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  1. That is correct, parents have to opt in to have a number issued for their newborn, but if they don’t, the child will have to apply later at some point in their lives. So not all youngsters may have a number.
  2. Good question Bob, not sure what you do if the youngster doesn’t have one yet. Let me follow up with someone.
  3. Same here! Maybe not an explosion but a noticeable increase.
  4. It’s my understanding that if you go to the Divisions license page you can create a CID by entering your SS#. No purchase is necessary to do that.
  5. Life member for many years, took advantage of a similar deal. for the guys complaining about not getting local assistance from them you are being very shortsighted. As we can all plainly see, liberal pols (such as we have in NJ) will find a way to erode our 2A freedoms and backdoor curtailing firearm ownership through needless red tape. However, the national level (in DC) is where the real fight needs to be ongoing. Without the pressure from the NRA on a national level we’d be doomed to loose our 2A rights totally. You don’t hear liberals yelling about any other gun rights group do you? The answer is no, because no other group has any clout or impact on Washington like the NRA. So maybe stop being so nittpicky and see the big picture, the NRA is all we have left, if they go, so does the 2A !!!
  6. Pathman

    R.I.P Charlie Daniels

    Sad to hear CD (B) passed. Saw him many times going back to high school in the 70’s, great musician and great American! 🇺🇸😔
  7. 🤨every one is a comedian!😂
  8. Posting for a friend all. I don’t know if the price is a good deal or not, all I can tell you is the truck has never been worked at all, I would say it’s a cream puff as we used to say. (Hopefully we’re still allowed to say that and I’m not offending anyone!😂). The truck is listed on FB Marketplace for more info. The owner Jim is a great guy, easy to deal with.
  9. I totally disagree with your response and your entire premise. I had a very lengthy response written and all of a sudden it disappeared, hmmm...OK, I’ll start from scratch. The root of all this angst and unrest in America is BLM movement, correct? Here’s my personal outlook on that subject. BLM has morphed into a destructive, violent, extremist, Anti-American, anti law and order movement that will not stand with the vast majority of Americans because their original message, (although misguided, inaccurate, and exploited by the media, judging by the actual statistics), is lost in the chaos. Who is to blame for that morphism? People like you Who have some sort of “white guilt” that you’ve accepted from the media narrative over many years, the media themselves of course for their exploitation of the narrative, and feckless liberal politicians at all levels who don’t know how to lead and just got their positions because of their Left wing progressive liberal ideals, so they simply appease every group that screams and cries (oh yeah, and loots and burns!), and they further allow and accept any and all acts associated with the BLM movement to Also be acceptable (think Seattle) no matter how violent, unlawful or unreasonable, so that your own feelings of guilt, no matter how misdirected they may be, can be quelled (assuming you’re white of course), and the BLM leadership, if there is any, because they fail to separate their message of tolerance, understanding, and change that they seek for the black Americans that they claim to represent, from the violence, ridicules ascertains and the knee jerk reactions that they think will help solve the problem. For instance, Abolish police, that’s the most insane, ludicrous idea possible, and these moronic local politicians who can’t even manage themselves, let alone a city, and have less leadership skills then a Cub Scout den mother, run in fear and appease the mob, who don’t even realize the place they’re trying to change will be destroyed in short order if they get their way. I could go on forever, but who has the time, so let me sum up. The reason I have an issue with the BLM movement is because it presumes, as you do, that I don’t care about black lives! I care about all lives, and by saying that, I am unjustly tagged a racist, when for me, I judge a man by his actions, not his skin color. let me ask you this, if the end goal of BLM is for me as a white male in America, to not judge anyone by the color of their skin, and treat everyone equally and strictly by their individual actions (what other way is there to judge someone other Than their actions if everyone is to be treated equally?), and then when i do that, and consider everyone equal by saying all lives matter and one race shouldn’t be considered more then another, I’m called a racist! They can’t have it both ways! If there is an injustice and someone is treated unfairly, by all means the perpetrator should be brought to justice. If there is evidence to show that a particular group of Americans is being unfairly targeted, then by all means that should be addressed. But that’s not good enough anymore, somehow that sentiment and perspective has been vilified by the BLM movement, the left wing anarchists who are driving more of his than you may realize, the media, and white apologists such as yourself. Who the hell are you to label me a racist? Who the hell are you to tell me I can’t have police in my town? Who the hell Are you to tell me I should feel guilty for being white? Who the hell are you to tell me I have to live without law and order when our country is built on it? I can go on for quite some time with the “who the hell are you” questions, but I won’t, i think the vast majority know exactly what I’m saying, and it’s the vast majority that will speak loudly in November at the polls! That’s the American way, we don’t burn down cities because we’re angry, we don’t loot business’s because we’re not getting our way, we make change through the democratic process, and if it’s doesn’t go your way, tough shit, put your adult pants on, get back to work, and try again next time! This spoiled brat appeasement mentality is wearing very thin with Americans, and I think you’ll see that statement made loud and clear this November! The floor is yours, I’ve spent way more time on this then I care to, I’ll speak again in November!
  10. Outstanding video JH, i will be sharing with everyone I know. that being said, I can’t agree with your statement on commenting. Be a MOD JH, not a thought policeman, it’s not fair to threaten censure, it’s not the American way... just sayin...
  11. Was going to write something similar, but you said it well enough for now!👍🏼
  12. Fool this! the phrase said “no lives matter” what part of that don’t you get? And no lives matter unless BLM, WTF is the difference between that and any other racist comment? who’s the fool here???
  13. We didn’t know that when the OP posted, and simply because one group used it for peaceful protest does not mean others can’t use it with a different meaning, if you can’t see that then you’re blinded by your “imagination!” I now fully realize the world is totally upside down, Lun and I are on the same page!!! 😳😂
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