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  1. "Field of Lost Shoes" (2014) is another good one.
  2. Not far from there, on rt 22 east, Readington tire and auto offered great service. I always enjoyed talking with darren and mike dowm there. Last i drove down that way readington tire and auto was closed down. Not sure what happened, they always seemed to be doing great business.
  3. According to you, the source for your original statement regarding the executive orders (after flip flopping from fox) was CNN. *you can see those quotes below After stating Google was removing articles you were looking for you went on to quote the second Liberal news outlet. Despite the fact you left out the provenance of the screenshot you referenced, it was a screenshot from The Guardian, which is even more left leaning than CNN. *you can see that quote below **here is the link to the original article you quoted https://www.theguardian.com/u
  4. If that is the case i dont understand why you would use two very liberal media outlets to source your earlier claims. By echoing the "clueless " , does that not make you equally "blind "?
  5. Id agree. I got tires a few years back from american tire and auto, service/pricing was excellent.
  6. Can you provide a source for the claim that the biden admin wont deport criminal illegal immigrants ? After reading your post i could find nothing to verify this claim..
  7. Certainly some industries and sectors will suffer when others will thrive. Undoubtedly, there will be a shift in investment and focus. Deep learning, fintech, renewable energies, are sectors that are going to soar. In fact they already have to a large degree. Just take a quick look at the market rally of electric vehicles. Biden administration has partially already stated his climate change reforms. It is foreseeable that renewable energy companies like (REGI) will be in a advantageous posistion compared to a fossil fuel company like peabody energy (BTU) .
  8. Personally, one of the best practices i worked into my archery routines was the purchase of ballistics gel and the use of various; spines, total arrow weight, collars, broadheads, foc, etc. This will teach the pros and cons of the variations based on your shot mechanics, and your personal set up, as it relates to penetration.
  9. Science is one thing, politics are something totally different. To believe sound empirical scientific data is logical. The policies of an administration should not be conflated with the underlying validity of the respective science in my opinion. If posterity shows that an administrations policies were not in the best interests of society, that does not undermine the science behind it.
  10. Cane corso...the most loyal companion, incredibly strong defensive attributes when activated. In high temps, however, the dog has to moderate activity. I recall a few years back, my wife, dog, myself and new born had stroller at a hunterdon county park. I saw a pack of 3 mid to large breed dogs running from a distance our way. Wife and baby headed quickly back to the car. It was clear at this point the pack of dogs was headed straight to me and my corso.. i dropped the leash and was ready for things to get ugly quick. The corso put himself in front of me, ears pinned, back hair raised .
  11. Saw good amounts of duck this morning. Large flocks, blacks and mallards. Only harvested one drake. All birds were skittish and prefered to land outside the spread and swim in, or hold in open water.
  12. "Coyote America" by Dan Flores I very higly recommend this book. Printed in 2017, the book gives incredible insight into the history of coyotes. The author goes into detail about the federal extermination programs designed to eradicate the coyote often with the use of chemical cocktails, with little long term success. Unlike the grey wolf, the coyotes fission - fussion abilites have allowed it to persevere under constant persecution. Despite the effortd by government to eradicate this species in the past, the coyote now has adapted to urban environments in stride. L.A. and Chi
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