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  1. Good Opening day gobbler

    Congratulations. That’s a nice looking bird.

  3. Glad it worked out. It could have been worse! Before you give Mrs Smarty Pants too much grief, remember- happy wife = happy life ....
  4. Glad your son is ok! I’d get an estimate from a pro for piece of mind. ..... some days just suck... hang in there
  5. Check mate

    Good luck
  6. Gobbler Down!

    Congratulations to you and your son!
  7. Best Turkey Pic Ever........pic

    Very cool picture
  8. Trail Camera Check This Morning

    Great pictures !
  9. Set scope back to zero

    Good tip; thanks for sharing
  10. Who will be out there on the opener?

    Good luck to everyone who is hunting the opener. I’ll be out in 9 on Saturday.
  11. Venison Home Delivery

    I’d complain that it wasn’t vacuum wrapped
  12. New truck

    Nice looking truck. Drive it in good health!
  13. back after a long absent.