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  1. Guessing more; some butchers and taxidermists are very busy and either limiting or not accepting work.
  2. No, it was definitely Sportsman’s Guide - I was a member for several years. I tried to order Powerbelt ML bullets and the order was denied. I called customer service; the lady couldn’t articulate the reasons other than to say it was their management’s policy. That was a last December as I mentioned. I cancelled my membership. But as a result of your post, I tried to order some ammo from SG and it appears they changed some things - there is an age and state and federal compliance verification that I don’t recall them having. In any event my order went through. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. It sucks but Cabela’s isn’t the only one. I tried to order muzzleloader bullets last year from Sportsman’s Guide and same story. I was told it’s management’s policy. Rogers, Midway USA and Natchez still ship ammo.
  4. I was lucky to have been invited recently on a few sea duck hunts. To say duck hunting is lots of fun would be an understatement. I used #2 (steel) and BB (Black cloud) shells in my 12 gauge. We set up in the marsh with a simple blind and chairs. We called them in and shot over decoys. One of the guys used a kayak to retrieve the birds. We had 5 guys so we didn’t need to “finish them off” often. Tough part was waking up at 2 am with only a couple of hours sleep to drive down and set up. Can’t wait to do it again! Check out the Ducks Unlimited website for additional infor
  5. If it’s helpful, Natchez Shooting Supply and Midway USA still ship ammo - at least they were a month ago. Good luck.
  6. Larger profit margin on sports apparel
  7. I gave up on Dick’s a long time ago after several issues with trying to buy a hunting license. The machine was either “broken” or the only employee who could operate the machine was unavailable. One time the machine printed my license out of alignment such that 1/2 of the information was missing. Employee told me “it should be ok.” The death knell for me was when I read about their anti-gun lobbying efforts.
  8. Nice pictures; who wants to car pool to Pittsburgh? LOL
  9. That’s beautiful area - close to the annual horses crossing as I recall
  10. Congratulations! Where abouts on the Eastern Shore are you? I spent a lot of time in Easton and St. Michael’s Maryland during the 1990s. Beautiful area.
  11. Congratulations! I went ducking hunting last Saturday for the first time in 25 years. Was rewarded with a scaup and a bufflehead. Forgot how much fun ducking is!
  12. Don’t have a VCR, but I’ve got an eight-tracker player - LOL
  13. But you need to be prepared to get a good deal; bring a shopping cart
  14. Great job! Congratulations
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