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  1. Reticle is a hunting duplex. I have no idea when it was made I can’t remember where it even came from I’ve had it for many years it’s a good one not like that shit leupold is putting out these days. Lots of deer where taking with that scope
  2. scope is used in very good condition with clear glass and no box the cheaper freedom leupolds are selling for 350.00 so I would like 250.00 I’m always open to trades or offers
  3. This should be Murphy’s last season. I can’t see him getting re- elected
  4. Next free day I get I’m gonna start mine. This year I thinking to hanging a berlap bag with 50 pounds my mineral recipe over top so when it rains it will keep my sight active with fresh minerals. I figure with that and a cell cam I shouldn’t have to tend to it but maybe once all summer at least that’s the plan never tried it before
  5. I don’t want to sound racist but I would like to know how many illegals were given tickets or if they just kick them lose
  6. I did that before I pushed the buy now button
  7. That sounds like a good idea
  8. Just paid 500.00 for 200 rounds of 25 06 stuff. I’ve been waiting and hoping it would come down but I don’t see it getting better and I got two newly scoped deer rifles to get sighted in before the heat gets here. I’m gonna be talking to myself for a few days over this no doubt
  9. smittty

    There coming

  10. Herring always showed in November and stayed till this time of year when the bunkers showed then left. This year no herring all winter and the bunkers they never left. Guy crabbing all winter were catching a fish in each mash in there dredge”s witch is unheard of. And there hasn’t been any amount of herring in a few years some but not many
  11. I had a trigger fir over ten years and gave it to a member on here. No complaints other then it was expensive because they were new now you can pick up one for around 500.00 that’s what I paid for my Pitt boss about a year and a half ago no complaints there ether
  12. It’s happening offshore to. Years ago during the winter months we would catch all the fluke in 30 fathoms maybe down to 35 now most of the fish average 50 to 60 and right on down to 100. You would never find a fluke in that depth 10 years ago
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