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  1. I do both but prefer ground i see zero disadvantages shot this buck at 14yards this yr leaning on a tree
  2. I use my grandfathers military pup tent camping solo w wife n kids i use a 6man tent
  3. I've already stopped my target buck snapped his rack November 15th i had him at 22 yards and passed will be back at it September
  4. I changed from the gold tips pictured to the benans also added a bear converta quiver
  5. 1971 bear grizzly 58amo 50#@28 shooting beman ics pros tipped with bear razor heads with steel insert 190grains up front
  6. They saw a few coyote yesterday am running in the field the fox ate the chicken n ducks inside barn
  7. Im going this weekend w my fox pro gonna try and kill a few with my 17 hmr
  8. Chesterfield nj ive never seen a bear there also landowner saw the coyotes
  9. A property i hunt in cnj is having yote n fox issues to the point last night 4 horses where attacked... i deer hunt there and shot 4 fox so far this is only gonna be permission to trap if any interest pm me
  10. Her and her hubby shoot giants everyear good people too
  11. Sold pending pick up to tuck
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