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  1. GReat work Jay, but not a fan of the design whatsoever.
  2. Sorry Joe, another guy contacted me a little while ago and he’s picking it up later.
  3. Ill take it. Will take a ride tomorrow morning if you’re available at the shop.
  4. Wayne, so it’s currently a gravity type feeder?
  5. Hey all, have this unit that is partially operational. The remote appears to work fine (judging by the light when activated) but it seems the collar won’t take a charge. I haven’t used it since I lost my dog a few years back, but tried charging it overnight and the collar won’t turn on, so I’m assuming the battery may be shot. Anyway, if anyone can use it it’s yours. I’m in Branchburg, Somerset County.
  6. Here’s the scoop guys. The agent was either unaware, or didn’t feel like going through the trouble of simply adding the students info into the system in order to purchase a license. There is no lag time or wait necessary after a student passes a class, a license is available to purchase immediately. In the case of a student not being pre registered, the sales agent will have to enter all the info into the system, which could take a minute or two, but it shouldn’t prevent them from doing it. In the case of a pre registered student, it would be a very simple process to just confirm that the student passed and enter that into the system. Simply having the F&W course card that shows a student passed the course, is all that’s needed to purchase a license, no prior system entry is actually needed, but it does make it simpler for the sales agent if the student was pre registered. So the sales agent was at fault on this one.
  7. Just saw the update to Nappens book concerning person to person sales in NJ. 🤬 Looks like I’ll be attending his seminar coming up soon to get a handle on all this nonsense.
  8. Can someone post a step by step process of how to execute a person to person firearm (Long gun) sale in NJ under the new law?
  9. For both crossbow and firearm I use Shooting rails that strap on to the tree. They work well but they’re not rock solid, there is a bit of downward movement that you need to be aware of and use it accordingly.
  10. Oh, sorry lunatic, didn’t mean to leave you out. That being said, I got nothin, I can’t even figure out what you’re sayin!😂
  11. All good points, and just to be clear, I never advocated for hiring anybody, but the problem is, if you don’t track your progress in these programs, and you don’t know what your populations levels are, either pre hunt or during, at some point when the residents still suffer damage , they will look to the politicians for answers, and the politicians will look to the hunters as to why there is still damage, and nobody will have any answers. They, the residents, will then not be satisfied with the result of the program, and the hunters will get the blame. This plays out over and over in many “programs.” All I’m saying is before you can declare the program a success, you have to first determine it actually is. I agree with you, the segment of the program that you mentioned where the hunters did well, had no mishaps, no run ins with antis or objectionable neighbors is huge, but that doesn’t necesserily mean the entire program is a success, especially after the first season. That’s my point here, the entire program should provide relief for the residents, not simply that it went off without a hitch ( not that I’m minimizing that aspect of it). Here’s some insight that I believe sportsman don’t realize. Sportsman look at these programs through the lens of well, sportsman, which unintentionally skews their view of the goal. I’ve talked with dozens of homeowners who were genuinely tortured by Deer. Their kids get Lyme, their cars get mangled, their property gets destroyed, but unless you’ve been in their situation you have no idea what they go through. They’ll do almost anything to get relief, even if they were totally against hunting at the start, they become desperate and will allow it under the “management” flag. That’s the one and only reason hunters are allowed to shoot Deer in peoples yards and in their suburban towns, period! They couldn’t care less about our desire to shoot a nice buck, or to fill our freezer, or to get some quality outdoor time, etc, etc. To put it plainly, that ain’t was these programs are about, if that’s what you are trying to get from this, you’re in the wrong program. That mentality is what makes sportsman bad candidates for true Deer management programs. We won’t go the extra yard that is necessary to reduce the population enough that the residents will find true relief, that’s evidenced by the many comments here where guys get all bent because they are told they have to kill more Deer in order to have an impact, but their mindset doesn’t allow them to see that, they still hang on to the old time thought that you shouldn’t be shooting females! That’s the type of sportsman that have no business in a management program. In this case in particular, it appears UBNJ has a solid crew up there that are killing Deer, and