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    Sometimes life doesn’t work the way you hope it will. As much as I enjoy being in the woods, bowhunting, spending time in the far north, and nourishing my soul....I’m struggling to keep up with the basic things around the house, like yard work and general cleaning. Something needs to change. I’ve given it a lot of thought over the past months, and so sadly I’ve decided to put the following stuff up for sale. Take a look at the list and see if anything is of interest. I’d appreciate it if you’d avoid the lowball offers, as most of this stuff is in great or almost unused condition. Vacuum cleaner Push lawnmower....used once and put away. Broom and dust pan. (Will not separate.) Laundry basket Tide pods....never opened Selection of sponges and scrub brushes Half bottle of Windex Washer & Dryer: local pickup only, but will consider trades for Loggy Bayou or TSS Quadraflex stuff. Thank you. Saw this somewhere else and had to post a
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    Since there will be no more shark pics (accidental catches of course), i wanted to share my daughters new trophy pose when shes reeling in a big fish. We have so much fun fishing and sharing pics was part of that fun but now know pics are limited. This is from our latest adventure
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    Told the Kid when she turned 10 I'll take her on a motorcycle trip. Wife little nervous but I held my end and she was a true co pilot. Went to Gettysburg, done many trips and this is now at the #1 spot. To say I'm proud of my Kid is an understatement. Did some dark humor pictures at Devils Den and stopped by Centralia on the way home. Bunch of pictures of the fun we had.
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    Friend took a picture of this brute this evening in Bergen County
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    Waiting in my blind this PM for some birds to give me a look and these evil looking, but cool creatures showed up. I used to feed them from my blind but that was some 4 years ago. They still remember because they were looking for food few minutes after I got in. Also a juvenile Green Heron showed up.
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    I bought a pair of blinds form Ringtail, BTW very cool young lady, so it was time to clear some lanes, add some sticks and set up the new blind - that happened Friday. I grabbed a cup if coffee this morning and walked down to the lake to see what happens. This was my first customer, the Green Heron. He was little nervous, one eye always on me, but I managed a couple of clicks.
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    3 of these are for site members. Come and get 'em http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Took my taxidermist forever Shot him the last day of the season (march 2018) My mounts wait in line just like all of yours and often get skipped over if I'm falling behind which happened in this case. But I'm all caught up so I figured I'd treat myself and work on my yote http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Had a couple new bucks just showed up. Still no shooter yet but still great seeing bucks grow.
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    Hey fellas, long time troller, first time poster. I’m a first time gundog owner, *former* deer hunter. Millie is a draht from Vom Altmoor’s V4 litter. She’s just over a year old and a hunting machine. I’m looking forward to sharing our upland escapades with you. I know pics are king and here are a couple of my pup..
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    You wanna put the thrill back into hunting stop baiting, sell your trail cams. Scout the old fashioned way and shoot what makes your heart race without thinking about score. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    I finally had a chance to hit the river on Monday and Tuesday for a couple of hours each day.. The river is still high, but the water was clear and it gave me a chance to throw spinner baits above the weed beds. The pike were hungry and aggressive ! I landed close to 25 pike in the two trips, launching in a few different spots........Nothing big, but most were in the 24 to 28 inch range........I had a few bass and about 10 perch in the mix too.....but really pissed that I lost what would have been my personal best small mouth bass and a really nice large mouth bass on 2 consecutive casts !!!! The smallie jumped about 4 times close to the kayak before getting off.... Here are a few pictures from the 2 trips. Danny V
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    Fried Blowfish Tenders Breaded With Crushed Chickie and Petes Crab Fry Potato Chips, (served with a Buffalo Wing sauce) Delicious King Fish Fillets Sautéed in Butter and Lemon, Crisp Seasoned Fries.
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    This buck was pretty cool.. hooves were black and white with some white hair on the foot. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Another spectacular day on New Jersey estuaries! Crabbing on outgoing tide was productive, with chicken backs producing. Crabbing good in Ocean and Monmouth County waters. Get out now to enjoy the bounty.
