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  1. Interesting; sounds like a strange business model. Thanks for sharing
  2. I was thinking about getting Huntstand based on feedback from friends but ended up subscribing to OnX a few weeks ago. Got a discounted 1 year subscription for something like $23. So far so good.
  3. I’ve got a Moultrie Tripod feeder that I’m getting ready to post for sale. Haven’t used it in a couple of years. It’s in great shape. PM if you’re interested in discussing.
  4. I’m with X7- torch it .... just make sure you can run fast
  5. Hopefully, it’s due to the holiday and vacations. Good luck.
  6. I used the new system a few months ago for handgun permits. My township police said they no longer process applications manually and the new system is required. That said, I found the new process to be super easy and without incident.
  7. Stick with one brand for consistent instructions. I found Browning to be easy to program but I’m sure lots of others are easy too.
  8. Man, sorry it happened to you. I’ve often wonder how it would feel if I had to use the spray in unfavorable wind conditions and got blowback...... yikes
  9. Happy 4th everyone. God bless the US!
  10. Remove Pelosi; she has power
  11. Hey, Swamp_Yankee thanks for the suggestion. Mrs Merkel and I will probably head over on Saturday.
  12. We go to Circa for lunch once a month. The food is pretty good!
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