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  1. Two are easy, third might be up for discussion................... I can't play anymore till later, so I'll PM you my thoughts
  2. Cool buck. Your taxi bills gonna be thru the roof!
  3. I still shoot my old American Knight with the scope with quick-release mounts. Still use those old small #11 caps. Killed a lot of deer with that gun and I expect I'll kill a few more with it. Monday 12/2 will be my first day out this season. It is my favorite season/weapon, as well.
  4. I've a few of those, as well. People in my office tend not to bother me.
  5. New waves of Mallards and black ducks will arrive with the cold fronts.
  6. Use my jet sled same way - it's not too bad.
  7. That photo is a framer!
  8. Muck "Artic" series are awesome boots.
  9. Used to love musky fishing. Nice fish and great pics!
  10. Me and the Missus spend a considerable amount of time riding around looking in knot holes. Every once in a while, one is occupied.
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