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  1. He should of had this in place weeks ago. I’m scared shitless of going to the store but I have no choice
  2. Parking lot chained off so anyone that fishes the pier or launches their kayaks there are unable to do so. And Sam with the other lots in the area
  3. That’s not all of them spy house in port Monmouth is closed no fishing pier or kayak s
  4. I hunted a produce farm for a long time the deer would walk through beans corn you name it to get to the melons and would not touch nothing else till the melons were gone. The last year I hunted there they put about 5 acres of gost peppers in right where the deer where coming in at also where my stand was. Well them deer would not even walk through them they walked all the way around to get to the melons. Never even a track in the gost peppers
  5. I’ve been using one in my ground blind since they first came out probably ten years know I don’t know what to say but I’m still here
  6. Still a few birds there but not many and there is also some yotes
  7. That’s not bad I gotta pick one up this week
  8. Yup I know where their at. I remember back when I was a kid I would wait for fresh snow and follow the fresh tracks with my long bow. I killed a few knock down a few and missed a whole bunch and that was in Monmouth co
  9. Yea I know finding a wild bird in nj is like hitting the lottery lol. But the do exist
  10. smittty

    What A Meal !!!

    What did you stuff it with. I just googled it and there is a lot of recipes for it and they all stuff it with different stuff
  11. smittty

    What A Meal !!!

    I’ve never heard of it but it sure looks good. That would be veal breast correct
  12. I don’t know the area but any chance it’s a wilds bird
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