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    They're Singing

    I feel we have a long way to go before we get through this summer. I hope I am wrong.
  2. LittleM


    Prefer 55 or even 60...............
  3. LittleM


    Route 80 West MM20 to 19+/- aka Allamuchy Mountain - 4 lanes. 18-wheelers in the first three and a mask-wearing Prius driver from NY in the 4th all racing to go the slowest.............. common occurrence. Quicker to walk.
  4. Also by eliminating "racist" terms from National Parks, Forests, etc - you know, the real important shit........
  5. I think it's a micro-habitat issue. Down in Allamuchy - Green area, corn stands in the fields into and through winter so there is sufficient food. that late, deep snow did have them eating landscaping species, but that was for a relatively short time. So acorns are not that important right where I hunt and I am seeing a good amount of fawns.
  6. Sorta like "infrastructure"?
  7. I needed two 4"x6"x8' treated ties and a month or so ago they were $30.00+ a piece. Purchased them this weekend for $16 and change- still too expensive but I got tired of waiting.
  8. Yea, but I can cast that far!
  9. 41.241118 - 069.892265 How close? Did I win any money??
  10. LittleM


    But at least in some sections of MT, the speed limit is 80!! And I think actually 85...............
  11. LittleM


    Classic Route 80 eastbound past the Rockaway Mall every morning......
  12. LittleM


    Have one and highway drive between 75 and 80. But even that seems slow most times....................
  13. Red oaks are loaded in my yard and already dropping all those sharp little acorns. Shagbark hickory also loaded.
  14. I keep my dual lives separate and only comment on NJ issues when I'm in NJ
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