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  1. Yikes! Glad she's OK. There are some massive icicles hanging.
  2. I made it up in my front wheel drive shitbox Corolla last weekend to pick up my slim Jim's. I've had Frank turn entire deer into them.
  3. Outdoor get together at my house. Just need to go 2030 miles west.
  4. = just a band-aid.........
  5. Stop! You make too much sense. 1. It's BS 2. It's BS 3. It's BS and NO
  6. All you guys are arguing two different points. Apples to Oranges. BHC - who give a shit about the 90-day grace period between having the virus and getting vaccine? All it means it that a person has to wait longer. More importantly is the fact that Lunatic and others are trying to get across: Approximately 90 days AFTER you receive the vaccine, the CDC has no confidence that it has any beneficial effect. WTF is that????? I know one thing - it blows my mind the extent folks have scrambled to get this vaccine. Sleep tight...................
  7. LittleM

    Snows here 🚪

    About 3" in Rockaway here at work and it looks like it just slowed way down.
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