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    Camden, Again

    I am sure it will fix many of their problems. I’m glad they are forward thinkers!! 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. This will be the first year in a long time that I’m not out for opening day of Muzzy. Over the past few years I’ve been pretty lucky with the muzzy, but I have more important family commitments this year. If I shoot one good buck a season I can’t complain. It’s already been a great year for me, but hope to hit some public on Tuesday with the smoke pole. Good luck to those heading out, and looking forward to some success stories and pictures!
  3. Last outdoor show I went out for there was a guy that had a helluva set up. The most sturdy keep your dry type of thing I’ve ever seen. The price was off the charts though. For me at least. Over $100. Was quality piece though and I’m sure worth that price if you needed it lol.
  4. I’m with your friends, your nuts! Lol. But I understand the logic. Congrats on some great animals. Do you have property out there??
  5. I would pass. He can make a full recovery from that. If it takes a bad turn and his life is to end and he is suffering. That’s when I would take him.
  6. Definitely some form of merino wool. A mid layer and then an outer layer with some sort of windbreaker material. You’ll be golden to really cold temps 👍
  7. I would get a new battery for your phone. Probably much cheaper then getting a new phone.
  8. Idk about the other guy but I just looked at your prices first. I was like this guy is off his rocker! Who’s going to pay those prices. Then I realized that you are a mobile butcher. I like the idea. Wish I had this a few years ago! Probably would have cut some time off the learning process lol.
  9. One of my buddies has a cabin, which we kind of use as home base, and then we set up a spike camp back into the wilderness. On the way out, ran into some guys that hunt the same area every year, they were all seeing loads of deer near the roads lol. One old timer had just shot a monster 9 pointer with bases like coke cans. We are a ways back and all we saw were a few does and a spike buck. I think my one buddy jumped the monster buck we are after. He’s a slob of an old deer and comes into the area strictly to breed does. Twice a year. Then you never see him the rest of the year. At lunch he was moving further down this ridge and jumped a good one but couldn’t tell if it was him or not. I’d say we shoot most of our bucks between 10-2:30.
  10. I’ve turned into a lever gun guy, but that gun is something special.
  11. Well I made my usual trip up to the Adirondacks in 5H. It was a smaller group with a shorter stay but on the second day I was able to connect with my first black bear. Came off the mountain I was sitting at the base of. A 60 yard shot out of my Winchester 1894 in 30-30, and I had my first black bear. Wasn’t huge. At 6 miles from the truck, and almost 2 miles from camp, it was an easy decision to cape, quarter and debone in the woods. I’d estimate the bear in the 150-180 lbs range dressed.
  12. I headed up for four short days. Hopefully going to head back up for a secondary short trip. I was lucky enough to shoot my first bear. Gunna post pics shortly
  13. Weather was at least better than last year but still warm. Congrats to your buddy.
  14. That’s a good’r. Congrats to your buddy
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