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  1. Headed out with Mike and Brandon to look for some stripers after work tonight . figured with forecasted hard west their would be bait along the beach NADA . so hit some lumps and they each got to fight a cow . Brandons fish was 39 # , Mike’s was 43. both swam for a few minutes for a nice healthy release . headed back in earlier than expected when winds went hard south stacking up the seas quick . comfortable ride home and cleaned up early . .
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  2. Wow! I can't believe how things are working out this season for me! First I get a great opening day gobbler, now this week I had several great days afield and also managed to get another nice gobbler down today on the last day of B-week! Earlier this week I spent a couple mornings at a new place that I scouted a few months ago. I saw a bunch of turkeys, but they were mostly hens (the exception was Heckle and Jekyll, the 2 small jakes who were so young they didn't seem to know how to strut or gobble!). It's fun watching the hens interact with each other, but after a while you just want to
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  3. iluv2hunt

    Muzzleloader Tom down

    My day started off real slow and pretty remain that way. There was zero gobbling today. If it wasn’t for pictures from my cell camera all week long of turkeys in the field I hunt. I would have thought there was no turkeys in my area. Around 11 I did some calling. No response. I’m sitting texting a friend in New Hampshire about the lack of activity today. I look out the left side of the blind and I see a Tom strutting about 80 yards away. I decided I wasn’t going to do any calling. He broke strut and started heading for my decoys. I had my decoys at 15 yards so he need to cover some ground befo
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  4. Shug

    Took a respectable bird...

    Called this guy on state land yesterday...drew back when went behind a tree he walked right up to the jake decoy and stood behind a couple of weeds...I was stuck at full draw for what felt like 2 minutes but was probably 15 seconds.... then he stepped up on a mound of dirt to give the jake the stink eye.. 13 yard shot 45 yard recovery 21# 9” beard just over 1” Spurs
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  5. We had steady rain from the start and the first run we fished we caught three browns 14-18" in just a matter of maybe 15 minutes. From there we moved downstream and had hits but all misses. So we decided to go try another stream i know and we got there and the water was so low it was not fishable bummer. So we go to another spot down in a deep valley and we each caught a brown around 12 inches. So we said lets go try another spot where we have done good before and it was loaded with tourists we couldn't even park that annoyed us. So we both agree lets go back where we started and fish that sec
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  6. nmc02


    I fished the Raritan bay for stripers today for the first time in 3 years...lots of fish around. Live lining was great.
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  7. It was a great day! Another pic of my walleye and brown. I wear a size 16 boot for reference.
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  8. Looks like maybe 60lb must be a young one!
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  9. Took a ride with my great friend to Pennsylvania to chase some thunder chickens and we both shot Swingers on consecutive mornings! What an amazing time for $102...
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  10. Well, i figured if Hemlock could catch em in the rain so could I . Had an interesting day...caught a few 6-8 inchers in the decent weather and had my 3 biggest in the middle of an absolute downpour. I know they don’t count without pics, ( the phone stayed dry in my waders - lol ) but the biggest was right around 12in , the other 2 just over ten ... nothing Hemlockian , but nice fish ! The bonus for the day was a smallie that looked like it had swallowed a brick ! Not long , but fat as could be. Saw a few nice birds as well- the warblers are really starting to show up in force. Last night with
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  11. Mine would be Alaskan King Crabs then a Big Porterhouse or Ribeye on the grill. Once a year a buddy and I buy a 10 pound box of king crab legs and split.
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  12. hammer4reel

    Pit Boss Beef

    Tracey smoked these 2 top round beef roasts while I was casting lead . 4 hour smoke at 225, reverse seared after that . great smoke ring .. start to finish pics. def wish we had more time each week smoke more stuff
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  13. Bobcat19

    B week bird down (5/6)

