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  1. I think I am all bear'd out............ I'd rather see the population explode and the bears extend their range further into suburban and urban areas so those jackasses that are against the hunt can experience what us rural folk have had to deal with. Let the bears wreak havoc.....................
  2. Have one. Only me and my wife use it. Anyone else is too gross................
  3. Hopefully KBFishing sees this and chimes in. He is the Garlic King....
  4. It's a lot of rural places, really. My house in MT is waaaayyyyyyyy up.
  5. Red Lodge. About an hour west/southwest of Billings. If you want, I can PM you my cell so we can talk. Me and the Missus looked all over WY and MY before we settled on RL. Look on realtor.com in Roberts - about 20 minutes east of us and real good deals. But everything out that way got very expensive pursuant to Covid - we bought as just the right time.............
  6. About 450 miles from where I am to Pocatello.
  7. Was going to be a vacation home for a few years. But with the current state of things, we (mostly me) have been back and forth quite a bit this year (mostly driving - 30 hours - Yikes!). Depending on the outcome of the election, we will continue to do that for next for years OR put N J house on market day after election and move permanently. I think I can work remote from MT and my wife is a nurse so she'll have no problem with work.
  8. Great shots! Ospreys be gone soon.
  9. 6.5 inches and counting
  10. Not from the log. Close to 100 degrees yesterday. Snowing like crazy now.
  11. Just pulled an old camera I had up since early spring. Same old..............
  12. Eastern Garter Snake. Potentally a southern ring-necked snake, as it has the "broken collar"
  13. Only the second and likely the last time out looking for the entire year.
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