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    The past 2 yrs have been more challenging and miserable than I could ever have imagined. And throughout this time I had wanted to let you you all know what's been going on because even though I haven't met most of you, I knew you would be supportive. But despite that, I didn't want to use this site to unload all the drama that I was going through. But as of today, all the misery is over and the next chapter of my life has begun. I won't bore you with all the details but here are the highlights: - Was working at a job for a company I hated. - My marriage fell apart and we filed for divorce; we have a daughter together (6yrs old now). - Lost my job on 5/8/19. - Luckily got a great job and began working 7/1/19. - Divorce was finalized today; my ex and I have equally shared custody of our daughter. In the end, thanks to God, everything has turned out as best as I could hope for. Thanks for listening... David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
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    My buddy at work got a great shot of this RW blackbird.
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    ......the FREE Harbor Freight portable magnetic lights are kicking ass!! Unbelievable how well they light it up for the time being. Now you know why they were all lined up in the kitchen this past weekend, Matt Jr moved a homemade wooden workbench from another shed into his shop earlier tonight as well as a huge, old, heavy metal vice that was on it. It will be bolted on the bench tomorrow. This is becoming his home away from home where he details and works on his dirt bikes...
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    Haskell Hunter......a.k.a. Captain Morgan?
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    And Elvis lost several king fish also. Best fishing for these little buggers in several years for me. Drop and reel action. If you don't know how to fish for them go to a tackle shop and then look for the boats when you are on the water. Remember that the boats around you are chumming so don't get too close and don't get into their slick, that is a no no! I like to find the fish and we where all alone all day so that means there are plenty of fish in the bay for everyone out there. When you only use 2 logs of clam chum for a whole day of fishing and have non-stop action that means they are thick my friends. I caught 6 king fish also which was a nice surprise. (There are ice jugs on the bottom. No whining!)
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    2nd Annual W&W Summer Get Together in the books and is a wrap...Just settled in to post up some pics for the site. Had a great time today, thank you to all that attended. Lots of fun and tons of pics below........Laughing with many members from this site always insures a good time, as this will be an annual event for certain... Kudos to those who travelled far up to Taylor Ham Country to make this event. Yes, Matt it is T.H.Country....LMAO! Hunterbob arrived with half of the Atlantic Ocean in his cooler. Dungeness crab legs, mussels, crawfish you name it he brought it! Bob is also one hell of a shot with his crossbow at 50/60+ yards...... TONS of awesome food. TONS of awesome desserts. Everything from seafood to cannoli's to smoked pork bellies, to everything in between. Ended the night talking/laughing with nmc02, 51smd, hunterbob1 at the end....Some pics attached below, more to follow...
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    Success! Unfortunately you can't really see the nest at all because my camera is not that great, but it was hanging off of a small thin branch coming off of the main 8" diameter or so trunk in the top left of the frame. It was probably about the diameter of a soccer ball. Just like I was hoping, the nest was completely vaporized-no discernible chunks of it left at all. The only thing that hit the ground was pieces of the branch itself and the leaves attached to it. I only loaded one shell in the gun because I didn't want to be running into the house with a loaded gun. If you turn the volume up really loud you can hear me haul ass into the house, slam the door and eject the spent shell FWIW I used Winchester Super X 2-2/4" #7.5 shot. The last time I looked out, there was a swarm of pissed off and confused wasps ("Where the hell did it go? It was just here!?" ) furiously circling where the nest used to be...we'll see if they rebuild.
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    Who doesn't need a little December weather in their lives today in this oppressive heat and humidity? So no excuses - put it on your calendars now - Friday, December 20th at Pub 199 at 6:30 pm - ?
