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    Proud of this slob. no corn piles no scents state land as well.. Dressed at 169. For this time of year I am stoked. 2 sheds found in same area that make his rack look small. he will go in the hi 20's low 30's with no deducts and a 22 inch spread.. Deep swamp buck.
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    So I'm with my youngest and he loves this sight.. He is 7.. He said daddy you never tell anyone about my big bass I caught.. I said ok we will give you a moment of glory.. This Bass was caught last year during the spawn.. Was caught on a weedless frog (as he can cast it all day and won't get stuck).. The bass measured 26.5 inches and weighted in on the Rapala Scale at 8.11. After a 30 minutes struggle with his step up the fireline did its job and got him in... Looking to break 10.14 state record if it can be done..LOL Best part it was caught in a local pond and released unharmed. I got several pics and send them out to be reproduced.. Should be coming back soon
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    Yes, this in deer hunting forums, not playground.... Post up some pics of your racks. Good old late season motivation y'all!
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    Kills that didnt make the “wall”! Ill have to put these on plaques one day. 1st pick are the last bucks i killed with the compound some years back, 2nd pics are all jersey 10pts, last pic is all trad kills.
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    Had another great day out with dad . Great to be able to give back to dad for all the years of good times he showed me . Thanks Dad !! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Let's see your pictures from "Then and Now". This is a rated G version of the "10 year photo challenge".
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    I decided early today I wanted to go out but my hunting partner could not make it and I normally do not go alone, but thought it was such a nice day with a NW wind I had to go out so I headed up tho the Farm in Hopewell at 1PM, on the way there I see more deer in the fields that normal. When I got to the farm I drove down to the house and there were deer in the driveway, parked the truck and there were deer in all 4 fields leading to my stand. I had to shoot another deer form the land owner so I figured I would load up in case they all did not spook, when I got to the last field there were about 30 deer in the corner which is 200 yards away so I got down ans walked low in a berm and got to within about 150 yards and glassed the deer, not a horn in sight but a few good size shed bucks and a few nice does. I picked out the biggest doe she dropped and got and ran about another 40 yards and dropped, deer was in the barn by 2:30 and I am home by 4PM. Good easy day. Thank you god for this great sport.
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    ****January/Winter giveaway open to all members here on NJW&W**** Rules: - This Giveaway entry period will expire on Sunday, 1/27/19 at 1900 hours. - All entries are FREE! - One (1) entry per member - One (1) winner will be selected using Random Result with a link provided to the results! How To Enter: Simply respond to this topic and say you're in! Once the entry period ends, @BowhunterNJ will gather all the entries and use Random Result to pick a winner! How To Claim Your Prize: LPJR will coordinate shipping to the winner! Prize Description: Brand new Ozark Trail 6.5 inch pocket knife set Wood handles and metal medallions Stainless Steel Blade Collector's tin box included Good luck!
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    Took a couple years, but the deer finally started eating the turnips and radishes. They have always eaten the tops but this year they are hammering the tubers. I have some rye and wheat down in addition to clover also. . Considering all the rain we had, the plots are still providing food. I havent put any corn out in awhile and the deer are in it every night. 8
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    You're letting your girlfriend dictate your purchases and you're not even married? Run.
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    Here's three NJ bucks all over 20"wide down for their yearly cleaning. I will take more pics when I get a chance of the many others hanging all over the place, the wife hates me...lol
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    That Buck means more to me then most of the Big ones that I have taken.I was 14.My Dad took me up to the Walpack area.It was my first Buck.I killed it with my York recurve with a Super Hilbre broadhead on a 4 fletched wooden arrow.I was sitting on a big branch of a deadfall. I aimed at the front but hit him in the rear.Luckly I cut the Femoral artery and he didn't go far. A true trophy to me. I'll never forget that day!
