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  1. I just started squirrel hunting a couple of months ago. I hunt them while walking and sitting. Tough to walk now with frozen leaves. When I sit, I call them tapping and scratching 2 quarters that I think I read someone on this site discuss. Seems to work. I usually come home with at least 3 squirrels. Have fun.
  2. I've got a pair - Ice Breaker Boot Blankets - slip over your boots and zipper up on back side. They work but too bulky to carry in/out. They look like these:
  3. Good luck guys! I went goose hunting this morning before work. Only saw a pair of high flying geese that seemed to be on a mission. Not interested in my spread at all......
  4. I'm with you..... I tried heated socks and thermacell heated boot inserts but batteries always crapped out on long sits. I switched to chemical "hand warmers" and the little hotties thermal insulated insoles along with 2,000 gram boots too...... Works for me .....
  5. Congratulations and good luck whatever you decide
  6. Ha - no cans. Just a platypus of water and freeze dried food.
  7. Haven’t camped in a while. I do however, backpack. Does that count? LOL
  8. Never met him either but I found his posts informative. RIP.
  9. Looks great; my wife just bought an air fryer so now I have a reason to use it - LOL
  10. That property looks like a hunting paradise - good luck
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