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  1. Tree of heaven is the preferred breeding / feeding tree of spotted latern fly.
  2. Id recommend alternating between BT and neem oil if your looking for something safer than sevin
  3. Great! Glad i could clear it up for you!
  4. I think you are not reading correctly. My original post said " i really wish townships wouldnt increase access"
  5. I think there is alot of value to early season scouting of a new location that your otherwise unfamiliar with. Early season scouting can possibly give the hunter numerous advantages. For example; -Precise tree location conducive for mobile set up. - a seep or spring in hill country that is otherwise devoid of water in the immediate area. -small variations in terrain that are not visible on topo that may have an impact on wind / thermals. -Food sources (i.e oak flats red or white oaks, red twig dogwood, high stem count area, etc.) -Location of ideal bedding habitat. -Historic rubs -access routes into the area based on wind direction -other hunters tree stands and hunter trash / hunting pressure -i have found numerous areas that are primary bedding and used year round and have killed bucks in these areas that were found from early season scouting. -deer movement trends / parallel trails to food source vs perpindicular trails. One could go on and on about the benefits of early season scouting. Cyber scouting has its limitations.
  6. how am i contradicting myself? I think you may be misunderstanding. Increased access has resulted in increased trash / litter in this location. I spent my childhood and young adult years on the south branch in neshanic. There were no trailheads, no parking lots, no trash bins along the river(except for sunday flea market) We would spend nearly every summer day on the river, canoeing, hiking through brush, jumping off cliffs, rope swings and enjoying the relatively unspoiled natural resources, all the while respecting the environment. Fast forward a decade and now there are parking lots, overflowing trash bins with garbage spewing out in all directions. Local ordinance signs with no real enforcement reinforcing the regulations. Somerset county has made access easier into this location. More people have taken advantage of the ease of access and the abundance of trash has followed. From my perspective there seems to be a severe lack of trash collection in the organized trash area and a lack of law enforcement throughout the newly developed area.
  7. elm street bridge to blackpoint
  8. I really wish the townships wouldnt improve access to alot of these places..thats in part where the problem begins. Neshanic station now has a trail along the river. Not surprisingly now have seen a significant increase in trash along the banks.
  9. Have you considered installing a water control structure?
  10. I run 10 on public. All are locked and all are elevated during the season.
  11. I own two moultrie cell cams and both have reoccurring issues. To get a hold of customer service you are typically on hold for over 20 minutes. The moultrie cell cams are not worth the trouble in my opinion. Also if you want a hi def picture, then That counts as 35 pictures torwards your total monthly plan. So all photos are grainy and low quality unless you request the hi def image. I could get into the other problems if anyone is really interested, with all the cell cam options available now id stay away from moultrie.
  12. The public land i hunt is highly pressured. Hunters are seen often. With that said i enjoy the added challenge. Not only do you have to outsmart a mature buck but also the countless other hunters. Scouting people becomes about as important as scouting deer. Anybody who hunts pressured public land will know what i mean.
  13. My hypothesis with rage is that a large percentage of the people that complain about rage broadheads blame a poor shot on the rage broadhead. Rage scapegoat
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