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    UPDATED THREAD W/PICS! When I found out that my son's Lacrosse game was cancelled I gathered up all the clothes and gear and we were ready to go right as soon as he got home from school. The strut zone is in front of our blind but we only had hens come in on the youth opener. I picked up a permit just in the event that we had a chance to get out together and tonight was the night! I set up Jr on the left with the 3 1/2" Ulti-Mag set up on the Field Pod and I was using the Remington semi auto with 3" loads so in the event we did get a shot together, he would not have the shell ejected into his face. We were settled in the blind and I did some very light calling. The rain was coming down hard, but we knew birds were close as they left the corral when they saw us. About 30 minutes later we had 1 hen pecking at 45 yards, then came into 20 yards. I swear I saw her pull up a worm and eat it, something I never had seen before. I looked at Christopher who was looking to my right out the window for more birds. We decided not to call anymore, as we had a live decoy right in front of us. She walked off and about 20 minutes later, 3 hens were in the woods about 55 yards away yelping. Before we knew it all three were pecking in the grass in front of us. As soon as we got settled into the blind we made a plan that I was going to let my son shoot if there was only 1 Tom or jake tonight. We discussed in the event that there was more than one gobbler, we would decide to shoot simultaneously, and I said to him 1, 2, "squeeze". As always, I look to my left and my son is resting his head on his right shoulder. The hens are yelping faintly at this point and I am just letting things play out not doing any calling. No sooner did I look up and nudge my son because I see in the open right window a gobbler with a paintbrush walking towards the hens. 4 toms were in front of us watching the hens. 2 were half strutting then relaxing as it was pouring still! All of the birds looked like drowned rats, but I told my son the bird on the left had a longer beard than the one to the right. When we had no birds behind the gobblers, I whispered, "ready?" He was on the gun waiting for me to count! I whispered 1, 2, BOOOOOOM!!!!! Both gobblers are down flopping like crazy. We are literally in the blind and my son says "Dad, look a fox is grabbing one!" My son gets out of the blind and as soon as the fox sees him he takes off. Unreal!! Talking to Gobblengrunt afterwards, that is what happened to one of his birds as a fox took the head off. This literally was one of the coolest times in the woods to double up on birds with my son. I hope not to forget this hunt for a long time! Checked them in at Hainesville General Store and stopped at Stokes Sport Shop to take a pic together as it was nearly impossible to take pics with the rain coming down so hard with the cells... I specifically attached my HD camera to my hat to get a video, but like Jack said it was a Holy SH&% there they are moment and FORGOT TO TURN IT ON!!! Attached some pics below. Going to process the birds right after this post.
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    Took my uncle out today for a beginning of season test run. Well it ran fine and we put a few sea bass in the cooler. We kept 8 over 13" and released a few keepers. Didnt kill them but was still good to finally get out. Im not set up for wreck anchoring so we were just drifting mostly. It got a little snotty out there so we went in cause I don't want to beat up my 76 year old uncle to bad. I got one small tog too. This was only the 3rd time using the boat. Picked it up this past fall. It's a 1999 MayCraft 18' CC Was also nice to see a couple fluke hitting in the ocean even with the water being 53-55 degrees. One week to fluke season
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    Like I posted yesterday, it was truly an incredible experience to double up on 2 mature gobblers with my son. To capture what happened next on trail camera is a bit surreal.........The shots were at 3:49 and both birds were down with feet up and doing the flop in the first pic. At 3:51, a fox comes running from the woods into the field and starts to grab the gobbler that was down on the left and is seen dragging it away by it's head in the last pic.... UNTIL.................. My son runs out of the blind to scare off the fox and It took off with lightning speed, letting go of the bird..... Pretty cool sequence captured on the Moultrie! The link to the hunt thread is attached below the pics......
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    I had to put my little girl down several months ago and it killed me. She was the true meaning of mans best friend and she left a giant hole in my heart. I swore I would never get another dog again. Well, I guess I lied, with a little nudging from my wife. I bring a turkey to the taxidermist and come home with a dog... explain that one!
