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  1. New to the family

    welp if your gonna be using a trainer let him worry about birds just wait... don't give the dog no more birds your just making more work for you trainer I have a feeling... just have fun with him for now
  2. New to the family

    where are you located and is this your first time training a bird dog
  3. New to the family

    let me just try to give you a little advice,,,,, at that age what I like to do is put about a dozen young quail on the ground that are not yet flight conditioned and let the pup have his way with them let him jump on them eat them what ever he wants to do with them ... just let him have a blast .... this will build his prey drive and should also let you see his first point ... but then do not let him mouth another bird or that will be something youll have to fix ......just go slow have fun and enjoy.... goodluck
  4. Training day part 2.

    start using launchers bring the dog in the wind and don't let him get that close ...as soon as you see him get a little birdie pop the bird good luck
  5. Bird training for GSP

    adopting a hunting dog is just not right you don't no what your getting.....remember a good bird dog starts with a good breeding .......I would not even think about adopting its just silly .spend your money and get a well breed pup and I would be willing to help you ...not that you would even need much help with the right pup .... let me just add that you don't have to teach a well breed dog to hunt you just have to show them how you want it done.......they should come out of the womb finding birds.... welp think about it
  6. there are a few better than him there i've seen that one a few times.... something about deer and tidal waters don't know what but I know there is something to it ...they eat everything green that washes up on the shore and they love that cabbage in the river

    Lets try again guys,,,,, this is an awesome gun at an awesome price.....gun points like a magic wand
  8. Uberti Winchester 1873 44-40

    wish it was a 32-40 I would own it already still a real good deal

    WOW I Really thought that this gun would be a fast sale on here.... OH Welp go figure

    I Like the shorter barrel I have a benelli with a 26 but like the 24 better
  11. Stevo Update

    I knew steve and like to think of us as friends ..Let me just say that while here on earth he has been to hell twice once early in life and once later so that being said i'm sure that he wont have to worry about going back .....GOD BLESS

    make a nice xmass gift and.at.4.8 pounds it is a grouse and woodcocks nitemare

    GUN is like new or is new its been out for one walk with a 24 inch barrel it weighs in at under 5.LBS these guns are a bird hunters dream I have over 1700.00 invested in it will sell for 1300.00 firm I can send pics to you phone oh comes with benelli hard case and chokes and more
  14. Stevens Model 200 .223 F/S

    I to have always associated till about a year or so ago.... check out some of the post on the predator and target sights I know they sell fast and guys really like them .... they want the pre 80 japan scopes
  15. Stevens Model 200 .223 F/S

    those older japan made tasco's are becoming very sought after I put one on an auction sight not so long ago and to my surprise it sold for 170.00 with 6 bidders... it was like new .but still very popular with both the predator guy and the target shooters good luck with sale