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  1. good luck , quick recovery , stay healthy
  2. JD48

    My How Fancy...

    can you say slaved / slaving now a days ?
  3. JD48

    is this racist ?

    should have told Amos , make that Mr. Racist
  4. never no wiggle room , or room to negotiate ?
  5. dont know about trying to educate others at the range , people get their faces slashed for not putting enough of fries in some ones order , gotta be careful nowadays
  6. JD48

    is this racist ?

    second wife smells some what better
  7. JD48

    is this racist ?

    my first wife smelled so bad , she could knock an irishman off a beer wagon
  8. JD48

    is this racist ?

    this is the world today
  9. JD48

    is this racist ?

    white kids are taught to hate themself ,their parents, etc. , and to look for love , leadership and guidance from other races , they are not street smart to see whats going on ," you burn the coal , you pay the toll"
  10. JD48

    is this racist ?

    country is ass backwards , some cater , praise , worship , want to be like , the lowest rung on the ladder , while if your a straight , smart , good values white kid , your looked upon as some kind of weirdo , i dont get it
  11. JD48

    is this racist ?

    some truth there
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