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  1. " the air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? It is the same the angels breathe. " Mark Twain, Roughing it 1872
  2. Really not sure what most of this comment has to do specifically with early bow. Unlimited doe is allowed during 6 day, muzzleloader, and permit shotgun also right?
  3. Plenty of reasons in my opinion - gives bow hunters an extended window to punch a tag / harvest meat. - if no early bow you would have only permit bow and winter bow where it is bow only. -if no early bow you would be missing good pre rut window - no need to participate in it if you have a problem with it but as a sportsmen its nice to have a longer season to hunt and partake in a pastime that is a way of life for me. I think a better question is why would you not want early bow? Best time to be in the woods in my opinion.
  4. Voretex vulture 15 x 56 And Vortex diamondback 12 x 50
  5. Great individualism!! Beautiful work!!
  6. Second paragraph from the top
  7. An increase in arrow mass will result in greater penetration than a proportional increase in velocity.
  8. 125 grain tip with 50 grain insert. 9.5 gpi arrow. Heavier arrow is carrying more momentum downrange.
  9. I hardly ever see bucks in the prison field. Many , many does but very infrequently do i see bucks in there.
  10. Looks like a little grizzly lol. Nj public land. Brown phase black bear. Seeing more bears on cam this year then ever before.
  11. Tree of heaven is the preferred breeding / feeding tree of spotted latern fly.
  12. Id recommend alternating between BT and neem oil if your looking for something safer than sevin
  13. Great! Glad i could clear it up for you!
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