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  1. I got mine yesterday and tried it out it has some pro"s and con's. It would work fine if the deer come's in the way you have it set up but if it comes from a different direction and you need to get to a different window fast your in trouble it will work well in an opened field where you have plenty of time. I'm not throwing my trigger stick away that's for sure. But I'm not sorry that I purchased it it's a good rest for the range also gun hunting in the open
  2. If pheasants forever ant to get involved again I would be willing to donate some time
  3. It would have never worked simply because there are just not anuff birds to trap on these few sites you need birds in numbers relocating five and six birds every few months is just not gonna work and then what do you do when there all trapped out which won't take long. You need to just forget about the few birds that still exist here. We need a good supply of wild birds and then yes with a lot of work time and money yes it can be done just like in pa
  4. Ther just not anuff birds on these properties to trap to much work for nothing your not gonna start a new population of birds from the few birds on them land fills you need to get the birds by truck loads from out west after you find the property to sustain them and that will be a task by itself then keep it managed so they take. But again if someone comes up with the right plan not like the last one yes I would help
  5. I was involved in that survey we took a wild bird survey from the Kearny land fill I think there were just three of us with dogs and put up like twelve birds in like three hours. If I remember right they had planned on trapping them and releaseing them in black river I don't know what ever happened but I can tell you that those wild birds at that land fill we're domed there were coyotes and hawks all over that place l would like to get back in there with a few dogs just to see also there are a few more tracks of land that hold wild birds but it's only a matter of time before the same thing happens. I would be willing to help but there has to be a plan that's gonna work not like last time
  6. Looks like my ex-mother in law I would have jumped over myself
  7. Shame nice mature deer oh we'll stuff happens
  8. You guys take them it and out I see they way like five pounds Ihave always used a mono pod that weighs only a pound or so and I have to hold and balance the gun on it the whole hunt
  9. If it's a really good one that you want on your wall go home get drunk and wait for frist light if not wait three hours and give it hell. Good luck
  10. Any meat on blade. I'm gonna say if not dead deer high shoulder should catch the lungs as long as it was not to far back
  11. I can smell it so there's no doubt the deer can if I don't have to use it I don't. Got away with out it yesterday morning with just a bite or two but the black flys were out of control in the afternoon so I turned it on and that was the end of the flys
  12. July 4th I lost one of my dogs to limes and he was vaccinated
  13. Well I've found my target buck with its head cut off 100 miles south of you and that's was probably 10 years ago
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