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  1. Bigmac

    Mom and pop...

    Congrats to them! Wish them many more healthy happy years
  2. Awesome congrats to your Dad! Can’t wait to see your magic on mount
  3. Maybe try posting what ammo you are looking for, brand, bullet type and weight
  4. Wow that’s an awesome buck!
  5. I received email a few minutes ago that Bud’s Gun Shop has them in stock, 24 bullets for $26
  6. Nice coyote, you saved a bunch of fawns, rabbits, turkeys and maybe pets, great job!
  7. American Arms 20 gauge over and under, 26 inch barrel fixed IC, Modified chokes mostly used over the years for rabbits
  8. I freeze mine in water they last a couple of years
  9. Sorry about Hank, unfortunately in life accidents happen, remember all the good times not his last day.
  10. Not sure which is worse living in NJ with Murphy as Governor or serving in military with Biden as President? Hunting in Hawaii looks like great choice though👍
  11. I have Remington 7 Mag, 270, 308 and 6.5 creedmoor, if you asked me to pick one it would be 308, versatile, short action, ammo readily available.
  12. Looks delicious, I’m definitely going to try it, thanks for sharing
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