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  1. I agree but I have two other places and they are there also the one place only one stand I see the other is same as the one I am having issues now...
  2. its only a few idiots that feel they are entitled to it all. most guys spread out have several seats but in different areas usually guys only put up stands every 150-200 yards on private property...guess always has to be a bad apple or two in every barrel ......
  3. yes they do bait with corn on cob. sugar beets probably
  4. actually I have a nice a 8 on camera from fall so I know one nice one is around but once season got going he disappeared and only showed up at night once in a while . when I run into one of them earlier in another area he got irritated when I asked him to park so I wasn't shooting his window out and gave me a history lesson of how long he hunted that area LOL best part is I hunted the property almost 40 years ago when it was private. as far as multiple stands I have no issue with that my gripe is they are positioned so we would be holding hands.if a guy has a stand in an area I move on but it is becoming harder to move on , then they put a stand forty yards from me in the fall and deleted my cards that pisses me off...
  5. I actually had a run in with one of them during six day in another area I walked away because it was getting out of hand so I don't think diplomacy is gonna work...
  6. I just got a climber this year I am planning to use next season .
  7. many of us hunted the area for years I have no issue with that and will not go near the area they hunt but this is ridiculous they essentially laid claim to a whole cedar swamp that runs close to a mile not just one but both sides and they are doing this in at least 2 areas if not more ..earlier in the season I had a stand on the point of a swamp and then one day a stand showed up with bait and a camera but never hunted it on a few occasions my card was deleted I always make sure it snaps a pic of me before I leave...
  8. so what would you do last year I started hunting where I grew up again after one of the farmers shot a few hundred deer took years to start seeing a few deer again, i have walked for hours looking at my old places and a couple guys have probably 12 seats set up, I have moved on but watched closely and most have not been used all year some have bait and a camera but no one is hunting them seems they are keeping them so that they can lay claim to it , someone with a seat they hunt now and then is fine I have no problem but It seems they are just trying to cover the whole area so no-one can hunt it. I hate hunting around others and usually move on but I have hunted here off And on for over thirty five years and getting tired of being pushed out. from what I can tell from talking to others these two -three guys have about 40 seats out probably more. they tend to throw corn in the summerr up to the fall in all the seats they have with cameras and if they see nothing they want to shoot they just don't hunt the seat but they leave the seat so they have claim to the area.its not just one area but two that I know of they are doing this in and probably others. so would you just say screw it or go in and hunt in-between seats?
  9. idk how healthy he is but I have no doubt he has a severe case of OCD
  10. I had diner last night at 5pm and just come home (1:45)and had 3 piece of mazzaerella cheese rolled up in prosciutto. wasn't actually hungry but since I plan on hunting I ate something just in case..
  11. its a little unnerving when they are all around you a couple hundred yards or so away sounded like 6-8 different yotes..
  12. decided to go checkout one of my spots make sure my stand hasn’t walked off and fire siren went off about a mile or so away in center of town coyotes started howling all around me ..
  13. buckhound

    Flu Shot Failure

    so since you with this , what say you ?
  14. buckhound

    Flu Shot Failure

    I always find that you will always get the best advice off of someone that is making money off of a product next from those brainwashed by the industry pushing such products that are tested on a limited amount of people for a short amount of time. its entertaining watching all those infomercials on medicines and all that they do then at the end all the possible side effects that can kill you.. if your comfortable with it thats great but I bet in the next ten years you will be seeing how doctors have been wrong on many things not because they are bad doctors but because of the training they receive is is flawed and in many cases aimed at making pharmaceutical companies money..
  15. Thats only true for those that eat a high carb diet when you use up all the energy from carbs your body asks for more and you need to eat ( more carbs ) to replenish that energy , when eating a low to no carb diet like keto Your body burns the fat stored in the body so you don’t need to eat for energy.
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