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  1. Very nice - congratulations! Great story.
  2. I wasn’t aware Ravin’s sale so thanks for sharing.
  3. Quite in 5 - good luck everyone
  4. This might sound stupid but wouldn’t deer equate smoke with fire and leave?
  5. That’s terrible. It’s sickening when it happens. Someone posted an idea of using eye screws/bolts to angle the camera high up in trees. Works great - most people don’t look up 10-12’ and deer seem less bothered. Good luck.
  6. I pulled the lever before heading down to DC yesterday. Looks like the GOP held its on in my Morris County district.
  7. We were in BR small game hunting and bumped into the couple but never saw dog. Glad they found him.
  8. Merkel

    Funny Fonda Photo

    Yeah, a real martyr - one night in jail. Wonder if US Capitol Police locked her up a lot longer would she and her crazy friends, Ted Danson, Sam Waterston, Rosanna Arquette be so courageous.
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