    Pretty crazy hunt to say the least. Long story if you care to read, if not photo attached below. Hunted this bird on Z9 public land the last day of A week and Mon. - Thurs. of B week all before work sits. This spot had multiple gobblers, but they would never gobble at the same time making it very hard to judge how many there actually were. There was a boss bird who would gobble the most and everyday would fly down with his hen and she would take him away. He would get fired up to calling, but would never leave the hen and she never would respond to my call. They never went the same
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  14. Shot a nice Jake at 16yds w/ the shotgun. Haven't used a gun in a longtime. 19.03 lbs 1/2" Spurs 3.5" Beard
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  15. Got this guy on the Reveal today, looks like a future 140"deer
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  16. Protect your kids. Protect yourself. Be smart. Don't be vindictive, angry or jealous. Most importantly, beware of women! If they're single, attractive and available at your age there's a very good reason for it!
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  17. Got one Gobbled his head off, probably 50 times He hung up and I shut up Finally took him at 33 yds Had him going for 45 minutes Fun
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  18. Hey everyone, been busy with different projects and some out of state turkey hunting. Had great success in MD taking 2 gobblers and even doubling up with my buddy on our second hunt. Got my butt kicked in Alabama but my daughter took a great gobbler so it was a great trip! As for my children's book, I hope you all pick one up as it has many messages for our children but most importantly is to never give up no matter what! It is titled Immigrant, American, Survivor. A little boy who grew up to be all three. I hope it inspires children you have or know and if you pick a copy up, thank you i
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  19. I went out today with my dad and sailed with Joe Mustari of Maz man charters. We had great conditions. Excellent action on the fly as well as spinning gear. Highly recommend him. http://www.mazmancharters.com/#title
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  20. Bro in law’s 250 acre farm in Catskill. his wife saw a fire breathing dragon of a gobbler on the back 40 yesterday Davis Sport Shop sold me my 2 bird tag for $25 bucks guna raise some hell!! brought out Rocky the decoy out of retirement for a few rounds!
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  21. (UPDATE: see YouTube video below) Another awesome day turkey hunting... just when I thought this season couldn't get any better I have to be at work now, so I'll hold off on writing a book - maybe I'll update this later. I also have a bunch of videos from my phone I want to upload to YouTube. I'll post those when I'm done. In short, I had a jake violently molest both my decoys for a full 2 hours this morning. I was going to let him walk when he showed up, but he was a bully and I had to defend the honor of my decoys. I thought he was going to destroy them He did bend one of m
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  22. BHC

    Mother's Day Dinner

    Took my wife and kids out for Mother's Day, we headed to Little Ferry to Segovia's, we started off with clams casino. and fried calamari, we then got seafood paella, ribeeye steak and another dish that has lobster, clams, mussels, and skirt steak....place so damn good well worth the drive. We got there at 12pm and got seated ASAP, place got packed quickly
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  23. I can eat them fried with a cold beer every day.
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  24. Want to fill another tag so headed out today. Had 2 going that came in within 60 yards, just a bit too far. They turn and go uphill away from me. I decided to try and get in front of them so I hustle up and around. I sit down and get them ripping coming in and 30 yards away I see this guy. He made such a commotion they zipped their lips. Beautiful morning to be in the woods.
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  25. Roon

    Little more work.

    Not bad for a DP lol Hutch was built from shit I pulled from a kitchen I pulled, color sucks, I know but it was paid for by customer
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  26. A crapload of alcohol probably....
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  27. Buck154

    Snake Attack

    Well maybe not a attack on me, more like attack on them. Was time to till the garden last time before I put plants in the ground. Just started and one come from the side and almost got him. Picked him up and brought him inside to show the wife. Cool to see one as it's been a while since I have seen any. Took him over away from the garden and released under my wood pile. Go back to the garden and till again. Well another one come out of the ground on the other side. Glad I didn't hit any while tilling.
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  28. Kype

    my new fishing kayak

    bought a new hobie last week and each night before bed i have been rigging it up for fishing. installed a lowrance, rod holder, mesh pockets, a square hatch and moved the round hatch to the front. it was an uneasy feeling taking a jig saw to a new kayak but everything went well. plan on taking it out tomorrow morning but if its pouring out then ill get out early sunday morning. i bought the horizontal hatch by accident but will still work.
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  29. Shug

