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  1. Merkel

    Cleaning kit question

    Hoppes #9 Bore solvent, Rem Oil, a one piece cleaning rod and an assortment of patch holders/jags
  2. Merkel

    Venison nachos tonight

    That’s great... Sounds like a nice family evening.
  3. Great pictures. Good luck with your search..
  4. Merkel

    Hunter Safety Systems

    Don’t know but I recently order a couple of Muddy Safety harnesses that came with carabiners.... maybe call the company and ask.... perhaps they may send you a couple. Good luck and stay safe
  5. Merkel

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    Like most, I prefer broadside or quartering away shots. I’m just not confident with head-on or quartering to positions ....JMO ....
  6. Merkel

    Xbow question

    I’d rather put that $100 into another piece of equipment
  7. Merkel

    Xbow question

    I think you’re right. Ten Point biodegradable bolts are $10 for 6. I bought the small yellow jacket discharge bag on sale for $15 and had an older bolt...... comparatively, biodegradables seem like a rip off. However, I guess you could make the argument for the price of convenience.....
  8. Merkel

    Xbow question

    I keep a yellow jacket discharge bag and an older arrow in my SUV. It works for me.
  9. Merkel

    Second Private Property Looking Good

    Good luck with that bear!
  10. Merkel

    Backed out last night

    Congratulations on your deer LPJR !
  11. Merkel

    What’s for dinner????

    Looks good; Enjoy. I’ve never had it but maybe one of these days I’ll muster the courage to do so.
  12. Merkel

    Out in Zone 8

    Congratulations to your son!
  13. Merkel

    9/23/18 mid day to evening live hunt

    Congratulations !
  14. Merkel

    What should I do? Corn baiting question.

    Agree with PQreturn. I carry a small bag of corn to some of my spots and spread it before climbing into my stand. It works.
  15. Merkel

    Cam check

    Good luck !