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    Mom and pop...

    That’s great; congratulations to your parents!
  2. Great point! I neglected to mention there are buildings SW of the deer’s location in photo. You’d have to check the distance from the buildings but I think it would be very close.
  3. Believe it or not, that buck walked right up tonight edge of the road next to my SUV and in front of 6 of us. I tried to snap a better picture but he walked off behind those shrubs / trees before heading north.
  4. Have been volunteering as a HE instructor for over 20 years but have no clue about the PVC piping - LOL sorry. Didn’t get to Hot Dog Johnny’s this time. But they are very good.
  5. I’ve never hunted Pequest but was out there this morning helping out with Hunter Ed. Saw this 4 pt in the field about 300 yards from route 46. So, I’d say there are some deer. Scout for sign sign. Beat of luck.
  6. I was in Milwaukee in August to catch a ballgame. People were super nice.
  7. Don’t know the details but Black River has a corn field north of the SG range.
  8. Thanks! I’ve been fly fishing for a long time so don’t need instruction. The primary purpose of our trip isn’t fishing so I won’t have a lot of time to learn the rivers. Would be a shame to go out there and not fish. Thinking a guide - either boat or wading - will help me maximize my time / productivity.
  9. F&W lists the river stocked at the end of the day.
  10. The video was excellent. This was used for the R3 mentored squirrel hunt that was held in late September.
  11. In 5 - had a nice 8 60 yards in front of me. Couldn’t get him to come closer. Exciting for awhile. Good luck to those who are out.
  12. Planning a trip to Yellowstone NP in early September 2022. Mainly going to hike but would like to get some fly fishing in. Has anyone used a Guide that you would use again? We’re planning to stay in Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful and Yellowstone Lake area. Sounds like trout fishing is on Yellowstone River and Madison River. Would appreciate input from folks who have fly fished out there, guides used and thoughts of trying to fish without a guide. Thanks, Bill
  13. I was out in 5 this afternoon. As I left home, Mrs. Merkel reminded me that we are out of venison. Connected on a decent doe.
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