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  1. Just when I thought I was out......! not that I need to speak for anybody here, but I’ll Add that you continually ignore the fact the F&W has been given the authority by the legislature (who make the laws) to amend (not ignore, as you inaccurately state) regulations as they see fit. Why do you ignore that fact and continue to shape the discussion to match your interpretation of the law while ignoring the authority F&W has? By doing that, your interpretation of the law appears valid (in your mind), because your ignorance and/or blatant disregard of their authority completely alters the context of the regulations that they amend. But you can not interpret the law without recognizing the legal amendments to the regulations! That would be like you giving a motorist a ticket for making a right turn on red, because you believe the motorist went through a red light, which they technically did, but an amendment to the red light law allows them to turn after a stop, if you ignored that amendment, like you’re doing in this ( and other cases you’re arguing here) you’d be totally wrong, again, like you are in this instance.
  2. We’re just looking for a change at this point and get something with a few more of the creature comforts. Other then that the car has been solid.
  3. I use 8-10 Trophy rocks a season. Have cams on each site, never saw anything swipe the rocks as they get smaller. I have tons of coons at most of my sites, I can’t say that I’ve ever noticed one at the rock, but I do typically have corn out as well, so they may not bother with the rock. I have noticed that they disintegrate (the Rocks, not the coons!😂) pretty quickly once they get small.
  4. I can’t believe I’m responding to this Lun again (no offense Lunatic!😁) So you think F&W not showing up to your challenge proves your case and makes you a winner? They didn’t show up because if they trued to show up to every friggen lunatic like you who makes a ridicules challenge like that, they be running all over the state chasing lunatics! Also, your premise is totally off base. you know, The one where you continue to state that the regulations can’t be changed from the letter of the law, or whatever the hell you keep saying. That’s true Except in this instance, where the F&W Division is given an exception that they can make changes, which you continue to ignore. The point is that there was an exception granted to the agency to do exactly what they see fit. You can’t simply ignore the exception they were given! Your entire argument disregards the exception that the law allows them, which is to make and change regulations in the best interest of the state and its wildlife as they see fit. Just like the firearms “laws” in NJ where every firearm is actually illegal, but certain “exemptions” make it possible to own and use certain firearms. In this case the division regulates hunting and fishing through the regulations they set as allowed by the exception to the rule that you generally can’t make changes to the law. However, the lawmakers specifically granted them the power to do so, so your argument is irrelevant and has no merit.
  5. I have a Sitka Fanatic size large in great condition I’ll sell for $250.
  6. Know what, i still don’t believe it! I think those Bama boys are hittin the shine. Look at this buck and tell me there’s only a 4” difference! This buck dwarfs the Bama buck.
  7. Would have never believed it judging by the pic.
  8. Low 150s, that’s about a huge an 8 as you’ll see, hard to get 8s over 140, but this one should do it!
  9. 22-24 depending on your driving.
  10. Hey all, going to be selling my wife’s 2013 Nissan Rogue in a week or two. Would rather offer here first before going public or trading it in and dealing with those thieves!😁 It is in good condition, has 136K miles. Oil changed religiously, tires fairly new. Minor exterior dings as you’d expect. Runs great, only current issue is check engine light comes on for a day or two following a fill up, then goes off. Other then that no issues. Book value is $6,132, but they give a range of $5-7K. We’re asking $4,500. Located in the Bridgewater area, please PM if interested or for more info.
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