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  1. Pix of some other is a newer daiwa bg reel not pictured
  2. Literally have to much stuff so listing some 1. St croix 9ft rod with tsunami shield reel spooled with power pro 125.00 2. St croix 10ft rod daiwa bg reel with power pro used 5 times 150.00 3. Ben Pearson hunter recurve 55#@28 new string 125.00 4. Ben Pearson colt recurve 40#@28 50.00 Both Bows no issues no twist shoot great but I use my bears to hunt with so these got to go located in Hamilton
  3. I ran limb under sink for 5min then twisted it back simple and this biw had a nasty twist to point the string would pop off once strung
  4. Hot water and slowly twist it back till its straight again whole process took about 15 min that's including cleaning up all the scuffs it had exc...
  5. I love my 67 kmag but this grizz shoots soooooo nice at 50# drawing back to 29.5in its smooth as butter and insanely quiet esp.. with 200 grain tips... now I need to find 200 grain broadheads
  6. Since it was ur tote what size clothing are ya I have size large scentlok pants with xxl jacket I'd give ya have fleece vest orange vest exc.. lmk
  7. I was and I bought a kodiak magnum 52amo then just got the grizzly today I have to many bows but cant keep dropping prices
  8. So I was playing on craigslist found a guy selling a bear grizzly for 50 bucks. I jumped on it went and picked it up and noticed a limb twist and it needed a gd cleaning. I fixed that added a string set brace height and knocking point this bow is a shooter heres two arrows @ 25 yards...
  9. Hunter Bob that is a beautiful bow that riser is real sharp now u have me searching the web for one lol
  10. I shoot em I get pass thrus on all deer I shoot they also seem to hold up well
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