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    LMAO, for someone who had no problem with the Dems going on a witch hunt for two years spending more than 25 million in the process. You know have an issue with getting to the bottom of the largest political coup that ever transpired in US politics? Are you just frustrated that all of the BS you have spewed over the last two years will be proven false and those that said there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION were right and you were wrong! I am sure your response will be long winded but that’s the typical deflection we are all used to. Funny how you haven’t mentioned now that the report is out that the Dems switching of the goal posts to yet another direction PROVES it is just their undeniable lack of ability to accept the 2016 loss. Seems you share that issue with them LOL
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    Taylor ham egg and cheese on top of the state .
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    First one on his own. I started running and gunning with him at first light, didn't hear a peep so we left and I went to work. As I was driving him home we discussed some WMA's he could try. I guess it was 10:30 or so maybe a little later I get a call from him all excited, he could barely talk. He got his first one on his own at 15 yds. I am happy for him but sad I missed it. At least the pressure is off now.
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    Pretty happy with how these turned out. Got 20 molded blanks from Buck154 in sizes 4-5-6 ounce and had protec powder already in glow white glow green and pink. Had synthetics for tails , thread, and tying vise - all from shad darts. Buck154 and Hammer guided me through the process - even bought a 2” fluid bed off E-Bay for $19. I could not imagine dipping jigs this size without a fluid bed. Anyway - came out great I think here are some 4 ounce samples. Added my own bunker dots with a sharpie lol. Ordered some larger eyes for bigger sizes before I finish those. Thanks for the guidance John and Dan! (Dan will get special satisfaction watching me lose these on his boat).
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    Well, it has been an amazing season that came to an end with a bang (no pun intended). I went out around noon and did a quick drive around to see if the birds were in the fields. I didn't see a single bird in any fields, which was good cause I was hunting the woods. I walk in to my spot and gave a few calls to see if there were any birds close. Lite calls lead to louder calls, until I got a distant response. I walked in a little deeper and hunkered down. Although I brought decoys with me I decided to not set them out. I began with the lite calling again and got no response. After sitting quiet for a period of time I hear a lone gobble to my right, but closer than the first. I hit the call and he responds. Gonna be a quick one, I thought to myself. Again things went quiet for a period of time and I kinda got the feeling he's quietly searching for a lady. I call again and he responds again only this time when he responds I hear another gobbler in front of me and several to my left, the ones to my left were close! What the @#$! I'm surrounded! I hadn't seen a bird yet, but knew things were about to get interesting and was starting to question my decoy decision, but it's too late now. I slowed my pace and threw out a few lite yelps and let them argue it out amongst themselves. As one would gobble it would set off the one in front, then the ones to my left. They were all closing in, but the birds to my left were definitely close enough to get my attention. I finally saw movement to my left, one head, but knew there were more than that. At this point I knew I was not in a good position, but again, too late to worry about that. I could barely turn my head enough to see the one bird and it was getting painful to keep looking. I decided to just get comfortable and not chance getting caught and hope for the best. Minutes later I could hear them jumping the crick behind me. I thought to myself, been here before, don't move, don't try to look for them and don't expect this to work out in my favor! I could hear them behind me and they were real close. At the same time the bird to my right moved in and let me know he was also in the game. At this point all I could think to myself was had I put out decoys the hunt would be over. I'm sitting there with several birds no more than thirty yards behind me, having an all out party and I can't do much about it. I couldn't figure out what was holding them right there. Finally she spoke up and it became obvious why they weren't moving. A hen managed to sneak in silent as the day is long. I couldn't take it anymore and shifted my body trying to get a look. Every once in a while all I could see was a red head pop up from behind the bushes only to disappear a second later. I didn't know what was what or who was who, but I did know there were a lot of birds behind me and I still couldn't see them. They were fired up throwing out half gobbles and the hen would throw her two cents in every once in a while. As all of this unfolds, out of