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  1. My dad got a good one! Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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  2. dlist777

    8 pt down

    With the hot weather I haven't been seeing much this season. Went out today and got to the stand around 330p. Around 430 deer started coming by... yearling bucks and does. They were all around me for an hour which was starting to stress me out. A doe must have winded me and started blowing and they all ran off. At 630, this guy came by and gave me a nice shot. He took like 5 steps after the shot.. stopped...and was looking for me. He had no idea what happened. I was like....did I miss? Nah.... Then his legs started shaking and he was down. Sure makes recovery easy... Good to be on the board
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  3. bucky

    Wile E Coyote

    didn't make it this time, it was slow night for deer only seeing a young 8 and five does then this guy came in just before dark at 40 yards, gave a bark to stop him and down he went
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  4. Along with a lot of technological changes to the ways these machines work and how they are manufactured, but the work remains pretty much the same. The man pictured above is my Great Grandfather sometime in the 1920s or 1930s somewhere around Burlington County. The man below is me, yesterday, in Hunterdon County. My dad took my picture as we were working yesterday and I wondered why. Then he sent me both that picture and the picture of my Great Grandfather just now:
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  5. Decided to go out and fish today with the good forcast. Was last minute I decided to call my uncle to go. Did leave the inlet till 9:30am. Ran offshore to a deeper wreck There was a boat on it. So decided to run back in. We fished around checking different depth. Tried jigging, guy and clams. Ended keeping 14 seabass, 1 blackfish and 2 big Blowfish. 7 of the seabass were 16.5" to 18.5". Some big seabass for how shallow we found them. We caught a lot and I brought some crabs. Caught 7-8 blackfish with only one keeper 16".
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  6. LPJR

    2330 hours/Night Shift

    Cool sky and pic right now.
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  7. Last night I got a call from fellow tracker Casey. He asked me if I wanted to call a hunter about a shot deer. His dog Mac got a little banged up a track earlier today and he was resting him. I said sure and made the call. The hunter was in a ground blind that was an old trailer. He had his 3 year old son and 8 year old daughter with him. Deer started to filter in and he was waiting for a good broadside shot on the doe while trying to keep his son from fidgeting too much. The deer knew something was up and started to get a little nervous. As the doe turned to leave he took the shot. She bucked and took off. He waited about 15 minutes and took up the track with his kids. There was a good blood trail and he was sure the deer was just over the small knoll in the woods. He found a broken bolt and got to the top and no deer. This was at the edge of a briar thicket and it appeared that the deer had back tracked as there were multiple blood trails going in different directions. His daughter called out some blood on top of the knoll in a different direction and that’s the last they could find. The hunters light started to fail, he had 2 small kids in the woods with him and it was going to start raining at any time so he made the call for a dog. It was going to take me about 45 minutes to get there so he was going to bring the kids home and meet me. I loaded up, met him and went to the hit site. We talked about the hit and blood trail and he told me his daughter was upset and crying at home about not finding the deer. It just started to rain lightly and I hoped he was right about the hit and we could get done before we got soaked. I started Callie and she took the line and went into the maze of blood trails at the edge of the briars. She would go in, come back out, go in a different spot and come back out. In minutes she was at the last blood on top of the knoll. She lined out and was heading back towards the trucks and I never saw another drop of blood. In about 40 yds the lead stopped and she was chewing on the deer. The hunter made a good shot and hit the deer broadside. The deer in its panicked state made multiple direction changes throwing blood everywhere. When it reached the last blood, its blood pressure had dropped to the point it couldn’t bleed anymore and it made that 40 yd run bloodlessly. This happens a lot. If you’re tracking good blood for a while and it suddenly quits the deer is probably close. We paralleled this deer walking in and never saw it. It was only 30 yds from the truck and most certainly would have been found in the morning even with the heavy rain we got. By using a dog the hunter recovered the deer that night before it could be eaten by predators, but most importantly his daughter didn’t have to suffer through a night of uncertainty. I’d like to thank this hunter for exposing his kids to the outdoors and hunting. After all they are our future. On a side note the Certified New Jersey Deer Trackers are a close knit group. We regularly communicate with each other and collectively our goal is to recover every dead deer that is shot by a hunter. We routinely move calls amongst our group in an effort to reach every hunter. Remember tracking with an uncertified dog is illegal in New Jersey. For a complete list of Certified Deer Trackers go to. https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/pdf/trackingdogpermittees.pdf
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  8. I have a new friend at my house. This was a picture I captured yesterday. Thought I would share it with everyone
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  9. Well, With the colder temps and having the day off I decided today was my first sit of the year. Prepped my gear yesterday and headed out this morning in Z50. Got to the tree a little later then expected but was settled in around false light. Had 1 unknown deer come in down wind of me and trotted off. Felt like there was going to be more actions At 0750, I hear crashing behind me coming up from the swamp. Grab my bow and see a doe being chased by a buck. I told myself, if he gives me a shot I'm taking it. Not going to have much time next year and with the Fall Bow season winding down I figured why not. He walks under my stand and looks right up at me, takes a few steps away, I stop him and let the Rage rip at 12 yards. Looked like a gallon of red paint was dragged through the woods. Would have been a great buck next year but timing in life is everything. Split brow 9 pt. Thanks for reading.
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  10. Finally, some useful facts are coming out of all those airport full body scans! TSA disclosed the following airport screening results. December 2020 Statistics On Airport Full Body Screening From TSA: Terrorists Discovered 0 Transvestites 133 Hernias 1,485 Hemorrhoid Cases 3,172 Enlarged Prostates 8,249 Breast Implants 59,350 Natural Blondes 3 It was also discovered that 308 politicians had no balls. Thought you'd like to know.
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  11. Got this cool trail cam pic this morning
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  13. Roon

