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  1. I will be hunting six days at lilyponds verona. Should be a good week with cold weather
  2. What size I have a brand new pair never worn I think there 40"s
  3. smittty

    2nd chance

    Was that shot from a tree or blind. Ether that's one lucky deer or your one unlucky guy
  4. They shou They should have a boat on the water thre or four days a week just to target these guys and in force the law and you can stop a lot of it. These guy from sheepshead bay are keeping every thing and getting away with some guys over ther take there vacations this time of year just for the extra revenue and trust me they do ok
  5. Till my ol lady found out what it was used for then i had to get rid of it. Ether that or quit drinking
  6. Yea I thought you said 49 anyway it's 1945 it is a nice gun Glws
  7. IS thre a way to reformat it on the camera or is there a reader I can buy that is capable of doing it
  8. Ok I have two and they are identical and use them both so something else I need to figure out
  9. Ok thanks. I guess after I get it straightened out I should keep the same cards with the moultrie and not mix them with the wildgame
  10. I'm going nuts here. I've been running four moltres since July no problems a few weeks ago I added three of those cheap wildgame inavtions or what ever the he'll they are. The first few times I pulled the cards it was all good yesterday no good only pics on six out of seven so I took them and switched the card around and they seemed to be working. today I could not get them to power on battery's are at 80%. All I can figure is mixing up the cards did something
  11. 110gr of b/h by volume is pushing my 250gr Barnes bullet right at 20.025fps
  12. Last jug I bought from chyanne mountain but that has been a few years so call and the stuff stays good forever just keep dry and cool
  13. When useing black horn Clean with hoppes#9 and as far as the breech plug just make sure you a hot primer and when your done remove the plug and clean it with a torch cleaner
  14. His got an Adam sheft impersanator on the show I just pissed myself funny stuff. Also trump just tweeted big news
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