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  1. LittleM

    You May Remember Me...

    Oh Man, blast from the past is right. Glad to see an original. If I post a picture of a skull I found can you help me ID it? JK Welcome.
  2. LittleM

    Jersey spring bears 2018

    I can post some tonight, but like BHC says, I have tons of pics of lots of different bears.
  3. LittleM

    Any Home Security Guys on Here?

    Thanks for the reply's. No power to shed or gazebo, but I could do that easily enough. I like TCooks advise. I don't mind trenching..........
  4. LittleM

    Any Home Security Guys on Here?

    30-40 feet+/-. Thinking they might be to far for wireless and/or clarity of pics.
  5. I'm thinking I'd like 4 to 5 security cameras mounted to trees / my shed / my gazebo watching all facades of my house. Given that they might be somewhat distant from the house, can they still be wireless (if there is such a thing) or do they need to be hard-wired? I am not averse to trenching through my lawn if required and I can afford a system. Thank you.
  6. Please don't equate that asshole with snakes (or any other reptile), please.
  7. LittleM

    Tree Bush identification

    Growing in a wet area? Leaves have a nice sweet smell when crushed? My guess is northern spicebush.
  8. Guaranteed that Jackass had no idea what a bog turtle was until someone from that school told him. Some partisanship - voting on something stupid like this. Idiots.
  9. LittleM


    Sweet. Room for your cat and its litter box!
  10. LittleM

    2018 Vegetable Gardens

    I should have cucumbers ready to pick by the end of the week - the ones I have growing in the greenhouse. Been picking lettuce, spinach, and kale for a while now. We too are also waiting on tomatoes - gonna be a while for us.
  11. LittleM

    What reminds YOU?

    Putting up hay at the farm on a hot summer day.
  12. Art Festival in Trenton? Isn't that an oxymoron?
  13. Glad I went - high weeds and brush blowing in the wind caused me to get 1000+ pics of nothing............ Except these Might as well get right to the best one. Tho I know folks would like them all dead, that's not realistic or ecologically ideal. Plus, I'd not get these pics. Only the second pic of a deer ever to cross the log. WTF!
  14. LittleM

    Have you thanked a trapper lately ?

    Is that your pic? That's awesome, beats mine.