many of which are females. I never said this crew wasn’t doing a good job, I’m just making the point that it has to continue yearly, and some form of tracking has to be done, otherwise this program will not accomplish the stated goal of relieving these resident’s issues with Deer. Bucky, I agree with the first part of your statement. The part I don’t agree with is that you just go on without any tracking, you’ll likely not achieve the goal that way. The solution to the sanctuary issue if access is denied, is to take out more Deer as close to the area as possible to help overcome the repopulation. Yes, continue to hunt yearly, I never said it wouldn’t help (guys get defensive so quickly they ignore the content at times), but again, my point is for a sustained overall success to a program you have to have data and adjust your harvest goals regularly. Thats it, I was just trying to make a simple point, but man I’m writing my ass off trying to explain it!😁
  12. Bucky, you’re missing the point. First of all I’m not saying every Deer has to be killed, and I agree, sportsman don’t have the desire or mentality to do that anyway, but as you say, it’s intended to be a controlled hunt, which it is to a large degree, but without data it’s not going to be controlled enough. Your other statement about opening it up to “hunters,” I’m assuming you mean recreational hunters, correct? Well in a town like this you’d never have enough residents to allow enough hunters in to have any significant impact, and after a few years you’ll be right back where you started. It’s impossible for recreational hunters, in areas where access is limited, to control a Deer herd, it will never happen, and that’s why I say there is much unawareness of true management and what it entails. The areas that are inaccessible will become sanctuary, and will become a sink to other areas that now have less Deer post hunting, thereby negating any impact made in the accessible areas. Lunatic, what you’re missing is the fact that there are no population estimates at all that I’m aware of anyway, so the numbers I stated (other than the kill numbers) are Total speculation and simply for discussion. Yes, a 30% reduction in the first year would be a very good start, but we don’t know what the actual number is, do we. My point, as I tried to make earlier, is that in order for the residents to get some real and sustained relief, this program will need to continue for many years, and some data is necessary to track results. Otherwise like I said earlier, the residents will not care how many deer eat their shrubs and crap on their lawns, they’ll just know that it’s still going on. But, if a substantial number of deer are taken, the future damage will be more localized and less residents will be affected. If you can get the population down to a number that the natural habitat can sustain, you will also lessen the impact of landscape damage because there will be less competition between the Deer for bedding areas and food sources. The only way to do that is to continue the program on a yearly basis, pretty much forever, once the population has been reduced to a tolerable level, and then maintained yearly. But in order to accomplish that, you need data!
  13. Rusty, I agree surveys are only as accurate as the company that performs them, and even then they are not 100%. As you know there are many types of surveys, including Trail Cam surveys that can be formulated to provide at least a reasonable estimate of your Deer population. The one program I’m involved with is 4 mi. Sq. We had a FLiR survey (with a plane, not a copter) done every year since program inception in 2004. We’ve used the survey numbers yearly, and even though some participants didn’t always agree with the results (based on field observations, which are ten times less accurate than the worst survey) there is a fenced area that we’ve used as sort of a control area to check the survey accuracy. Other then this year believe or not, the survey accuracy based on the control area, has been pretty much right on the money. There are many reasons that survey results can be skewed. One issue we’ve found is when the survey is done during the late night hours, Deer are counted that are not on the property during daylight hours when our hunters would have a chance to kill them, so even though the survey results show those Deer on the property, we know they migrate in to feed at night, then emigrate before dawn. Another factor for our program is, the success of the program has actually impacted the ability to count the Deer accurately. This is a result of the dramatic decrease in habitat damage and the even more dramatic increase in vegetation growth that now apparently hides some of the deer from the survey. That being said, if the survey is done by the same (reputable) company yearly, you can at the very least track the population trends on the property, which will allow you to make adjustments in your harvest goals. It wont be 100%, but it’s the best available option other than taking a guess! 😁
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