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  1. Merkel

    Quality time with my mother

    Pretty cool
  2. https://www.mossberg.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Mossberg-Terminates-Relationship-With-Dicks-Sporting-Goods.pdf
  3. Mossberg outed Dicks about a month ago by issuing a public letter about this and ending its relationship.
  4. Merkel

    Rough day on the Raritan Bay

    Sounds like you had a good day
  5. I gave up as well. Couldn’t see a darn thing until Rusty enlarged the photo. Thanks
  6. Well said! Voters rejected Kim because of Christie fatigue. But, more importantly most voters didn’t make the effort to vote as evidenced by a 38% turnout. She received something like 800,000 votes. I’ve read there are over a million gun owners in NJ. Hope we are not as complacent in November.
  7. Merkel

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hazbro and Ms Grit

    Happy Birthday to the both of you!
  8. Merkel

    Improve Your Savage 220.......

    Nothing wrong with my 220. Bought it in 2010 and it continues to perform. As an aside, the upgrades cost almost as much as I paid for the gun. Huh?
  9. Merkel

    What is this and how do I get rid of it?

    As best I can tell from your picture, it looks like tree seedlings from maple trees. Have the same thing in my manicured bluegrass sodded lawn so I feel your pain. Chemically treat or run the mower over; they seem to eventually die off.
  10. Merkel

    Be American Buy American

    Our boy Trump is threatening a 20% tariff on imported cars..... let’s see if GM moves some of the planned production back to US.....
  11. Merkel

    Buy Now!

    Stunning that Murphy actually believes he has a mandate from the voters to raise taxes.
  12. Merkel


    Happy Birthday!
  13. Merkel

    Moving My Son Down To VA Tomorrow.

    Good luck and drive safely
  14. Merkel

    The Best One So Far

    Nice looking