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    Finished up the mount today. Been done for several hours and Jack only lives 1 mile away..whats the hold up? Figured you'd be here quicker than I can hang up the phone lol. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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    So I went to Kansas this past weekend to check my cameras, move a couple stands and visit with my good buddy who I lease my property from. All these bucks made it through hunting season so there is a chance I could see them again. I didn’t get many velvet pictures because I had some camera issues. I have 10 cameras out now so hopefully I will have some good pictures come November. No giants on camera but, there is always deer moving and by November there are always a couple good bucks to chase.
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    Met @buck154 at 5:45 in Leonardo with my boat, and brought my cousin-in-law / neighbor along as well. He is a newb to fluking but of course caught the biggest! Forecast actually did EXACTLY what it said. It was very overcast and slightly snotty with a steady 10mph NE wind, but great drifting conditions for inside the bay. We tried several drifts off the Earl - sucked as it has all season. Tried some spots in and around the channels, still sucked then hit the rips which were boiling with hickory shad (think they are hickories) that were eagerly striking small deadly dicks and even bare hooks. I thought shad were strictly plankton feeders but these were loaded up with small rainfish and spitting them up. Did several fluke drifts i there and only a few shorts. So far, fluking just bad bad bad. Contemplated heading to Rockaway reef - 14 miles straight into NE slop. Weather started to improve. Called @MGHunter66 who was doing well with 2 keepers and lots of shorts toward the back bay. Thought about making run to Triangle area- maybe we should have but I wanted to go to the Shewsbury Rocks to Rattlesnake area instead. The 11 mile run wasn't too bad was able to average 20mph in that slop but nearly got airborn a few times. We had sporadic action just east of the rocks and all the way to Rattlesnake. Had one spot that we marked when my cousin-in-law got the best fish of day - a nice 23" so Buck154 hit "mark" on the GPS and we never forgot that spot.. In fact - it will forever be entered in my GPS as "Todd's Puke Rock" . Right after landing the fish, me and John went back to fishing while Todd was getting re-set... We started hearing gagging and definitely the word "Ralph" and we were like WTF how is this possible...???? Todd lost his breakfast. His dinner. And possibly yesterday's lunch and breakfast. He may have lost part of his intestines too - not sure. Wow... Just wow... Anyway - the rattlesnake was only good for one keeper for John. every time we went back to "Puke Rock" we had instant action in such a localized area. Usually one of us got stuck on the same rock every time we started that drift. John got his best of day later on at 22", he was farting around and I saw the fluke hit, John grabs rod and hooks the rock... The fish got it out of there fortunately. He did his job and got his limit 18.5, 19.5 and 22". I got a 21.5" and dropped a 22-23" at the surface. Truth be told, I thought it might be a keeper, but didn't call for the net (it was in netting range) because I called for the net on a 16.5" earlier and didn't want to be embarrassed again. The fish looked at me and laughed and let go of the naked 6" fire tiger gulp and swam away. Anyway - the weather ended up being so nice, really liking my boat and how it's laid out. Very nice on the drift - very stingy on gas... Ran about 50 miles overall possibly more on 13 gallons. Again the weather forecast was right and wind shifted later to SE and we had a nice following sea for ride home at 25-30mph. I was worried the NE to E forecast would have been 15-25 instead of the 5-10mph, and they got it right for once. We had enough action to make it fun with shorts many just unders of course, and if I didn't suck so bad at this would have had even more meat in the box. Pictured is my infamous JH bouy off the Earle where we started our first drift of day. Without a hit. Also a guy fishing off the rips with his spinning reel upside down. We all groaned - like fingernails on a chalkboard. Also a nice squid Todd caught and John rigged up a bottom rig. Was expecting great things on that but a rock ate the entire rig. A good day!
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    Left again well before ODARK THIRTY. great seas and little moonlight had me 70 miles off before the fireball came out of the eastern seas.. my buddy had left fish in the area the night before. got set up and was like a light switch . Whales and dolphins crashing bait .. one on , two on, three on, and four goes off . we clear the other 3 rods as those 4 reels are screaming line off . but instantly as the boat starts to slow we have a cluster fk and are tangled . Quickly making the right moves before we get burned off . 4 guys fight four tuna to boat side . but they aren’t blue fins , they are all yellowfins. quick work , and they are in the boat, bled and gutted. Then swimming in an ice slurry in the ice hotel.. set up again , a single yellowfin , then one more single going 6 for 6.. us releasing those 2 to fight another day , as one tuna each was plenty today . look at my watch it’s not even 7 am yet. looked around in the life for more tuna , but as boats started to show the bite was over. made a long run to the area that’s been loaded with bluefin the last week to find a ghost town. stopped at a few other spots finishing at 1 without another sniff. still a great day out with Austin, Edward , and Chris.. running in on flat seas was just icing on the cake.
