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  1. Squirrels are everywhere right now. I thought I shot them all last season - LOL
  2. Yeah, that’s frustrating especially as we approach the season. Best of luck.
  3. Contact Beretta Customer Service if the gun is not functioning properly.
  4. Looks like an insect close enough to reflect your TC flash.
  5. No hunting today; teaching hunter ed. Good luck to those in their stands.
  6. Congratulations to everyone who connected today. I was in my stand by 5:45 am but saw nothing this morning. Checked my TC card before I left, and had a half dozen does in my spot between 3:50 am and 4:30 am. I hate when the deer don’t cooperate with my plans - LOL
  7. New spot this year and 3/4 mile walk from parking lot so I plan to arrive 5 am to give me enough time to get to my stand and settle in by 5:45....
  8. Sucks but just know that when bear season opens, they will be gone - if it’s anything like my property-
  9. Ready; gear already laid out. I must be getting old because I’m sleeping just fine- LOL
  10. Hard to believe it’s been 19 years. Maybe it’s me but I haven’t seen a lot of coverage on the news.
  11. I'd offer to help you but you appear to be S. NJ and I'm in N. NJ. I learned to hunt on my own many years ago and field dressed my first deer by myself - so, if I was able to do, anyone can. Check out a few Youtube videos and make sure you have a sharp knife. Butchering is very satisfying if you have the time and equipment. Otherwise, find a local butcher. Best of luck!
  12. Someone on here was discussing a Hawk Crawler Game Cart- Midway has it on sale for $99. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1019987761?pid=506815
  13. Before you buy, you may want to talk to your potentially future neighbors about their views of recovering deer. Better to find out now.
  14. Quite a bit. I shot 4 deer last year, 11 pheasants, and a few squirrels. Only have a few pounds of venison and the squirrels left.
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