    Mom and pop...

    Hit 50 today, with me as a kid I'm sure they second guess every year lol. Taking them out on Pug Life tomorrow to hopefully bring home dinner.
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  14. Greybeard

    10/14 Check In

    Didn't see anything. left around 10 and went to look around the swamp I had planned on going to this morning. Didn't see anything promising there either. Wife texts me when I was all the way back and asks when I'm coming home, says something is really wrong with the car. So I head out, get home to find out car is racing when she started it. Went to start it and noticed there was no gas pedal. She took the mat out to clean it and put it back on top of the pedal. Can't make this shit up.
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  15. I just milled this cedar log from my mom's farm yesterday. I going to use it to replace my fireplace mantle as a reminder of my parent's farm. The farm is going up for sale next month.
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  17. I had to look at it a few times to realize it was actually two deer.
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  18. Greybeard

    10/13 ✔ in

    The bear made the hunt. Last pic is of him about to go right next to the blind I made last year before this tree fell. Could have had some good pics if I was there instead.
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  19. I have an abundance of black locust on my property and I've been stockpiling logs for a few years as they have come down. As strong as black locust wood is their root systems aren't great and I've had three or four blow down in the last four years. Now that I have a tractor I can actually skid logs and load them onto a trailer, so that's what I've been doing lately: I took them to a buddy who has a Woodmizer which is one hell of a machine-he milled up the black walnut that @Kype bought from me a while back: Twenty-three 5x5x8 posts and some miscellaneous boards. Black locust is as rot resistant if not more than pressure treated lumber-that many 6x6x8 posts right now would cost over $600 There are black locust fence posts scattered around my property that have likely been in the ground for 50 years or more that are still intact. Black locust has a long history in this country as a wood that was prized by the Colonists who were initially unfamiliar with it as it is native to North America but not Europe. It will be pretty cool to be able to build things on my property with lumber that actually grew here and that was so important in Colonial America. The first thing on the list is a large woodshed: https://www.livescience.com/50732-black-locust-tree-shaped-the-united-states.html
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  20. Lunatic

    Creek Crossing

    Some videos from my cam- September/October
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  21. Shug

    1 or 2 more years?

    Curious what ya think … 1 or 2 needed to blow this cool 6x6 up to a great buck.
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  22. Will be an epic live hunt this afternoon.... Tailgating begins at 1500 hours sharp, I mean the meet up at the property..... To be cont'd........Hope to be lots of fun. @Haskell_Hunter's heat seeking, Garmin topped Ravin is ready for launch. Stay tuned y'all.......
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  23. bucky

    Very windy day

    eWe arrived at the ramp before daylight and the wind was already blowing as predicted but we already decide we were going regardless of the conditions. Headed out, made bait in two throws and we were off to the fishing grounds. First drift we wacked a over and lost another big fish then it slowed down due to rough fishing conditions, by days end we boated one more jumbo, dropped three more big fish and a 30" keeper that came home for dinner. It was a good trip but it would of been a lot better if we could of stayed on the fish
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  24. BHC

    Lunch With The Wife

    Took a ride to Nola's in Garwood. This place has only been open for about 6 months, man do they have a following, all reviews have been 100% positive. So we took the one hour ride and got there just when they opened.... We ordered meatballs, and Arancini (rice balls)....both excellent with very good flavor tomato sauce...both dishes including the sauce wasn't that typical pizzeria taste, if you know what I mean. On to the two pizzas....many people recommend different pizzas but the majority recommend the WARRIOR, & the NONA'S SQUARE.....Both thin, crispy, cooked perfectly....perfect amount of cheese, perfect amount of sauce which tasted great, perfect amount of flavor with the saltiness of the grated pecorino .....I highly recommend if in the area go and try this place
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  25. A couple more pictures would be helpful.
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  26. koz

