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  1. Weed isn’t legal yet. Read the Sunday Star Ledger page A1 (2/21/2021). Yes, voters approved legalization and the legislature passed 2 bills but the bills have been sitting on Murphy’s desk awaiting signature. In the meantime, there have been a few arrests.
  2. I don’t see how legalizing weed would reduce illegal weed. The government plans to tax the crap out of legal weed while illegal weed prices will drop through the free market.
  3. Hope you’re right. I’ve been looking for turkey ammo since January. The brand I want has been out of stock for months.
  4. I’m not in favor of it. This passed because the cannibas lobby has been pushing for legalization for years and the State sees a taxable revenue opportunity. I don’t see any good coming from this but I’m an old fart. I was in Vancouver a few years ago and saw quite a few well dressed hipsters on their way to work smoking weed. This was like 7:30 am. Couldn’t imagine someone on my team smoking weed before work just like I wouldn’t tolerate someone drinking.
  5. I believe Honda Snowblowers are the Rolls Royce of snowblowers but very expensive. That said, I had a Yardmaster 26” 2 stage machine (bought at Home Depot) for nearly 25 years. It finally died 2 years ago. Replaced it with a Craftsman 26”, 2 stage, 208 cc, zero turn snowblower. It ate up the 30” of snow we got recently. So far so good. Good luck.
  6. Registered last year but totally forgot to renew. Thanks for the reminder.
  7. Caught a couple of shows when I came in for lunch. Great series!
  8. Not if you made your $$$$ and you want to enjoy life 😀
  9. Best of luck to you! As I mentioned earlier, I retired in September 2020. Since then I’ve been hunting, shooting, fishing, and recently, snow shoeing. Every day I face a difficult decisions of what to do- LOL . You’re going to love it ! Best...
  10. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings a couple of times to watch the games. Chicken was over cooked and dry. I didn’t like them. The sauces were tasty.
  11. recent information https://www.timestelegram.com/story/news/2021/01/08/remington-arms-ilion-gets-federal-firearms-license/6602625002/
  12. Can’t shoot on shotgun range on weekends during summer from like Memorial Day to Labor Day. After Labor Day you can shoot on weekends. I think the weekend prohibition in summer is due to complaints from neighboring residents. Hopefully that helps. But when in doubt, best to call F&W office for clarification.
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