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  1. buckhound

    i think i am losing my mind

    been working arouns the house on the wife honey do list i just sat down to have something to eat looking at email i see something saying team trump that just popped up curious i opened it and started reaeding i got one sentence that said proof about obama and fbi against trump and poof it was gone back to list of emails but now in place of team trump email it is team ww a cooking thing ... ok so how can this or could this happen any ideas
  2. buckhound

    The Nerve of These Scumbags

    well at this point the way dems have been bringing them in no one truly knows for sure how many are in the United States if you do some research Obummer was putting them on busses and sending them across the country if not now i bet soon they will have enough men to put up a fight if we try to remove them..all this time most americans have been in there own little world and those who know feel its not effecting them so who cares. yup we all better brush up on our Spanish in the future we may be American Mexicans
  3. buckhound

    The Nerve of These Scumbags

    i feel this is a direct result of 8 years of obummer, think these people would be demanding anything 15 years ago ???
  4. looks good whayt time should we all arrive .....
  5. buckhound

    Give the gift of life this Christmas....

    my doctor must be medievel he takes 12 - 20 tubes every three or four months
  6. buckhound

    Skinning knife?

    I once gutted and skinned a deer with a machete I think that would probably work just fine....
  7. buckhound

    Say Cheese

    nice picture rusty looks like he had a rough fall
  8. buckhound

    Something to make you go Hmmmmm

    time for a tea party .....
  9. buckhound

    Buck down

  10. buckhound

    Saskatchewan 2018

    thats a real nice one!!! congratulations
  11. buckhound

    Todays Chuckle !

  12. buckhound

    Live from NC 12-7-18

    looks like a good fun family hunt
  13. buckhound

    Last day 6 day success, again!

    great buck congrats