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  1. Last month I was nominated and inducted into The NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame. The HOF was created almost 20 years ago to recognize NJ residents and natives who work for the betterment of Archery, Bowhunting and wildlife conservation here in NJ. some past inductees are Len Cardinale, Bill Wadsworth, Dick Sage, Ann Hoyt, Len Lee Rue.. Again.. truly an honor to receive this..
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  2. Son David's just picked up his public land buck this week ! All-game taxidermy did a outstanding job again on his biggest buck to date! Thank you for a great Job All-Game Taxidermy Carl Osterlund.
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  3. Caught 2 sailfish and did some bottom fishing for some good eats caught (Mackerel Tuna, Grouper, Scorpion Fish, Tile fish, Congrio Fish). We eat good taking the fish to be prepared for dinner at a local restaurant. It was a pretty slow because it’s not prime season. Having a blast out here. Watching the sail fight is pretty damn awesome. They put on some show. Looking forward to come back in February.
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  4. My daughter has been shooting trap and skeet with me really taking a liking to it. She recently switched from righty to lefty and started to kill it! I promised her i would buy her a lefty 20 ga just for her. Well today we went shooting and she was hitting 85%+ of all claybirds with my belgium citori. This is my favorite shotgun i own but when Daddys little girl asked me if she could have this gun for her own I happily said OK. Enjoy your new gun Gianna! IMG_5922.MOV FullSizeRender.movFullSizeRender.mov
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  5. hammer4reel

    New hunting rig

    Finally received my Bakcou ebike . can’t wait to use it this fall . was simple to put it together , so got to ride it around town last night . thing really zips around nice
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  6. It is going to be my boys first year hunting so I got them all geared up with there first crossbow today [emoji16] Grandpop got them a really nice shotgun too! Now we just need to save up for 2 bows ,boots and hunting clothes[emoji106] They currently working on there hunting test now with there grandpop
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  7. Lunatic

    Piebald is home

    Thanks @JerseyJaysTaxidermy
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  8. Roon

    Great Day...

    Left at 0245 hours headed for Belmar with only one goal, catching a shark. Dumped boat in water and was going through inlet at 0530 With only 60 gallons of fuel was unsure how far I could go only hit wreaks 15 miles off shore, boat did good as did we, landing one bull and missing two. Way back in found a feeding frenzy on bunkers, stopped of course I left the cast net at home so we started snagging em. Ripped in just shy of 100 plus limit of blues, after live lining and chunk cutting. It would have be better on the way out but, it ended the day better than I could ever ask for. Take note of the hero shot arm stretch lol
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  9. bucky

    Crushed em again !

    Headed out fluking yesterday under a full moon which had me nervous because of a strong tide. The fishing started out slow but the captain worked the throttle to slow the drift down and the crew went to work. We ended up with our limit by 11:30 and went into catch and release mode, then called it an early day. Next weekend its off to Montauk in search of the elusive double D
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  10. LPJR

    Trooper Youth Week 2021

    So proud of my Goddaughter who completed the 112th class of the Trooper Youth Week sponsored by the NJSP last week in Sea Girt.. Her dedication and commitment was a true testament to her tenacity as she did very well during the week. Only 4 months ago she underwent emergency surgery for sustaining a broken leg during her high school wrestling match.
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  11. Codaboy

    Pine snake

    Second pine snake of the season Solid 5 footer Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
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  12. Got out fish yesterday by myself. My uncle still not up to fishing cause of the lung cancer. Had a friend cancel so I went alone. Got my limit of fluke an limit of seabass LOL. Caught bluefish,Mackerel and all the other normal junk fish. Fluke were hanging real close to structure. Keepers were 19", 21" and 23.5" 4.5 lb and seabass 15.5" and 14.5". Threw back other keeper Seabass. Water conditions was a fast drift early even with a drift sock. Heavy current with the full moon coming. Bluefish was saved for shark fishing
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  13. all hanging out together
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  14. nmc02

    Broiled monkfish

    Probably my favorite fish. Fresh ginger, scallions, splash of soy, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, & butter. The fresh ginger & scallion create a great flavor.
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  15. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I didn't see many at all
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  16. Nwnjhunter

    New Member

    Fellow sportsman, New member here. Avid outdoorsman Recently moved to Sussex county. Been enjoying a lifetime of hunting and fishing the Garden State and look forward to being a part of Njwoodsandwater.Just wanted to say hello to all members.
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  17. TheGreek

    Tuna Time

    Went out looking on a buddy’s boat yesterday. We left around 3:30am heading east. We found acres of birds and good life… I broke one off and then boated one. With only one other boat there, they were double up… we couldn’t get the bite. Tried everything… seems like the bite shut off not much after. We worked hard the rest of the day, trolling jigging chunking… nothing. We found the life again and starting jigging… doubled up landing 2 and then a 3rd. Boxed up and back by 2pm… 4/5 with a keeper yellow. If your looking for a charter call Joe at sykk physh Sportfishing… he doesn’t stop till he puts meat on the deck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  18. Scotty155

    Florida tarpon

    Fished the gulf for tarpon. Incredible species to say the least. Saw somewhere around 50 different tarpon in schools of 3-10, mostly headed north fast. Great fighting fish, unforgettable moment in time. Next time would really like to try fishing for them on the fly earlier in the season, pre spawn. Tons of fish around. Minimal fishing pressure atleast where i was at. Perfect weather. Excellent captain with a lifetime of experience targeting tarpon. Where do i post the GPS coordinates? joking lol!
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  19. Hit the water around 6am and saw a beautiful sunrise. My dad and son went out and fished outside the hook till about noon. I have a lot to learn but we managed to catch fish. Skate, Robins, blues and one keeper Fluke. A beautiful morning on the water with 3 generations of Scotsman.
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  20. 3Blade

    A little humor..

