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  1. Invasive Plant Species

    I found the celandine in my lawn in Green Township of all place and spent last evening spraying. Brad pears are a major issue if your in the wetland mitigation business .............................
  2. Hey Bucks and Bows (or anyone else) - think there is a problem with lesser celandine and pear (Bradford) in the South Branch drainage????? I was working down that way yesterday and I could not believe the amount of both. I should have taken a few photos. It was crazy. We are doomed.
  3. Asian Ticks Hunterdon County

    I contracted Lyme in 2015 and 2016 and was successfully treated (I think). Work outside a lot. I see it as either Lyme or cancer from all the sprays. We are doomed.
  4. Old aerial photos

    In addition to being able to purchase those from EDR via edrnet.com, you can also go on the net and look at historicaerials.com and view them for free and can then purchase without the watermark.
  5. Youth Day at the Range

    Very Nice. Today is middle-age man say at the farm today. No cider though................. well, maybe this evening.
  6. Grice special run 35 Whelen carbine

    Hard-core, right there! Not feeling bad about selling you the one I just got. Ha Ha. Nice to meet ya.
  7. Quick Venison Taco Salad (PIX)

    Started using this product a lot, lately. Good Stuff!
  8. Painted deer skulls

    That dipped one kick's ass!
  9. Precocious Mourning Dove getting a head start, I guess Racers on the move And of course, managed to find this guy hunkered down, but at least out.
  10. New Gun

    I was just bequeathed an older Remington Model 760 Gamemaster in .308. Also a number of what appear to be older cartridges with big, round-nosed bullets, no idea what grain. My questions is, having never owned a pump, does it require use of those type bullets, or can I use lighter, point-tipped bullets? Thanks.
  11. PA opener golden rainbow awesome!

    I caught one there, probably 35-40 years ago. First and last and WAYYYYYYYY smaller than yours, Hemlock - Awesome Fish!
  12. Free Stuff or Garbage

    All Nomad's.............. I'll PM you my cell number.
  13. Free Stuff or Garbage

    Bunch of old bow stuff. Garbage to me, but maybe someone wants it for display or use? Two and a quarter full boxes of 30-30. Never even heard of this cartridge. Not sure, I might keep it. Box might be vintage. Other stuff is free. Allamuchy-Green area. I'd meet at the Shell Station in Allamuchy, or wherever, close-by.
  14. Trail Cam

    I have various models. I think I paid around $130.00 +/- over the years. They also take a beating - later I'll post a pic of one that I am still using after the bears tore if off the tree, bit holes in it, and I found it after two weeks laying in the swamp, full of water. Left it on the heat for a day or two, put back in the same batteries and it works just fine.
  15. Trail Cam

    Bushnell Trophy Cam - you've seen my pictures. With 8 double-A lithium batteries, I get a year + and many thousands of pictures.