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  1. Totally agree. Been going there for over 30 years. They used to hold an annual sale of unique flowers and shrubs.
  2. Thanks for sharing. She sounds like a real loser. Who gives a crap what she hates!
  3. Looks like the story in the original link has been removed. What happened?
  4. You got talent. Very nice job.
  5. Darn Chinese ... LOL..... there was a 71% probability that it would fall into an Ocean ........
  6. Hit z3 this morning with a friend in a ground blind. Very quite. Heard a hen cluck from behind us around 7:30 but not a Longbeard to be heard or seen. Did see a bobcat run across the field so that was kind of cool. Congratulations to those who sealed the deal today
  7. Congratulations; sounds like an awesome hunt.
  8. I guess Walmart got the notice from F&W because they had Tink’s on clearance for $1 today. Maybe just coincidence.
  9. My A week sucked. I scouted and had consistently seen 3 Toms and a dozen or so hens on the property. Went out Monday and Tuesday. Heard distant gobbles on the roost but then nothing until Tuesday at 11 am when I gobbled a hen in from a few hundred yards away. She hung around my blind for 2 hours. Cool to watch her take a dirt bath but disappointed that a Longbeard never showed up while she was there. Being the external optimist, I plan to go out tomorrow and B week.
  10. Heard gobbling at 6:30 am but nothing since. Very windy in 4. Good luck to all.
  11. Didn’t see that coming at all
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