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  1. Op, did you follow up with the COs? Are they willing to investigate further?
  2. I’ve never done it, but Looks like fun. I’m curious how long does it take for the hogs to return to the bait after shooting?
  3. Two boxes left, $25 for both.
  4. I have three boxes of 3” I’ll sell for $40 if anyone needs them. Bridgewater area.
  5. I have a Harris bipod for my 220, but unless you’re going to use it in the field in a particular application, you’re better off with some type of range rest or bag system for bench Shooting.
  6. Below article may provide some insight. Doesn’t appear to be a conclusive answer however. https://www.qdma.com/mild-winters-mean-smaller-antlers/
  7. I have a Ram, love it. Minimal issues, but there’s been a few things that i went to the forum for help.
  8. Well apparently you’re the luckiest Ram owner in the country Hammer (and the smartest too), cause I’d pretty much bet that the other 99% Of us that don’t know what you know, have had one issue or another over the years and miles, and the forum provides a little awareness and a way to learn new things! 😉
  9. Ok, is it just me, or are you guys actually “anti-forum” for some inexplicable reason?😳 Just not getting the issue here. Makes no difference to me mind you what a guy does, but you make it sound like it’s a bad thing to go on forums and get information. Wait, how about this one? No hunting/fishing forums for me, I just kill Deer and catch fish, “don’t need no stinkin forum!” 😂 You guys crack me up!
  10. Ram forumz.com is a good one. There are sections for all models and years.
  11. I can’t even post a reply without the screen jumping all over the place. And I’m also alsonexpromving the pop ups my phone.
  12. Interesting article that may help avoid ticks. https://entomologytoday.org/2017/10/04/the-5-year-plan-manage-japanese-barberry-to-keep-tick-levels-low-reduce-lyme-risk/
  13. I agree with x7. It’s the same reason we don’t have the number of large bucks that other states have, too many people in a concentrated area with a limited resource, and of course there’s the Jersey “I’m taking this 8 inch trout home because if I don’t, someone else will” mentality. Can’t have it both ways. You can’t have a put and take fishery and then bitch that we only have small trout. Until the mentality of the masses (fishing license buyers) changes, nothing will change unfortunately.
  14. http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001d2XBdkTBUHxIjtXb2cqzYYFhzgpaKddWxaFwTDA_EunpkfMxMUPh2R2rYixG8f2Zu0akktf7T03l-Xv6WqjzSv7seM8ngqL-Cb4rWBKtPzNmv9pgdzeKNZMq8rhl6sqeeuBpP1OJDuvxSk-W9mF2u9aRfnmRuncrzZFT4ASBsHASoSd8w6elCTFHOcNZeZ3qfRmRjR_gkrumbNVJzN6l_HofNFxqRQIz&c=pBHgpynC3WNccHVarV_qf3V_wQqC_fGU9fAfE-QhsMvmh4UXS4nn1A==&ch=XN74Ok3kjewj0IznuyUV3gleMss-tU_f7AlkhOhZ8d7KlGSHzvtd3A==
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