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  1. Eastern yellow-bellied racer. From what I could find, its the western version of the eastern black racer. We were looking for prairie rattlesnakes, but no luck. Lots of deer shit in the "yard", prolly mule deer.
  2. A lot of work went into finding this place. Minimum 2 acre lot size. It's a new ranch outside of Red Lodge, MT. Close enough to good medical services, far enough to avoid HOA's and other restrictive covenants and far enough from the Yellowstone tourist traffic but close enough to go whenever we want. 30 to 45 minutes to "regular" stores. Bigger than what we have now, with an extra acre. Taxes as well as water less than what I pay in a quarter now. We are going to plant trees (native ones) ASAP, as many and as big as we can initially afford and then go from there. We are not sure how soon we will go permanently, but for now, its the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course part of the deal was finding our favorites:
  3. Montana, southwest corner and then through Yellowstone.
  4. Pheasants everywhere, including breeding pairs. 30+ Harlequins at their spot on the Yellowstone River. American Dipper Ravens replace crows out that way. Red Lodge Red Fox On the front lawn of the Hospital/Medical Center Bears of species were out in force...………..
  5. More bears coming in a subsequent post. Of all the pictures I took, this is the only real scenery shot...……..... From my NEW FRONT PORCH!
  6. My wife does the same - with blueberry's and grapes.
  7. Above from the yard and as I sit and make this post, two Indigo Buntings just showed to the feeders. From the hike we took yesterday. Lots of cursing involved with trying to photograph warblers...……...
  8. Yea, I made it. All my feeders hang from that cable that I stretched across my entire front yard - keeps the bears off them.
  9. We've had a male ruby-throated hummingbird last few days, as well. Similar looking to the one you shot - black chin (black, not a product of lighting) with ruby edges.
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