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  1. they are pics from three different spots 2 spots are half mile apart.
  2. seems I had some sort of a virus find its way into my Mac.
  3. Or maybe buy some of that Spanish Pennzoil I see advertised...
  4. Been having issues with my Mac maybe it’s me. I hate using the phone for internet.
  5. O shit don’t tell me OSOKILL is running NJW&W now am I banned
  6. Through my Mac I can’t reply post anything can’t access my info but I can on my iPhone. Anyone having issues like this ? And this error code popped up.
  7. Pictures are not great had to take a pic of screen with my phone because something is wrong with my computer and I can’t start a new topic just a poll I can’t access my info either anyone else having issues
  8. this is why using a variety of bait is good no need to pack anything grab a pocket full of corn an apple a sugar beet a few carrots and a sweet potato before settling in for the day and if I remember a spoon so I can get some peanut butter out of the container I have screwed to the tree.. this is a personal choice but you can use flashlight so you don't get anything that has been chewed already and avoid the areas with little black nuggets and yellow water the flavor can be a little strong and crapy..
  9. Rocky of course the cat has nine lives he should be fine.
  10. I think life insurance might be a better option...
  11. I see Dr O'neil glad it become every 6 months instead of every month and Dr HO I seen also good doctors down to earth and easy to talk to.I was having so many issues with my meds doctor O'Neil gave me his cell number so I could call or text him directly and yes I did use it often and he was always available day or night.
  12. makes you wonder how long before one of our crazy demorat presidential hopefuls back this as part of the plan for the future..
  13. This is one reason why I avoid this kind of situation. Another reason is A guy I know leased property in Maryland mostly field and about 15 -20 yards of woods every night the hunters on the other side shot 50 yards or so in in the end he never killed anything . Had many nice bucks on camera entering field once season started the bucks slowly disappeared and doe numbers dropped ..
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