    I hit jackpot

    Scored new old stock. 14.99 box! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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  27. Just remember - even though you are baiting, it’s still hunting.
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  28. Good news! Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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  29. BOWHIO


    maybe when jack wins we will be able to hunt bear again n thin the herd Just saying You got my vote jack
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  30. That's a deal breaker for me...
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  31. JHbowhunter

    10/13 ✔ in

    Holy November! Big high wide 7 I been passing is working a doe slowly and methodically like it’s 2 weeks from now. Deep long grunts. When she moves he grunts and lunges. Not juvenile chasing this is ahead of schedule behavior. Spike is trying too but hanging back. He is just keeping her pinned down and guarding. Not really chasing. So cool! I knew something was up when had 7 fawns come by they are separated already. And then they were running around like maniacs like it’s some game.
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  32. Buck154

    10/13 ✔ in

    He is online buying more trail cameras
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  33. Was LOTS of fun and this hunt never disappoints! After the spike came in and bedded for what seemed like forever under me, he walked to a huge white oak behind my stand. With 10 minutes of shooting light left a lone big doe came in. She was slightly quartering away at 16 yards and the big Killzone did it's job. TONS of laughs and fun with good people tonight! Bringing her to Frankie's in a few..Will post up some pics I took during the hunt tonight.
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  34. This guy looks like a real stud.
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  35. LPJR

    10/11 check in

    Strictly an Intel hunt tonight. On a brand new piece, 25' up in my API in the white oaks.. Found an old, rotted stand in a decent funnel and I am less than 75 yards away from it.. Never know...
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  36. Definitely something special about Pennsylvania deer season….Not sure which is better, the hunting or catching up with my childhood buddies at camp. We’ve been hunting a family farm in Wayne County for almost 30 years. During the earlier years when doe tags were issued for the opening week, we would see deer throughout the entire day. All day sits couldn’t have been easier for me during that time. I’ve shot two of my bigger bucks late morning ( 10:30 & 11:00 ), both were sneaking through trying to get around other hunters. Im eager to see if this year brings that back
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  37. JHbowhunter

    10/18 check in

    Live from a hemlock tree in Z5. Buddy’s farm. Surrounded by white and chestnut oaks. A lone deer was under a big white oak by stand walking in and just had a bunch more feeding around me in the dark that moved on. See what daylight brings. Took 1/2 day today will have bookend hunts. Good luck to anyone taking advantage of the cooler temps. 42 degrees here.
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  38. After work today I took my bow over to Garden State bow & reel for a quick tune. Timing on the cams was perfect! I put on my release and wanted to see how the arrows fly through paper...I attempted to pull back and I officially am an old man. I could barely draw the bow! Elbow is killing me....after a few shots and a few twists of the string, she is shooting bullet holes. I checked the weight, 68 lb....Old man for sure.. Anyway, starting to get excited. Bow is shooting great and I am officially old. Time to kill...
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  39. Greybeard

    10/15 Check In

    Going for my daily walk. Staying a bit closer to start off, and bringing water after the 2 leg cramps yesterday. Never had a cramp behind the knee before. Old age brings many surprises. Good luck to all going out today!
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  40. I must've made a wrong turn on Google and wound up on New Jersey Wheelchairs and Walkers.
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  41. Just lower the weight. I’ve been shooting 60 lbs and that is more than enough to kill a deer
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  42. I had that 4-pointer fork walk in earlier. Too young to shoot. Not even for meat. He was a thin buck. Watched him for a while as he walked about 11 yards in front of the blind only picking his head up every so often when some golfers made some noise. He hung around the blind as the sun set. After sunset, I saw him and another young buck rattle some antlers with each other while a doe munched on some acorns close by. They were about 44 yards away, and I could barely make out their silhouettes. The forest gets dark quickly with a full canopy, so there were no ethical shots available the last few minutes of legal hunting hours. Good times getting back out there with Rusty and Lou. Always endless laughs and goofing around. And this time we at least got one! Looking forward to the next hunt!
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  43. no match for the 5 month old button buck about to fall to that uber weapon.... Just Sayin'. Little bucky will not even know what hit him at 7500 fps
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  44. Nomad

    Where is all the Ammo?

    Something is going on and I'm not sure what. And don't give me that, they are making it 24/7, and millions of new gun owners, B.S.! The millions of new gun owners are not finding any ammo either!
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  45. Codaboy

    Good guy alert

    I met with zone 50 bug nerd last night. Great guy. Thank you for the predator loads and the mojo. I will reach out to you in December, for some winter yote smack down Sent from my motorola one 5G ace using Tapatalk
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