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    Headed out with Tracey breaking the inlet at 7 AM, Back in at 10. steady pick of nice fish to just under 6 pounds . I had my limit at 8:30, Tracey finished her limit 9:30. quick turn around , cleaned up and relaxing in the air conditioning before noon .
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    The pictures are no good but loojk at the size of this thing
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    All, we are making some changes to the site to help get things on a better and more positive track here, focused on the NJ hunting, fishing, and outdoors we all come here to discuss. In the immediate, the following updates have taken place: Rules & Guidelines have been posted and added as the first item in the primary menu. Please read them carefully as you will be held to those rules. This will be an evolving set of rules and guidelines, it will be updated as needed and this topic will be bumped as a notice of those changes. The News, Media and Politics forum has been removed from Recent Topics. It still exists, but you will have to go to the forum list to view it or setup your own custom activity stream to show it. Posting in the NMP forum and all forums is subject to the Rules & Guidelines outlined. The Playground forum has been removed. We're no longer allowing content like that posted, per the rules. A quick link to Recent Topics has been added to the primary menu A quick link to Forums has been added to the primary menu A new default stream called Recent Topics (All) has been added if you want to select that as your own default stream or bookmark it If anyone has any questions or comments, please let us know!
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    My 2019 New Jersey Archery 🏹 Buck is complete and ready for pick up from the taxidermist. 24 inches is truly a wide and legitimate spread to look at, it really adds to his uniqueness! Shout out to Charlie Sahanas and his crew for performing the work! However, the most important thanks goes to my property owner, who has been gracious enough to allow me to hunt on his land for the last 9 years and to allow me to call him a friend. He also happens to be one of the nicest men I’ve ever met during my hunting career that’s given me the blessing to hunt on his property. Thanks Doc for always being so awesome, I’ll never forget it!
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    Finally got my 8 yr old daughter her first bow. Took her a few times so far and she's getting the hang of it. I hope she sticks with it. Gives us something to do together and get her away from technology.
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    I talked to my guide in Alaska last night. He said, as of now, we're good to go for my September hunt. Obviously, that could change but for now I'm excited. I have an Alaska Airlines Visa card that I've been building points on. I leave Newark on September 4th and return on September 17th. The round trip tickets cost a whopping $12.....for first class!
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    First check of the camera. Had six different bucks on in four days. Sent from my Moto G (5S) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Along with some new site updates, we've added @Flyarcher.X (formerly Dynamicduox) to the moderator team! We're excited to have our first female moderator who will help bring some more balance to the team, the site, and keep things on a positive track! Welcome Christina!
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    I took a long time fishing buddy of mine to the shore for some big fish surf fishing. He has NEVER seen a fish caught off the surf, lol! His first fish was a beautiful huge butterfly ray. Afterwards, the night was nonstop action with some big toothy critters (pics not allowed, haha). The morning brought some roughtail stingrays into the area. I landed a large one but lost a 2 hour battle to A giant ray that was estimated at well over 200#! After endless runs, surface explosions, and drag screams i lost the battle to this monster to a snapped line. I was physically exhausted but what an experience. It was great to see a lifelong freshwater fisherman introduced into the world of saltwater. We seen endless dolphins, a school of brown sharks explode on a school of bunker just 10 yards off shore, ospreys diving for bunker, etc. Great day!
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    Had all three show up on the same camera today .
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    Got out early to catch the tide,and avoid the crowds. Took my buddy Professor Glenn on this trip. He's always there to lend a hand when I'm in need of help around my farm and house. We hit them steady right out of the box and got our limits up to 23 1/2 inches. Gotta love bucktails! Almost hit a submerged hunk of piling in the river. Just saw it in the nick of time. We did the right thing and pulled it out, saving someone from a serious issue. Its my happy fishing time of the year!
