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  1. The weather is the most important factor, to move the flight birds in from the north. Just got back from Maine and while we found woodcock they were resident birds and not flight birds. I would guess any birds you may encounter would be resident birds. The birds follow rivers and highways to get to their resting areas. A full bright moon combine with freezing temps up north are ideal for the flight. Their primary diet is earthworms so look for rich damp soil , they need cover for protection from predators above with some open cover to see predators on the ground. If it is a warm day try hills where the birds can sun themselves. Ideal cover is young clear cut areas.
  2. Ordered mine online three weeks ago no problems with the site was able to print it from the site.
  3. Buschden- I knew they were round about a decade ago , I believe they still all. One of those dogs RonLord Ruler I believe was the dog that started that line, that was the dog trained, handled by Ron Dombrowski. I knew Ron fairly well he had told me basically he was a man made dog. Ron was a great trainer back in the day. At least to a kid at the time of 19 years old...:)
  4. Bushden- Back in the day the Hidden Hollow dogs were running lots of dogs in the trial circuit. The line was started by the Hollowels in NJ. Ron Domroski at the time ran many of the line as did Craig Little. I knew the line pretty well as I had a Hidden Hollows dog in the 70's. I stayed with the breed since that time moving to NAVHDA and for the last 10 plus years the DK lines.
  5. Bushden, I am curious NJ had a state champion? I am not familiar with any specific title for a state champion? Was it a title given to a field trial dog that achieved a Field Champion Title. What was the pedigree on your dog?
  6. Good Morning; I am guessing from the NDA you mentioned that you require a mason that is excellent in their trade. My wife is an owner,( Clive Christian-NJ) a very high end design and manufacturing company of luxury kitchens , baths and interior constructions. I would recommend Cardone Masonry. He is an expert in his craft paying attention to every detail. He is also the only mason I will use for my personal work. His name is Lou his contact number is 551-265-8468.
  7. J Dubbs- After some 40 plus years working with hunting dogs, while the method on which they produce game may be different,(pointing or flushing) the basics are the same. With a well bred pup most of the work is not in the bird fields but in short sessions at home teaching your pup basic obedience, teaching the puppy the basics, to come when called, to stay, retrieving, down , kennel etc. teaching directional whistle commands,( to come, to turn and to hup). Exposure to birds is key but most be done correctly matching what it is you want in a finished gun dog. For example when the dog produces the bird do you want your dog to hup when the bird takes wing? Take your time and look for a trainer that specifically trains flushing dogs. There is a retriever club in NY that maybe able to provide you with names of such trainers. Good luck with your pup hope you enjoy many years with your pup!
  8. From what I found out two production facilities had massive fires which resulted in the shortage.
  9. Foggy: The excitment when a brace of dogs are released is something to experience. In fact the entire excitment of the entire day is something to witness. The horses, the gallery the entire day where you will see some pretty good dog work. I can remember soome of the older dogs, some of the greatest of all time out of some of the best kennels of all time. But then that dates me...lol Shinback, Checkmates Dandy Dude, Monkeyshines, Tip Top Timmy, Udibors, Hewlett, Von Holsters, Fieldacres 1B, Hidden Hollow , Rawhides Clown and then some!
  10. Foggy, I am famiiar with those lines, at one time I had a pup out of the old Hidden Hollow dogs started by the Hollowells. If memory serves me right one also out of Ronlords Ruler. Ruler was trained by Ron Dombrowski before he retired out of the Field trialing circuit and worked for Amwell Preserve. He purchased one of my males for use on the preserve. That was a long time ago. Years and I am talking years ago the Hidden Hollow lines here in NJ were pretty dominant lines. Thats when I first met Ron. There is a big difference in the field trial lines and what I know the average hunter is looking to hunt behind. Some of those field trialing dogs while excellent dogs as you mentioned I believe are too hot for the average Joe. They get caught up in the titles purchase a pup and then can not handle them. They are a beautful sight to see when turned loose! For me, as I mentioned I prefer pups out of hunting lines, ones that are proven in the field under the gun. You mention NAVHDA like their philosophy or not they are producing some fine pups and companions in the home. Before I switched over to the pure German lines I was pretty heavily involved with NAVHDA, I may test my next pup back into the NAVHDA system but certainly through the NADKC system of testing. NADKC through the strick rules on breeding continues to produce quality litters. Regardless of the organization one chooses to participate in, I always say it is the knowledge and experience of a breeder that one should be looking at when looking to add a pup to their home.
