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  1. I’m out in 5 but regretting it. Too hot !
  2. I shot a doe at 6:30 am on the opener. I put in a ton of hours scouting, found their trails and hung cameras. I decided this year not to use feeders. Maybe I got lucky but the full moon wasn’t a factor in my case. Let’s how the rest of the season goes. Good luck!
  3. Yeah, me... been tossing and turning all night. Alarm set to go off in 30 minutes...good luck everyone...
  4. Simon Peter’s Facebook page shows $6.99 for 50 pound bag of corn
  5. Value the experience not the trophy
  6. I agree with birdshotnj, in my experience if you spread the corn over a wide area, bear are less likely to devour the bait and sometimes don’t even bother to stop to eat it
  7. Good list - thanks for refreshing and posting..... anyone have comments on Jimmy Young or Uncle Tommy’s Deer Processing ? I’ve used Tom the Butcher (great experience) in the past but will be hunting further north this year and looking for someone closer. TIA
  8. Someone up above was watching over you guys. Glad you’re ok.
  9. I have a similar problem several nice looking bucks routinely showing up on two of my properties. I’m thinking of not hunting EAB so as not to spook these bad boys...... Good luck!!
  10. Looks like a possum walking over a fallen branch to me .....
  11. That’s a great looking buck; congratulations!
  12. I’ll be 100 by then and probably have dementia .... but good luck
  13. Hey man, not cool dragging my wife into this- LOL
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