    This makes me smile…
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  21. Headed out after work with Mike and Brandon to look over a few fluke spots . steady bite of mostly short fish . Brandon’s turn to put on a clinic catching his limit while Mike and I had one each . crazy fast drift , fishing 8 Oz with my huge drift sock out , but some fish wanted to chew .
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  22. joeyguts

    I’m not Roon

    I am not Roon, but I want to be just like him when I grow up.
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  23. hammer4reel

    Ceviche 2nd try

    Tracey changed up the original recipe she had used .. draining the lime juice off entirely . Was much fresher tasting , without the over powering lime . both were great , but the nod def goes to the sea bass . . here’s how she prepped it . Put salt and garlic on fish and let sit for 5-10 minutes then added enough lime juice to cover fish. Put in frig for 30 minutes. Poured off lime juice . Then added a little squeezed orange and lemon juice. Added cooked corn, tomatoes, habanero, red onion, cilantro, olive oil. Sprinkled some Montreal steak seasoning, old bay and mixed it all together. . .
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  24. We jammed 10lbs of crap into a 5lbs bucket. We normally do a ride every summer but last year because of political based BS and something else that could have killed me and rapped my daughter we opted out. We covered just over 800 miles in 2 days. Lol there's grown men that couldn't keep up with my 12 year old. Starting with Allegheny National Forest to see the Kinzua Viaduct an ABSOLUTELY amazing thing to see. From there we hit Penns Cave, because of time and approaching weather we only did the cave boat tour. From there on the way home we hit Pine Creek Gorge AKA, " PA Grand Canyon" then out there can't go home without eating at the Burning Barrel for some banging food and worth the stop if out that way.
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  25. BHC

    My First Smoke!!!

    Myself and family are happy with the end product, first smoke a success
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  26. Worked all day said time for some good tunes, cold beers and a nice sausage and pepper sandwich on a good Italian roll! This is the last of my 2020 bow buck.
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  27. I would send them back!! Why take the chance. You did not pay for damaged bolts
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  28. There’s some good that comes from it but the bad far outweighs the good in my opinion. And that’s for all of society, not just hunting and fishing.
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  29. hammer4reel

    New hunting rig

    I was serious . most guys are buying the smaller frame . no way I was buying the 24”. Would have looked like a bear riding a circus bike lol.
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  30. JD48

    New hunting rig

    nice , is that a girls bike ?
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  31. There's only one logical thing to do. Buy a 6.5 Swedish Mauser.
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  32. Hunter115522

    A little humor..

    If I were to choose who I would want to win between Sweden, or a team of kneeling Americans.. I'd rather see Sweden win hands down.
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  34. One clip shows a coyote walking 30 yards behind a doe over mineral and neither one shows much of reaction. Buck with weird rack or something on his head, I can't tell And fawn, I assume buck, trying to get it on with mom and then an actual fight between them Nature is grand and always surprising/amazing
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  35. Rusty

    They're Singing

    The first Katydid started singing last night, by the end of the week the entire choir will have joined in. Like John Denver said, "Do you care what's happening around you, do your senses know the changes when they come, can you see yourself reflected in the seasons"? The Katydids are my favorite sound of the summer, they tell us that: 1. We are over the heat hump, temperatures will start getting steadily cooler. 2. The deer flies have run their cycle and will soon be gone. 3. Antler growth is wrapping up and they will harden over the next few weeks.
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  36. Smoker held steady right around 231. Total cook time was 4.5hrs. Cook was perfect. Meat was bite of the bone tender, leaving a completely clean bone. The sauced ribs I tossed in a little bit of Dinosaur BBQ just before serving.
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  37. Live to Hunt

    New Member

    Welcome there are Some famous guys on here and you might get sick of seeing this picture
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  38. This new 5 Pointer showed for 1st time today and the 8 Pointer continues to improve.
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  39. In Carnegie Lake, West Windsor, near the ‘No Swimming’ sign.
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  40. Took this picture today, the haze was so thick that you could look at the sun with sunglasses. You can actually see the flames around the sun.
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  41. Mountain Goat

    Pics of bucks

    Just pulled SD cards last weekend. Can't wait to see what they look like when the velvet drops. That first one is a tank!! Mr brother is pumped since it is in his area! First 3 are actually from the same cam.
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  42. Lunatic

    Piebald is home

    Jay is a cool guy. I did not want to drive almost two hrs so I asked if he could mail the pelt, and I told him take your time. It arrived next day. Last season I shot a buck and i had to leave it in the woods over night. The yotes did a job on him so I could not take it to the butcher. Drove up to Jays so he could cape it but he also butchered it for me on the spot. Great service and of course we know his work is 2nd to none. Thank again at @JerseyJaysTaxidermy
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  43. Okay, so almost annual after having to take off last year. But we’re back for ‘21! Friday evening of December 17th around 6pm will be our annual gathering of the NJWW faithful as well as newbies. All are welcome and bring your significant other and/or your family. Remember, cash ONLY. This is a great time as others will attest. Maybe we’ll switch it up and move back to the “fish room” this year. I hear the fireplace opening is larger in that room…. ** Link to our last Christmas Get-Together, 2019.
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  44. There will be food drinks pool and if you got little ones there’s puppies and mini goats [emoji238] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  45. smittty

    My oldest bestest pal

    Here’s a pic of him with the first bird i shot over him at 13 weeks old yup 13 weeks old and was steady and holding birds. That’s my son with him my son was 10 year’s old in that pic he will be 29 I’m another month
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  46. Some PM @Kilbo and tell him to go home. It’s not for a few more months yet.
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