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    ...in Bigfoot country. Took a ride before dark just now to one of my favorite parts of the state to just go and clear my head.....Walpack... Got some pics of different spots including the old abandoned "Ghost Tree" farm as I called it when I was a kid because of the bone white trees, to the campground that is still going strong just past the Walpack Inn, to the white house, now dilapidated that we used to stop at and pick up night crawlers for fishing as kids on the way to Flatbrookville with my Dad, Uncle Mimi, Uncle Joe, and Uncle Gin.....It is the old white house just before the gun range on the right side of the road, where we used to get night crawlers in the small section to the right of the building... And there are always some cool old cars at the Old Layton Garage being restored on the way back like the one in the pic...
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    Finally with some nice weather today did first fishing of the season. Hit the Pine Barrens for some pickerel and managed to get a few. Hope to get into a regular pattern of fishing now.
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    Went up to Maine Wed-Sun to do some snowmobiling. Our cabin is just south of Rangeley Lake in Western Maine. The trails and riding was as good as it gets! Locals said it’s the most snow they have had on the ground in over 30 years. It was tough to tell how deep but it looked like 3ft+ roadside and 5ft+ in the mountains. Looking west at Sunday River and Mt Washington Sunset at Rangeley Lake from the Hungry Trout View from Colonel Hohlman Mt Moose Shed found on property over the summer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    After years of saying I’m gona shed hunt but not making time I finally got out for an hour and a half walk this morning. I was fortunate enough to have some beginners luck and found a matching set on the powerline edge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So with today's disappointing lunch and it being Lent, I wanted seafood over linguine....calamari, scungilli, and polpo.....my wife is one amazing cook, we & the kids included absolutely enjoyed this meal !!!
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    Back on campus after spring break and already starting to go stir crazy. Took the 30 min drive to the closest piece of state land and went for a walk. No sheds today but came across an almost completely intact buck skeleton. Third from last ribs being broken suggests a liver shot that was never recovered. Props to you north jersey guys that are productive in this terrain. It kicked my butt today for sure lol. I’m used to flat ground and ag fields but I did enjoy the change of scenery.
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    Set a goal to find at least 10 sheds this year. And I finally got number 10 today. I know there’s guys who would laugh at 10 sheds in a season, but I’m ecstatic with hitting my goal. Looking for number 11 as soon as I get a chance lol.
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    Maybe they know what you did to the goat.
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    With striped bass season right around the corner, I figured now would be a good time to start a topic talking about these trophies we target. Starting around April 15 as a rule of thumb, the striped bass move into the Raritan Bay and the local rivers to beging their spawn / migration. At this time of year, the water is cold so they are generally a bit more sluggish. Due to this, bait fishing is more common. Anchoring up on the flats on an outgoing tide and soaking clams or blood worms. We like to find some marks on our sonar and anchor on them. Then start a chum slick. Using a slider sinker rig with about 36 inches of fluorocarbon leader (30 or 40lb) to a 7/0 circle hook. Cast out and let it sit in the rod holder. Once the water warms up a bit towards the end of April, we start to troll. Starting out with stretch plugs to match the herring. We will also troll Mojo rigs as well. Once the bunker come in, we generally use only Mojos. For trolling, we use 50lb braided power pro to a 15ft fluorocarbon 50lb leader to a snap swivel. During May, along with trolling, we live-line bunker as well as chunk them. Once these fish push out of the bay and into the ocean late May early June, we really focus on live lining bunker and trolling bunker spoons on wire line. During this time the fish tend to be very aggressive and we also like to throw top water plugs for these big fish. These fish can be very frustrating but also very rewarding. On any day, these fish can decide to eat one thing and not the other. Be ready for everything and most importantly, dont be afraid to change your technique. You cannot go out there saying today I will only liveline or Visa versa. Many days you will have to change it up to get these fish to bite. Good luck all for the 2019 season, be safe, and tight lines!
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    Just wanted to share some pics rossy048 and i accumulated this season. It was another great year with rossy048 doing the dirty work. Grand total was well over 30.
