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  1. My apologies I meant they are stopping the Remington premier expander rounds not the actual Barnes bullets
  2. It’s a deadly combo! Barnes are unfortunately not being made anymore I’m going to shoot up the rest of mine like I did with the accu tips and find somthing else again…
  3. Is it for ducks or geese
  4. Spankys clam shack is the best food place around for the price in my opinion
  5. Head out in the angler or Helen h 2 day trip
  6. Was on the angler of the Helen h fleet today and caught a 10.5 boat limited out
  7. Heading up in 2 aswell bought 12 bags of pink shine make sure I don’t run out this year
  8. Junk either get 6.7 if you need a diesel or get a 5.7
  9. I got drake waterfowl waders so far no issue and very warm but the size runs very tall it bunches up your chest and crotch area a lot
  10. Everywhere I go I see them it don’t make sense even when it does open we’re only allowed 2????
  11. Nice shots looks like she didn’t go to far
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