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  1. We did see the Common Eider's out there, but way too far for photos.
  2. Same except for the Oystercatchers. We then went to Forsythe and drove the loop. Except for some canvasbacks, it was pretty quiet there.
  3. Still using the Tamron lens that I bought with it. There were several Harlequins out past the lighthouse. We waited an hour or so and this pair swam back along the jetty, maybe 15 feet from the rocks. We'd let them swim by, back off, move down and re-position for more pics. I'm saving up for a new lens. Don't want to have to sell a kidney for it tho…………….
  4. I can meet at a FFL in Andover to Blairstown area or in that general area out towards Hackettstown, as well for the transfer. I am not much good a pricing them out. I would like to discuss fair offers via PM, if that's OK. I generally am on computer very early mornings, so if I don't respond ASAP, I surely will my next morning, at the latest. 50 Cal. TC - some surficial rust at end of barrel (see pic). Some tarnishing on brass (see pics).
  5. We might have just missed each other...……….
  6. That whole riparian zone has been flooded 4+ feet deep forever. I just put camera back up there two weeks ago. Will check in a few more weeks.
  7. LittleM

    Bird ID

    Highly unlikely that there would be hundreds of ravens together, in NJ, at any given time of the year.
  8. Looks like a wood turtle shell.
  9. Picked up that big shed buck and it was gone in a week. Looking for another carcass.
  10. I'll try and do as many push-ups as I can when I get home later and report back. I'm in pretty good shape for my age, but all I do is eat healthy and run. I might be depressed later...............
  11. Nice Buck! I shot one buck and three does. I don't hunt much anymore. Losing interest / Gaining (Re-gaining) interest in photography). Every year I threaten that this will be my last year. Maybe this is the year..........
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