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  1. Jcol6268


    Would probably take over a year for the look up.
  2. Jcol6268

    Field geese good guy alert!

    That is freaking awesome!
  3. Jcol6268

    Good luck to all NY rifle hunters!

    Brian there’s just something special about poking a hole in em with a rifle. Congrats
  4. Jcol6268

    Good luck to all NY rifle hunters!

    Hamilton County
  5. Jcol6268

    Good luck to all NY rifle hunters!

    Just got home. Shot a nice yellow racked 10 pointer. Love NY more and more every year. Good luck guys.
  6. Jcol6268

    ROOKIE MOVES/List them here!

    Finish up a days hunt, driving home, on the road about 15 minutes when I take a right hand turn and hear all this banging. Look in my side view mirror behind me only to see my tree stand and all my hunting gear scattered in the middle of the road lol.
  7. Jcol6268

    Going to the Walpack Inn tonight

    Missed you guys. I was there a few weeks ago....normal....walk in today and all the mounts were gone. I got the same historical story. I’m sad to see what the place is going to. I went for the ambience, not the food. Oh well, I wonder if business will take a hit or not. It was nice to see a bear tonight tho. Was the first time I’ve ever seen a bear out back. Had a limp with a bad back left leg.
  8. Jcol6268

    Big Bodied Management Buck

    If it’s a good area with good genes let em grow if that’s what you intend. Good hunt, great story, congrats.
  9. Jcol6268

    Hunting boots

    Those look legit...potentially too warm lol
  10. Jcol6268

    Shotgun Choice For 6 Day ?

    This year I'm gunna use my Mossberg 695
  11. How do you like the LHR? I was all set to buy one, and then when the whole black gun at Harrisburg thing happened the company stopped responding to me and lost my business. Still thinking about pulling the trigger on the TC version.
  12. Jcol6268

    Bear Over/Under estimates this week

  13. Jcol6268


    I’ve had him do his dances, songs and costumes many times but one time it back fires when he made me get up and sing happy birthday myself getting the whole places attention for me to do it lol. Love that place
  14. Jcol6268

    Crossbow discharge bolt failure

    Can’t you guys uncock it with the rope?
  15. Jcol6268

    New to Site and New to waterfowl

    Welcome. I picked up goose hunting last year. I immediately became addicted. I mainly hunted from the middle of November to the end of the season. I didn’t do anything early season. I spent just about all my free time either goose hunting or scouting for geese and knocking on doors. No luck knocking on doors but my buddy had luck and we landed a nice farm. Neither of us were experienced, he had been a few times before and we just learned as we went. We’re onviosuly still learning. I have a couple decoys now, a couple cheap calls, and a lot of trail and error so far lol. It’s a blast, just go out and take a guess and learn. I spent a lot of time reading forums, watching YouTube, and tons of time in my truck chasing flocks and learning. From one newbie to another I say just jump right into it. I have a group of us that go out so we all add up decoys and it’s a nice little spread for cheap.