    World class dead heads

    The guys I lease a Mexico ranch with were down there this week checking out a second ranch we picked up... These are all dead heads that were found... everyone of them is a world class buck.. let’s hope the gene is carried on...
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  30. Two words. Asian hookers. Don't laugh. It helps.
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  31. Nice 2 year old bird . 9 inch beard , 7/8 spurs.
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  32. I came across this cool picture of Bill Harley and Arthur Davidson on a fishing expedition on their Motorcycle DATE UNKNOWN. Looks like they had a pretty good day on the river. Nice catch there.
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  34. Lunatic

    Venison Stew

    2.5 hrs at 250 and it comes out perfect
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  35. Sorry to spoil the fun. The picture was originally a game keeper in Africa running from the hippo. I think the more concerning question is why do you have a picture of this naked, fat guy on your computer to cut and paste into the scene?!!
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  36. Just took a longbeard. Waiting for other birds to leave before I go check him out . They were putting a beat down on my hen and jake decoy . Awesome show they put on . Pics in a few .
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  37. 3Blade

    Ouch, Gas Prices

    And to all the idiots that voted for him
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  38. Live to Hunt

    2021 Garden Thread

    Well I finished the Garden now it’s planting time.
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  40. I was/am in the same boat just different, my ol lady of 20 years past and learning to be on your own again is difficult, for me concentrating on our boy is what got me through it, I did everything for him and we do everything together still a year and a half later, miss her every day and may yell scream in private but then pull myself together and get back to providing for the boy,
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  41. I finally finished up the paint job on this bench project. After a bunch of practice runs on scraps with various brushes, rollers, etc, I ended up picking up a sprayer. In the end, that was the finish I was after. I am sure there a talented people out there that can get close with brushing, tipping, etc. but I wasn't there. Plus it allowed me to get yet another toy for projects. Can never have too many. I went with a Graco handheld sprayer which I got on sale at the home depot + an extra 15% of coupon. After a few test runs on scraps, I gave it a go. Sprayer worked great. Sand,
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  42. I with with you on the surf and turf. But you need a better porterhouse:
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  43. When I posted this originally I did so because I took both my grandsons out turkey hunting two days apart on the 26 & 28 of April, Both boys slept over my house and we did not wear any masks because wife and I were both vaccinated and were more than 4 weeks after 2nd shot. When we came home from the hunt on the 28 Jake was not feeling very well he was tired and I did not give it a thought because we got up real early, well he went home and that evening had a fever of around 100, next day his mother was contacted by state that the boys were in contact with another baseball player on their
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  44. hammer4reel

    Cast Away

    Weather just good enough to get some wheel weights melted down . PIA keeping the pot under 800 degrees so that any zinc weights don’t melt into the lead , and even using a 3# ladle the 2# weights wrinkle quick . ‘but rather the wrinkles than lose a whole batch . bunch 1 1/2# and 2# ready for tilefish did a few mojo heads while at it . Tracey has the Pit Boss cranked up doing some beef roasts . Good use of what was supposed to be a rain out . .
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  45. SWM ISO good times in the great outdoo..... Oh, wait. Wrong forum... lemme restart. Found this forum from a mention on NJgunforums.com, and I like what I see. Recently retired after 34 yrs of toil, and hope to rekindle my hunting and fishing enjoyment which has kinda languished of late. I suspect I'll be a lurker for a bit until I get my beard vs, but I think this'll be a daily visit for me!
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  46. Fished through the down pours was great seeing much needed rain. Streams were brown and running high. I had a feeling i would get into a good one because these are among my favorite conditions. I decided to hit a creek very small normally but was high and clear. Started hooking up right away on browns from 10-12" so i started continuing upstream and they started getting a little bigger. But they were hitting good and then i got that slam head shake turn and burn and new i hooked into a good one. Was a great fight and made my day getting a good brown today. The smaller one in the pictures has b
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  48. Bones

    Introducing Beau

    8 weeks old English setter out of swift rock kennels Illinois. black and white with some brown on the face and ears. little ball of fire and at 8 weeks old he easily excites and humps everything lol.
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  49. hammer4reel

    Turkey bugs???

    Works quick
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