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  1. Deer have different tastes its simple. And corn is not always the top choice . So it wouldnt surprise me to here deer eat these grains in some areas and not others.
  2. is it coincidence the gas prices dropped after Trump took office and rose after biden took office. liberal logic baffles the mind I guess when you can't dazzle with brilliance you need to baffle with BS
  3. Lets just start him as VP under the last great president Donald J Trump and see in four years after all he does have some of Trumps qualities just needs a little seasoning.
  4. America gives everyone an opportunity with a little hard work and maybe some struggles the chance to make a darn good living or to make millions. Sky truly can be the limit.
  5. I guess he isnt known for big bucks...
  6. so that brings us to another question who would we rather have teaching our future leaders HH or JFC??
  7. and to think JFC is teaching our future leaders and we all wonder what is ruining America.
  8. s allowing politicians and the intelligence people too much power to do what they want and no one watches while we live our lives hell Washington vote themselves when they want a pay raise how many of us can do that ?? how many you would just put someone in charge of your business and not watch over It ..
  9. whats sad is liberals dont have a problem with any of it as long as it benefits them , Imagine the hell they would raise if the other side used there tactics ... we now have the best president Chinese money and big tech influence can buy...
  10. we have come along way as archer said we now allow non citizens in the country to vote in some liberal controlled states / cities and with all he new technology provided by the liberal tech companies and democrats in politics dead people now vote from the grave. its awesome who would have thunk we would have come this far...
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