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  1. Yea I still would like to be home every nite. Lot of traveling dan. More then what I thought
  2. After taking 18 months off I decided it was time to go back. Well let me just say this work crap sucks. Should of listen to my parents and went to school
  3. I just check they are shipping the at a 8-19 day wait
  4. Optic planet. But I ordered them a few months ago so I was more then likely high on the shipping list
  5. I just got a few of the new spypoint micro link s the cams with the solar panel. I’m offshore and will not be home for a two weeks but will put up a review as soon as I get back and get it set up
  6. Now there gonna start playing the black national anthem what ever that is true story. I’m done watching the nfl
  7. That’s the last straw. I’ll never watch another nfl game. That’s it I promise
  8. Can’t beat a white good deal there hard to come by
  9. I don’t know I buy a lot of guns online and can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to pay shipping
  10. Wish he was closer I need three trucks done. Any one in Monmouth co
  11. Dead ringers are an awesome broad head if they were the rampage 125”s I’d be all over that deal even though I’m stocked up on them
  12. smittty

    Taylor Ham Ice Cream

    Think I’ll pass
  13. Nice pics dan and I would take a few of them little tile fish over that tuna any day
  14. Is that cam in a security box. Just wondering
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