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  1. Aimsurplus had 50rd hollowpts for about $50 w shipping.
  2. Im sorry. The craftsman is a great deal but I just needed to run a little air oil through my old Snap On and now working perfectly. I’d also have to have you ship the set so Im going to pass. I wish you the best of luck with your move.
  3. I’ll take craftsman air tools. Pming u soon. Thx
  4. ccwNJ

    Free firewood

    Black walnut are worth some money no?
  5. Do you know what year of manufacture?
  6. Post got cut off. With lightfields I had touching slugs at a 100yrds from 20ga H&R
  7. Anyone get similar groups with a different brand out of a 20h&r? I slugs at 100yrds
  8. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. May God grant you strength, courage, and comfort during these difficult times.
  9. Aimsurplus just got some in.
  10. The below all ended on Gunbroker within the last 3 to 8 weeks. Still cant find a box of 500 rounds for under $200? Go rip someone else off
  11. mmfan hes still full of it. Your three links: 1st Midway $130 for 1,000 rds 2nd $73 for 500 rds 3rd $300 for a case
  12. You’re so full of sh- - .22 ammo has never hit $200 prices for a box of 500. Not after Sandy Hook not this pandemic. As everyone said, you just keep digging a deeper hole.
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