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  1. I am selling an unused Buckshot Bigshot Climbing Tree Stand with adjustable back rest , it was my son's he never used it after ordering it from their website. Current price is $320 plus $40 shipping, get this one for $225. I travel SJ/Phila area for easy meet up. Not desperate to sell. These are one of the safest, strongest stands out there, all aluminum, all welded. The BuckShot Bigshot has been around for over 25 years using the rigid arm blade and is one of the most dependable and stable treestands. The 'New' BuckShot BigShot now has cross bracing foot platform and the 'Tandem Blade' jus
  2. All 4 with blazer vanes and inserts ready to go, excellent condition. Located in Medford area and I travel SJ/Phila for easy meet up. $20 cash only no shipping.
  3. nice looking fox, congrats!
  4. It depends on what time of year you will be hunting the area. What it looks like now is nothing like what it will look like in the fall. I always scout this time of year in preparation for next season's hunts, I like to either put my stands up now or mark them for fall. I hunt many areas in the late fall/early winter that I just can't access early fall.
  5. I got into predator hunting a few years ago, for me it's a great way to be in the woods during the winter season. I use an electronic caller and hunt early mornings not during the night, that's a whole different ballgame.
  6. I have never baited and never would. That's just me.
  7. what is the waist sizing on the kanabs? Thanks, Mike
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