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  1. They still make em but new ones are like 1500
  2. 70lb max 29 draw has sight rest quiver shoots great would make a solid bowfishing bow asking 175 i see em selling on eBay for 325 plus located in 08690
  3. Just bought and realized i dont need a like new bear black bear compound its an older one but shoots great has quiver sight rest i paid 75 for it rh 65lb limbs 29in draw
  4. In z17 new property 140 acres hunting a acorn ridge tracks and sign all over
  5. Quiet here in z14 birds and crickets is all i hear
  6. Out in z14 had 9 deer here last night watched em feed and walk away tonight ill let one fly as long as a shot presents its self
  7. Taking wife out later shes buck hunting i might zip a doe if i get a chance
  8. Ill be out doe hunting nice chill in air
  9. Ive been baiting a spot since june and had 7 bucks coming in daily killed the one but since then new guy came in set up 40 yards away and running 2 cams this is z14 public people suck i pulled my crap and moved else where
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