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  1. Good Luck To All The Kids !!!

    I still got 3 years to go til my son can pull the trigger but come monday he will be in the blind with me waiting on a tom.. gd luck to all youths tmrwo be safe and have fun
  2. Stuff fs

    Bought a new triax and have different hitch haul thats lighter
  3. Stuff fs

    Hitch haul great shape 40 Mathews helim rh 29.5 draw length 70lb max comes with t3 quiver qad hdx rest axion sight truglo stab arrows 500 or bo also has two extra sets of strings Barnett recruit xbow comes ready to hunt 125.00 located in hamilton
  4. Just One Lure?

    Yellow w red dots panther Martin
  5. Shed Hunting

    Ive only found 3 but only went out once maybe this weekend ill hop out.. did find a massive 4 pt shed at mercer county park
  6. Any trout pix yet?

    Nice bow i caught this evening got 3 smaller ones too
  7. Broadhead Swap

    Have 3 new out of package muzzy 3 blade 100 grain trade for magnus stinger 100 grim reaper 100
  8. Get ur permits

    Agreed dan but less birds up there from what ive noticed over the last few years. Ive killed a few in stokes years ago.. havent seen one there in yrs though
  9. Get ur permits

    Selling out fast got my 12 a 14 a and 14e bring on turkey season and turkey burgers
  10. OTC Tags On Monday

    When can u find out how many r left is that monday too
  11. Longest shot on turkey ?

    52 yards Mossberg 835 12g 3.5 Winchester xr 5 shot stoned him good. But like others said I prefer a closer shot 30 and under. This year im using bow only so shots will be no further than 30
  12. I found an old longspring trap

    I still have a bunch of these hanging up in my garage cool find for sure
  13. Fs barnett recruit xbow

  14. Fs barnett recruit xbow

    comes ready to hunt has quiver scope bolts sling rail lube wax asking 150 located in hamilton 08690