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  1. I’ve tried a lot of them over the years and a lot were junk others ok and I’m still looking for one without any faults. For right now I will be going back to the first one I tried luminocks. The only real fault I’ve found with them is on and off can be a little finicky but not as bad as others
  2. Middletown but I get around box sun shad I believe it’s a real nice savings
  3. I still have it’s a hell of a deal
  4. smittty

    I can’t win

    It ain’t the yotes it’s these ding dogs
  5. smittty

    I can’t win

    Haven’t had any coyotes in almost two weeks wish I could say the same about these right at prime time. I’m gonna have to do something but I’m out of town for weeks
  6. Just keep in mind if your putting a cam over bait your gonna need the unlimited plan because of squirrels and thing I have mySensitivity turned on low and still get the bit if your putting it on a trial with no bait you will be able To go. With the smaller plan
  7. Sure it will you’ll get whatever plan you choose
  8. Yes but it’s with it if you running a few cam because if you join the club all cams have unlimited pics if you only have one can the it’s not worth it
  9. I have a dog out of long gone Boston With strong grouse ridge lines
  10. Yea he is the only bird dog ever to win two nationals and back to back. A good bird dog alway starts wihrh a good pedigree
  11. No tic on him I pick one off of me once in a while. I had jiggers back in may or June but that was my fault wasn’t dressed right. I Wear knee boots with dans chaps and spay with deet
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