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  1. All day birding trip spur of the moment with my wife and kids. Barnegat Light to Forsythe to the Shawangunk National Grasslands. Camera was almost an afterthought when we left. Glad I lugged mine around all day.
  2. Great pic!. Ride along the Old Mine Road and you will see BE's sitting along the Delaware. Especially effective when the area reservoir's are froze over.
  3. Can you pre-ban me for a week or two?
  4. LittleM

    Flu Shot Failure

    Just like the weather man. Mostly wrong.
  5. Location / Owls thanks to a good friend of mine who is a member here...………. The opportunity to access the property is greatly appreciated. Another shitty pic of a duck on the water. I'm gonna give up...…….
  6. That's what they call me!
  7. I'd split the tail to the end, pin it open, and apply salt / borax - re-apply when it gets soaked thru and only stop when it stays dry. But one of the Taxi's on here will know best.
  8. My Mom used to "beat" me and my sister with a wooden spoon. I had to keep from laughing so she thought it hurt cause if it fell to my Dad to mete out the punishment, it DID hurt. Me and my friends would routinely "borrow" the farm trucks and joy ride them from Allamuchy to the general store and to J-burg when we were like 12 years old. When the State Trooper's caught us, they'd just make us take them back to the farm. I miss those days.
  9. I love my jet sled so much that I bought a jet sled to pull my jet sled around in.
  10. Myself, I love deer drives. All that sitting around waiting for something to happen is BORING. Good shootin!
  11. My Son and I drove a load of stuff out in a box truck. I'll never do that again in the winter. Northern Iowa and South Dakota was a real adventure in a box truck. But we made it and had some time to hike and take a few photos. Steller's Jay (again). Common, but had eluded me for many years. My new favorite bird. Northern Shrike Townsend's Solitaire in the snow. Female Pine Grosbeak shakin' off the cold. Mountain Chickadee Shitty pic of a red crossbill. Snowed every day way up in the mountains but was unseasonably warm in the valley. Forecast is for -25 nighttime temps for the next week or so. Chilly. Wyoming Bighorns Montana Mulies.
  12. LittleM

    need prayers

    I will add you and your family to my prayers tonight.
  13. That's awesome. One thing I never had the opportunity to do.
  14. I don't see any pine beetle damage.
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