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    This is so good! I double on cumin and chipotle and I add two table spoons of unsweeten Cacao powder It will be lunch and dinner, good portion will be frozen in serving size ziploc bags. ( I tripled the recipe )
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    I am moving to Tennessee shortly and I am offering free to a good home, two Caribou racks which I took about ten years ago. I never got them mounted and now I will not have any room for them in my new home. I don't want to just toss them, so I am hoping someone here might collect or just like to have a couple of sets to put somewhere. On set is a nice double shovel set but both sets are nice examples of caribou antlers. If interested just P.M. me. Thanks!
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    Kids favorite lunch... Venison Grilled Cheeseburgers.... yum
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    Guys, the shot looked good , she left pretty good blood, we had given her about 30 minutes, we tracked her about 80 yds and we thought she was down but apparently not. She got up and bolted to the worst part of the woods that are almost inpenetrable. We didn't want to push her any further.
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    If there's some corn mixed in with the firewood that I have delivered and turkeys are feeding on it is it legal to shoot them?
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    Unless they're in a wheelchair.
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    Waiting on the big 8. Good luck to all going to work.
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    Consider yourself lucky, when a large flock of ducks find it they will keep coming back.
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    INSTRUCTIONS Preheat your oven to 350ºF and grease a 13x9-inch glass pan. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, add the olive oil and onion and cook 2 minutes. Add the venison, salt, and pepper, and cook until no longer pink. To the skillet add the cream of mushroom soup and the frozen peas. Pour the mixture into the glass dish. Top the venison with the shredded cheese and line the tater tots on top of the cheese. Cover tightly with foil and bake 45 minutes. Remove the foil and bake an extra 15 minutes to brown the tater tots. Serve.
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    I cut the tenderloins out of the doe I got yesterday, and left her to hang the rest of the week in my buddies walk in cooler to butcher next Saturday. I've been using the Hi-Mtn Seasoning Venison rub and really like it... Went great with roasted red potatoes, mushrooms and garlic, and asparagus!!
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    May be putting this one up for sale as it is extremely rare and have several other Lever actions that are used for hunting that I don’t mind getting dinged up. Anyway thought I would share a little history and pictures. This particular model was only manufactured for 2 year in the early 80s and just over 2,000 were made, making them among the rarest of Marlin rifles. It’s chambered in 356 Winchester which has the same dimensional specs as the 358 Win but it has a rim and is not loaded as hot as the 358. Basically the 356 is hotter than a 35 Rem and just a bit less than the 358.
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    Tell 3 blade we need a buck 1” bigger he shot last time. I’m trying at my end this evening
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    That's how Jack shot his 10 pointer.
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    glad they put cameras up too. for the idiots that go there to mess around
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    Tell me where the deer is. I’ll go get it for you. The next place it will be is in my freezer.
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    I have to recommend JerseyJay for the mount! W&W moderator, the story unfolded on W&W, and as everyone can attest he does excellent work and will restore the rack to its proper setting for sure.
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    Maybe I'm dating myself here. My memories of Springsteen is blasting Rosalita and Born To Run and stuff on my truck's 8-track, back around high school days, in the 70's. Along with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stones ... If I did a politics test for everybody, there wouldn't be that much music I could listen to. Or, movies to watch. Etc. Anyway, it seems that he and his wife did a good job raising their kids. A reporter stuck a microphone in the boy's face after the searing-in ceremony … a very modest, quiet, and respectful young man. And, now … a Jersey City Firefighter. Good job, Mom and Dad.
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    2 doe 1 half spike came up shoot to my left and 1 doe went to my right around the rootball. 1 doe came across less than 5yds in front of me. Looked right at me and got stiff legged but didn't spook. Doe finally went back down but had to throw sticks out the blind to get the spike to leave so i could get out and pee. Heading to pa now with 100lbs of meat for deer sticks. Check on you all later. Good luck tonight.
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    I'm the best at finding one at Shoprite.
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    Actually it started with your misinterpretation of leaving a carcass on public property (as a carcass not as garbage) and then you introduced the turkey scenarios your friend went through, which Lunatic then replied to. I'm beginning to think you don't understand how laws and law enforcement works. You want to make claims and take a firm position about the laws based on your interpretation (which in some cases may even be correct) but fail to realize your interpretation has ZERO bearing until the point you are standing in front of a judge in a courtroom preferably with a lawyer by your side. Before then, you're subject to an enforcement officer's interpretation (whether police, NJDFW LE, public works official, etc) and their discretion of issuing a summons to penalize you based on their interpretation.
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    Thats where I buy it. Call before you go.