nowhere I hear a gobble to my right. He was close, but again I couldn't see him. He sounded like a jake, but I shifted that way just in case. I see a head and body bouncing through the undergrowth, but of course can't see him good enough to check his stats. He's steady moving right to left and when he got behind a tree I readied myself for a shot. Time goes by and he pulls a Houdini. He's gone! What the $#@! I completely lost him! In the blink of an eye he's nowhere to be found! Wrong! There he is right in front of me to my right. As I struggled to see him moving right to left, he at some point, turned back to the right and walked into an opening. A jake, you SOB, and the little sucker caught me. He slowly clucked his way off, but wasn't too spooked. Truthfully, I was glad to see him go. Now I'm back trying to figure out what was going on behind me. Birds were still there and I was still just as blind as to what was what and who was who as I was when they got there. I again struggle to look behind me through the bushes. I can't see shit, but the best I could tell the hen was still holding them there. The thought of just standing up and looking for a beard to pull the trigger on passed through my mind a thousand times at this point. I decided to hit the call and see what happens. The hen and what sounded to be numerous gobblers sounded off. Staying in the position to see behind me was futile, not to mention painful, as I couldn't see anything. I was stuck there with nothing to do but wait and see what happens. Several minutes later I hear movement in the bushes and turn enough to see a bird heading my way. He breaks through and it's another jake. He makes his way past me to my right, no more than five yards away. Again, glad to see him go. Now I'm starting to wonder if I was having a heart attack over a bunch of jakes. Things started to get quiet behind me and at this point I'm just looking forward to standing up and moving. Just as I'm thinking the party's over, I hear a bird jump the crick to my left. I shift left and see two long beards! Holy hell was I stumped on what to do, but somehow my mind and my legs weren't on the same page cause I was halfway up and swinging the barrel in their direction. It's kind of a blur as to exactly what happened from this point on, but I do know for sure as soon as I moved I was caught and they were headed for the hills. I picked, what looked like, the better of the two and let it rip... [email protected]#$!... he's still double timing it outta there... BOOM... down he goes! I ain't gonna lie it felt like I was gonna faint. I made my way to the bird, somehow walking on water when I reached the crick, as he starts his death flop. I got a foot on his neck and he stopped flopping within a few seconds. I was fixated on his paintbrush beard and knew he was great bird. When I turned him over and grabbed his beard I couldn't believe it, yet again, for the second time this season I killed a double bearded bird. What a way to end the season. I couldn't call my wife quick enough to tell her the news. This turkey is my sixth double bearded bird and my personal best. So that's a wrap for my 2019 season. A season that will certainly never be forgotten. As my friend, Jay (Thunderchicken) said, "I'd rather be lucky than good bro."
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    I got some big ones today with my son, His first blue fish trip and he was beat after 2 but he did great I was proud father today!!
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    Found a lonely gobbler that was in a field gobbling on his own. I parked at the farmers house and did a big circle to get in the best location to work him from. First yelps from the trusty old box brought an instant double gobble and I knew he was in trouble. Every time I yelped with the mouth call he was closer. Probably less then 5 minutes from the first call he was standing 30 yards in front of me and the holosite was on his head. 1 5/8" Spurs when measure along the outside curve 20 lbs. 9 3/4 " beard
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    Left the city and all it's glorious smells very late tonight...Listening to the Skynyrd channel on Sirious on the way home... (but no that song did not come on ). Finally get home around 9:15, and get out of the car and the most glorious of all smells hits me like a ton of bricks... Not to be duplicated by anything other than the real deal.. It always seems to catch me by surprise every spring and never lasts long enough.. The smell of honeysuckle, full bloom... Like I never smelled that strongly before but usually something I get a whiff of every spring for most of my life... Must be all the rain and wetness that made it extra strong this spring. There is nothing quite like that smell.
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    Here's a nice backpack mount with a woolrich black/red bedroll.....
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    Holy cow!!! We are pumped up beyond belief. 2 mature gobblers down! Will post pics and story soon. Running to check both in now!! As they were both flopping a fox ran out of the woods and tried to grab one! Unreal will post back in a few!
