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  1. Yup good luck. I won't go out till I get better weather am done that don't look like anytime soon. Again good luck
  2. I have a model 52d I'm excellent condition it has a red field oylimpic sights some kind of fancy sling a bunch of disc for sighting I guess a sharp looking stainless bypod some kind of leather glove that looks like a big cooking mitten ant a few other do-dads all in a hard case. I've seen a lot of 52"s but not 52 d"s that's the reason I bought it. So my question would be is this a desirable gun.
  3. I just made an impulse buy and would like to ask a few questions on a model Winchester 52d I just know anuff about these guns to be dangerous mean I know nothing
  4. Welp she's still loaded. See what goes on here with the weather the next few days.
  5. Getting cool out walked in at 1300 with just a tee shirt and a hoodie.
  6. Save your money you spent your load already this year
  7. Dam I'm happy for you you rolled the dice and came out a winner. Can't wait to see the mount when it's done make sure to post pics. Great finish to a great story
  8. I take my pork lions out at 135 and let it rest 30 minutes that is like med just slightly pink
  9. Ok I'm in the blind and if I shoot today it will be my last deer hunt of the season and if I don't will see. Nothing at all on cam for two days so not expecting much but you never know
  10. I'll be done as soon as I unload my muzzleloader. Should have been finished already but can't get the right wind it's been all east all week tomorrow looks good first deer to stick its head out gets it
  11. Dam that's a good looking deer any idea what he scored
  12. How you making out with that. Have you been looking. I think I want you to find it more then you do. Get looking and give us some good news
  13. That be the cats ass if I they work will see
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