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  1. Merkel

    Sometimes you just...

    Great looking pictures especially #2. Time with our kids is what it’s all about.
  2. Merkel

    Pa. Snow Birds

    Nice of nice roosters you got there
  3. Merkel

    Youth Day Buck Down

    Congratulations on a nice buck!
  4. Merkel

    Secret Family Recipe

    Haven’t had it in years but it looks so good
  5. Merkel

    Sometimes an arrow needs to fly

    Congratulations on a great looking buck!
  6. I just read this post and like others, I thought for sure you would have found him. Sorry it didn’t work out. You gave it everything you had. Hang in there.
  7. Merkel

    Zone 8 Father and Son Live Hunt

    Good luck to you both
  8. Merkel

    Off to a bad start

    That sucks but good luck with the crossbow
  9. Merkel

    Youth Day....game on in the am!

    Good luck to all the young hunters! Stay safe.
  10. That’s crazy. The stench must have been something
  11. Merkel

    Question on sighting in

    You have a great set up. I have same. Follow the advice that others have provided and you will be in good shape. Good luck!
  12. Merkel

    Manly man stuff

    Very cool
  13. Merkel

    Back from the Adirondacks.....

    Not judging but I was wondering the same.
  14. Merkel

    Illinois shotgun opener

    Best of luck