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  1. Dennis tonyj is a great guy ive bought a bunch of guns off him and all are well taken care of and all shooters
  2. Awesome trip bob thats some good eats right there..
  3. Thanks guys i got 4 25 round boxes
  4. The 9weight is a custom my buddy wrapped and the 8 is a windriver
  5. 50 to fill up jeep this morning last year 34 to fill up from e
  6. Dont have all the info will update once i get home 1. Shu fly 6 weight rod set up new 2. Plfuger 6 weight set up 3. 8 weight set up 4. 9 weight set up for salmon river custom wrapped Two vest 4 boxes containing flies asking 150 as i dont really fly fish prefer spinning
  7. Just looking for one or two kids new gun i want to get patterned
  8. Thanks swamp kid passed his test today just bought him the gun but was only able to get bird shot and turkey loads
  9. Thanks guys the one place on ammo seek dont ship here was hoping to find it local
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