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  1. LittleM

    Admit it...Who is addicted to it?

    I used to be on several times a day. I am cutting back on all internet stuff to a few times a week.
  2. LittleM

    Update on Bear Rug Project

    Got the shell in and painted. Need to clean up the eyes. Stretching it out. Stretched and trimmed. Stained and making a template for the felt. We have to ruffle the first layer of felt, cut the base felt layer, and sew it all together. Might be on hold until Thanksgiving break, now.
  3. Italian Wall Lizard. Apparently, there is a thriving population in the Mt. Laurel area. They were all over the site I was delineating. They were sunning in the morning and when I first saw them, I was like WTF is that. Too fast to catch.
  4. LittleM

    Get out and vote today

    Wife and I will vote later. Son will vote after work. Daughter coming home from college to vote later today, as well. All R's.............
  5. LittleM

    10/18 Check In

    Hurt my back (reoccurring/on-going) Tuesday. IF I can get my x-bow cocked, I'll hobble to a tree, hopefully be in by 3:15PM. My Son will come home and help me with a deer, if I need it.
  6. LittleM

    Bears are moving

    I'm sitting in the office watching it drizzle. I might just work all day, if it does not dry up. I know - I cannot get one from the office. I'm also older now that I won't hunt under shitty conditions..................
  7. LittleM

    Dead Deer

    Stunk way to bad for that and I had no means to cut them off, regardless of the stench. Was thinking the same thing............
  8. LittleM

    Dead Deer

    Pretty good one. Not mine. Looks like a hit low on the front shoulder, above the front leg, as shown in the photo. Off Millbrook Road. Adjacent to a brook and a trail. Was looking for a specific orchid and then followed the stink ...............
  9. LittleM

    Bear Opener

    NB6624 - please have someone sit on my roof over the course of the next week.
  10. LittleM

    Fossil hunting in Nj

    Awesome, we did the same with our kids, when they were little. We found sharks teeth, skate teeth, some sort of fossilized squid thing, and a bunch of other stuff. Good times.
  11. LittleM

    Bear Opener

    Going to hunt tomorrow afternoon, sit in the stand where I saw three on Friday afternoon. I have bait out and will monitor the cameras through the week, but at my acorn spot, I also have a chance at a few decent bucks. We'l l see. Then I'll hunt mornings and afternoons for the rest of the week, unless it rains. Good luck, all. Be safe.
  12. LittleM

    10-5, Z5 buck mission = Slammer down

    Congrats on your awesome deer. Very sorry to hear about your Dad.