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    I enjoyed a great day a field with Dylan Perotto and his grandfather Mark. I took him out today and got him his 1st turkey ever. The morning was quiet till about 10 o'clock and a couple fired up. We were fortunate to have this guy coming in spitting and drumming! He gave us quite the show till Dylan dropped him in his tracks! My son did most of the calling today, so that was an added plus to the already awesome day! 21.6lbs 10.5" beard and 1" hook Awesome job by Dylan!
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    Big guy, shot during 6 day firearm season. Love doing these!!
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    Shot a Jake. That is all.
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    I'm up in New Brunswick on my annual spring bowhunt. It rained all morning and finally stopped around 2:00 Atlantic time. I'm in the stand until 9:30. Wish me luck!
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    Hit the water for 3 hrs to see if the Walleye wanted to play. My son and I boated 6 and dropped 3, biggest went 24” most averaged 18 - 22. All released for future fun !!
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    Brought Jr to his Lacrosse practice at Veterans Field in Stillwater and brought the trout poles to do some fishing... Pond Brook and the Paulinskill are right there..... Met up with the "Shad Roe Gourmet Chef" Jack who had the same idea and we did some fishing for Rainbows as it was gorgeous out. Never have we seen this stretch of stream as high and as fast as it was tonight. Jack starts nailing them right away and was going heavier with splitshot than I was. As soon as I added more, the contest was on! We were catching some and losing just as many... Caught and released at least a dozen between the two of us, I kept 6 as I am going to give them to my cousin who has been asking me for some. Took some pics, met a friend of Jack's that was fly fishing next to us, and was just a good old relaxing night. Perfect way to end the week. Next time I am bringing a big old stogie! The smell of honey suckle and the cigar was a perfect combo! Good time Jack!
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    I was able to locate a gobbler not to far from a blind that I set up last week near a strut zone. With the rain starting to fall once again, I called till he answered and then slowly walked back towards the blind, calling occasionally. He never answered but I decided to take shelter in the blind anyway as the rain increased. After about 1/2 hour the rain stopped and I heard a gobble near the spot I stood when he first gobbled. Another 15 or 20 minutes passed before I saw his white head . he was sneaking in silent, when he got to about 40 yards away ... Bang.
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    Caught a 32 lber on 4 lb test Saturday evening with a 1/32 oz jig on 4 lb test in a small pond in Yardville, NJ. It bent the hook but did not escape.
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    My son's lacrosse game was cancelled due to the rain. We are settled in the blind where we have had birds pass by on the way back to roost. Fingers crossed. Pouring out but we saw 5 toms on our way into the blind close by, 75 yards away.... Never know!
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    Love A Rainy day ....well, sorta. Birds are so predictable in the rain. When I Roosted this bird last nite, I knew exactly what he was gonna do in the morning. Well sorta, he came in about 3 feet farther to the right then I thought. I grabbed a little video with the phone before making the shot, and it allowed him to get her close ! 15 yards is Too Close with the Winchester longbeard rounds ! Damn near took his head off.
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    More bears coming in a subsequent post. Of all the pictures I took, this is the only real scenery shot...……..... From my NEW FRONT PORCH!
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    Cooked up my first batch of corn meal bait for this year this afternoon, then caught 19 lb, 14.5 lb and 2 lb carp in Carnage Lake this evening.
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    I'd say the worst place would be your ballsack.
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    One type of fishing I will never get tired of, hybreds on the flats. Bunch of 2-4lb fish this afternoon with an occasional brute screaming line off the spool. Here’s a pic of one of the brutes. Was the only boat working this long flat.
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    Went out on a friends boat for the Seabass opener. It was a a little snotty in the morning but it settled down around 11. We were only keeping 13.5 inch fish and got our 3 man limit before 12. We threw back 2 more limits before we switched over to jigging some Stripers. Great Day !
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    Perfect weather outside today so I broke out the water slide for my son to play with.
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    This little guy was hanging out in the logs that I was splitting today. I relocated him 12 feet south to a safer habitat.
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    Not the biggest or best but I will make it work for now. Really wanted a 4 stroke but this will work
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    Longest zipper award LOL
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    I know, I'm going to hell
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    We went on the Jamaica 2 and had a nice mix of seabass, ling and flounder.+
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    Can someone tell me what that bight thing in the sky is? Has been a while but I think it is the SUN
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    Should of seen the weird look people gave me when I told them to get down before they spot us.
