1PM Recurve!

  14. buckhound

    pic of what looks to be a decent 8

    I don't leave cameras out on weekends monday I will put a couple in that area last year another hunter had 6 good bucks a nice 11 and several 8pts and a 9 or 10 to my knowledge none where taken unless the doggers got them...