  11. Foggy Mountain- well written post! What breed and line of dog(s) do you run? One a “health guarantee” is often nonsense. Here’s the way it commonly works. Ok the dog is sick. Bring it back so I can put it down and give you another. Most won’t do that to fluffy. He’s part of the family now. Foggy you are right on the money here. The reason I believe health agreements are in writing is to avoid the scammers. My policy as a basic choice is: 1. Keep the pup and I will replace with a pup from a future breeding. No way I could rip a pup from someon's family. 2. Depending on the issue, keep the pup and Iwould refund the entire purchase price of the pup. I once had a pup with an issue with an eyelid. That person decided to keep the pup. I offered to pay for the operation or refund the price of the puppy and he keeps the pup. I refunded the price of the pup and he kept the pup. 3. Offer to pay for the surgery 4. Or retuen the pup for a full refund. I had a male's testicle not completely dropping, for which I paid for the surgery as that is that this individual had wanted. When you say that "not one foot style dog can compete with a horseback style dog. Just ain’t happening given equal training/circumstance. They can always be taught to stay in but not to run bigger". Ever see how some of the field trialers do get their dogs to run bigger? I also completely agree. The issue would be what someone is looking to do with the dog. For me hunting is not competition,(I did field trial eons ago). I do not want to be back to the truck rather enjoy as much time out with the dogs as possible. My hunting of prefrence is grouse and woodcook so I want a more slower methodical dog. Where I hunt in Maine the cover is normally very thick so I do not want a dog that is out 250 yds or beyond. The only competition I look for is to see how well I can bring out the best abilities in the pup. I have said this often, it is the breeders responsibility to put into a litter; nose, desire, natural ability, sound temperament, intelligence, conformation and a healthy sound puppy. The environment where the pup is placed brings out the great or not so great abilities of the dog. Range of a dog is one such example heredity and desire determines the range. It is easier to bring a dog to shorten their range than to increase their range. I also want a dog that is jack of all trade but not a master of one single trait. For example,If a bird is shot then that dog better go out and search coming back with the retrieve,whether the dog saw the bird drop or it is a blind retrieve. Or if the bird was shot and is a running bird that dog better hit that track and return too hand that wounded bird. Again great post!
  12. Looking for a pup is an exciting time but can also be stressful. The decision on a breed and a breeder should be a well thought out process. Don't be afraind too ask as many questions as you want, as a reputable breeder should and will be happy to take the time with you so that it is a good fit for both you and the puppy. Reputable breeders should not bad mouth other breeders. Assuming that this pup will be a hunting companion and family member some of questions you might like to ask a breeder are: How long have you been in the breed Why did you put this pairing together- what qualiaties are you looking to add to or take away from the breeding. Have you had any litters in the past and if so would you provide refrences Are the hips certified on both the sire and the dam. What certification agency was used? What were they rated How many gerneations back have the hips been certified Any other health checks been done on the breeding pair Has the breeding pair been checked for brucellois; Every dog owner planning a litter needs to make sure their dogs, and any dogs they are planning to use in a breeding program, do not have brucellosis.
• Breeding kennels should be on a brucellosis surveillance program to help assure they are not selling brucellosis infected puppies, or infected adult dogs to the public.
• Anyone purchasing a puppy from a breeder should ask to see negative test results from the dogs that produced the litter of puppies.
 Do you belong to any of the testing clubs,(NADKC, NAVHDA). Why did you put this pairing of dogs together? What were you trying to put into or take out of this litter. Do you offer an health guarantee What is your goal as a breeder Can I see either of the parent(s) in the field? Is it possible to see any pups from your previous litters in the field Do not assume that just because you are purchasing one of the hunting breeds that the breeder hunts! Make sure you ask that question. There are testing dogs and hunting dogs so ask.... Althought I am not planning on a litter anytime in the foreseeable future, if at all, I built a website that has lots of information that will give you insight to assiting you in your search. If you like send me a private message and I will send you a link to that website. Good luck in your search. Bob C.
  13. Dominant, if you are on Facebook there is a page called Bird dog equipment for sale, trade or purchase. There were several Alpha systems listed. Which system are you looking for? I did see on that page Alpha 100's and the 430's plus older models.
  14. MikeStaten: Depending on the value of the gun, Griffith and Howe is where if I need any work done on my guns I would go. Once a stock is cut the balance of the gun can be an issue.
  15. BAG AND DRAG- Other than using the wings to capture a point of a young pup, there is little value in using wings. For one if overdone you will be teaching the dog to use it eyes rather than its nose. For two planting them is an issue as the dog/ pup will pounce on them and catch them. which is another bad habit. If the pup comes from a good paring then see the pup point once or twice take a picture and then put them back in the freezer. If you like you can give me a call I can start you off on the right track and then either continue training the pup yourself or find someone in south jersey close to you that can help you. The other option you might want to consider is joining the Del- Val Navhda Chapter.. Bob C Nobellekennel.com
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