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    I'm just going to leave this here...
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    On the phone with him now and DOUBLE BIRDS DOWN! Details to follow with pix, but Lou sounded excited to have killed a double with his son!
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    Hit the Toms River and caught another limit. Had 12 in smoker this morning,,,6 more for the brine. So far, a limit every trip
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    Took my 73 year old Dad out again today, bird down! I called 2 jakes and a nice longbeard in. I knew the first one to step over the imaginary 30 yard line gets it. This jake was first to cross the finish line! At 73 years old he's not picky about what he shoots. Its just great to still be out hunting with him
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    My family has commissioned a portrait of my 2014 Permit Shotgun Buck as my Father's Day gift. Not yet completed but getting there. I will post photos of the drawing when completed.
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    Nice Taylor Brand of a PORKROLL egg and cheese
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    It was over 450, maybe near 500, but not 800, and there are probably twice that many that disagree. I even see some of them on TV daily...but you will not see them on any of the main stream, media outlets or networks because that's not what they want you to know. As for what they said...in a criminal case, they might be able to bring a charge of obstruction, doesn't mean they would be successful because they are missing a few key elements...like there has to be an actual crime they are investigating, and there wasn't, and the subject of the investigation who is being charged with obstruction has to be taking intentional steps to hinder the investigation into a crime for which he is being investigated. Trump didn't commit a crime to obstruct the investigation of, and this wasn't even a criminal investigation...it was a counter-intelligence investigation. So, while 450+ prosecutors say they could have brought a charge, doesn't mean they would have, or it would have survived the first motion to dismiss. I mean, let's be real. Hillary Clinton destroyed 30,000+ emails that were under subpoena, wiped a server and smashed communication devices that contained information that could have led to her being charged with actual federal crimes, in an actual criminal probe (not a counter-intelligence one) and no one at the DOJ or FBI thought that was obstruction of justice, so how could wanting to fire someone who was never actually fired, for investigating something that never really happened, be obstruction of justice? For some perspective, my "bubble" or circle of friends is all LE...State, Local and Federal. I can count the number of people on one hand (and have a few fingers left) who think what some in the DOJ and FBI did was on the level, or that Mueller's "investigation" was even a little bit legitimate. I am 100 percent sure that Mueller knew exactly who Peter Strozk and Lisa Page were, and how they felt towards Trump, and that is why they were picked for his team. The only reason he let them go was because the IG uncovered those emails and texts between them, and they were going to become public. The gig was up for those two. So, to give some appearance of neutrality for the investigation, he let them go. Mueller's entire team was staffed with people who hated Trump, and they were solely focused on getting him out of office, not investigating what influence Russia had on the election. If they were actually interested in what Russia did, they would have gone straight at Christopher Steele, and the former KGB, FSB and GRU agents he used to feed a Soviet style disinformation campaign to our Government to cause chaos in our election, and Government. This is a classic old school disinformation campaign, working better than they probably hoped for because the Media and Democrats are so willing to play along. If you don't believe me, look up the definition of a Soviet disinformation campaign. This is text book, right down to having elements in the targeted Country to play along to feed and fuel the disinformation with the public to cause distrust and unrest. Seriously ask yourself...who has been playing along and helping Putin destabilize our Government and Country? Who has been alleging things (none of which have been true) that have caused the internal strife and turmoil in our Government, and fostered a lack of trust in our own leaders? I can understand if you believed, at first, that Trump was the bad guy but if you can't see this now for what it really was, and still is, you just have your head in the sand.
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    This was sent to me on email. Pretty cool technology. The pics are from 1944. Click on a photo. Then click on it again and it is the same spot/pic in 2014. Scroll down through the pics doing the same thing. Hope this works on here for the history buffs...They are very well done and are an incredible use of technology. http://interactive.guim.co.uk/embed/2014/apr/image-opacity-slider-master/index.html?ww2-dday
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    Yup that’s why I always carry and that’s why all law abiding citizens should be able to carry
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