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  1. Slippery board Take piece of Formica and slide it under the snow on a sidewalk and watched many people slip and fall into the snow. Burry biscuits Would go onto the shipping dock and talk with the loaders until break time. When they went on break we would grab a few bags of cookies and flee. Boat races When it rained hard we would use popsicle sticks or whatever to race in the rain water flowing along the curb into the catch basins. We would be soaked.
  2. @madeinukthe Penn Power Stick is yours. I will pm you my PayPal info.
  3. Where are you located?

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    2. JimC1965


      Let me know when you would like to meet up. You can call or text me at 201-741-1738 Jim 

    3. madeinuk


      Will reach out later this afternoon- have been getting creamed at work lately...

    4. JimC1965


      No worries. I will be at baseball practice from 4 to 6 then getting ready for work which starts at 7, so if I dont answer just leave a message so I can call back without disturbing you and your family. 

  4. Looking to thin the herd. I have several fishing rods for sale. Located in Paramus NJ area. Pictures are available upon request. Open to all reasonable offers. Cross posted for quick sale. 1 Ugly Stik 11’0” 12-40 lb. BWS1100H $20.00 1 Fenwick Seahawk 7’0” 20-50 lb. SCH701MH $20.00 1 Penn Power Stick 7’0” 15-40 lb. PC3821MH $40.00 SPF 1 Lamiglas 6’6” 30-80 lb. BL6680PO $100.00 1 Lamiiglas 8’0” 15-40 lb. BF-C80MH $120.00 1 G-Loomis 7’0” 25-40 lb. PSR84-30C $225.00
  5. A Co. 407Th S & S Battalion 82nd Airborne Division Fort Bragg, NC 1983 to 1985 "All the way, Sir"
  6. Good guy alert. Gave me a great deal and was accommodating. Thanx Joe, stay safe.
  7. I am looking to waterproof a pair of field pants and small game jacket. Looking for advice on waterproofing products and methods. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. I have a Vexlar and under water camera system that I would be willing to sell if interested. 6 inch auger, ice rods and reels, spoons.
  9. Let me know what you need. I have a bunch of tip-up and extras I would be willing to part with.
  10. Eliminate depredation permits and partner farmers with hunters to eliminate over population issues. 2 bucks and 2 does per license year taken with any weapon you choose during the prescribed hunting season. Any buck would be tagged with a buck tag.
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