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    My two biggest wall mounts, 158” and 152”
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    2018 bucks. Not a bad year
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    Recently finished up a three day hunt I thought I would share with everyone. Last Sunday myself and some friends left for NC to do a three day rabbit hunt that had been planned for some time. A few of the guy's had not hunted over hounds for a long time and for one younger hunter it was his first time ever. With the storm that came up last Sunday the driving was a little slick going down, and put us behind schedule a little bit. That area of NC was hammered with rain that day, not to mention a lot of rain during most of the regular hunting seasons this past year. Everyone arrived by early evening to get unpacked and kick back with a few beers and some whiskey. Monday morning came and was a mess to start things off for the first day with a lot of areas flooded out. Hounds had a rough start, but worked things out the best they could with the conditions they were given. The hound owner brought around 14 hounds and was going to run 7 in the morning and a different 7 in the afternoon. We started at the back side of a field that went into a heavy thicket area with a stream at the bottom. After the hounds worked the lower area by the stream they finally came up middle way to higher ground where the first good race was started. This area had some good small winding woods roads with a lot of bends in different areas which would make things interesting for most of the morning . Always seemed when the race was going good he would cross on one of those bends where none of the guy's were or they had just left. Finally one of the guys that had not been rabbit hunting for many years got a shot at him at the end of a dead end road with his 410 pump, but was able to get into the thicket some before being found. Finally one on the board or as some say "the tailgate". Shortly after another race was going and another hunter was able to get him using a older Ithaca 16 gauge. Worked that area the rest of the morning with the hounds struggling some with some short races where they seemed to have holed up or crossed into some flooded areas. After lunch we went to another spot which had a lot of tall indian grass mixed with some some shorter pines with some of the longest bushy needles I have ever seen. Before long they had one up and running and as much as we tried closing the gap in certain areas he would do something different to mix things up. Finally the hunter with the 410 pump took his second rabbit of the day. After he had shot his second rabbit we could hear that one of the hounds had broken off from the pack and was running a separate rabbit by himself. Hounds quickly went to him and another race was on ! They ran this one most of the afternoon through some large swampy areas back up to that big pine area. As they were coming back out of the thick swamp where I was I thought I had most of my area covered but he zipped past the small opening I had into the pines where he made a big left turn to try and double back around where another hunter was with a much older Remington 870 20 gauge that still worked fine. We ended the day with four on the tailgate and headed back to the farm house for some venison steak sandwiches one of the guy's brought to make which were great that night. Tuesday morning was cold with the first good run in a wide strip thicket area. The hounds took the rabbit to the end of the thicket out into a cut cotton field, then past where the trucks were parked into a bigger piece of woods. Hounds finally worked him out where one guy could get a clean shot at him back in the cotton field. Owner gathered up the hounds to get them back deeper into the main part of the big woods since that had hardly been touched yet. Wasn't long and the choir was singing again ! They ran this one to the back side of the big woods where they started to have some trouble keeping the track which was before a block pile. Not sure if it was the same one or not but after passing that block pile down a little ways one busted out the right side and was going to cross a cut field to another piece of woods where the hound owner did not want them to get into. The younger hunter who had never rabbit hunted over hounds before ended up taking the shot just as the hounds picked up the scent to get his first rabbit. We finished hunting that area before heading back for lunch. That afternoon he took us to another spot where a big old raccoon was pushed out into a flooded area, which he didn't care where but he was getting out of town quick ! lol. Hounds ended up losing that rabbit when they got to some deeper water in one area so we crossed a woods road to try and get them up on some higher ground which was for the better because they were able to get one started and pounded him for a long time. I believe there were three misses going away on a woods road, one in the front end of that piece, and another in a corner section . The six to eight hounds that were on the ground gave him some exercise and had some hunters shaking their heads at the end of the day ! Even though we ended the day with only two rabbits we had some good runs and a lot laughs. Dinner that night was sausage, peppers, and onions with a few much needed drinks ! Wednesday morning was cold with a heavy frost and the owner of the hounds said since it was the last day he was going to bring ten of his best hounds. He wanted to start out in a smaller thicker block of woods he had since there was a heavy frost. After two great runs in this piece we had two rabbits on the tailgate. Moved to another spot which was deeper through some fields to a over grown area that was more like a jungle than anything else, but had a lot of good sign. After about 15 or 20 minutes they had one started which would end up being the longest run of the three days. The rabbit made some runs through some nasty crap and crossed a couple woods roads where no one could get a quick shot on him. Finally he had enough and made up his mind he was leaving and took the hounds on a straight shot away out of hearing of all of us. He checked his garmin unit and they were about a little over 500 yards from where we first started and still going strong. After trying to get around to where they were, many misses, and 2 1/2 hours of some of the best music you could ever hear echoing in the woods he was finally put on the tailgate !! We finished out the day with two more for a total of five, and eleven for the three days we hunted. Should have had a few more but some of us had bent barrels on our guns along with the weather curve ball we were given for the beginning of the hunt. Ended the day with a bottle of "Crown Reserve" with a toast to the "hunt" with good friends both new and old. I've included some pic's from the hunt and have a short video clip I'm trying to post but having trouble posting it. While growing up I would run hounds with my father and had my own hounds for many years before slowly recently getting out of it, nothing like hearing that music in the woods first thing in the morning. For you guy's with kids on here that hunt, if you ever have the opportunity to take them hunting over a good pack of hounds you need to do it. Hope everyone enjoys the post
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    Hunting with my son David (BUSHNLO) 1985 and today with him and Granddaughter LILY 2018, THE three pictures are Bird hunting with oldest Son Dennis in the 70's ( he no longer hunt, and three GSP I had, the White GSP was 1979 NJ STATE CHAMPION. The last picture was the guy who taught me how to hunt, My Father DON with my youngest son Mike, Dad passed in 1999, he was an NRA life member, WWII Army Vet and Mike is now 28 and getting married in June.
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    My kids when they first started to fish and now. As they got older, the search for bigger fish got stronger! They have no interest in hunting (must get that from thier mother!)
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