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  1. Came out perfect. Gonna make rubens tonight I’ll try to remember to take pi’s of finished product
  2. smittty

    2021 license

    I wouldn’t lose no sleep over it as long as it’s on your phone
  3. I’m out in 11. It feels right that’s for sure.
  4. Yup sucks for sure. I’m thinking about making the same call
  5. Yea but his last post says a number Ffl hast to ship it that’s not true he can do it him self
  6. Well I sold many a guns out of state and unless this is something new it’s not right. I have a gun on gunbroker right now and when it sells the buyer will contact his Ffl then his Ffl will send me a copy of his Ffl license and I will ship the gun to the adress in the license after receiving payment. I have done hundreds of theses sale and never had any problems
  7. I had a guy call me from a Michigan number a few day ago said he was from Maryland and told me to consider the gun sold and I told him send me a check and I would ship it to his Ffl then he said he would call back and let me know what route he wanted to take for purchase and I haven’t heard back from him since. I was thinking scammer wonder if it’s the same guy
  8. Thanks dan I guess you know where I’ll be this afternoon. Oh by the way I bet Tracy doesn’t no you have that smut on your phone LOL
  9. Hope that don’t happen to me I don’t even know what a fat 32 is. But I do know what a fat 42 is that would be my ass
  10. Now you got me thinking. I have a few guns on here for sale and got a pm from a guy the other day that said he was very interested so and pm me he’s number so I call it last nite it was a Michigan number we’ll he went on to say he was military and was from Maryland and that to consider the gun sold I told him price was firm and I would have to ship it to an Ffl in his home state so he said that could be done and of course I told him I would need payment before it shipped he then said he would be in touch. Will see if I here back
  11. I can’t remember the last time I used pay pal to buy a gun but I’m sure I have in the past
  12. I need so 25 06 stuff and the cheapest I could find it wad 75.00 a box that’s almost 4.00 a round that’s jerked off
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