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  1. Hey Bourbon guys, I need a bottle of Blantons for a gift, any idea where I can get one in Bridgewater area at a decent price?
  2. $5 off all remaining items all.
  3. Pathman

    Goods for sale

    My pleasure Mike, nice doing business with you.
  4. I have one but have not used it yet. Do you guys use it as a climbing safety line as well, or just once you reach hunting height you deploy it?
  5. You lost me after “Welp!”
  6. I did just that, I hope the rest of you will as well.
  7. I vote “crying Chuck”. Pelosi is old she’ll be gone soon. AOC is a total boob, and will be exposed for her inferior intellect and will be treated accordingly, especially once the “media glow” wears off. Crying Chuck on the other hand, will be a constant adversary for many years to come, and he has much power as well.
  8. Just tried to call Nike corporate in NYC to give them crap about this moronic decision. Guess what, all reps are busy and minimum wait is 45 minutes. Either many people are calling to voice their displeasure, or they’re avoiding the calls.
  9. You’re missing the entire point. Some people figure out ways to buck the PC trend by finding creative ways to promote patriotism just to show there are still millions of patriots out here in America, and that it’s not a sin or a crime to do so, as the mainstream media would have folks believe. And I also agree with David’s thoughts. Why deal with someone who could give a shit less about patriotism and the rights you mentioned, when you could give your business to someone who thinks and feels like you do?
  10. Ever consider its the other way around, maybe he’s using the sales to promote patriotism and make a point? He’d be arrested for it in NJ!!!
  11. Don’t mean to pick on you Gobble, but i will submit the flip side of the argument regarding allowing hunters to “control” the herd on SI. Your above statement is the “why” that prevents sportsman/recreational hunters from managing a population to the desired levels. I don’t disagree that a large trophy caliber buck is worth a fair amount of money when you consider the fees charged by outfitters all over the country, however, someone paying $500, or any amount, to shoot a buck on SI, or anywhere else that needs drastic herd reduction, will accomplish absolutely nothing to help control the herd growth. Let’s turn this around for a minute, let’s say NYC finally allows the deer to be killed on SI, but they said only females will be allowed to be taken, how many guys would still be interested in doing that? Would you still pay for that privilege? How many females would each guy take? What if there were a minimum number of females required to be taken by each hunter, i.e., a quota? Given the above parameters, I doubt you’d get enough hunters on what would be limited properties, to make a dent in the overpopulation. I’m just sayin it’s not as simple as killing a few nice bucks and thinking that is the solution to this problem.
  12. Slight possibility hunterbob, PM me with what you’re looking to trade.
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