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  1. Got two corned beef sitting in the slow cooker with guiness potatoes and cabbage got ample amount of beer too gonna be a great day
  2. Bone collector 85


    Love that place the hash is excellent and customer service is second to none
  3. Everyone i know uses brians ill make a few calls and get back to ya
  4. Im hitting the river for walleye been getting gd reports from my buddy all week
  5. I got a 30in draw and have zero issues not even with my kmag
  6. Gobblengrunt ill be holding onto it for sure just ordered a b50 in black n orange and new grippers for my spring arm quiver ill be adding to this bow. Ill have it out for turkey after i tune it in.. now to decide on some arrows for it id love to find some old bear arrows but will probably buy some gt trads 500s
  7. And since its 56amo im sure its a 1970 the 71-72 was 58amo
  8. Thanks dan paid 125 for it and not a mark on this bow 53lb is a gd weight too just orderd a b50 string
  9. Yea grayling i only buy grayling no Gainesville for me got this bow for a steal
  10. Just won this on ebay and trying to find out year
  11. Me n my dad so far have 27 sheds going tmrwo to hit another spot walked 10 miles today found 6 he found 4
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