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  1. Pathman

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    “Yet I was even accused of deeming cavanaugh guilty early on this post which I never did.” Bullshit! You did exactly that, and it’s in black and white that you yourself wrote, how many times do I need to show you? Oh wait, I forgot, your type doesn’t deal in facts, only your made up reality. Don't piss down my neck and tell me it’s rainin! Jeez, where do we get these guys???🤨
  2. Pathman

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    I get it, believe me, and don’t get me wrong, with all the deer I’ve taken in various programs, I can’t begin to tell you the shots I’ve taken, but I didn’t want to mention that, or give the perception I was tootin my own Horn, because my main point was I think it’s a mistake advocating those shots to the less experienced or beginning hunters. If you aren’t experienced and on top of your game, YOU WILL mess up and lose Deer, 100% guaranteed!
  3. Pathman

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    “As I fired he turned TOWARDS me. He was that fast that the bolt hit 6-8" forward of where I was aiming.” Swamp-rat,  you got lucky. That’s exactky the point I was trying to make above. Part of why these type shots are deemed low percentage is because of the Deer moves some, you’re generally screwed, whereas if the Deer moves some on a broadside shot you’re less likely to get screwed! Let’s keep one more thing in mind, every time you hear a hunter say “my shot was perfect” or “I know my shot hit right behind the shoulder, how could I have lost that deer?” unless you see the deer, you can bet the POi is not where the shooter thought it was. So that also factors into the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of a particular POA and its relative kill percentage.
  4. Pathman

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    Well, far be it from me to tell guys what to do, and I’m not. I do have to say however, that I totally disagree with your assessment and assumptions on this one GB as far as advocating the frontal shot. The “between the shoulders” is even worse in my experience, especially with a vertical bow. Yes, the size of the target may be a “cake plate,” but you’re disregarding that on a frontal shot the size of the vitals that your arrow will contact, are not, as opposed to a broadside shot where the vitals (both lungs) ARE the size of a cake plate! With the frontal, you’re only going to get one lung, and if your a bit high or off left to right, you’ll miss the heart, so you then have a one lung/gut shot deer. The “between the shoulders” is even smaller, if you don’t get the heart you’ll also only get one lung unless the deer is on an angle to you. If directly below, as you mention, you’ll only get one. So while these shots may be effective (assuming you hit the smaller profile of vitals ), you’re neglecting to mention that the aiming area is significantly smaller as well, (especially the between the shoulder) and your margin of error also significantly decreases. What really puzzles me is you mentioning you’ve lost Deer with broadside shots ( with its increased size and margin of error) but then say you would readily take a shot at a smaller POA and smaller vital area. Not getting the logic there, sorry.
  5. Pathman

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    After reading all the replies, I have to ask Why? Why would you take such a low percentage shot when you can wait for a broadside? Just be patient, the deer will move! That being said, I do understand there are circumstances where a deer might have you pegged, and is ready to bust you and bolt out of there. So you may feel that justifies the frontal shot, but you must consider that the deer is now on high alert and ready to jump, so with Archery equipment in this situation there’s a great likelihood that the deer will move far enough after the arrow is released that it will make a very small target area even smaller, and likely result in a wounded or lost animal. There are hunters who are very experienced and can pull off those shots “most” of the time, but eventually you will lose a deer if you continually take low percentage shots. Firearms are a bit different of course, and your chances for a clean kill on frontals increases dramatically. For the guy who mentioned a neck shot, your post was a little unclear, but I hope you’re not advocating neck Shooting with Archery gear! 😱
  6. Pathman

    Backed out last night

    I see, then well done on your exit. I actually thought you found her 50 yards from where you shot her, i misunderstood, that’s what had me a bit puzzled. You had no choice given the situation.
  7. Thanks for the civics lesson Haskell, but all you had to say was it comes down to money!😁
  8. I’m simply trying to understand the process. Is an EO from a Governor different then when a Federal official issues one? How then do these other groups (typically anti hunters, but many various groups) seem to be able to stop an EO immediately with a court injunction?
  9. Pathman

    Backed out last night

    LPJR, just curious what you saw, or didn’t see, on your arrow that made you back out immediately? You say you made a good shot, so there must have been something that gave you doubt.
  10. NJFSC, I think you’re hearing the frustration from people who continually watch court injunctions imposed on almost anything put forth by conservatives in this country, and the results are typically immediate, like same day! I think many here are wondering why that same process isn’t available to us to stop Murphy’s political maneuvers. Can you share some insight into why that’s not possible in this case?
  11. Also for my own knowledge I YouTubed the Rhino bag, in case some incredible new product was invented that a BH could go through without ripping it, but no mention of using BHs in the videos. You simply can not shoot BHs into bag targets. I’ve used a Rhino Block XL for a number of years now and the stopping power is great. Yes, it will get chewed up and chunked out if you shoot a lot of BHs into it, that’s just the way it is. No target will hold up for long with constant BH use, probably the only thing better may be the Blobs. We have a big one at our club range, and it’s held up well, but the problem with extensive use, the target dots have to be continually moved or you will start chunking it out and Shooting through a Blob as well.
  12. Fire guy, you’re making a big mistake! We never said it can’t stop BH tipped arrows, we trying to tell you the BHs will tear up that target in no time, it will be a mess, and soon after will then no longer stop BHs, and/ or you won’t be able to get them out.
  13. Nice, now you just need to find him one that can take broadheads!😳
  14. Pathman

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Oh thanks, i was looking in the digest! 🤨