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    Came about 6 inches away from running this one over with the four wheeler. We have some history with this buck so I was over the moon excited to find his shed. He had one additional tine coming out to the side that broke off during the season. Can’t wait to see what he turns into next year. 01AE38A0-4C98-4253-A1AA-F0C4B704CE92.MOV
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    While fishing for spawning Pike I caught this nice Largemouth Bass, she measured 22 1/2 inches and weighed just over 6 pounds .
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    Took a ride today to Barnegat Light to check on duck migration. Most Harlequins, Scoters are gone but Lomg Tails are still there in great numbers> (I arrived mid day with bright sun overhead so most of the pics with white ducks on dark background are overexposed)
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    I now have more doctors than I do friends! Rant over!
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    Waded out into the middle of Assunpink trying for crappies... Just 1 big pickeral!! Hell of a fight on a trout set-up!! Couldn't find the crappies along the whole South shore tho!! Ugh Yes Lou, that is a climbing stick you see!! Dual purpose...anchors my sled....and serves as a seat out there!! Lol
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    It's too nice out. Grabbed the pole went for a shed hunt/hike with weapons/ fishing adventure. Small yellow jig with pink Berkley mousetails were killing it. Probably caught 20 fish. No sheds found but enjoyed the day. Size was from 1/2 pound to this girl probably 2 lbs. Pretty big for a small creek.
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    Here is my 2019 turkey forecast........It is going to be fast and furious! The turkey activity that I am seeing this year is a head of schedule from last years. Yesterday I had to pull my truck over and help a large tom cross a road so he didn't become a feathered road pizza. Today I saw a different lone tom that wouldn't stop gobbling and answered me every time I gobbled back to him. So for all of you turkey guys out there you better get ready because they are. My pup KC wanted to show them his toy (Mr Turtle) but they had other things on their mind.
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    Took my buddy along with me making some sets for the last day. While I was hanging a loop he found a little 2 pt shed. About 30 yards from that one I found a bigger 2 pt shed when we were walking out. First shed finds of the year for the both of us!
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    Working in Western PA this week and saw some big bulls still holding. Going to be out there again in April trying to find a few sheds.
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    your Balls will thank you
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    These are becoming very common. Goes nice in a man cave.. or a trophy room.. not so much for the family room IMO. Fun to mount tho. Customer is to finish decorating it with old hunting license, binoculars, wooden arrow, etc. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Well went up on the mountain on March 6 to check some cameras and go go for a hike on the AT. Left my house there was about 10 inches of snow, up on the top and the AT between 12-15 inches and some spots 20 where it drifted! The good thing about going solo is you are quiet and you tend to see more wildlife, the bad thing is you have no one to push you further when you want to turn around. I kicked up 4 grouse during my 4.7 mile , 9877 steps and 46 flights hike then walked up on 2 deer bedded under a pine tree, the one deer took off the other just watched me . No tracks on the AT from the Buttermilk Falls sign North or south to Crater Lake. Pretty sure the road to Crater lake is closed at the Blue Mountain Lakes parking lot. Got some good pictures and there is nothing like scouting in the snow ! After descending carefully back down the mountain I took the 4 wheeler out for a walk and got my hair messed up a little bit and then back home for a well deserved celebratory beer ! Good Luck !
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    Wife's out in the kitchen cooking, and I'm staying clear. It's hard to stay thin with her cooking.
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    Breakfast of champions. For me this is the best part of cooking corned moose and cabbage Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    This was #22 for me this year. Another small male with bad shoulders
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    Sorry for bad picture, bright lights in fur shed
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    Shipping on Thursday. Didn't hit it hard this year but very satisfied
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    I had a few visitors at the quail pen today. A nice Tom and several hens came running up while I was feeding the quail. Back yard birds not ever nervous about humans yet. Maybe I can lure him into the basement 😮
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    I just ate a full Irish breakfast at a local pub. Very good
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    If your at the Edison Salt water show this weekend, check out the New Berkley Fusion bucktails Made in weights from 1/8 OZ to 8 OZ. they have both a top eye and a front eye, allowing you to tie for both a vertical as well as a horizontal presentation . one bucktail that allows you to make the bait more lifelike bucktail sits on bottom just way it is in the picture without rolling over. size is marked on the bottom for quick reference until you lose it in the rough stuff lol
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    I've posted pics of groups from this 243 before. This is a new load i just came up with yesterday specifically for target and varmints using a 70 Sierra Blitzking at roughly 3400 fps. Very nice when the groups look like this in the first round of load development. This gun is amazing as it is extremely accurate with various loads, including factory ammo. Now i have a handload for this and deer (Sierra Gameking 85 HPBT) that will both shoot 1/4" or better.
