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    A date we all will remember. Never forget all the lives lost, from the people in the towers to all the first Responders that braved though the rubble to help others. God Bless America
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    Buck tag down http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Like I said in my original post I was watching this deer since last season I had permission from the landowner to hunt. I was waiting till the legal date Harvest this deer on film I'm not going to get into a pissing match with your girlfriend I do not have to prove anything because I did not do anything wrong. You did. There will be a court date September 30th at 1:30 in Hopatcong. We will see you there along with the community and hunters ...ethical Hunters
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    First public land buck a 7 done by jersey jay, and took a young 7 during the rut. two lower bucks a 9 and 11 are possible targets this year. Tough all bucks disappeared and recently slowly funneling back. Had a guy park in the woods and camp 70 yards from my stand and fish and game removed him.
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    Extended archery 8 point Saskatchewan 9 point The one who still haunts my dreams
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    Team 6 Doe down Photo with weapon and deer 970404w http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    I vote - lock up the thread Everyone spoke their piece of mind and it's time to focus on better things in life http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Sounds like you were above the spine but give it time and do a thorough search. If you were above the spine the deer will be fine. The spine is a lot lower than many people realize.
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    Lou drove down to my spot to film tonight's hunt. Wish us luck, stay tuned! http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    The reason we are losing numbers of hunters is in my opinion because of what it has become.. the value of any animal in my eyes is the time spent in the out doors sharing memories with friends and family a harvest and antlers are a bonus
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    Doesn't seem to be a random act, but a planned attack by a six legged deer. All Pork Roll eaters be on the look out!
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    I am holding off until they come out with a 6" cut...
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    Farmers pigs are starting to look tasty also
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    I am joining you Larry. After an old 10/11 point buck I have many years of history with. He just never amounted to much but he will be a real trophy to me. No slammers on cam this year so by default he is the target. Good luck!
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    Patterns change so if were me, I'd kill a doe as fast as possible at a different spot. Then hunt the pattern before it changes. David Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
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    Well, now....... How `bout that Gang? Got a call Thursday afternoon from NBC News......*Turn up your speakers & click the pic below to hear her call. **If you listen to the call, she just wants content in regards to the environmental effects on Lake Hopatcong & asked if she could use some of my ice fishing footage. That`s all. It`s not a segment on ice fishing. This Lady is doing a story on the environmental effects at Lake Hopatcong and wanted to use part of one of my ice fishing videos for footage. Hell probably won`t be much footage, but she said it would air this Sunday Sept. 15th at 8am. *Click the link below to here her call; *Now this was a pretty interesting story that aired this on NBC News’ Sunday TODAY this morning 9/15...... Ohhhhhh yea...... ya might recognize some guy that wears a Coonskin Hat when he ice fishes at around 2:15 in the clip! hahaha!~ Hell like I said, didn`t expect too much but thought it was awfully cool of NBC to reach out to me! Ken- 20190915_110858.mp4 NBC-mp4.mp4
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    I was so exited a couple years ago I got to my tree put my climber on and realized I forgot my bow on the hood of my truck.
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    Just made up 17 bags of venison jerky and 6 bags of dehydrated apples for hunting snacks Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Now I just gotta find some arrows to put these on[emoji23] http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    What about Huntress123? Seems like a real "team" player
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    I’m not one for these things but sure unless someone else wants it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I get a bear tag and run quite a few baits for my south jersey friends. I want as many eliminated as i can by me. Hopefully i will help this state rid of at least 10 bears!
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    That's how I read it as well. I think Lunatic is simply saying no one else has any right to kill any deer on HIS property. That makes it an exclusive right on HIS property. He isn't saying he has the exclusive right to kill any deer that goes on his property and wanders somewhere else just because it stepped onto his property at some point, but while it is on HIS property, he is the ONLY one with the exclusive right to kill that deer.
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    At least he gave you a half hour running start. Probably was back in the corn tapping his toes wondering how long it's going to take this dude to make an X with the corn?
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    Is it too late to get Joe The Poacher in the contest? I want him on my team if possible.
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    Clean Miss is better than a bad hit any day
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    Good luck with it! That 2nd picture makes me nervous. Looks like a shot in the nuts if it were to fire accidentally.
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    They probably can, but they don't seem to mind it. I just tie a string through the vent in the back & hang it to a branch or the rail on a ladder stand.
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    Have lone doe now. Single fawn nursing on her. Passing her up. Man card - revoked. This is an opener for the ages.
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    I pulled out the pepper spray when she went behind me. She was coming under the blowdown I'm sitting on when I had to say something. Close one Looked like they had been bedded here but I didn't think they would come back after leaving my scent .
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    My go to sandwich for every stand sit.
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    chiggers don't eat taylor ham... just sayin'
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    Who the hell do you think you are? Are you trying to change how the internet works single handedly on us? Oops my bad, I guess I will need to start a new thread. Carry on.
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    Guy sounds like a cookie-cutter psychopath. Probably knew the camera was there. Was actually happy it was there. Purposely posed for the photos and wanted to take the SD card back with him so he could stare at the photos of himself poaching. Very much like serial killers posing with their victims. This poacher probably has some serious psychological issues.
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    Dont quote me but I believe it was the worst hatch in years in the breeding ground of Canada that led to the decision
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    I here you with that! That's why I only go one up once for a few days to get my fix. I will spend a lot more time up there chasing Steelies and Browns but the salmon sure do pull. Also when you hit it right it can be insane.
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    Stay tuned! Just woke up. Zone 10 here I come! Hope inmake it before daybreak lol. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Not much time to marinade, but thats true farm to table right there
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    You made her look like your avatar! Nice work!
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    Has 2 fawns didn't shot to much season left plus would rather hunt then butcher
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    We talk shit about them on the internet. That’s what I gather from this thread. I must say i enjoy it. I wonder how many members here have friends or family or coworkers that utilize his services? Sharing this story may very well take business away from him. And I’m fine with that. You make your bed, you sleep in it.
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