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  1. As always, reasonable offers will be considered.
  2. Scope is really nice, the rifle and scope has only been shot to test fire, basically new.
  3. Pathman

    Bow rack

    ThTs nice. Be cool if you could replace the dowels with small spike antlers.
  4. No I’m not saying you can’t judge age, I’m saying you can’t really use genetics in your calculations.
  5. So, if Lun doesn’t mind, I’d like to piggyback this post with a question. Now that the actual age is verified, what’s all your thoughts on “genetics” in NJ? My thought is, assuming genetics one way or the other, and attempting to age a deer on the hoof using that as part of your basis, is useless, because you have no idea if the genetics are good or bad until AFTER you killed the deer and verified the age. The constant argument we hear in NJ is let them get older, we kill too many young bucks, which may be the case, however, this buck is about as mature for NJ as you’re gonna get
  6. Good one Lun, but step it up next time and get us some body pics!😂
  7. Hard without seeing the body, but, his muzzle is a bit grey, good mass at the bases, I’d say 4.5-5.5.
  8. Ok, listing this for the same guy up in Sussex. Rifle is 8 years old, was bought by him from CA, he’s original owner. Rifle was then sent to Best of the West, the barrel was trued to the receiver, they mounted the Huskamaw scope and worked up a cartridge load for the rifle. SS fluted barrel, carbon stock, fluted bolt, Limbsaver recoil pad. Trigger guard has a small ding shown in pic. I shot the rifle today for the first time, 15mph wind gusts, and my best three shot group was 7/8” at 100 yds. Recoil is really not an issue as the rifle is fairly heavy. Asking price is $2,500 just the
  9. 40 miles? What they text each other that the free buffet is open!😂
  10. Thought there was hardly any deer in Maine?!!!😳😁
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