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  1. Were you able to determine what caused the errant shot?
  2. Just a couple of observations guys. I don’t want to jump into the crossbow/compound/traditional-debate, but I think some of you are overlooking a couple of “facts!”😁 First, I believe it “appears” that this situation you are describing is now more rampant simply because of the instant information, pics and recounts of wounded/recovered deer due to the obvious social media platforms and cell phones. DV1 is opening the proverbial can of worms arguing that years ago hunters were more ethical. That may have some validity, but it’s difficult to quantify, but I can tell you this, if hunters were more ethical back then, I don’t believe it mattered, because the wounding rates were horrendous, especially with traditional gear. They may have been better intentioned, and took higher percentage shots, but without placing an exact number on it, in my experience with traditional shooters back then, the majority couldn’t hit shit! They may have looked good on paper, but on live game many sucked. A couple of the best traditional archers I knew, practiced daily, took ~15 yard shots exclusively, and still wounded/lost deer, and these guys were the best, so one can surmise that the average guy, even though likely more dedicated then some of the current crossbow hunters due to the inherent difficulty of traditional gear, was wounding and losing as many, or more, then current hunters. It’s just that now you hear all about it, where in the past it wasn’t talked about openly and there was no social media to spotlight everything a person does every minute of the day. There’s always more to the story and what constitutes “facts,” versus limited observations that one claims to be the norm.
  3. Is it just me or does Mr. Virgilio sound like a politician looking for a position higher up the ladder, rather then a representative of NJ hunters? If his quotes are accurate, its pretty disturbing that he could blatantly advocate for the Governors half assed politically correct decisions.
  4. Just to clarify all, fawns are not yearlings, they become yearlings next season. It’s a little confusing but that’s technically how they’re classified.
  5. Yes I would. And since you decided to make this a discussion I’ll add my comments. This whole “I only shoot dry does,” or “I’m waiting for a dry doe,” is based on total speculation. There’s no way anyone can say for certain a doe doesn’t have fawns unless it’s captive, or it’s an easily recognizable deer with some sort of markings that you see every single day. If some guys need to justify shooting a doe by telling themselves it’s dry, that’s fine, but again, like some other topics that come up here, the way it’s presented wreaks of Hunter virtue signaling, if there is even such a thing! If there’s not, some of you have invented it! We’re hunters guys, that’s what we do, we don’t need polls to tell us what we should do and how we do it. Oh, and the “real men” thing, please….!🤦‍♂️ Congrats to all who connected today, no matter what it was!😁
  6. Was working at my PATH station at Pavonia in JC. Went upstairs and watched it all happen from the banks of the Hudson River along with hundreds of people that came out of their offices on the waterfront. Other then watching the tower fall, my most vivid memory was while driving toward NWK to try and find my wife who worked for PA in the towers for many years, but was on assignment at Port Newark, was being one of very few cars going over the skyway heading away from the city and seeing the smoke in my rear view mirror. It was reminiscent of a disaster movie that you see on TV. Never forget…!
  7. Nothing, especially with high deer densities. That would likely spread it as much as bait or scents. That’s why some states just kill them all in an infected area. You can’t even burn the prions, they will live on!
  8. Agree, but I think many people are under the false impression that if CWD is identified in NJ deer, that a bait ban will be enacted, the disease will disappear, and hunting will go on as normal. If you look at data from other states (other than NY) that have CWD positive deer, they banned baiting, killed many, if not all, deer in infected areas, but the infection rate still rises. It’s like many other diseases, it has to run its course. You may be able to slow it down some by enacting certain measures, but if a state determines they need to take strong action, they’ll kill all the deer, or as many as possible, in an infected area. So a bait ban won’t matter if all the deer are killed by F&W staff or designated shooters. This procedure is somewhat controversial, and is viewed by some wildlife experts as overkill, literally, but it may be a necessary step to stop the spread, it also may be an overreaction and the disease may just need to take its course with some preventive measures enacted, such as banning scents, baiting, bringing deer in from other states, etc. In any case, advocating a bait ban to address this particular problem is wishful thinking at best, in all likelihood you won’t have any deer to hunt anyway, so baiting would be the least of your worries. Lets all hope it doesn’t come to that.
  9. Have to agree. As bad as I feel for Tom, and others who are affected with local mortality, it really is a blip on the screen in the overall population. it’s not a statewide issue whatsoever, so I don’t see change coming in any way, because it’s really not warranted. Any suggestion of statewide change is simply an overreaction.
  10. Appreciate that Bob. The barrel isn’t for me however, it’s for a cousin who’s been having a hard time finding one. still waiting for the green light to pull the trigger for him.
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