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  1. I have the unlimited pics plan (don’t remember what it’s called), I pay $13 a month for the first cam, and $12 per month for for any additional cams. so for two cams it’s $25 a month for basically the 6-7 months of pre season through post season. Keep in mind you can pause/stop/cancel any number of cams for any period of time you like at any time.
  2. Yes that is a possibility, but it’s also possible that the triples aren’t actually all from that particular doe. Unless you see the same doe consistently with three fawns and no other does around, it’s hard to determine.
  3. You better not post about it Kype, you may be cancelled!🤦‍♂️
  4. Got this pic this morning, possibly a triple. Anyone else seeing multiple fawns?
  5. Hey it’s your lawn, do what the hell you want with it. Don’t let anyone “lawn shame” you! 😁
  6. My lawn looks great. I have two words for you...lawn service!😂
  7. I use strictly .22 subsonic in the location I have. Yes if you don’t hit them in the head, throat or spine with a .22 they may make it back to the hole.
  8. Other then the really large Champlain fish, the majority of the smallies were from the rivers up there. If you hit it right, you can catch 40-50 river smallies a day. Downside however is, you’re ruined for fishing around here for a while!😁
  9. You seem to be a “smallie fanatic” as am I!😂 have you ever traveled out of state to chase smallies? Recently went on our annual Lake Champlain area trip for big smallies, wasn’t disappointed as usual. Fishin was a bit off with the cold front that came through, but we did well. Three of us caught over 150 smallies in four days, that doesn’t include the additional 100 largemouths. Three smallies were over 5# (on Champlain) majority in the 3-4# class. Id be happy to provide more info if you are interested.
  10. That prideful smile says it all, nice job mentoring the young man.
  11. Worked at PATH for 42 years, jeez I actually needed to explain that to you guys!🤦‍♂️😂😂😂
  12. I’ll take the kayak cradles, the gun cases and the bug jacket.
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