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  1. Crazy story! Great buck!
  2. Last season for a while. Hope you have a shot at one, if you want it.
  3. Why does deadonshot rave on and on about Trump and politics? What I wrote was pretty clear and it had nothing to do with politics. Its gonna suck when the scam is over - all the morons be back out from under their beds getting in the way.
  4. Same here - go wherever whenever I want. It was great when it was first reported that we were all gonna die - all the dipshits stayed home and were not in the way. Not so much now as a lot of folks are figuring out they got scammed out of a good chunk of their lives.
  5. Back in March and April, you know, when everyone was gonna die, there was literally no traffic on the highways. Judging by the amount of traffic now, as well as the amount of out-of-State plates, a significant amount of the population is over it and going on about their business. I feel sorry for all those who got screwed by the shut-down(s) and who put their lives on hold for basically what amounts to a year now. I wonder if Cuomo and Murphy and others like them know that less and less folks give a shit - except for those who feel special by wearing their masks in their cars,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. Awesome story and buck!
  7. I made a greenhouse out of two 2×12x10's, two 16' cattle panels, some 2x4's, and plastic. Bend the panels in an arc and staple them to the 2x12's (insides). Now you have an 8'-long hoop about 6-7' tall. Frame the ends a bit (I framed put a window one one end and a door on the other. Cover with plastic. Great little greenhouse for less than $150.00. I slid mine around to wherever I wanted to put it.
  8. Should take no more than a few hours. Maybe he's an experienced shooter. Than it should take less time than that.
  9. There's gonna be a weather window: Tuesday......
  10. LittleM

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Shoot first and ask questions later?
  12. Test is accurate for about 30 seconds after you left the pharmacy and then came into contact with any number of asymptomatic / symptomatic carriers, unless you 100% had no and will have no human contact and/or live in a bubble. It's a feel good thing..............
  13. Yea, it's a female blue-winged teal
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