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  1. Pathman


    Not sure at this time K, will have to wait till we get closer.
  2. Thanks Bone, I’ll ask him and get back to you.
  3. Pathman

    Saddle River deer cull

    Missed this before. First of all this is NJ, the state isn’t giving any money to anybody (that owns a home anyway!), and again, you’re not making the distinction. I’m not talking about Farm land or large parcels of property, we’re talking (in this case) about suburban environments and peoples yards! Again, i realize it’s simply the unawareness of the average sportsman who have no experience with these programs, but believe me, it’s a whole different ball game. So, when you state “fact” that something works, you first have to be talking about the same situation, and you need to have supportive data to back up your assertion! I’m not trying to be argumentative, I’m simply trying to bring some awareness to the discussion in hopes that this program won’t turn into a black eye for hunters in NJ.
  4. Pathman

    Saddle River deer cull

    I understand what you’re saying, but that’s in a sitaution where it’s limited hunting, not a management program. You’re disregarding the distinction that has to be made between the two, and the variables that must be considered in the latter. You're talking about a Deer or two with recreational hunting, and the odds of one of them landing on someone’s property. As opposed to the hundreds that will be killed (if the program is to have any impact whatsoever) and the odds that some of them will land in the wrong place. Its typical that “recreational hunters” (and I don’t mean that as a negative description ) don’t think in those terms, or are fully aware of all the considerations necessary in order to prevent a program from turning into a clusterF. The “careful what you wish for” also applies to what you’re suggesting!
  5. Hey all, just throwing this out there with the hope someone would like to assist a youth hunter get his first deer. A friend and his son started bowhunting last season. They spent the season on a piece of public ground in the Jackson area, but unfortunately had no luck. If anyone has a piece of property in the Middletown/ Jackson area where a youth (16 yr old) would have a chance at taking his first Deer (doe is fine, he’s not looking for a buck in particular), and you’re willing to share it with this aspiring bowhunter, please PM me and I will provide contact info. Ps, his dad isn’t looking to hunt, just wants to be there with him.
  6. Pathman

    Saddle River deer cull

    Vdep, by “legal hunt” I assume you mean a regular bowhunt where hunters can simply come in to an area and bowhunt at will? Or maybe you’re referring to a controlled hunt administered by an accredited organization? In either case, think about what you’re suggesting. You would like homeowners to allow hunters who they do not know, who have not been vetted, who have not passed a safety and proficiency test beyond their initial Nj Hunter Ed Safety Course, and you expect residents to feel comfortable with that situation? Even if residents were pro hunting, they still would not likely be comfortable with that. You have to realize you’re talking about Shooting Deer in people’s yards, you WILL have blood trails across lawns, across streets and sidewalks, you WILL have dead deer having to be removed from all the same locations, and at times during daylight hours. The first time little Johnny & Susie come across a blood trail or a dying Deer on their way to the school bus, it will be a PR nightmare! Yes, you’ll have permission from some, but the same number of residents will be extremely disturbed by this activity and will do everything in their power to discredit the hunt and hunters, and use the media to show what, in their perspective, is cruelty to animals, etc. And all this because you seem to feel that because wildlife happens to live on someone’s property, that entitles any hunter in the state to have access to that property and wildlife? Wildlife habituation does not trump residents’ property rights, nor does it preclude that access must be granted to hunters. “Legal hunting” as you describe, is neither practical nor effective in dealing with these suburban environments, you need to separate the various environments so that they can be managed individually based on the practicality of each. That’s one of the major issues in NJ, and similar states, that face the same suburban wildlife management issues, it’s not as cut and dry as we might like.
  7. Pathman

    Saddle River deer cull

    The problem Is there is not a proven method that is cost free. Just the opposite is proven, cost free programs (or ones where the hunters have to pay) are only slightly effective at reducing Deer populations to tolerable levels. Yes, the Hillsborough program has had an impact, and the decrease in DVCs (Deer vehicle collisions) is a positive, but like I stated in my earlier post, you have to look at the data relative to where you started. What I mean is, because you realize a 50% reduction in DVCs (not certain that is actual reduction percentage), the remaining 50% may still be an astronomical number of DVCs for the residents. So even though there may have been a “significant” reduction, that doesn’t prove a program’s success relative to the size of the problem. My point is, a recreational archery program may help, but will not (or has yet to be proven with solid data) be able to reduce a population to tolerable levels overall. It’s never been done to my knowledge without a firearm component, or sharpshooting, at some point.
  8. Pathman

    Rt 78 West is a parking lot.

    Yep, that’s where I was.
  9. Pathman

    Rt 78 West is a parking lot.

    Me too. The section i was in wasn’t a problem for the response vehicles, that was from the onramp that was less than a 1/4 mile from the crash.
  10. Pathman

    Rt 78 West is a parking lot.

    I believe the bus driver was at fault for making a uturn, but i still maintain the speed of the truck was a factor. I understand the rubbernecking, that wasn’t my situation, I was stopped dead for 4 hours just behind the accident site.
  11. Pathman

    Rt 78 West is a parking lot.

    I already had an issue with the dump trucks that i raised when the school bus got hit a month or so ago. I said it then and I’ll say it now, they drive to God damn fast on this and other roadways, And nobody does anything about it!
  12. Pathman

    Rt 78 West is a parking lot.

    I’m still sitting here! They had us turn around and drive east in the west bound lanes to get off at an on ramp a few hundred yards behind us, I was five cars away and they blocked us and made us turn around and drive back to the accident site. That was 90 minutes ago, we’re still not moving.
  13. Pathman

    Rt 78 West is a parking lot.

    101.5 blows! I drive 78 everyday, bybthe time they tell you there’s a problem you’re already in it. Unless it’s south Jersey of course...!😉
  14. Pathman

    Rt 78 West is a parking lot.

    I’m a tenth of a mile behind the accident. 10 seconds and I would have been past it, or, 10 seconds and I could have been in it! Just sucks spending this gorgeous afternoon standing on the highway!