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  1. Merkel

    free climber

    Congratulations to Panderus for his generous offer and to Zipper for a class act on the gift card! Good vibes coming your way.
  2. I’m getting the popcorn ready for tonight’s debate. It should be interesting to watch Sanders, Warren, Biden and Buttigieg attack Bloomie. Hoping the public sees Bloomberg lacks gravitas and that money alone isn’t enough.....
  3. The debate will be a win-win for Bernie because all the attacks will be directed to Bloomberg. The national polls show Bloomberg at 19% up from 4% in December. He spent over $300 million To get there so he’s got to perform well to show voters he has gravitas and not just money. Second point, I recently heard Bloomberg explaining how he makes informed decisions based on data analytics. So how come he is apologizing for everything? Ironically, a few months ago he was disparaging Biden for apologizing.
  4. Hard for me to say because I changed properties this past season. On my previous lease I saw a decline in good sized bucks over the past two years and mainly saw does and a few small bucks. This year I saw a few good bucks on my new lease but unfortunately, I didn't connect. The older bucks went nocturnal fast.
  5. Sorry you didn’t catch any keepers but that was funny
  6. I always admired Bloomberg who embraced technology as a trader on Wall Street, left and created an empire. However, based on recent news, this guy is a misogynist, racist and elitist. How does the women’s movement not go after this character?
  7. Merkel

    Any Ideas?

    Naw, this is too tall
  8. Merkel

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks - glad its not just me and my old eyes!
  9. Merkel

    Any Ideas?

    Hey Rusty - what do you think; pelvic bone? I still can’t tell
  10. Merkel

    Any Ideas?

    Checked my camera today and found this guy carrying something in its mouth. I tried to blow the picture up but still can’t make out what it is. Any thoughts? Thanks
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