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  1. You really going there Rusty?!!!😱
  2. Ha! Thanks. You guys won’t believe it, but not a Rage!😁 100 gr. Slick Trick. However, as I said, she was acting kinda squirrelly, so I took a slight quartering to me shot, hence the large entry.
  3. 7:15. She was a little spooky, wind was a bit swirly, had the Thermacell going, either that or me. But she didn’t get a chance to bust me or leave.
  4. Contacted Joe for the blinds.
  5. I did Bob, the part wasn’t listed but I’ll give them a call. Thanks.
  6. That’s the bottom portion of the gravity feeder that holds the corn and twist locks onto the feeder barrel. Or if you have an old gravity feeder with same type of plate I’ll buy that.
  7. I don’t like the runners. I use my sled a lot, and I’ve found the runners catch in the dirt whenever you turn the sled while dragging, and they tend to dig into soft ground or snow as opposed to gliding over the top without them. I’ve used my sleds for years without wearing one out, but I tried the runners figuring to prevent wear on the actual sled bottom, but to me it’s not worth the friction caused by them, as opposed to the smooth sliding without them. However, I think if you will be using your sled on gravel or hard roads, they would help stop excessive wear for sure.
  8. So on the KYL target, KYL rules do not apply, it’s just 10 points per hit?
  9. I’ll take the under!😁
  10. Polisher $50 Planner $60 Red Head fastener kit $60 Grinder $25
  11. Thanks Maz, but looking for DMUs specifically.
  12. While I have you, is there Harvest Total’s for each DMU listed anywhere?
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