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  1. older one great shape asking 100 or trade for ladder stand or possible big platform lock ons
  2. I had this happen this yr with my eab 10 yard shot from stand hit top of heart she ran 80 yards bedded down 20 min later still alive i tip toed over and took out her lungs and she ran 15 yards deer are crazy tough... i used a thunderhead 125 which never had an issue before
  3. Sitting in a bush with my recurve in z14 hoping for a gd buck but would shoot another doe
  4. My view swamp 30 yards behind me
  5. Heading out now setting my wife up in my doe stand while i hunt a swamp after a big 11pt got my bear kodiak hunter for tonights sit gd luck to all one of us will shoot tonight stay tuned
  6. Saw over 40 deer today shot 3 doe now time to wait on a gd buck
  7. If public wasnt closed id go but since it is..... deer all year for me
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