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    The title is a little vague so my apologies. I have available for FREE a youth tree stand safety harness that I would like to give to a parent that is a first responder or in the military (present or former). We truly appreciate those who keep us safe and what our police force is going through. I am trusting that whomever is going to take it is in the "public service" as stated here. It's brand new, never used, because my daughters and I have been knocking them dead from the ground in our blinds. Below is the ad from Bass Pro but the package that I have says it is rated from 50 to 100lbs (not 120 as in the ad). I'd like to see it taken by a parent who is looking to get their kid into the stand to show them the ropes whether they are hunting yet or not. Given that it's rated only to 100lbs you are probably looking at age 6-12 or so. I am located in Rockaway Borough in Morris County. Because I'm working from home, we can work out pick-up pretty easily. Regardless, there are several members on here that have helped my kids and I out with clothing, hunts or ideas and we want to show our appreciation by helping out the next group of kids. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/hunter-safety-system-lil-treestalker-safety-vestharness-for-youth
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    So my brother and I went tuna fishing for the first time with a friend. We were about 80 miles out off the coast of NJ. We had a blast and caught our bluefin limit. The pic is a tuna that my brother was fighting for around 40 minutes. When the fish was about to get gaffed a giant Tiger shark appeared out of nowhere and helped himself to a snack! That was one bite and all that was left!! It was a very nice tuna and would have been the biggest of the day. Scared the crap out of me...haha
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    Caught this gang on the feedbag this afternoon..... Must of felt some rain in the clouds... No mama in sight
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    I was lucky enough to land a big one on my trip to the West Branch. It was an epic battle and it’s a memory that I will never forget. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Few deer mounted.. not sure why they uploaded so griany.. maybe I selected too many at once[emoji848] @kanigie yours is the last few pics. Great buck! Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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    Spruced up the farm a bit yesterday
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    Got into some bigger fish. On a good body of fish early limits the last 3 trips out. Time is right for flatties. Jigging them up, coming,and going.
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    The level of detail is amazing. A great job by Jay! Exactly the look I was hoping for. Put him under my other JJ mount - appropriately.
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    Looks like a little grizzly lol. Nj public land. Brown phase black bear. Seeing more bears on cam this year then ever before.
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    Big 9 Female painter turtle laying eggs Sent from my Moto G (5S) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Tons of boats out there today. Ended up in a secluded area with the boy and put a nice catch together.
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    Missed an easy 40 yard shot and hit this one at 130 im waiting for the one I missed to come back up
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    Just got back from a full week of fishing up at my favorite fishing destination...Cape Cod. The fishing was outstanding in both the salt ponds for stripers and freshwater for just about everything. Here are a few of many pics... huge bluegills- all 10 to 12 inches- all day. Made a hell of a fish fry !
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    Enjoy the weekend and thank you to anyone on here that has worn or continues to wear a uniform that serves our country and communities.
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    1st time on the water in my boat this year. Needless to say it's been too long. Fished local and found a couple patches of fish. Worked them over until the tide slowed and headed in. Not bad for a short trip.
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    Work schedule is crazy for the next 5 weeks so I took the day off yesterday to go put out my stand and check on my minerals/camera. Second season with the Hawk Big Denali 1.5 ladder stand and I love how safe/easy this stand is to setup. Couple of decent looking bucks in the area. There are 2 holes about 8” - 10” round and about 3” deep that the deer have been digging at in the minerals.
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    3 biggest bass- we caught dozens all around 3-4 pounds- but these were 21 in ( 7lbs) 19 in( 5 lbs) and a 5 pounder that was crapping out silver senkos !
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    Thank you Matt! I’m excited to be part of the team
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    They will craw through an 8-10 inch hole under a fence so a fence 2-3 feet off the ground is not going to deter them at all.
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    I smoke chilly peppers for about two hrs. Then I cut them in half and dry them in dehydrator. Once they are completely dry I grind them and they become my hot spice, I use all year long. (Smoked chilly becomes chipotle). By the end of the summer I will add to the mix at least four different types of hot peppers prepared the same way.
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    I believe there is a coyote chasing a fawn in the first clip.
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    This just in.....Mailman sightings have quadrupled since people have been staying home due to coronavirus. Story at 11.
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    Glad to not have to see the political garbage anymore. Thanks.
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    she walked by the minerals to lick my camera
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    The buck that I call Elliot from the movie Open Season made it through. He's going to be real freaky again . And, there's a wide buck that maybe the wide 8 that I passed up last season.
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    How are your food plots holding up in this heat and dry weather ? We’ve been missing these storms and could use some rain. Clover plots are doing pretty good still but any high spot it’s getting crispy . How is everyone else making out ?
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    Going down to my mom's place to check my trail cameras. I have not been down there since early January. Hopefully, I'll have some photos to post.
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    No, just a masonry contractor discount code for 85% off. I know a guy...but he eats Taylor Ham, so expect your stone patio to come out crooked and look like a 1st grade art project.
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