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  1. They do not look that big (at least in the photo) and also look very wet/moist. I'm going with some sort of amphibian. Green or Bullfrog if you've got a water source nearby, otherwise, maybe American toad.
  2. Very nice. Love the preening heron.
  3. You'd get your assed kicked at my house. Prolly by my daughter.
  4. It was the smooth scales that sealed the deal on the ID. That and the glossy as opposed to the matt finish.
  5. Black Racer. My daughter and I debated as to Racer or Rat from the kitchen window. We went out for the pics and that fucker charged us like a Mamba.
  6. Lots of folks just want them moved. That's why I try and drop what I am doing to get moved ASAP.
  7. Calls to move venomous snakes been coming in daily. Hope it slows down soon.
  8. Very nice, Lunatic. I need to find some time to get out and take some pics.
  9. Any of the IPA's. I like that Raging Bitch. I been drinking Sam Adams Cherry Wheat this summer quite a bit. I am sitting here now drinking Leinenhugel's Summer Shandy. I go to Shop Rite liquors and stare at the refrigerator case like a kid in a candy store. Some of the IPA's I drink for the taste, some I pick to help me sleep at night ……………...
  10. I've seen them, but no pics. One of our Allamuchy buddies has one, tho. Maybe he'll post . My butcher/taxi has lots from up towards Sandytston.
  11. Looks like your gonna have some fun!
  12. Got tired of looking for snakes. Takin' a year or so off, unless I find time to get to the Pines to look for a few I've never seen before.
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