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  1. Bone collector 85

    Venison nachos tonight

    Decided to rent a few movies and i was in charge of the snack. So i made venison nachos which lasted 5 min so i guess the kids n wife enjoyed it.
  2. Bone collector 85

    Afternoon check in 9/22

    Tagged out on what i thought was a doe at 30 yards ended up being a big bodied 3 pt im so pissed but i guess my freezer is happy
  3. Bone collector 85

    Afternoon check in 9/22

    Quiet here in z14 nothing but chipmunks lol
  4. Bone collector 85

    Friday 9/21 Live Buck Hunt

    Hunting a new spot cut through between two fields beans to my left corn to my right we shall see what happens
  5. Bone collector 85

    09/20/18 PM Check-in ***BUCK DOWN PIX ADDED***

    Heading to 14 in a few looking for a buck as well gd luck its nice n cool deer should move
  6. Bone collector 85

    9/18/18 evening hunt

    I missed same doe twice both times she hit the ground ducking arrow then walked off like nothing was going on. I have never had that happen b4. Now i got a target doe she must go
  7. Bone collector 85

    9/18/18 evening hunt

    Just got in z14 hoping they move
  8. Bone collector 85

    Anyone out in this heat today?

    Out in 14 walked in in shorts and tank then changed its super hot
  9. Bone collector 85

    9/16/18 check in

    Hunting with my dad trying to get him a doe
  10. Bone collector 85

    Hang your stand and hunt instantly

    Nice go get a doe jay u have plenty of bucks to choose from
  11. Bone collector 85

    9/14 pm hunt, zone 12

    He was on high alert 40 is a easy shot if everythings right but if its not perfect ill pass no reason to rush long season
  12. Bone collector 85

    9/14 pm hunt, zone 12

    Saw the shooter tonight came to 40 and fed then walked away passed 4 doe and a 6pt that Where at 15 yards for an hour almost shot a piebald doe though had her at 20 but chose not too... very nice sit tons of activity from 630 on
  13. Bone collector 85

    9/14 pm hunt, zone 12

    My view in 14
  14. Bone collector 85

    9/13, zone 15 PM hunt

    Quiet in z14 tonight doesnt het hd til last half hour though btw nice looking spot
  15. Bone collector 85

    9/13 afternoon sit. New Youth Hunter

    Gd luck