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  1. Looks great, I make them all the time also, so easy and everyone likes them. Great way to introduce people to venison
  2. I’ve been using Hunstand for 4-5 years, it’s $11.99 or $12.99 a year for unlimited parcel lookups in all 50 states
  3. We used Duracell and Energizer batteries they both last 2300-2500 pictures they were cameras over bait, the 3 cameras not on bait are original batteries
  4. Have 6 Tactacam Reveals set up since end of October, had a hard time finding them but eventually was able to, so far everything is good , had to change batteries set up near bait because of number of pictures. I don’t think you can go wrong for $100, I read somewhere that they will be manufacturing more this year and several different models
  5. Looks great, I haven’t done tomahawk chops in years used to do them all the time, great idea thanks for sharing
  6. I buy spices and casings from SausageMaker, they have good prices
  7. I was thinking what if problem with bearings how much force will that bolt come back at your face or eyes?
  8. I shot my mine in October to check scope came home cleaned it shot one cap off loaded it went hunting in Maryland last week of October no shots, left it loaded at shot a 10 pointer in December no problem, I store my gun in gun safe
  9. Nothing beats spending time hunting with family, good friends and good dogs
  10. When my oldest son was very young I bought him a Crossman bb/pellet gun and he shot right handed but couldn’t hit anything, finally I noticed he was cocking his head a little and looking down barrel with his left eye. He is right handed and I just assumed he should shoot right handed. He started shooting lefty and hit like 15 targets in a row, I felt like a dummy for not checking eye dominance , and I’m left handed and left eye dominant
  11. I would definitely got safe with fire rating for 30-45 minutes. I suggest you buy bigger than you need, Not just for guns but for storing valuables, important documents, jewelry and whatever else is important to your family
  12. Some of my homemade wine, Chambourcin, Cabernet Sauvignon blend🍷
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