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    Had our very own NJWOODS&WATER'S version of LEFTY KREH over today for a visit. Had a few laughs over some Easter bread and were discussing nothing other than fly fishing.... I was presented with one of the coolest fly rods, flies and fly box setups as a gift which is the reason why Brian stopped by. I cannot wait to use the equipment. To say the least, it far surpasses what I was attempting to use in the past few years in the trout streams. First off, a huge thank you to Brian (bucksnbows) it was truly appreciated and made my entire week! As we were talking about flies, Brian began take a "few" of his fishing items out of his vest. Like I described in the past, he is equipped like a S.W.A.T. member or tactical team member on the stream....I said I had to take pics of this as it was more impressive than the fly shop at Cabela's, no joke.... Everything from stream thermometers, to numerous tippets, to everything in between. One of the tiniest flies is pictured below next to one of the peeps that were on the table from Easter...Unreal.... When he said he just picked up one of the "sexiest" fly rod and reel setups for himself the other day, I was saying to myself how can something be described as such. To see it today, it truly is a work of art and is beautiful to say the least. Could talk fishing with Brian all day.....He is humble, professional, and educational. No wonder he loves what he does for a living. It is a passion that people rarely see anymore when it comes to the outdoors and fly fishing. If you ever get the chance to go fishing with him, by all means do it. You will quickly understand what I am talking about... Hoping to get together at one of the handicap/easier access spots soon to use some of the pheasant tails or hendricksons and give the new setup a try.
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    Cut up your own deer, they said... it's easy, and you'll never go back to using a butcher, they said....
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    Yep Been there Done that Swam in farm ponds with cows in it and rode in back of pickup trucks too, because we hitch- hiked.
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    Management hunts are all about the camaraderie and filling freezers. We have a lot of fun with the guys and we donate a bunch of deer to good causes.
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    Missed ya... Good time, nice crowd, and great people. Also, a LOT of food desert, coffee, et al! Hope all is well.
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    I get that some of you don’t like it, but at the end of the day it’s county property and the county sets the rules. You should be happy it’s even open to hunting. Some towns bring in teams of “sharpshooters” to take out the population of deer or even worse, some towns cave to the antis who convince them they can use birth control and that hunting is bad and evil for animals. We as hunters enjoy hunting for a myriad of reasons whether it be the venison, the quiet time outdoors, etc., but people need to understand from a county/twp perspective- they have a problem and they need it to be solved. And if they open it to hunters and hunters don’t do the job, they will look elsewhere for a solution. I can’t speak to union county specifically, but it sounds like they need as many deer taken out as possible. From a conservation aspect, too many deer, especially does, is bad for the herd. This may not be your exact idea of hunting and if you don’t like it, then don’t hunt it. BUT my personal opinion is it seems like a good spot for a freezer filler, and you can use your other spots to wait for a good buck if you choose. These county “management” hunts aren’t meant to be trophy spots, they’re for the population to be managed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is not about deer carcass. This is a bout a slice of salami on the sidewalk
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    Strongly recommend a glock model 45....which is a midsize 9 mm. Reasonably priced, easy to shoot.
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    Lucas gun oil seems pretty good temp wise but graphite has never failed me when done I clean and lightly oil and wipe dry..
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    so, If i bait Turkey by my garbage can which was left there for 2 weeks because my garbage company would not pick it up can i hunt them with a bow, muzzle loader, pistol or shotgun? I use a butcher , if not the coyotes in the pinelands would eat the carcass. Bag it up neater next time.
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    I just looked it up. People only mode is a new feature. NICE! I'm enabling it now. Hopefully, that will cut down on the false alerts.
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    I have back yards and front door. It’s good for what I wanted it or. Keep in mind it will not record anything unless you pay maintenance fee. The front door ring is nice and cheap. It alerts me with anyone ringing my door and I can remotely talk to whoever is there. It can alert you detecting motion or actual door bell or both. The back yard is a flood light with motion detection and you you can remotely turn the light on or off, and even talk to anyone in the back yard. It also includes night vision.
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    (3) none. Soon as it's tied off it's butchered and in the freezer, or sliced up and in the marinade for jerky. Never liked the aftertaste of venison when it was hung for even a day or two. Blood dries in the meat if a high humidity isn't kept up. I think that gives it the taste I don't like. I had to let one hang overnight once, so I put ice in the cavity and wrapped wet towels around it. It was still good the next morning. With this weather, it will freeze in my garage, so I might as well cut it up when its warm and easier to do, then freeze it in the freezer.
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    I love my jet sled so much that I bought a jet sled to pull my jet sled around in.
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    How to get up into a crotch of a tree when ground hunting.
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    I have 2 that are cabelas leaf/ghil suits. Really well made with liner and plenty of big, zipped pockets. Liked the first one so much I bought the 2nd. Glad I did because can't find them anymore. Also have a mesh suit with strings for hotter weather from cabelas. Don't like the strings that much, or the lack of pockets on that suit. Strings get caught on everything, and don't hold up as well, but the suit is light to pack in for hot temps. Cabelas doesn't have anything good, if anything at all, anymore. The colors seem to absorb cool light differently compared to warmer lighting, going by the pics. First bought it for turkey season, and made a camo shield to hide my face with pockets in the front to add natural camo. Found that just sticking natural weeds and brush in the holes of the riser works just as well.
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    You always have some of the best looking set ups
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    Killer instinct are great xbows for the price. My KI 365 has a great trigger
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    Lol, I’ll see what I can do about that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'll be cooking some venison steaks that way tonight.
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    The NJ Woods&Water helicopter will be back in the air this afternoon and will give another report soon.
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