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  1. Thinking of doing the same thing. Few assholes here ruining the site. Same as what happened at the old site. I'm out. Maybe see ya after Corona.
  2. LittleM

    People Are Disgusting

    Rarely see this type of littering elsewhere I've been in the Country. People are pigs here.
  3. Of course. Hind-sight is always 20/20. ANY President should be given time to deal with issues like these. Given that China was so FORTHCOMING with info, until they knew they could no longer hide it, what did you expect?
  4. Be a good one for Trump to tell Cuomo
  5. Couple quick points. ALL government is reactive instead of proactive dealing with ALL issues. It's too big and ineffective to be anything otherwise, regardless of whichever party is in charge. Second, its rough for those sanctuary States and Cities. WHY are/were NY and NJ not prepared? Could it be they had other priorities all this time. Maybe a big boy needs to hold the allowance until necessities are prioritized. And yes. I know I'm an asshole.
  6. Oh boy. Now your gonna get a five paragraph answer that has nothing to do with your question.
  7. Big parks across the Country are getting closed. Yellowstone and Grand Teton are closed.
  8. Yea, hard not to, I guess. I already have my yard work done thru 2022. Can't wait until it's okay to travel again. Seems like it might be a long time coming.
  9. Ha! Italian Wall Lizard. Mt.Holly, NJ of all places. Small escaped but thriving population around that area. No idea when we can get back to MT but next time might be permanent.
  10. Awesome photos! I'm still working but I definitely need to get down that way soon. One of my kids on a job site further down and saw quite a few piping plovers.
  11. About to find out who is really essential, say in a few months......
  12. Supposed to mail invoice if you pass thru with no EZ Pass.
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