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  1. Here it is all, interpret as you wish, but it appears it’s not legal to import from a CWD state.
  2. Pathman

    what does everyone do for reading trail cam cards?

    Gotcha. Is that really necessary or is that just something you’ve adopted? I erase all my cards in the laptop that I view them on and then swap cards between cams and have no issues. Although the cams are all the same brand but various models.
  3. Pathman

    what does everyone do for reading trail cam cards?

    I swap out as well and check them home. It’s easier to record/keep data if that’s what you do. Whats all this re-formatting business you guys are talking about? I just continually swap cards in/out of cams, view on my laptop, then erase after I’m done. What am I missing?
  4. Pathman

    Test for What Kind of Hunter You Are

    Well I agree to a degree! LOL ”Waste,” the same as “trophy,” is in the eye of the beholder as well I feel. I’ll explain, but first Let me clarify by making the distinction in this hypotectical, that no laws would be broken. That being said, let’s consider what “waste” actually means when we’re discussing wild game out in the field. In my mind, there is no “waste” if there are other animals that would readily consume any meat left in the field. I think of waste as removing game from the field, and either allowing it to spoil, or simply not wanting to deal with it once Home, and then throwing it in the garbage. That in my view is really what waste implies. Whether humans kill an animal that is consumed by other animals, or it dies naturally, or its killed by predators, it is still thoroughly consumed and benefits nature, so who are we to declare that leaving an animal in the woods is wasted? That being said, I understand without laws there would be a large number of animals simply left in the woods, which in a suburban state like NJ would be an issue, but again, if we take that dynamic out of the equation, and also take out the “Disney factor”, and simply consider the question posed on its thought provoking merits, waste, I believe is relative. Antlers on the other hand, do not really benefit nature to any degree, so leaving them in the woods serves no real purpose, so if I was faced with a “take it or leave it” proposition, and no other factors had to be considered other then my own mindset, I’d take the antlers. Now, I’m not a trophy hunter by any means, but I like antlers as much as the next guy, but with all the deer I kill each season, if I’ve left Two in the woods due to extensive coyote damage over the last ten seasons, that would be a lot.
  5. Pathman

    Any air Rifle hunters on here

    What’s the deal with the PCPs?
  6. Pathman

    For sale

    Ha! You guys are funny! I trust your surgery went well Wayne, your sense of humor certainly came through ok!
  7. Pathman

    For sale

  8. Pathman

    The slight "quarter to" shot - WORST ANGLE IMHO

    Good video and insight from the dad. However, without the luxury of video, I guarantee they, and 99% of hunters, would be swearing to heaven that they made a perfect shot. To your point JH, just like you sometimes don’t realize the Deer has taken a slight step sideways (because you’re eiter focused on your POA which is good, or antlers, which is bad😱!) and now gives you a QT shot angle, it looks like a perfect shot going in, but the angle makes it less than perfect overall, and sometimes a lost Deer. Side note, did any of you see a scar from the first time he shot it? I thought I did but then another angle it didn’t appear to have a scar.
  9. Pathman

    Christmas Eve buck down

    Congrats Wayne, hope all goes well With your surgery!
  10. Pathman

    Lets See those Trucks!!

    Here’s my 2012 Ram with a 2.5” leveling kit and a nice set of tires from Ken (Woodsman), oh yeah, and just a bit of mud from this wet bow season! Haskell, you think you could PM me with some info on those chains?
  11. Pathman

    ...and there you have it!

    Easy Vdep! LOL I’m not going anywhere near state estimates, I was just pointing out a local estimate regarding what Hammer mentioned he observed.
  12. Pathman

    ...and there you have it!

    Hammer, if you’re seeing ~20 bucks on each farm ( how big is each property?), and the typical herd makeup is 40% male/60% female, that would mean you have ~70 Deer on each farm. If they’re a sq. mile, which is 640 acres, you have 70 Deer per sq. mile. If the property is half a mile sq., then you have 140 Deer per sq mile. But these numbers would be averages based on your observations only, and there are always more Deer then are observed in the field, always! But there is quite a bit more to the way the State projects population numbers through distance sampling methods, etc. then we are discussing. So, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “follow the money,” in this case I would follow Vdeps comments and follow the data! 😁
  13. Pathman

    Favorite Movie Line

    Then the mob movies have their own top 100 list, but one of the classics is “leave the gun, take the cannolis.”
  14. Pathman

    Favorite Movie Line

    MAn I love movie lines, use them all the time. It’s hard to pick out a favorite, because different movies have different associations in your life, anyway, one of my all time favorites is “hey dad, wanna have a catch?”