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  1. Anyone have any at a reasonable price and around the Flemington area? Looking at hunting out of state. Thx
  2. For sale is one lot of two bags 22 caliber, white powerloads by Sellier and Bellot. Product designation part number: 12 x 35 Power Unit PC. They were bought in 2013 and stored on the a shelf in a dry, climate controlled environment. I was told with fair certainty that each bag is 10,000 rounds. Total weight is 38lbs including factory box which is 14"x9"x11". Waltons Inc website price for powerloads used in captive bolt stunner guns for livestock are $149+ per 1,000. Price is for $1200 the lot. Flemington NJ
  3. $40.00 New, unused. The tub keeps the mess off the floor and bench. It's fast -- so fast it will remove media from .223 brass in a matter of seconds. The CM-500 Case/Media Separator is scaled down in size and designed to handle the load of a CV-750 Case Cleaner. Located in Flemington NJ
  4. Goliath is bigger than what looking for Iceman but thx though. Viper or OpenShot preferably
  5. Im looking for an aluminum Summit climber treestand. Open Shot model would be preferred but also would buy a Viper. Located in Hunderdon Co - Flemington to Branchburg area. Let me know what you have and asking price. Thsnk you
  6. I would take the sks stocks and nylon 77?  I work in branchburg.  Or would pay for shipping.  If nylon 22 doesn’t include receiver with serial number it is legal.  Please let me know. Can pay via PayPal immediately.  Thx


  7. Whats the condition? Total cost is $15 including shipping? If in like new condition Ill take it. Thx
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