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  1. Good one at the White House, now. So I heard......
  2. Seems like, from a casual observer's standpoint, your the only guy to bring this up time and time again. Should it not be you that adds folks to the ignore list? And not feel the need to broadcast it? Makes you seem like a bit of a whiner............
  3. I was under the impression that left-leaning liberals were much more educated and logical than other folks and that all this was beneath guys like you - couldn't you take the high road and just ignore all this, you know, sorta like the Obama's.........
  4. 2nd shot tomorrow. I'll keep you posted, but honestly, had I gotten or if I get sick, I wouldn't get tested anyway. And now that I'm vaccinated, if I do not need a test prior to my scheduled flights, my testing days are over............
  5. Same here, (without speaking to my doctor), but, as I stood in a cloud of Round-up and diesel fuel killing weeds on my property, I had a sudden enlightenment that I probably had better things to worry about than the vaccine .............
  6. ONLY reason I'm in the process of getting it (2nd shot, Monday) so I am not hassled at the airport.
  7. Cats are the ultimate predator, instinctive killers. I love cats and have 3. All indoor, living the country club life. It's amazing to see the change in attitude/demeanor when I bring them outside. Fat lazy Jack turns into a hyper killer.
  8. Everyone I know who either got Moderna or Pfizer second shot said they felt a "little off" the day after but not worse than that. All age groups.
  9. I'm up 8 pounds. I'm not a big person. The amount of scotch I can drink and still function somewhat is very impressive, but I know I need start to cut back.
  10. Rockaway mall. Appointments within a days notice if not same day. Pfizer, I think.
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