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  1. I want to put in a raised bed garden this year. Have never gardened before. Are there any tips you can give a newbie? I’ve been reading some articles recently to get an idea of what to do. Plan on starting the project soon.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Glad she is okay and on her way home. Not that this would have helped her but for us guys, this is why I carry two wallets, get pick pocketed, robbed, lose a wallet, etc, I at least have some money/credit card to find my way home. If I get pick pocketed or robbed they will most likely go after my “normal” wallet which has a credit card and mostly reward cards and other BS I keep in there lol. Has happened once already! But he wasn’t a pro and just a kid and we caught him lol.
  3. How much for the tool box??

  4. Well the other evening I missed. I was praying I could get it done this evening wanting one last deer for the freezer. It’s been a good year but I gave a lot of meat away! Did a quick hang and hunt and of course set myself up for the deer to come one way and they come the other. They were on pins and needles. Said I would shoot the first deer no matter what. It ended up being a button buck and he got the pass, and I was regretting that lol 6 deer finally all walk off and the biggest was the last to leave. Luckily last second she presented me with a quartering away shot. Was lucky to make it happen. Sorry for the crummy pic, I had every intention of taking a nicer one but I was in a rush because I got called into work. Bring on the gobblers!!
  5. Depends where your hunting. I have private property that I may see a mature buck every sit. I have public that I may see a mature buck once a season, as of late a few a season, I’ve been getting lucky lol. I personally consider a mature buck to be 3.5. Some of my buddies that I learn from consider 4.5 + mature.
  6. I think they are the best bang for the buck. I just got Versa buttons for mine and I'm gunna try using Amsteel on mine to get even lighter. Like said above, if you look long enough on AT you will find a set, especially with the new Heliums coming out.
  7. If only I could give the old lady antlers every year for our anniversary maybe I wouldn’t forget lol
  8. Jcol6268

    Few Of Us Can Relate

    One of the most important things they don’t teach you in the academy lol
  9. My old lady asks me these hypothetical questions all the time that will never happen. I usually pass lol.
  10. I have a set of 4 I would let go. I have them stealth stripped with the rope mod. Let me know if you’d be interested in that set up.
  11. What else ya letting go? I took a dive a finally bought a Mathews...I said my next would be a Darton...you make it so tempting lol. I only buy used bows because I like to always change it up.
  12. Sugar I have one that I’ve been watching for 5 years. She’s the same size the day I first saw her, which is small. I don’t know how old she actually is. But she’s made it at least 5 years so the traits can’t be all that bad lol.
  13. Thats the best PB i've ever seen. I used to use them religiously, great on paper, horrible on game. I have shot about ten deer with them. I agree that the deer dont go far. However, I had one bad shot on one and it doesnt help that theres no blood trail. Bad shot on my part, but it ended with a wasted deer. I always feared the what if the deer goes more then 50 yards...that one day became a reality and I have since changed. All of my bullets came out looking like they went in.
  14. Would probably take over a year for the look up.
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