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    For me, it is no longer about someone.........me. As life progresses, priorities change as we all know...The next few years I am taking a big step back and going to assess the reason why I took up hunting when I was my son's age. I know the reason(s). It was fun. It was exciting. It was suspenseful. It was always surprising. It was meaningful....I could go on and on. We all get caught up now with finding a "target buck" and becoming so obsessed with getting him that the thrill and enjoyment of the hunt begins to dissipate. This is at least true for me and has been for many years..... For example, I used to be a part of the Park Commission Bow hunts in Morris County years ago. Our group used to kill many, many deer with some fine bucks included. However, when it became a "job" after a solid 10 years of thinning the herds, I chose not to return. I chose not to continue for the simple reason that it truly became a job and it was not enjoyable any longer.... Having my kids with me in the woods has totally transformed me, as well as my priorities. These experiences have made me realize that I have been missing out as to why I began to hunt in the first place. To get off of the everyday roller coaster, to put all stresses aside, to enjoy the woods for what they really are there for. To be enjoyed. Cheers. The season will be here before we know it. I am choosing to enjoy it for what it truly is about and looking forward to getting back to the way it used to be. Sharing times with family, good friends and making memories that will last long after we are gone... Post up an example of why you hunt and or something that brings back a great memory for you or your family in this thread.
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    I posted a photo of a cedar shelf that my friend made for my mom out of of red cedar that blew down several years ago on her farm. My brother put it up today for her. My mom who is blessed to have a great sense of humor decided to pose with her favorite beer Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold. I had to make sure that I texted him a photo of her and the shelf.
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    It was Delicious!! But I need MORE!!!!!! The season will be here before we know it, but I can't wait!!
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    FINALLY got out with Tracey to do some fluke fishing. Fished from 8 until 2 with only three keepers making it into the box. Tracey had the first 2 keepers of the year. At 21 and 20 inches. I had the biggest at 24 inches. We had about a half dozen sea bass and about the same short fluke. Was actually too nice out today. Very little drift anywhere. . Was happy to just run the boat.
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    Maybe off topic, I know for sure that some of the biggest bucks my friends have killed have NEVER been seen on camera, but were killed very close to several trail cameras. My point, you are not seeing all the deer in the area just because you have a camera.
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    I usually cut the head off with an axe. Then bring it to Jay. Then when I get it back like 2 years later it’s perfect! Jay has a hide stretcher. He can stretch a spike to fit a Midwest size form. Yup
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    All done http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Thanks for the artistic inspiration Lou!
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    Getting prepped for an upcoming trip. We are heading to AK where 4 of us will have a cabin for a week and 2 boats/kayaks. Limit on Halibut is 2 per person plus 6 salmon. Hoping for good weather. I am hoping to bring a large haul home as you can never have enough Halibut and fresh salmon. I am hoping to have epic pics like Hammer4reel.
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    Says the guy with the biggest bait pile in zone 10
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    Flamethrower might be a better choice
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    You take a picture, because a composite drawing takes too long.
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    Lol that was the post that got me banned on njh. I posted a "how to care for your trophy" and they said I owed them $2000 for advertising [emoji23] http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    I knew it was either Dan's fault or President Trump's fault. I just couldn't pin point it.
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    To contrast ... A few months ago, I spent a few nights in Saint Clare's hospital in Denville. There was a nurse's aide that immigrated to the U.S. from Yugoslavia. She was SO grateful to be here … repeatedly saying how she loved our country … and how she wants to contribute to her new country. Just the way she would say the word "America" … in such a warm way. She works 3 14-hour night shifts each week as a nurse's aide (not a glamorous job), and takes classes the other nights to become a nurse someday. During the day, she's home taking care of their two kids, getting some sleep, and studying … while her husband has his long day at work. Legally immigrated, immediately assimilated, and working hard for the American Dream … not looking for handouts.
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    Hot dog johneys birch in a frosted mug.
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    It was good at times and slow at times for us. Buck154 ran his maycraft all over today from Leonardo to the Verrazano to 8 miles east of the hook to back to Leonardo. He got two keepers to 22” his uncle got two keepers up to 22.5” and I ended my day with a nice 23” 4.4 lb on the last drift which we did weigh in but 2 lbs off the lead. Lots of shorts and we released some in NY waters that were NJ keepers. We were harassed at times by cocktail blues and dogfish and sea robins at times to. Back at it tomorrow. Amazing sunrise.
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    Here are a few photos of Lou saying, "Hey, Haskell, you're #1!" Nice chicken legs, Louie!
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