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  1. Selling some rh recurves Bear kodiak hunter 1967.5 58'amo 50#@28 mint 200.00 Bear kodiak hunter 1972 60'amo 50#@28 mint 250.00 (green future wood) Bear supermag 48 45#@28 beautiful bow 250.00 All bows have new strings and silencers as well as strike plates and rest located in hamilton Would trade for compound or xbow too also if you buy all three or trade ill include quiver and two doz arrows ill text pix
  2. He was a member of njh too canooch was his handle
  3. I ha e shot three with them and all pass thru shots and tons of blood they hold up great too thinking bout buying the treesharks for my compound too
  4. They leave awesome bloodtrails i use em
  5. So a few weeks back i lost a good friend to cancer and bought his crossbow off his wife.. today was the first sit with it and saw 9 doe and took out the biggest with a 35 yard shot 40 yard recovery.. i then field dressed it with his buck 110 he carried so all in all it was a great sit bunch of action
  6. Older one super light just dont use it 75 pick up in hamilton nj
  7. The ghost with the daiwa regal is still available the other i just sold
  8. One micro magic and a ghost both 7 ft both have reels one mitchell one daiwa rods not used much look n function new as i dont fresh water fish much looking for 200 for the pair
  9. 50#@28 looks great shoots even better has new sting and silencers but it just hangs on the bow rack anymore i use my k mag or 67 hunter so time to sell it asking 200 can text pix
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