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  1. I’ve found guys in my stand and have just let them hunt it. Yeah it’s my stand but I put it on public. That was back in the days of leaving stands behind. I try to keep my presence unknown. I’ve also had guys hunt my stands and leave a gut pile at the base of it. That pissed me off. I got his gutting knife he left behind though lol.
  2. Geez. Glad she’s getting the right treatment. What hospital did she go to originally?
  3. Thank you for posting this. I do foresee the ample posts of people saying I saw a deer with EHD now lol.
  4. Man this has me ready for Upstate Hunting. Nothing like the Adirondacks.
  5. The big deal about Tacoma’s is that they take nothing but maintenance to get 300,000. I’ll see in a few years with mine what it’ll actually take. If you want to spend the money you can get any vehicle to 300,000. Most people don’t get the Tacoma for towing purposes, it’s a midsize truck. However if they want to also tow with it they can simply get the Towing Package which almost doubles their towing capacity. My Tacoma had a similar towing capacity to the F150 I was looking at as well.
  6. I have a 2016 TRD Off Road with the Double Cab. I’ve put 140,000 miles on it and it’s just cost me routine maintenance. I use and abuse this thing which is why I went with the Tacoma. My American made vehicles can’t withstand what I put the Toyota through. It has towed my 18’ CC without a problem. Handles off road better than any truck I’ve had. There will be two problems you consistently hear about. 1. Rough ride and 2. The gear hunting, some people say it’s doesn’t shift right. You’ll notice both on your test drive. The gear hunting I noticed when I first bought the truck. I would pound on t
  7. I remember one of the few times seeing my father cry was when his Uncle, who got him into hunting passed. The very next hunt out he shot his biggest buck of his life. Then my father passed and I shot the biggest buck of my life. I’ve had some very successful hunts after his passing on some great deer, but none bigger then the 146” buck after my father passed. I may never see a bigger Jersey buck. I find it hard to believe they don’t have something to do with it.
  8. FYI it was Bowtech that lost me as a customer. Just to make that clear. I’ve only had one experience with Bob & AJ’s and it was top notch. Long story short years ago I called Bowtech, wanted to have work done at the factory (they have a Proshop there). Bow had sentimental value to me. Pretty much said I have an open wallet, I want to make this bow new. New strings, new limbs, anything else they suggested. They explained no problem, had a week to get it done. They knew that no problem. Brought the bow on the plane with me. To the shop. Essentially the young kid in the Proshop wouldn’t do wo
  9. That’s super nice of them. Too bad they lost me as a customer. Never again. Edit: Due to confusion I was referring to Bowtech losing me as a customer. Bob & AJ’s was top notch the one and only time I used them which was last year.
  10. I grew up hunting public land and have hard plenty of hard lessons along the way. While in college I spent a TON of time in the woods. That’s really when I began to learn and become consistently successful. The biggest style I learned, hunting new ground is learning to hunt into the woods and hunting active sign. I would walk in, mobile, and learn new areas and when I find fresh sign I would hunt it. I would become successful on does and young bucks and occasionally a mature buck. Finding oak flats, rubs, scrapes, droppings, and learning what deer bed in. Do you know how long it took me to fin
  11. I feel like most banks are even open on holidays these days.
  12. Arkansas is on my list. Recently I’ve had the urge to hit the UP in Michigan. Idk how NJ didn’t make the list...so many places to hunt, only a lifetime to do it.
  13. There’s been bears in every county for some time now. I do enjoy the message from Winslow PD lol.
  14. I know a lot of people still think this isn’t bad because of statistics from the flu. But if the the flu was worse than this we would already be prepared. You wouldn’t see the hospitals running out of vents, or rooms, you wouldn’t see morgues over flowing causing hospitals to rent and purchase refrigeration trucks to stack bodies (yes that’s right here in NJ). I’ve never personally known anybody that has died from the flu. In the past week I know of 4 people that have died from CV19. Two in their 30s, 1 who was 46 and 1 who was late 50s. Known who are unhealthy. It seems it may not get as bad
  15. One time a few years ago. Checked the usual.
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