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  1. And they will complain that “we” don’t do enough for those people lol
  2. One thing my Uncle and my father taught me at a young age, it’s best to let any woman know right away that she has no control over when you go hunting. I think it has served me well and none of the serious girls in my life ever batted an eye at me walking out the door or being gone a week for deer camp. They knew from the jump what they were getting into. I’ve been apart of a couple deer camps so far in my hunting career and I consider it a different part of hunting. While most of the season I am geared at being successful and shooting a deer. When at deer camp it’s all about enjoyin
  3. I have a bunch of shed bucks in zone 12. Went out a week before the last day. 9 bucks all shed or half rackers.
  4. Jcol6268


    Maybe he didn’t get drawn for his turkey zones and is bummed out lol
  5. U Del is one of the best party colleges in the country! Lol. Good for her, sounds like she is a great student
  6. Definitely don’t get discouraged. It can be tough at times. If you can find them, get yourself some Winchester Longbeard XRs in either a size 5 or a 6. I prefer the 6s but they are tough to find right now. Pattern them with your full choke tube and see how you do. Those shells knock em dead and they’ve patterned well out of any gun I’ve shot them in. There’s a decent chance that your POI will be high or low. You can add some sort of sight to your gun to adjust for this.
  7. Man I never made it to Jay’s for any wood splitting but this sounds like a Shindig! Id like to go if I am off but my schedule has been different week to week lately lol. That’s a hell of a 3D course! Reminds me of seeing pictures of TSPenns old course from the “other” site.
  8. I thought it was fairly objective. However, I didn’t like that they are posing the opposition of the bears are cute and friendly and do we really need a hunting season for safety reasons. I would have liked to seen other points like: over population of bears in a particular area (not just 2500-3000 in the entire state, the entire state isn’t the problem, bear country is). Or how about hunting for food- I really want to shoot a bear to enjoy what it provides me. Bear fat and meat. I have plenty of dishes I’m waiting to try! Or the point that shooting a be
  9. Nice. 9A sold out this year. Guess there will be more hunters this year. I didn’t get 9A but got 9B
  10. When he said that I was like, he said Chris right?! Lol
  11. Manufacturers aren’t going to be producing for a little bit. They don’t consistently produce hunting rounds 365. They do production runs. Which is gunna continue the problem. Once it hits the market, after guys haven’t been able to find it they will stock up again creating a frenzy.
  12. Think if you have 8 million new gun owners. And they each buy 4 boxes of ammo. That’s 32 million boxes of ammo that’s in demand of the already large demand. My department has had a back order of ammo in since before the shortage. Then they just doubled it because who wants to have a hard time ordering it?! Every LE agency in the country is probably doing the same. Add that to the military and all of the “hoarders” and you have quit the demand. You have guys buys ammo to guns they don’t have!! Panic creates buying and buying creates panic. It’s an endless cycle. I think we will be in the same s
  13. She is great..at Lip Syncing lol. It’s actually Stevie Nicks singing. She’s a famous Lip Syncer on social media.
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