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  1. Looks nice. A+ for uniqueness and creativity.
  2. My Police Department gave me the instructions for Firearms Application Registration System (FARS). They said they only process firearm applications via FARS. The instructions are to complete the application on-line including providing references. Interestingly, references can be family members. I thought with the old system family members couldn’t be used as a reference. Encourage you to thoroughly proof read your application. Then you have to go back to Police Station to pay for the permits once they contact you.
  3. Yet complain about gun control - hypocrites!
  4. Yeah I just went to my police station to get a few handgun permit applications. Told that the process is now on-line and it takes a lot longer. She didn’t mention that it would be a mess or suggest that there would be problems. I’m trying to beat the potential fee increase.
  5. I'm guessing the suit will be lost. Technical witnesses should be able to debunk the claim that the "AR-15 style rifle is just too dangerous for the public" as the suit alleges. Maybe I'm wrong but I can't recall seeing any marketing by Remington that "glorified the weapon through its marketing" but I suppose that is subjective. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act protects gun manufacturers from liability involving crimes committed with their products. There are some carve outs for liability but I believe limited to direct manufacturer responsibility. Anyway, whatever the outcome the Liberals see this a significant first step.
  6. Sorry that your wife had to go through this but the main thing is that she is safe. Best of luck.
  7. Jim Cramer’s take on Dick’s earnings today. A lengthy but interesting assessment. Jump to about 2:10.... httpsb://apple.news/AERBsEq78QWKnqTH1FOJi_Q
  8. Good riddance But this isn’t a surprise. They experimented with 10 stores before this move. Shop locally.
  9. Thank you Al Gore - where would we be without his “invention” LOL
  10. We were out Saturday afternoon. Had lots of fun and caught some Perch and Crappies. On the warm side and not too many people out there but it was a good time.
  11. At the time I worked in DC and had notions of living in the city to avoid the lengthy commute. Long story, our house hunting didn’t work out but wish I had bought since home prices have been stable to appreciating.
  12. Thanks Bucksnbow. Good information. I’m not surprised because that exactly what Californians are doing to AZ, NV and TX in search of more affordable homes/lower taxes. I was actually considering the Lexington area which is further south. I understand it’s still pretty much untouched.
  13. I also mix my minerals in advance and store in a barrel. I transfer to corn bags when I’m ready to mix into soil. I was told not to pre- mix because it may break down the mineral effectiveness (chemical reaction) but I have deer hitting the site year after year.
  14. The story sounds shady to me. The CO went to property owner to confiscate deer as a result of the owner calling the CO. Rather than turn over the buck, the property owner cut up the antlers in front of the COs? I wouldn’t imagine COs would allow this to happen.
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