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  1. Pathman

    How often do you gamble on marginal winds?

    Hunter 24, although you may have gotten very lucky that one time, the other 99.9% of the time you won’t. In general if I’m hunting a baited location I’ll never, ever, Hunt it in the wrong wind. Unless you’re hunting a “petting zoo,” the deer will scent check for the bait, and will bag you as well. One tactic that has always worked for me is to position myself (in relation to bait) where Deer can’t, won’t, or are far less likely to, be able to get behind you. For instance, one bait location I use, I climb a tree that’s literally on a stream bank, if I fell out of the tree I’d hit the friggen water! Now, of course a deer will cross streams etc, but I’ve yet to see one intentionally go into the stream to get downwind of me to try and wind me, it’s a natural obstacle that they simply don’t use for that purpose. Another example would be a fence, a steep drop of or cliff, anything that might deter them from getting downwind of you in their normal approach. I will watch Deer as they scent check the bait, and the wiser educated ones will be looking for anything out of the ordinary, they’ll circle downwind, but they’ll stop 5-10 yards from the edge of the steam and then proceed to the bait, which doesn’t allow them to get on my downwind side. They are adaptive creatures and they learn by association, they don’t reason that getting into the water would let them cover more of a down wind area, they just don’t think that way. When I hunt trails/field edges I may work a marginal wind, but I prefer not too. The element of surprise is an advantage in the latter situation, but it can still screw You. There are so many variables to hunting the wind that it’s difficult to describe them all, but knowing the exact bedding location is a plus, but how many times do you really know the exact location of a deers bed and the one particular trail it will use? If you did know that, it would be easy to factor the wind and you’d likely kill that deer easily. Are you hunting for one deer or multiples from the same location? That’s another variable that changes the scenario . If it’s one Deer and done, you can be a bit less concerned about wind. I’m not telling anyone not to throw “caution to the wind” and just go out and hunt, that’s great as well, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, but it will be a learning experience with every snort!😁
  2. Pathman

    Manly man stuff

    No!!! The first good bump and you’ll break three fingers!😂
  3. That’s damn good blood. It appears it just coming out his right side, was that the enrty side?
  4. 😳that’s so not fair, really friggen nice, but so not fair...!😉
  5. Snowing like mad in Branchburg! Wait, you have a wood floor in your blind?🤨😂
  6. Pathman

    Stranded In Jersey City

    I left NWK at 2:30, got to Branchburg 8:30! Wife took the train from NwK, she waited 2.5 hours for the train to come, then another hour ride, better than my 6 hours though! I took 22 instead of 78, stopped dead for 3 hours, then another three at a crawl. Bad choice!
  7. Pathman

    Cold weather face mask and glasses

    Won’t work with glasses unfortunetly.
  8. Pathman

    Cold weather face mask and glasses

    Same issues for me. But even keeping the mask over your mouth will fog your glasses. I just make sure the mask is large enough so I can pull it down under my chin. I’ll pull it up on occasion to warm my nose, but it’s PIA as everyone said. Im working on an invention to remedy the problem however, you all will be my first test subjects! Wait, if I give the device to you all to test, who will I sell them to?!!!🤨😂
  9. Pathman

    I am crushed

    That’s why the frontal shot with an arrow should not be advocated so much by you guys. The margin for error is half of what it is on a broadside shot, that’s why the only shot that should be encouraged is a broadside one. Too many newbies will read what you’re saying and think it’s ok for them to take that shot as well, and it’s obviously not.
  10. Pathman

    Rage Mechanical Broadheads

    With the presumed larger entry/exit holes (I get that most guys don’t want to post those pics), comparing your past experience using the Slicks, do you believe this Deer (comparing similar POI of course) went down faster or ran a shorter distance before dying?
  11. https://www.qdma.com/shot-placement/
  12. Pathman

    12 and 20 ga slugs for sale

    I’ll take the .20 Accutips.
  13. Pathman

    Ohio Monster Harvested

    Not sure if it’s legit or not (I lean no), but what stands out to me is that the difference between a 200” (the Holy grail of bucks) and a 300” is too much of a disparity in nature to happen on its own. when did you ever see a 300” free ranging whitetail, not sure if we ever have.
  14. Pathman

    11/6 Check in

    Ha! Ok so I’m off on my dates a bit! Man years are flyin by! But I stand by my conviction that you zone 5 guys were cryin Wolf, now apparently you got the zone 2 guys doing it too! altjough I could be totally wrong and maybe you are the “Yoda of NJW&W” and the power of your bitching moved the forces of nature and increased the doe population in zone 5!!!😂
  15. Pathman

    11/6 Check in

    Hey JH, give you guys credit for being out there, but you know I like giving you a little grief on occasion. Thats a lot of action there, 5 adultsfemales and 5 fawns, but weren’t you in a panic last year about the absence of deer in your area, and you disregarded the possibility they were just feeding on acorns elsewhere?😳 just sayin... 😜