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    Sad , i feel we are over the cliff , and no way back
  2. JD48


    Man of steel can no longer say , " AMERICAN WAY " , new motto , truth , justice , and a better tomorrow , also his son Jon ,( I guess he finally nailed Lois Lane) is bi- sexual , gay guy was on tv the other day and said , leave the old stuff alone and give us our own super heroes , have to agree with him , stop changing stuff
  3. make mistakes , but not with safety , safety first
  4. JD48

    Mom and pop...

    congrats , the best
  5. why don't they spend time going after the bad guys
  6. Great video , a lot going on there
  7. If those are for sale , i'll buy them and put them on my wifes car
  8. I hope this didn't impact your sleep last night ? try decaf in the morning , may help start your day off a little calmer
  9. Tires are made out of rubber ? thanks , I thought they were made out of wood , wanted to get wife new vehicle , she likes the one she has ( mint condition , 16,000 miles ) , was going to put new tires on , and give old ones away , they look perfect , now i know of issues , thanks to Nomad , and will scrap them , Hunter115522 , to busy today to have tires put on , but when i do i will pm you with date , time , brand , size , and price , thanks for your concern
  10. Great Info , Nomad , thats what i was looking to find out , thank you sir
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