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  1. Dam your pushing them out this week. Welp I guess someone has to work
  2. They sent me an email saying that they got everything back from my two references the same day that I aplyed then the next day I got an email saying that they were done with my background. I sad boy this is great that was two weeks ago
  3. Maybe the holiday set them back a day or two maybe I well get it Monday. I know my town has alway Been under two weeks and now with that passing it's bothering me two weeks is to long to wait for a permit
  4. Today is two weeks for me. The norm was always ten day in my town. I was hoping today would be the day but your not giveing me two much faith
  5. My setter is in the tub right now that's where he goes in this stuff right in one of the tubs is where you'll find him
  6. Comes with every thing as if you purchased it from lion country supply one collar was use just on a few hunts other was used once. I figured I would offer it here I know if I put it up on the gun dog site it will sell supper fast but it's not A money thing so l will leave it on here a while anyway. 800.00 I think is very fare. That's the same as getting one collar for free. All gun trades are welcome as well
  7. Just want to add that it does come with a small bag with a strap that you can connect to your vest or belt that you keep the slack in or i seen a video where the guy just put it in his pocket.
  8. If your useing it with steps or a ladder stand that already hss life line you just slide it up the line as you go up and that's it no reason to reconnect
  9. Yes you can use it with a life line as well and ladder stand. They have videos on all applications
  10. That's what they tell me LOL. No really they recommend you try them out so that being said I think it's a good product for a fat ol man like me that hunts alone
  11. Thank mike I know that there are cheaper decent systems but this one is American made and they say you can't wair them out. I'm gonna order mine now
  12. Thinking about getting one just had a few questions
  13. Yea they were cheap and I had them a few years now I got the date and time wrong on that one oh well they ain't bad pics I think I paid 15.00 or something like that
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