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    Well, I have been very blessed. I take 1 med for cholesterol and one for thyroid, have never been operated on or hospitalized. I will be 77 in June and consider myself extremely fortunate. Now, what was this topic about ?
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    That's a blast catching them in creeks nice catch. Have a little brook I fish that's full of smallmouth and it's a lot of fun catching them. I like catching them more in moving water.
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    Two friends went out and found these on the farms we have
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    Out for our morning 3 mile walk. Always keeping obedience a year round effort doesn’t mean the reward of fun shouldn’t be part of it.
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    Another use for the Ol Jet Sled.....holds all my gear while crappie fishin n wading into center of east end of Assunpink! Skunked tho!! Too windy!! At least the Flex Seal stopped my waders from leaking!! Lol
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    Going down to my mom's tomorrow to replace the steps on her front porch. Have to rip off the 2 by 12's and replace them plus, put a handrail on for her. I'm also going to replace the batteries in the trail cameras and put out some mineral sites. I'll be looking for sheds as well. My son has been looking but, hasn't found any.
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    My wife went old school....eggs, potatoes, onions, peppers & sausage on semolina bread.....so simple yet so damn delicious This was a dish both my family and her's would make on Saturdays when we where kids....eating it, all I could do was remember my late parents!!!!
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    So....me and a friend are going to the Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) n Wolf Brothers show tonight .....so last night my dream was that we went to the show, partied out, hung out w fellow brutha n sista heads, but the following day (tomorrow), I cudnt remember anything about the show, what songs were played, friends I didn't meet up with, etc.....cudnt figure it out....what the heck happened at the show!!?? When I woke up....it all came together.....cuz the show hadnt happened yet!!! Lol Long strange trip it's been!!!
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    No my buddies and he does not want to part with it but, wife is scared of her 🙄it’s going to ruin their marriage if he doesn’t find her a home. If it was mine the wife would go in this case. I would never get rid of my animals.
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    About a month ago I lost the charging handle to my trapline gun while wrasstling with a coon. Went in there today with my metal detector and found it in less than two minutes. Thank God for the simple pleasures in life. I'm so happy it's stupid
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    I did find him! I walked past this buck twice and managed to snap a pic on my cellphone from about 20 yards. I got close enough that I could see the nubs on his head where he shed his rack. Big deer and he never left his bed. Just let me walk past.
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    You’re a mess Jack. All your woes made me feel young again LOL
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    Found this guy on my doorstep and been trying to find him a home, people drop off strays around my house more than you can think. But in the meantime I’ve trained him well. Newest trend in hunting, a shed hunter cat lol. Located in Gloucester county nj if interested in him. Extremely friendly, litter box trained and is an inside cat completely has no want to go outside at all. Just trying to find him a good home, not a cat person and my father is allergic, but he’s a good cat. 80841ED9-E306-4D5A-BCF2-4BC5F4A54230.MOV
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    Took Jr to get a bite tonight to Jumboland since all of the girls were out....Have to say, the Cajun Ribeye was fantastic. It came with salad bar, soup, asparagus, onion rings & dessert for $14.95. The owner Tommy is a great guy and it looks like he will do very well due to the nearby Chatterbox closing. (It was packed on Saturday nights because of the classic car cruise night) If anyone is interested, the Jumboland Classic Car Nights will be every Saturday this summer starting at 3pm, Bike Nights will be every Thursday starting at 6pm, and Corvette Nights will be held on the 2nd Friday of each month.....Lots of room for parking, especially behind the diner.... We better see your split window '63 up there Tarhunt!
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    Signs of getting old.... 1....Looking up hospital rating.... 2....talking about what hurts 3.... talking to friends about doctor visits Sorry Bob I had to say it.
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    Walked around 8 miles yesterday and could only come up with 2 spike sheds. Was nice kicking up a few woodcock and deer. Some nice rubs too.
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