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  1. Welcome to site great group you will enjoy knowledge and info from members
  2. I passed on what looked like an all white doe, it was in a field in MD at 140 yards, if it was a buck I probably would have shot it, was cool to see it appeared with 4-6 other deer like a ghost
  3. Looks great, monkfish is delicious
  4. I bought the same one the end of June, it’s the natural gas model also, I really like it so far, consistent hot flame and no flare ups and side burner works better than any side burner I’ve had plus don’t have to worry about changing tanks. Good luck with yours
  5. Looks delicious, need a 🍷🍺 to go with it😂 enjoy
  6. A friend of my sons worked for a brewery and he asked us if we wanted the used grains for bait we took a bunch of it and put it out and deer never touched it, I’m not sure why. He said guys who raised pigs used to pick it up for feed all the time??
  7. Remington 700 BDL left handed in 7 mm magnum, bought it in 1983 changed scope from a Redfield to a Leupold few years ago still hunt with it every year
  8. I agree with everything you are saying, just not about this directly benefits us as hunters, I wish that was true but politicians have a knack for spending money on what and where they want
  9. Remington 1100 2 3/4 inch left handed
  10. Bigmac

    Recteq 700

    My kids got me a Traeger for Fathers’s Day and it shipped directly from Traeger and shipping was delayed until this week, are Recteq really that much better? I’ve read mixed reviews on Traeger and their customer service being poor, I’ve also read that Traeger from factory are better than ones sold at big box stores? Not sure it I should keep Traeger or send back for Recteq, opinions are welcome, thanks
  11. Cabelas used to be a destination my family and I would go to Hamburg a few times a year, we would also stop at other Cabelas when traveling , but the merchandise just isn’t there like before and no more bargain cave or sales worth the trip
  12. Bigmac

    Back Straps...

    They look great
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