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  1. I live in Bergen County and am looking for a good gun dog vet for a GSP.
  2. Doesn't have to be in this case. Could be anything that is illegal, as long as it's bigger. Maybe a drug dealer or a corruption case. Who knows?
  3. The guy flipped. Gave them a bigger fish to fry. That's why they sealed the case.
  4. You could fish Greenwood too as long as the shoreline holds up.
  5. Are you still looking for members. and  What zone is that in??

  6. Take the meat and photograph the rack.
  7. I can't believe what I saw today. Pulled into the lot at Flatbrook and saw 6 to 8 birds in the parking lot. As the lot filled with hunters the birds moved off the road and into the brush adjacent to it. At about 722 a shot rings out in the field across the river. One of the guys in our lot stands 15 feet from the bird sitting on the side of the road and shoots him with a 12 guage on the ground. As a dog runs in to retrieve the wounded bird he pumps the shotgun and shoots another bird about 5 feet behind the first one. While the insanity is unfolding on our side of the lot a group on the other side was unloading on a pair of birds running through the grass and into the river. One bird begins to fly over the parking lot and is shot out of the air. 5 or 6 birds shot within feet of the lot. Didn't see another chuckar the whole day. Put up 1 timberdoodle. Nice day out, but cant believe the lack of sportsmanship. I was expecting the guy to flush the birds then shoot. I was applaud at what I witnessed today.
  8. Self policing is great, who's policing the farmer permits, the hunters from out of state that come to NJ for unlimited or 9 antlerless bag limits. Control the bag limits not the season. I like having the opportunity to hunt on my days off rather than having to hunt when the woods are filled with the so called "Orange Army". I have personally passed on deer only to have them killed by a hunter from Vermont down the trail or the farmer down the road. So be it that's their prerogative, but by eliminating the farmer permits so they would have to allow hunters to hunt their land and reducing the bag limits it may cause guys to be more selective and police themselves. I was told a story of 20 or so deer carcasses dumped on a WMA with the backstraps and hind quarters missing. When it was reported to the State the answer they had was it was most likely a farmer with a permit. I ran into a hunter from Vermont in Pequest that shot a small 4 pointer that I passed on. He said he comes to NJ with a group of guys every year for six day and they kill every deer they can to take back home. How do we fix that? Shorter season or bag limits?
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