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  1. Been seeing them for two weeks now in Somerset and western Mercer county.
  2. One ragged hole at 50, 1-1 1/4” at 75, 1.5-2” at 100. That’s what we got with the Accutips if you do your part, switched to Expanders, pretty much the same.
  3. I agree with Lun to a degree, and with your comments as well. However, I use a similar deer form, which we call the Vodoo Deer, for the hunter ed classes we host at SCFGPA in Bridgewater. I typically give the lesson to the students in a similar manner to Mr. Adams in the video. Yes, the distance is an important factor, and I explain that those are the variables that one needs to consider before taking any shot at game, and that it should be practiced from an elevated position if that’s how one is going to hunt. All the shooting of groups from ground level is fine to ingrain your form
  4. Found these data tables from Remington, this should answer your question Mega.
  5. I don’t know the comparative ballistics of the 3” enough to comment on. As soon as we realized the 2 3/4” were almost as accurate (not enough of a difference to justify the added recoil or expense) we discontinued 3” testing.
  6. I agree, confusing for sure. Here’s how I see it. If you’re required to fill in the stubs on your license, and leave the stubs attached and NOT use that stub as a transportation tag, then you would have to fill out two as you mentioned right? well, once the lines on your license stubs are filled and there is no more room for additional deer to be recorded, the digest states you then have to make up your own, or use the report cards provided in the digest. so, if at the point that your original license stubs are full, and you then only do one report card to use as a transportat
  7. I believe you still need two, because the digest specifically states “the harvest report is not used as tag,” and also says in para 4, page 30, “do not attach to the deer.”
  8. But you do have to attach some form of tag to the deer as well, so actually you’re filling out two tags (once your license stubs are used up) per deer. One stays with your license, one goes on the deer for transport. just clarifying as your above post could be misconstrued.
  9. We used the Accutips for years after extensive comparison testing, however, as they were the most accurate for us the expansion and blood trails were somewhat lacking. We’ve switched the Remington Barnes Expanders which are equally as accurate with better expansion. But as others have said, not much is available right now.
  10. Wow gorgeous buck Will, and great shot! Congrats!
  11. So Ken, you’re not going to divulge the weight of that bruiser eh? 🤔😁
  12. I understand there was a dressed 222# taken recently in central Jersey, but not certain that’s certified weight. Was wondering if that was a record, apparently not quite big enough.
  13. Anyone know what the heaviest buck ever taken in NJ?
  14. $45 OBO. Located in Bridgewater area.
  15. I don’t understand a word you said, but I totally agree!😂 I had an idea about the scoring but didn’t realize the 15” deal that Ken mentioned, and wasn’t positive as to what gets added in then subtracted, and what simply gets subtracted. I’ll have to read your description a couple of times and let it sink in.
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